The Evening News from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania on March 15, 1923 · Page 21
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The Evening News from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania · Page 21

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 15, 1923
Page 21
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PAGE TWENTY-ONE iamspof t; Dkmoa 0 0.0 ewis'Dui wines THE EVENING NEWS, HARRISBURG, PENNA., THURSDAY, MARCH 15,-1023 Tech audi t, Maroon Favored to Annex Honors in Section Setto Tech will play Lewlaburg on the Wllllamsport cage. on Monday evening far the honors la the ontheaatern action and the -right to represent the section In the acholaatle rate tourney at ' enn State on March 23 and 24. Words to this affect. were uttered today at the Walnut street headquarters of the Maroon and Gray, follow lngr a telegram from the Lewisburg war chief. The Wllllamsport cage was selected for the contest In preference to Lebanon and Huntingdon courts, which were available. Lewisburg, which was to have met Westfleld, was thrown Into the ell-mination game with Tech? when the northern team withdrew. ' - Elimination frames staged In the three other sections of the State are fast sifting the weaker teams Into the discard pile. In the western section, llniontown tripped Sharpesvllle on Tuesday night and Is considered to have a good chance to represent the division at the tourney. Homestead, Klttannlng and Monnessen are entered In the western section elimination games. Renovo, which Is confident of rep-resenting the central section, disposed or a fast team on Tuesday night when It defeated Orblsonia. Johnstown, has withdrawn, according to reports received here today, leaving Mt. Union, Windber and Houtz-dale to fight It out with Renovo for the central honors. According to the record compiled by the Lewisburg team, Tech (should win Monday night's game by a comfortable margin, as the showing of LEAGUE CHAMPS CLASH TONIGHT GJRJEYSTOCK Baly. Schmidt 90X9 OP REST . .... FY ...Htm ton F. ...... . Kohlmnn . . . C Hntnmri O. Williams Eaalgr. .. Fanner. Taylor. . ..... Cr. . ttonfb. These are the ten tossers that will probably be unleased tonight on the Edison cage, when the first of a three- gams series, to . determine whether the Edison or Camp Curtln circuit has tbe more class,, will be staged. Greystock, pennant-winners In the Camp Curtln wheel by virtue. of-a post-season . victory over the Shop Clerks, is sending the same sensa tional combination'" into the fracas that went through the Uptown cam paign. The Sons of Rest, who ran through all opposition In the Hill wheel, will probably depend upon Its 'veteran tossers In an effort to capture the first battle. ?.,-''..'. The game, Judging from the strength of the two combinations and the sensational tossers working on each, should be one of the best attractions of the season. Both of the contenders has proven their class byj the manner In which the Btrons opposition in their respective leagues were overthrown. - This is especially true of the Greystock Ave, . which -got away to an ordinary start but Won out by handing the three and only defeats hamied to the powerful Shop Clerks. , 1 r. Arthur, from the Camp CuYtin League, will call the fouls in the contest The second, .setto will be .staged next Tuesday night on the Camp Cur-tin floor. v The Y. M. II. A. and the Market . Bquare' tossers will clash in a preliminary game tonight. . HOPPE PREPARES' FOR TOURNAMENT Willie Hoppe, J 8.2 balkllne billiard king, who last night defeated Jake Schaefor, his most dangerous - challenger, by coming out on top of a 1500-polnt block match at New Tork, will not allow his delicate digits to become rusty. Instead, Willie plans to practice assiduously for the tournament next Autumn, when an Imposing array of billiard talent will try to remove his coveted crown. Schaefer, who gained a big lead In Monday night's session, trailed badly tnrougnout tne rest or tne matcn, and finished on the short end of a 1600 to 1341 score. Beginning last evening with a six-point margin, the champion pro ceeded in a calm, businesslike fashion to roll up a commanding lead. One of his opening Innings . netted him 99. Schaefer startled Hoppe and the big crowd, however, by running a speo-tacular 244 after the ancient boy-wonder had pulled away. This placed him within twenty points of Hoppe once more, but Willie methodically pulled away again, rushing out with innings of 55 and 21. - Hoppe by this victory, becomes the permanent owner of the Brunswick-Balke diamond medal. - In the three evenings of play Hoppe averaged -84 4-44, while Schaefer's grand average was -31 8-43.. Both players scored their hfhest single innings last night, the cKvmpion mastering: 186 In the third session, -while Schaefer made his. 244 in the fifth Inning. Contest Forfeited in I Edison Class League Section 9B-7 def eated' Section 9B-3 with a 16 to 1 score In the .first game J if the evening between the-sections n the Section League. Section 9B-6 Won from Section 8B-2 by a forfeit on account of Section 9B-2 team not reporting for the game. MO METAL CAN Mdeiveave double Crip ft 50c i andub. the former quintet is not as impressive as that of the Maroon and Gray tossers. V Twelve games out of sixteen have been ttvon by .Lewlaburg, Trevorton, JcrsoyV Shore, Lock Haven and Bloomsburg being the only teams to score against it. Jersy Shore administered the only spanking suffered on the Lewisburg floor. The Tech tosBers. however, are not doing any worrying over the game with Lewisburg, but are concentrating' on the impending game with the Blue and White tossers coached by Pat Reagan. The bteelton Invasion is scheduled for tomorrow night on the Chestnut street cage. Tech, at Steelton several weeks ago, scored a win after forty minutes or hectlo battling, the Maroon and Gray tossers winning in the closing moments of play. The game tomorrow night should be a torrid affair, although Tech is favored to annex the heavier score, Stronger teams than Steelton have visited here and returned home with defeats registered on their record sneets. ...... In doping out Tech-Steelton fusses however, it Is always well to remem ber that the old rivals flash their best when they clash. Steelton, de spite, the odds against It. is coming to annex Tech s scalp, ana tne tossers have been drilled hard this week by Reagan to accomplish this result, The victory over , Lebanon last Fri day nisht indicated that the down river Quintet has finally found itself, and the team should play some good basketball here. !Loud Sweater Is Too Much for Cy Walker Cyril Walker Is one of the bst golfers in the eonntry, ana Incidentally he Is the slowest. Jock Hutchlaoa aside from being one of the cracks has by far the keenest aenae of humor. A year ago when Hntehlaon returned from England after com-petlng la the Brltlah open, he brought back with him a flock of sweaters that were so loud they fairly shouted. One of the sweaters was a black and white check about an Inch square. It so happened that the day Hntehlaon wua to follow Walker ia a big tournament be wore hia aweater. As the two were waiting to tee off. Walker, Intending to Joah Hntehlaon about the loud aweater, remarked i "Jack, It looks an If you Intend to play checkers instead of arolf from the appearance of that sweater." "That'a Juat what I decided when I learned I was going to piny back of you. I knew I would have plenty of time, so I donned this aweater to All In with checkers between ahota." That silenced Walker. BRENNAN TO SUE NEW YORK PAPER NEW TORK.. March 15. Big Bill Brennan's , fight with Luis Angelo Firpo probably was the last battle of the left-over veteran -of the white hope era. If he recovers from the concussion of the brain which has placed him In a hospital. It Is likely that' he will not be arjDroved n a p.nn. testant in further battles, even If he should wish to ao on fiirhtlmr. A few weeks ago Brennan, without cnampionsmp , aspirations, was re garaea as one or -tne greatest nnten tlal money' makers in the rinir. Kv fighting two or three "suckers" a montn in smaller flirht citlen. ho could have made an average of at least $6000 a month for an Indefinite time.. But Instead, he just barely missed being the corpus delect! In a prize-ring killing. The concussion which has put big Bill in the hospital was causea Dy me ciuDDing received on the back of his head bv Firno's flat Bill got a headache about twenty utiiuica uiicr ne ctiine 10 in ms corner, but , he thought nothing much about It. because a flarhter nanniiv does get a headache after being ui uuuou vii- me sKuu tor ten or a dozen rounds. , His head still ached Tuesday afternoon and there was a bump on it the size of a radish. Tuesday night at home the headache was worse and ao am canea in tne family doctor, who -crowded, him right around the corner io me nospuai and called in SDeclallsta. And with Bill temporarily out of the running, Leo Flynn, his manager, says he Is going to bring suit against the New York Evening Mall, whose apori page aenouncea tne Flrpo-Bren nan fight as a frame-up and a fake. FirgoMust Battle In Civil Court Again t NEW YORK. March 15. Luis Angelo Flrpo, the Argentine boxer who Mondav nle-tit ' IinnpI.H mil. -r J o-- - -- uiruwaii out of the path leading to a cham- yiuiioiup lumen wun jacK Dempsey, must face another civil court action. The first suit Firpo won last week, wHaiV a nurt i-iiIaH BCnlna. nl - I of the Pioneer Athletic Club that it naa ine nrst-can upon tne Argenten-ians'. fighting ability - through an OPTB. TYl enf loot fiummnf. The second suit, it was learneft yesterday,, has-been; filed In supreme oourt by Andrew D. Scott, tf Nurley, N. J. Mr. Scott sued for 33467. He mo A l?lrvn rat&lnarf V,fi a- hi l..t ness manager when here last year ana ioai ne nu epeni iio in oenalf of the fighter and Bhould be compensated $1203 for his work. The court granted an attachment on what money Firpo may have in bank or what may be due him from Promoter Tex Rlckard. i TOUCH YOU ' When you wear these double grip wideweave PARIS ..your hose stay' . ; put,' your mlndV at rest ' : and your- legs get real evidence of - ease effio ; ieacy.' Say PARIS when ;you buy.. j ,i :; .-. ". ' ,, . " ; ., "3000 Hours ef ,. . Solid Comfort' A. STEIN & COMPANY 'i - ;r- MAKtM , CkSldrta'a HICKORY Cailen' Oocaoo - ; New-Year, Tremaine Next Bantam Champ ion Evans By BILLY EVANS , Carl Tremaine, of Cleveland, Is destined to be the next bantamweight champion of the world. . i ' Tremalne's fight against' . Johnny Curtln at Madison Square Garden re-cehtly, convinced me of that fact' In his decisive defeat of Curtin, a clean knockout, Tremaine removed one of tLe leading contenders, one of the biggest obstacles in his' campaign to get a match with Champion Joe Lynch. Tremaine has come, very fast. He has Improved 100 per cent, during the fiast year as a result of clever handing by his manager, Jimmy Dunn, a past master in the fistic art. In other words. Tremaine has arrived. If Tremaine is able to get a bout with Joe Lynch in 1923 I feel positive that a new champion will be crowned. Tremaine is now at the top of his game. It is hard to figure how he ever can be any better. As a matter of fact, I believe that Tremaine could. take Johnny Kllbane with the weight at 122 ringside. One things 1 do know is that Tremaine Is a far' better man than Criqui. who it Is reported, will shortly meet Kllbane. Tremaine would have no trouble with Criqui. Tremaine has everything a champion must have, including that one very great asset, punching power. - How the little fellow can hit! I think he is the hardest puncher In the country for his weight, and I do not except the great Jack Dempsejr when I make such a statement. Tremaine has the old engllsh to his punch. When he hits you it bores in. Let me explain what I mean by engllsh on his- punches. I will use a baseball illustration to make my point clear. In baseball I have seen many pitchers with equal speed, yet there was a wide difference In the matter of their effectiveness. In baseball it Is the pitcher with the "zip," the hop on his fast ball who is most effective. Some pitchers have good speed, but to use the parlance of the ball Held, their fast one Is as straight as a string, others, have the hop on the fast one that makes their delivery hard to hit. The hop on the fast one is acquired by the method of delivering the ball, the engllsh on a punch is acquired In Sport Squibs Boxing In this State will be placed on a higher plane if the bill to bo presented in the House next week, making it possible to render decisions and with a commlslson of three members in complete charge of the yume, finally becomes a law. The bill, which is sponsored by Representatives Ernest B. Posey, Reading, and C. W. McBride. Alle- f heny, aims at the more objectionable eatures practiced in. this State.- , That an Iron-gloved commission Is needed In Pennsylvania to ' safeguard - the aport and protect the patrona from aome of the more or lesa coarse Individuals . that have been practicing smooth games, haa been felt for a lonjr tlme. And the only way to blot out the objectionable characters and the contract breaker a la by, the method suggested In the pro- p posed bill. . ' Controlling boxing by a commission la not a novelty. Seventeen states have adopted the Idea and the sport, which has been cleaned up and given added dignity, is flourishing as never before. Commissions- have proven successful in all of these states, and there Is but little ddubt that the same desired result . will - be obtained in Pennsylvania. ' ,' - ,, Tt - A k, r rv s lit ' VaW Vtl-lr TT Q killed some years ago by the scaven gers that leasiea cri me puiuuiiy of the fight fans. And then Senator T;enar U'elbiku niimnol n AUf hlnAif J l 111 III J Minos aiak'uw In to the dying carcass with his now famous warner oiu. The immediate popularity srlvea the apo.rt In New York following; the passing of the bill need not be reviewed, similar affects were felt In the other atatea that followed ' suit. The same doaa ahonld eliminate Pennsylvania ali'kjneaa. The bill as It is being drawn up. will require that the promoters of fight clubs pay a tax of 125, and that the fighters, referees, judges, timekeepers, managers, trainers, physicians and seconds pay a small ta. Decisions would be given at the termination of a ten-round bout similar to New York, where the opinions of the, judges and referee Indicate the winner. . .. - Under this arrangement it would be possible to hold real championship bouts. Ty Cobb. Eddie Collins and Walter Johnson, . three wonder stars In the diamond firmament, are on the eve of their eighteenth consecutive season. Cobb is 86 years old, and handling the -double burden of manager and centerflelder of the Detroit Tigers. Collins, 36, is still the king of the second basemen and captain of the Chicago White Sox. Johnson, 85, may still be called the star of the Senator's Burling staff. Of this great trio, Johnson, overworked ror years. Is perhaps the one to marvel at the, most, having such an exacting position. Next to them, four yearn leaa fnihe service, come Trla Sneaker, . pluylna; manager of the Cleveland Indians! Stuffy Hclnnia, formerly - of the Indians but lately acquired by tne Bravest Amoa Strunk, ont- , fielder of the White Sox, and Iliil.e Marqnnrd, aonthpawlna; for ; tbe Braves. They too are men to ' marvel at. -j. . - i There are four men of thirteen years' exDerlenre - In the bis time. They are Zack Wheat,- Brooklyn -out fielder; Jake uaunert, tne rteas nrsr baseman; warry Hooper, wnite box. outfielder and John (Shono) Collins, outfielder and some times first baseman of the Red Sox. . Any rookie' wonld go Into paena of Joy If tbe fates could foretell . for him such a stretch. Thirteen years la a long, long time, especially If It la spent at the tope of tbe bnaebal! -world. - Tech Scrubs Defeated r By Camp Curtin Five The Tech scrubs Buffered another defeat last night to the Camp Curtin varsity five, the final tally reading; il. to 11. The junior tossers out classed their older rivals, piling up twenty-one points In the first-, session and sixteen in the second. - .. The Camp- Curtln scrub were -defeated In a fast preliminary game by the Holly A. C, 25 to 28. . The summary: -. Camp Curtin- Tech. Scrubs Anderson F.,... . McCullough Kitzmiller .......F.. ....... ...V Ford Colston C. .......... Bruner Coryell O '.. Wlssler Corl Q..t . Wagner Substitution: Burner for Anderson. Field eoals: Anderson. J: Kltsmlller. 5; Colston, 3; Coryell, -2; Corl, 1; McCullough, 2; Ford? 8; Burner,. l. Foul goals, Anderson, 7 out of 13; Burner, 2 out. or z; Bruner,; l out or 16. , Score by halves: " Camp Curtln Tech Scrubs ........ !1 1637 i 9 1231 t ,i ' .-'.-' v Referee, Arthur. i The Patriot-News Harrlsburg's .Want-Ad'DirsetorT V i . '! . , , y 5 j . K - v' J 4 the same way. There Is some little twist of the wrist at the last moment that does the work. ' The engllsh to the punch Is what makes it effective. Tremalne's punches are full of dynamite. Tremaine can hit up, better than straightaway. There is a lift to his PENN STATE HAS WONDER QUINTET STATE COLLEGE, March 15. Averaging Just a fraction less than forty points per game, the Penn State cage team has just closed one of the greatest seasons In history and will rank as one of the greatest scoring machines in the East. Thirteen victories out of fourteen starts were registered by Coach B. M. Hermann's passers, the only defeat coming at the hands of Cornell by a two-point margin. In fourteen games,- the Nlttany Lions scored a total of 657 points while opposing teams registered but 802, or an average of twenty-one per game. Johnnie Reed, the sensational forward, gathered in a-grand total of 529 counters in thirteen games, an average of almost eighteen points per game, so that he alone almost equalled the total of 'opposing . leuina. need s recora is all the more I remarkable because be missed the I opening game of the season and was taken-out of a-number of others In order to give substitutes a chance. Gerhardt, the forward star, uncovered this season, led the team . In scoring rrom the- floor with fifty-one baskets, while Captain' Koehler was next with fifty. Reed made forty-eight, but was In one less game than the others or he'mla-ht have led In field iroala as well h In tntnt nnlnta During the season. Reed caged 133 oui or ins roui tries, snair, center, made thirty field goals, while Loeff-ler registered fifteen. Koehler and Shatr .are lost - by graduation , this Spring. Silver Loving Cup Is : Offered to Champions A silver loving cup has- been offered by the Shenk & Tittle sporting goods store to the winner of the in-terclass league of the boys' athletic division of CentrafY. M, C. A. At the present time, Carnegie Tech. is leading the league, with fourteen more games to play. Think Stoneham Backing Republic Athletic Club : NEW YORK. March 15. The Republic A. C, the fight club which had a lease on the Giants' home, the Polo Grounds, is being reorganized with new backing, believed to be furnished by Charles A. Stoneham, president of the Giants corporation. The new organization is expected to take over the Kllbane-Criqul and Wilde-Villa world championship bouts, for which the old Republic A. C. claims to have made contracts. Edison Scrubs Lose The St. Andrews team defeated the Edison Scrub team with a 29 to 23 score last evening. The game was hard fought from start to finish. Both teams failed to shoot the fouls called, Edison making 8 out of 13, while St. Andrews had 6 out of 14. Twelve fileld goals were caged the by winning team, while Edison scored. 10. WHY KOTT ' She has just been voted the most beautiful girl in town. , Why do we never have' any contests over the best cooks? Louisville Courier-Journal. - - Cobb's Slugging Tigers Strong Flag Contender AUGUSTA. ' Ga.. Mnreh 15. It anrtlr looka aa thoaeh Mnnairer Ty t.'ohb and the Tigers are sTolns; to put on a corklnar Use act In .the blar show this season. One can't et any other conelualon after aeelna; them srolns; thrunich all manner -of baseball atunta here at the old Augusta ball park. Ak Ty it lie thinks he'll win the pennant . and he smilea and sajrsi MWell, perhaps, second or ; third place." : Last year this time he said: "Oh, about sixth place for us." Tha Tigers finished third. - Think it over. As we see It, Ty doesn't want to flant an predictions of a pennant in he minds of the good Detroit-folk. No one knows better than he what strange things happen In baseball but he has hoses, on. yes. His emlln shows It, -, - . , ' . We don't know what most baseball men think of the Tlgrers, but wo ao ' Know mat quite a lew scratch their heads and only uproot strands trying to figure who will really stop them. - TheyHl certainly take a lot of stopping. f Did you ever hear of a.tlub having twelve regulars hitting .300 or better, mostly better? Well, Ty Cobb .certainly has them, and here they are, counting last year's averages: ' '-. Cobb. ".401 rHsilmann, .368; Haney, .362; Woodalr, .344; Veach, .327; Foth-ergill. .323; Bassler, .823; Pratt, .30i; Plagstead, .308; Roy Moore, .308; Blue. .300; Rlgney, .300. Quite a dozen, eh? computed - on .- last season s aver- unches. He can flftlit the big fel- ows more easilv than bovs hia own height. That is why I like his chances should he meet either cham- ?ion bantam Joe Lynch or champion eatherwelght Johnny Kllbane. Trernalne is a champion.- All he needs is the big opportunity. Georgetown Develops Second Bob he Gendre WASHI.TiGTO'V. . March, 13 There was mournine; when Ilob-ert I.eCiendre, Georgetonn University's Mtur track man, graduated Inat summer but already the atudents have picked his succeaaor. The new star la picked "to dnplicnte LeGendre'a feat of winning the college pentathlon championship of the Pennsylvania Relay - Carnival three years In auccesalon. Plnnsky In the new Georgetown atnr. He U speedy on the track In every distance from 20 meters to half a mile. In addition, he hns n record of over. 22 feet in the broad Jump, and. Is far from mediocre in other track events. BECKETT STILL AFTER DEMPSEY LONDON", March 15. Joe Beckett U wi oniy man in iiingiana wno minus that Joe Beckett should fight Jack Dempsey. The more or .less hectic scramble that has been made In certain somewhat obscure Quarters to lead the amiable Joe into the ring with tho ferocious Jack has left Hngland's Eporiing populace as cola as the outside of an Kskimo's Igloo. Not every British sportsman will go so far as to brand the proposed match a pugilistic pretext to evade the laws against manslaughter, mayhem and similar nigniy obstructive ana personal crimes, but they are practically unanimous in regarding It as an utterly inadequate entertainment from a pugilistic standpoint. The best thing that has been pointed out about the match in England thus far Is that it Is proposed to hold it in the United States, where the long-suffering and docile English population will not be compelled to gaze upon It. Old Joe himself, however, seems to crave pugilistic Intimacy with the monarch of the heavy weights. The memory of what happened to Wlllard, Fulton, the dashing Georges and a swarm of lesser lights seems to. have faded from Joes consciousness. Whether he really thinks he has a chance with Dempsey, or whether he belongs to that opportunistic school of knuckle-dusters who are convinced that the unexpected may happen in the ring and is willing; to take a chance for the sake of whatever financial advantage may accrue, Is a secret that Joe Is keeping locked In his own . brawny bosom.. , Colonials Snowed Under The P. R. R. Juniors defeated the Colonials 48 to 10 last night on the P. R. R. Y floor. The Juniors have challenged any junior team to gamea. For contests call at the P. R. R. Y. In a preliminary game the Riu Jrs. took the Triangle Five into camp, 48 to 17. v . ... . , AMBITIOX . "I had to fire that young man.' He was too ambitious." "' "That so? Ambition is a good trait." ' "I know, but he wanted to be general -manager before he had made good as a clerk. Detroit Free Press. batted for a grand average of .334 iz mis isn t wonderful, then null. man porters always refuse tips. The men in regular naiungf order are: Blue, first base; Haney, third base; Cobb, center field: Veaoh, left flold; Heilmann, right field; Pratt, second base; RiKney, shortstop; 'VVoodall, catcher: Moore, Ditcher. Cobb says he believes Moore, a casiou oy vjonnie MacK will be a great pitcher if he learns control. The pitcher Is undergoing a change in delivery to try and get It. Another wild pitcher Cobb and his assistants are endeavoring to tame Is Hip Collins, the Texas ranger,- re- cenny on me oosion rtea BOX. - "I'm counting a lot on Collins," said Cobb." ")on't overlook -that this fellow won seven out of his last eight gamea with a very bad tail-end club." Ty is figuring on having a staff of nine pitchers, the way they shape up at present. Three are southpaws Kay Francis, Roy Moore, Bert Cole, and right handers Herman PlUette, Sylvester . Johnson, Collins. George Dauss and either Kenneth Holloway, a very promising newcomer, or Olson, with the club last season. Tbe infield will be Blue, first; Pratt, second; Rigney, shortstop, and either Jones or THaney at third; Johnny Kerr, a lively lookinar shortaton frnn Denver, and Brady, seem sure of being held for subs. Cobb Intends to be strong In subs this year. It's been a bugaboo In the past , j ., In the outfield the. a-rent rl Cobb, Heilmann and Veach wlllper- iorra as usual, with , FothergUL'M- Jl to About Major Training Camps What about the New York Yankeeat Will the "good old whkod" that went .through the American League race laat year, only to "break down dnrlna; the World's Series, be a contender this year? Will the trades of the Winter help or hurt the New York 'Amrrlcnasf What la the real "low-down" on the pre-seaaon proaprcta of tbe other major league clubaf These questions will be nn-owr-rrd fully and Impartially for THK EVISNINO NKWS sport pare readers by one of baseball's foremost authorities. Billy Evans,-for years an umpire- in the-American League nnd one of the leading aport experts. Is making a tour of nil the big leasrue training camps. Ills stories will appear exclusively In THE BVEN11VO JVEW8. .- Watch for this aeries. Kvans knows - personally pretty nearly every 'Player In the majors. He la-able to give yoa Just tbe Information your hankertnjc for. : CAMBRIDGE.' Mass., March 15. One of the beliefs of Clarence William. Martin, new track coach at Harvard,' is that In order to produce a good . track team, one must have a young army of candidates from which to select. . 'The. track world is watching Martin's work with decided Interest. He has a reputation of turning out winners as easily , as a hungry prizefighter disposes of a juicy beefsteak. Among . his proteges are Larry Shields, intercollegiate mile winner last year; Romig, winner of the Intercollegiate csass-couritry run two rears back: Barron, hurdler of the 820 Olympic team, and Helfrlc, who captured the honors in last year's N. A. A. U. half-mile run last summer; Martin came to Harvard from Pcnn State. His theory of having many candidates worked to the extent of raising the initial, squad from 25 to S00 men. During Ms college days at Whitman College, Walla Walla, Washington, he made the enviable record of running 100 yards in 9 4-5 seconds. After two years at that institution,' he went to Notre Dame 6 Return Contracts to Waynesboro B.RJj. Club WAYNESBORO, March 16. Six contracts have been signed and returned to Secretary Munro Henderson, of the Villagers' Club of the Blue Ridge League by prospective players on the Waynesboro ball team for the coming season. The new players signed up are: J. S, Ganzhorn, third baseman of Buffalo, N, Y.; Elmer Dice, outfielder of Akron, Ohio; Percy G. Forsythe, a catcher, . Baltimore; , James Beherns, outfielder, of Baltimore, and Robert and Charles McAvoy, of Talcomer, N. Y., second and third basemen. Beherns Is reputed as being an all-around good athlete, and played basketball at Baltimore during the Winter. ' He Is a mute. Several fans have declared that from present indications alt of Waynesboro's players will be rrom Baltimore this season. Directors state, however, that all players from that city will be given a thorough tryoiit by Manager Morris before the opening of tbe season. r i Davis Cup Entries Close Today; 17 Nations Enter . NEW YORK, March 15. The Spanish colors, which were not lowered until the final round of the 1922 Davis cup. tournament, will be seuii in the ' competition again this year. Spain's challenge has been received by cable at the offices of the United States Lawn Tennis Association, being the seventeenth on file, a record number. - Spain is to play tn the Buropeaen sone with France. Belsrlum. Czecho slovakia. Roumanla. India. Italv. Switzerland, Holland, Denmark, Brit ish Isles, Ireland and Argentine republic. The countries which are to play in the American zone are Aus tralia,: Canada, Hawaii and Japan. The Philippines team Is the only one of the 1922 competitors not re entered this year. The entries close at noon today. . Edison Lassies Prepare For Camp Curtin Battle The Edison Junior Hls-h School girl cage stars, following the 80 to 10 win last night over the Triangle team, are settling down to practice for their final- game of the season with the Camp Curtin lassies on March 27. ' In -a-preliminary game last night, the Edison . girl scrubs defeated tha C. E..C. team, it to 33. The summaries: Edison Varsity Triangles '. Douglas ,. . llamaker .... Bordner .Stelnhouser Britton. .4... F. Bates.;...' F. Thompson....... F. Hertsler G, Fry a . .-. v ... . i . . .. G. , Smith Prescott...... . . . G. .... Score by quarters Edison Varsity 9 10 Triangles .. .u 2 0 Woster 4 7 80 4 - 410 Points Britton, 12; Bates, 12; Tiiompson, o; tiamatcor, ; Jiordner, 2. Edison Scrubs c. e. c. Bradlgan.... .... F. P. P. G. Q.' , ... .Cramorer Foor..... , . . . ; .Bowman Shannon.. Fredrick A. Meltier .Lyn Snavely... ....Michlovltx Keeves. , a. , . ..Morrison Substitutions Stoner for Shannon. Rauch for Fredrick. Fairer for snavely, rariter ror Morrison. ' Score by Quarters-Scrubs I II 9.1136 C. B. C. 8 10 9 633 Points Bradlgan, 80; Poor, 2; Shannon, 10; Stoner, 4; Ciu.merer. 3; Bowman, 23; A. Meltzer, g. Xteferee Saul. .. Win Volleyball Games nlng- teams in the Edison Volley Club 1 k. .nil... Til, V. . i . . in ma uuivuirniKu ynoieraay aunng club period. Scores: Pcnn State, 20; Princeton.' 12; and Yale, 21; Harvard. 13. . Standing of the teams: ., W. L. pet. Penn Stats is 4 .790 Princeton 9 10 .473 Harvard ... 7 ; 13 .868 Yale .....A.... T 13 ,368 Pipe Bending Team Loses The Elliott-Fisher volleyball team defeated the Harrlsburg Pipe and Pipe Bending boys two games of three last night on the Y. M. C A. floor. , , ,'The cores! - - ETUott-nshsr '..,TC . 11 11 4 Pipe Bending .. -8 11 IS MARTIN WATCHED BYTRiCK WORLD Senators Have Newcomers at Tampa Camp TAMPA, March IS. I'nder tbe inrreaslve leaderahtp of Donle Hash, the Washington Griff men threnten to make a lot of trouble in the A merlon n League race this' Reason, provided they ure given fair pltrhlnsr. Their hurling corps collapsed In m2 before tbe first month wna gone, spoiling one of the best looking peniuut proa-pecta of the senson. Walter Johnson, Jezebel Zachary and George Mogrtdge are-counted onto be regulars from the start and Oeortre Gibson, former manager of the Pittsburgh Pirates, expects to cull the rest of the staff from the following: HollinfTSworth, Minneapolis; Han-kins, Tampa; McOraw, Shreveport; Allan Russell, last year with the Red ox; Warmouth, Little Rock, and BriUhart, a hold-over from last season. Holllngsworth, Hanklns and Warmouth are making the best showing at camp hero. The catching staff has been strengthened considerably by the addition of Muddy Ruel, late of the Red Sox; Pete Lapan, from Little Rock, and Hargrave, from New Haven. Hargrave Is a brother of Bubbles Hargrave, the Red's first - string catcher. Gharrity's arm has recovered its old time strength this year and the slugging catcher promises HAIR STAYS CUBED, GLOSSY i. . Millions Using this Greaseless Combing Cream-Few Cents Buys Jar any DrugstoreNot Sticky, Smelly J3ven stubborn, unruly or sham-Dooed hair stnva cnmhprt nil rfnv (n lanV Rtvlp VOU lilrn ""' Is a dignified combing cream which gives that natural glous and well-groomed effect to your hair that final touch to good dress both in business and on social occasions. Y T T f f f f Basketball and Dance STEELTON vs. TECH YE OLD TIME RIVALS Friday Night, March 16 Doors Open at 6.30 Scrub Game at 7.30 Admission 40c Dancing 35c Major-Botts Orchestra AAA ' ' ?- '. Little Benny's Stories I On the Editorial Page of f x T X THE PATRIOT eac h morn- 1 ing are full of i interest you. Do the children delight in the street musician who plays on your corner? Why not put music in the home for them a piano, or a piano-player or a phonograph It is easily accomplished See the "Musical Instruments" column of i y i . - Th e Patriot - News Harrisburg's Want Ad .Directory Read for Profit Use for Results Promising to have a good season, thus assuring- the Senators, plenty of strength behind the plate. Joe' Judge -will .again be seen ht first base, and Buckey Harris, now field' captain, will cover second, but the remainder of the infield Is yet to be determined. Roger PeckinpaugVt has first call at shortstop because (of hia experience, but he Is being pushed hard by Chick Gagnon, former Holy Cross College star, and Bluege, from Minneapolis.. ' . Another warm fight Is betng waged at third base with three Candida tea in line for Howard Shanks'-old berth. Joey Evans, obtained from Cleveland In return for Turkey Brower, is trying to prove his worth as an inflelder. He is being opposed by Bobby La-mott, who played sixty-two games at the bag last season, and Bill Conroy, from Minneapolis. Manager Ilush is planning to try several combinations before deciding which candidates will be his regular shortstop and third baseman. Bluege looks like the best of the lot in tho field with Conroy packing a murdqr-ous wallop at bat.- It is probnblo, however, that no final decision in thW pace until the scapon Is on. HAIR GROOM TM Keeps Hair Comhtzd Greaseless, stainless "Hair-Groom' does not show on the hair becaust it is absorbed by the scalp, therefore your hair remains so soft and pliable and so natural that no one can possibly tell you used It. Not sticky or smelly. T Y t f T ? T ? t Jo life arid will I t - Ka4 for. Profit Use Xor Results ages, Cobb aa put In alas men who substitutes, . . rTr

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