The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 4, 1930 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 4, 1930
Page 2
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Personal Interest . : The extcutiye board of t]ie ^ Woman's auxiliary of the First •,$. Fr£b:\8r(in fjhiubh- wjll havo.a V lur,clift n, on». o'clock, »| the liome ''*" SOCIETY-CLUBS Activities and News of Women Bits o I- I 1 Luxor* College Studtnti Return to Their Studies French Riveria Sees Rosy Winter Season CANNES, Trance, tffi— Desoltc- the trouble In the flnnacial world leading hotel proprietor! and casino directors believe that this winter's tourist season will be trio bej- • i '• . • that British and I in flve years, •nicy The M!!lle Allbrn |s . FlltST I'ltESISVTEIIlAN CIIUnCH Marlon A. Rons, Pastor Sunday school, OM5 a. m. ' oishlp at 11 o'clock.. oor," will be the pas-. n have , several cour. K, ,,' v , ncue several cour. ,' hc chrlEtI f'M noli- { trios In their Itinerary. Egypt and hort> Wt IhcNear-EMtwlB suffer mS the? cncnn..! ...» i rnntfirH ^M^^^fr^rL 1 *- 1 n,"^ 11 '^^ •'^ "ftenTn^ e»n,cH.lle service at S^ EfJtfJ * bus--Olyde Hoblnsan, art'in'Memphis 7:30. "Hannah, the Praying Motli- M 5r <»«* »»• 0 , , . „ | Ici ' two ''ays, whore Hclston is con- er," will be the subject. This h Iho Missionary Society of the ; wilting e specialist retarding his another sermon in the scries o ft* ? ;: ^;"! h ^,,^^ f,".^ ^'5'' ™™»oa, inlurrd -«ercc, and I'ioneera o,° the'^lth" SaS ' — --- —- vvi«iitm*i), Mnia/ nyiji uii- ferent ones »He«ted by It. Lucilly, I am no( aHectti} by the ruling as I have no children in Junior or bcnior High. I am glad to say that the most;of the comment I hwra was characteristic of the loyal spirit of the city. Blyihcvllle Is certainly blessed with a kind-hearted citizenship. 1 very seriously doubt If there ts a city this «ize anywhere — -. , UJii aim | In the United States whose cititsns -....v.o,,, . -- the most famous j meet, hardships with anymore loy- Margcrct, lcsla , urants a « servlnu dinners nt al spirit than the citizens of Ely- ...j • ,, in r!o!lnr rt ntata. ati.( B /i A ji.i._ i__ *i, m_ t_.. t , . ^^ r* ' . respecllvc i . As ah added Inducement to at- Km--/ f\ T uuuvu inauccment to at!AH?, ,. yncl1 ' Hclcn • Howton, llracl 'ouristB to tho Klvlera there ; ?<",.."i M ,?-e aret w «xi. William;' 1 ' 15 bc^» a general and widespread ittcwi ctllegc. Fulton, Mo.; Francis :ri «'iease In the price of food and nctt, Crc.fton James, University dr' 1111 * **="" «' >»•- —• ' )]Kf)Q T?n1,n,ln,.ll1 n . «.. . Inclnl The Editor's Letter Box Kca| E«Utc Taxes (To the editor:) After reading' the announced in- [* klri B car e of the road i WnOon of tt» jchoor board in last 5° nds wid the o»ner» of pi H!Bht'<! fViltHdr M«n>. T I,-.....! ^ Glu tlOt Cftt tl\ hr«afVi A '- • Li- of'r"^',' «»y: observation., w re,»i e»)ate sale values that thk «»t« «au especially Blythevllle wlii surely have to look to anotherT rection ror any lurther needed rev tnues. It U burdened entirely L much now. Jutt a year oV so e£ "' ^ M »..»» v » u* «»P relief oy the road d«trlc ( night's Courier News I heard quite *W n °t Set lo breathe a • bit pf comnwnt today from dif- «l* of relief until cries MUST METHODIST CHUIICII ,r. Q. Kcrle, Pastor Worship and sermon 11 7:30 p, in. "Ths M&inlnir of tltt church will'meet at the church! night after several flays-visit with except rr the Neal circle which i her mother,.Mrs. Allen Walton She will be entertained at thc home of • was accompanied by Mrs. Waltei Mrs. J. 0; White.. , | onrt. jr, 0. Ifnnnpciiben The Bullncss and • Professionaljdcwn lor, Women's ,club is having a business | Ulliy Shelby, r I New mc:tlii3 at thc club rcoms at 6:30: r. visitor In the city yeUerduy w ''lch nre Behind " subject oV cvc- o'clcck with a cupper preceding the Milton Kryar, who is now 'em- nl «S sermon. bislnecs sessbn. plojcd In CIMcajo, h visiting Sunday school 9:45 a, in Tho women cf thc Sec-nd Bap-.friends here for several dnys Senior nnd Intermediate Leaqne; list church are meeting with Mrs. I : Misses Jessie Srlte, Mib-1 lie-in 0:3 ° P- m. i Leonard Mayo on Lumerate street.:Era Wright oncl Mary Outlaw "will B °»rtt of Stewards, Mond'av 7'30 •f- I motor to Gideon, Mo., tomorrow I'- ">• n<*n-Armsntreut : . I where they will visit Mr. nnd Mrj 1'raycr Meeting Wednesday Mr. ami Mrs. Clyde Arniantr:ut;U. B. Outlaw who formerly' lived P' m ire announcing today the marriage • here. Choir practice Wednesday follow- cf their daughter. Charley, to Mr. John Cook Robertson, of Stcolc '"8 prayer service. .—^H.,,..„, onion 'university i a do!lar a P late . » third ol the price ir»i ".'. T ™"' ; UuUe Hudson, ''""Wd three years ago. wh.b mo»t University of Oklahoma, Norman drlllks arc tcot " flve to. ten cents OiJlu. ' j under last year's prices! Miss Mavbelle cocke, wlio' has 1 Fmnk JSy o °"'d r s new casino in - --* -rviw uuvo^, V^HU J1G.S , spEnillng tiic ), 0 )idays 'with Nlce is 0 " c of lho ihcr parents here, has returned to illg lmvcr prlccs '^ r "-- J " - she ^™si 7,0 p n ^. ai ^ r s,- - r i s*3S ta ««" ^ -s. s- • r ^ c r Lord's Supycr" subject of the 110 -' «L» ,. S , dlrcclor OI llome «n to, o t adrid «-i!s I»E sermon. "FowUhig t i "S- ' "*"}, ! ° :; f' , for lhe Wayne" : p.'" ", lc . " °', erduy: Wh^h are Behind," ^Ject oV ev^. ^, " ™"?»* «»"?«» ^ .At- j t^Ji" 1 ;""' to creati The entry is entitling oho to frec- """ 'th tho ex- room, and movie show In tin tlievllle, but, how long can It, seems to ine after reading youi- editorial tonight that you nave come" to a quick conclusion which Is probably natural with the moss of the people. Taxation is a very prominent and I might say a common thing In Arkansas. There are only two things that : seem to be of taxable value In this state, ib real 1 , estate 1 and automobiles. Automu special j every .way that Is possible. Real es- tate, loan conditions in this tern- . Mr. . , . , c Jrhn Deon, the marrlaje having f.ttendcd to business here'today. Vein colcamiizcd Thursday, Decem- *'• -"•* •'— ••--••-ter 20, at the home of the Rev. D. K. Foster, pastor of tho Firjl Baj*;iit tt\'irch at Caruthc.t.'Ville, Mo., who performed the ceremony. - - -- ------ ._w .,vl\. -.UML./ nnrl Mrs. Everett- B. Gcc ro- fKISTlAN SCIENCE SEKVICKS yesterday from several days Services arc held every Sunday stay In Keniiett morning, 11 o'clock, In room 213 of The young couple were acconl- jColdwater, Miss. '• Mr. a ~j ." "o'mwn, . n.w.iui.js, ji UVIUVK, in room .iio ot C. W. Vearey has returned froin tnc Formers Bank bulldln" over his Christinas vacation spsnt Ii: Kress: Subject for tomorrow "God." Civsc:Cl«batLuxora Installs New Officers panied by MUs Alice Mac Cannon and Mr. Felix Kyle whs were the only guests at the wedding. Mr. Dean is now employed with th? East Arkansas Lumber com- . . Golden Text: Psalms 77:13—"Whu vft"oMvvi, lupa. uw.uvn xu.M. fsainiS It'.la \V Mr. and Mrs. Randolph Smith ls <*> treat n God ns our God?" will spend tomorrow in Osccola. ! Wednesday evening service 7 Mr (itiH \t*~* f ft n_.i__ .. rv'/>lrt^b ' Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Patton, Mr. o'clock. . . . , and Mrs. W. H. Mlnyard. Joe Fel- rc no- MI io"r All are cordially Invited. MrTIIElUN' CHURCH «- G. l-inge, I'asior — _„_, ^.. i\ni u • — v. ~«...u.., i-. noun Services arc held In the St. Sie- membar of the senior class of thel w111 nave »' their guosls- for tha 1'hens' Episcopal church at Sixth .Blytiiovlllo high school where she l»'Mckcud, Mr. mid Mrs, Frank lxm> Ilni1 Wnlntit streets. ' ' * - lrr "•"""•"" • Sunday school and Adult Bible. tn? East. Arknmas Lumber com- w l «i»i «"i Arinur I'atton nrc pany in Little Beck and Mrs. Deen''"B to Memphis this afternoon will join.him February 1. Beiare! tne weekend, her marriage,- Mrs. Dccn was a i M*- "'"I Mr s. Samuel F. Nc member of the senior r.lass. of the 1 wl " have »' tholr guosts- for .Blytliovillo high school where she l WM <*ciid, Sir. nud Mrs, Frank Lovi> » 110 WRIIUU streets, has mado an cutstandjng record l cr J< ™sl)3ro. I Sunday school and Ac in athletics since moving to this Ml «es Juanlta Smith and Mary clas s, 7 p. m. city from ^jachvllie .three years Loulsc Taylor lelt this mornlnj for Church service, 7:30 -p. ago." . • Lyncltbure, Va., where they arassn- l-no HpfrlAn^nnn^ ,..!,„ /_ 11.- lOrS til Rail! tnlllS- MnCfm U/n>»n.1> n ! FIRST f'lin IC'I'I A M »<l bl-wpck- ' , " uora..oc club ; this. week . iu Sllinan' liall^ the following officers wJro 'IriftWIeVfor " ' ' W»fV P.raldem.- Moses ;- f jrst vjce • president, S J omith.'iecond vice- president, L L McDeairhah; secretary, -u. O Bisr- n?tf: Ifoasiircr. Abraham'- Llve'rant. Bosh War Hei-o Honored Mrs, Percy Smith returned this ] morning from Waco, Texas., where I coiy business for hlmsslf. Miss Etlna kats Hnlo will go to Hot Springs tomorrow, where - rne bridegroom, who Is the son lors nl Ka »''°!ph-Maccn Woman'.! | of Mr. arid Mrs. A. S D'cu of n«nr Coll() S c , "Her spending the holidays thh city, graduated from the city (lt . honi< L' ! high LChcDl in 1335 and has been cmpleyed in Little Reck since December 1. » * • teflon AtnUiary Plans N'tw Activities, i Aiding a window' of an ex-service man,' who Is In destitute circumstances and ill, obtaining ninrK- .ers for graves of soldiers In tills vicinity, presenting a medal lo junior high'school students for efficiency in !scholarship and A roclal with the. 1 meriilkjsjjo'f the ijtid cV : lion of the leginrAxillary which" son post as guests nre the chief activities now - occupying the nttea- mct at the • home of Mrs. Edgar Eorum Friday afternoon. Mr*. Louis Wilson was nlso hostess. Mrs. Howard Proctor was appointed chairman of the committee to make further investigations of soldiers' graves so that thc mnrk- ers msy be obtained within the near future. The 20 members ;<rcscnt were served a pineapple salad with sandwiches and coffee. ' • * • Return Ftcm Conference. Mississippi county's Hnptist churches were represented by 3i) delegates at the Southwldc ~Br.p- .tlst Young People's Uulon conference held in Memphis this week. 01 this number clshi lilyiheville members-attended: tiie Rev and Mrs. Perry F. Webb, .Mr. and Mrs. John B. Lane, Mrs. Everett Ballart; Muses Virginia Crafton, -EunlC" Jenkins and Althca Edwards. Ciuui'Entertalncd. Miss Mary Louise Taylor uas the only guest at the weekly party of the Wednesday club, entertained by Mrs. Ruin Mahan Friday afternoon. In the flve bridge games, Mrs.. Harry Kirby won-hosiery for first honors. Refreshments of ' fniit salad, sandwiches and coflee were served' -/• Ladies Class fleets Plans lorthe new year were made at a meeting cf the Ladles Bible class cMhe First Mcth:dist church .at the hon.e of Mrs. W. A. Stick- mon last night when 12 members uxre present. In the social hour, the h-stey «rvcd delicious refreshments. Entertains tcr Sister. - - Mrs. Herman Boshears ol Oklahoma City, who Is spending several . weeks here with her parents. Mr. 30 FIRST CHRISTIAN CHUItCH E. K. i.alimcr, Pastor •Church school. C;.15 a. m. Communion nnd sermon, .11 n. m Christian Endeavor societies 0:30 she was celled by the death' of he:' !'• '". mother. Mr. and Mrs. Smith are i Evening prnlse and sermon 7-30 moving here from Barfietd. where 1>. m. Mr. Smith lias been In the grq- L AKE STREET METHODIST • CHUi^ll Is n teacher lii th; city'high school,! The New Year service for tlw nfter visiting her parents, 1 Mr. and ' morning. churrti hour will be l ., • *^i>t.-i wsi. IU.S relatives have just received a mcil- il In commemoration, of liis liero- ism. He was n Vtcphow'of. HIE In'"^al^has been placed In" tha Mrs. B. A. Hale, for two weeks. Mr. nnd Mrs. Roland Greene «'.... _ vuxofavlasl .lUght whin sir. nnd Mrs. Sam TJowcn enl a r- lalncd the club.' W. W. Holllpeter nnd P. E. Coos' nrc attending to business In Osceola. Among those Iran this city wl-o r.ttended the Blythevillc-SteeleMs- tetball Biimcs hist night were: Mls>- cs Cas.sie Calciwell. Elizabeth Lilylhe, Doris Secoy, Sarali Nunn, itnby Grimes, Marie LjgBctt and John Rhodes. Misses Iloneeta Langstun nnd Hila Hollnnd led today for Fayctt-- \Ille, where they nre students n; the University of Arkansas, after Oindlng the holidays at home Miss Patty Secoy will leave Sun- Hay lor the University of Arkan- us, F.iycttevllle, where she charge of the Juniors and there will be n New "Year consecration PENTKCOliTAl, .CHUHCH OF HOD 1301 West Main St. John B. Huffman, Pastor The pastor will preach Sun:lny atlcrnoc-n nt. 2:30 on "The Cause of IJIvorcps. Why nrc there io Many In the United Stales TotlnyV Evci-ybotly invited to the ovrtn- BClistii; meeting Sunday night, be- Blnnlng at 7:30. Of siwcial interest to all: Sunday school every Sunday morning at 10 o'clock. Classes for all ages nnd sexes. Bro. A. \v. Hll- debrnnrl, superintendent. Mid-week service Thursday night The subject will be "What Aro Three Principal Causes of so Much • --'* —-....*., .rum. oi, c ^ m_ initc K-iiii(;]j}Lll ^/HUSCS 01 50 MUCH isndlng the state university, after! Evil Among the Young Folks To- L'.VO H'e(*k<» KtAV r\t }\nm-* I Aniil" T>^.«I. r.,n i_ >_ _ I-.VD »erks stay nt horn:. IJr. W. A. Grimmett, who undrr- I!IG nd d day?" Don't fall to henr H. Cottage prayer meeting next Tuesday night at Bro. Hodge's in the West End. Saturday night, January Ilth, will be u special meeting for ali Holy Ghost people and all Christians. A large, expected. Sunday afternoon, Janniiiy 12 commencing at 2:30, Bible school for ndiills. conducted by the pastor Sunday nighl, January 12tii. the paslor will preach on "The First Tiling Men and Women Should do In Commencing the New Year." FIRST BAPTIST CIH'RCIl I'crry K. \Vcbb, Pastor 9:45 Sunday school. Morning worship 11. I'astor's subject: "Highway Markers en the Head of Life." 6:15 B..Y. P. U. - „ ., Evening worship 7:30. Tasters --«W3 Jan= subject: "The Word of Salvation" Barnes. Included in thu' The second sermon in lhe series . . , v.-enl his fifth operation at Bii'thovllle hospital yesterday 15 vjsting very well today. He has Hood poisoning In Ills hand nni! u-m caused by a brmsc a month r.go. Ramsey Duncan, who is critical!•-• ill. is no better today. Ross D. Hughes jr_ ts much Improved. Ite has been 111 with pneumonia for n week. Tom nnd John Mahan will leave tomorrow night (or Alton III where they are students a; Western Military Institute after soend- Infe the holidays at home. W. B. Tanner has rctt.rncJ from week's business tri pto paints of Louisiana. West Walnut s;r;c. roiRpinn-iitlng Miss Isabel Fields ol Porlag'ciIHe, thc " " - --^- t —. Mrs. Fred Thursday evening. . . -Miss Jessie Womaclt 'was given . a compact for the high, score prfoc and the honorcs's gilt was hos:ery. Mrs. Sandefur served tuna fish salad .with cakes nnd hot tea. Before her marriage, Mrs. D-shears was Miss Gracs Holder oJ this city. •...*.•.» C«rij»i-HcM«Uin. • •• Mia Rose'" McMul.'in, of Pocahontas. Ark., and Mr. W. F. Cor- .Elne, of.Steele, Mo., were in<irrled in this city yesterday with Justice H.-.L. McKnlght saying the cert I niony. » • .' * Cbss To Mtet. All members of thc Dorcas Sunday school .class of the First Bap- .tist church are asked to bring thslr bibles to the leapn period tomorrow for the first ol the new year Ciicsts were visitor from Pcrta"-'- ville. Osccola and Memphis °~ Piano, clarinet anil saxophone riustc was played by "Happv Jack rnd Larry" until a late hour when ranclttlches, hot cnocclato. cbnA Miss Fields Is rclurnliij to st Louis today where she o.itcnds fnd cakes were -«rved school. . • . -.. lias Club. Members cf tin Night Bridge club i-cre entertained by Miss Bonnie I.ynn Gay Friday night el thc home cf Mrs. Monte Snnders. Miss Irene Crcwdcr won tiic hl e h .wore prize Tr.e hos'.ess sca-od a plate lunch M pear salad, sandwiches. Irull coke and coffee. iirfclis Class Holi-, Mcjlinr ' ' The Fldclts class of tr.c" First meeting at the ch"-- 1 - '-'light with 23 mcmters rs - prsssl Mlnu es ot the last meeting were icad by Mrs. H. Walpole Two new officers were el«ctcd Mrs. Pleas Secoy was named second vice president and N5rs Roy ilogan, reporter. ' on "The Seven Sayings ol the Savior cu the Crofs." Special music. A cordial welcome lo all. Sunday, school Workers' Council Tuesday evening al 7. SECOND' BAPTIS rciintcn "t'E. Z. N'cu-som; I'wtor Sunday school. 3:45 n. m. Church, n n. m. Subject "What Have r Done?" B. Y. P. u.. 6:30 p. m. Evening worship. 7:30 p. m. Subject: "Whnt Am I Going to D3?" Thc morning service will to r. look Into the past nnd ihc rveniiv- service a look into the tninre. Special music nt both services ••- At the meeting Wednesday night there.will be election of officers. Hospital Notes Patients admitted to the Bijthc- ville hospital arc Dr. W. A. O:im- mctt, city, ai:d Mrs. Rilcy Uim-a-. Manila. . Miss Luna Wilhclin. leach'r of e class, made nn Interests- talk 2 Front Office Rooms Tor Rent Formerly Occunlcil l>> Dr. E. V. Mill Apply lo H. SAI'HIAN honor has come la unt ,Harras. Von Zepp-lin, klllcct years ngo In -the Bo?r wan His Returns From Army COOLER, has returned from McClure Fort Russell \Vyo., havins been honorably discharged from th,e United States army theie. He is well known here, having been, born and reared tn Ccoter. .He is "the youngest, son . . , of Mr: and Mrs. Jim McClmc of Children Like this Safe Prescription Coughs and Sore Throat Relieved Almost Instantly Stsp children's coughs .'and' sore throats before these "ailments lead lo danjerous ills. Thoxihe, a dqc- tor's prescription, now assures relief within 15 minutes .to children as well as adults without the danger in ths usj of patent medidines containing harmful drugs. Thoxinc. works on a different principle, goes direct to the source of trouble aiid relieves the Irritation which causes the coughing and sore throat. Ideal for children' because it is safe and does not have the. usual "nasty-medicine" taste No gargling. Just ask for Thoxine, put up,ready for use In 35c, -60c, and -»l.po bottles. Money back if nc-t relieved. Sold by KIrby-B«ll Drug Co., Kirby Drug Co., and'all other good drug stores. ' (adv-5' foTsome-thtoi STtoTtaTS pZt Property valuw are the ba?is for tory "o^ U m '"'" "" S '" * r '°' what your property is worth uid no more. I can trucnfully vouch for s ' atc !" e ' us from »«ny people who say Why no, I wouldn't buy proa- city here, l can rent cheaper than I can own property." you ask every loan man or real estate man In town and I believe he lias heard the same statement ninny tun^ What will a city come to where such a condition Is true? And where such Is true, why should conditions' be made worse? With no personal feeling whatever, please permit me to say tint when you or anyone else makt pleas for further property tax ycu %Zt S *w '" , b " ndly on something mat nut surely revert to your Interests the"'same' as thc owners. Probably not so but none the less sure. all peoples alike, property owner or renter and jny additional t aj( "f««»ry. If It Is uewuary, should be'Placed in such a place that a £ would bear their share accorqink to their ability to do H. ^ . Gordon Evrard. Kara Hit But DwtUu Thrive , O f all workers, are wSerlii" 5 ' frbm "wmpJoymcm over - according to o:cu- of thc ^«™». Next come u,3- of ""hanlcal mu- , forms.and the ab3«ni» ol regttlattloi in the exereise m the proiession arc' given as chlo! causes of the musicians' distress Dentists are the most tortunai-- says that them 15 . ^f , M WU«ilJf throughout the world unemployment -amoiij virtually non-existcm '- : b. a Prescription fir Cold*, Grippe, Flu; Dengue, Bilioui Fever and Malaria. Public schools--arc. a necessity tc . « Is lhe m«st sp«dy remedy knom Until next for the greatest values in men^i arid wometis clothing tjiit you ever saw 72 MILES AN HOUR • . ->-••..•••••. 48 IN SECOND .7. 65 HpRSEPOWER RICH BROADCLOTH UPHOLSTERy INTERNAL 4-WHEEL BRAKES . ; . HXPRAULIC SHOCK ABSORBERS THE iFINEST VALUE EVER OEFEfJED AT SUCH LOW PRICES 4 ' V':> RE AT NEW SIX SEDAN OE LUXE BALANCE IN ONl y PAYMENTS In the new Willys Six, WiKys*6«rland prientj a ear of such beauty, ipced and power as have nevisr before been known in the low-priced field/1 Lines, colors, interior appointments and upholstery fabric* reveal an entirely new concept of beauty for inexpensive can, * The mishty engine is rubber-insulated against vibration, and effects performance which can b« appreciated only through persona! experience, At the same time, this motor Is most econdmjcal, exceptional mileage per gsllon.of gas bejng achieve^ ii the modern cruising speeds of 35 to 45 miles per lioui'. See the Wi|ly* Six'at your very first opportunity. WILLYS.OVERLAND, INC;, TOLEDO, OHIO SHOUSE MOTOR CO Blytheville, Ark.

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