The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 25, 1936 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 25, 1936
Page 3
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.JVEDNRSDAY, NOVEMBER'25, 19.36 uxora ,iety — Personal The MeUiodlst Missionary society met In the home of Mrs. Charles McDaniel Tuesday afternoon. The following were -elected to fill tlie various offices: president, Mrs. Bob Owens; vice-president, Mrs. elms. McDaniel; secretary, Mrs. . Delia Spann; .corresponding secretary, Mrs. E. 11. BOgan; treasurer, Mrs. T. B. Dudney; publicity superintendent, Mrs. Frank Denton; and study supsrlntendenl Mrs. Jarac.s Randle. '. . » • * ' ' ' Mrs. Jesss Brown was hostess to an attractively planned ax-table (Jrldgs party Tmirsday evening. The only out-of-town guest was Mrs. James Driver of Osceola. : 'J'he high score award went to ' Mrs. T. F. Hudson and second high to Mrs. Russell Dowen. Miss Florence received low prize and a gift was presented to Mrs. M. C. Cooke Jr., a recent Mac. Mr. and Mrs. T. B. O'Keefe have as their gu'csts Mr. O'Keefe's mother, Mrs. Ida O'Kecfc, and Mrs. J. B. O'Keefe, of Clarksdale, Miss. . Mrs. Louise McHenry and daughter, wade and Mrs. R.. C. Lang- 15ton and dughters, Billy and Sara, enjoyed the Christmas Toyland pa- BTATHEVILLE (ARK,") COUftlER NEWS Overanibitioii3 Contract Made When Singleton Kings-Drop to the jack In (lummy nwl the jack ot clubs .returned. Now, whatever West chose to do. North's overnmblllous contract '.v>s cafe. He inndc three Innnii tricks In (Uiinmy. nnd three li\ 15V W.M. K. MtKENNEV .vmur- lour spade bin was In part a sac- • ' Sceielary.Ainerlran llriclge I here is a .strongly held .- - sution among bridge players that, nficc, When he saw dummy, with 1C one hand holds a singleton king, three small trumps, he knew some other hand also will hold «•-, ungiiarddd ,'klng In another suit ?i-oba ! )ly. there is no real basis foi this hunch, -but ii is still [n ie thai %««n.j 111 «iiiiiuii,1 i liliU li*l VI >l| MO * t own hand, us well as three dla-t ;!;,.;, nm< bill lie feared that East nnd West inoiuls and one club, cauld make foni- hearts, nnd' the Number Nine News Mrs. micker Is quHc ill at Ills home of her son, Tom Caraway. I Mr, 11 nd Mrs.'Percy Storall ancl vislird in A6543 VKQ9 4J532 #32 AKQIO V AJ872 » AKQ4 + QJ5 Duplicate— E. & W South West North : 1 » Pass 2 V 3 » Pas; 4 * 1 V Pass Pass Opening lead— A K. vul. East Pass Pass Pass where one hand has a singleton rad« in Memphis Friday night., [one suit, some other player prou- Miss Florence Rush and Mrs. ably holds not more than one In Dslla spann will have as their another. guests during the Thanksgiving holidays their sister, Mrs. Elmorc Campbell, Mr. Campbell and daughter, ixmrelte, of St. Louis, and Mr. Campbell's mother, Mrs. Minnie Campbell, of Cape Glranleau, Mo. Mines. Russell Bowen, T. F. Hudson anii R. c. Langston were brldsc guests of Mrs. Loy Welch, of Blytheville, Tuesday afternoon at the Woman's club with Mrs. Roland Green, Mrs. H. A. Taylor, Coupled with the belief in regard to singleton kings is a snyi-y often heard in bridge circles"Singleton king nlwavs makes a trick." Today's hand is the story of two singleton kings which fell to aces, even though they were botli "over" the aces in declarer's hand. But ' said high and required rathe: ate play to be made. had his. work cul out for him.: Opening lead of tc king of ''flirts was ruffed In dummy, anil I a tmall diamond was led. This' was won wllh the ace and an- I n'lier heart, led and ruffed. A! .'ccond diamond lead dropped the tliieen, and declarer now led his last heart, . ruffing with dummy's iait trump. If Bast held ft Immp he couUl n ff Ihe diamond jack, so the ace ol clubs was led from dummy and West's king fell. The: cinecii of '-lifts was ruffed by West with Ihe four, and dvcrruffcd by declare! 1 '.''•h i he ten. : North then laid down the ace of! •Wades, recalling the "singleton" kluy superstition, and dropped I j.Ei:si's king. A diamond was led I A Snmll Deposit Will Hold Any Toy or Gift Until ChristmiiK Today's Contract Problem North Is piuyhig tin.' con- trad at six clubs. After has unilerled the act of diamonds, and the trick is won by Wesl's jack, does Ihe obvl.A.s (act Ui:it Kosl lias nun's.' an I .'i- tistial : ead suggest \:\u'. •' _-l shot 1 '.I make an iim» ' >. tu- ' ti G32 VQ1032 4 1C t) .1 8 1.1 A :; ,i t> 8 V o I ', 3 (BJii.Ul K * S vul. 0,1.,.:. . Solution in uo.1 iijiic-. I Mrs. Bertlm Hall and children spent Sunday with Mrs, Quince ! Mu.scm. [ Mtiis Doris Jean Collins, who hits I)"']] <iuiu> in, is slowly Improving. Mr. mid Mrs, Ho!> ..ifjvull an claiiflHcr, Alfrlstla. and Arch, Thcl- BLACK-DRAUGHT A. Good L axat/ve* Fly lo the Game Alalianw vs, Vamlerljill liinmi)t>h;iin - Thur.sdiiy Call Warren \\y\KM nl fi" i nous PAGE THREE ma nnd'J. P. Mnok moUiKNl to Uyrss Colony Sunday. Mr. uiul Mrs. Tom llatlon nnd baby spent several days lust week wllh Mr. nnd Mrs, Albert bottoin of steelo. Seven (iurlnsj I new cowls were Cnrrloss Smokers Shamed PASADENA, Cnl, (Ul')~<j!.,'eloss Miiokcrs who llii'ow nway lighted stubs slarl HIT*, Basing his c'al- culiilloiiM on Ihe year's sln- llstlc.s, M. is. I'mlt, slate forester, oxllmutes dial, careless smokers will start H1.COO fires during the comhiR year. CASH FEED STORE 112 KiisU nlaiti in explanation it might be that the contract was too despcr- too strong, North's bidding was , fj '. 0 , ,' Mrs ', ^ m Stanford. Dr - and Mrs - E - R - D °8=>» Ictl, i^f" e£ ? ay mo ™" lg for Jackso »T s ! >E " d several days with brother, j. w. sykcs. Wrecker Service <Sa OPEN ALL NIGHT PHILLIPS SERVICE CENTER Phones- 777 - 810 Mrs. c. G. Redman, and Mrs. James 3. Clark as co-hostesses. .- Tte members of the Methodist >„_„,. ,. church gave their pastor, the Rev. i , "' M , r f' J ' l ' Mllllm and da "- JamesT. Randle, and Mrs. Randle I ? hler ' Bctl > T Sue.. Mrs. R. T. a. "pounding" of good things to cat i Monday night. j Miss Catherine Tennyson, of) "Vanndalc. Ark., will be the guest; of her sister, Mrs. Charlie Thomas, during the Thanksgiving holidays. Miss DeMaris Graham, of Forrest City, who is a student ill Jonesboro state college, was a weekend guest in the home of Mr. and Mrs. T. B. O'Keefe. she was motored back to school by Mike O'Ksele. Mr. and Mrs. S. D. Slack, of Gurdon, will be the guests of their son, Jimmie, and Mrs. Slack thru the Thanksgiving holidays. The Luxora leaciisrs who will spend the Thanksgiving season out of t<Mv'r> will b? aiiperintsnd3nt T. . D. Wilkins and Mrs. Wilkins, who i will visit in Little Rock and in At« kins- with Mre. Wilkins' parents',. T;Mr. aMi'Mrs. Brooch; -Miss ;E!j?.a-' beth.^alface at'home witiiilier par?n'ts. .'Mr. nnd Mrs. Moore, of Oakland, Miss.; Miss"Bob-Williams,' who will go to Memphis to be the' guest of Mr. and Mrs. V/'hnn Hemingway jr.; Miss Ruth Bulloch, with.her sister, Mrs. M. C. Crittenden. of Blytheville;. and Mrs. ~ ; W. Nichols, accompanied by Mr.- Nichols, with her. parents, Mr ! and Mrs. Joe Henson and Mr. Ni- | chols' brother, J. o. Nichols, of; Union City, Tenn. . ,'Among the Luxorians who have! visited in Memphis this week are Mrs. Sam Bowcn, Mrs. Grover .Driver, Mrs. S. J. Smith, Mrs. Joe PICKARD'S GROCERY SAFEST; .PLACE •r-TO liUY-.Y.OUR 'MEATS, •1?& DA IRY "PRODUCTS -We rec'B.i'v e • Swift's Prfimium Beef : -t,w ice weekly. Green's Grade A Pasteurized. M i 1 1< twice daily. We have. the most mortem Frig- idaire meat equipment. Variety, of Cold Meets and Ghcese. Fresh Vegetables Daily. We Deliver. Phone G73 .1044 "'Chickft'sawba A Small Ooposil Will Hold Aiiy Toy or (Jifl Until i Clii i.sdmiH OPENS SATURDAY-NOVEMBER 28th ALL STEEL COASTER WAGON 18 x 36 inch All Stool Coaster Wagon offered at, llvis IOAV price as an opening day special. , (SATURDAY ONLY) No Lay-Away on the Item at This Price! Tool Chests Renl tools Tor young carpenters. Bright "Mickey House" chest. 59o Blackboards Real fun for the youngsters to ,|)ractice Ihoi'.' ABC'R^HDi jihl lo draw plclurtjsl Enscl ISP C «lth 58 incli blafk nber'Writing swiface. 25c Media nica I Trains "COMiMODOUIl VANDKUBlI/l'" Sparks sliool from the diimney of Hits bit 35'ii Inch "streamliner" .as n powerful spring motor drives It, nround the' Iriiclc! Engine, tender and 3 cars with 10 section's of track/ ' See Us At Toy Town! She Has.Real Hair! FRANKFORT DISTILLERIES, INCORPOHUTEO IOUISVILLE • BALTIMORE Baby Doll She's 23 in. high and cries! So cute and cuddij! she's almost human! $1.00 Lovely Tilond Curls Mohair "hail-," sleeping eyes and this 13 inch doll will actually stand alone! Pretty organdie or plaid dress. 98c 16 inches high and so pert. In her . printed frock. She sleeps! 19 Inch liahy Doll A darling doll with sleeping- eyes and cry- " ing voice. Her outfit, is of dainty while or pink organdie with silk braid or ribbon trimming. She's so lifelike! 98c SOFT NATURAL BODY! 1C inches high' A cute baby doll with ..pretty organdie clothes in white or pink. ORI'HAN ANNIE PLAY RANGE Complete with Utensils—Well con- ntrncteil or heavy gauge steel MU^CAL TOYS FROM SANTA'S BIG TOY BAG! • Drums Bright red and green metal with . tough jxirclunenl. heads and 2 .-wood sticks. G 1-4 i". in diameter. Horns Join the "Silly Symphony" with a saxophone, cornet or clarinet. These are about 15 Indies long. .'Musical Tops Cqlorfxii plunger tops Hi at produce musical lOc 25c 25c Up "UNION PACIFIC" Here it comes whtoJng around the track]- 27. inch "streamlined" model driven by a,' strong K|)riiii; : inotoi-. ColoFfuV enameled ••'Ilnl.tli. 'MO ': sections 'of track. -; 98c Tree Decorations Hinoki Stars S inch Still' tri'mmed witli beada 9 inch Star with electric bulb nnd cord .....:... Hinoki Rope 2'l yards of eilhcr red or green Hinoki Wreaths t) inch Electric 'Hinoki Wreath Complete 10 inch Ilinoki -Wreath Each 10° 25 C 10 C 25° 10° 49 Imported Tea Sets G-MAN PURSUIT CARS Mechanical Pursuit Cfirs with machine shooting sparks. Lois of fiinl gun 10-piece Imported China Tea Sets. Just the gift for a little jirli 98c 25c Baby Grand Piano 10-key Bahy Grand Piano. .Good tone and well constructed. MECHANICAL TANKS Large Mechanical Tanks wllh realistic spark shooting machine gun. 98c 49c COWHOY SUITS Four-piece Coyboy Outfits. Sizes 4 to 12. STAKE AND DUMP TRUCKS IG-inch Stake and Dump Trucks. Complete with electric lights .... 98c A Large Assortment of Novelty Dishes and Gift Goods CAP PISTOLS Every boy wants a Cap Pistol. These are six shooters. 25c IGHTS In Assorted Color Bulbs S-Ught "Tungsten" Sets The many color lamps will light tip your tree to sparkling beauty! Sockcls are 18 Inches apart. 29c 0-Bulb Outdoor Set Quality can be Outdoor Sets lhat connected in scries. BEN FRANKLIN STORE CORNER MAIN & BROADWAY Tonight Is Pal Kite Ailults Ailmllled for Price nf 1 , for your entrrtalnment and rurafort • THE&-3S CAPTAIN'S KID MAY MESON-SYBIL JASOH WilVWNE BRYAN • FRED UViWNCI OICK PU»CEU • MARY T«E£H u>ji br M K /t.«*i. ««J Ink 1i**ll (,'oiiii'dy—"IliiltU: Hoyal" Thursday - Friday Paramount News, Pictorial anil Comedy —Admission Tlmr-nlay— Mallnc(y-lG & Mo Nlfht—16 4, 36c .—AdniKslon Friday— .Mutlncc—10 & 2Co O & 3Cc TUKSDAY, DEC. 1— S50.00 BANK NIGHT! isl night Mr. C. W. Afflfck o! tills city «ou (he $325. He was registered .it the Matinee. ROXY ,\dm.—Always : 10 * Z5c—lo Tax Show livery Night Matinees Friday, Saturday, Sunday t-'rlday & Sunday ulalintc-s—?-. 15 Saturday Matinee — Continuous Show In' — 1:00 Till 11:00 P. M Weds. - Pal Night 2. .Mulls Atlmlltert. for Price of 1 All Children—10c MUHDEOOR MILLING And deolh walling for anyone - who follows th« . 'rail that lead] lo the kilter I Also Selected Shorts ' Thurs. - Pal Night 2 Adults Admitted • for Price of 1 AH Children—lOc "Little Red Schooihouse" With Frank Coughlan, Dickie Moore, Ann Doran and "Corky" Also Selected Shorts Friday - Saturday X COIUMU PKTUU j Also Cartoon and Serial—"The Clutching Hand" with Jack Mnlhall Continuous Showing Saturday

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