The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 16, 1941 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 16, 1941
Page 5
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APRIL ir>, io--n BLYTIIEVILLE, (ARK.)" COURIER NEWS Complete Output From i dsamo Dislncl Sought n S oviets •STOCKHOLM (UP) — A new Soviet request •regarding the famed nickel mines of PeLsamo. u^ain in iy f.pell trouble for Finland. Just how far Russia intends to }jo in this latest issue is a quest ion, A n on -Swedish and non-Amcrii -; in source did not f-xchuie the po:-<ibil- iiy that it mhhi well'ni the alleged cause for resuming the invasion of Finland. Several prominent Finns said they suspected the ,Sovi> quest re':;jircim<; Pelsamo to been timed strategically. in of a probable German invasion of the British Lsles. they thought ihe Kremlin considered this as '.he b;>st moment to raise a now ••ca>e" with Finland. The Russians have requested a "new deal" in the administration and output of the Pei.samo iik-kel mines. In f;ict. one hiuti .source- be- lievc.s Moscow wants the outright liave •t re- ha ve view LUXORA Phone 42 Mat. Sat.-Sun. 2 and 4 T. Itt Every Night 7 P. M. Always We - 20c WEDNESDAY - THURSDAY 'Public Deb Ik f wi<_h Brenda Joyce, Ralph Bellamy! concession of the mines. New Tact IkoaelH-d It began .some weeks ago with the Soviet government expressing the desire to the Finnish minister. Juky K. Pasikivi in Moscow that a fresh settlement, should be readied regarding the mines. A lew days after learning of this first desire, Paasikivi was invited to a new conference. This time he was informed that Russia desired the "outright concession of the PeUsamo mines." Ri'poriins; .this additional request to his government, Paa.sikivi was told that several experts would leave immediately for Moscow. 'Ihesi' did and discussions were inaugurated. It is recalled that, the majority of the Pelsamo nickel .shares are owned by the Canadian Mond Company. It is now reported that. Mond h:us complied with recent request to relinquish these shares, thus improving the Finn attitude -n the Moscow negotiations. Soviet Raises Ante One .source declared it was believed at first the Soviet would be satisfied if ihe present terms of the Pelsamo agreement were reversed. That is. Russia would obtain GO per cent of the output instead of Germany i».nd the hitler to receive Russia's present -50 per cent cut, But the Soviet have now raised the ante to complete concession. The Finnish government, Ls doin<; its inmost to balk this Soviet request which, incidentally, si^ni- lies the creation of a mixed Russo- FninLsh board to administer the min';s. The hitch is iliat the Russians want the chairman of the !;oard to be a felknv-citwen. Furthermore tins .source estimated that once the Russians obtained concession rights at Pct- samo, they would rush some 400 persons there as experts, engineers, and skilled workmen. SOLDI EKING WITH COMPANY "M" Uy SiTgt. Itulph N. Farrar CAMP RCD1N.SON. Ark. — Par-' lu-ipatkm in the Army Day cck'- brauon, held here last Monday, has ctTUiinly fcvru of &UYUI bonol'it to UK- individuals of Uus unii. For tlu> lirst ihue in iho lives oi' nuiiiy Llyrhi'vilie im-u they have had the oppoitunit.y of .seem;; .some- 15.000 uucp.- in one mass formation. The .I'm of seeing .such a panorama of soldiers, as well as having taken an active part in the production of the various events, lias done mueh to boost the morale. j £uvh sights as ihe massed eol- ' or>; of j-.ll re^iiiH-ius on parade, j 20 regimental bauds all playing in j unison, and the v;;ice ol <vhij. cu-n. E. Truma, eamij commander. a,s R. A billion billion water molecules can rest comfortably on ihe head of a pin and have" room to spare. Also Selected Shorts FRIDAY-SATURDAY Mellow Fragrant ' ~ ESAR ROMERO oi the "Cisco Kid" ond Sheila Ryan • Robert Sterling Chris-Pin Worlin • Jonel Beecher Edmund MacDonold • Jacqueline Dnlya A 20lh Century-Fox Picture Kentucky Straight Bourbon Charter 12 "SJnims c 1 !' Fii ; he .spoke to the men of the division j while they were in one grand formation, are thin;:.'-, that, will liin- t r lung in ihe memory of the enlisted man. It .seems to thi.s v.riier the greatest, expressions in Uio world are always heard ijy (lie few people for which .such words are intended. It wa.s about lour o'clock Monday uHi:moon. .Soldiers antl their civilian guests, officers of high rank and visiting dignitaries were wa!chin!.', tli'- 1 '.'ombat demonstration 1: l ing .staged a few yards away from them by the General's crack troops, .some oi them from the 15:>>d Infantry. There wa.s a brief niomeut oi intermission. An elderly woman and three friends were standing near Private I Walter Richardson, a memory of I Company M. The woman turned ' to him and asked, -What part do ' you have in all of this?" j Richardson came 10 the position I (.;f a .soldier at. at.ienlion. "I am an American soldier. I have a grout part." The visitors stood tiaiusfixe-d. They looked at the young man. Then they walked away. Many years ago the soldiers of Rome used to say, "I am a Roman .soldier." Those' words meant .something and so do those of the men from the 153rd. "I am an Amercian .soldier." The entire gang is just a litt^ peeved at Hunter (Dick) Burns. Dick, who requested and received a five day leave of absence, was married to Miss Eula Larker. Augusta, Ark., April 4. "It was an awful thing to do to such old pals, especially when we could have had a regular regimental wedding right out here, band playing and everything." commented Corp. Jack Smith. "If it were not for -feeling down- rgiht sorry for him I wouldn't even speak to him. Imagine running away and getting married without saying one word to us," was Scr»i. Raymond Dixon'.s expression. "I'm sorry I didn't get to throw rice and old .shoes at him," remarked Sergt Olynder Rayder as the fellows filled Dick's tent in order to congratulate him. Strolling Down Ihe Company Street Among: Blytheville visitors present lor the Army Day celebration were Mr. nnd Mrs. J. j. Bryant. Mr. and Mrs. Bill Boyd, Mrs. Wen- dell M. Phillips and children, Jimmie and Ronnie, Miss Vita Joe Powers, Mrs. Willie L. Ferguson, ami Leonard Oldham. Mrs. Wendell M. Phillips received high score at the bridge I party by the wives of the officers i of the ir>3rd infantry. The party ' was held at the Hegimental Headquarters building. The visiting women were the guests of their husbands ami all agreed to meet once each month. Mrs. Hebcr L. McAllister and Mrs. A. O. Gorder wives of the commanding officer and the executive officer, respectively, were hostesses at the affair. Lieut. Hi;n MIS. Ku'i.ard Osborne formerly of Manila, are making their home in Little Ro:;k. Mrs. O.sborne joined her husband over a week ago. Lieut, Osborne is company morale officer, in ' addition to having other duties. This organi/iiiion ha.s recently organized a quintet, Sergt. Raymond Dixon. Corps. Burnie. Eubanks, Raymond Fox. PvUs. -Win. D. Pierce and Joseph Piker compose the -Singing Five." Among ihe displays oi esixx-ial held within the |re'J!i- ment Army Day wiis the one culled Field Fortifications. Constructors of the display were Sergi. Ralph N. Farrar, Corp. Henderson C. Hall, Pvts. John USuddy) Antler."on. Robert Holman and Norman Hranam. First Lieut. Arden 13. Crowder supervised the tecnical work. Private Joel E. Uavis j. s holding las head just a little higher these days. Davis, who is second cook in the company, became the father of.' a 10 pound ba!;y girl. The child who was named Sandra Joel, was born April 5. Corporal Myron N. Coney, Pvts. J. T. Hawkins, Fred Johnson. Walter Richardson, John Cough Ian. Hubert A. Taylor. Tranton Long, John R, Flaxco, and James Stone have been students at Company M mortar school. Sergt, Willie L. Ferguson reported all are now qualified "mortar shooters." Lieut. Guy T. McHenry is acting as commander of ihe selected '••ervice men in Third Battalion. Thr- Lieutenant ha.s as hi:-; assistant, Sergt. Olynder W. Raycler, Elmer E. Holmes, Corps. Howard E-isley. Raymond Fox and Samuel 3. Holmes. lem far easier for everyone. Not sulphur and molasses, but muts. vegetables nnd suUul greens iuv today's sprliiB tonics. The un-^e wooden bowl, slucknl with assorted mvens, some raw vi-^e- table.s and perhaps a few fresh iniit.s is UH> American way of r<-- I'luu^m^ the body with vitamins mid minerals after flic ravages of winter. Combine as many in one salad u- s you can. Use a plain French dressing, toss well and serve on IrtiVi' plates. n you are not familiar with these vitamin-rich ouwt salads, bcyin to enjoy them PAGE FIVE teaspoon mustard, :, lostspoon sugar, Mix diy ingredients wilh vino- gar or lemon juice. Add oil and beat until n-nmy thick. The emulsion breaks (1 uifkl.v. but remaining dressing may 'be bealen Hgain before using, Read Courier News want uos New Used Defoe Furniture Co. We Trade Furniture For Anything Ash ct 1C.It. |»] l<>nc KJ Cash Credit WE FILL ALL DOCTORS PRESCRIPTIONS AND SAVE YOU MON'EY Stewart-Robinson Drug Co. Main & Lake phone 20 A-^" jjj "Sakes alive!., what this range saves me " Salads Take Place Of Old Spring Tonic BY M.KS. GAVNO:; MADDUX NEA Service .Staff Writer The present generation of military men eats more fruits and vegetables than most women think, according to Mary de Gar• no Bryan, chairman of the committee appointed to suggest re- ision of the Navy's Cookbook, 'hat makes the spring tonic prob- J''*'n) Silver, supervisor of home iviuujmii'ji at Lincoln High .School, Albuquerque, N. M... writes of sal : ads m her ' practical new book, 'i'wds and Nutrition." "To make their j-reens deliciously crisp, wash the leaves un- fi^r cold nmninu wat-er, dry liuht- ly with ii towel, fold in a damp ••loih. and put in ihe ice-box for some Umo before using. Other :>!:H( ingredients also -should be chilled and kept cold until smvd. "\Vlu>n usiiiK ingredients that •i-nihir ([ui';kly, such as apples or bananas, sprinkle a little lemon luuv over them after peehm;. A ••^harp knife sliould be used to <liu- HUM mince) ingredients into Mnull ut tractive pieces. "Toss ingredients hi>lniy fo^cfh- tr with a tork to avoid a stirrcd- tij) !in>k. ;Some InyiXMtienis. nnlably t^K't'ivs. acquire a willed look when expired- to the acid of salad dressings if Allowed to stand mixed with the dressing for any length of time; so tlie .salad dressing ••liould !)»• addeii just before serv- na', any salad." FICKNC'II DIIKSSINf; T!nve-fourUi.s cup salad oil. :i tablespoons vinegar or lemon juice, : >i tablespoon salt, dash pepper, few grains paprika, "i DUNBRIK f ('•-') ;i <WTZ±r*t"ir '»-i* ' ^^^•Vf^tKS^f'f-ti-'fif'VKf^- I ^^^ HENS) FOR SALE APPROVED ALFALFA SEED Lespedeza and. Beans and Peas of Various Variety Also Car of STONEVILLE Pedigreed 2-B and 4-B L R. Matthews Gin Co. "My modern PERFECTION burns oiL It's so much cheaper than other piped or wired fuels!" ^^^^ instantly . . . the burners 4 '" * at the exact temperature I sec. " O SI "° kc ' "° S °° r ' "° odor ' ' ' The 'Live Heat' oven with its my pols antl ^ttks stay shiny heat indicator, makes bak- • - . «nd my walls and curtains ing so easy, it's a pleasure!" stay clean'" y Models also available with connections for continuous storage. Low Prices, tiasy Terms. See your PERFEC "° n b " fnS ° ll ~ S ° 1 "" ch <*™l™ than other piped or wired fuels. And fuel is piped in from an outside storage tank , more handling it!" supply from outside ION Dealer this week. 'I'lie Mark PERFECTION STOVE COMPANY 1200 Union Avenue • Kansas City, Mo. Plionr 403-W-2 Ynrbro. Ark. ;, \c_, ^ A Permanent Material that Builds Better Buildings at Lower Cost * « « If you are interested in building by all means investigate this superior material. It provides permanence, beauty and insulation at low cost. ^'ow for the first time arcKitccts, contractors nnd builders in this territory have available nfcht at hand o building material that permits the finest construction for al 1 purposes at substantial savings. You arc invited to visit this home factory and sec DUNBRIK beinJj made hv nutoraat:c machinery. See. our display of distinctive colors and textures. Examine the wall sections anuwinfc DllNBRIK'b permanence and distinctive beauty. NBEIK Permanent, Lower In Cost, Richer in Color Men of the highest standing in the building industry endorse DUNBRIK. Their experience has shown that it permits substantial saving, vet provides strength, beauty insr.iation and pomnnence. Numerous tests j^rovc its hi^h aunlity nnd permanent Niat Glr.zed DUNBRIK is beautiful, permanent and moisture proof. Itr, wide nm?>e of harmonious colors makes it readily adaptable M every architectural motif and individual x 1VO nTT\mDTv (Xt '' 0n 1S P ract - call y ""limited ior cither exteriors or interiors. Investi- — a permanent unit, lower in cost, richer in color. DuNBRIK i, n distinctively local enterprise usinfc local materials ar,d labor. e arc responsible for your complete satisfaction. Buy From Any Progressive 'Dealer Handling Building Materials Plant and Sales Address, Basselt, Arkansas Record Smashing LOW PRICE on Either Outfit! Buy Now and Save! Compare of $35 MORE! 8 PC. LIVING ROOM • 2 pc.-Luxurious so/o and /ounge chair. • Beautifully styled guest chair. • Modern, chrome trimmed mero/ smoker. • Magazine basket in walnut finish. • End fable. f • 6-Way floor lamp— healthful light. • Glass-top coffee table, Sofa and chair alone challenge comparison anywhere at Wards price for the entire outfit! Look at all the matched furniture you get besides! Buy Now on convenient time payments J ONLY $7 MONTHLY, Includes carrying charge Challenges Outfits % MORE! 8 PIECE BEDROOM • Luxurious modern suite—fcea 1 , big roomy chesf, vanity and vanity bencfi, 1 • Resilient, 90-coil p/afrorm spn'ng. • ISO-coil moffress— upholstered in new clean felted cotton and sisall • Two full-size all-feather p///ow$; You'll agree here's the MOST for your furniture dollar you've ever seen! The suite is modern in rich veneers with, costly features you rarely see at this price! Down payment delivers! 106 W. Main PHONE 67«

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