The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 3, 1930 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 3, 1930
Page 2
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Items of Personal Interest SOCIETY-! SHl* Ibid Noble. - —,. 15. C.'Atkinson was hostess to tb* young Matrons Bridge club TJiur*d«y ,»fternoon at the Hotel | gJfoWe for the.weekly party. Tho two ' wles of members played several *;ftmes on the memnln: floor witli f >Jrs Malt Monaghan Jr., winning 8r» v«* for high score. i ^". A plate lunch was served. ' ^r Ctak Bis IU Anfeiul; '• -Weir Year's Luncheon. '• ,- Mrs. George R. Crockett -was V hostess tor the annual New Yeart ^ luncheon of the Tuesday Rook club J-" yhich w«s given Wednesday at her ff home on Davis avenue. Included in x Ihe 16 present were two guests, . Mrs P. D. Underwood of Llttls , Bock and Mrs. Hattie Crockett o! s Columbia, Mo. ' Red ,was used in prolusion for decorating the two rooms and the s one long luncheon table was centered with crystal candelabra hold- Ing red tapers which were also scattered oloim the table. Red New , .Year bells were seen and llw place cards gave New Year greetings. Before lunch ,cacli lady wrote a New Year's resolution and received n: gift, names having previously been j drawn for the exchanging ol reni-; embr&nccs. Blythcville Beau UPS Vic For Honors t_3, 1930 ,i| Activities and News oi' Women Jlcnccla I.aiiBilon, HiliU Itoll.iml anil I'.Uly Scccy, <if liili city, v.ho liavc 28 beauty i-ciilcslanls fur Ihc 'ut:n:ly cnntc''. Lit 1'ic I'nlvcrJty uf Arkansas. Gentlemen may prefer bloncic 1 , _ —.— bul three Blytheville cocns are hou- Aftcr the two course menu hurt 1 ing It'll fc n brunette Oils time been served, rook was played for: Misses Bolivia Lansston, Hilda several hours. ! Holland and Patty Bccoy are cn- s:ctioii in the annual. James r.: chosen liom the Phi My ral )ij.. Aii(U>r!c:i. editor of the ycorbDo;-..! Eacli Greek letter fjroup was t-!lo-" Itas iiHiioiinccd. iect three representatives. For lliL' In si three years, blu::ik'(. All three candidates arc of t'i« have siu'iit U;= hontrs willi r.:;cii • rponlsh type and, on (he universi'v ;tereu In the RazarbRck Ijc'auty con- | Judges us Ho Zlegfeld Jr., John Oi:'- ; camplis. arc said to stand' n ; test ai the University of Arkansas. • fccrl n ud Rolf Arinstvous pli'k'u-j chance of New Members Honored . "w.«w»v« - ,1..,. ,.b luv until.', ailjr ul ft I r.lulsirj. ' IJl'll. ; At » Banquet Meeting. j A field of 28 beauty contestants ! them S'-yenty-five of the approximate- . picked from -every sorority iinrt ' Miss Eecoy ami Miss Lin "ten ly 100 new members ol tho First;girls boarding houses on tho For!:- 'were bath le'.med by the D>lr Christian church,, received In tlie;cr campus arc vicing for b:auly | Delta Delta borority to rcprcier.t "their organisation. Mr. am! Mr;. T ---- "*- ~ »».—.«., j b *.«,»• *.u 411 mi. ^ LI minima tiit \ IUIUK lor ujtiiilv local revival, attended the binqusl. honors. There are more girls In the . meeting at the social 1ml! last eve- . contest from this city than anv nins, given In their honor. | other place excluding Kiye'.tevills, The ISO men, women and chll- ! home of the University, which nlso (Iren present were seated at long '. has three entrants. •~ K ' The first six. who will be selected eary sprng ow- . o w e seece and Radiance roses arranged by some national expert, will Imv . ferns. Tapers rcllectcd over their picture ptace:! In Ihe teauty 1 — '- and vases -• -- - tables gay with early spring flowers -••-•• with the bowls and vases of flowers, making an attractive scene. The Rev. E. K. Lathner, pasbr, served ss toaslmaster and Oeorcc W Barhsm, chairman ol the board. :iras the principal speaker. Musi; by Mrs. J. Cecil Lowe, C, M. Done, Misses Mildred Juuti arid Gladys Barbara' w»s grouped with piano. violin and voice selections. In Mr. Borham's address, he reviewed tho improvement of the church and IU members in thelv »ctlvUies/ln the past year nnd .praised the pastor for his nnlir- tag efforts' in Increasing member- :Shlp, attendance and Interest, ft ' Thank .You" .was said by Mr. La:- imer to his fellow workers for their cooperation, especially in ihc cvan- gelisUcal meeting which brought the large number of new members Into the church. Children 'of Confederacy TnxM to Meet Saturday. Misses Ruth and Sue Butt wll! entertain the members of the Children of Confederacy for a meeting Saturday afternoon ti: -Which all members are uvged to attend. • * * Armor*] P. Tf..\. plans •Vac.. Interesting Meeting. The members of the Annorel Psrent-Teacher association are looking forward to the third Wednesday ulght of this month, January 22, for the first meeting of the organization this year. It is to bo given In honor cf Uie fathers and the subject of the program »•»! be "Our Homes Economically Sound." Following the •program the hospitality committee will sponsor a social Jiour. Girls Class to Meet The class of the First Baptist .Sunday school, taught by Miss Minnie Foster, will h&ve an important class meeting tomorrow afternoon, 2:30 o'clock, at the church. Girls 13 year* of age ar; Included in the group. • » • Mrs. Jacison lias Club. Members of .the Thursday ROD!; club and three guests, Alcsdames M. G. Goodwin, A. M. Eiilt anrt Louis Wilson were entertained by Urs. Tom \V. -Jackson at h;r homv on West Ash street. Features of the party were surprising Mrs. J. s. Gesell and Mrs. W. H. Stovall with showers of handkerchiefs in honor of th-ir birthdays.. The hostess served a plate lunch of chicken Eamln-ichfu, cranberry salad and coffee after the rocs games. • » * ' Son Born. •-• > Mr. and. Mrs. R. w. Bone, 41S Broadway, announce the birth of a son, Monday, December 30. Th= b«by, who weighs nine pounds, has been named Rufus Warren. Before her marriage three years r.go, Mrs Bone was Miss' Ide Mas Foster. ' ' * * • Cr»b Has Visitors. , At the' party of the Thursday Luncheon club yestarday, when Mrs C W. Afflick was hostess, she also entertained Mrs Patty Knigh; of V Ridgetbp, Tenn., Mrs. W. D. ChambUn Jr, and Mrs. Bernr.n! 'l'o:]i Sccoy are ents of Mlsr- ,,„ .,,j Cn ii« , co.v and ,\fc Doncsta Ihe daughter c! Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Langston a'. Number Nine pbn- tation. Miss Holland, who is liu daughter of V. G. Holland, \v,ri —. -. breaking tradition Uj taking the laurels away from- the j "light headed" group. Miss Holland Is a sophomore in the College of Education; jiiiss Sc- csy is a iuniov in the College 01 Agriculture and Miss I.anpton . 1-, a junior In the College of Arts a'nd Sciences. They nre returning to school to| morrow af;er spending tlie h3!!-.Vj>' r i with Ihelr relatives. Belles aiiJ Beaux will leave about Simdny for Cht- two sor.s, Tom jr I cri:;o lo contiime her s'.udics at ' have been in • Nu jBush coiiscvvato:y. j vkltlng fcr several ilayj Mr. nnd Mrs. S. D. Curpenlor, uf Oscruln. were; visitors in the city icMcrday. Mis. W. P. Vra/:-y jr., and 5311. W. K Ill, returned yesterday afternoon from Coldwa'.or. Miss., where Ihey vfsltc:! for two weeks. Mr. nnd Mrs. Vcaney have move:! from t!ie ftfcliruie aparimtius :a the nuclianau apitrlmciits at 1031 .West Walnut street. Mr. nnd Mrs. CharlM Pni'Iloi': aiul daughler have returned from 'rupelc. Miss., v.hevc they spent Christmnn with Mrs. Partbiv's pnr- cnts, Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Nab'.ctt. • Mrs. E. K. Latiiner, who hus beo:: ill with lnlHicn-;n, is no«- much l;n- pruvcd. ~Miss Willie A. ^uvs-jn is alleiul- in<j to business in Oj^vnUL tadav. Mr. and Mrs. Percy K:ni;h. \T"I: lisiL' i:;,.:i le.sulini; M liru'iu-ld is 1 a. year when' Mr. Smith V.-JL mr.:|- agcr cf n braiicn of lii;. Merchantj Oiocsry company, have :>uvcd to r.. and Ho;i:::::.!^J Koshv!!!'. 1 . Ton::..: !\Y| - p. Th=y i-;-: m xcep:. Ho ::>;;•« 1,1, ..' , : - «9 tnri.icd Jio.'!;e todny ex .an. who csniimied hh t-1 Kiyi-acvlllc, Arii.. wlieru h; Llu(li.-i!t :il Ihe University tf ..\i-- Mlsses Artie IJatou r.'.iLi Lv:.':i Drowniihi iiivvc rclura:ct lo Mirri Hill, Mo., where they r.rc ::u:I:r.:-. In tho cullciji! Mieio." ! Mr. nnd His. jpiii';;;:i ?.i.::;-! son ;ire leaviiu; Mjr.iJiy lo;- tiv;;.' i home In Biramigii:::.-! ,A!.i.. aa;;c. • spending tv;o \vc.-jj v.M.'ati;:i \viti-, relatives here. r•] i Sandy Ridfje News I Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Crumu a'.i'j . ] family visited in the home of Mr. i i and Mrs. T. \V. Wlnttlc.. ! Mr. and Mrs. O Neal visi'.j.l in I V/lLKl! last v.i.:-; ,lic!. ' ! Mrs. Bcville callcu on Mrs. T. W. ! Whittle SaU!!-;i;'y cvoniivj. Kon; McGnruy n:,u Kei.-,l-r Ihis L-ity. They iii'e "residl'iVin" the vlE 'ted t!:e latler's brother, w. Bov"•••- ' ' ;ill of Wilson. ! t. Jlnu-ison an.: ;: Mr. Gordon of —Photo by Belt Garrelt- Ee.ll, son of Mr. and Mrs, T. G. Seal, will be thr.-e yc.irs old in April but Ills ago doesn't, keep him from pbinilna !o be an 'nvlator when he [lets frown. An aeroplane, brought- by E.inta Glaus, makes It even linor to know all about Iiindbergh. Wcndcrlns atsut llyinu, however, is second with Oavrett. Thit mcnth old of Ills mysll- ;iss him more thr.n anythlnj. William Hr.Il home on Kentucky and rr.mklln. • Mr. and Mrs. Cica'.i, Ualdrldyc, i who recently moved hero from Wal- iEcnbiirg. C-jl.. are [;u'.i;>: '.:, p.ira- :gould smulay where ihey will make 'tliclr liKino. • ; Mrs. Addle brewer will iclurn: ; Eui)(!:iy iiciu iitele n-hi'ic she lia^i. jb:cn for tiic pasl ten ciavs. i Mrs. A. C. Neely went to IMrci- i Misslssii>pl arj vixi'.ini^ Mr. Orcn and U::i Hiiulon ol Flint, Mich., arc yi-ilmg here thij W. Beviii and family have moved lo this place rcucni!}'. l-'nril McCiavrity, Bill and Oron and tho Mlssco Kelsiu Bev- j wiia. i\. ij. l>(eeiy \-01U 10 L J .rva- I *"- l * llJI1 - 1111 ' k »i lui^aio is-flMU JIL'V- : Hi mould today for d.iy;i vi=:t ! iU ' Thclma McG.inty ami Mii. Er.i I a? I Hurry W. Hiiine., Is attrjidinj to • Lli cio"s have gune lo 'lViino»i\- ci: | ji . b'JSine.^s in IIiu !j[nin : ;.s to;l,-.y. Hr OUEIIICSS. j «• .VMS r.eccniiiaiiicil to Memp-ils }•:•,- '*-* iciday aficriiiisn by Mrs. ira'iu:-s iV/tll OnPn Cft'lI'T "Vr-,-, and son Harry jr.. whom he will! „, join there aiu! they \vil! rcUirn : at PlifeoK: I\e>l£ \VeCiC l-nnir, Qiin.ln,- 3D home Sunday. hit 1 , as their purst Wcant'pay Mis^' Eoulali Cr.ldv.fll, O f JcnrAo'i-o. Kamsey Duncan u crii:«lly iit at' ills home on Wr.liv,it street Mr. and Mrs. c. \V. Al.'hck rir! . . . . Mrs. J. A. Leech arc in M-ir.rv'j . . . The eight guests enjoyed e three course luncheon served 'at- one ta- .ble, gay with, a centerpiece of a red bfirry plant and red tap?rs. ' New Year \fere used. . greeting 'place cards . . In the bridge games Mrs. R. F. KJrshner won a waste paper basket for the high score prize and Mrs. Knight was remembered with two liandkerchiefs. P»Uent< admitted to ihs Bfythe- Vjlle hospital—Mrc. Lula Necdham, qty; Henry Evans, Cookv, Mo. - Mrs. Marie Bray, Braggadocio, Mo., ' •"•• A..F.:Has!inp, St«;kem. Mo., i Mrs. Russell Farr r.nd tv.o sens •returned to Mcmnhls ycMerdny a:- tcr t\.-o weeks stsiy hcvo :•.", \\\-_ guests of Mrs. Parr's parent^ M-" i i and Mi 5. T. H. Haynes. " I ! Mr. and Mrs. Alvln HuiTman ui:d idaughier. Jeltye Ciaire, luva rj- ' turned from Prlneclon. Ky., v.'acr; •they spent the holidays wish rcb-! Mr. and Mrs. Tom W. Jr\cksou ' livcs ! Mrs. L. A. Culhrc:i has rc:;irn;J Bits of News Mostly Personal Judge G. E. Krrl: and his caurt 'tC!-,c;::aiil-,pi. t'h:irlc.;;-. will L.: [r. I'ijrjctl .Monday \v',,;!i' the <llvis!c:i of rlivuii i ,:urt v.'ill r:nvene for two weeks. . Ark., wii.-rc- :i,^ t i v.ith her (i.i;;.;!i- ' frc:-.t sijcnt several tcr. M';.;s ^ . . spc!v.;in p: : several mon:!:s ih.-re Mrs. L. S. Uriscca Is. i-.blo lo up nflcr ocvcral d.iys iilik-s;. Mr. anil Mis. linice Ivy 01 o.-r L\ [V::^;"''^'"-"': J "t «•--.'• f',"l'f:. -la '-! ;^'.".~i;'. J y<a "'" '" '••'•'•• •'• A! a:i Ji i •-,:;. plus .^-v ?'\V '.«.>»«» m"'.\!i:^' Corn, Callous, Kooi-; Come Ot;(—!';iin (.'one Instantly. GIJOKR DON'T 111'HT i HKSUI^TS GUAHANTKED: -_ | Many a msn r.nd v-.r.-sn ];-• • rx-' tir-.imjd O-Joy wh n t! ic v !,-.;r,cl their coins r:.n c.ii:c-j.-.;s pt"''-— pain g:nc~a'.v.i nrc; iiuiL-;-:.- no more. Pay a dime f-.r an tnvfl^w cf six O-Joy Cr,n: Wa'crs P'«.i r. wafer, thjn RS p;j:: : . C n the 1 corn, :Jip fii Mv.cs, |..-.i.i ii cal:c .' Later p£el oft w s ; C i i.i.d ou; comes corn, cailcus, roc:^ ar,.'! rjl ^ b' "- lufeiy guaranteed. N-, t,-.;iky dcinh- :iul pans or bunuiif jioiis. .jun n water, thin ; ; s pap;":. Avciii iv.'>.cr l>riccd sutatitulcs. o-joy-, ' nre tiewit, best remedy vn. Sis lor ciime at drujtis:s. ' Adv.—3.' Until next Thursday for the greatest values in sneiis ' and WGrnfrie&is clothieg that ever saw For Saturday and P _ ,,te "**",-#" '?$•'',&'•'. ''*i «*•-;* Medium Size Very Juicy Fancy Head 10c | Celery * N fi|- §i|f >yy - 3;; -•-fpf,*'.,;:-5fi i - JJisiatgaBEasassasiaKUKar' 7 -''-^'-^^-''"'^ - ~?PI • ft0 . Great Northern Ib. 10s Teas, 8lad ESBBSSBSSZa- n i y| ' fie!dlb.41c 24 ib. Sack Uncied M 24 If?. Sack Fern Leaf rsaiKj No. 1 N, H. Keiiogg's or Post Toasties 1 14 oz. Na-Co. No.1 Van Gamp «!' 9. 2 Can Libby's Can 11 f 1 1 Mitlf Uan Gam ^ Lar i e ^ ^K I AAU § Illgift ^ Pane - £ d'§3 $ ' & 3 cans JL No, I Can ||| p M Each 1 Lax Toilet ic^i ra ft Pii{ s bury _j_Bars 13C j flQUl p ancake5 Van Camp Large Size K. C. Brisket pound Broakfieid Loose, Ib. Black Hawk, Sliced Si^rf'') f.;i - 0 3SSS

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