Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 24, 1895 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 24, 1895
Page 5
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Responsibility! Which in your mind carries the most the button or the suspenders. We can furnish you very responsible suspenders at a very moderate cost. YOUR NAME IN PRINT. Item* of a Pcrnonal Character Con- DEWENTER, The Hatter and Furnisher. Save This Coupon our No extra charge for it, but it is valuable. It bares names, and that will remind you of the necessity of a New Spring Suit. Present this coupon with a nominal sum of money at our store and we will make to your order the handsomest suit of clothes that ever adornedjour body. TUCKER & YOUNG, THB PEflRL STRBET TfULORS, of LEAL ESTATE INTELLIGENCE )FFICE- LOANS NEGOTIATED. GEO. W. BODEFER, 10 Broiwlwity. Over Hank's Jewelry Store. CHAS. W- SeLEGUE, Matchmaker and Engraver. J'Cemar window Johnston's Drag Flora Brond- Iny nnd Fourth stmolH. Formerly with J. D. jlcr. All work warranted, Give him a cull. DAILY JOURNAL JNESPAY MORNING. APRIL 24 iMoKeen'seteamLaundry—good work 1 Ladies' toilet sllppera 8.5o—Steven- on &KllcE>ick. Call at the Trade Palace for carpets. battings and curtains. Busjtthn Bros, have their soda foun- ,ln in operation for the eeason, An invitation danco will be given thursday eight at Dolsn & McHale'n fall by the Lime Kiln club. f^Plt tired feeling, loss of appetite nervous prostration are drive:;.,) ray by Hood's Sarsaparllla, which (lakes pure blood. .Hereafter all sheet mualo will bo laid at one-half of the list price to rerybody at Giffe's book store. Post- i added on ordered music, lieisrs. Steele & Yonkey, merchant a of Lafayette, have removed lere and opened up an estubUsfamsnt |1404 Broadway, upstairs. See their itplay advertisement in this issue. A commemoration plonio will be ild in June by the Cass county Vol- Inteers ID the Mexican war, in honor 1 the 49th anniversary of their do. arture for the front. It is tho only picnic thus Jar announced. Awarded lifhest Honors—World's FaJr. EMANUEL COHEE BURNED. iUrtly About llie *'ace «n«l Jleurt by tlie F1«*H of Accumulated Gad. Smanuel Cohee of the firm of Ruhl & Co., saloonlsts at No. 4H Third street, was badly burned about the I face, neck and bands about 10 o'clock j last night. -Mr. Cohee placed alight In a stove in which the gas had carelessly been allowed to escape and gather in sufficient strength to. cause an explosion disastrous to his moustache, hair and eyebrows, which were singed off, and to inflict on his hands, face and throat very painful, though not serious burns. He was cared for at his homo, No. -115 Third street. No further barm was done by the explosion. FOURTEEN YEARS PATROLLING At Xltflit in the InterentN of tho Mer- ehaniH—Tom itoger'* Long and Fuliliful S -rvloe That faithful and popular merchant policeman. TOJB B. R-.igers, yesterday completed his fourteenth year o( continuous service as a protector at night of the business houses of the city. During the last fourteen years he has nightly patrolled the streets in all kinds of weather and his faithful service is acknowledged by all. During six years of the time he was only off duty six months. 3aok in 1873, be« fore he entered the merchants' service he was a member of the regular force for a year. When ho resigned at the beginning of 1874, Superintendent Morrlssey took his place and has been continuously on the force since. The Grolotlon Of medlolnal agents Is gradually relegating the old-time herbs, pills, draughts and vegetable extracts to the roar and bringing into general use the pleasant and effective liquid laxative, Syrup of Figs. To get the true remedy see that Is manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co. only. For sale by all leading druggists. POWDER t . -MOST PERFECT MADE. span Gripe Cream t.'Tartar Powder. Fr« i Ammonia, Alum ex. >ny other adulterant 40 YEARS THE STANDARD. A name That Failed «o Work. E E. PAWS of High Point, North Carolina, on his way toAmboy to visit a brother, was in the city yesterday, and while here got the best of a queer deal witb a alleged confidence man, who tried to borrow $5 of Pitts on the strength of an unchangeable bill. Cnrj>6nt«T T iiTuol» Stolen. The theft of a number of carpenter's tools from his shop recently has resulted in George Palmer, the contractor, reporting the matter to the police, KottorotK-Myers. 1 The Rev. W. H. H. Marsh yesterday joined in marriage Jacob Roiorock of Monvicetlo and Miss Mary Myers of South Bend. Notice. There will be a special meeting of the Ladies Auxiliary to the Order of Railway Conductors Wednesday, April 24th. A good attendance is desired. MRS. H S. COATS, Sec'y. John Knowles it reported elck. In the city yesterday: Burk Morse at Peru. Jerome Herff of Peru. Clay Mullen of Marion. A. H. Rasler of Burrows. Walter Bishop of Walton. W. FlomerQeld of Walton. S. V. Rob'nson of Warsaw. R. Maggart of Sedalia, Ind. Jacob Warrick of Star City. Frank R. Hale of Plymouth. James Wallace of Deer Creek. Morgan Price of Indianapolis. Mrs. Emma Meek of Frankfort. Court Reed and David Sheplar Peru. Mr. Martlndale of the Culver Military academy. Mrs. James Finn is making a visit at Marlon, Ohio. C. G. Dodge was at Indianapolis yesterday on business. Frank Kirk is in the city working an advertising scheme. H. G. Tucker was at Indianapolis yesterday on business. Judge M. B. Laity was yesterday at Indianapolis on buslnese. Richard parrlsh, who has been visit- Ing at St. Louis has returned. Pat Sparrow returned home yesterday from ft visit at Rochester, Col. Robert Kreuzbfrger was at Lafayette yesterday on business. Walter Lamborn is here from Kewanna to enter Hall's business college. The Misses Emma and Delia Clay are here this week from Peru visiting friends. J. B. Stanley will hold a temperance meeting at VFlnamao beginning tonight. Mrs.W. Miles has gone to Memphis, Teun,, to join her husband who has located there. Judge M, Wlnfield and S. T. McConnell were at Lafayette yester. day on business Prof. Alfred Raber who recently closed hla school at Winamac, has returned 10 the city. Harry McSheehy has returned from Peru where he was the guest of friends Sunday and Monday. Harry De'iroot is here from Ch l- oago, sick and unable to attend to bus inees at the windy city. Otis McCraoken, who had been visiting friends in tho city, returned to his home atKokomo Monday. Mrs. Charles Leebrick a»d children of Peru returned home yesterday after a visit with the family of D. A. Hauk In the city. Mesdamea Andrew Osborn, Harvey Green, F. M. Williamson and A. J. Fresoott were at Chicago Monday to visit-friends. After a pleasant visit of a week with Mrs. Thos. Martin, Mrs. E. H. Coates yesterday returned to her home at Union City. Charles Stoll is preparing to go to Delphi for the health baths, to relieve rheumatism with which he has long been afflicted. Mrs. T. H. Ireland returned yesterday to her home at Mexico, after a visit of several days with Mrs. Richard Given* of Third street. Mrs. Fields and daughter Miss Mary have returned to their home at Frankfort lifter a visit of a few days with friends in Logansport. Miss Anna Hall of West Mansfield. Ohio, who haa been visiting her brother Frank Hall for the past four months returns to her home today. Dr. J. W. Ballard was called Monday to attend James Byer one of Burnetts vllle's prominent citizens, who is dangerously sick with typhoid pneumonia. Miss Hannah Cunningham will go to Chicago the last of the week to take a position. She has resigned her position as laundrees at Long Cliff hospital. J. H. McCain was here yesterday in the interests of his paper, the Chicago Record. Mr, McCain Is employed in the circulating department of that great daily. Arthur Kradel and Thoa. Havnie were here yesterday for a few hours, the guests of CharlesEuphrat, on their way from Springfield, Ohio, their home, to St, Louis. Miss Idi. Bates haa gone to her home at Bremen, Ind., after a viilt of- three months at the home of her TAt\S 9Sc. TANS $1.98. Narrow, Square and Razor Toes. The 82c Ladies' in Narrow, Square, Opera and Bazor Toes. Ladies' Misses' and in Oxford Ties 50c Children's. OTTO KRAUS. and his family will, under the conditions, receive $2,000 insurance from the Knights of the Maccabees, of which order Mr. Meredib is' grand commander. ADDITIONAL ITEMS. bar. offered at the There wi'l bo no court today. Alwaye the latest in shoes—Stevenson & K'.inelck. A bay horse was impounded yesterday by the autb.orl.ie8. To Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Taylor of the South Side—a daughter. It is said there are eight cases of scarlet fever at Young America. Kirk Schwartz is for a few days employed at Frank Beamer'a restaurant. Our carpet room is crowded dally taking advantage of the many gains that are being Trade Palace. • The blrfh'a'ay 'anniversay of MUs Emma Burgman was celebrated in pleaaani style,; Monday night at her East End horns, by her friends, who gave her a surprise. A runaway occurred in front of Crawford's hardware store on Broadway yesterday morning. A team took fright at a trolley car, and made a dash for it. Ooe of the animals fell down at Sixth street, and the proceedings were stopped, Tho team was owned by Aiex. Davidson. Bloomington World: Jesse W. Weik of Greencaetle who delivered a lecture at the old College Chapel about two years ago on the subject "Lincoln," has sold to Harpers, the enterprising publishing firm of New York, the copyright of an article for Harper's Magazine on the "Sources of Lincoln's Eloquence." The Banner- Times says Mr. Weik keeps close to his lliorary den theae days and his productions are In demand In the best publishing houses of the country. A. Ho*«ler In Trouble. An alleged newspaper man, Arthur W. Searles from Munoie, is held ht New York city on a charge of grand larceny. Searles, it is alleged, by representing himself an associate of FrankS. Gray of the Tribune building, secured a pass from the Compagnie General Transatlaniiq.ie, and he is.now in trouble aa a consequence AN ENTHUSIASTIC H» Win There ADHERENT. Msn Put Kor- Low Kates to Indianapolis, via Vandalia Line. For the K. of P. Socampment at Indianapolis, the Vandalia Line will sell from points in Indiana, on April 29 30, and May 1 1895, excursion tickets at one fare for the round trip Tickets good .returning to and including May 2, 1S95- Low Rate* via P- unMyl-yanla Lines 10 to HQV llli ward. It was at ;v meeting- of a South Boston democratic club prior to an election some years ago, Tho ball w:is filled; SODS of Erin largely predominated, and the air was appropriately clouded with smoke from pipes of various ages, colors, and degrees of offen- sivcnesjs. The appointment of a committee of five— for what purpose need not appear — was in progress, and nominations were being 1 made all over the hall with an enthusiastic indifference to the laws of the much lamented Jlr. Gushing. The acoustics of the room were not of the best, and amid the clamor that greeted each name presented it was extremely difficult to follow the proceedings. At length a burly Irishman at the back of the hall rose to his feet, and waving a blackened clay pipe at arm's length shouted in a voice that might have been heard around the block: "Mr. Chairman!" All sounds in the hall came to an end. Recognition from the chair was instantaneous. "Mr. Chairman, Oi move that Mayor O'Drien bo put on the committee." "Phwat committee is thot?" questioned a voice from the other side of the room. "Blamed if Oi know, but Oi move thot Mayor O'Brien be put on it." It was unanimously seconded. — Harper's A.IIIlSKMKJiTK. D OLANH OFKRA HOUSK. s. B. PATTERSON, ONE NIGHT ONLY. Friday, April 26* A fc!0,0(*t production I Ed. F. magnificent scenic production of tb« original dramatization of Mrs StoweSs Immortal novel A Safe Kulo. "I don't know whether you'll like this. It's a peculiar mixture of mine — half English breakfast and half Oolong." "It certainly ought to be right. One of the first rules I learned in school was that we should always cross our teas."— Harper's Magazine. brother-in-law, Wm Keys, during the most of whioh time she waa seriously sick with neuralgia of the stomach. ; Milo Meredith was here Monday from Wabash, and visited Lewis Murphy, aa inmate of the hospital at Long Cliff, for tb.e purpose of determining Murphy's disability. : The latter is from Ligro, Wabaih county, On April 29ih, SOtb, and May lot, the round trip rate to Indian-polis ivil! be one fare from ticket stations in Indiana on the Pennsylvania Lines. Reduced rate tickets will be sold account the meeting of the Supreme Council Uniform Rank K of P . to all applicants, and will be good returning until May 2d, inclu-ive. With the list of contribution to the fund to defriy the expenses of the Northern Indiana Editorial Associa Uon entertainment publiahed yester, day should have been included tbat of W. D. PaM for $10. 1 It ils ejected thai the business men of the city will asslat in ienteruinlng the gueaii in royal style. •. .. ...,.-.' > ceded »• Kent. Collector—This is the twentieth time I've called with this bill. . Gilded Youth—Yes, and there are forty more, jast like you, coming in day after day, to worry me about their miserable little bills. 3So wonder I'm all fagged out. Guess I'll take n. run over to Europe to recuperate.—N. Y. Weekly. ".lloraentumn" tor Tourists. As' a rule the relic seeker does a great deal of damage to historical sites and places of interest, but it seems that it is sometimes possible to meet his demand without doing any harm. A Washington paper says that recently, as a lady who had been standing- before the tomb of the Father of His Country at Mount Vcrnon turned to go away, she stopped furtively and picked -up a pebble. She intended to carry it away with her. Perhaps the foot of Washington ' had pressed this very pebble. As she started away she saw a workman approach with a wheelbarrow load of gravel, which he proceeded to dump on the very spot. "Did you— have you fixed up this place that way recently?" the lady asked the workman. "Bless you, miss," answered the man. "we have to do this about every two weeks, so's the tourists can have something- to carry awnv as momentum.*!'* >"ot 3I«reIy an Ornament. The prince of Wales is said to have an extraordinary and accurate knowledge of thesig-ns, colors and membership of all orders of merit. It is a matter ia which he permits no triOing-, too. At a recent state ball, a boantifnl young girl wore a glittering jeweled decoration on her breast. She danced opposite the prince. When the quadrille was ovor, he said, gently: "That is a pretty ornament,. May I ask to whom it bel.-mgs?" "To Lord Blank," said the.frig-htened girl; "he is my fiance. He allows me to wear it." "Can you •unfasten it easily?" "Yes, your highness," "Then may t ask you to lake it off, aud to tell Lord Rlank that it means something more than a. bit of (fold and a few diamonds to l>e worn merely as an ornament, even by a charming- woman?" Uncle Tom's Cabin! 50 people; 20 ponies, fbnrros And donkeys: S original Plantation Jubilee Singers, A packornmn-aatlns Siberian bloodhounds Ind'ding Ajux the $5,000 bflautj. -See Cncle Tom anffi his typical Southern ox-ctrl. 2 bande o£ music. All this In our Grand fm> Street Display! Tiie -sight ot a lltn time. Prlces-25,50and75c. Advance sale opens Wednesday NIAGARA FALLS EXCURSION! the Thnricln.v, Augnal H. 1803. Tl« fjBkc Krle A Wenteru It, B. On Thursday August 8. 1895, the Lake Erie & vVeetern R. R. will run. their popular annual excursion te Cleveland, Cbautauqua Lake, Buffalo and Niagara Falls at the following verp low rates, viz: Lafayette, $G.Oft; Indianapolis, $5.00;Fort Wayne, $5.0ft' With corresponding reductions from. intermediate points. In addition to the above, the pur. chasers of these tickets will be given prlvelege of special excursion side trips to Lewlston on.the-lake, include Ing a steamboat ride on Lake Ontario, for 25 cents. To Toronto and return by lake from Lewlston, $1 00; tc Thousand Islands, $5.00. Tickets for the above side trlpi can be bad whet purchasing Niagara Falls -tickets, or at any time on train. Besides the above privileges, witb tbat of spending Sunday at the Fall*. we will furnish all those who desire t, side trip from Brockton Junction ta Cbautauqua Lake and return free of. charge. Tickets will be good, however, -fci return on regular trains leaving th« Falls. Saturday, August 10, for tho« not desiring to remain over. Ticket* will also be good returning on ail regular trains up to and including Tuec- day, August 13, 1893. Secure your tickets, aled chair and sleeping cat accommodations, early. Tbote defir- ing can secure accommodations' in these cars while at the Falls. For further information call on any agent Lake Erie & Western R. R or addrest C. F, DALY. G-en. Pass. Agent. Indianapolis, Ind. Vandal la Line Excursion*. Logansport to Indianapolis and return April 29la to May li-t. inclusive,. good returning- May 2d. Rate $2-35- Trains leave Lo^anapert 7:3-4 a. raV arrive at Indianapolis 10:45 e. rn. Leave Logansport 2:50 p. m., arrive at Indianapolis 6:15 p. m. J. C EDGKWOKTS, Ag't. Home Sr*k«T»' Kxtarutnn t» HI«U~ CXli Point*, via V»mA*ttm JUinr. Oo May 7, 1895, Vandalia Line wUi sell to various) polou in Michigan, excursion tickets at one fare for the rourd trip. For full particular! catt OQ an; V*ndalla Line agent, or tddrow E. A. Ford, General Pa*»enger Age«t S'. Louis, Mo. m

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