The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 25, 1936 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 25, 1936
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 25, 1935 JBLYTHEVILLE (AUK.) COURIER NEWS Farm News Edited by J. O. FULLERTON County Agricultural Agent J. u DAMERON Ass't. County Agent New Officers Will Be Named al Series of Meetings Next Week Durin;; the week of November 30 to December 4 nil 4-H Clubs In North Mississippi county will be reorganized. New officers will be elected and new members given the opportunity to enroll. During 1935 there have been 371 girls and 331 toys enrolled in 20 4-H clubs'in North Mississippi county. ' During 4-H Club week the following clubs will bs re-organized at the time mentioned below: Monday, Nov. 30: Eeece 8:30 a. in.; Promised Land 10 a.m.; Armorel 1 p.m:; 40 and 8 2:30 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 1: Yarbro 8:30 a. m.; Gosnell 10 a.m.; Lone Oak 1 p:m.; Ekron 1 p.m.; Half Moon Wednesday, Dec. 2: Lost Cane 8:30 a.m.; Manila 10:30 a.m.; Shady Grove 1 p.m.; Blackwater 2:30 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 3: Brown 8:30 a. in:; 1 'Dell 10:30 a.m.; Flat Lake 2 p.m; ' • Friday, December 4: Carmi 8:30 a.m.; Leachville 10:30 a.m.; Boyn- lon 1 p.m.; Pawheen 3:30 p.m. "SLING FlTEffi Meal Cannot Be Properly Cured Unless- :Bfbugrit lo Low Temperature Thorough chilling has more lo do with: preventing pork from/spnilln-; than does any formula for curing, slates J. o. . puller ton, .county agent. , A temperature of. about 34 de grees throughout the eutirc.carciss within 24 to 48 hours 'after killing is necessary to avoid spoilage.- Alter the temperature condition- have bpsn supplied, the./iiext: important step is the application of the: correct amount of the (Hire., in order to gst quality,. according lo molding is prevalent, and throughout most of the state there will be trouble with skippers, skippers can be avoided ; only by absolute protection from flies. If files have been on the meat previous lo smoking, Ihs temperature of the smokehouse should be raised to 125 degrees at the beginning of the smoke period in o«':r lo kill nil eggs. After smoking, Hie meat should reports of aE*hls recently submitted. Mr. Randall pointed out. According to these reports from county agents and liomc demonstration agents, a total of 911 county or community 1 farm organizations and 1,747 home demonstration clubs are functioning at the present lime. Of this number 530 are community organizations with an enrollment of 18,814 men and 2,4*1 women, 234 arc (arm Improvement clubs with a total enrollment. o[ 7,573, 147 are miscellaneous farm organizations with a membership of 11.692, and 17m home demonstration c>il» with an enrollment of 43,143 farm women. In addition to adult organizations rouiny Extension Agents have organized 1,151 4-H Clubs and 197 Junior- Adult 4-H Clubs with a total msrn- bershlp of 45,784 white boys and girls and young men and women I 'The value of county and com- B nuinity organizations cannot Ije overrated. Then farm people organize for the purpose of improving their social and economic po- Realty Transfers 1 Warranty Deals Paul Combs and Lorcne li. Combs to School District No. 48, ouc square Rcre of land out o[ southeast corner of southwest quarter of section 5, township 15 north, range 13 east. Leslie Brown and' wife to J. u, Giady, northeast .quarter, of northeast quarter of section 2,.township 15 north, range 8 cast, northeast quarter of northwest quarter ami cast linlf of northwest quarter of northwest quarter of section 3(j, township 16 north, range 8 east. c. J. Lom-atice, Chester Low- rauca to U. \V. Mooro and Leslie Moore, northeast. quarter of scc- outhwest mmrlcr of section 25,'It milk, honey, tomnto Juice and now it can flutter weakly about ill In township 15 north, rango Hie bleed sruicereil tioin meat, aim the liouso > 10 cast, 320 acres. ' llnll and Elmer Hall Annie llnll and Elmer llnll to* Lizzie P. Dunn, lot 1 Woek (I. Uml- dle Heights addition lo Blylhe- vllle. " Constant Nursing Saves Injured Hummingbird LONDON, Onl. (UP)— Working in relays, Mrs. f;. E. O'Conuer and lier four daughters have kc|)l m Iniii'Td huimulnif bird alive (or slxj weeks with the aid of an eyj- droi>i>cr. one of the ijlrls found the bird on Ihe sidewalk. . iimibls lo movj WINTER BEER K«P$ tWHOMFMS BUWUUi/ be wrapped ii- y.-iir to exclude all files. Storing hi a well-ventilated dry place' wilt avoid mold to large extent, Arkansas Ext::ii;on Circular No. !77 deals with the culling, curing, and canning of pork; Extension slt'ions It's a good sign that tnsy Circular No. 3K deals with the' have more than a passive interest plan for curing pork under cold! not only In Ihelr own welfare, but storage. • , tjl j )|e wc |f arc O f ^ lc community," • ^^— —— | Mr. Randall said. County and community organizations enable county iig:nts to reach larger numbers of farm pco- ple and at the same time render greater service than is possible without organizations, Mr. Randall stated. . . lion 25; north half of southeast because of a broken back. The quarter of section 25; cust halt o! whole family took turns In feeding Farm Organizations !HT crease Effectiveness of Extension Program For several years Arkansas county extension agents have b:en do- Ing more of their .work through organizations and less through individuals and this year i s no exception, says C. C. Randall, acting assistant extension director, College, of Agriculture, University of Arkansas. The tendency of county a;enU to project their county extension programs through comity and community organizations In order to reach large numbers of farmers rather than a limited number of individuals is reflected in progress] The word "bedlam" comes from a corruption of the name Bcthle- Icm, a lunatic asylum in London. UP YOUR LIVER BILE- Wilboul CJIflmel-And You'll krs? Out of Bed 10 lit Mo/ning Rarta 1 to Go • The Hver Elioulil pour out ivvo iwuncls of JuiuM in to your bowcl.t daily. U tills bito Unot floivinj; freely, your food iJocsn'tiH^P t It jaat Jecaya ID the bowela. «M bloats up your E'-oinncl). You pet conatiyatetl. Your wholesystcmia poisoned nnri you feel aour Bunkand Ihu uorld looks punk. I^iutlvci lire only mak«ahvrts. A inor« bowel inovemcntdocan'l gel nttho cauat? It takea Ihosc irocul, oM Carter's Little Lucr Pills to ffcttliKQ l\\-o r-oundsof bllcilowmx freely and make you /«el"up amJ UD". lit nn (uss KCtitle yd nmazin^ in makinirliilc [loir fre*]/- Ask forCnrtcr'a LIUlc Liver Pills br name. Stubbornly refuse anylhinc e!sc.25c. Calotabs Help Nature To Throw Off a Cold Millions havo fouiid In Calotnbs a Second, Calolabs are diuretic lo Iho most valuable aid In the treatment kidneys, promoting the elimination of colds. They take one or two lnl>- of cold poisons from the blood. THUS lets tlio first night and repent the third or fourth night trnccdcd.' How do Calotabs help Nature throw off a cold? First, Cnlotabs arc one of the most thorough and dependable of nil intestinal ellmlnants, thus clcansins the intestinal tract of the eerm-laden mucus aud toxlncs. w ; the original WINTER WARMTH ANCKHSER, 5( FALSTAFF WINTER BEER IS V MAKING A CLEAN 5WEEP EVERYWHERE.WAKH ITS SMOKE A$ A BLUES CHAiE I'lLlTACK ITA6AIHJ ANYTHING. Bottles ! IT'S SWEEPING THE TOWN! Don't miss thia cold .'weather 1 blue* chaser! • Drink Fal- stqff Winter Deer. It warms^youUip, pepg you up—; fcccjis jow in (he |>ink. You'll en joy < the merry warmth' and sparkling tinfjle 'of this special coltj.we'«tlier treat' I By the case or In the han4y six-bottle'bags. Cno/ceit Product of the- Brewers' Art LAST NOTICE ON TAXES pounds of stilt,-2 . and 2 ounces of saltpeter)', furiiisli- cs an abundant amount', of s lit and is less than is usually-applied. If this formula is applied,'correctlj there will be excess salt after •• the cure is completed, which should be removed from the trimmed pieces by soaking In water for 0113 oi- t™ hours. The hams and shoulders should b3 in cure for Uvo days for each pound, S^nd the fcacon-one day : for each pound. . Storing tin meat aflsr curing cati£es as much concern at the manner of curing, Mr. Muldrow said. In a moist warm climate, Delinquent' DEC. Pay Now and Save Penalties and Costs MRS. m P. GOOCH, Collector At Courthouse, Blytheville here s us Wilkens buying our Thanksgiving turkey Thai's Farmer Smollett bent down Ihere feeding the turkey. To the loft of Farmer Smollett, il's Tom and me. On the right, il'» my brother William Wilken. Harry E. Wilken For special tastiness on Thanksgiving — enjoy the personal whiskey recipe of a family of distillers! Yoiiste'theWilkcnFamilyWhis- lookiiigstills. And as for Pg Wilken " ' -his personal experience comes • —• 1 "'-~ ™"e than'40 whbta key is really something pretty —his personal ex ^ special, for we've been a family to something mon \ ofwhiskeymaking folks eversincc years. So you can .__, -_,.,, 1 . l(;!1 " - ---•-- 1 -' • - --- plenty of reason for The Wilken Family's own family recipe being anybody can remember, t still mind thetimc\vhen I used lo watch Grandpa Wilken busying himself over one of those old-fashioned g just about the tastiest whiskey you ever come aerosol P - S -~ F ' C F' a cow «f W' Wilfcen Family CcoMne Album if >n>u » wntt me at Tlie Maples, R.F.D. No. 3, Schenlcs-. P»- S6.S proof. 75S neurrii J ftom American grai ns Calotabs servo Iho double purpose of , ch nro needed In tlio treatment only Iwenty-flvo cents for the family See the ^irlch -rear Beat now 7 inches Urcaraile., Today ior a, Demonstration-Phone 811 A u thonzed Fore? Dealers - "» u can easy see there's

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