Tucson Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on August 20, 1990 · 2
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Tucson Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · 2

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Monday, August 20, 1990
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J 2A Tucson Citizen Monday August 20 1990 17-year trail ends for agent ' j Continued from 1A has worked a number of odd jobs in several states In 1982 he became a suspect in the rape and slaying of Hilda Roche 42 in Alexandria Va Barker was a new “social acquaintance” of the woman Bagley said Barker has been the only suspect in that murder and is wanted for questioning there Posted bond in Las Vegas On Sept 7 1984 Barker was arraigned in Las Vegas for three bank robberies Before it was realized that police in other jurisdictions were looking for him he posted bond and fled Barker has not been seen since Barker almost perfectly fits a psychological profile of Shaner’s killer compiled in 1973 by behavioral psychologists at the FBI academy in Virginia Bagley said The psychologists theorized the killer was a man between the ages of 25 and 35 He was a self-centered braggart who had no close friends He was either not married or had a 1 loose relationship with a wife who “fooled around” He was a calculating individual who knew exactly what he had done and did not ex- - pect the body would be found ' The killer the psychologists theorized would lash out violently ' after his ego had been injured I Barker fits killer’s profile ’ After talking to family members and acquaintances and tracing a sketchy trail Bagley determined t Barker fit that profile While at the fort Barker dated a ! few women “go-go girl types” but ” never was successful in his rela- tionships Bagley said He ap-parently had never been married and hadn’t developed any close friendships that Bagley could find “He was a loner who just dropped out of sight” Bagley said Bagley does not have enough evi- dence to know if Barker is a likely 1' suspect in the Shaner killing But Barker is his strongest lead and 3 the investigator has been waiting to talk to him for seven years I But the 1 7-year trail is ending for Bagley After 27 years with the FBI he is retiring next month One of the I hardest things for him to leave be-: hind will be the case of Leesa Jo Shaner Thousands interviewed Bagley and other agents inter-' viewed thousands of people throughout the world in connection with the murder Psychics were t called in Just about every sex killer across the country has been ' checked out 1 Infamous serial killer Ted Bundy 1 was a suspect but was cleared when credit card receipts from gas stations proved he was in the Seat-tie area at the time of the murder ' “We looked at every bad guy anybody who killed someone or ' raped someone” Bagley said The recently washed car Shaner was driving was thoroughly 1 checked out and only three un- known prints were found One was a partial palm print and the other ‘ two were partial fingerprints Over the next year prints of all the men working at Fort Huachuca 'were compared to those prints with no luck Believed stationed at base But Bagley said that does not rule out the theory that the killer was stationed at the base He said the prints were poor quality and may not have belonged to the killer After 17 years one theory sticks ' firmly in Bagley’s mind He believes one or two Army men may have been cruising around tdwn looking for trouble They may have seen Shaner at a stoplight as she neared the airport or they may have already been in the parking lot 'when they spotted her j Bagley believes the killer or killers were driving a van or another vehicle where it would be easy to conceal a struggling woman I The abduction was quick he believes The woman probably had just gotten out of her father’s car and was reaching to roll up the window when she was attacked Two men involved? ' He believes two men may have been needed to keep Shaner quiet ' “She was a spunky gal” Bagley said “She wouldn’t have cooperated” - Bagley said Shaner’s father for-'mer Tucson FBI special agent James Miller had taught his daughters what to do if attacked ‘ Bagley said he believes the killer or killers were stationed at Fort Huachuca Anyone entering the fort passed a guard shack and would either have a window sticker or would have to be known by a guard lo pass without stopping for inspection Bagley said anyone not associated with the fort would be too intimidated to pick that spot to bury Someone he had just killed Shaner was buried in a shallow grave in an area off-limits at night but by day it was a rifle range picnic grounds and a place for hikers Heavy summer rains and coyotes uncovered Shaner’s almost totally decayed remains Rural prices skyrocketing Continued from 1A XAVIER GALLEGOSTucson Citizen Lawrence H Bagley is retiring as an FBI agent after 17 years of hunting for Leesa Jo Shaner’s killer information along to investigators in other cities Bagley believes the person who raped and killed Shaner is not the kind of man who would only kill once He said of all the possible suspects interviewed over the years he saw half a dozen as likely suspects But Bagley said there was never enough evidence to arrest anyone Bagley keeps in touch with-Shaner’s family Her father has retired and lives in Colorado Gary Shaner has remarried and is living-in Oregon The Shaner’s two’ children are 19 and 17 They were 2 years old and 5 weeks old at the time of their mother’s murder Shaner’s father used to clip out news articles about killers and send them to Bagley That stopped some time back Death haunts Shaner’s father “It bothers him a lot” Bagley said “He took this very hard He kept thinking he should have gone with her that night But she wanted to go alone” Bagley said even though he is retiring every time he hears of a sex killer in another state he will wonder if maybe that could be Shaner’s killer And he probably will cut out the news articles and send them to the agent taking over the case But when that agent retires a few years down the line Bagley fears that unless an arrest is made soon the case will die Of all his cases Bagley wishes this one had been solved “It’s an unfinished task" he said of 17 years of work “But we can’t feel that we didn’t do everything we could We never stopped working it It has just gone on and on and on - WANTED — This is a 1984 photo of Gregory Richard Barker who- is wanted for questioning in the slaying of Leesa Jo Shaner The FBI has “aged" the photo and this is how it believes he looks today AaA 43 Height: 5 foot 7 Weight: 205 pounds Hair: Brown 1 Unusual features: scar on right shoulder jagged scar above both eyes surgical scars on both knees Birthplace: Chicago Aliases: Greg Barker Bob Patterson Social Security ' number 120-38-5040 Last seen: Sept 7 1 984 in Las Vegas Sex believed motive Bagley is sure the woman was murdered for sex Her purse was left in the car and her diamond wedding ring remained on her hand Experts believe Shaner was strangled because there was no sign of stab wounds or bullet marks on the bones -" Shaner’s disappearance made the front pages of both local newspapers from the beginning The case remained highly publicized and tips poured in from ail over the country Some were quickly abandoned Others Bagley feels were probably on target One call that still haunts Bagley came from a pay phone in a low-rent district in Detroit The call came to Shaner’s father at the FBI office A man told him “I know who killed Lisa Kaner (sic)” ’Best lead’ got away Miller tried to get the very nervous man to talk but he was afraid to say anything over the FBI phone Miller convinced the man to call him at home and he rushed out But by the time Miller arrived home the man already had called He never called again Bagley believes that call could have solved the case He thinks it came from someone who the killer had confessed to While many tips came from people who apparently got their information from newspapers this caller did not have Shaner’s name right as he would if he had gotten his information from the paper After the call was traced to Detroit all men at Fort Huachuca with ties to Michigan were checked Nothing came of that “I think somebody involved told this guy” Bagley said ’ Bagley said he keeps a close eye on sex killers across the country When he hears of a case he sends of the picturesque town of Patagonia The lone gas station there Patagonia Texaco is charging $139 for a gallon of regular full-service unleaded The station does not offer self-serve gas “My husband went there for gas a few days ago saw the price and just refused to pay it He was highly incensed” said Brown “So we went to Nogales to buy groceries and filled up the car and a five-gallon can for 10 cents a gallon less And that’s how we’re going to do it until things get better around here ’No telling where it’s going’ “But with this emergency (in the Mideast) there’s no telling where it’s going to go” Although the couple are retired Brown’s husband still works as a cowboy and a painter at ranches in the area But area residents living on retirement income only “are getting hurt” by the gas prices she said “What you see is people walking a lot more around town” Brown said “We have a lot of retired people who live near the poverty level here but many of them either don’t have cars or are using them a lot -less right now” The owner of Patagonia Texaco said he is sorry he had to raise his prices so high and said he is “hoping it’ll go down” but added he has no way of knowing which way the prices will go in weeks to come ‘Lot of complaints’ “We’ve had a lot of complaints but many people seem to understand why this is happening and that it is not our decision to do this” said Jay Weddle “Not all of the anger it directed at us” Ten miles up the road at the grassland crossroads known as Sonoita the best deal around — $1289 for a gallon of full-serve regular unleaded (no self-serve is offered) — can be had at Newt’s Tire Comer the only service station in that area ' That’s a jump of 10 cents over pre-crisis prices said the station owner who would identify himself only as “Newt” ‘Just treading water’ “I should have hiked it 15 cents to make a profit At this price I’m just treading water” said Newt “I’m the last of the original nice guys" 'What you see is people walking a lot more around town' — Mildred Brown Patagonia resident Newt said the only complaints he’s heard about his prices are that “I’m not charging enough” “They know I should be banking more” he declared Nevertheless gas prices hovering around $130 a gallon as in Sonoita and nearby Sierra Vista Steady in Tombstone “We’re used to seeing gas prices about 10 cents higher than it is in Tucson but now it’s almost 20 cents higher That’s absurd” But things get even worse as you drive farther south and east through southern Arizona By the time you get to the quaint old mining town of Bisbee a gallon of full-serve regular unleaded has hit $1419 — up 11 cents in recent weeks — and $ 1 3 19 for self-serve — up 12 cents Up another three cents “I’ve already been called and told it’s going up another three cents by the end of the week” said an employee at Dunlap Chevron in Bisbee now selling regular full-serve unleaded gas for $1419 (no self-serve offered) “That’s a sure thing It’s in the works” Both tourists and Bisbee residents are expressing their anger and frustration at such prices but not at the station owners for a change said another Bisbee gas station employee “They usually blame us but not this time” said Pete Oiler at San Jose Chevron in Bisbee selling regular self-serve unleaded for $1319 “They want to shoot the big oil companies’" have outraged such country dwellers as longtime Sonoita resident and store owner Bill LeTarte He said “Phooey I’m not going to buy any more gas at these prices as a way of protesting I’ll get gas in Tucson when I have to go up there” Convinced of price-gouging But rumors out in the town too tough to die Tombstone about 70 miles from Tucson say prices are going to at least hold steady and maybe drop slightly in the next few weeks “That’s what we’re hearing tut it’s nothing official” said Jean Sullivan co-owner of Tombstone LeTarte sold gas at his small Son- Chevron where regular self serye oita store for years but is out of that unleaded is being sold for $1329 business now He is convinced there is a lot of price-gouging and profiteering going on in rural Arizona that not all of the price increases are beyond the control of the station owners as most claim “There have been a lot of complaints almost fistfights over what’s going on out here” he said We’ll believe it when we see it” A town of tourists and many retirees Tombstone will suffer it prices go higher said Sullivan “It is the retired people who are especially concerned and worried about what is going to happen” she said “They really feel the oil companies are being unfair” Gas prices may rise another 1 0 cents Continued from 1A million gallons 6 million below last year “When it gets down below 215 million that’s considered very very short” said Stephen A Smith analyst at Bear Stearns & Co because worries of a shortage spur buying and push up prices A week of price freezes has ended Oil companies that pledged to freeze wholesale prices for a week have reverted to market pricing citing competitive pressure Amoco’s freeze ended last Wednesday Two days later its prices in seven cities increased 1 to 25 cents a gallon said Amoco spokeswoman Kathy Feifar At least one price freeze is still on Atlantic Richfield Co will hold prices steady for an unspecified period said spokesman Douglas Elmets Tucson Citizen A Gannett Newspaper CITIZEN PUBLISHING CO 4850 S Park Ave PO Box 26767 Tucson Ariz 85726 Postmaster: Send address changes to address listed above Pubttehed d9 cot Sundtr USPS Vot m Nn X9 MEMBER OF THE ASSOCIATED PRESS SUGGESTED RETAIL SUBSCRIPTION RATES Pavat artvanc Hontt-Dvery by C rrm and only 00 tar 4 Q yarty ( m to w ytnnav $ $9 40 tar 4 t 7i yw Wwitondf park ¥ Fridav and Saturday GtfZW W Sunday Star 00 tar 4 (Pries te aartiopatina carrgri) By imp coov 35 cants tterfy By mif Ct SO oar week vaariy Second -Can Postage Pae at Tucson Arizona HOLMES TUTTLE MAZDA Year End Clearance On all remaining new 1990 MazdasJ No Truck Satisfies Its Owners Like Mazda Trucks Dq : : 1 New 1990 Mazda B2200 mu LLJiimit t 3 EFI 4 cylinder 5 speed transmission JjymentroireaifTordj®avigoiUueleconomy Ranked 1 in overall customer satisfaction $179 Stk1096 Pmo $499 Cash Down Plus mfg rehate of J750- tax & license included Selling price $8195 - 60 mos (S 13 75 APROAC 1990 Mazda 323 EFI 4 Cylinder engine S Speed Transmission Air conditioning AM FM cassette Special wheels & tires $179 Pmo $299 Cash Down Plus mfg rebate of $750°° tax & license included 60 mos 1375 APR 19S0 Mazda 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