The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 24, 1936 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 24, 1936
Page 8
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(ARK.) COURIER NEWS GOAT-GETTERS .--.-- By Krcnz -jVIarbori-and White Squad ' in " Spirited Diill for Columbus Game "' ^ By J. P. FHIEND Realizing tint the game Friday 'nleht at Memphis with the powerful Lee High Generals of Columbus. Miss, is a lifetime, opportunity, the BlylheUlle Chick- n>iaws went about their chotes •jfsicrday with n new vim nnd ^igor They were &till ,rarhi' foi c.;iforc at the end " of 1 the second 'llour but Coach Camey Lnsltc •Sent them in with Instructions to gel plenty of sleep and take caie oOhemselves £ The hospital list was icvhed Tf.hen Llovd "Toar" Wise, nmin- Special Trtin To Game May Be Secured Today ,/ Efforts to obtain n social train lo cairy Blythe\llle'tint- ball fans t" Memohls for (lie Blytlieyille Columbus game Friday,night'"were expected to result m definite uniiounciment of the encasement of the soc- cial laic this afternoon ' Tentative plans 'call foi the train to IPO\C B'vlh-nNln at '] o'clock' Piiday , nflcinoon over the Fiiscb, 'stopping 'at rj'wni i' nnd Wilson and reaching Mom- pi i Is shortly bel-ore 'I o'clock. The principal ouesllon ns lo the | scheduling of the special today was the "mallei of yip tjcXet price The train cjii r\- flnltcly be secured for a $150 ifmnd tf\n l rate but whether Frisco officials here lecelvc approval fro'n dnislon officials for the dollar ihle nsked lieio' remains to be seen ' tf THE B£iVCH WARMER MHO llcPS IHTo TH£ PRM OF. V/N56AR IV/7H Tile S»/fe StO-0 /W1 OA//.Y 2 M/ML/fus To (So, AW SUaVR »,]u. zi , ter'S &o To Town '." ' ' •TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 24, 1936 IUTE IS Yculh Taking Sinkey's Place NoMalcK.for Winner; McEun Bests Baker Uy ,!. 1'. FIUHNI) '•'-. '• •': Oorllta Dougan,' DCS Molnes, lowii, battle-scarred veteran 1 of ninny mill batt!e.i, won from Jack Karnott. Morion, 111., In straight fnlls tnsu nlgH l» trie miim event of I'ne weekly wrestling' shows.! Uanistt, .substituting for Charlra "Cry Baby' 1 Sinkey, who wns'ln-. Jured last week ami enable to an-) jienr, .gare away some 20'pounds! find years of experience, mndc »j great fight afiainst superior odds, ( but wns not cuilU; equnl to the o:-1 cation. ' - . ' •'• • : , ; j Dnugnn used his Mijjprlor weight! 0 pave the way for both falli. Af- \ .«• loyiiii; with the Illinois young- 1 ! ster. nougnn began n scries of body \ slams, followed with n front crotch i slain and fell on the kid for the! first. The lime was 8 minutes. I liarnett came back and carried] the fjglil |o Ills heavier fos, using' forearm blows, speed nnd skill to n decided advantage. The foxy Pougan let him wear himself down and when the (situation was ripe weiil right lo work and piil an end to it in 12 minutes with Ilia same methods lie had ussd in the first fall. A clean-cut chap, young, vigorous and .skillful, Burnett loDhcd'cic- iranely promising. He has good mannerisms, seems to know what ll is all about, and has courage (,'Eilore, Despite the difference In weisjiit Barnell tore Into Oougan as IMie were his own si/s. The fans could use a lot more of his type. Hilly McEisn,' Qiatloiviiter, Texas, registered his first triumph In a local ring by taking the last two falls from Dago Baker, liaelns, Wis.. in a rough and tumble battle, bilU'd as (lie preliminary, but which saved the .show. . linker, making his first up.nsar- oncc here, got the fans on his neck early, lie started fast but was cooled down by the touch NfcEun. Baker used n hammerlock cffcctlvsly to take the first In 17 m!nutc,s. The hold was combined wllli a sort of a back stomp. McEun evened matters In five liinutes with two vicious kangaroo kicks that completely kayo:d Baker, nnd wound up the match with omc more after' being on the verge at defeat, Baker seemed to have he Txnn. going with bend filps, ml made the mistake of throwing lini Into the ropes instead of on .he. mat, McEim hounded oif the. •opes nnd caught Baker in the pit Bate division .will be' 16 pet for expenses in promoting Play Billiards! U'huksomo Recreation Mortcrnlr-ly Priced Bfythcville Recreation Center ' 310 W. '.Main - Former Nm of Hell's I'hahniicy 7 CIlAlTEM, •cent the molh tackle, tinned up with n £0161 ankle, and Oncil Craig, 185- povfnd guaid and field general) complained of a sore knee Ho\v- evei-, It was nothins new for Craig'to have something vront; with Ills* knee In fact,' he wouldn't know how to act if lie had both in good shape Nelthei was permitted lo lake part in the blocking nnd ,signal ntnnlnjj but' spent the time In the dressing rooms \\itli hot applications and othei treatments When the referee loots his opening whistle both will be gracing ^the lineup, unless other accidcnls happen The Chicks'will do battle v,lth- out having any Infoimatlon about llwir "opponents Lsslia mid FrnnV Whitworlh ' saw Greenwood -In- action but were not able to be on hand during a Columbus fracns. As a result the coaches' are dily- ing the Tribesmen In every phiso of the game, pajmg close attention to pass defense," blocking nnd tackling, > and sharpening their offense; > Early Maxwell, spoiis ' promotion director of the Commercial Appeal, Emmett Maum, In charge of Trl-Statcs high' school activities for the, Appeal, who Is Irind- llng the publicity for ihe'game.'and Curley Bruner, staff photographed, flen Crter fioin Memphis ' jes- tetd-iy to gather information and take a few pictures for the Commercial. It: is .understood .that tho ROLLS HIS "MAKIN'S" IN 10 SECONDS Can you do it too? game, 5; per cent for a milk fund, and 40 per cent each lo the Bly- thcvillc and Columbus teams. Maxwell announced that Fred S. Ealtba :wlll have clmrgc' of the ticket sales nt the Pastime billiard, prior; Other business ftrtns In 'town also will have some of the ducnls They will be $1 foi adulls and 50 cents • for students. : The -tickets arc expected to arrive here by bus this nflcrnoan nnd Hill be placed on S'llc inimedlnWv nfteuvards <v section of 1000 seals has been icserved for Blytlic- ville .supporters In one block »nci v tickets jiurciiased here only will entitle the purchaser to n seat In Ihe lilytlicvllle section. However, Individual seals In the section will not be reserved. •r A 0 KT Y I,E N K WE L DING AT ISEST PIIICEB : I'ROMI'T SERVICE PHONE 10 H. Grear's Store 210 E. Main •You :ire invited lo visil niy store (o procure your ThiinksKiving Dinner Spcciiils. Krnm (he followinif vumplVtc stocks you may nmho your selections: I'resh Selcef Oysters, Cranlierries, Celery, Lettuce, Cauliflower, tliell I'ciiuevs, lirussd Sprnuls, Fresh Khuharh, Cucuniliers, Fresh 'J'omatous, Carrofs, Celery, Cabbage. Coc«, mils, lliiliiin Chesttuils, Fnucy Red Onions —And in Fruits—-Hnnnruis, Apples, firapcs, ('aliforniii Ho well 1'cars, Texas Pink Meat Grapefruit. Suiikist Lemons and Tangerines. Thanking You For Your Patronage, G. H.Grear of the stomach .with a flying butt,] a In GILS Somicnburg. Billy re- 1 periled when mgo B ot up, let go! or two kicks, nncl Maker wns mi-' dcred hors du combat. Han Boone (150) and Edward Cdds (132) fought ten lively rounds (o n draw, nnd Billy price (100) took nil five rounds from Bud Farmer (100). Mike Meroney officiated in all tin activities. Manila Coach Arrives MANILA, Ark. — Hussell Curllss, who has been teaching nt Rossforrt higli school, arrived In Manila Monday morning lo assume Ills ,'eliool basketball team..,He, plans (o meet [he team Tiicsdny or dudes as coach of Manila's high Wednesday night In the local gymnasium for reorganization lo plan for the coining seaso: local v. mil V" in. / Cooler to Play Wardeli COOTER, Mo.— The Cooler Wildcats will meet the Warden (cams In « double header at the Cooler gymnasium Wednesday night. These will be Hie first league basketball games for the Cooler teams. THANKSGIVING TIME IS PRESS-UP TIME P.A.HUGS THE PAPER AND MAKES A SWELL CIGARETTE QUICKER'N ^ • ^'I don't reckon that lightning- quick rolling is the main reason why Prince Albert is so 'specially popular. My hunch is that it's the mild.smooth flavorofit,"saysTonyGnmcs."They ' tell me that's doe lo the 'no-bite 1 process that takes the harshness oat. Anyhow, we jill agree that there's nothing like Prince Albert to mafce a man throw h's hat in the air and givi threerousingcheers "TryP.A yonr self. Maybe jou can better Tony 1 rolling time. And note offer: Roll rwnxtf 30 iwell cigarelto from Princ Albert. H la* don't find iKtm Ibe rine«l. I Icit rolI-]rt)UrK)wn ei ta rettcsyou ere r »moV return the poclcet tin irith Ike rett ot the to- thli dale, and we will refund full purcbu< pnce, plus pottace. {SigntJ) R.J.Remold . .Tcbicto Comp*ny,v Winttoh-Sklem, N. C, Nole^For grand pip« amolan^ jiu try to equal P. A. W HEN you thankfully sit down to your festive table next should be as carefully dressed a$ that marvelous turkey you'll greet with a ifav.eiVous Appetite.. We're doing ouv part'to make you-look ydiir best by presenting- these famous suits and topcoats. " \ -•.•'•• Suit's from the world's most famous tailors TRIPLE TEST BLUE RIDGE WORSTEDS HOMESPUNS THAT'S WHY FOLKS RELISH OUR "BOTTOMS UP" Made in the Same "SlOITJfW'Way Carried On in This Distillery for Three Generations Value arid fashion wise voting men have (aktn these three time tested . fchlc . \<i!nc (niaiih . suits: to their hearts. Here for you in'Single or double breastcris. lust ask the who is wearing one of these great suits ant! you'll huri \ heie to tiv one on yourself. A m,n\el foi « and available in sport or business models. Topcoats tailored from luxurious fabiics CELEBRATED MARVELOUS RAMBLERS RAREPACKS >50 Y ES, your taste and throat will give "three cheers" when they first meet up with Bottoms Up. So unmistakably real whisky ... yet sc* gentle going down. And, Mister, there's n reason. Yes sir—"Slow Mash." It takes more time and grain to make our "Slow Mash" whisky—but we know it's worth it— to have Bottoms Up so mighty smooth. You'll sayso, too. Your first delicious sip \ wilt tell you why we've stayed with our old "Slow Mash" way of making whisky right through the years. Sticking everlastingly to a standard must count for something. And here at Brown-Forman our whole experience and skill have been wrapped up in this old good "Slow Mash" way for three generations. Since 1870, in fact. Try Bottoms Up. See if you don't go for it in a big way. I =CTr>,lK«.H,J. C.rej;,T^...-, Cari.;, PRINCE ALBERT TUC NKTtONAL'lOV SMOKl, Bottoms Up KENTUCKY STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKY 91 " BROWN-FORMAN Distillery COMPANY, Louisville, Ky. > SILBERNAGEL.& CO. Exclusive Distrihulors for Arkansas Lit lie Rock - S'ine Hluff - DermoU Here's Ihe miracle coat you must see to appreciate. There are 25,181 line rare wool fibers per square inch providing you warmth without weight. You'll lie proud to own one. Ramblers can take a terrible amount of punishment anil always conic up smiling. Loomed from n scientific lilentl of alpaca and mohair, tailored in smart boiled back models. All tailored hy Hart Schaffrier & Marx MANSFIELD TAILORED MANSFIELD TAILORED SUITS TOPCOATS $25 - *28 80 *20 -- $ 25 As usual the best is MEAD CLOTHING Co. 315 WEST MAIN STREET BIytheville's Headquarters For Particular Men

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