The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 24, 1936 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 24, 1936
Page 6
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P*AGE SIX j-' t ' k Oseeola ', Society'—Personal i 'Es>al Senlce Program* '' The 'nole of Thanksgiving nnd - * praise was prominent In the Nov'•" imber missionary meeting of the • ' Baptist W, M U. at the home of '_' Mil;,A ^Glascoe and Mrs, DIcX BLYT.7RVn,T.K (AKK.) COURIER NEWS Safety Play Wins; Declarer Refuses to Attempt Finesse sesterday afternoon. , Thlrt>-stx members and visitors ,' vcie present During the business session, iMrs ! E • li Cole, president, stressed the school of missions to '" begin Sunday with t the Rev. J. ' Walton Mcoie of Chefoo, C/aina, • ; • in chaigo. Mrs. Frank Williams, '"* JijEpjtal chairman, announced a canned fruit shower for the Ba'p- ,' tut- State hospital would be re- j" cclvcd nl the home of Mrs. Tucker "- tcday and.-tomorrow. , An infoimathe program on "Gar Chrlslmns offering In Kingdom Building" was led by Mrs Burlon A pageant entitled, Contents of an EnvelojK," t«lllng where the 1935 offering of f K.CCO given by Southern Enp- t women and joung people was ttsed, was given by Mines. L Ilow- B n, W. P, Hale, Divight Black- xid, William Stewart, Roy Dil- laidr J T Rhoad5, Ida Tucker fmd F M Songster, • , i A Christmas story, ' Trailing a Chiistmas Etuelope," was Imprcss- ' , £cly told by Mis. Hnle Jackson ' ^our new members were enrolled; Jt Mrs. f. M. Bannister arid Mrs. D. A Ocnti-y, Mrs A L Boycc /orm- > y qtly of Wilson, and Mrs M. A Carter of Los Angeles, Cal, who is heie to spend the winter with , lier sister, Mrs J. D. Boiuin. -_•• Methodist Circles Meet - ^Circle A met at the home Of P& W B Flnnnlgan, clminnan. •' Plans were discussed for a tea lo •' gV given New Years Day at the of Mis. Flannlgan, hotiorlnij ]af new brides of the church. Ciicle B was entertained at the ,' home of Mrs Hoy Watlei* wllh , Mmex O W Kntslit, W. T. Pot. LOT, ° N. Pace, and J. L Glascoe ns joint hostesses - £!? rlrs ' °l !lsco <! led the lesson . Irgm the mission study book on 1 " ' uie American Negio. - SMrs L M Spnnn and Mtss v NfWe Oray weie new members. Thajiksghing visitors Hero _Visitora from \arlous states will , spend the holidajs with rclittUu " and tilends heic. Mrs Vnl Camp-, bell and son, James Wallace, of ' McCleanstoro, III, and Mr and Mrs. T. N Joidan nnd son, Tom- inle Nick, of Mt Vernon, III, will L be the guests of their mother and '• gtandniothcr, Mrs W B. Flannl- , 'Mrs. Louis Miller and son, Har-» at Tulanc University New Or \ty of Pint River, Mo, .arrived '"mis, with whom she'is to. spend } 5 Monday to spend the week with the week end ' ' '. Mrs. Miller's parents, Mr > Mrs Adolph Welnberg. *~ .Madeline Ellen Edrlngton, who f-iff a. senior at Qulf Pnrk college, ^ qulfport, Miss, ^iu arrive In , Memphis eaily Thiirsdny moinlng and will be met by her pnrenis, ,.- Mi. and Mrs John W. Edilngton _She will bring with hei three ^classmates' Billle Mclntyrc of 11 Chicago, Jane Strosnjder, Wichita, - Knn, and Constance Geneva of DCS Moines, Iowa •> Joyce Toinpklns, sophomore at V Union University, Jackson, Tenn, THll bring with her Miss Davy • Jtmes of Ridgely anil Fred Lewis of Humboldt, as hei guests, 'Dr and Mrs C Hariell Jones of ^ Houston, Texas; Miss Ethel Jones - freshman at Baylor University' Waco, Texas, nnd Mks Louise Jbnes of Meniplils will arrive Ijtrursday monnng to spend the It)- WST. K. .MoKEN'NEV Secretary, American Hrldge League Bridge players liiive learned, by the slow process Of trial and error, that certain combinations of cards call lor , plays < differing nllghtly froin the stereotyped huncillnj of a suit For Instance, It Is almost automatic for a player holding acc- quecn and a number of .small cards In a suit to lead the suit A J10 2 V Q 0 8 4KQ54 A 5 4 2 A AQ087 V None « 10987 + K Q 7 3 ItB . '' V A K J 7 6 3 2 ' » C32 4-10 Duplicate—N. & S; vul. South West Norlli Kast 1 V Kiss 2» 24 3V 3« -IV 4 A P.ns Vt\*i , Uotiblc Pass P^i i'nss : . l-*10. asj from the opposite hand and finesse the queen, if the king lias not been played. This play sometimes gains a-trick, but there are many times when It will lose. Thus, with ,a combination like A-Q-9-8-6 In one hand and 5-1-3 in the other, one trick in the suit must be lost, regardless of how the fHo cards are held in (ho opposing hands, because the king, jack nnd ten a're missing. If thcie aic enough entries In the hand with the small cards, the best play Is not to finesse, but to lay down the ace, then enter dummy nnd lead a curd'toward the queen, deciding on the subsequent play by the card played second hand. It was knowledge of the added veck end with their parents, Mr and Mrs. n, H. Jones. « • * Cox Is quite 111 at Ills .home north of town. Mrs P. S Scmmes, Mrs. Maggie Bni biers and children. Ann Scm- mes and Buddy, will leave this afternoon for Baton Rouge, La., to be the guests of their sou nnd brother, Murray- Semmes and family Tljcy were accompanied by Miss Catherine Harwell who Is to be met there by her .brother, Mnllory Harwell, medical student - Mr. and Mrs. j.-L. Ward drove to Mena today/for n visit with their daughter, jMrs, Louis nw and Mr, Gwnllney. Mrs J W.'-Wright of Blythe- vllie who hns been quite III for the past two weeks at the homo of her daughter,. Mrs. E. R. Reid Is soineivluit improved. ' Clarence Qilgsby and Thuunoiul WE HAVE SECURED THE SERVICES OF AN •EXPERIENCED RADIO MECHANIC who will guarantee, to repair ^ur radio to flust class condition. A Complete Line of Tubes and Paris - - Hcs| p r | ccs Hubbard Tire & Hat. Co. Phone 476 i»>\ I •!» NEW 1937 STUDEBAKER element of safely through the play of the ace first that enabled East lo' make his contract on today'.s hand. North's bid o( two diamonds was'madj merely lo show his partner that lie had some strength. His subsequent double was highly speculative. East won tile opening .club lead In hl.s own hand. U was a marked rlngl?lon, and showed Oiat South had at least two trumps; otherwise, he would not attempt to get a, ruff wll'i one of them, East then laid down ihe ace of spades, and led n diamond to dummy. This was won with the ace, and a lo',s- sp^dc was returned. North played the ten. East played the elglit, and South won v.'ltli Hie king. Thereafter, North and South won two diamond tricks, and East made ills contract as a result of his trump .safety play. Even If South had a singleton trump, whether If was tile king or not, the play could not lose; l>ut with the .singleton or doubleton king, the safety play gains a trick. . . .v-ifi Toilay'o Contract Problem North's contract Is four sp;ides, doubled. Every bit of his combined strength must be utilized if lie is lo make game. Therefore, entries Irom one hand to the other arc im|ior- Innl.- Can he lake 10 Irk'ks? 'A A J 10 3 V 10 9 8 « A K. 9 8 7 • * .1 4 Q 9 S 4 2 VQJ72 » 1UCG Theater, pnrllnlly destroyed by fire Friday night. ' ; ' Mrs. Joe Ashabranncr, who visited friends and relatives in Manila for jscveral weeks, relumed to her home in Pontiac, Mich, .asl Saturday. Slic wa.s accompanied by Miss Alma. Asliabranncr who will visit in'l'onlino and He- .roll for n few days. Announcement nas "oecn received iicrc Ihut Kugene Mathews of i-iuie i(«k, fonnerly of Manila will marry Miss Mildred Vouch on Thur.Mlny. MLss Vaugh, of Mor- rlllon nnd Little Rock, Is a tcach- Keforc Vou Buy Any imlhoni-i! . Hte llw NEPTUNE-': Z n. l>. SlngJe Cjl. (Oilier Stzes lo IB H. p.) IHI'UUrW TIRR & BATTKHY CO. A 8 7 5 V None » J42 •&AQJQ87G None vul. Opener— V K. . Solution in ncxl issue. • 25 Morrison attended the Ole Mlss- Misslsslppi state game at Oxford Saturday. Manila Society — Personal 'Mr. and Mrs. ciaibora Tipton of Monelte and Miitt Shannon of Caraway spent Simclay in Manila Mr. Tluton nnd Mr. Shannon are here helping to repair the New Open All Night HOAI) AND WKKCKKR SKRVICK i Phone 633 Tom Little Chevrolet Co or of French and English In Hie lilgh fchool In North Little Rock. Mi'. Mathews .practices law .In Little Rock.. The marriage will be pe.-formed In Morrillon at the home of VaugJi's parents. Mr. and Mm. Everton Blxler of Memphis'nrc visiting Mr. Blxlcr's mother, Mrs. Claud Crain of Manila. A Star Quilt, made by Mrs. fj. W. Tipton of Manila and pic- $25 Reward FCIl nETURN OH INFORMATION LEADING TO HETURN OF 1935 4-door deluxe Ford sedan, black wilh Ivory wheels, radio, healer equipped. Motor No. 1007275, Missouri slate number, 310593, .stolen Monday night, o o'clock. D.I.CLARK STEELE, MO. , PHONE 11 ANNOUNCING AN OPENING In this territory • • AN OPPORTUNITY FOR THE MAN WHO CAN SELL For details address JEFF MAKMON SUN LIFE of CANADA 1717 Stcrick Bldg. Memphis, Tenn. Ec-nted to Mr. and Mrs. Clalborn Tipton of Monette, won Arst prl/« in the Buffalo Island Pair Iherc ' NOVRMRBR 24, 193fi Alvin snmi vrm. i < pmchasl g new enni' „ , New Theatre qP1Cllt ' "i uie uunaio isianu ^aiv ihcrc Insf week. Mrs. Tipton said .she] spent' two months making the n.>- ~ quilt. J « e nli >» who invented the M^^. W. Tipton and son, 11^^'tnoS ^ ^ Ctrl Operates Air Ta\! SYDNEY <UP>— Miss Miry Bradford, Sydney girl, who holds a commercinl pilot's license, tins opened a one-plane alr-tnxl ssrv- ice hero, she is the second Sydney woman to engage In Hie- business! Avoid the penalties of Motor Enemy No. 1 CRT THIS 7- POINT PROTECTION FOR WINTER 1 CRANKGASE: Drain dirly summer oil and refill with correct winter grade of Jilobiloil lo assure quicker slatlina anil inslaut lubrication to nil purls of llic motor during-coldest wcalher. 2 TRANSMISSION: Drain heavy summer lubncnnl and refill u-ilti correct itinlcr grade o( ,Mobil Gear Oil to llml gears will shift easily. 3 DIFFERENTIAL: Drain cl il[y summer In- ;l>ricanl and refill with'correct -winter "radc nt Muliil Gcnr Oil. 4 CHASSIS: Mobiliilmcatc thoroughly wiili,vii>. ler Mol>il»re3«cs according to Chek-Cliarl recommendations; siibmil detailed inspection rqiurl. 5 GASOLINE: Fill fuel i a ,,t wi ,h rniick-^n. ing winter Mobilgas. 6 RADIATOR: Clean radiator will, Kadi- u ' . ','? r «"'«vc t'.reasc, rust and sediment. 1 lit in Mobil I-reewme if necessary. 7 BATTERY: Cf.eek baiter,-; fill will, distilled ualer; rem&ve coriosion and grease terminals. Buy at Ihe Sign of the Flying Red Horse! O IMC.-Maitnoliii 7'ctrolciim Co. B-WP-1G .AMERICA' » FA V O RJJTE_^G AS Q L , N E A N D ffl O T O R OIL THINGS TO LOOK FOR WHEN YOU'RE BUYING CLOTHING Tlicwidtii of the scntn »n<I the fincrclosc. stiIdling prove good tntloring. CHICKEN A lender chicken has n fte.vihle hrcasl lumo. GLASSWARE High grade glassware gives ottt n musical ring vhcn rappct! shnr^>ly. .. * A*d when buying WHISKEY fa two. the Wt>d STUDEBAKER DEFLATES CAS MILEAGE CLAIMS! Without ovcrdnvc, the Studcbakcr Dicu- tor showed 17.19P miles per gallon-which is better than one of th= two most popular, lowest priced cars. STUDEBAKER'S CHALLENGE! No otlur itondonl mok. 'of tar con b.ol Ihi OQ> «illm9t»f lh« Dictofor xguipped with automot.c ov.rd,!,, ! n Hw hcndl if lh« ^v.rog. driy.f undtr entmary conailront BROADWAY SALES, Inc. - Blytheville, Ark. 1. THE TYPE OF WHISKEY . . . BLEND OR STRAIGHT 2. THE "PROOF" . . . Those statements on the, label nrc. dependable guides to the kind of whiskey you want. In n straight whiskey, "proof" is a most i, n - Iiorlnnl thing lo look for. It's ihp. measure of strength ami, hence, n measure oC vainu. Hnl BRAND some people assume I lint a straight vhiskey at full slrcnglli, 100 proof, lacks smoothness. Every rule hits its exceptions. We believe . and ever-mounting sales seem to prove . . . that Old Mr. Boston Straight Whiskey is a nolnblc exception . .. n full, 100 proof Straight Whiskey thai j s ns honey-smooth ns any straight whiskey you have ever tasted. I'm- a Imllle of 100 proof straight whiskey tonight for extra value .. . nnd for extra smoothness he sure lo ask for Old Mr. Boston. «N BUSK. INC.. BOSTON. MASS. 80UR30N CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP MAIN & . j, * ' ¥ • •* * * i»J Ik 1J • A *** A A W IT DIVISION Larries A Complete^Stock of the Above Products

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