The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 4, 1930 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 4, 1930
Page 5
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SATURTJA^_MNUAHYjy93p_ Bt.YTnRVILLE, (ARK.) COUR1KU-NEWS .1930 & NEA Service Inc. JW LAURA LOU BROOKMAN niii.n iii'nK roiMt Ji iiffu <-.4Hi.'»<j.v. irtui if « mnuburm mj ulhrr BJrU In tSt'. • H>e •mrllf »«(•••» of JialeiiBi ' i krt krMUty and parily ferrim- • Judllh !• mat rumwimlrmlrr ulti-., I krr urUalr nfTnlrH. Ithr larut* i' * *l-llkr »l KVIHIIYN rilcri" 1 oR>» rirmrlie. tvho Klrr* • All III I'll KMi;ill, mint ni rti-|-Mrl«irnl. wfco l« mrrvrri B tvldnitrr. bcfamrB Intrrt-Hli-j Ibr Klrl Kolphl • Uluraunii 4uilli;> lo hi* njlrr na-l BMk» fcrr In ml^ dinner nllk Him. Judllli. >uur- .Itnilnn llnlukl. nhii ha. arlrd on M whim. brcniiK-M mnr* nnd nicrr nltr.-it-lrd lij Ibc i;lrl'» 111:11:- Rrlfkm. Hi- i» funi-l* >*nd bU lita rhlldrm_T»\V. IK. n.d JUMIIK 111—nrc hulk nwnjr from fanmr. II l» rhrrr nlfihl* Inrrr Iknl jMdllk In ijuf Ktl . rli? irhh n yu ..•ill. KA.V. MIU UO II.V \VI1II CIIAPTEH rtlti Ml lljr STOIIV 111 T'HIO young man with Judith •*- Cameron was argulug. • | In the sireci darkened by loom ; IMK omHiics of iileak warehouse.!.! hia requires cunld not be ilh liur.iilMicd. '1'hen a taxlcab driver clrdlriM ul [he slreois 1 tnturseriiiin ' ilirew Hie pair Imo bright illiitnlna-i lion wllh his hendllgliis. 1 A stipctnlor \voulu have had time- to nine Uiai llio girl was clutching) lier cciriiiuiiilon's unit and that her j fiice wan sianlpd and iiale. Sliei mis in dark dollies as was ibei I'Diilli tiesltlc Her. He was laller! llia:i the girl, rather slender, and : vriiri; a cap which shadowed hlsi li'.'.iures. II the spectator liatl been i vciy tjiilvk he r.ii-lii have notlccJ' ihe young man wore a LIUS- luclic. Bui ihcre -.vis no spectator. Not tlmt cve-iili!». Tlic youih whom J-jilii!i bad .-ailed "(Juri" was arguing In low toaijs but hip manner nna honied Tho tin. afler her quick, shaip exclamation, remained silent. Ntnv anil limn she tei!i:icil al:uiu to speak l>"i Hie (urreni of tiic man's words held her. At last lie stopped. "All fight." JudUli Cameron sail! right. In a subdued voice. "All Dan." •They were standing near ilia wall ot an uiilighied building, uan drew away, lotikrd down at tbe Blrl. and then clapped a baud ou eacji of lier arms. "(loud kid, Judy," lie told her gruffly, -you'll so through with 111" "I —1 promise. Dan." There was n rjnlck nwemcct !n the dark. It might have been a carets or again II might not have been. After 111[3 ihe couple headed aliuul. walking swiftly In tbe di rcctiou from »vj cli they bad come. At the. nearest. subway station they parted. The youns man touched'his cap. gave a farewell wave and was gone. Judith Cameron hesitated, watch- Ins .the lithe disappear in the crowded street. A brooding look bad conio over the glrl'3 face. Her pulse and solf-conliJence were gone. It was as though some power against which'she had no stienglh at all bad spoken and Juditb was answering tbe summons. Still, for on Instant afler the mar. wr.s out of sight Judith wailed. Then she turned quickly and hurried down the subway stairs. certainly was no si.en to be discovcrtd !n the busy office of Hunter Profilers that Arthur Knight, officer o[ tha board of directors and executive ot the textbook division, was paying court to one of his newest employes. a stenographer whose pay envelope contained 522 v-cckly. The first f» 0 days after dinner »rlf Knlahl did their not see "ludilb, uill ye Judllli, refraining Judiciously from even passing through Hie oulsr office. The third day he found occasion to enter tho room. Judith Cam. cron was nbcont on one of Miss Tumor's Innumerable errands. Knight, with a gaze xvlilch was nulto luscrulable, returned to his own desk. Ilia fingers lapped a Morocco leather memorandum pad nervously. Kinging tlio Dell for his private sc-creltjy. ho announced rather peremptorily ib.nt he would be out of the office tbe rest of the morn ing. An hour later Tim Mulligan came quietly ip, Judith Cameron's desk "Here," be said, bauding her a crumpled, rather grimy bit of piper. "Here's what them dames was gabbling about so hot." Judith looked down at the fragment of newspaper and then up at Tim. "It's the boss's daughter—Tony," ho explained. "Ain't she a looker, though?" » • • WHAT Judith held was a picture torn, from llio Sunday photogravure section of a newspaper. The picture showed a slight, graceful girl in jaimly white niiitiB breeches and while shirt , jn at tlio throat, high dark boots am gloves. Sha was holding a ridinj, whip. The wind had puffed ou! wisps of dark hair from under the close white beret she wore. The girl wag l.'iugblng. her face turnct townrd her companion who wa also in riding clothes. Ho lool:ci older and rather foppish. The two were walking, apparently In a park Below tbe nboloL-raoh *vore u mart's vords: "YOUTHFUL HOnSEWOMAN. 1^3 Antoinette Knighl, povular member ot New York's younger social set, was photograplied at an InlHm resort with Count Serge Bodanzky. The pair are often seen ogctlier on a morning gallop. Miss Xnlgbt is an expert horsewoman and lias exhibited blue ribbon mounts often at Newport." Judith studied the picture. "She certainly la a pretty girl," she told Tim. "I'll say she Is!" Ihc boy echoed her seutlincnta. "lircezed In here once last summer to see tbe boss. Dolled up In a swell outfit and furs to put-your eyes out,..'fTony'E tlio berries nil right—that's wliai they call her. yon know." Juditb smiled and held out tbe clipping. Tim EVruggcd his shoulders. "I don't want It. She's' a little too old fcr me. Then bo isriuncd and returned to Ills l.isk of se.illng envelopes. The lilile picture lay on Juillir. Cameron's desk. She studied the face of Arthur Knight's youthful daughter for scveial moments. At. tractive I ml red. 'flic clila nnd eyes were like her father's. Tbe resemblance was quite marked The photograph was Imlisllncl and ralbcr small, but somehow Judith looked at It she knew Ton} Knight lo be willful, aggressive and a foe (If too she sbould be) to he feared. Slipping tbo pictures Inlti her desk drawer, Judith continued typ ing. 'T'lIE fourlli morning following Arttmr Knlglu Juilllfl mat tarn 001151! again to bli office T!i« iue» «og« c»m« lo ncr once won from Kattiryn Tuppcr's lips ind > >u» plclotia clarltig glniico iccompanled It. Judllh stepped lo the door ot bor cmpliiyer't prlvalo oftko tud knocked. She heard Ilia call to coine In. This time. Instead of wuvlni; h«r tov/ard a chair, Arthur Knighl ro» and camo forward. "Miss t'atneron." he enhl, laklng tier band. "1 wanied lo gee you. 11 "Yes, Mr. Knight?" -Here—won't you sit heroT" Ho placed tha chair for her. Iben r«- sinned his owu at Ihe desk. The otllce manlier was gono com Plctely aud Kulgbt wus amllliiE. "I suppose li'a not stilcily atcord : ing to business routine." he lolil her. "lull 1 railed you In here to iisk If we might nui Imvo dinner logelhcr cpaln tonight. I —I don't Mkc lo break tbe olflre priigram la make social engagements hut. well—" llo liroko o'.t. crldenily at a luss for words Uut smiling hrundly. r pllEKB wns t;o Mush on Judllli Cumeron'j cheeks. U'blle Unlghi was apealilng ibe bniinicd look bad come once more Intu ibe girl's eyes. She n«sllalcu. Ihcn spoko rapidly. "I —I'm son y, Mr. Knight To uight I have an engagement. Somo other time—" "Oil, 1 Quito understand! That's all right. Would you tare to uauie the evening?' ' The girl sal silent. "Yes." she said slowly. "I'll be glad to go with you Thursday." Thursday was three hlghlB dls- tain. "Very \vell. Lei's make U Tliurs day tlicn." Juditb rose Find though she- sinllcil. certainly ihers w : as wist ulnc-ss In that smile. "At 0:307" be asked. They rllr.cil logother ih'ttl Tliurs lay nitln :iicy dined ugaln ou Saitinlaj nml iwo nlgbis Inier ai- cuiled a play. It was a play of lovely melodies —mostly love snugs. .i:iiilib Cuuieron had 10 engagement with her employer 'iring the imi iwo weeks. On ibe tenth night he asked her to marry him. They bail velurncil from a con. cert at Carnegie llnll. Knight dls- mlsscil Hie cah ru he helped Judllh to the pavement and (ullun-ed her up tlic steps. "Is Ilie're any place—nny place at'alt h'cr'e'"«-liere I might come'ln for n few moments and talk to you';" Siie l«l Hie waj Into tlic odorous, frlgbifully furnished boarding house "reception room." "Only tills." Judith smiled wanly as she spoke, "li Isn't— very clegunt." Arthur Knight did not onca Stance about tbo room. Ills eyea were Intently ou ibose ol the girl before him. Dark eyes. Aroused now. Insistent. Tenderly he lifted lho' girl's cbtn will] Iil3 two hands. ." "Judith"—Ills voice was low hut vibrant--"! want you, I love you. Juililb. will you marry me?" The girl slaicil. She held back Instinctively. Then wlih o stnr^ tling lltllo cry she tbrew herself toward him. "Take me." ttoansd Judith Cameron. "Oh. please take me away—" The rest of tbe exclamation was muffled In a cheviot eboiildcr. 'To lie Continued) SUNDOWN STORIES **•*& The Why* By MAUV GRAHAM IIONNKU "I'm going to take you lo see some very (inccr little people Hits evening." sairt tho utltc Dlack Clock. John nml Peggy never knew what (o cxiicct. Certainly the Uiilf Black Clock amid take them uuy- wliero and cvurysvhere. They kept tiyin to learn where they ittte coing. "You'll sec." .siilil (ho Lltlle Jllai-k Clock, lie seemed lo bo amused at tho very thought ot wluU he was planning to do. So John mid Peggy knew (hat It would aimisi- Ihcm loo. The LIU!.; Black Clock always knew! He took Uicm buck of their own house, aud thcru was an e^nvsi cart waiting io tn^c them olf. Tin creature pulling the enrl Imd the funniest kind 0 | a sliu Instead of being straight up n'nd down he cmved iiroiuul In such mi odd fashion. lint he did not spend nny time In talking As soon us Hie Llttel Black Clock and the children were '! in the express cart, he rushed lown Ihe gnrden path, then over mfamlllnr ground. Finally, lio stopped ni a plnce In the woods where there are many of his kind. "What do you want to know? What do you want to know?" they all shouted as they saw the children. "Vfii hivve any number ot answers .here. Jusl. seel" "Here, Whys," called the Llttlo Blnck. Clock, "tell John and I'cggy nbont, yourselves." They gnlhercd nromul the thll- dren. What funny objects they were They looked very much like question marks. "We're called Ihc Whys because ivc'ro In Ihc- Why business," snld one. "What?" asked John. N "Well. Ural's almost lho same as why," said another. 'Hjiv.e you never heard of Ihc Why business?" asked a lilrd, "Never," said John. "Never," said Peggy. "We'll talk business then," Ihey said. CMonday—''The W]iy Business"). CLASSIFIED ADS Phone 306 M* I Don* U» «** Announcements For County Court Clerk MHS, JOHN U>NC1. FOR BALK FOR 6A1.K-25 shares of Vim National Hank Slock, Blyllicvllle, Arkansas. For inlets wrlto or call 0. C. Leo, DyersUuif, Tennessee. >8pk6 FOB SALE— Fox Tumor iciisonnble price. 1'liniic 593. Entt Din-Is. 214 0[ik7 FOR RENT FOR RENT—10 room house, modern conveniences, 134 Ky. See or cull K, J. Browno. Phono 16 or 610. „ FOR KENT—Two Unlit housekeeping ronins, 715 West Ash street. 3 New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. Jan. 4. (/!')— Open High Low Close Jan. i 1G90 1COO 1074 1C77 Mar .... 1110 1713 1100 !70;t-fM May 1733 1737 1127 m!)-04 July 1740 1752 1714 1740-47 Oct. '•.... 1753 1765 1146 FOR RENT—Large bedroom, for Gentlemen only. Phono 078. 30uk5 FOR HENT-Nrco~comforlable bcd~- room, close In, (o innn or couple who work down town. I'hono 303, Italy's Title Hope WANTED VERY competent single Indy do- slrcs poslllon as bookkeeper or clerk. Wllllni! lo leave Blylhevlllc. Cam Dr. Wilson. Phone 341. Ipk7 WANTED-15 or 20 full blo~d Ha~- rcd K-ck chickens. Call 1510-F23 or iidrlrcM Mi*, ,r. T. Ashley, Bly- thcvlllc. Koulo No. 1. 3pkO WANTED-Moii. wllh wllh car, lo demonstrate lulverllscd sjicclalty to tjarnKcs. stores, projierty owners and fanners In open territory. Post selling experience not required. Must furnish reference and be wlll- itip to start rn reasonnhlc basis. S2.000.000 worth sold yearly. Fyr- Fyter Co... 1034 Fyr-Pytcr Bldg., Dnylon Ohio. 4picO 1746 New York Cotton NEW YORK. Jan. 4. MV- Open HlBli Low Close Jan. •-.... 1707 1707 1695 1697 Mav ' 1710 1721 1710 1711-12 May .... 173D 1743 1734 1734-M July .... 1753 1760 1752 1752 Oct 1762 1765 175B 1759-CO International Games For '30 DAHMSTADT. Germany — (/TV- Foreign Minister Dr. Curtis Ims accepted Ihc honorary chairmanship for the foiinli T International ;,tudents athletic 'championship contest here In August. 1030 From 400 to 500 foreign students. Including many Americans will compete. FLEETWOCD. England MV-A fishing boal fitted with electric lights and with ballireoms for officers and cre«', has been launched here. She Is a steam Iriuvlcr nml is destined to BO to Greenland, Iceland, the White Sen and Bear Island. WOMEN! The Capiwr Publications', the largest publishing house of 11.5 kind In America, wants saleswomen nf good jwrs-nnllty nnd fair education la present sure-fire offer to church organizations in smtill lowns. This Is an excellent opiwrlunity to form a profitable nnd lasting connection with this large and progressive Institution. Experience not necessary. Write E. R. McKcn?Je, The Capper Publications, Topeka, Kansas. LOST LCST—Lady's purse, lau—contains sonic money and Isdy's wntcli Reward. Notify Courier News or phone 302, 617. . pkl PERSONAL W. J. KNOX repairs shoes good No. 204 West Main. STOVE Repairs by Sam Sickles, 116 S. Brondivay. J3plc Jan 18 Huffman News Friends here regret to learn of the seriuos illness of John Buck: of Half Moon. Mr. Buck and h;s family formerly lived here. C. c. Alexander, Mr. and Mrs. IJ.-A. Baker and Mr. Carter, lor- merly of Huffman, now of Bassett, who v;cre injured when the car in which they were riding overturned near Osccola Sunday, are all improving, it Is reported. Mrs. Baker is a patient, in the Blyllievillc hospital. She is the mother of Mrs. Singer Johnson of Huffman. Mr. and Mrs. Jolm Abshccr nihl Mr. and Mrs. Sudie Cecil of Eylpa. Ark., attended the funeral of Mrs. Hulon Holmes who died Friday of 'ast week after a long illness at the home 'of her grandmother, Mr£. Emma Peary. Mrs. Absheer and Mrs. Cecil are sisters of Mrs. Holmes. M' 55 Gladys Cassldy mid Manuel Acifclsson were married at the cmircli of the Immaculate Conccp- tlon'in niyihevine Thursday. Jan- WARNING ORDER Chancery Cmirl, Chicknsawba Dlslrlct. Mississippi County, Arkansas, Tf. W. Roberts, PlalnllfT vs Katherinc Kobetts, Defendant No. 4632 The defendant Katherine Roberts i "H* has arrived— that gigantic man from the land where Uu&Mllnl rules" as the circus barber would say, meaning that Ptrno Cim'tn, llio world's blsBesl UcavywelgUI. prize fighter has landed in'the United Slates In search of gcV.l and conquest. His ability (o conquer the present erop of llsht punching fighters In this country Is seriously doubted by experts. Is tvnriictl lo njijicnr within thirty days In the court named In the cap- tlni hereof nnd Hsswer tho complaint ot the plnlntln, H. W. Roberts. Dated Dec. M, 1020. W. W. HOLI.IPETER, Clerk. Uy Elizabeth Blythe, D. O. W. D. Grnvetl, Ally ad Lltem. 12-28, 1-4-11-18 WAKNING ORUER In tlio 1'robale Court tov Hie Clilcknsawba District of Mississippi Conn'.y. .i.LMisas. In (he Wiitier of the Adcptlun of J. a. Bi.!kj WAIOJNQ ORDER Will IMnks and Mnry Burlis arc hereby warned'to appenr wllhln thirty 130) days nml answer Ihe petition filed by Cap Ray and Dora Uny for the adoption of J. C. Burks. . Dated, this Hie 13th.; diy ,9f,,Rc, ccinbtr, 1029. MRS. JOHN LONG, County Court nlur By A. F. Smith, D. C. 12-14-21-28; Jan. 4. Iii tha Chancery Court for the District of county, Arkansas E. 0. Stuck, Plaintiff, vs. J. W. Wlilslle, Defendant. WARNING ORDER The defendant, J. W. Whistle, is warned to appear wllhin thirty days In the court named In the caption hereof and, answer the complaint of the plaintiff, E. C. Stuck. In testimony whereof, I have hereunto set my hand as clerk ol said court and affixed the sea! hereof, on this 21st day ot December, 1030. W. W. ftOLLIPETER, Clerk, (Seal) By Harvey Morris, D. 0. Arthur L. Adams, Atty for Plf. Max B. Held, Ally Ad LItcm 12-23-30 In Tho PrWmte Ctoor* .R»r np Tho CbJckasawb* District of Mluiuipiil County Ariuuuas In tho matter of John Floyd Hascell, deceased, W. M, Burm, Ouardlan OUAHDIAN'8 NOTICE OF FINAL SETTLEMENT . - : . Notice Is hereby given that W. If. Hums, us former guardian of John Floyd Hisrell, doceued, did, on Seplcmbcr 28, 1920, 'fllo flnai.settle- ment of his guardianship account In the above court, praying for his discharge as such guardian; his application for •discharge will be presented to the court the 3ist day of December, 1829. . • MRS. JOHN LONG, Probate Clerk. . By A. P. SMITH, D. C. I Plittnbing, Steam, Gaa and Hot WatbrHdating by "AL" the Plumber (A. C. Aitken) Phone 8D4-W 316. N. 9tji; WERT He Slakes. : Em See Royal G Mills Public Accountant And Auditor Specializing In Income Tu. Bookkeeping Systems, Fhoo* M Ingrnm BIdg. BlythevUtfl, Ark. nary 2. The Rev. J. T. Thompson performed Ihe ceremony. Joe Cassidy jr., brother of the bride, served as best man nnd Mabel McKav was bridesmaid. After the wedding tbe party enjoyed a breakfast ai the home of Mrs. J. P. Livineslon of Blythnvillc. Guests rtt the \vedd- inj; were Mr. and Mrs. Allic Harrison, Mrs. Bnmbolaski and daughter Mnrlo, Mrs. J. p. Livingston. Bessie Cassidy and Agnes McKay. Mr. and Mrs. F. Bowles daughter. Eric, Gilbert Adklsson. Agnes and Mabel McKay called at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Dolph Adki?soii Tuesday cvenintj. A^nes McKny spent Wednesday night with Mrs. Preston Orcy in Blylhcville. Mrs. Mattlc Cassldy sprat Monday with Mrs. Mary McKay. Manuel Adkisson returned Friday of last week from J'reirlc, Mo., where he visilcd at the home ol his uncle. Read Courier News Want Ads. Good Resolution Number 3 RE-solvcd thril I will RE-nc\v the paint. If your house came to us for a prescription lo mnkc this a Happy RE-new Year tliis is ^vhat we would write: "A few gallons of high quality paint. Stir thoroughly l>efore using. Apply with a brush." \Ve guarantee this remedy lo eliminate that worn and run-down appearance. Terms on the bill, if you wish. E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. THE CURSE O HEREDITY V<WM ON tWTU M voo cowl, \ p,.n-( XOU V'-ltOE OVCQ TO <Jtt £LOT THIttTV VLW^GOT 10/ Of WCW.CVAW.ltM TX> VJITH nt GWNtt / YOV> MiO W SCCF'.'MCK OIICLC CHM3UE / \ COULD BEUtVC ' CMC WTO (^ FLKPPeO ?i MOST KUYTHINQ , KRKCKLES AND'HIS FRJENDS StS-TO V-llit to FbST Cf.HO B6 VOO=/ A £B9S VoO I v ' wu SET SAY GOOD B^e TO voo ' TO DEPOT TO StS

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