The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 13, 1939 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 13, 1939
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, .DECEMBER 13, 1939 James M. Cox Buys Journal, Also Radio Station WSB ATLANTA, (in., n« r . 13 ,<UI>! — The Atlanta Journal, long ono M the south's leading daily newspapers, was in new ha mis today. Sale of the Journal and Jl.s 00- (ICO-walt radio slalltn WSB in James M. Cox, former governor o! Ohio and 1520 presidential candidate, was announced yesterday by ,1 nmc-s R. Gray, Miring editor. tit-ay, spokesman for the Cray lamily, majority stockholders, g.iv'c us reason for the sale the fiv;t (Hat control of the newspaper hint : become divided .since the death or • his father, James R. Gray, Sr,, and would lie even further 'divided In Die next-generation. "We feet that, we have fulfilled our obligation to the highest interests of all concerned in placing the ownership or this newspaper and its radio station in honorable and courageous and competent hands, which can nccept our solemn tnisl single-mlndedly" Gray said. Cox confirmed Hie purchase fro/n Miami, where lie owns the Daily News. He declined comment on his Immediate plans. The new .Journal owner w-is three limes governor of Ohio and, ns Democratic nominee, was i;n- teale-j by Warmi G. Harding in the 1920 presidential race. Go: also owns papers in Dayton and Springfield. Ohio. Tile transaction also Includes WSB's portable unit, WEGQ. Federal communications commission approval of transfer of the sln- tlons was received yesterday and ji the entire sale was announced immediately. „. _BLYTHEVrLLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS Red Bombs Blast Finnish Capitol Richardson Federal Court Trial Delayed H. D. Richardson, former AAA senior field assistant in charge of the Blytheville office until late summer and who was turned over to federal authorities after pleading guilty to . forgery and uttering charges in circuit court hove last month, will not face trial at- this term of Federal Court. Because there \va>; no svaucl iur; before the- court term at Jonesboro, $1.75 Quality Plm ' by bulS ^0,^*1™ 'bombm''ma<r* dlml" "™ ""' Ueill> * MwUm <>''>'^<>>>^'«>'"'« which lias just closed, it was impossible to Indict Mr. Richardson and he will probably remain In jail until tlie next grand jury meets prior to the March court term, unless there Is a sprain! session o: the grand Jury. Mr. Richardson is no-.v in jail at Harrlsbiire, where federal prisoners arc kept, following ills' removal from the county jail here several weeks ago. He pbadcd guilty to n nlinrgc of forgery and uttering in connection with alleged forisery of Uvo Mines lo u nole to obtain a $300 loan at a local bank but the sentence was held up niter payment «-<is miuii- by the flcfsmdant on the condition that lie serve n term on a federal charge also lodged against him. The federal charge is forgery in connection with checks totaling S78i>.59 nllegccllr iorgcd at the AAA office here. This lias also been repaid by the defendant. Officers said he admitted forging farmers' names (o clie:ks he received. Rend Ccinier Noivs vnnt ads Holland A'<?»'s Kour-ll Club Ki'orgunlzrs Buna Capehcart was clecled presidenl of the Holland R)ur-ff club which met at the home «r Miss Helen Hurst Saturday night for the purpose of reorganizing the club. Other otllccrs chosen were: Helen Hurst, vice president; Dixie Cic'ie Meyers, secretary and Imisurcr; Jackie Crlddlc. s:ng leader; Evelyn Allison, reporter. The bedroom unit and clothing I! have been chosen as projects of the club. After the discussion of pro/eels, game;; were played with Dana Capchcnrt ami Geneva Gatewood winning prizes. A combination salad and dessert plate ivn.s- served at the conclusion of the meeting. Tlic next meeting will be at Ihe home of Emmie G. McArtluir. Tlic stratosphere begins at an altitude of about 10 miles at Ihe equator, wlille, lit the earth's poles, it begins at a height of sis an Farm Bureau Officers Are Chosen Officers of the Mllligaii Bureau, which wa.s recently orgnn- iml us a unit of tlie Mississippi County Farm Bureau, were elected in a meeting last night iu Hie school. Gordle Collins will serve ns president and other officers who will serve nrc: A. D. Reams, vice president; Carl L. England, .secretary; Rtiftis Clay, Ireasurer; Tom llol- lis, reporter. This group, organized In a new comnnuitty where practically all of the farmers are white men who own 40 acre tracts, plans lo enlist farmers of that section of western J. 1, C.UARD Ontornetrixt Only Graduate Oplnmft- trlst In niythevlllr. Glasses Filled Corrtcllj Official Osceola Society -- Per»onal Nnvy radio hnndquni lera, for official inossnifos, niul Iho RCA on loimw l>rcadcns(s /or regular tninsmlsslon over the nelworke, 'l'h« short waves will carry per- soiinl ntc.ssiigcs to and from mem )* of the i.i'iiliinond w. Williams, of O.«;'- oln. WHS clocled eminent coin- mli'r of the Ivanhoi' Comniiiixl- iry No. 18. itl JoiKvlinro lust nliflit. Mississippi county wllli llu' nssls- U'O u; ,v o. Owens, executive 'l.-irj- of (lie county ni'oup. iTlliiB dales will lu> Hie nud tliti-d Tuesday nluht.s of eu<-h monlli. it was decided. l ; liiyil-rirllllii Ultra An- A ...... lliK-nl Tuilny Mr, mid Mrs. Arthur OrKIln i\n- nmmcp Dm mnrrliiKC of Iliclr tlinmhlrr. Miss Oiu-Ha tlrlffln, of I hK flly. to Harvey 1,,-e Huyd, of IG-lser, ,soti of Mr. and .Mrs, W. K Muyd, oi that city. 'I'lic wedding was soloinnt/rd •llntreday nltilil ,u ,.| 8 i,i o'cloc!; Mui'istrnlc G. L. Wiidilpll. The bride wore a model ol romance ai|iui \\ith navy accessor- ll'K, Mi. uiul Mrs, l-'loyd will imike thi'ii- homo niuir Ki'lser. News of Byrd By Shorl- Wave To Be Weekly NKWINCITON. conn. iUl')_One nf Admiral Klclmrd K. liyrd's <-on- lacls with (he "onUsIm;" world while conduct IIIK his colouration <'.\|i«llllon in Hi,. Antan-llo. will "«' (he American Hnrtlo l^iujtie'x shor| --»' uvl! Minion Epsllon Aiirlgae Is one of u pnir »t ylnnt. sum. discovered •Mill at the 38-year search ol'Prof Mivln 11. Frost, begun In 11199. Read Ccnrlcr News wmi arts The slnllon, iirconlliiK l<) (lull-mine's HJisislnnl secretarv, clln- |lon OeHolo, will coiiimiinlfiite with the expedition once a week und eucli monlli will receive .seli-n- lllic' dala for research work. llesides (he leanue's coniacls. the expedition also will bo <n com- mimkiillon W l||, die Almy a , (1 Autograph Just Received, Signer Dead Four Yean I1IHM1NCWAM, Ala. (Ul')-Karold fflievlmky, Hlr/nliiKhuin aulo- Kmjili collecior, received ati auto- Bnn.)h the other day-hom a man wlm dud been dead four years. In 1'Jllfj .Hhevlnsky wrote J-wicral •Inclge W. I. Ciiubb. asking for his iniloKrnph, .'Shortly alleiwar.l Judge iirnbi) tlu-i), without ImvliiK sent I lie nulOBniph. »»t HH; oilier day, shcvlmky c' Mks Kmiiui Mahomjy, clert: of ilu- I'Vdi'rnl conn, found shevln- ski's Idler and judge Oruuh's reply uinoni; some old pnpw.s. Ho .she nmlli'd Hie anlOKiuph. J^"" Courier New,, wn,u nds. Four lending «t f el , Ingot nro- itrlng filale-, in 1937 were, in respective order, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana ami' Illinois. Memphis, Tcnri., has a blub lav; prohibiting Die sale: cf wlenerB, but, pemiiuinif the sale of bologna on Sundays. ' Tin-lies 12 reel long once lived In Kansas. WAKE UP YOUR LIVER BILE- Wilhoul Cilositl—Art You'll Jump Onl ttifi ], li '' Klljr Hll*r,ln~'l "V -""-—' i.l.n uluaLa Dp }our uliTOMi. Yon MI comt patnl. y ou r whole ly.trm I. liolionrd i.r,J jou feel lour. i » u ' """"-i *VPIUS« MI i-iw- A| nit Jruif i(or«. Id^ ami ?rV WE WILL BUY YOUR GOVERNMENT LOAN COTTON (iforge //. McFadden & Bro's. Agency E. C. PATTON, Ajent Lender- Unilditifr Hurry t»Wards!8ring the diildren! Fun for All! See Hie Everything you need Christmas gift-wrapping . assembled in one gift box! 1 Not Bow!, 6 Picks, Cracker, Beautiful decorated 9-inch maple bowl, in walnut or acorn uesigiil Red band on inside| 3 handy colored semi-porcelain bowls, each in a different color I Use for baking! Oven-proof! $2.49 Colfec She'll make perfect coffee every timel No filter cloth needed! Heat-proof glass! 8-cup size! 59c Whistling .'ill Teakellle fi Whistles when your waier boilsl Fast-heating aluminum! Alkali resisting! Z-qt. sizel Make your pop-corn parties tlie hit of the holidays! Baked on enamel finish, red & blue triml 7-Piece Glass Cocktail Set s For years of gay pnrticsl Choose from several attractive decorations! Clirominm lop.! 10-Picce Tumbler&-Tray Set &V* r ^gy&| Climbing MSI Troct{ ": M •:(s< ds TOYS IN TOWN for everybody . . . „ LOW EST prieesl I" •*•«»* 9«" Beautiful walnut serving tray with removable R!,ISS holder and 8 decorated 9'/,-oz. glasses! For little "housekeepers!" Carpet sweeper, broom, dustpan, and apron included! Sec it at Wards! j Everybody Has Fun with Words Marble* Game! I-fns powerful clock-spring motor, rubber treads, stnrt and stop brake! Copper fmishl Ploy the Ion, Ranger Dart Target Camel Lovely hand-painted floral design in assorted colors! Use for watering indoor plants! 7-Piece Tom-and- Jorry Set 2 For all her gay holiday parties! Crystal hand-blown Decanter and 6 liquor glasses! /<V 85c /'A 2-in-1 ,.&&" r, , [ Two flashlights | H otlc i A lixa[ . f lo;us 2-coll Epollishl, with a 1- ccll red signal light in bottom! each Beautifully matched, in mirror-polished chrome finish with walnut handles! Iron lias automatic heat control! Waffle Iron has heat indicator dial! Automatic toaster, handles 2 slices at once! Sandwich Grill, grills sandwiches and meats, and (with grids, §1 extra) bakes waffles! 9-cup urn-shaped aluminum percolator! Complete with cord sels! ' 8-Cup r 2M eaPo< V-i r» HTv^feSB E?^r^ r °°-^ As d^y Ked lift that will make her holi- partics all the merrier! -trimmed, semi-porcelain! 98c Aluminum Bun Warmer 79' 70« Streamlined I Heavy non-ivarp base with metal frame, firm folding legs, and 6 marbles I Loads of fun] Dait Board 11 inches tall! All rubber body. with sleeping eyes, rcnl eyelashes! Andlaycttc ... carrying case I f^'Z.l ] Flbro Dc>11 • * Cairlaflo Holdi ':'a 28 In. Doll Ml 49- 4 Hng licavy steel tubing frame, wide icar step plnics, cdjustublc handlebars! 12-inch sizel 'i Ball-booring j Whcols on the Challenger! r :*Trr7r] j 18-inch square Iroard hns bull's* eye playingsiirfaccl Cork mounted on heavy plywood! Complete! r * r f~ f ~r ^ Strong tough fibre! Has adjustable back, adjustable liood with windows, rubber tircsl Streamlined Disc Wheel Scooleri It's streamlined—and boy, how it goes! Full size body! Exclusive rubber grip handles! All steel except wood cross handle! Parking stand! 10' roller bearing disc wheels! Sec it now I For heating buns, baking pola- iccs, clc. Silvery satin finish! Tinned steel wire basket! Savcl 4-Piece Vanity Sel with Tray F" lian bcai imj ^ $ & ^t ** i >>s :t 17.Til bonrd with 3 SAFE rub bcr-tip suction darts! Animal target game on hackl ' SJrongty Built Fibre Rockers 119 .Compare otliers at 20% morel Hand-woven fibre, hardwood frame, cretonne upholstery! -l Beautiful Big Girl I Dolly 3 4f > What girl wouldn't love this sweet 20-inch dollyl Extra fine quality! Assorted style dresses, This lovely decorated set includes 2 frosted glass botllcs, powder box, and meta! tray! 406-408 W. Main Phone 676 ,**£'&'%*«. i":sr ^ ide Phone 670

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