The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 25, 1936 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 25, 1936
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T jn^_DOMlNANT KEWSPAPERJF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND' VOL. XXX11I—NO. 210 Blythevlllc Courier Ulyllievllle Herald Blytheville Dally News Mississippi Valley Leader B v ARKANSAS, \VRDNUSIMY, NOVBMBKH 25, 103(1 OFU.S. SINGLfi COPIES FIVE CENTS ; f PLEDGE SEL1IES TB1IM : . Russia Not Named in -'••. Agreement Declar i n g War'Upon Communism BERLtN, Nov. 25. (UP)—Germany and Japan, symbols of military might in Europe and far off , Asia, banded today, in a n?ht , against communism,/a"-fight which is regarded: as a warning to Soviet Hussla. ! ; • •It was announced* thai - Joachim von Rlbbenlrop, ambassador to Great Britain, and Klntomo, viscount Mushakoje. Japanese ambassador to Germany,' signed the agreement at noon In behalf of Emperor Hirohito and'-'Fuehrer Adolf Hitler. - :, As announced officially the agrce- meiil Is directed'against the Third or Communist Inlernational, -the -, supreme Communist : body : With branches all over the world, whose headquarters ar-s 'in Moscow. It does not mention Russia and Russia denies that the International Is connected with' the'-Russian i government. .. - :; -, .; Abroad it was reported despite ; ("nials that • the agreemshl contains secret clauses providing' for diplomat: and military cooperation. . . . : As it Is,, the agreement, as announced, with three .brief articles and supplements, was a bitter denunciation of Communism.', It calls the work of Ihe -International a menace to the internal , welfare of nations and to world - peace, accusing it of aiming to dis- integrala all existing governments by all possible means. Mule Is Victim of Lynch Lav/ HAMMOND, La., Nov. 25. IUP) — Tlie lynching of n mule stirred St. Helena parish loday. -• ] The beast was found hanging; from a hickory tree, its neck cut from ear to ear. . , A negro was suspected. Son Easily, owner of the mule, swore out a warrant for the negro, Sheriff J. D. Redmon said he would up-i I lehsrd Km and £je that he wn<i prosecuted: I Easley said the mule's only offense was to. trespass on the ne- gro's properly. Many of Easley's relghbors were stirred up, The humane society was In. a .rage. I i Vclcri us Say Farewell McCutchen Heads Bailey t , Inaugural Committee ! i . t jj^ Th,e "Mississippi County Inaugu_ ral committee for arrangements for the inauguration of Gov Elect Cirl E. Bailey has been named with O W. McCutchen as chairman and G. B. Segraves, Osceola, and Dr. H A Taylor as other members Plans for the cereiuonj to be held Januaij 12 have not been completed but Ihe Mississippi county committee members are expected to have an active part in the pro gram. A number of others from here are plannm* lo attend '.New York Cotton ^NEW YORK, Nov. 25. (UP)- low ; close 1171 11KO U63. mo Cotton closed steady, open high Dec. 1171 HBO Jan ; 1157. nio War - '166 l!08 „.., „„„ Ma V 1161 1164 1157 1103 Jl "y 1151 1158 1152 1158 Oct. ....... H26 1128 1122 1123 Spots steady at 1225, up 12. Spot Average Is 12.06 The average price of 7-8 incl middling colton on the ten designated spot markets today wa; 12.06, according lo the Blythe ville Board of Trade. ' , > New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, NOV. 25. (UP) —Cotton futures moved up in late trading and closed with gains of 4 to 9 points for the day. open high low- clos 1172 1180 1172 1179 Dec. Jan. Mar. May July Oct. 1162 1164 1158 1163 1156 1160 1154 1158 1148 1154 1148 Yl53 ..... 1120 1124 1118 1123b Busses and; Truck '\Vill Carry Embassy S t a f t and Refugees to Coast WASHINGTON, Nov. 25 (UP) — The American embassy at Madrid will be abandoned early tomor •biv morning, Eric. c. • Wendelin, .hlrd "secretary In charge, advised .he stale department today. Wendelin' said he had been iromised the use of two motor Hisses and one motor truck to ake himself, his 1 stair, .and ap- ftoximately 50 American nationals Who desire. to leave Madrid. o Valencia, on the- Mediterranean .coast. He said he .would ake air Americans who wish to cave, the besieged capital. The little group planned to eave Madrid as early In the morning ns possible in the hope of avoiding possible bombing raids on the 'single highwaj now open between Madrid and the coast Observance of Holiday 'Will Be General'Here ^- if* T /^- ! f - The-Thanksgiving holldas will observed tomorrow bj most Business places inland around Bljtheville , bchools banks and public offices of course will be closed all day Many private, business es tablishments nil! follow the same course and nearly all it appears will shut their doors before noon Cotton gins in Blytheville Yar- 'She was a grand old darling. Thnl'-i the wold—Darling , Rabbi Edgar Magnin eulogized Mine. Ernestine Schumann Hcink, famed singer who died at 75 In Calilomla, in funeral services conducted at the American Legion auditorium in Hollywood. Veterans, to whom she has btui known as Mothei since World War days,, foim the 101101 guard between whose tanks her casket Is bom .iftcr sciyices bro and Armorel and in the country iround ha\e agreed close for the day, and it ••",?, "ill. It JS understood that many gins elsewhere in this county and in Penuscot county will also take a holiday. Tlie Courier News, in accordance with its custom, win pu b- , lish no paper tomorrow. The city's public schools ' will i it , .-'r. ^"uuis will this afternoon,; to reopen Monday morning, it vras'announc- ed by W. D. McClurkin, super- im.pnHnnt ' *^ 1 Trial on Hit and Run Charge • Is Continue Trial of J. C. Scott on a charee ^J ea ™L tl ' e ,«^ora,,ace!de Be t here today. ""Municipal cour ' n " dly '» nw • i " accident near hurriedly Manila and tried Clyde Johnson was fined $13 for '""use of auto license but Special Will 5fl|||[} Carry Fans ijimi to Memphis mi Final 'arrangements were com- litouxl early, UiliS nftonvoon Jor ft 5|icc!iil. train from • lllyllievllle to Memphis for the . l!lytliQVllle-Co- FDR SEHIMIT / Cash, On, Hand' to Supplement RFC Bond Retuement Loan Drainage District n now has on iiand the necessary cnsii to supplement an RFC loin foi the re tirement of its $3,704,500 bonded debt and; final settlement, at the rale of-65 cents on Ihe dollar,' now iwaits onlj the acceptance of holders-of a 'sufficient''number of the bonds. .'.'Holders of about 80 per cent of the bonds have agreed to the settlement, accenting to c. G. Redman, auditor for the district.: The RFC loan is conditional upon acceptance 6f, : the ^.settlement by holders of S5 per cent of the bonds. This can be obtained^ it is believed, if'thai many bonds can be located, as! Iherc stem's'lo ba little''or' no opposition to the program among bondholders. The RFC has extended to January 30 its offer to loan the district 51,069,500, amounting to 45 per ceil I of the present debt, for. the retirement of the old bonds. Through tax collections and land sale sthe district has raised sufficient cash to meet requirements that it supplement the proceeds of with cash to the amount of an- Cqrnmittee >Asks Voldntai} Contiibtitions by Local Citi?ens to outdistance pursuing officers ot er I0 P 0 '" 15 ' 5370,450, to bring only to wreck his car in a ro-irt ' lhc sctt ' cmt ' nt to 55 cents on the side ditch. dollar, and that it have on hand ma jiou in,s u'iy •• ~ vi nuto license bul 1162 1165 1160 Illi4b lme wa s ordered suspended. Spots closed steady at 1213. up 6 Chicago Wheat open high low' close Dec 117 1-2 118 1-8 117 1-2 117 5-8 May 1157-8 11G 1-4 115 5-8 115 5-8 Chicago Corn Dec open high low close 108 106 1-8 104 7-8 105 1-8 99 3-8 100 1-8 99 3-8 99 1-2 spene Logan Urde was fined $2.50 for operating a car without a license the fine being suspended ' Oscar Holbrook failed to appear o answer lo a charge of disturb"^ 6 ^ hUi ^ ™ , not less than $75,000 cash for re- default, , habilitation work. The district, long in The Rice-Stlx factory fund was canicd above the $63000 maik bj a number of contributes that have come in .-in the past two (lajs Tnere Is now $03,189.50 on hand according to J. Mell Brooks, scc- relaiy of the committee In charge of tlie. campaign, .and about $70C additional Is virtually assured The amount needed is $70,000 An appeal to residents of Blytheville who,; have not nlreadj given to make voluntary contributions was made today in behalf of the committee.' While i vigorous canvass has b,ccn made many citizens have not :bccn seen Those of them who desire to hell assure the establishment here of the proposed fuctpry 'arc luvIUx to make their contributions h any Sum they desire, to B. A Lynch, chairman of the committee,, to'Mr. Brooks, or to any of the commlltee members who have been working In the campaign. .. football gamj .... ">' night.. , I 'The, special will leave the Prls- 3 slatlon heie lit B 30 o'clock f rl-' 11 afipmcoii slopping nt Osceola. and. Turrcll, .The lave will be $1.47 'or lh" lound lilp Armngi'inenU hJve been made foi special stieet •ars lo .uicct tlic train and transport |he passengers lo crump sla- 'Uuiii,-scene..of/.the baltlc for the unoinclnl trl-slale high scnool fool-' ' *l! .cjiamplonshlix ' Fred §illba. of the alumni association was lo obl-iln 500 moil) niliili tickets lo Hie game In Memphis this 'iifteinoon foi sale hcie. the $CO a lull tlLksU obtained car- l«r In the week having alrcadj been sold Most of the 500 student ginue-tickets have also been.sold. H h llkelj that the band ot a Mcmijhl' school, probablj c B L will represent nljllievllle. being slalloiied near. Ihe section reserved In ihe stadium foi Bljlhe vllle fans and will phy imdei Hi- bmnci of llljttievine Mali ich-ol VV. p. McClurkin, supcrliHendeni of Bljthcvllle schools iwlntcd out this afternoon that the sp-clal \vas not being spoil sol cd bj school af- ficlals.. He said lliat while ho bs- I'eved ihe special tialn piovlded tli« best means of transiiorUllon nnd he would piefcr that school chlldicn travel on (he special tlial rhlldrcn ranking the trio would nol be supervised b> tcachcri, man} of whom '' out' of town 'on Thanksgiving holldiiy trips He said tliat psrents should see that Ihelr children weie in the proper caie of oldei persons or make ar raugeinenls- foi them as there wouvi oe no supervision oftlclallj or,unofficially, by members of the school, stalf. Additional Impctiis'vvas glyeVi tbc .cry of • on To Memphis' ultu the felense ot a proctamalion byi Mut- Or Cecil Shane todas. urging all busin»ss houses to dose in time for emplojes and pioprietors 'lo lide.the special pr motor to Mem, phis foi the game Major Stianes proclamation foi lows ' PROCLAMA TION 'In view of the fact that tlie Blytheville high school football team has been invited lo play foi Ihe Tri-stalc champlonshlhp In Rites for W. E. Turner Held Saturday at Luxora LUXORA. ArkZpuneral services for W. E. Turner, 13 , wno S5'« * hisr da «ghtcr. Miss *- ° Closing Stock Prices NEW YORK. Nov. 25 (UP) — Trading conllnucd light on the stock exchange today. w lth prices moving irregularly. : ' The list rallied after a gradual decline early in the session. Hunter Uses Plane BOSTON (UP)—Returning recently from a hunting trip with .a party of friends at Lobster Pond, Me, Capt. William W. Wincapaw, Boston aviator, brought back two . drer strapped to the pontoons of his seaplane. On one pontoon was a 150-pound buck, and on Ihe olher a 130-pound doei church, officiating. 3,^", '"„ made In calhoun cemS Mr.-Turner was a retired" farmer, having been engaged in farm- ng for many years near Lu xora in the Rosa community. He has living i,, Memphis ab5,t tin would achieve solvency through retirement of Its debt on the proposed basis, ft Is not assured that an immediate reduction In taxes would result, as the district faces the necessity of spending considerable sums for rehabilitation and'main- tenance, of drainage structures, but the district's obligations would be on such a basis that they could be met and eventually paid out. Ozarks Association Names Arkansas Men JOPLJN", MO., Nov. 25. <UP)_A1- len Henderson, Fort Smith, Ark Harry Watson. Rogers, Ark., and Dr. N. P. Drake, Payetteville, Ark were named vice-presidents of the Ozarks Playground association at the group's annual convention last night. E. T. Harris, Rogers, Ark., was elected treasurer. Chicago Man, Jericho Accident Victim, Dies MEMPHIS, Nov. 25, (UP)—p e t c r A. Grossman, 65-year-old Chicago tailor, injured In a head-on automobile collision near Jsrlchn A.I. Monday, died .at a local , : , osoui today and W, B. Sharpe, 55 his companion, was reported in a critl- cal condition. Russian Congiess Mecls to Take Step To- Demociacy MOSCOW, Nov <Ul'>— Ihr All-Unlon Congress of Soviets inel lu lii' icieinlln palace today to adopt a new •constitution'under «hlch It sunciulcrs Ib povmi to an elective legLilallvc Uodj similar lo tha American congress. Many of the • 8,600 delegates, who came to Moscow fiom all paiU of ihe vnst union speaking many languages .uinl grirbed'lii'.colorful na- Uonal costuuies said udopllon of Ihe lomtltiitlon, coiiildeied Hie most' imiwrlant national change since i evolutionists selicd i»vvcr 10 veais a(,o, murks another step by Soviet Russia In (lie dlrccllon.ol dcmociuc} Free speech, religious'' freedom and protection 'from arrest without due proojss of law lire Bunralitecd In tin doiinncnt H inakci work ft 1th adequate pnj the light as well a.s the duty o.t every, ablc=bodl:d cltUcn and giants cnual lights (o women. The new coiislUiillon, pcrsonnl- 1> ipomorcd by Jobef Slalln, Sov iet, dlctntoi one o( llic mosV powerful men In. the world, will: be the first voluntary of Ills personal authority, although the document Is so phrased Unit lie can retain control foi ninny jems to coma while Soviet (,ltl/-Mi3 leaiu to govern themselves. lonHil's piocecdlngs In st An drevvs hall, onto incited by tlie czars for icccptlons (o nobllltj, were to be broadcast oiV n" nationwide hook-up, Stnlln himself will fpcn]c on behalf of the new constitution .in, one of , Ill's rnic. appear anjes •''•• -JA, blcameiiil legislative 'body. In which nil members will be elected will' heniefoi Mi represent the Rus slan/jKople s Thc franchise i was extended to nil cltt/ms more ihan 1^' jeais old Beck Named to Place of Tompkins on Board iwm,> 11 WT --:••;•'-• f ••' UTTLE ROCK, Ark—Governor Memphis Friday night nnd reall/- FuUell jcstcrday appointed J O ing Ihe wide-spread interest in this E Beck, Critlenden county plant v«"(f Sl "-n " S mK> ' Cr of tllc ' clt >' o( cr ' os a member of the suite Penal , Blytheville, do hereby proclaim the occasion and urge tthat all busi ness firms throughout the city close Burdetle. several weeks ago at_5:l5 p.m. Friday In-order that both employes .and employers may . the gome. . . "Cecil Shane .' '"Mayor..of Biylhevllle. ^ ... ,,, iw , VHIJI|/i»Jg||_ ™S"oi,r, .' I!rcvlously ^rge Quantity bf Slrych- nine Is Discovered Pro- A. C. Little ]... $100GO Mrs. Lllllc B.'Sisk '..'..'.'.'" S'Q( Mrs. J. w. Raydcr ....... s'oo Crosstown Whisky Shop ... 25.0C L. G. Nash go g, Employees Jack Applebaiim" 6(H Mrs. Fred Coiwland Mrs. Franklin Worth Luxora Hold Union Services L.UXORA, Ark.—Emphasizing the spirit of Thanksgiving, the Mclh- odist and Baptist churches vvill have a union Thanksgiving service at the Methodist church lo- nlghl al 7:30 o'clock. The Rev. L. P. Hemming, pastor of the Baptist church, w m preach the sermon. The Rev James T. Handle, pastor of the Methodist church, will preside, and the order of the service will include a violin prelude by Elmore Campbell, accompanied by his daughter, Lourelle, of si. Louis, a Thanksgiving anlhem by the combined choirs, and a vocal duet by Mmes. B. O. wilkins and Lem Stanford. A Thanksgiving Psalm will be read in unison. lessor Reports POCAHONTAS, Ark., Nov. 25 (UP)—Professor Paul L. Day of the University ot Arkansas physiology department reported to Coroner H, G. McNabb today that no had found a large quantity.of slrychnlne In Ihe stomach ' of John R. Kizer, picturesque goat ranch operator, who died suddenly last week while being brought to trial on charges .of poisoning his foster son. The report of Dr. Day. mnde in a letter to the Randolph County corcncr tended lo substantiate belief that Kizer had secretly secured iwlson while Sheriff j. T. Thompson was carrying him from jail at Paragoiild to Pocahonlas to sland preliminary trial on a charge of murder. . Kizer fell tack in the rear seat of the sheriffs car in a stiffened condition when lie attempted to get out on the courthouse steps. The accused man, 64 years old had been held at Paragould "for safe keeping." Masons to Meet The Chickasawba lodge No. 134 P. and A. M.. will meet In stated communication Thursday night, 7:30 o'clock. There «1I1 be work In E. A. degree. The average beehive contains between 50,000 and 15,000 workers, a 1 few hundred drones, and one queen. Steele Man's Auto Is Damaged But Recovered A car, owned by D. I. Clark and stolen from the streets of Steele, ?rfo. Monday night, has been recovered here. Tho machine was. considerably damaged in a the negro who 174,812 Bales Ginned in County lo Nov. 14 There weic I74,8ia running baicis ol cation ginned in Mississippi county from tlio 1930 crop up to November H, a;- cordliig to Chejiler Dancliovvcr of l.uxoui, census bureau icn- lesuilullve In thh coiuilv. Up to llic same data last yciu tliere WMO 0^.762 bales glimel Accordliiif to Mr. Danehower, tlie crop this year will probably lotnl hround 200,000 bnles. SWF'S LIFE IS Officer Told He'll Die If He Hnngs White Man for Killing Negro WA'IER VALLEY, 'Miss, Nov. 25 (UI'J—ShoiKf C, B, BiLsby of Yaloliiislin county revealed today ho hud received .an anonymous Icttci Ihieiilenlng him mllli dcatli if hi! hanged a while man, imdui dcalli sentence here tor the arson murder of n negro. Thu lluent was u'celvcd yes- lerday among n gioup of othci letters asking for Inroriiw'llon on the hanging of w, C Mitchell, wlvo Mil l» tlie second -ivhlte man since leconstiuctlon days lo be put to death for slujini; a negro Hie anonymous letter, written In barely legible toim, lead n\ folio ire: 'Dear, sir: if j 0 ii hang William Clark Mitchell for killing a : negro we will hung, you." It was ppstinmked from a small New Jersej 1 ' town. Stitiilif Busby is slated to pull Ihe Imp eaily on Ihe inomtng of Dcc,emb^r 11 that will send Mitchell 'to his ilealh foi what the slato^ described as one oi llie'ntoat brctal mui'dcis' In- llic hlsloiy of Mississippi Mltdicl(i 63, wib. condemned, on charges ho wont '(o the home of a .ncgjo family, h[ K [ them up at gun point, >_ and, set fire to a negro man a'nd', his ' ton after drenching (heir Bodies lii kcio- fienc. J Board to nil tile vacancy resulting from-death of J..F. Tompkins of Mr.' Beck Is serving on three oth- :r lionornry static boards'nnd. commissions, the state Hospital board, state planning board and farm Tenancy commission. He Is chairman of n planning board committee which made a study of tlie penitentiary system and recommended, that the slate lease, with an option to purchase, several thousand acres of 'additional farming land adjacent to-.llic Cummlngs farm. The governor appolnlcd Dr. J. B. Pulrcll of Rector, son of the chief executive, as a member of the Board of Directors of Si. Frnn- cls Drainage District for clay and Greene counties to nil a vacancy resulting from the death of M. D. Robblns of Piggotl. i • "Sf *""* £*5 If 1 ^" 3? ^"4" *"*• jfilHHu&i By Clement Clarke Moore HI The cliilJrcn vcrc nesltej all sni;g in thc'tr hfdi. Whilt vision) ol sugar-plums Janctil in llicn hcaJs; ".' (Continued in Nexl Issue) — ..*».«, »,.y allegedly stole (lie M)iV,)pi^JNO DAYS car flgmxrd before It was recover- i TM i '""^WriSCTI ^ AC <•*• • ': ' i ILL 'VUKJO! (WAv) RA Buys 1,161 Acres of Land in Lee County LITTLE ROOK, Ark.—Purchase by the Resettlement Administration of 1,101 acics In Lee county was announced jcstcrday by E B Whllaker, assistant leglonal director The land will be used for a rural resettlement project. It will be turned over to 25 families who have been living on submaiginnl land on Crowley's Ridge. Tlic RA bought 1,121 acres from Lesser-Goldman Company or Memphis for $30,652.17 and 40' acres (rom W. C. Mllam Tor $1,500. .The project Is about Ihrce miles west of Mnrlanna, There will be no^ establishment o! a centralized community, Mr. wiili- nkcr said. The transplanted faml- Ilc.s will take their places as members of the connmmlly that, now exists on surrounding lands. ' Tlic ridge land to bo vacated in the transfer will be devoted to grazing, forestry and recreations purposes. Lindbergh, Unreported for Day, Safe and Well LONDON, Nov. 25. (UP)-An all- day flurry over the whereabouts of Col. Charles A. Lindbergh, unre- porlcd since he left Baldomie! ale port.near Dublin yesterday morn Ing, was ended lale today when officials at the Scalauds air force airdrome at Chester, near Liverpool, informed . the United Press that he; had landed there at 4 pri yesterday. The duty officer at the airdrome confirmed.-- statements previously made by Lindbergh's household that he Is safe and well. Highway Worker Sues for $2,730 Damages J. M. Brown has filed suit in circuit : court here against the National Biscuit company, asking $2.730 damages for personal Injuries sustained In a highway accident early this fall. Brown charges that a driver for the company negligently and recklessly drove his truck against the plaintiff, while the latter-• was working on Highway 61,' ; south of Blythe.vlllc, as a highway employe. He claims that his leit arrn and elbow were crushed:by the''blow, causing pcrmanent'-'injury.' ;Brown is-represented by Holland nnd Barhani, local attorneys. TEllSGl Defense Argues Earle Qf-J' ficer Acted in FullfiJU men I of Duty " '; k JONESBOHO, Ark, Nov, 25 (UP) ,| —The goteimmml placed its peon-' ago case tiBnlmt Paul D, rrcacheV-- In (he handi of a federal district -, court Jmy al 13;39 pin today. '.1 Tho Jury received its 'charge' "I uom Judge John E Mnrllucau at-' .ci nearly Ihrce hours of heated sloslng nigiimcnls by attorneys/- , who had clashed frequently tin it- 'I out the trial, • > \ ' Vl United states District Attorncy- Picd Isgilg, aiihlcd by special de- parlincnl of; Justice Investigators' dom Washington, asked thai Ihe" jury i-clmii llic maximum* penalty, $5,000 lino nnU live years imprisonment. Ho icvlcwed the government's :asc, which chaiged Pcacher falsely aueslcd eight negroes last May seemed Itielr convictions boroi'e. nn Kaile, Ark, magistrate and took them lo \vork out their sentences' on his farm. isgrtg contended that by *ork- ng the negroes on sentences growing out of false charges ho had violated the federal anti-slavery stntuto ot 1806 passed shoitly after and o( the civil war. . -, C'lmrje Serious Says' Martlnean, Defense a Horn eys con tended Pcacher, tall, wiry man of 42 years, was "acting In line of duty" when he al rested the negroes, tliat cv(: dcnca ,slto»,«l they v,ere vagrants, thnt Pcaclier secured their convictions legally, and that his Working of them oif his own farm was dono undci n valid contract with Crlt- Icndcn county i Tho defense established that "in many Arkansas 'counties' authorities "hue out prisoners to land ovvneis (irovidedUhey (eed, clothe,'* guard and brotect them" * ,.&] In charging the Jury Judge Mar- / Uneau cautioned l the eleven . biisi", ' ness men and one fanner to "show ' * no projudice." He said "the* charge axalnsl this man Is serious and ho should not go unpunished if he is •Jiilllv: nnd. It he is not guilty tbsn -, lie should be freed " ,. Ojifef Defense Attorney N. p.\ Lamb, Jonesboro, charged In his • closing argument that the Southern Tenant Farmers Union was responsible foi the trouble'Preacher had because of ->abor agitation " ! * Blot on State Says Isgrlg ^ He charged the trial was brought, up "lo please different factions raising hell In eastern Arkansas"'; He asserted that Prosecutor Isgrl" tried lo plclc a Jury which kn»'vv nothing of the southern negro. Isgrlg promptly dented the charges In his argument He said tic sought a Jury which was not prej-, ' udiccd F ' ; < Unless Pcacher Ls convicted and. conditions in eastern Arkansas im-' proved, the negio and the "poor white trash" will nave nothing Is-- grig asserled "It (evidently re- • turning to Peachcr's case) Is more sinful than slavery, ended by the, emancipation" •,« He charged Pcacher prostituted > his office for his own personal gain' nnd "aided and abetted In caus-' Ing oersons held as'slaves,"' as charged in the Indictment ' Isgrig iwlntcd his finger at' Pcacher and said. > i "There Is no negro down there (Earlc) damned fool enough to con- - tradict. thai guy" Referring to trial of the negroes • Isgrlg branded it "a blot on the fair name of eastern AiKansas and the state of my birth to call that <\ court." The prosecutor charged Lamb 'brought up rubbish to cloud the real Issue" when he referred to the tenant union and labor trouble. Lamb had charged attempts had been made by the union to organize negroes who would not work. Surviving Hayti Twin Is at Hospital Here One of twin sonj. born to Xfr and Mrs A B Monroe, of Hayti, Monday, Is resting very well at the Blylhevllle hospital following Ihe death of his brother Monday night. The babies each weighed about five pounds. WEATHER Arkansas—Pair, slightly coldjr, freezing tonight. Thursday fair. Memphis and vicinitj—Pair tonight, lowest tempcrature^e to 40 Thursday fair, slowly-rising 'temperature!, Tlie'njaxlmum temperature here ,_ yesterday was 48 ( . - minimum 28. ^1 clear, according to ',,Samu'<si p. u| Norils, official weather; observer, •lii

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