The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 17, 1941 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 17, 1941
Page 7
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JLYTOEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Mussed Up Musso's Men in East Africa Is T System Court Over For Slums Children From Dockside MANGOTSPIELD, Eng. (UP) _ Little children from London who have never seen day- i light until the roofs over their heads are bombed off and they are "blitzed" out of London into the country, are learning to talk about birds of bombers at Sy.ston Court. There they sleep in i\v rooms which Henry VII! u; years ago They were built' in his father's reign for the entmam- ment of princes and nobles - now they house babies and toddlers from the worst of the capiial's deskside slums. Another historic home for the children is to be acquired and will be called the Sir Archibald Wavell Nursery, while Dauncey Park in Wiltshire, where most" of Queen Amies ill-fated children were .born is to be a maternity home. Policy May Be Permanent In all these houses, which are part of a scheme that may be kept going after the war. underprivileged people will find health as they are now. Here axe some of the children who, at Syston Court, are 'benefiting from the work of the sponsors of the scheme, the Anglo-American Relief Fund for London Children and Mothers. ELsie and Anne, twins of 5 months, who never saw sunlight before they came to the mansion. Six-months old Brian who had spent the whole part of his short life in the cellar of a public house. Iris. 2, who had remained below ground for six weeks. John, aged 19 months, had remained r oiled- up in the comer for weeks. The older children there have seen terrible sights- for their yo-mg eyes. Mary. 5, saw her brother killed •beside her, while Dick saw a bomb demolish a house in which two of his playmates were having tea. Show Strain of Ordeal "When they came here . they looked worried and nervous as if the whole weight of the ' worlds sorrow were on their shoulders" said American-born Lady Guns ton wife of Sir Derrick Gunston, M.' P., and chairman of the Relief Fund. 'Their skin was yellow and wrinkled, and there were bags under. -theui.jeyes. Some were given up by the doctors, who said they had only a few more weeks to live. What troubles me Ls that recent arrivals seem j in worse condition physically and ' mentally than the earlier ones. | All those remaining should be i got away at once!" j The children are cared for by nursery school teachers and imi- ' formed nurses, and all have re- i sponded to the quiet and cleanli- • ness of the house and •gardens. Two weeks is enough to restore all but the most terrified to normal health and spirits, and they soon begin talking about crocuses instead = of craters WE FILL ALL DOCTORS PRESCRIPTIONS AND SAVE YOU MONEY Stewart-Robinson Drug Co. Main & Lake Phone 20 Italian East just arrived Dancer Can't Read Or Write, But She Earns $2,000 Weekly ^ .L°Sn n - e ™ *»'~=y. She ,,, the age of 20 still doesn't know how to read cr write. But she gets 52,000 a week. This is an astonishing situation, but Miss Amaya is possibly the most unusual personality in the dance world. She will not, for instance travel anywhere unless the 15 members of her family are with her. Nor has she ever had a lesson although she is regarded as the greatest Flamencan (heel-stamp! llf . • rr -. .. nig) dancer in the world. | "'ClUltain Uimbing Dog Miss Amaya came to American ' notice only a year ago when Arturo Toscanini and Leopold Stokowski both became ecstatic over her rhythms. They brought back from South America stories of this tempestuous mite — 90 pounds — who was a whirlwind of fury on the dance floor. • - - .,.,.,, ^nAfY\,*li LQ France, where .she appeared in tiie Follies Bergere, and in 1935 to Barcelona, where she was the star ot the exposition. When the Spanish civil war broke out she went to South America where the conductors saw her None of her family can read or write and none of them cares about learning. They can count however. She was booked ror a concert tour, but there seemea to be a little trouble convincing concert hall managers that Miss Amaya's 15 relatives were in the deal too, and to be paid. While they'were Ends Notable Career MT. HOOD, Ore. (UP)—Ranker the mixed-blood Italian dog whose picture as a mountain-climbin° celebrity was published in magazines from Portland, Ore., to London, no longer will lead parties of climbers to the summit of Mount Hood. Ranger died at 15 and Ole Lien veteran guide, placed his body in a box and carried it to the summit, 11,245 feet above the sea where he buried it among the rocks ol nmmnti around ami covering thrice the dislsuin. O f his laboring human companions on each «.-;- I'Pnt. He often made -.liuv climbs ol tin" mountain in out- t j n y CANBERRA, Australia (UP) — Australia Ls now producing "tin huts" not only for her own population but lor those of India and New Zealand us well. Production to date totals hundreds of thousands. YORK iUP) — The "min- the Appalachians,' Pa.scom Um.sford of South 'l\irkey N. C., 1m contributed to folklore in recording six tor Columbia University libraries. bnritpno. plays his own .-Kvompanlment oh the banjo Amon i; hfe recordings arc "Hard _ •" trd Burb'r'y Ellen, r\VA iMsUM-N." -LIUjo Rosewood Casket" lommic uuurae Campbell." "miastrt'!" is a lawyer and vi'Hi-s he ronnu.'d Uu> Appala•- on hur.soburk, .selling .sei-d.s. -• inul mill. After .supper in :ii'nj bouses at which lie re- i'or tin- night. lit- .slum-d in ballads 01 t-lie region, lie hii.s a munu.scripi collodion of Hi»n U.OOO ballads and folk of the (.mu\s ive heard roaminu through the ballad hommtHl in by l.he Blue »iul Gft-a.i Smoky Moun- old An(ilo-Saxon brought over from Kn»lnnd -Scoitiuul." Lunslord explains. tliiM-e uLso are mmiy UmL nune down from native In- Wily the fiddler in t.ho -niokh-.s i. s an ok! Indian. Manco •-ni'i'il. whose boy. llussell. know '•> l'ilk ballads when he was r> years old. 1 l-att-r us an auiurixl leather of and iU.stu.-y in Rutherford Collie, country tnlilor and lawyer. L\iaslord was iom-d to devote less and less time to "ballad- WipplnB- im til on. day in 1028 o c edclod to put his rolk knowj , to greater use Since; that time !> ; , im . s ,,,. votw , pn W rvin B and in- iv unt- tlu^e folk art,. hl Juni , M U °;^ mi/l ' a !Uul P«'-s.'nlC(l Mountain n unc ,, illl( , , ; ,- rtk whl,h ),,s b<,,>nu an a attraction ot the riuulod (Iron lestival in Ashvitlr N c n ( , also is dance dinrtor ,,t th.^Na- Uonul Fo! k wsuval ,,,-, !U iiiml n h' v u \ s "\ laa>l »'«' « unnuallv in Wii.shinijton. As "part of hLs work with M,,. ,,,,,,.,,, A(| , ' J1lllu , tl ,f ^ dancer.s n,,,,, Alabama wlu performed at a White Hon , t , Kl|1 ! ( m io:n. Th,. y Wl , l 1 a n-iuni !)cr)or n i : ,i U - ( . in larm In South Turkey Crook in a nine-room, which he calls "Iho House that the Five-String Banjo Built." Lmixford live COTTON PLANTING SEED We have a limited supply of STONEV1LLE 2 B — DELINTED & TREATED 4 B — DELINTED & TREATED AMBASSADOR — DELINTED & TREATED D & P L No. IIA — DELINTED & TREATED All Are One Year From the Breeder <tQ "7C I'BR , ^^B _ ^ft £ ^^^B <4*W* m *J BAG Phone 273 Or Write Us Today RED TOP GIN, BLYTHBVll^ ARK 1*1 us l)|,;uNT & TREAT vourplaniinj,'seed. ' WU CAN AFFORD OM.TOOf Dr. W. S. Eastburn Chiropractic Physician Day and \i K ht Calls Office XOI Chick. phone Praser. asked if he .could hire her. Prcser had a clfib which had been)-just managing' to get" along He-reasoned he had not much to lose and everything to gain and he took Miss Amaya on the recommendation of friends. Since her which has been ex- of times, she has Beachcomber club. began dancing when 4 in parents' cave in She was considered a - ..n,- | --~ ~ U i.i. u n, amuiig me 10CKS OVC1' Monte which the Mount- Hood dog hero climbed so frequently. Ranger, in his heyday, insisted, NEW AUCTION BARN BLYTHEVILLE AUCKON CO. Located |/ 2 Mile East of Klytheville c On Armorei Koad BRING US YOUR CATTLE AND HOGS! Also . sale. states. • f . bring your feeders and We will have buyers from i'at slock to our several clid'erent Sales Every Wednesday Starting at 10 A M LUCIAN GAINES she was Granada. prodigy and made public appearances a year or two later—with i 777 MARKET Fresh Meats and Vegetables Fancy Groceries FRKE DELIVERY Ear! Snider 523 W. Ash Phone 777 you can grow better qu crops; you can grow bigger yields on the acre; you can grow a "fatter" bank account this year if you use these finer mixtures that have what it takes to make crops really GROW. And there's a V-C Fertilizer for every-crop on every farm. See the V-C Agent now and place an order for your Spring requirements.; VIRGIWATCAROLINA CHEMICAL CORPORATION/ MEMPHIS, TENN. ^^^^^^•^•mu V-C Fertilizer for Sale by FARMERS GIN & EXCHANGE CO BLYTHEVILLE, ARK. ,1 RR notice that a golf ball, when you drop Jt, bounces higher than something hollow, like a tennis bull? That's partly because of internal />/-<><r- s«res. which also have so much to do with Buick's extra FIRF.IWI.I. power. Rubber threads inside a golf ball are packed tight, highly compressed. When flattened against a hard object, like a sidewalk, they come back harder, with more push, and so the ball bounces higher. A similar thing happens inside a Buick FIRHBAI.I. straight-eight cylinder. Fuel compression pressures arc higher here than in any other standard-production automobile engine. So when the spark jumps in the tightly- packed, fuel-fat ball of gas-mixture at the top of the stroke - the Buick piston goes rushing down with more push, more shove, wore power than the same amount of fuel gives up elsewhere. Result: every Buick engine travels farther per gallon (his year than the same-size engines did last year, while Compound Carburetion* with Buick FFKKKAU. design gives as much as 10% to 15% more miles per gallon. Tn fact, if you're buying any car this year, it\s pretty important to see and drive a Buick before you're through; it's Number One in smart engineering as well as Number One in-solid, rock- bottom, all - round VALUE! 'Optional c«,m>,K-,.ton the Kuirk Sptcu,., standard -,n all other, delivered at F/htt, Mich. Stale tux, optional equipment and accessories — extra. Prices subjfct to change without notice. THESE OUTSTANDING FEATURES • large, handsome table top, paneled front. • 5 focused neaf wickless kerosene burners. • Large porcelafned oven, wirh insulated top and door. • Dependable thermometer. \ FlflRFNPF TAB LE rap • LUIlLllUL OIL RANGE • Parts subject to heat wear finished enamel. or in porce- Minute Minder diment « and con- optional. Come in'today and find out how easy it is for you to own a new Florence Oil Range. Don't envy your friends! Have a Florence in your ou>u kicchen! Florence offers you every thing 1 —beauty, convenience and better cooking. There's a model that will please you —and you can afford it, too! Select it from our big display. See Ifiese Beautiful Ranges Today •^•^^"&-ViwaKtSKfjXV.&ty FLORENCE CONSOLE OIL RANGE k**>>V^A%'fcV.-.VJlrt.».-?rfV^'OV. % /Xw>.-; FLORENCE CONSOLE OIL RANGE an extra l.nv price. j,-j v< . ),,, ni . fr>. »hn-:- l>rw;itli conking top. Uo t;n<Irr uvm. Konny rook'•i|; f«p. Only tfr.r, tivc |(t\v piici'il .!ii,'c iii op:n front <lcs LMttrs. LuriM' ItlvH'.i. :iin iiinl .japan MnJsh. 15 |75 n«.n-'s ;i luxury stove ul a lo\v OKI. Fully insulated oven with :i<vi;r;ile thermometer. Fronl »»:<J top in while porcelain, J-'i.Ii-s :i\\i\ fc^s jn hhick. Cm- plant :it,<l two at each brncath standard Standard A beautiful insulated cost unit. ovn. to last .standard wickless burners. rRhittinir tank. Full oven n. Sturdily constructed many, many years. A bcautriul white porcelain mciJel with red, chromium trimmed handles. Its extra biff oven r.roM'dcs space to cook an entire meal. Fold-back top cover. Phone 1004 LANGSTON-WROTEN CO. Half Down, Balance Next Fail Walnut and Broadway BlytherlUe WHEN BETTER AUTOMOBILES ARE BUILT BUICK Will BUUD THEM

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