The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 24, 1936 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 24, 1936
Page 7
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TUESDAY, NOVEimiDR ?A, 103(3 ELYTJiEVIT,T,E (AKK.rCOURIER' NEWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally'rate per lint)'for' consecutive.-insertions: One time per line lOe Two times per Hue per day .. MJc Three times per line per day .. OCc Six .limes per Hue per day .. (150 Month rate per line COe Cards of Thanks .... 50c & 7oo Minimum charge DOo Ads ordered for three or cix times nnd stopped before expiration will fce charged for tho number of times the ad appeared and adjustment of bl'J made. All Classified. Advertising copy nubmilted by persons residing outside of the city must be accompanied by cash. Rates may be easily computed from above table. Advertising ordered for li-rcgular Insertions takes tlie one time rate. No responsibility will be taken lor more than one Incorrect Insertion of uny classified ad. Coal & Wood We Sell ' COAL Blyiheville Gin Co. WE BUY D For Sale USED CARS THAT ARE PRICED TO SELL 1933 CIIKVROLET <l - D 0 0 It MASTER SEDAN ...... 5273 1931 DODGE COUPE $3511 13X! CHEVKOLEJ I! O U 1' K $ 85 193Z DODGE' SEDAN. Extra Clean ...,..;. 5215 Como to §i»S8«rior Coal Co. Olipositi! Jalio Uneur Gin 1933 DODGE New ... SEDAN. IJke SWS Directory Plastering & Stucco — Phone 350 OUR STOCK IS NOW COMPLETE ON Rawiings Athletic Equipment At School Prices Phone 35 Shouse-Henry Hdw. Co. J. w. Shousc Wilson Henry Cold Weallier Coming ! ! Protect Your House With Nu-Metal Weather Stripping Call Us For Estimates Arksito Lumber Co. I'honc' 40 Call Parker - 127 Daily Freight Service P.ArNTIN'G-l'APER IIANptNf, Frciiiian & ;Housp - Call. 7< /MOVING:.-iSTORAGB Vl : : I' LOCAp 'HAULING .V '.. FREIGHT' CARS -UNLOADED ' We Move Anythngl - BIA'THEVIl.LE SJOTOU F11EIGI1T TERMINAL Sycamore & It. iK. Phone 318 ALADDIN LAMP PARTS" i.; ---^•-.•" nx~~tttt-- *^^^: 7 ?T:vr nRgE -.HD,\y,V,(iO; " : :J?«. Mrs, J. j, I>ayis^-Spencer;Corsetlere Call 421-W for Appoiiitmehts New Carbad Shipment MOORE'S HEATERS, CO OF STOVES. OIL & GAS BURNING STOVES, FUEL OIL HEATERS SEE OUR NEW STOCK: Liberal Trade-in : Allowance : ? to Old Stoves '..••/ Hubbard Hdw. Co. Bus. Oppprtiiiiities NEW CLASSES OPENING Complete Beauty Course DAY & NIGHT CLASSES State supervised TUITION VERY REASONABLE See Mrs. Win. Bcrryman El nine 1! entity Shop Clubs ING Eve'rv Night D 'Til 2 Silver Moon Night Club 2 Miles North Missouri Line Music by Harold Sudbury arid His Orchestra NEW FLOOIi SHOW FRIDAY SATURDAY, SUNDAY DIKECT FROM NEW ORIEAN —ADDED ATTRACTIONS— Good Comedian - Master of Ceremonies WE HAVE THE BEST" Alabama, Illinois & Kentucky COAL At the Best Pi-ice Kindling Too GIVE U3. A TRIAL We Guarantee Honest Weights Shaver-Foster Gin Co. lione 218 Chlckasawba & R. R. 1034 TERRAPLANE COACH $315 931 P.ONTIAO .''EIGHT." SEDAN !H5U 335 TERRAPLANE 4-UOOK SEDAN .....5135 .935 G. M. C. 2 TON TRUCK $375 1333BUICK 7-VASSKNGEK"- SEDAN. Like New. BROADWAY SALES, Inc. Ill Broadway N. W. TRANTHAM Dealer in BEECH CREEK COAL .Other high grade Coal, Wood and Kindling . Broadway - - Phone 964 COAL PRICES Delivered hi Klythcvillc lack Coal ............. ton $3.25 on §4.75 on 35.75 on 5G.50 on ?G.50 on $7.25 ut Coa lue Kibbon Lump .... Vhile Ash Edd Coal .. ock Creek Lump . ;en Franklin Lump ... jg Hen Lump ton SI .50 Coal Delivered Anywhere, Any Time - - 24 Hour Service HARRY BAILEY 'hone 1505-F4 vStale.IJne '•.-: If I'ou Want WOOD We .Have Jtl ECONOMY COAL CO. ,'hcrry & R. R. Phono -Coal, Wood & Kindling .COAI.;,BIJSINESS Location changed, fro) &JMHiitoSB^5thf4e ' from Mahan Gin ' 'ff^EST PRICES—CALL 2U L. I. RICE : '.-. 'OR SALE—I' still have several level bottom In'nns tlmt B'ow he largest yields of corn, cotton and alfulfil to sell on small clown mymciits and easy terms. -Frank K. 'Ashby, Charleston, Mo. 24ck30 Teh foot floor show case, cheap, • also- : Rood 1 used piano. G. li. areav,;210 East Main. 24-c-k-28 Used PIANO tlon. Price 310 S. in excellent condl- rlght. Jack Craig, '•'. • :. . 13p. k30 ALLEN CIRCULATING HEATER large size. Good co.uiitlon. Reasonable. Call 30C or 792. Home Made Pure Pork Sausage ! ! COUNTRY STYLE One Trial Will Convince You. Plckard Grocery Phone S1Z SALE of $95.00 Singer Sewing Ma- f'OR S ALB—my 'pinco ol business on Chtckasftwbn {iijgliwny 01) wonderful location across street from three schools, making money. If Interested ECO E. A. Ucatto, Old Hickory Inn. ' 0-c-k-tt First claf.s 0 ft. Meat,'com- plete with Filgldiilro colls, $100 cnsli or $125 on tcnns. L. T, Moore, 113 Olencoc Bldg. .' 23c k2ti O'BRIEN'S CAVE, completely equipped. Doing good business for past 10 years. BARGAIN. , Brunswick POOL TABLE, complete. CIIBAl 1 . JORDAN SEDAN, 111 good condition. At glvj awuy price. K SIMON, Phone 701 Groceries, Meats, Veg. Gcn'l. Mclso. nl rite prices every (lay, anynmt. We tleliver anywhere. Wiono 23-1. Carload, salt., meat cures, etc. HITli I'HICE QUO. & MK'I 1 .. We Give Bankers <"i Merchants X'mas Stamps - - 111 .E. Main New Improved Cottage Electric Sumng Mnclilne, Call 4S8-W. $10^0 cash. BARGAINS!.! Good Work Mules :• 1335 116 Ton Chevrolet Truck,Stake ^ Body 1035 Chevrolet Pick-Up. ' 1033 Ford V-8 Sedan. ..• ,. Delta Implements, Irici PICK THE BEST USED CARS Record Hi-caking Sides of (Ilieviolols Arc Hrinjfinjr the Hurt Curs- in (he Cilv lo Chevrolet DeiiK'rs. lily 'Curs - l.illle Curs'- Curs in Every Chiss. All Oir«re(l iif u Prices I'or Quick Sale! 'M ClIliVKOLKT MAST Kit TOWN SEDAN. \Vllh Ifn- illo and Hralcr SW5 '35 CIIKVHOLKT MAST I! II COACH. With Knillo ....$4•!» '35 DOIKIK. ,0001'K. l.uw Mllcugo. Ueul lluy $113 '31 CIIKVUW.KT MASTKK TOWN SUDAN 3315 '3D l''OU I) V-8 I>K IiUXli t t'Olll'i:, Wllll Itadiu ... S-185 '31 HMD V-8 TUllOlt. Mo- Wanted To Buy •10 or morn Acres. Terms or cash. Tlioimis Lund Wo Buy CORJI eville Gin Co. Highest Prices Paiij For Used Furniture Wade Furniture Co. 30l-a'lB E. MAIN w Hides & Pecans Mclals nnd Scrap (von niylhcriilo Iron & Molnl Co. Cherry & 1!. IV - : Phone '-M3 Personal IYJ|?]\T| GET: VIGOR- AT ONOE if.nji^. Nl Tonlo . li'ls conliiln rnw oyster Invlg- urnlors nnd.otlior Btlimilnnts. Olio itoso peja up orgnns, elands. If not. drllgjiiird, mnker • rctmubi fow cents paid. Cull, write Kltby Jlros. IJrug store, . Will tnko caro of "worklnir mo- Ihers 1 chlUlrcn; Hcusonnble, Mrs. R^ A. noiler, 110 \v. Syeauioio. C1AS VK EEI STOMACH ACID I'AINS, INDICIESTION t iinlck. act Ireo sainulo doctor's |)ri'50rl))llon, Udgn, n( Klrby Uros. l)r»i! Co. Itaul courier News Want Ads. DRY; Ill : SAN1) Superior toe Driven Miles ...... <> n 1 y l.UUU , -For Sale or. Kent • . Store-building for sale cheap or wiir rent to permanent renter G J 0 Lake St. Sec Dr. Snlita, Phone 410. . 20c ktt Keal Estate FOR SAI.K ..! 5 Room House, bath, largo lot Across fram lilgh nnd grade schools. Cheapest (axes In town Could be made Into npartnicnt. Cheap lor cash. 800 Chlcknsrtwta dh (I — T K U C K S — 193-1 CHKVUOl.ET 1'fj TON 193U I'O'lli) V-8 157 inch TltUCK ____ 1035 011KVKOLKT CAB riCk-Ul' TltUOlv ?II5 W3G THKRAl'LANK I'ICK-U1' TRUCK. 10,060 Miles .. 530.1 M:ui}' others To Choose From TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET GO. PHONE (!.'!;( Seeds - Plants We arc buyers of Ear Com ; pcdczn Srcd, Soy Beans,' Lcs- Highest Prices VOV. SCRAP IKON, MBTAI,S, 1'KCANS, 'IIIOE8 ft'< PURS 'Wolf Arian :.' 120 K., Alain .-- Phono .110 ' r GOOD OROWING '1SUSINE3S malting money, for farm. Write " For Rent 2 or 3 room Furnished Aimrt- j).- Hcasoimblo.. DM, lioiiru Nice comtorUiblO'u'eilromn. close; in. Mrs. Nolen. aid'W. Wahml. . : ' ai-ck-tf $5 REWARD'tor return of black medium si/x! dog, white nccki feet, ta|l lln. T.cft. car cropped. K, GAY & Coal - Wood - Kindling : PIlONI'J 70 Now l.wiitcil at 101 North Sccnml . : ' ADDING MACHJNE & TYPEWRITER -' SERVICE BUREAU :- ;v: ::i; DON innvAKim, I'rujirieior ••••':.••: .,',':v-;^'-; All mite of Kolnillt Tyiicivrllcrs, AtlilhiR i\lacliln<a ; bn* - Oilctijalors—Itoiialilnir^Parls—Ulbliohj'• - ;•:.•.'';'. ''- ' •'- • • .'flic cost of burlnl service here is considerately, 'adjusted to your , meaiiii. .; lleuurdlOM of your cxpcnditu™ . nUciitivo • I direction is • eivun .ovory ilctatl. •'; ' ' ' ' FUNERAL HOME •AM BULANCE SERVieE yv - BEST ;COAL—BEST •PRICES ;•. •:;•. -. V BUTT'NOW i -. "My coal is,Blacks '.But I treat yoii .white." LOCAL; HAULING JOHN BUCHANAN—PHONE 107 '.••CALL E. F. VFBY ••••••'•'•-• : ..' '-• •:•'•.'•' '.at' : ••-''•'• - ' -' : Wonder City CoaJ Co. ; : FOR ORIGINAL GENUINE Montevallo AND OTHER HIGH GRADE CuAL PHONE ' 477 '-'-'.- ' Phone 179^ For the Best Coal:' from ILLINOIS, ALABAMA, •I WEST KENTUCKY ' COAL, WOOD, KINDLING Prompt Service— Call 47 KIM'S COAL CO. Radios Oldest Radio and Music Dealers. Also Best Equipped Radio Repair Shop in - Northeast Arkansas FARKHURST CO. ingrain Bldff. I'houe 5T Ml New 1337 Model Radios Now On Display - - General Electric, Croslcy and Stewart-Warner. PAKKHURSX Ingram ISldg. CO. Phnnu 5"i ING Every Night ' 8:30 (o 2:00 CRESCENT NIGHT CLUB Four Miles North of Missouri Line Frank "Wcnncr" Harmon, and His S-Fiece Orchestra, of Chicago t Flor Sliow Thursday Through Sundaj- - Direct From St. Louis Cuvcr Charge - 4fc I'cr Tcrson Hubert, Utley, Owner' and I'toprictor TaDor Shops Automotive KATTKUIES rREPARED FOK AVINTKK WEATHER J. B. CLUNE Jackson Scn-ico Station - Call 8 Good allowance for your old sul on new tailored suit. GEORGr; L. S1UIR, Tailor : CALLING ALL CARS ! ! GET READY FOR WINTER Heaters. $1.19 up Radiators anti-Irceze, 182 gal up Texaco oil, 2 bal can, We New Guaranteed batteries, $325 up Fluor Mats, I5c up ' Good prices on radiators ex- chnnges. Heater parts cheap See Us Before You Buy Anything For Your Car WOLF ARIAN 120 E. Main -- Phone 176 EXPERT SEAMSTREsiT Do 'fancy work. Grace McParlaiid 913 Holly. Phone 936. Furniture Hotels Clean, comfortable steam-heated rooms, hot and cold water, reasonable rates—day, week or month. PSABODY HOTEL WE 2ND HAND FURNITURE Hubbard ' 2nd Hand Furnilurc Store. -Phone 1031 McGllum and Ugn-Krcutz, K mile chines. Chcan. Terms BURKE HARDWAUU CO. Peas and Top Com. Russcl Heckle Seed Co., Memphis, Twin. QUICK ACTION! WELL,WELL?'SO VQU WERE GOWWA US OUT TO TH 1 ~: GCAKID WE ' WE FOUUD ^ NOME SOOM LI5TEW T'WHAT THEY'RE TAltJIMV ' ABOUT' •' MCOVIAMS.TOO, BOOTS AND.HKL RUDDIES 1'I.UMK DISGUSTED,- OH , \>\w 'W^it .'• COWb ttvSTO" TO 0V' ^)\R(b(KiK>V"-6tT AT A V.OT, VOO'D t Vow U\0>V\T OW "TO WASH TUIiBS THEY CHEATED US'.THAT BLftSTEO TENT SHOW WAS TO PAV ME 52 FOR F16HTIN6 CVCLONE DUFPV WAL, T AIMY BUT I THINK IT FO'i i POS5LJM GROVE, i PEE, WH'EE POSSUM TOO. . 1 CAN'T HELP VOL), THE SKOWS ALKEAOV LEFT TOWN. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS RECKI£S WEEPS ASIDE THE LAST MAW, AND SCORES AQAIW... . BUT THAT AKP PRECK HELD COWER- I THE Bit-L. 1 HE WHO THAT MADE ifios DCSVWS POSSIBLE ?\VHO DID rr, i ASK >t>u.' FRECKLES.... THAT'S WHO. 1 GIVE cftasrr WHERE CREDIT IS DUE.' rr ! WHAT ]l TIP SO.-SED ALLUVGULD I AS TfJE BABY WHO AIMED AND A COW VERSIOSI ?

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