The Times Record from Troy, New York on October 6, 1954 · Page 25
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The Times Record from Troy, New York · Page 25

Troy, New York
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 6, 1954
Page 25
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Radio and TV Log for Wednesday, Oct. 6 THE TIMES RECORD, TROY, N. Y., WEDNESDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 6, 1954 P.M. WFLY '2-3 FM WTRY V80 CBS WGY i WROW r c WPTR 1540 MBS 5 lift MeMy Joyce Jjonovtu Paul Klanagan Forrest Willis Just Plain Btl! lorcnzo Jones Hotel (or Pet* Bob Bender Music Dottle and Art Gloiltt Parker Vincent Lopei Bobby Benson Wild Bill 6 Weather Dinner Coi Roy Shudt Music !x)well Thomai Music Three Star Extra New* Sporti Little Show BUI Stem News Oeorfc*; Miller Uo O'Brien Showtime 7 :(M) New :1A On :39 l£U8l Leinunadc Concert Penthouti Party ChoralUn Morgan Beatly __" One Man'· Family Qvilncy Howe Lant Ranger Fulton Lewis Kosary (iat.rlel Hcattti In the Mood 8 :(M) Ne-wi :1S Symphony H»ll ' FBI " 21flt Precinct Dinah Shore Friink Blnatra Walk i. Milt s-iunil Kooin Sentenced 9 .00 New* ;,5 Panora fiO .45 Perry Corny Bet Your Lift- Air. and Aln. North Amos and Andy Biff Story Sammy Kay* Paul WhltemaE Bill Henry News re el Family Theater 10 :UO New* :16 Gala Pirformanct- Lrniimadt Concert Fibber McChet News Henry Flannery Great Glldrrslccvt " I'loncc-s N e w * Science Forum Back to Blbli Sounding Board Melody * " ·· 11 News New* Symphony Halt Gen. Gruenther Harness Racet Music A.M. THURSDAY, OCT. 7 6 Farm Dl|e*t Weather Farm Distil Timekeeper John Glvney Early Bird Sho- Farm Fact* 7 Weather Farm \'trn Cook News Vcni Coo 1C News K a r t e Piidney Karl* Pudney 8 Newn fiym phony News . Eurl* Pudney Martin Agronsky Weather Geoff Davlp Talk or tht Town Noon Edition 9 Piano FerionallUei Composers News i! el tidy Lam B r e a k f a s t Club 10 Arthur Godlrty True Story Talkathon* Dave Denny l\"hlK|icrlng Street* Frank Slnsiae When a. Girl Marrlei Dave Denny Classified Ad Depart mont hours-Iain Office: S A.M. to 7:30 P.M.. Monay t h r o u g h Friday; S A.M. to 5 P.M. l a i u r d a y ; 6 to 7:30 P.M. Sunday. Convenience An Ad-Taker Is as near to you as our t vie phone. Just pick up your elephune and an ad-taker will help ou word your ad. W h e t h e r to placa n ad, cancel an ad. or pay a clnsst- ed a d v e r t i s e m e n t bill, call or phone ny of these offices: Iain Office- Broadway and 6th Ave. AS 2-2000 Cohoes Branch Office-- U9S Ontario St. CB 7-3900 '.ntervliet Branch Office-1547 Broadway AR 3-1000 lechanlcville Office-36 -North Main Si. McV 814 Classified advertisement* are pub- islicd in both The Troy Record (niorn- ng) and The Times Record (evening) of the same day for one price. All d v e r l i s e m e n t s start In the morning d l t l o n and appear jn the evening cdi- ion constituting a f u l l insertion. Rates NON-BUSINESS RATBS 11 News Concert MS Ess Bulletin A r t h u r Godfrey Forrest Wiiili Rosemary Phraas That Payi Second Chanc* Kver Kince Kv« " Women's Show Queen for t Day 12 World at Noon Weather York siat* Farmtr Enoch Rqulrei A u n t Jrnny Helen Trent Music News Sho wen M Farm Pap Newa Break the Bant Neighbor's Vole* Commentary JJat-k to the BlbU News " Luncheon 1 .Music Xchocl c( thi Air Road »( Llf« MX Perk!n» Dr. Malone Paul Harvey Ccrtric Foster Tfd Malnne Mmcheon Reed Brownlni Kleuine Drooi 2-1 cents per line 22 cents per lino per day LS cents per l i n e per day 16 cents per line per day" 11 cents ppr, l i n e per day BUSINESS RATES 2S tent. 1 ! per litis 2fi cents p f r l i n e per day 21 rents prr l i n e per day 19 cents per line per day 2 Favorltn Airnn Dettlnier 2nd xirn. Perry NTa Traveler It Pays Serenade Rfchitnl Ufwcll Sheila Graham Martin Block MadHelni Carroll Merry Go Round 3 News Matlne* Hilltop Hous»f MOUMB Party Mary ilcBrldt Pepper Younf Martin Block ilerry Co Round 4 Concert Hull Jgcqnei Frsy News Paul Flanagan Backstage Vfltt Stella Dallas Wicicter Brown In My House News Ballr 5 News Melody Tlmt Jiift Plain Bill T.orenio Jonei .Hotel for Pen Jiob Mender Rieharrt Llewellyn Art and Doiiie Gloria Parker Vincent Lopcr. News Weather Dinner Concert Hoy Shudt Music Lowell Thor News WPat her Melody Room Three Star Kxtr* LHlle Show Bill Stern News r.eorBe Miller Leo O'Brien Showtime One d n y -3 days -5 days Sis days lituation Wanted One day 3 dftya 5 days Confrart Rate on Application. National Rate 2(5c per line per day. V I T A L NOTICES Death* 22 crnt.i per line per day Cards of Thanhs, Confirmations. En- 'agements Births, Marriages. Anniver- ary Ma.sses. In Mpinoriinns. Resolu- ions of Resprrt, U n v e i l i n g s . etc. 24 cents per line, per day CHECK YOUR AD The Troy Record Co, will not be re- iponsihle for more t h a n one incorrect nsortioii. also The Troy Record Co. reserves the privilege ot revising or re- cctinff any advcrli.seinent (even a f t e r acre-plant-»' by an n d - t a k t r ) w h i c h it Icnii-H o b j e c t i o n a b l r , and to change the lassiflration ot any advertisement .'rom t h a t ordei-t'd in conform to the olicy ot thia Cumiutny. TELEVISION WTBI--CHANNEL P . M . 5:00--Sheriff or Cactui County 6:15--Serial Advsnturt g;30-- Hporti Final, St«v» Davll · :iO--Today'* Wiather, Sieve Pavli A:45--Newi 7:00--Curtain Timt 7:30--Uousla* Edwardi and the Newi ijOO^-Bn"^ 714 with Jack Webb 1:30--Klnfiild* w^h **· t;ao--1'vt Clot a Btcnt 10-00--noy*i Piayhona* in:30--Banrtiland Btllroorn 11:00--Newi HKOW-rHANNTL 41 WEDNESDAY P . M . «:00--Sports «-05_We*ther 8:10--Newi B:20--Show T.OQ--Knkli, Fran and Ollle 7:l.-i_j(ihn Daly 7:30--Soldier Farad* 8:30--Roller Derby 8:00--iilasquerad» Party 9:30--Enterprlie 10:00--Charlii Chan 11:00--News 11:15--Theater WBOII--CHANNEL f WEDNESDAY P. M. 5:00--Friendly Kiremnn 5:15--BrftMlllmi Sloriei 5:30--Howdy Doocly 6:00--Bronco Bill fi:30--Showcase fl:55_Weather iCap 7:flO--Superman 7:3ii--Averell Harrimnn 7;-15--New* 8:HO--I Married Joan 8:30--My Favorite Story fl:fl()--Theater 1(1:00--Box In B 10 H-- Sports Spot ]l:0fl--Newsreel 11:15--Red Levy Show 11:30--Waterfront 5^:00--Newi W'l'KI--CHANNEL SS THURSDAY P. M. 8:00--ShtrlfT ot Cactui County *:15--Serial Adventure fi:3Q--Sports Final, Btevt Davis «:*0--Today'* Weather, Dave Sauter «:45--Newa 7:00--Curtain Tim* 7:30--DOUR Edwardi and thi Newi 7:15--Football Report 8:00--Gent Autrey 8:30--Climax B:30--Four Btar Playhouse 10:30--Thursday Btar Theater 11:00--Newi WKOW-- CHANNKL 41 THI'ltSIlAY A. M. Club 10:00--JteadllncB 10:15--Morning Theater 10:3(i--Homemaker'i Kitchen 11:00--Creative Cookrry P. M. *:30--Western Theater «;00--Sport* 8:05--Weather fi;in--New* 8:20--Show 7:ift--John Daly 7:30--Fuel! Forum S:00--They fltand Accused 9:00--Sammy Kay* 10:00--Thursday Theater 11:00--News 11:15--Late Theater WRGK--CHANNEL t 'JIHIKSDAY A. M. 7:00--Today 8:00--Horn- Far* · 6;30--Health Frlendi 10:00--Ding Don B School 10;30--World of Booki 11:00--Horn* 12:00--Valiant Lady T. M. 12:15--I^ive or Lift 12:30--search ior Tomorrow 12:15--Guiding LlKht 1 :(Ki~Hollln' W i t h Ktont l:3»--Dave Cameron 2:(i(i--TUB:* Time 2:30--Trader Van 3:uii--HIB J'ayoff 3:30--jtoi) Crosby 4 :0ii--The Brlf;hler Day 4:15--Secret Storm 1:30--On Your Account fl:00--Friendly Fireman ft:1S--BieariUme Stor\e fi::iO--Howdy fioody fl:()0--Bronco Bill 8:30--Sliowcftse «:S5--Weuther Map 7:0(1--OOP Slate Com. 7:15--1'enas. Co. Democratic Com.. Jack Purccli 7:30--Earle Pudney 7:45--News 8:00--Groiicho Man 8:30--Jubilee 0:00--Dragnet 0:30--Tlieattr Kl:00--Theater 11:00--Newsreel 11:15---Hed Levy 31:30--BIK Picture 12:00--News Togo Palazzi Signs Contract To Play With Boston Celtics Boston (AP) -- The Boston Celtics o: the National Basketball As sociation yesterday announced the si»ning o£ former Holy Cross star Togo Palazzi o£ Union City, N. J., for an unannounced amount. Palazzi, the 10th highest col- le«iate scorer in the nation a year ago, was the Boston club's No. 1 territorial draft choice. He was chosen the most valuable player m the 1954 National Invitational Tournament as well as the Sugar Bowl Tournament-in New Orleans. Holy Cross won both o£ those tournaments. He joins^another former Holy Cross player, Bob Cousy, on the Celtic squad. LEGAL NOTICE c r n e l°00 PM" "a. in. Standard Tim. OctoB" 11 195-1 and tn«n opened publicly and "¥!,.*·'« tn Bidders," Form, tor Pr»- ' ponl. BpiclftclUOT. «l *· ?""'"«· S h» examined on or after October l. Jaoi »nd"S?« th."0f obtained .t tn, office o^ Atb.rt S. H.rthelmer. Archltsct or rjimn anil Lee, Attorneys. 251 River Street, Troy. New YorX. or office of the Town cwrR, Oration. New York, upon deposit ol J10.00 for each set of drawing »nH «pecinc«tlon!. Any bidder, upon returning such plans ana specifications promptly and In mod condition, will he refunded hi.1 deposit In full and any non-bidder upon » returning ,ueh documentl will 6e refunded one-halt his de Bldder. should not, that prevailing -wage rates established by the Department ol Labor. State ot New York are to be paid under any contract to be awarded In connection with this project. No bidder may withdraw his bid within 15 days after the actual date of the open- Inc thereof, but may withdraw It at any time prior to the scheduled cloilns lime tor reception ot bids. The Board of Fire Commissioners reserves th« right to waive any informalities in or reject any and all bids. The Board ot Fire commissioner* of the Grafton Fire District. Town of Grafton. Rcnsseiser County. Ncy YorK. By RAY D. SIMON, Chairman. Attest: JOHN DORR. Clerk. . NOTICE Is hereby given that License No. 31RL832 hM been Issued to the under- timed to sell beer, wine, llnuor at retail tn a restaurant and bar under th« Alcoholic Beverage Control L»w, at 729 Pa»'l- Ing Ave., Rensselaer County, N. Y., for 729 Pawling Ave., Troy, N. Y. NOTICE 10 hereby Kiven that License No. L30«8 has Men Issued to the undersigned to sell Liquor, wine And cider at retail In a liquor store under the Alcoholic Beverace Control Law, at 11.1 Concress St.. Troy. Rensselaer County. M. Y., tor ott premises consumptlon.^OTi, ,,. GARDNER. (-Vft Congress Liquor and W-ine, 1 115 Congri** St. Troy, N. f. NOTICE li h*r*by given th»t Llcenit No. 31RIAM h»i b«n lsau«d to the under- aljrned to tell beer, wine, liquor at r«UH In a rtattiunnt »nd bar, under the Alro- hollc Beverage Control Law. at 157 Fourth St., Troy, Rennelter county, N, Y., for on prtmiiei consumption. MICHAEL J. CUSTO. «7b/n CUSTO'S TAVERN. 1*7 41* fiL, T.-W, 4V. T. Flock Reports No Oilers For Robinson Brooklyn (AP) -- The Brooklyn Dodgers disclosed yesterday they are "talking deals" with several clubs, but said there's been no bait offered for Jackie Robinson. "No one has offered us a quarter for Robinson," Buzzy Bavasi, Dodger vice president said. "That doesn't mean he doesn't have value --1 am merely stating a fact." Bavasi said several clubs are interested in Brooklyn pitchers but added Don Newcombe is not on the Brooklyn trading list. "Lots of players take 8 year to get over Army life," he added, "and maybe that's what's wrong with Newcombe." No particular deals were mentioned but the Philadelphia Phillies are reported interested in outfielder Carl Furillo in a straight swap for the Phillies' Grammy Hamner. Other clubs are reported anxious to land third baseman Billy Cox. The Dodgers said Ton Zimmer had been sent to Puerto Rico to play for a winter league club managed by veteran catcher Dixie Howell. Zimmer is being groomed to replace PeeWee Reese at shortstop. Bucs To Release Pellagrini; Buy Western Rookie Pittsburgh (AP) -- The Pittsburgh Pirates yesterday asked for waivers on veteran infielder Eddie Pellagrini and disclosed the purchase of a new infielder from Denver of the Class A Western League. The new infielder is third baseman Reno Debenedelti, 24, the Western League's 1954 battin champion. He hit .331 and also led the league in hits with 183 and doubles with 39. Debenedetti, a righthander all the way, is a native of San Francisco. The Pirates asked waivers on Pellagrini to give the 34-year-old nfielder his unconditional release. Pellagrini spent two seasons with the Pirates. He was obtained on waivers from Cincinnati in 1953. Gronik Subs For Fight With Basilio, Oct. 15 Syracuse (AP)--Fight promote A'orm Rothschild yesterday saic Allie Gronik of Detroit would fighi Carmen Basilio here Oct. 15, in stead of Johnny Lombardo. Rothschild said Lombardo's man ager, Connie Noonan, had decided he would have too little time to get his fighter in shape for the bout and asked to withdraw. As a substitute Gornik, whose only loss in nine fights this year was to second-ranked welterweight D e Flanagan in a decision, was signet, to meet Basilio, No. 1 welterweight contender. Heinie Manush Out As Nats' Coach Under Dressen Washington (AP)--Coach Heinie Manush was dismissed by the Washington Senators yesterday. He follows Manager Bucky Harris and Coach George Myatt, who were let out at the close of the season. Club Owner Clark Griffith informed Manush by letter that Chuck Dressen, the Senators' new manager would coach at third base next season and bring his own 'irst base coach with him. That eaves no room for Manush, an all-time Washington outfield star, who coached at first during the :954 season. Myatt had been the bird base coach. Only two of the Senators' present coaches will stay with the club, Griffith said. They are Joe 'itzgerald, bullpen coach, and Joe Hayncs, pitching coach. Haynes will stay on as an assistant pitching coach since Dressen chooses to handle his hurlers himself. G r i f f i t h said Dressen specifically asked Haynes be retained to jive him a line on American League hitters. All of Dressen's previous major league managerial experience has been in the National League. Classified Display--But. Anmt. LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE Is hereby River, that License No. 31HL143 hxn been liaiitd to tne undersigned to sell beer, wine, liquor tl ret A I] n a hotel under the Alcoholic Beverage Control Law, *t 200 Broadway, Troy, Reni* county, N. Y., for on premliei contumption. TnOVOTT CORPORATION, d-to-a Hendrtek Hudson Hotel, 500 »roadw*y, Troy, A'tw Yorlc. BOWLERS ATTENTION Alliys Now Available for L«agu« Play and Open Bowling. HUDSON RECREATION 291Rivtr$t. AS2-«122 C\m'eA Infoirmttion Index ANNOUNCEMENT EDUCATIONAL EMPLOYMENT FINANCIAL FARMERS MARKET MERCHANDISE BARGAINS PERSONAL SERVICES BUSINESS SERVICES REAL ESTATE, RENT ROOMS AND BOARD REAL ESTATE, SALE AUTOMOTIVE 1- 9 10- 19 20- 29 30- 39 40- 49 50- 69 7080- 89 90- 99 100-109 110-119 120-129 130-145 Hour* ANNOUNCEMENTS I S ' Lout and FounA DACHSHUND, black, children's pet, 6 years old, spuyt'd female, tun markings on font, gray chin. Lasl seen without collar Oct. 2ml. aluml tJ p.m. in center of A v e r i l l J ' ; u k vllhipo. Answers to "Ucni." Heartbroken children. Pleas.t caM^OK 4-: ^EYE cTLASSKS lost, In'ly's plaid frame, v i c i n i t y N o r t h Troy or F i f t h Avc. bua lino, AShley 1-3S09, a f t e r -1 p.m. CLAb'SBS. clilld'a. black rim, f o u n d Sun. vicinity of Prut tor's. Ownn may havR by I d o n t i f y n i u and paying for ad. AS 2-2153. afU-r 4 p.m. GL.A.SSKS, Uwly'a fiohl top tortolsp, ii red i-oflc. lost Sunday. Reward. AS ·l-tilfi l j. WALLET lost, South Troy-Watervliet Contains license, money, tcientltlca lion. Kcward. AShley 4-3S26. CONFIDENTIAL INVESTIGATORS Capitol Detective Service, 150 Stat St.. A l b a n y 5-573S. HAIR removed permanently, electroly sis. No rc^rowlli guaranteed. 2' years' experience. Ernest and M i l d r i Swanson. 113 State St., Albany 3-498S ilASSAGE--M«ep younger, more aler with scientific application. K r R j muscles strong and supple, accelerate circulatory system. AS 4-7717. 5 Auto Transportation LEAVING FOR LOS ANGELES Oct. 17 Want 1 or 2 rulers to share expenses AH 3-0-13S after 5::tO p.m. EDUCATIONAL 10 1-1 Private Instruction TUTOR7NG--Grade n-adlne, "riflllng English grammar, French grammar AShkry 2-06C2. 16 Trade Schools WELDING--Learn combination welding in few weeks, day or eves. High income, steady work. Modern Welding School, 1740 B'way, Schenectady. EMPLOYMENT 20 20 Help Wanted--Men BANK TELLER Cohoes bank offers an o p p o r t u n l l y for a young man Interested in a banking career, Previous experience will be recog- zed, b u t not necessary. Accuracy, ependability and a b i l i t y to meet peo- ' .!e and servis the banVs nost important. K i n d l y reply by letter atating qualifications and references to Post Office Bol 230, Cohoea. N. Y. COLLECTOR PART TIME Local resident of Troy to collect regu- ar paying monthly accounts for old established firm. Must have from 4 to S and Saturdays free. Car neccs- jary. Apply Thursday, 9 to 12 a.m. and 6 to 8 p.m. Crown Collier, 1602 State Bank Bldg., 75 State St., Albany. DISHWASHER--For nearby establishment. Must live in. L. . M. Employment Agency. 297 River St., Troy. AS 4-77-10. FIREMAN, ;to to 45 yra. of age, with at least 5 yrs. experience in operating oil burners. Write Box 56, Troy Record Co. JAN, married, 24-35 years of age for salos and service of sef/ing machines and vacuum cleaners in Schenectady area. Good starting salary plus liberal commission. ( P r e m i u m on salary provided applicant has sales experience). Transportation furnished, vacation with pay, group insurance, hcapitalization, sickness benefits, retirement, etc. Steady position w i t h good f u t u r e assured. Write giving f u l l details, ex pi; ri once, etc., to 41, Troy Record Co. tAN--Part-time, eventnps, to collect a n d f l f l l insurance. M o n t h l y d e b i t f u r n i s h e d . No objection to non-conflicting position. Experience not necessary. W r i t e Box 57, Troy Record Co. MAN--Single, wanted for dairy /arm. Must have r x p c r i f n c « and be d r a f t exempt. Joseph Schmidt, Mel rose, N. Y. tIAN, single, wanted for dairy rfarm. room, board and wage?. Call Albany 8-H72. MAN to work on dairy farm. Must be experienced with cows and machinery. C. Wilson Sheldon. R.D. No. 2 Schaghtlcoke. MAN with b l u e p r i n t experience to do take-offs for buildings. Write Post Office Box 8fi3, Troy, N. Y. MECHANIC experienced on elfctric motors* 5'A daya, $1-70 an hour. Moore Employ men I Agency, 1700 Highland Ave., AShley 2-1110. MEN (3) LARGE LOCAL COMPANY HAS OPENINGS FOR T H R E E MEN. CAR NECESSARY. SALARIED POSITION OR COMMISSION PLAN. WITH A FUTURE. PHONK AShlcy 2-65O FOR APPOINTMENT. MODEST MAIDENS ,o~6 "Imogint coming clear from (hi moon just for a bathing beauty contestl" EMPLOYMENT Help Wanted--Men M E C H A N I C ilust do all genernl fiarage work. TIave iwn touls. Six hay week. Fleet garage, ilcaiiy. Box 59, Troy Itocord Co. NEAT APPEARANCE S men needed locally for interf-stlnfi lold work connected w i t h popular elephone quiz proRrnm. Positions arc ponnanent. Must be 20 to 3ii years of age. Car rsscntial, )\oiif STatft 5-859-t lor interview. OPPORTUNITY FOR Y O U N G MAN IN Shoe Business WANTED: An HKprc.Hdive. personable, ciipable nmn, who lias slioe aelllnk' ex- lerlence, to develop i n t o a slice depart- iifnt nianaRer in Capital District for » national ahoe company. Doparlnient already established and successful on i n a l i t y bnal.i. A p p l i c a n t should be. blpli school gradilute, uniip.r 35 yrars RKC, I'llh an urun to i m p r o v e liiiu.Mrlf. Ap- illcntion.H will be k o p t roiifHlfntiiil. Apply w i t h f u l l details nt backcrm and ex p. to Box \2, Troy Kocord Co. SALKSMAN, flfthPf, rollable, exp encfMl for c l o t h i n g store. Good pay, ntcftfly work. Apply Army N n v y Ktorc, corner 112th St. and 5th Ave., North Troy. SALESMEN wantiMl by wrJl known oil company. Experience unnecpasai'y, No inveatmenl requlrcrl. Training provided. I m m e d i a t e steady incomi witli p e r m a n e n t f u t u r e . C e n t r a l Petroleum Co., 511 Standard Eldg., Cleveland 13, Ohio. SAL10S.MKN , (2) between 25 and H5 bi£li school graduate*. Bonfiflde offer excellent company. Permanent place nient, excellent .salary, cur expenaea commission. Will train. Laibach Employment Service, :MG Fnllon St. Boardmun Blcip. AS 2-06S3. SlfOESHINE BOY wanted. Miwt b. 16 years old. Full or part time. Inquire Troy Quick Shoe Repair, £1 3rd St., Troy. YOUNG MEN, 17 tn 19. for general sboji and assembly work. JHO week to start. Write, s t a t i n g HRC. and education to Box 88, Troy Record Co. 22 Position* Wanted--Men COUPLE desires job n.s farm m a n - agers or curetakera. Fully experienced, reliable, dependable. Write Straw, RD No. 2, Mclrose. N. Y. MAN deslrea job. experienced machine operator specializing on Kellers; food chain store management; now .study- Ing t r a f f i c and transportation management, would like on the job t r n l n - liig in traffic dept. Would also .be interested in credit, personnel or retail atore operation. AShley 4-3246 or AShley 2-44S7. MAN dcsirea work, part time or steady as porter or handy man. Phono after 7 p.m., BE 5-5871. MAN--Married, desires part time position after 6 p.m. Car or t r u c k mechanic, gas a t t e n d a n t : experienced. Plttatown 21-F-31. VETERAN and gradunte of A l b a n y Business College seeks part-time work taking care of small company or store accounting books. Phone AS 2-3954. YOUNG MAN, experienced, 21 yra.. desires job in gas station a f t e r school, starling at 3 o'clock. AS 2-2«38, after 5 p.m. 23 Agents Wanted AGENTS--Money fon Xmas! High earnings regulnrly. Friend.", neighbors-everyone buys from Elmira'.s exquisite new sparkling line. I m p r i n t e d Christmas r-.arris lor as Uttl aa 3c. Personalized stationery, napkin.", large gift wrappings w i t h free accessorUs, ribbon tiea . . . all f i n e q u a l i t y money saving values. No experience needed. Send name and uddrewi for free portfolios, catalog, assortments on approval. Bonus plan. Elmlra'a "portable gift shop" make. 1 ' money first day. Write today. Klrnira. Greeting Card* Co., Dept. 25. Elmini, N. Y. 24 Help Wanted--Women BOOKKEEPER, some, experience pr^/erred, typing required. .'15 hour work. Salary $200 a month. Call Mrs. Houlihan. A l b a n y 3-4151. CAR WASHERS Apply Central Minit-Man SM Hlver St. G-I-R-L WANTED For General Factory Work xxxx . Steady Work Year Round Tiny Town Togs 2 Riyer St., Troy DENTAIj ASSISTANT, cxperirnrM p r f f e r r f i f l . Wrilf stalinp »K' 1 . r f l f t r - ft\r*a unrt experience. Box 61, Troy Rrcord Co. ESirLOYMENT 2-1 Help Wiintcd--Women ' A S I I I E R , experieiiri' t a i l store. J40. M,,,.,-,. ; Agency. 1700 H i g h l a n d Av pil (or rc- i n i » l f t y i n r n t AS 2-1UO. EXKCI:TIVK SKCRHTARY -- s.-nai studios l i i u - k K r u n i n l . 5 Hays. Salary opm. MHO]-,. K n i i ' l o y n i o n t Ascney 1700 U i g h l a i H l Avt-. AS 2-1110. I R L for sr-u t a i l f u i n i t i u v coinpctt-iit i'v ord Cu. o f f i c n wnrk in re- IT. i;o(nl siiliiry (or Box ·!·!, Ti-Ly Rec- C J I R L S to w n k in kiMien.i and p u n - lr»\i. MH.M I... abli- tn || V f in. Apply MJH.H DO.IKI', Dk'tltinii, Kinm.i W i l l a r t l Si-huul. CURLS to \vrk in l i i u m l r y . Apply CHI-hart's l-aumlry, b2;t Kivei* Si. .10UsT:KEKI'k«I3ui»"r ho uiider" V f - i y c.vp'M-ifiu-fd. X f w huunc in Al busy. 1 f l u n r . '2 rbllilr.Hi. Sb't'P in W i l l pay t n p Milary li expi'ri.-iir.M p.'r.snn, K x t i a l n | p for licavy work A K h l r v 2-S451. . A D I K H -- A i t JIMW, IMK iirofUs--Slum ^1 f n r J l O i r i s t m a s n n l niiiiK-liu p r i n t e d ranis, .thitlnm-ry. K u l l 01 p a r t time. m. r x p i T l o n r o nntilnl Al.Hti f u m l - n i L s i t . K n n n i p plan, no cos to try. HnniiiU-.-* on upproval. \Vrltt Syniriwe Card, I)cpt. JOA, Ladies f you 11 rM monoy, earn good inrnni l i n k i n g t o l f p h o n o a p p o i n t m e n t * f r n n vour hanw'. For lixformntton, cal U N i n n 9-7S7;t. Mothers Housewives-Career Girl SHOW AVON CHRISTMAS GIFT L I N E IN S P A R E T I M E . FULL PR TAILS GIVEN. CALL ASHLEY 2-307 OR A L B A N Y 62-1136. OFFICE WORKER for part-Urn?. Mus have knowledge of typing, shorthnm addnwogrnph and mlmcograpl W r i t e Box 2fi, Troy Record Co. PERSONNEL ' ASSISTANT. 25 to .1 College background, a b i l i t y to band people, personnel experience (i e q u i v a l e n t . Permanent. Moore Kn ployment Agency, 1700 Highland Av AS 2-1110. SALESLADY, rxpcrU-)H:cil. \n liuli- ready to w r n r drc.H.s #liop. Si cm: position. Maid. "427 River St WOMAN--Rxprrirncod In tin house work and caro for 2 children, fi day a week. -525. room and hoard. Mua have references. Call AS 4-5711. WOMAN, iiilfldlcnsnl. sorns nuraln cxprrifiici to carr for i n v a l i d woman Cooking for couple, l i g h t houselti inff. Sleep in. State referriitea. aa"! ary Vo box 54, Troy Rrconl Co. \V OMAN] 20-1.1. preferably ch"i 1^ ntirae, two c h i l d r e n . Livt- in. Al biiny location. Salnry oprn, W r i l Box 3(i. Troy Record Co., I n c l u d i reference. 1 ), rusitlorm \Vantt(1--Wnn t I R L -- Dependable, m i d d l e aged, would l i k « l i g h t house work ami p l a i n cooking or companion to lady. Sleep in. Box 53, Troy Record Co, IOVERNESS would l l k f portion t a k i n g care of prc -school c h i l d r e n . I/. M, Employment Agency, 297 River Si., Troy. AS 4-77-10. SECRETARY and office worker, ·: prrienccd, with own typewriter, d aII-PS to do work at homo. Call CEdnr 7-0210. VOMAN w o u l d l i k e d i s h w a s h i n g Job, C 29. PUone AShley 4-4243. YOUNG MOTHER, w i t h hoy of .1, would l i k o employment of any k i n d , 9 to :t. where child could accompany her. Hox .'J7, Troy Record Co. FINANCIAL 30 All financial advertisement* art subject to Investigation by the newspaper. Complete i n f o r m a t i o n and references must be lubmitted. The reader should consult hli attorney before s i g n i n g any agreement covering the purchwe of * business, busineja interest or Investment. .'II Business Opportunity 1AR, restaurant and living quart en Doing pood business, tor detail.* call Petersburg 434. BUSINESS AND HOME established restaurant nnd grill--plus : room and bath flat on second floor, for f u r t h e r I n f o r m a t i o n Call AS 2-9SOJ. ESTABLISHED Service Station W i l h neighborhood following. Mod rate investment r*f|iiirr[t. for in u r i n a t i o n call A S h l r y 4-3061. M DIES'* APPAREL, pert Jihop, b^au t l f u l l y pfiuipp'-'d; rollrge town, popu lar f o l l o w i n g ; upper N. Y. intHi-'tria c i t y ; i!!n«\ | yi (erring f t i l ^ . H r a M y n pern. $3.000. ( B k r . J .Box 55, Tro Record Co. 34 Money to Loan CASH LOAN SERVICE my to reach in Menaniis. For faj uans call Protective Loan, 291 Broad wa» Troy-Albany Roaii. Menands. Mi p a r k i n g trouble. ARscnal 3-866S. CASH LOANS. ?25 to 5500. q u i c k l y a r ranged by phone. Dumratlc Finance 2nd floor. Koc-nan Hldg., 2iS B'way Troy. A S h l e y 4-HOO. Shopping For A Loan? PKIWOiSAL--»nd only PERSONAL --offer.H these beneflU: "Yes" promptly to employed peo pic--married. Mingle. N a t i o n w i d e credit at over 800 *f fllftted offices in U. S., Canada! J*ortn custom-fitted to your needj ftml Income'. Single visit loan--phone flritl Select beat p a y m e n t date! Export budget analysis. PERSONAL made over a million loans iwt ycnr--prapf we l i k e to i«y "yea." Phone, write, com* In! LOANS 125 to $500 on signature, f u r n l t u r u or car 'ersonal Finance Company Of New York Troy--'2nd ft-, 3-13 R'way. \SWty 2-330- "echanicvtlK'. -U N. Main St., rh us; Open Friday Erfa. 'til 8 r.M. FINANCIAL S-l Money to LOAD LOANS $20 to $500 One Day Service HFC. single or married persons harrow ;2n to ;.yj on signature, or f u r n i t u r e , w i t h o u t end-jraors. ·vice i.i last and f r i e n d l y . You will "y d o i n g business w i t h Amerka'a et and largest consumer finance nfiany. l!ll MONTHLY PAYMENT PLAN '·in :o is 5 ;-t Pyrnts. Print-i. PymU. I"" H.U J6.37 I1S.1J 2'") i:.b:. 1376 36.13 MEBCHANDIU »1 Article* for FKEEZBR ovner* who want t* I extra money on top quality m« and provisions expertly prepared your home freezer. Do not huiUta --Call ua now at AR 3-2933 'or 41 3-2S35 lor prices. LINOLEUM REMNANTS, room ill*, choice ol colors. 13.50. Jobn»o« Fur* allure Store, (H Rivu it. )ml wU ot railroad track*. MATERNITY DRESSES. JU.IU. SklrU, slacks, junipers, jackeu. lingerie] sizes 7-41. Open Thurs., Fri ere* Charge accounts. Paula's. 85 4th St. REFRIGERATOR-KriBldalre, 9 CU. It.; biK trm,:r. alt porcelain, out ot tha crate slightly damaged, with b\g sav* lng». Clothes dryer, Whirlpool floof sample, discolored, jold new S239 93; save S70. Clutlt * Sons. Broadway and 2nd St. * 500 . Il.iil 3'J 22 . 26 SS 33. (XI 7153 8S.83 A l l P a y m f n ' s I n c l u d e Principal And I n t e r e s t Household Finance CORPORATION 251 K I V K R STREET n Monuni'-nt Square -- AShley 4-7591 id Floor Over Reynolds Furn. Store Open Fnday'5 Until S:00 P.M. .'ILLIAMS. Pawnbroker, 163 4th St. jewelry, d r a w i n g tools, binoculars. Money loaned on diamonds, watches, cameras. o[c. AShley 2-3341. FARMER'S MARKET 40 41 Farm Auction Sale* ILLER'S LIVESTOCK MARKET, Route 40, A r K y l c - G r u e i i w I c h Rd. Auc- t i o n cviT.v \Vcil., '2 p.m. For t r u c k i n g S t a n Oary, Valley Falls. PLymouth :.-H10 or firc-nwlt-h 7S56. For prir.\- of Fred Miller's, Livestock Market. 12 Farm Equipment (AM.MHR M I L L , Montgomery Ward, " K'Kn 1 c o n d i t i o n . W i l b u r J* HtwiU, nr Clmiis Corners, BRidfje 9-3193, .t'GS--Special sale of exceptional!* imo lot of axminatcr, velvet and wilt ton rugs, discontinued patterns and mill eruta at 60% savings, beautiful patterns and rotors, deep long-wearing pile manufactured by nationally K n o w n carpet ml!!: must, be ;ieen i« bf appreciated. Sizes from 9x6 tf 0x15; jiricM from $:i9 to $120. Care* f u l R u n Cleaning Co.. 39 119th Stl North Troy. ' EWIXG MACHINE. n T v ^ e l e c t r 19-vl console, sewa back and fortk over p m a ; round bobbin: auomatl* bobbin vmdt-r attachments; guarani Uf-d 20 y^ara. J2S9. sacrifice, J139.3^ _2_ f -nns. Winston. AShley 2-6173. : TYPEWRITERS, adding me.chlne* new and used portables, immediate d'-iivery. repairs, rentali and supi flits. Troy Typewriter £ Suppl* Co.. 3 First St. AShley 4-3912. * TYPEWP-ITERS-Portable. all makefc -OCo o f f . Budget ternw. Typewriter h.xchanpe. Brunswick Road, ea^t ol Sn. Lake Avc. AShk-y 4-6032 anytlmtj Articles for ACCORDION--Hohm-r 120 baaa, Hkft n - w ; ca.'« and imulc stand. llOOi C;ill CKdar 7-56S7. after i p.m. I ALL TYPJLUSED IULNG Oil and ga.i, coal and gas, gas ind fu. (Jfij raneea and refrigerators irade3 for new ones at Kalamaaoo. The Slovf Cfnier. 37j River St. AShley 2-3724 - LUiN'KTO REPAIRING, fast, rellabl service, l l f i u i l n c pfirt.t. mod orate pru-Cfl. Khrlirh Electric Service, Inc. 200 4th St., Troy. AShley 4-2100. ANTIQUES and general household for* iu*\iini*s of horn*'. Private sale. OcU 6th to 15th. Call AShloy 4-1023. · ; PKACTORS--New. Ford; Major Diesel tractors; combines; forage harvest- era; Alao a good ai'lection of used tractors. Brown's Uaragc, Cropaey- villc. BRidgo 9-^-177. USED Choppora, corn pickers, tractors, many thcr iUma; also a coniplote l i n e of new olm Decrn oriulpmenl. Sfc Roh i'ol- oc-it at Eagle .Mills or phone BRidge -3(557. T U A D U N O W SV BIT In (i position to o f f ^ r allow- nn-.i of up to jr.00 ovfi' m a r k e t v a l u f ii used tractors in I r a d f for new Kttrm- .11 Super M a n d AIT A. C a l h o u n Kmiip- lent Co., Mrlrosi*. N. Y. BEiltonl 5-OOtf ·r PLymoutli 8-l2S:i. Home*, Cuttle. Stock COW--One registered Jersey, 2 yr.i. old. new milker. Call evening*, ORe 4-SIM. ANTIQUE CHINA, dishes, ornaments b u t t u i w , paintings, f u r n i t u r e u n e in and look around at Welner'i n i i q u f j . 21 Congre^ St. ' ANTIQUES, rare old English tea set 175 yr.i. old. b e a u t i f u l dlshea, Vic* IK . records, Clara Ilaskliu, S3 6th AVtJ BEAMS, PIPE, chaniieLs. anglea. elec« trie motor, reinforcing roda. Highest prices paid for scrap. Reuben KellJ Freednian. 31CH 7lh Are. AS 3-8311. · BEAUTY EQUIPMENT--Going out. of huaint'.-is, guod cimditlon, chfap, Gooi clmnc** oiif starting in. MIAS C!ar% Raskins. ;i tith Ave. Blvd., 1st flppri BABY FURNITURE, crib, car b*dj t a r n f t R p , balhln^lU. high th*ir, s «tc' Kxcellent condition. Reasonahlt, B K U f u r d 5-HM. -- · BED, a i. complete; red mahogany Md dre.ijior, like new. J50. See anytime; aldo 2 snow lire* 30 700--760--14, 4 ply. AS 6-S067. ; i BRESLAW'S OUTLET FALL CLEARANCE SALE SAVE 40%, 50%, 60% For The Bedroom Walnut and Maple Bcils, All Siz J7.SS Bunk Bed. ilaplfi. Complete Guard R a i l /nul Ladder J10.00 ChPst-0-Bod, .Metal, complete w i l h Spring and .Mattress. Full siza -' Only) JM.55 irollywootl Beil Out/It, floor Sample {39.50 For The Kitchen 5 PC. K i t c h e n Sot. Chrome J39.50 E x t e n s i o n Table. Chairs, Formica Top. PC. Miiple Kit Scl U t i l i t y Cabinet 559.50 J9.98 For The Living Room 2 PC. Maple Sofa Bed Suit* 3 IV. Ma pic L i v i n g Room Suite, r l u d i n g So/a and 2 Chairs J59.5Q So/a Bed. Priced for Cltaranct J19.95 3 Fc. L i v i n g Room Set, Tappalry. Red and Blue M9.9I X PC. Velour, 3 Tone J79.9« 3 Pr. Sectional, Green Damask $33.30 For The New Baby... High Chair, Maplt |3;SS Inner.'pring Crib -Mnttresj $ t 4J» FuU Panel Crib, Uplt or Wax Birth Stroller n'ith Hood |7 L 7i Tnple Dresser w i t h Mirror KM.SS Rollaway Cot irlth Mattrejj lli.ll Floor Samples -- New - Used -Trade-In Mdst BRESLAW'S OUTLET j 26-30 HOOSICK ST., TROY, N.Y. \\ Open Friday Till 9, Any E v e n i n g By Appointment dALL AS 4-743 1 : - ; " PLENTY OF F R E E P A R K I N G ON HOOSICK.ST, IOATS, 3 young, p u r e w h i t e , no horns; jihppp f e r t i l i z e r , 50c a bushel: dorse and cow IcrUlizfr, 3 bushels, U, delivered. - C a l l AH 3-9SS9. UJKHNSEY COW. f r r h . TB acrr-MlU.- H, calf hood wire mated. Fayctte Binck. Bvsi^Cofnfr3.^-_J'__ _ -lOLSTEIN'S (6). 1 fiLh-rnS' i y for 33*"M i l k i n g rows, dn« to frf.*li' i n in ih" spring.' Wu-.iM l i k e to ;"11 all at one* Sitting d u « to i l l new. OR 4-3229. . BUFFET--Oak. K; chMt or drawer*. 13: coffCR table. J12: grandfather's clock. 5100; chrome tables, slightly damaged. AR 3-9157. laZJ B'way, WatervMct, 6 to S p.m. r 45 1'oultry and auppllea C H I C K E N S -- H e a v y w h i t e f r y r r s IKI for freezing. Call ASIil'iy 4« Farm I'roducti Warned HICKKNS, llv« poultry, all ilndj; also cgRa wanted, any amount. High- «t prlc« pal.l. E.L 1SOO. J. Chuck, row Sons. 41 Hlver St. AShley 4-il» WjETRY--All Xlnd7 boUEht. !0ld. HISllMl prices. Send t r u c k anywhere. Interstate. I'oultry C o . , 3 17th St Walervllel. Atonal 3-M.g. MERCHANDISE SO 50 Articles For KR electric sewlnt: m a c h l n e j . lit- ut U'PC. renUd by lh« month. Sins- er S,'«IHB MacJiin. Co., 337 Rkor St. AShloy 4.4150. M Articles For Sal---New CLOSED All Day Thursday ON \CCOU.NT OF IIOUDA7 OPEN FRIDAY 8A.M. IJNDY'S C A N A L A N D 2ND STS...TROT DESKS tiling cabinets, office chftiraj new and used Mahogany wtll c«* Mu 1 fahy'a. 331 River St. ToTKL rMtaurant, institutional nip ifs- china, silver, fluivarc, Rent 3 for *H occajions. Romano-Uejal l u i p L Co Inc. XSMey 2-7033.« CLOTHING--S uaorted ?uits. man'i size 4-1, storm coat, overcoat. Original price to SS5. $10 eacJi. Sea Fri, Oct. S. 30 Cootldge Ave, COAT--Boy's winter dro^s coat: «wcat- t-'ra never worn, ssze 6: natural tipp*d skunk f u r coat. 10-13; maple high chair; pad; Taylor Tot. In very good condition. Reasonable. BE 5-167$. COATS, girl's, sizo S. Tweet, storm coat, gray lined slacks. Jl"; light tan flf-jce coat, brown hat. bag, -slippers, J1S. Good condition. AS 4-0993 aKer 5 p.m. DEEP .FREEZER. 13 cu. (t.; Tappan propane gaa range; Zenith console televfaton. J69. A. K. Wolfe, W«: Sand Lake. ^ DEEK RIFLE. Savage. 3QiKModel '», b" shots. Xever iued, coat (110, will ell fur $70. Call CEdar 7-5590. -' DIAMOND RING. Soliiairc. good tono. Keaaonable. Call BSd'ord -H9S. F I N I N G ROOM SET. 9 piece uoUd wal- n u t , t a b l e pad i n c l u d e d ; in condition. Call AShley 4-OS39. DINING ROOM TABLE, walnut, beau- t i f u l condition, -!0x54. eitends to 71 iiK-he.i, SiO; ~ chaira to match. Jo oach. 17 George St.. G. I., or ARse- nal 3-:^H. ELECTRIC RANGE. Hotpoint. with deep well cooker, fine condition. J75; fienJix laundromat.' almost new. 5100: dininj; room suit?, red mahogany. Duncan Phyfc, 9 piece, |75. ST'ai* 5-7391. ^___ VURXACE. Lawaon, floor, gaa. 31,000 BTU. exveMent condition, $35, quick sale. Hand crocheted ubiecloth. white. Queen Anne's lac« P*«*"*- Beautiful. S50. Call Howie* Fall*, N. · Y., S71. Ouiified Adi Continued on Next P*(* 3

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