The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 7, 1952 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 7, 1952
Page 9
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'AT, 'A.VWWJ.' T, t-Mt ,L9 (AMC.) CWRWX ICEWfl A Back-Parting Is Net for Hornsby But His Toctifcs Aren't for Today Rogers Hornsby probably has set some sort o( a record HS Irw major league manager who stayed unemployed the shortest length of time A month or so ago. "Rajah" was fired by St. Louis Browns' proxy Bil Vecek allegedly because he refused to play patty cake with his clients JJ during of! hours. flut Tuesday nte'nl, Hogers. who [ as It Is today, will ever accept hi a couple of decades ago was the | managerial tactics as rthicnl. Oh Sultan of St. Louis as a swash- i sure the game Is the same toda buckling Cardinal who loved a I as It was in the thirties. The fight \R back In the major league 1 , still use. ume men to a side. Uirc Rex Layne Favored to Ex-Champ Rated 6 to 5 Underdog Television, Radio Banned from Utah's 'Championship' Bout By HAY C'AKI'KNTEB OGUiON'. Utah (AP)--Rox I.aync, Utah's hope for the world's liOHvyweijcht cham- ill tlicir 10-rounrl fi»ht. tomorrow nifflit in Municipal Stadium. Promoter Krmiy Mayne snirl the fitshl v.'ill l)e Utah's own version \vorld. M \ n y as head man of j outs to an inning, inroe sinnes IS ! nionsllil) ruled a (i-n favorite Reds He harrilvlall a batter sets, and a manager M" 0 "^ 1 ^ ' '! Ll ' ° °, ,-., stayed fired long ] -still has to win to stay around, but (toflay to whip Iv/ZHl'd (..Maries enough to start[the great American pastime, in'" drawing \intm--many aspects, has changed consld- ployment checks;; 1 erafoly. And beforcj The advent of the bonus babies Hornsby t o o h ) and five-figure salaries has con- over the R e d s' | verted the game into more of a , rein?, he let H. »>e| push-button warlnvc. In Rogers'i of the championship. HP will pie- known in no un- day, players, for the most part, had; sent a championship belt to the certain terms ; to "kick around in the leagues j winner on the ground that Charles that his episode i for six or eight, years, be Tore limy j is "Ihe uncrowned chiimpion of the with Vei'ck has-j reached the green pastures of the n't. changed hisj ma tors. Bri today it is not- un~om tactics one b i t . ! mon for a higli-pchoolcr, his pock He's a firm be-' cts 1 inert with Rrec*n bonus swog r 10 liever in a man; pop up in a big league lineup. Ropers Horiwbj doing what he's j It wasn -t uncommon in Hornby's ''GrFhouso Gans" days lor a pitch er to work nine or 10 full innings today and then do bull pen duty tomorrow. It's not exactly uncommon today with some clubs, biit it's not found nearly as often. All of which, adds up to the fact th«t his leapuers toda'v are pampered N (he owners and mincers must, fol low suit If they want to cat regularly. Kcil SDV Good Example Boston's "Millionaire" Red Sox of couple REGISTRATION BLANK Fishing Rodeo Walker Park Aug. 23 and Aug. 27 I, Hie undersigned, do hcrehy apply for reKJsda- lion in the lilylhcville Fishing Roilon at Walker Park. I (erlily thai I ;im not older llian 1 "> years of aije and thai ! will comply with all rules and rctfiiltlions nf the rodeo lo the fulles! extent. Nume .. Address Age (Mail or lake registration blank lo i'niice Department in City Hall) SOin'lllillN ASSOCIATION' New Oilcans Mobile Memphis Little liock Even at X 43 Going on 49' Old Satchmo Still Has It Hy JACK HAND ^SMH bird IVoss Spnrls Writer Old SiiTfhn-n sull h.-.s it. I'.vf-n if he i? "-U ',','ur^ on -IT',' ;*?. r.omc folks sr\y. Katrhel Paige still liii.s OK- rlnff to bfwiMrr bit; lc\mui' liitu-rs. Lot there be no doubt about It. di'scrt Hie Si. •(•iii'^ht for NATIONAL I.l'\i;i!l: Brooklyn Now YOJ k St. l.ouls for! and he doesn't hesitate to tell anyone. Hornsby is a scraper from the old school. Any oldtime major leaguer wil verily that. He knows but one way to play baseball and ^.that's to Rive it everything you sot "every minute. None of this "save it- for tomorrow" stuff for him. "I'm no diplomat and neither am I a Simon Legrce." he told .sportswriters before he Joined the Reds. cxninylc of this. The story is thatj after Ihc 1948 season, in which the Red Sox failed miserably after they had b?en picked to walk off with the pennant. President Torn Yawkey palled in 10 or 52 of his players and presented them with keys to new cars while the rest of the boxing \ thought Charles beat; Champion Jersey i Joe Wak'ott at ! Philadelphia in June. j A possible shot at, the winner nf the Rocky Marciano - Wale otL ti le £0 in September may Vie the prize for Friday night's winner. Best guess on the ir.ile is an attendance of 2f>,0[)0 and a gate of possibly S200.000. Mavne's cash box already is stuffed with 5100,000 in advance ticket sales. The Layne-diaries main event is expected to get underway about p. m. (EST). There will be 91 Golfers Begin Play In Tarn's Rich In thnt way perhaps, I'm not a' diplomat." And then Rajah, who was one of ' baseball's nil-time great second basemen and sluggers, went on to say that any player that wants to can- improve himself in any de- . and result the Red Sox became t bunch of floundering bums. Yes, Hornsby is a "give 'em hell" type of a manager because he was Tims Rogers let it be known that] brought up in a day when that was he's ro He the whip cracker t>f any the only way. The experts say, and ban club he regardless ol we don't doubt them, that that day how old fashioned the idea may WHS baseball's golden era. Yet, be- «eem in some quarters. That alii- cause of the changing times, a , slugger , - tude has made him some enemies' manager must adjust his Ideas an-i The i javne .char!es fight will be - - i corrtingly or en hack to -,he shoe i thfi 8reatos t sporting event in the I factory. So it looks like Rogers is nislory of lVlis wesicrn town nf 57,000 persons. Local sports writers i say il is the biggest heavyweight Ky .IKIIUV I.ISKA CHICAGO IJPi— Golfs biggest Bold rush Is on today. With 590,00 at stake, 60 men pros and 11 play-!or-pay sv.'inging in the "World Championship of Golf at Tarn O'Shanu-r for iminTcedcntcd prizes. Pioinoter George S. May's | there has never been nnythinn lH:f "world" meet also has amateur j this 72-hok- medal-piny event cml- roiltpetition-f(}r men and women in 1 ilifj Sunday. a sort of four-ringed circus, but | The previous liii-'h payoff for :my tile pro .showrio\s r n for a 525.000 \ pro event was the S12.50U Ma>' Southern Lciiguc Memphis a- , Uule Hock It AUitmu 12, New OrlfMtr.; '2 i NiinhviU? :it Chattrnumua. VI ! H inn inj.:l turn ut Mobile, pp prip.e nnd S5.000 leininine top grab hogged the spotlight. There may be some question about the giiy-blouscd May gave Ben Uui^an for year's "\vorki." Hogati. apparently S;iU?limi> choso I I.miLs bullpen l;r he'd Hied it i his. yr;n'. !n t;u:l ho hadn't pitrhf'ci :SLI .-•n'.ii-e nine in- nint's .since |i)W on h:s last hitch in the niiijors wiih C'Lovr-hmd. Kvr-n ymiiiM*tPi'K wil; in Ui*> ]nte nminus bur n<>' P.r;^ 1 . I t^'kcd its u 0-0 duel with IJ ft mil's Viryil ']'rucks, lie pitcliod mm 1 MiuiiTrit mnm;, r s. AfhH 1 Trurk:i j-'iivu w^y lo a pmeh-hitltH itj tfu* I0(h mui Hal White look over, J'aj^c siill V.'ILS in (hero tlirowing unoso i"vrs at tin; \ Timers, in i!i<' 10th. UMi mul 12th. 1 Uob M;<*mini's \*,'.\ ••f-.i-Uv.Klt-tl sin* ; " !•? with t\vr> oni m the 1'Jih linully • HOI him hdini 1 wiih n l-U win, hi.s i eighth of tilt' ye:ir, '1'Iic box.^t'oi'o ^ only ;--i i vpM hits for the- Tigers—six ol th^ni Mii^lrs. Suifhe! : wi'.lki'd nnJv luo anil sfrurk out I nine in hi.s hi ill i ant ^ifort. j Walt Miist(M-<m pitcht'ti t-if Sen: atO'-.s lo fi 13-1 victory nvor llio No\V York Ysml-i^o.s. sinking uui 11. Y;i»k I.cad Shrinks The loss shrunk Uu 1 Yanks' load won its tl:\y uansp- ffjiii CUu'iii:", 7-1. for EnrJy Wyjin's IHfh victory. I.p.rry Doby, who hit his 21th htunr-i off Bill Kcnnrdy ii: thr fir^t. ruined \V\'nn'.s .shinout bid \vhi-u lie iuti!- gion Midgets Kiwanis Darkness Halts Tilt In Fifth; Rotary Plays Yarbro Today ^fay's refusal to lo^s in Home ap- winning Inst LChLrafjn 5 CJiu'lnnnti 3 miEfcd ovrr-St- Lmns 7-3 Pilt.sbmuh 2-2 <twi- adio and no television. In case his show an' international title al- i penrnnce money, won't defend his I think they need It most. And they'll never stop trying because hustle wins C!OJ:R ball Raines," Baseball I.i A Business no r; of rain, the light will be postponed until Saturday night. Jack Dempsey, the former Man! assa, Colo., mauler who fought 1 here and in StiU Lake City before World War 1. will be the referee and -sole judge. Several boxing writers expressed the opinion the 6-5 odds on Layne were out ol kiUer. But tacat money In big chunks backed up the Utah fair, but (or a cold cash layout, and chances are it will mnke him some more but he's just the type that believes thnt professional baseball Is a business, not B game. In spite of the fact that Hornsby rase to baseball Immortality through his " hustle -bustle" type fighting a losing battle, but il.'s our guess that he'll go back to the bush leagues with the same ideas Pebs Split Two With Memphis Rocks Take Series 3 Games to Two; Crackers Top Pels lilll>U£li <"3 '•"-'vi.. .,,.„.... ~.- , — ^ . play, it ts doubtful that baseball. He has as much as said that. - ••- - - - . .., j fight in the West since the Demp- he had when jie came ,up to the ] f , big time. 1 Key-Gibbons battle at Shelby, Montana, in 1923. Juniors Beat Keiser 5-4 on Squeeze Bunt A perfectly-executed squeeze play in the last half of the ninth Inning cave the Blytheville Legion Juniors a 5-4 victory over the Keiser Le- team At Number Nine Park yesterday afternoon. _ -- + With the .scorn lied at four-all, gion Miners to Play Jonesboro Nine Manila Tournament- Enters Second Round title. Even though BanUm Ben little rusty, tourney wisp, thsit wa.s good news for the \vorh! fic-Ul. Said one: That's like lutdim; mint her Lwcnly-five grand to the pot." If last week's <:urloin-raiser to the world, May's All-American tourney means anything. Samuel Jackson Sneail is the man V« whip for the 525,000 pot. Sncad strolled off with fhn Al!American with R IV-under-jiar 271, eight strokes ahead of the field. ! thus padding his bank account by $3,420. i But chasing him will be a sclcc.t .} crowd, including 24 players who i broke 2S8-pnr ill the All-American uir;ht. ft!si gnim- Brooklyn at Now vain, Phihuirlplna ill nielli> |Jc>.si]KtnL'(l, If) ini York, ClPV^lalld 7, Chicago 1. Wa.-rhlnKinn G New York 4 OiifjhU St. Louis 1 Detroit n (nitfhl-12 iti- Thr.- ArwTH-an Leginn. using only i-evr-n players, hnmlcd the Kiwnnis Club its eighth \Qk* of the season 12-F) in a Miclcet league game at thf Ninth Street Park yesterday nfiernoon. Ilic pame was hailed by rlark- nrs- 1 ? with thp legion team batting in the top half of the fifth inning. I Al tlnr limp the game was called, Ihc Legionnaires had scored five more runs but the fcore reverted back to the last complete inning. The KUvaninns fielded a full lean) but ihpy were unable to overcome a seven-run inning posted by the Ur.irmimircs in the third. GUm Howard was the winning pitcher nntl Jnincs Privet t the los- j I')-. Clinrlfv Co:i!t''r did relief work ( lor Ui^ L.pcioim;ilveji and JoUn Lutes ic.0re Ihe ivorkeci the last two innings for the Khumians. This aftoniootj, the Yarbro Co- Ops v.'pre srhediilcti lo play the Ro- iniy Cluh. American l.oslon •Jiirrctt. "Jb Boston at Phtlarfelphin. postponed, iaiu. uughtj Smith, Blodgett In Net Finals City Champ Beaten In Y Tournament The Blytheville Y's City Tennis Tournament moved into the finals today without a favorite. the men's division, was eliminated yesterday by A. B. Smith in a semi-final match. SmiiYv took Thompson two out of, three .sets. He copped the first fi-3 but lost the second 3-6. Then he By virtue of his win Smith is scheduled to mpet Bob Blodgett for (he city championship. Blorlgolt moved into the finals, earlier this week by rlefeatina Dick Reiri 6-0, R-?. In a semi-final match. Pirates Gail Up Bristol Phenom MA NI LA—Second round pi ay in Manila's invitntional semi-pro baseball tournament gets underway to- nieht with the Number Nine Niner.s. Q11K olio HUM uMiuuy ttjvoiuj i.,itnj-t r ,. » , . v,-!^ ing the winning run at third base, j one of .he favored trams, scheduled outfielder Jackie Halstend laid down j to P ]fl V nt ." OCWCK. a perfect bunt down the first base! The Miners, victors_«ver Caruth- , line and the fleet-fooled Mosley 1 ersviHe. Mo m their hvM.^me. j .campereri home safely to break i arc scheduled to pfay Joncsboro m\ the deadlock and give Blyiheville i tonight's second gnmc. the victory ' First-rnund pUy wo? romple^rt Mosley-s run was onlv one of i last night ; with MonetJe defcaili.j j three scored by the Blytheville i BlyllwviHe s Negro Bombers ^-2 —' tenm in the ninth inning. Trailing 4-2 goinp into the final frame, Jan fc 1 " Lepnnto downing Stanford By STKRUTNG RI*APPEY Assnciated Press Sports Writer The last place Little Rock Travelers aren't acting like a last place club and the odds are sood they i scramble. Sambo's chief trouble won't be down there much longer. |ni»y come from runner-up Tommy Last night the Travs finished a ] Boll. Cary Mi<ldlecoff, .Jack Burke, four-game series with the hottest j Wally Ulrich, nous F"wd and Na- club in the Southern Associntion— tfonal PGA Cliampion Jim Turnc- Lnke ApplingV; Memphi.s Chicks—I sa> n n brnrketert v.'ilhin three \ by dividing a rtoubleheader 5-'2 anri|, str nkcs in the All-American. j 0-3 and taking the series three games to one. Just ahead of Little. Rock In seventh and eight places are Nashville and Birmingham, each jiiKt a half game in front. Neither lias anything like the tempo of LJttte Rock. A New Orleans police deportment, squad lurneri out. for thp Atlanta ^arue—to keep a sharp eye out for gamblers. But they should have arrested the Crackers Instead. Atlanta ran off with the game 12-2 and moved |wo games ahead • of Mew Orleans tn thi rare. The Birmingham - Mobile and ' of Philadelphia: NrKshvilte-Chatlammga games were i Whorle of l.ouisi TOOAV'S GAMES Southern J,cat;lie Atlanta »t lAitle Hoc'/. V2> Birmiimhani a1 Mobile Nashville nt Chattanooga (onl> - g;ui?es scheduled). nnUinr,' Minnie Mino-jg l< lone: Wlu'U 1 Sox run in tin; ninth. Knin wn-Slicil out the Boston at Philadelphia nii-ht jtmnt.- in the American. And the PluhuH'lphin nt Hie National w;-s also rafui'ti out. Bi-iioklyn ami NPW York slill i t ij, MPra]tl lb . c .. wenry from their niiiiiu^ln .stiu^- [ [j; !lM1PS KS file <}i Ttipsdny. cut in inic inning j (* fri n f: . l - t ._. } HI the Polo Grounds before ram j Howard p-lb forced rt poxtpniifinrnt, the Obti- J \vj u ( 0 r f Sicrs lending at the 1 lime .-0 on ] ^oakt-s If Billy Cox's home run off Max TnMs Kivvaciis CEuh luf^-s Ib-p .- MrHnfffcy w . Hnli;rook c-Ib Pi'ivett p-r .. Brrmrlon 2b .. AB . 3 . 5 . 4 .. 5 .. 4 .. 3 .. 1 . Bronklyn nl New York (2-clny- m'Ljlii'i Vv'Eulf ' IL-fii ;uul Ei-skhio ' 11-3 > vs, Mn}.jue f 1 ] -. r >i or Henrn U2-3) nnd Jaivicii Ul-7) St. I'nnifl nt Cinc-innnH ini«ht^ Drnrhot-n 'fi-n or Clintnlif-rs cj- In the $12,000 women's profcs-|2' vs. I'crkow:Ai UO-6» ov Church siomil section, rleferuiiiu! Champion i ^'f^ Babe Zdharifls Is making her first Eddie S'.imky's SI. Lrmls Cardl- iKils, making up ground in Iraps aiifi bnuixis, pullod u'iibhi nine > >-n;no:; of Brouklvn by knoc-kln'i off i Pittsburgh l\viro. '?-2 in 10 Timings ' i'.nd 3-2. Tin 1 Curds have won 10 uf j thrlr last 13 ];»mtts. j Turk LO'.VJI piiL'hc'l thr Cbir;u;o' Cubs lo a 5-3 win over C-rK-i;ni;Hl : nfter iTpl;u-ur; Minnrr in th«j \ i first inniiif!. I.ovvn contributed a 1 triple lo a tine-M nn i »l!y in tho sixth when lift m \Veltniejnr ~wa,s k]iockr>d out wnh hi.s ninth losr.. 25 17 Alt K . 2 I>nylc ^h Krlly If ... Pv.fifford rf Zrllner cf . Tot uls Kc-ad Crimirr Nfu-.s Classified Ads. competitive try .since im early June hernia operations. Her chief rival appears to be Louise Su^g. 1 ;. who won the SI,000 Cirst pri?.c in (he A.ll-Amp.vican women's open. All-American Champion Frank Stranahan of Toledo defends his world's nmflteur crown, hut. fa ens stiffer going thnn in his nine-ovcr- par 291 conquest \n^V \vtMiK nnd. His foes will include Bill Campbell W. Vn.. 1!I48 and phki at Bfislon '2-t\vt- ; nu!hi> Rolu'ris Ufo-fd and "Meyer ' (7-12) vs Blckford 17-10^ niul Wll-| son < K'-Bi ' Only sanies Hrlierlulod. Anicricnn I, r a % tip N P u- Y n i- k n t W n sh I n fft on C 2 > KU7KVR ffi-7i ruui Mrf)rni;\lri 1331 vs. Moreno <7-(iJ nnci Johnson pennant j " f .Huntington, 1040 world clia ifi-Ki nnd Nixon ' 3-3> ion: Jim Mrllalo ; "fi-^i and Bynl <fl-f*'. Eind W i ]"f o r<! i DrivoU £tt St. Loui inf. Ky. Thirteen ! Winht «fi-5i vs. V^.vrtlru '2> Troul vs. Schirl) Rayder, who played the opened the ninth with oilier, second-round outfield, i fiame. Lepamo is slated to meet i single' JMtmeUe. ! r^iiipri oni. amateurs will compete. 1 Only ^.Ti rally Rayder in an effort to get goinot. Shortstop Bobby Jones then came j through with a slnule to left lo i move Griffin to third. Jones stole =econd and Mosley singled to score " J ~ City Softball Standings COMMERCIAL I.K.UU'E YOUR VOTE FOR FRANCIS_CHERRY PITTSBURGH iJPi—Ronnie Nec- ciai. 19-year-old riphthand hurler «ho startled thp baseball world i»j hj(s s( . nt . (.. io n ms nh lew months ago when he struck out Kennedy had n thn 21 hatters in pitching j\ no-hitter - - — fnr (he Bri.sto]. Tcnn., T\vin.s nf the Cla.s-s D Appalachian Loacuc. has bpen called up by the Pittsburgh pirates. NVrcicai's contract has hern p;ir- chased from the Bnc's New Or- i^ars club in the Southern AEEO- ciation. Tf everything goes ar.corn- ine In plan, he will be used against the Chicago C\jhs Sunday. j Pitcher Eddie Strmas then struck out and Halatead fnllowcd with his ; bunt. i i Si* Hits fnr Hlytlieville I Up until the (ntal ninth frame I the game was a tight pitching duel j i beUveen steinac and Kennedy with < I Kennedy holding n slight, «iirn. i Both sides scored their nms in clusters with Keiser getting two in the first on three straight singles and one In the sixth. Blytheville was held scoreless until the fifth when a walk and two chasing home, •ce hitter going into the ninth. He gave up a single to lead-off batter Kenneth Stanley in Ihe first inning arid then pitched hitless ball until Ihe filth Team W L. I'd Kilo\va!ters . 12 4 .7:) Dirty Sox fl S .00 Money Changers . .88 .3fl Planters '... B 9 .M Leather Fullers 4 12 .25 BAY WINDOW I.EAilVE Lifers 14 I .n; 1 Chevrolet. 1 ; 10 t ,71 1 Mead's 5 9 .3: Hlowbciys 4 3 X Moo.-c 3 9 .1- YMCA 3 9 .2: Prep, College Gridders To See Professional Tilt h a vote for HONESTY and DECENCY in state government! LITTLE ROCK—Hish School and College, footbnll players throughout when Mosley and Charles Ray Hall '• the state attain will he guests of nickert him tor a couple of oinglcs. ' War Memorial Stadium Ihe nisht The three. Wills collected by the Blyttwville team in the ninth eave it a Intnl of sis for the came. Keiser got nine hits off Ktemac. Y Team Given Forfeit in BWL The Y team of the Bay Window Softball League was awarded a forfeit victory over the Moose Lodge ye.-terday afternoon. The forfeit was required when the Moose team failed to field the required -number of contracted players. Midget Lcogue Standings Thornton Resigns Hot Springs Post HOT SPRINGS. Ark. nT—Duvall Thornton resigned today as assistant football coach of the Hot Springs Trojans to enter private of ,Aii?iist 23. when the Philadelphia Eaple.s play the Detroit Lions. S:a| chum Manager Allan Berry ant nomired that members o* Arkan. 535 teanis will he ndmitt-cd upon : payment, at tax and*service charge. mi n LULU Cannot Be Denied! "Home Folks REALLY DO KNOW YOU BEST"—for instance! I Read Courier Cla.s.=ified husinr^s. Thornton, who wrved with thp I en tn last se ason. p r? v - iou.sly coached tl-,e Walnut Ridac tram. No succe.s5-or has brcn named. CRAIGHEAD COUNTY Judge Chcrrv's Home County GARLAND COUNTY McMalh's Home County JEFFERSON COUNTY McMalh's "Opcnine, County" 3 TiniCK PULASKI COUNTY Administration Headquarters l-iis Opponent Gaf Only Team Lions American Legion Yarbro Kotary Javrpes Kiwanla •J!j[ STRAIGHT .3^3 • .111, >nr »,i!iK*H BOURBON WHISKE-Y COMPANT, IN<. • ni\n, in VOTED 6,636 for_Cheirry VOTED 2,815 for Cherry VOTED 4,076 for Cherry VOTED 14,358 for Cherry Just Figure It Out ior Yourself.' In Spite of So-Callod "BLOC VOTES" & "CONTROLLED VOTES" THE VOTERS EVERYWHERE SAY — "NOW It's CHERRY Picking Time in Arkansas!" Pol. Adv. Pcvid (or by Southeast Artoui-as Campaign Commute. Jf>lm «i.|ii,";i f;i:»ir., McMath's Home Folks Gave Him 2,685 _ Mis Opponent Gat Only 3,723 and Gave MoV.ath Only 8,944 IFE-SAVER Seals Punctures, Protects Against Blowouts Wipe* a wftt you eon light o FIRST ANSWER TO ALL 3 TIRE HAZARDS! Come in loday and see thr: tiro thcit corned its namo VtlFE-SAVER." A3 LOW AS """"DOWN

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