The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 24, 1936 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 24, 1936
Page 4
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FOUR BLYPHEVILLE (ARK.) 1 COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 2<1, 1930 J BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS i TOE COURIER NEWS CO, PUBLISHERS H *. - - C. R BABCOCK,'Editor H .W. HAINES, Admtlsing Sole National Advertising Representatives: v * Arkansas,' Dallies, Inc, Now York. Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, Dallas, Kansas City, Memphis 1 'Published, Every Afternoon Except Sunday 'Entered 'is second' class matter at the post "office, at Blylheville. Arkansas, under net ol . Congress, October 0, 1017. Served Uy Ihe United Press ~ -SUBSCRIPTION RATES [• By carrier In tho City of Blylhevllle, 15o per '•week, or C5c per month. • By mall, within a radius of 50 miles, $300 per ..'year $1.60 for six months, 75c for three months; -" by mtill In postal zones two to six, Inclusive, ' $6.50 per year; In zones scvrn and eight, $10.00 per year, payable in advance. ; , • Mr. Weir • A couple of years back when E. T. 1 Weir, chairman of the board of the ". National Stee] corporation, IJsetl the '' ligbl ' of liie steel industry against •VV unionization under the labor sections i, of tlie National Recovery Act, lie was "~ frequently cited as a horrible example ' of the hard-boiled industrialist who "-. would grind •wage earners under the , - , iron heel of capital. Some, more discernnig commentators ;* : ,, attempted to point out that actually he ' " was an enlightened employer, sinccre- • ly interested in the improvement of • the conditions of labor—that he simply .. =• did not agree with the NRA method of ; ', achieving Hint result. The latter view'received a measure of substantiation recently. Led by , Carnegie-Illinois, largest of the subsidiaries of U. S. Steel, most of the < ' nation's big steel companies announced" a 10 per cent wage advance, with *••* .future wage changes, up or down, to ~ follow changes in tho cost of living. Mr. Weir ordered a \vnge advance • for emplpycs of National Steel but he didn't attempt to tic the pay of his workers lo the cost of living. ; . ' "I,cani}ot subscribe to the theory >" of -chaining wages 1 lo living costs," he said, "because if-carried lo its naliir- ; al conclusion this arrnnjrcment "would i • , halt future advances in standards of '"- living." i:.- Ho took exactly the same view that ' " _ union leaders took in attacking the ' ' Carnegie-Illinois proposal. And it is , s a sound and enlightened view. •' For :*'"-.- tlio;tying,-of, all wages lo the cost of -{•'••" living would go far toward creating . . a static economy, with prospect neither ?- for higher living standards for iu- ••- dustrial workers nor for expanding markets for the products of industry. 'Showing Off 'The story oMhc 18-year-old Detroit ybuth who told his companions he could drink a pint of whisky without, pausing for breath, gulped down the liquor in 10 minutes, and died, curries a warning for us all. To show off, to try to outdo others, • is a trait that doubtless has brought fame to many people. But it often -can result in just such a tragedy as that which befell the Detroit youth. We are "showing oil'," for instance, when \vc drive recklessly. Some of OUT OUR WAY us like to boast of having been on a 24-hour binge, or of having gone without sleep for so many hours. Others, fat, 40, and with a none too hale "ticker," like to take steps three at a time, to impress themselves or others. It is all very well to demonstrate prowess,.but be sure the cost may not be too great. OUR BOARDING HOUSE League Slmme A year from the day on which sanctions against it were imposed, Italy observed a day of "ignominy and iniquity." In the Italian viewpoint, the ignominy and iniquity were shared by the rest of the world when 52 members of the League of Nations'' assembly attempted to punish Italy for aggression against Ethiopia. •When "sanctions went into cll'cct, Mussolini, angered, classed the action as "a shame 1 against the mother of civilization." But many other people throughout the world hold the league guilty of a sin against civilization itself, and for a reason entirely the opposite of Mus--.. solini's. For by rescinding sanctions, the league abandoned an opportunity to lenrh whether war could be discouraged through the co-operation of pacific nations, a lesson that might at last have led the world toward the ways of peace. TME MUa WH(D REMTED THE. SPACE WAS^PAT'TPUFP VJEAOKIWGA PLUG MAT/ HE CLAIMED THE BILTMOP-CiAW MILLIONS WERE -BEHIND HIM, BUT HE DIDU'T SAV HOWFAK/' HE FILLEP HIS TOUS1TAIW PEW PROM MY IWK WELL AMD/ WHEW 1 TOOK OUT TWO CK5ARS AMP OPPEPED HIM A 6MOKE, HE PUT A CLAMP OM BOTH OP- THEM / With Major Hoople ~~1 IT'S 7H' SAME BRANCH OF. TH' HOOPLE TREE THAT I VUT W BUZZ. SAW OMf HE'S A<5 HOLLOW A<3 A CISTERM~-~ AMD HIS ILLUMIMAT'ED •PUMMEL, KEYHOLE C.O., \-E> A-3 FHOMY V A-3 A LEAD NICKEL ( IF YOU HAILED HIM I WTO COURT, ALL YOU'D a ET OUT OF IT WOULD BE ECHO f By George Clark The Dough (?) Boy I'crhnps the grimmest comment on war can be fotmd in curicnl, New Yoik pawnshlp prices for military dccornllons. The Croix do Guerre cnn be had for 50 ccnls at ninny hock shop:!. Iron Ciosscs are Imidly pnwimblo In Hie first place. Many Uncles will not buy or. lend n dime on most dccorallons. Victoria Crosses, the French Military Medal or the Congrcs- ilonnl Mednl can inrcly be found on the mtir- ket>-but few of them hnve ever been awarded. Tills nspcct, of vnr financing hasn't, been given enough attention in Hie various Kindles of wnr costs and debts. But like nil other phnscs of war financing It shows 'trial the lowest money price Is commanded by '. valor. The money 'Is, not In (hnl end of Hie gnme. The dough boy in not the mun with the dough. —Memphis Ccriimcrclnl Appcnl.- UT UP YOUR HALF-ACRE in EDEN • BY ROBERT DICKSON © 1936 NEA Service, Inc. 1 and the four men prepared to do- in Chicago as ah address because >IA1U'I.\ llii- l'lllf.11' (!A.\K[j«:r,l). Hull d'l- iielKliliiirliunil l« ' "Illi K""«l|> over tliit.mnl- ll'll illKiiliLii'liriiiiw «f PIIANIC KlU'DUICK, whi fit >Iliri'hi UliK h jarl, first cultiny I had lo be Ihcrc during the time I could reasonably expect an an- The police, when they arrived, vcrc satisfied, lirsl, that the four "1 wouldn't, tell the whole town about it. It's only twenty minutes later than we told her. to'gel home." Kt'iHlrirk's IlllillN ITl-ll. •' ; '. . IIIM.KX Gangsters nre In ninny Instances util boys •whose yearning for adventure In nn 'mitomobllc- machme age lends them aslray. —Dr. Homer P. Barnes, ,H(uv»llan educator. i * * * r - ' Thcio probably will be no slarlling Increase m (lie Intelligence of next year's beauties. There Is,no need for It. Most of the beauties I know me damned smart. —Sue HelvnrB, New York City, operator of models' burenu. ' * » », I have Hie soul of n lyric soprano, n free, lilting soul. Not the cold, calculating soul of a coloratura. —Amcllttt GnlhCurcl, opera star, surveying results of' her goiter operation. * * * . If the need arises, we will not defend our. frontiers by spilling:ink...We have the world's bravest, men rind the finest equipment nl our disposal ami we have no need to dread the future. —Milan Stoyndinovitcli, premier of Yugoslavia. By William \Vllli IIIT frlf. l)l-:i.t.. anil ollic'fN. Murvlji IH In a ri-Htrmriuit \vlu-i\ llit'ru L« a Iiolil- illi. .^Inrrla EOIISK ik rlai^ Hull ,\van hi'r iiititlicr'^. > • l.t.nrnfiiK Hint Franlt U tn Clii- OilUil. Mliirfr:i >;ni-H Chore fo try In i iiTNIIuiti. Mm (o i-pliim jilnl. fnL'i 1 iK lliinsii'Inr »lilll,'alluii«. IlfCrirr K|IL' rcaeliCM him, l.'nmlt Ivtivi- 1 ! "^"ir'/iinvhUo. TONY STI-'.I.I.ICCI. su.siu-clM hl:i hrollKT OAHI.O, of lii-ln^r tnviilvril In Ilir lluliluit >LUI! slnils .siiikU. of thv loot In Cnrln's lionu 1 . ' . ' ..... ,Vi> .Mnrclil, li'iiriilsit:: IIIT trl\i IVIIK in I'llln, tllfci'H II lilnno iiiinil'.. .Hlorjn [urri'K tiki, (ilniii! itfMMi mill jum- ni-iiKi'r« NOi-U !«lu'l(i-r 111 a furin- liuiK.'. - Ai ..... lie llun, K Illll I I! .•\li-llOl!r;AI.!;, n >k(rjiiit;vr' SYhnni ^liircln linH ctu:uinileriMl twlct lu 1 - fnri-. • -- •• Xi'u-i* of ^Inrcla'j* lrl|i raKi> rimsc.^ nikin. ^cnsii Inivii In ivhli'li Khis llv*s I arrU'tfH ]iiiini>. ,. '* . 'yaw <ii> ox wii'ii Tin! HTOUI' CIIAPTER XII ' , . /~JN the following dny there' took plncc another holdup, rcmark- jible not nlohc 'Ibv.tlic amount of loot involved, .but bccaurji'ot its wholesale chavnclcr nncl because it was committed by the same' four men who had robbed thc-npog Wagon and its customers, and \vlio were generally credited with having been the authors of. several previous robberfos as well. . '• Mrs. lini;old Henderson, sister- in-law of the woman who was directing "Half-Acre in Edct\" foi the Singe-craft'' Guild, was giving a benefit bridge, party at licr liomo, Approximately n hundred women o( Bobbs Neck had gathered for cards, lea and calces and tlic promotion of the .Village Welfare Society budget. Conversation had reached' lha' crescendo which indicates that a benefit bridsc isat the zenith when the four men entered the house Venting pain, pressuro, and general symptoms. Women who tire gattina on in years should take particular earn of their oyjs. They are more likely lo suffer from glaucoma ItiKii nre men. Excitement- often is a factor in j causing an attack, because, when Siivagc Dog Guanls Gtm!!i JC-IIANNEeBURG IUP) — Diamonds . worth $1,500.000, on view nl. the Johannesburg Empire Exhibition, arc guarded at night by .in Aluatian rio^ nnmed Hilda. The animal wr.'j specially trained in Germany to guard diamonds. Shu rich were the DOB Wagon robbers, •ind, second, tlinl Ihe tour had Ihc assistance of three ouisidc men, a !acl suspected in lhal former roh- jery but not verified. M ARCIA CANFIELD and Helen Waddcll liad passed (lie after- , 10011 in more direcl, if, 1 endeavor for Ihe welfare organization. They had accompanied the nurse on her rounds, and uy occupying themselves wilh Iho new babies and olher Iroubles of the town's less affluent citizens saved the jewelry they wore and tho money they carried. After dinner they discussed the idea of going to the movies. "It suits me," saijl Marcia. "I haven't seen a movie in- weeks, nid tomorrow night there's; re- icarsal again. Let's-—there goes he phone." U was Joan Bradford, wife of \Iikc. Mr. Bradford, she said, ind brought an old friend irom .lie west oul to dinner, and .vouldii'l Marcia and Helen do her i greal favor and drop in for a while to help enlcrlaiu him? shouldn't we?" y drove loward So here 1 am." ''That's grand," said Marcia. "Whal—what business arc you In?" / McDougall looked pained. "Don'l you remember my giving you a sample?" "Oh, an I'm sorry—I hough thai was a hobby, I guess. I really did like Ihe. skelch yon gave me." "U may look like a hobby, lady, iui it's bread and bullcr, and somclimcs meat and dcsserl to me." a person is cxcltert, there is an in- 1 cl:eys OKlcrs given in German, ,.-.!-, .... - Slugged hy lA "After all, wli; said Helen as tH the Bradford house. "She'd do as much for ns if we were stuck." Joan admitted them, 'and Ihey paused in Ihc hall lo remove their coals. "This is gelling to be a habit," said n voice from Hit living room, •'Yot; 1 " said Marcia. "I still am not trailing you, Bruce McDougall told Marcia as he crossed Hie room loward them l 'I caivt claim thai good management does it—I'm just one ot those uck.v people you read about. You may as well give in." without ot lha r>>rbcU, ALLTH MOMEV-HE'S FOUNP A MIME BUT THAT'S A CRIMIWAL TAKlM and, taking advantageous ', tn the doorways belwccn living room, dining room and sun porch, announced that this was a "stickup," . :. • The husband of Mrs. Henderson's maid, assisting for llic afternoon, had just gone lo Ihc bacl; porch to bring In Ihe inevitable ice cream. He was lluis permil- Icd Ihc privilege of viewing a hitherto unseen member of Ihe bandit gang, a young man who was lounging al Ihe side of the house and who, at sight of the Negrn commanded him profanely fc get back in the house, emphasizing Ihc order wilh a pislo!, quick!} revealed and quickly shoved back inlo the pocket of his overcoat. In the house Ihe stripping o! "Where are you going lo work?" "In New York, I thought, bul perhaps Bobbs Neck, i£ all Ihe merits of Ihc town arc as genuine as Ihe Bradford!! paint them. M l mean for what magazine, or whatever?" * * «A . SYNDICATE Tta peddle my sluft lo the newspapers draw a daily fealure. called Scenes from Life." I did sonic- hing like it oul.west for one ; paper. It was so good that.a great'i jubllc clamor arose for wider cir •u'.atinn. I held back, modestly jut Ihc call became too great. I was persuaded, and here I inn .;. . "Do they have studios lo rent !n Bobbs Neck? I mean studios, not real estate development slutty' "I can't think of any offhand," said Jlarcia., "You may be faced with Ihe necessity' o£ tearing out Ihe north wall of a'lip:»,e and pulling in your own studio window." 'Not this house, lie. can't," interrupted Mike.. . ..' • '\Vlien do you start lo work, Bruce?" asked.Joan. ;' "Nol until next week." ; "Then there's no . sense, in your going back to .your hotel in the JE creased flov; of bleed to his eyes. Various dri'js a^ 1 ^ available for Ite treatment of Elaucoma v/hich lo'.ver ths pressure in the eye and contract ths .pupil. Glasses arc not especially useful in this condition. V2t people who are more interested in selling glasses than in taking Eititnbls care of the eyes fnjimsnlly will le'mporiz: with the condition by providing glasses. In man; instances, control by ) drugs is impossible. For cases of this type, surgical procedures have been developed which are fre- qtnntly successful in saving sight and in controlling ths glaucoma: : Tiic favorite dish of Siamese aristocrats is'lho deadly kin{! co, poached-in white, wine sauce. 1'Aik's I'ct Deer Jir.oli and English. Drs. Wert & Weri. OPTOMUTHISTS • Over Joe Isaacs' Store ••WE MAKE 'EM SEE" Phone 540 Wrcckrr Service Gas OPEN ALL NIGHT PHILLH'S . SKliVICR CENTER Phcnes . 777. - 310 ULVLTY CO Abstracts, Lands '& .I.uaiis i M Icrrj I'rcs and S]j,r rhonc OH lilylUcville. Ark. Wanted To ^100,001) Half Down - Balance Nc^t Pall - liny Now Hubbard Furniture Co. "And you bolh may as jring our puzzled faces back heir calm and unstrained normalcy," Mike contributed. ."Where did you two meet before—or is this a gag?" * * « FT was not a gag, lliey told him. A And they told the rest of.their story. Jorru aiid Helen found some delightful quality in the coincidence which was a mystery to Mike. "Are you visiting for long?" Marcin asked MeDouga'8'. "Excuse me if the first few observations are the usual inaniltcs." "I'm not,visiting." he said. "I am a •' candidate for permanent, residence. Do you reinetnber, in the police shop of the hotel in Chicago, when the bellboy paged me?' Thai was a call from f.fow city lonlghl. You .can just slay well here for a day ,or so; Mike' hasn't I k to jccn you in ages, and I'm so proud.; of the guest room,' besides." valuable properly was nccom York. I had sent in an applicalL.i plishcd within a very tew minulcs | for a job, and had given the hotel "Lol the poor .guy go back lo ; town," advised ?likc. "1 'vflyA get i lo see much of him oul here. I'll be working all day, arid.lomorrow night, too, probably. Whal would lie di>, moping around here?" . ; "Jonn could bring him to to- | morrow niglil's rehearsal," suggested Helen. "As long as he's going to settle down in the village, he may as well knsw us al our worsl." II wns pleasant, tlioughl Marcia, to see him again—this young man who was half assured, half naive, and a bit embarrassed at momenls. ••Well—," he said, "I really • j ought not—" '•Do slny!" urged Mr.rch. "But I guess I will," said Mc- Dotigail. The service station listed below will aimsgmng Corning Mi nil! FrWay Mmmg (To Bs Continued) lu Glaucoinn, of Fluid, Within Eyeballs Guises Blindness . much more serious form in which ' Ihcre is gradual obslruclion of Ihe as I'r.e glaucoma progresses, the vision in front also bscoinQs narrowed so thai finnlly sijht is completely lost. Another device used In auond- Ins a'islurbances of Ite eye is th: perimeter, purpose of which is to measure Ihe width of the field of vision. If u Is found to bo sl.sadily narrowing, the doctor airspscU Ihs presence of glaucoma. Obviously a correct, early diai?- leans a great, deal toward liy 1)11. .MOKKIS VISUISKIX Kditor. Journal of Ihc Ani?riran ...^.^ ,_, 5 ...- . . , ,.,„,. . nri Mcdicsl ArEocialion, ami of Hy- : drainage system so ^f.,. 01 ^"''^- | '.)" g _^JK'iinsj^ion^ n<1 llic Ilc.illh Euro increases vciy slowly. this '• Glaxtconm causes 15 pir cent of i caie the loss of sight takes place- all blindness in Ihis country, and about, one-half of Ihe bliu. p tii?:s In adults. In this conrtllion. pr?«iiro within the eyeball bring. 1 - about loss of sight. There Is interference will) Iho passing out of Ihe flui;! Hint comr> inlo the eye. and it is accumuh- llon of this fluid thai brings afcsut llic pressure. As the pressure increases, there is pain. Iho cyj gjts hard and reddened, and th: pupil THE COMPLETE ELECTRICAL STORE gradually. A physician uses tlie ophthalmoscope to determine whether Ihe pressure has been sufficiently great lo causs a depression of Ihe optic nerve nt the back of the eye. with j rriuiirin; di-ctrical n another inslrimient, a tonomol:r.' 51 t . pi \vi-slhighcusc he measures the pressure from lime ] ,n kill(1s of lan ip S , lo lime to detcvmina whether it K i, r |,. RC prilc3 an(t ^ ,| increasing or decreasing, , !r . 1( j c (oj , s- from Inexpensive e of bcltc ; As llie :g!micoiun develops, gray and cloudy. This is llic aculcj- person 'finds that he cftn £ec ahorl form of glaucoma. There Is, however, a Mcoud and of him as'well' as Tic ever would, but not so well to the sides. Then. Walpolc Eleclric Shop "OS \V. Slain I 1 '' 0 " 0 ' 3 Gci you? car hilly serviced either Wednesday or before 10 O'clock Thursday morning. Russeil K. P/Ian 1 , Pjjre Oil Service Station Phillips Motor Co. Joyner Motor Saks Co, Bufc Jones J, J, Hargett Philiips "66", Main and Division Gdf Service Station, Main and Division Siandart!- Esso Service Slalion, Main and Division John Havgctt Tom W, Jack.3n M, A, Edwards Service Station K.M, Larlqn, Main and L-Jte W. B, Bailey, Sinclsiv Service StoTST ' W. J, Wanderlicfc, Fislh and Ash

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