Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 26, 1957 · Page 34
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 34

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 26, 1957
Page 34
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Fourteen Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune Today's Sport Parade NEW YORK, CUP)—The memory of a sad day six years ago paid off for Mickey Mantle today in a merciful memorial to his father. Mickey'still thinks of that day in 1951 when, in the second game of the World Series, he went flying across the outfield grass in pursuit of a fly ball. His spikes caught in a drain grating and Mantle went down as if shot, his knee twisted and his embryo future in doubt. That night, the Mick was joined in his Lenox Hill Hospital room by his father, a victim of Hodgkins disease. Watched Scries Together Together they saw the final games of the series on television from that hospital room. And young Mickey was able to make it back. His father didn't. Two months later the elder Mantle died of the dread disease and Mickey, remembering those days when they lay suffering lo- tte's fund. The honorary commit- .26 includes Ford Frick, Ted wil- Ham, Willie Mays—who hit that .ly ball the day Mickey twisted his knee—Yogi Berra, Ted Kluszewski, PeeWee Reese, Ed Mat- lews, Ernie Banks, Eddie Yost, George Kell, Stan Musial, Robin Roberts, Bob Friend, Billy Pierce, Harvey Kuenn, Billy Martin and Herb Score. "I want to thank everybody," Mickey said quietly. "I'm glad to be able to establish this memorial to my dad. He did everything in the world for me. This is little enough to do in his memory.," It was his finest performance, regardless of whether. he breaks every record in the baseball books. Softball GRASS CREEK DIVIDES Grass Creek softball«rs broke even in a pair of games at Riverside park diamond Tuesday night, beating the YMCA in the opener 7-5 and dropping an 11-9 decision gcthcr began thinking of how he| to Burnoltsviile In the nightcap, could do somsthmg to help eradi- h ' cate the disease which had killed his father. Last spring he was jolted into action. Mickey received a letter advising him that St. Vincent's Hospital, which had been conducting research against Hodgkins disease, was about to give up its work because its funds were exhausted. His determination hardened when he visited a hospital and saw children afflicted with th« disease. The Creeks swatted ten hits in the opener with Wallace getting a homer and double to lead the way. In the second game Ben Sands crashed out three hits to lead Burnettsville's victory drive although Anderson and Wallace hit successive home runs for the Creeks in the seventh inning rally that fell short. Summary: Grass Creek 110 040 1—7 10 3 YMCA 001 004 0—5 , 6 2 D. Waddups and Clark; Coslello, The result was announcement j Smith and Skelton. Tuesday of the Mickey Mantle Fund for research in Hodgkins disease, which is cancer of the lymph glands. And the fund was led off by presentation of a $5,000 check to Mantle by Francis Cardinal Spclfman. "This money is from a lady in Texas," the cardinal said. "I'm sorry she couldn't have been from your slate of Oklahoma." Stars Support Fund Baseball is solidly behind Man- Burnettsviile Grass Creek 101 410 4—It 8 2 000 402 3—9 10 4' Coffing and Sands; Wallace and Clark. GOOD GETS NO-HITTER Babe Herman Recalls Zany 'Triple Play GLBM>ALE, Calif. (HP) — Babe Herman, once the joy of Flatbush with his zany antics as an outfielder in the days when Brooklyn was known as "the i Dodgers," today celebrated 54th birthday busy at the game ihat has been his life for 36 years. A TWISTER CAME TO CALL Herman has the dignified title of supervisor of personnel for the 11 western states for the Philadelphia Phillies. But he says he is just "chief western cout" for the club and that keeps him plenty busy, "I'm doing what I like and hope to keep on doing it for a time," Herman said when caught for a few moments at his home here in Glendale, where he ranks; with Casey Stengel as the town's most illustrious citizens. "Maybe the players don't catch balls on their heads like I did once," Herman said with a twinkle in his eyes, "but I gather from, the rhubarbs and the fights that things haven't changed much. "I got a kick about all the fuss raised over that fight between the White Sox and the Yankees. Remember me o[ the old days. We used to have one about once a month when I was with the Cubs." Herman shrugged off the brawl as merely evidence of the tension Wednesday Evening, June 26, I9ST. claimed to have "triple coverage" of the committee's activities. He said Hoffa mentioned "a fellow" in the office of Sen. Joseph R. McCarthy (R-Wis.), committee member who since lias died. Cheasly added "I didn't get the name." Defense attorneys for Hot- fa told reporters Cheasty had given the Senate committee the name of a non-existent person on Me- Chairman of Senate Rackets jCarlhy's staff. Committee Discloses Rcve- Cheasty said the third so-called Hoffa Spies Were Known To McClellan lations in Labor Investigation By MAUREEN GOTHLIN United Press Stuff Correspondent H ° rfa " S P>'" was described U> him only as "a girl on the hill." He said this information was volunteered, by Hyman I. Fisenbach, a Miami, Fla., attorney who is WASHINGTON (UP)-Chairman if co-defendant with Hoffa in Ui« John J. L. McClellan of the Sen- bribery-conspiracy trial, ate Backets Committee disclosed ~~~ — today he has known for some time|26 Attend Carroll that Teamster Vice President']-- - •Spring's final gasp turned out to be a tornado around Fargo, N. D., where at least eight persons were dead and another 102 injured. These were once inhabited homes. (International.) the matter or to say whether his committee has uncovered any evidence "of such spies. "I won't make any public statement on it at present," the Arkansas Democrat told the United Press. John Cye Chesty, the government's star witness in U'le bribery trial of Hoffa, testified Tuesday the TeamsUr official pro- "boners" instead of his performances. To this day Herman still holds five of the records for the Dodgers even ago Wilbert Robinson was the Dodger •manager. Herman put his head down and kept on going, ending up on third with two other men who had been flagged down by ... - stands and also his record of 241 that exists between two clubs fight-i hits for a single season a well n though they were set 27 years | Micfey 0 , Nelr coac]lin g a i, third . . His batting mark of .393 still ., H / shollW h . u . wav t, thpm m ing it out for the top spot. He pointed out that the outbreaks "woke up the Yankees and look at them go." The former Brooklyn star doesn't deny any of the daffy stunts attributed to him. But he gets just a little tired of repeating them and 'being remembered for those runs and a single while Walt Koeb- KEWANNA~— "joe"Good*"kewan-j cke hit a nocle r, double and single na Indians hurler, tossed a no- iand( Dick Good 8 ot a tri P'e for the hitler at the Chili softballers here. Indlans ' Tuesday night as Kewanna won Chili with ease in a two-county league match 14-0. Bill Harris smacked two home Kewanna 000 00— 007 554. Ox—14 12 2 Layton, Myers and Burns; J. Good and Worl. a 143 runs and 41fi total baes, all set in 1930. He got 35 home runs that season. And Herman likes to recall his hitting three homers in one game for the Cubs and his getting nine consecutive hits for Brooklyn before Kiki Cuyler robbed him of a chance of equalling the major league mark of 10 by reaching into the stands for what appeared to be a home run ball. Catching a baseball on his head ranks with die celebrated episode on a triple play after hitting a triple because there were three men on third. That .was when the late Uncle TIMEIY ARTICIES! GREAT PICTURES! WONDERFUL READING EVERY SUNDAY! America's most exciting full-color rotogravure SUNDAY MAGAZINE! COMING TO YOU EVERY SUNDAY BEGINNING JUNE 30 A Great New Feature of the Logansport Press BE SURE TO GET YOUR COPY NEXT SUNDAY AND EVERY SUNDAY He should have waved them on instead of holding them up ahead of me," Herman growled. "And everybody gets such a kick outta the story they forget that the winning ran scored ahead of the triple play." nbers Carroll County Home Demonstralion council Monday ot the extension office. Speaker was Mrs. Wayne Myers of Ihe School for Exceptional Children. She takeci about supplies (hat are needed and various ways that dubs can help. Mrs. Cash Clawson^ district director from Attica, reported on the summer conferaice held June 11-13 at Purdue. Carroll county raised him $18,000 to gel a job on i members are being ni-Rcd to altend McCleUan's committee staff and the national convention in Minne"feed" Hoffa information to enabled him to prepare Teamster leaders for questioning. Cbeasly returns to the stand today. Cheasly, who lipped off Ihe committee and FBI about Hoifa's offer, said the Teamster official apolis, Oct. 22-2S. The 4-H dress revue was dig- cussed, It will be held July 19. Annual achievement day will b* held Oct. 31. Mrs. Joe Peterson, county vice president, served refreshments. LIFETIME GUARANTEE Ask as about it! If you appreciate value—don't miss our tremendous DELUXE SALE! Greatest Nylon Value ever offered! 3-T NYLON DeLuxe Super-Cushions 6y GOOD/YEAR Stronger, Safer and Sale Priced at only You get maximum strength and resiliency from 3-T Nylon Cord. 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