Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 8, 1891 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, May 8, 1891
Page 3
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f >,-*\<si Delicious Mince Pie in 20 Mi ANY T-nVTR OP THE YEAE. NEW ENGLAKD In paper boxes; enough for two largo pics. Always ready; easily prepared. CLEAN, WHOLESOME, CONVENIENT. SOLD BY ALL GROCERS. Try Pryr's NEW SYRUP, CRUSHED VIOLETS! finest Soda in trie City. FREE READING ROOM, Open Daily and Evening, 321 Pearl Street. Welcome to.All. Real Estate. For Sale orTrade In all parts of Logansport. 3 Residence and Business]property. Sole Agents for the "West End Addition." And Johnson's Riverside Addition. Vacant Lots,.-on Monthly^Payments. Bargains in lands close to city. E, N. Talbott & Son, Real Estate Broker, St. Elmo Block. Broadwav $1,000 REWAKD. To THE CITIZENS OF LOGANSPORT: Our competitors in the cement sidewalk business have again started the scandalous report that we are n ot using Portland cement on our sidewalk contracts. We will pay the above reward to any one who can prove that we are not now or ever have been using anything but the best Portland cement on all sidewalk work. The Portland cement we use Is the best that can be procured In this or foreign country. M. MICHAELS & SON. apr26dlm BICTif GLES In AH Styles and at All Prices. Boy's Safeties from $10 np to $60. Men's Safeties from $45 up to $135. We handle tbe Tlctor, Credenda, Giant and Crescent Cycles. An? wheel In the market furnished at lowest prlees. We are sole agents for the $15 and $20 Odell and Merritt Typewriters and the SCO National and $100 International Writing Machines. Oxford Singer Sewing Machines from $15 up to S49. Agents wanted. Liberal discount. LouisvilleCycle andTypewriterCo. 231 Jefferson St., Louisville, Ky. Daily Journal. FRIDAY MORNING, MAY 8. Beecham's Pills cures sick head ache. d6t Use J. B, L. Blood and Liver Tonic. eod&w Monticello flour, §2.00 per hundred, at Foley's. The Gondola cigar will always leave a pleasant taste. mayodSt It you want to ornament your face, smoke a Gondola cigar. mayodGt For sale cheap, Cresent safety bicycle. Call at 417 Market St. mayodSt Wanted, .a good boy to take care of horse! Inquire at Journal office. mayodSt Do you want the best 5-cent cigar? If so, smoke the Gondola, at ILE. Pryor's. may5d6t THAT HACKING COUGH can be so quickly cured by Shiloh's Cure. We guarantee it. Sold by B. F.. Kees ling l Joker.tobacco, 20 cents, at Foley's. Pine apples were never .so cheap. See Foley. Wanted, live hogs Toy W. C. Routh the packer. mch24wtf Early Rose seed potatoes, $1.25 per bushel.—Foley. If you want a cigar that will please you, try a Gondola. mayodGt Must^ell all spring wraps Saturday.—Golden Rule. Mayor Cullen returned yesterday from a weeks trip east. Son. S. P. Thompson of Rensselaer was in the city yesterday. John A. 'Shackleford and Laura E. Buchanan are licensed to wed. Special low prices to-day on black dress goods and black silks.—Golden Rule. The Star cigar is a strict Union cigar, manufactured by C. J. Hildebrandt. t We will devote this day of our spe3 cialty to black dross goods and silks. —Golden Rule. SHILOH'S CURE will ^immediately relieve croup, whooping cough and bronchitis Sold by B. F. Kees^ ling 8 SLEEPLESS NIGHTS made mise-able by that terrible cough. Shiloh's Cure is the remedy for you.- Sold by B. F Keesling. 2 Biliousness, constipatioa, torpid liver, etc., cured by Miles' Nerve and Liver Pills. Free samples at B. F- Keesling's. (3) Wanted, every lady in Logansport to know that B. F. Keesling sells famous '-Blush of Roses" for the complexion. 2 Short breath, palpitation, pain in chest, weak or.faint spells, etc., cured by Dr. Miles 1 New Heart Cure. Sold at B. F. Keesling's . -^)' Nervous debility, poor memory, diffidence, sexual weakness, pimples cured by Dr. Miles' Nervine. Samples free at k F. Keesling's. (6) Call and see the elegant line of wooden pumps at Jshn J. Hildebrandt's, the Pearl street plumber Something new in this line. ,, Yes, "Blush of Roses" looks like water. Is it water? Ask B. F. Keesling, he can tell you more about it than any other druggist in Logansport. 9— Mrs. Joseph LaOrange, of the South Side, was called to Peru this week to attend the funeral of her uncle, Mr. Matthew Busart, who had many friends in this city. George Linton has purchased a late improved well machine for drilling in rock or surface, and is prepared to drill wells- any shape or at any depth on short notice. Orders promptly attended to. Give him a call. may6d6tw4t W. S. Pittman, grand secretary of the National retail clerks protective association has received an invitation to attend a grand ball to be given by the clerks association of Indianapolis in Tomlinson's hall on the evening of the 30th inst. The Military band went to Winamac last evening where they gave their very excellent musical musical and comedy performance to the entire satisfaction of a large audience. The "boys have met with unbounded favor wherever they, have given their ' 'show" and the announcement that the performynce will be given here shortly is received with pleasure by the friends of the band. The funeral of Mrs. Lousiana Frankbouse Burnett will take place at the Market street M. E. church.; of which the deceased was a member, this afternoon at 2 o'clock, services by Rev. W. S. Boston. The cortege will leave the residence of Pierce Richardson, 708 Twelfth street at 1:30. The remains will be interred in Mt Hope cemetery under the auspices of .•: the Chosen Friends of which order Mrs. Burnett was a valued member. Tuesday's election, showing a., fair and square majority for Mr. Read, it would naturally be supposed that he ought to have the office without question. But it looks as though the 'Republicans were not disposed to give up, although honestly beaten. They think,seriously of raking up a technicality, with the hope of getting an office to which they, are in no, way entitled.—Pharos, There will be no contest of technicalities. The fifty-five ballots cannot be inspected unless a contest is filed. If Mr. .Webster.has ballots thrown out which would elect him he should have ,hem counted for him. •Luther T. Brown, a life prisoner at Michigan City, was paroled by the governor Mondiy. Brown was sent from Madison county, in 1885 for .the murder of Eli B. Cummins. The two men were rivals for the hand of a pretty girl, and had two fights in consequence. Brown was badly whipped in the first of these affrays, but in the/ second he stabbed Cummins. The plea is that there was strong provocation for the deed, Brown having been humiliated by his rival before a 'company ot- young people, whereat, his temper got the best of him and a fight ensued with the above noted result. A Painful Accident. Frank. Ubl, son of Dennis Uhl, • a student at the High School, became deeply interested in a series of chemical experiments which Prof. Dougla has been conducting before the class and he determined to try some of the interesting experiments himself, so procuring some chemicals began a series of labratory demonstrations at his home last eveniog. One of these experiments brought into use a considerable quantity of caustic potash, which combined with other chemicals and put in water produces an explosion. Frank prepared Ms stuff, and becoming impatient at the delayed acion stirred the mixture,'; when the explosion occurred, dashing the fiery stuff iato his face and eyes, literally filling his eyes full. The pain he suffered was intense, and for some hours last night he was really wild with pain. Dr. Ballard gave the young chemist prpper attention and succeeded in removing the corrosive stuff from his eyes. It is thought his eyes will not be permanently impaired, but they will be badly inflamed and very sensitive for some time, It was indeed a disastrous experiment. It was Ben Johnson, we believe, who, when asked Malloch's question. "Is life worth living?" replied, "That, depends on the liver." And Ben Johnson doubtless saw the double point to the pun. The liver active—quick—life rosy, everything bright, mountains of trouble melt like mountains of snow. The liver sluggish— life dull, everything blue, molehills of worry rise into mountains of anxiety, and a result—sick headache, dizziness, constipation. Two ways are open. Cure permanently, or relieve temporarily. Take a pill and suffer, or take a pill and get well. Shock the system by an overdose, or coax it by a mild, pleasant way. Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets are the mild means. .They work effectively, without pain, and leave the system strong. One, little, sugar-coated pellet is enough, although a whole vial costs but 25 cents. Mild, gentle, soothing and healing is Dr. Sage's Catarrh 'Remedy. Only 50 cents; by druggists. A Beautiful Service. St. John's commandery Knights Templar observed Ascension day in a beautiful manner at the Broadway M. E. church last night. The Comman- dery in full uniform marched to the church headed by theK. P. band, and were joined there by Masons and their families, the church being crowded.. The beautiful ritual of the Knights Templar was followed out led by Rev. J.E. Norris. and responses were made by the Commandery which remained standing during the beautifully impressive ceremony. After this formal service a strong; sermon appropriate to the occasion was delivered by Rev. Norris who is a Knight Templar and whose able sermon reviewed the order in each of 1 its degrees. The ceremony was exceedingly interesting and was followed with the closest attention by the large audience. Buby's Miraculous Escape. The south bound Vandalia train last Saturday, which leaves here at 2:40 in the afternoon, when running at full speed, near Frankfort, struck a baby that had crawled upon tbe track. The baby was knocked from the track over a fence and into a field, and when the train stopped and backed up the child was found to be more astonished than hurt. The baby was taken to its home and the conductor sent for a physician. The train then proceeded, and when Frankfort was reached the conductor received a dispatch from the doctor stating that when he arrived the baby was asleep and did not seem to be very much injured from itB collision with a locomotive. Will They Fight A grain? The friends .and backers of Lew Allen state that they are ready to divide the gate receipts resulting from the late fight,at Tyner City on even terms with-'Hammer,- and leave the stake money where it is as a forfeit for any part of $1,000 for a fight with two-ounce globes, to be fought at any time the backers of. Hammer may name, says the. Michigan City Dispatch. In case the latter can not raise the stated amount Cory, .the second of Allen, states that Allen is ready and anxious to meet Hammer, at ny time and fight it out for the present stake and gate receipts, now in the hands of the stakeholder. Notice to Choiien FrlcnDi. You are requested to meet at Logan Council Hair to-day at I p. m. prompt to attend .the funeral of Friend Mrs. Burnett. All Friends in good standing are invited to attend. By order of H. BROOKUEYER, Jr., G. C. JAS.'WALKLIN, Sec'y. Harry Frank's:contest for the most popular-locomotive engineer in tbe city the same to be decided by a vote of his patrons.-ia attracting much attention and the voting' promises to be spirited. ~A. Family, of Stayers. Uncle Daniel Eedd. despite o£ his 84 years, has ]ust completed a job ol work which would do credit to any ol the younger men Of the city. In pace with the Improvements ordered on the sidewalks, Uncle Dan concluded to do his own .sidewalk work, nnd In pursuance ot this resolution tore np the brick pavement which hud stood In front at his residence on North street ior the. past uarter ol a century and put In a new brick ' walk unaided. Although not as young as lie used to be, Undo Dan Is good for any ordinary brick wa.k 3 T ot. —Logansport .journal. The venerable gentle whose name figures in the above paragraph is a cousin of the editor of the Tribune. He has always kept a good' political conscience, having- been a Republican ever since there was a Republican party. He has never had any bricks in his hat, has always preserved a well-regulated manhood, and the result is what the above indicates. The blood that Hows in his veins, Hows also in ours, and our free trade friends may take notice therefore that we expect still to be fighting their heresies many years from now.—New Albany Tribune. The Elkhart Review mentions the case of an Elkhart merchant who sold rugs to a stranger for $6 each. A few days afterwards the stranger returned for more rugs and still later returned for a third supply The merchant's curiosity was aroused to know what he could be doing with so many rugs and he watched the stranger, and by making a few inquiries learned that he had been peddling them about the city and selling them for $1U each to the gullible housewives. People are usually swindled in buying of strangers and especially peddlers. There is more Catarrh in this section ol! the country thin all other-diseases put together, and until the last Jew years was supposed to be Incur- 'able. For a great many doctors pronounced It a, local disease.and prescribed local remedles.and by constantly tailing to cure with local treatment, pronourued it Incurable. Science has proven catarrh to be a constitutional disease, and therefore requires constitutional treatment. Hall's Catarrh Cure, manufactured by F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, Ohio, Is the only constitutional cure on tbe market. It is taken Internally In doses from 10 drops to a teaspoonful. It acis directly upon the blood a>d mucous surfaces of the system. They oiler one bund red dollars lor any case It falls to cure. Sand for circulars and testimonials. Address, K. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, 0. Ei9~Sold by Druggists, 75c. woman my seiA^and a Woman may spin, And a Woman may WorfC all day, ButLv/lied g^TA(L^u^p comes into her nouse Then vanish all troubles aWay. ORANGE BLOSSOM A POSITIVE CURE FOR ALL FEMALE DISEASES. CYMDTflM? 1 Atlred, lansmdfeelinff. low spirited and despondent, with no appv 0 1 lii I I U HI O L reutcause. Indication, headache, pains in the back, pains across the lower part of bowels. G reat soreness in rejfiou«. t ovaries, Bladder difficulty, Frequent urina- tions Leucorrhcea, Constipation of bowels, and with all these svmptoms a terrible nervous- feeling-is experienced by tho patient. THK OBANGJS BLOSSOM T.RKAT-MENT removes all these by a thorough process of absorption. A I DPAI APPI IPATIHN P ? rl ' ecl '5' lna . rmless '.?' llio .'?. ever yl 3 ^y c!lnusi3 il l et'sclf. Med- ines taken internally will ne?er relieve the many forms of female weakness. The remedy must bo applied to the parts to obtain permanent relief. A DI AIM TAI V TO I A niCP in our circular. Ask you i-drug-gist for one. orsendturo TLAI 11 1 ML1\ |U LnUILOccnt stamp to home office for sample box and circular. EVERY LADY CAN TREAT HERSELF. O. B. Pile Remedy. $1.00 FDR ONE MONTH'S TREATMENT. O. B. Stomach Powder.. 0. B. Catarrh. Cure. -PREPARED BY— O. B. Kidney Corteo. J. A. McCILL, M. D., & CO., 2 & 4 PANORAMA PLACE, eHUAGO.JLU FOR SALE BY B . F . KEESLISG and JOK\STON BROS. feblOd&WlJ ALL ABOARD HARRY FRANK'S EXCURSION! Our Business Bazoo Must not be permitted to get rusty for want of exercise, so Here She G-oes! WE WILL EXPLAIN: Every purchaser of 50c and. uDward is entitled to a guess on the number of beans in the jar in our show window. The t>erson guessinor the nearest to the exact number of beans, will be presented with a First-Class Round-Trip Ticket With Sleemng- Car Accommodation, to any -ooint in the STATES BORDERING INDIANA. Here is a grand chance to visit Detroit, Cleveland, Columbus, Chicago, Louisville, Mammoth Cave, A euees for each 50c allowed. Desirinp- to show our aiDDreciation of the great Brotherhood ot Engineers, we will also give a handsome suit of clothes to the , Most Popular Engineer, With headquarters in Logansx)ort. You can vote as you choose. All guesses and votes deposited in locked casket. Come at once to the enterprising clothier. HARRY FRANK, "To Be Sure, Who Says "He Is In It" " v;

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