The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 12, 1939 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 12, 1939
Page 8
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PAGE SIGHT •Blylhevillc Basketcers Will ': Play 15 Games During Season . By i. !'. FIUENB A • I5-game basketball schedule for the BlytliGVjlIc Cliickasiuvs \vai announced today by Hcnd Coicl Joe Diidy on the eve of first, cnl 1 for practice. Several open dates remain to he filled which should brln» ihe t i a ) 10 approximately 20 eamcs, (lie chief S3id. • Only four games arc listed will) Arkansas High School Conference tennis. The Jonesboro Golden Hurricane ploys here January 23 mid tlie Chicks return [lie game on February 27. ccnch URoy Scolt brings his crack Little Rock Tigers lor .1 two game scries, January 26 nnd 57. Other outstanding contests include the defending county champions, the Manila Lions, nud Coicli James Puckett's Shawncc Indltins. Only the opener with Nettleton there 'on December 21 is listed Ije- f-re the holidays. Regulars Missing ..With practically nil of last year's lending performers missing. Coach Dildy will have to build from the ground up. Of (he 1935 group Danny Warringlon and Dill Ood- . win, forwards,/John Pnulk, center, Hugh Harbort, guiird, nil regular, and Alvin Justice, reserve forward, p)nn I);, participate in the Shrlners All-Star prep gnme December 31 at Memphis and will b» Ineligible for furtlier high school athletics .under A. ,\. A. rules. Jack Jenkins, center, graduates al mld-tcrni. nnd Travis Bennett, guard, resigned from school shortly before the grid season closed. 13ul .;our letter men are avail- i ab!c, and only £( nny Lloyd, forward, was considered n rcgu!:!! 1 . The others Include Norman -Monk" Mosley, guard, Bo Copjjeclge, center, and Paul Blncku'nd, fonvnrd. Of the other candidate's who received unlfonns yesterday, Billy Mchnfg, si.x-foot-lliree cenler, is the most promising, He showed unusual promise at. the beginning of last scast n bill had little chance to "muscle In" against such an array of experienced talent as the Chicks boasted. A campaign of football has steadied him and he should be just about ready to step right in and battle for a starting assignment. Gym Unfinished Until the new gymnasium at the high is complctstl, which likely will be late in January, the (Hbe will, train : ami play at the National Guard Armory. The incomplete schedule 'ollows- December 21, Nettleton i (there) January 2, Manila- (Iliere). , January 9,'W.'Memphis' aliens) January 12, Shawncc (ihcre). January !(j, steele (Mo.) (there) January V3, Jonesuoro (here). January 28, Ultle Rock (here). January 27, Little R|:ck (here). February 2, Osceolu (here). February a. Coming (there). February 0, Steelc (Mo.) (here). February 13, Manila (here). February 10, Slmwnee (there). February 20. Osccola (there). February 27, Jone.sboro (there) BLYTrrBVTLLE, "(ARKJ COURIER NEWS Today's Sport Parade By IfE.VKV McMvMOUK BIRMINGHAM. Ala., Dec. 12. lUl'j—-For the second year in succession Southern California will lake to the Rose Bowl tin-; nsuinsl a team whose line was not croiuitcl during the regular season. l/.ist year it was Duko, nnd it look the Trojans 59 minutes and :« seconds So score » touchdown. This year It will be Tennessee, and down here (here Is a fooling (hut the sun will »:. down urn! the moon tome up before Southern California reaches (lie pay-orr dirl of (lie Volunteers. Frank Thomas, Alabama coach, and one of the greatest (eariicrs ot the game In the ciiinlry. rules the Tennessee team of (his year as Ihe finest defensive unit lie has ever seen. "It Is (lie only team I ever saw tluil it is ^impossible to fool, even lor one iime In a bull game. You can throw everything nt them (hut [here Is In the b((:k. and you can ihrow everything nt them that there ' in your head, and yon still can't cross thKn," Thomas lold me. "TJie Vols will let you make first down when you arc In midtield and back In your cwn territory. But get SiitliojJr.iuKs eye was cnuglit by llic defensive strength of the volim- teei's. "It Is one f.l the few names I have ever .seen," he snlrt nftcnvnrds "In which n defense did not make a Kindle mistake, l don't believe anyone will score on Tennessee all year." Just as Cafejo Is the key mm on the offense, Jimmy Hike, center, is the director of the defense. lie calls the defensive signals, and judging rrom the results, must kif;w only .slightly less football (linn Coach nob Ncyland. Speaking of Cafcgo. football students In tills section who have seen Tennessee, in most of Us gju. (his year, believe the West Virginia Hungarian is fiO per cent of (he team's .strength on -if/case. He Is the one buck on the team \vlit ctocsn'l need the most effective blocking to pick up y.-irds. He Is fill and away the best on the (cam, and the other members ol All Bui Pittsburgh And| Jm Chicago Nationals Show!" 1 ' 1 " 1 * Gain Pacer, Bolt And Welch End On Top K,,,,,, , NIvW VOHK, Uec. 12 in him. Ho Is Inspirallonal, and al Ihe same time a tremendous iulyli>S Inlluciiat. Whc-n Ciife?o Is on the field the loom 1ms the poise of n .seasoned, professional oiJlllt. Report is lhal lie wiJI be 100 p?r :cnl ready f;r the Hose liowl eiinic. despite (be fuel, that be went out on the (bird play of lhe name (gainst Kentucky two weeks ago, iiul lasted but "two plays against Auburn Inst Saturday. The coaches were hklng no chances with CufeBo In Ihese games, Ihey minted him to be ready for lhc Hose B:wl gnme which they couldn't help but believe wns coining up. Most Bowl Games "Even Money" Bets NEW YORK, Dec. 12 (UP) Welch, Lefty Pacer and Bolt were Hie winners of mat bouts al lhc Legion ''arena lust nigbt. Welch overcame |l)iy Jack Diilon by winning two mi-.iv lunrw, LICC. vi tUP)—Alum of throe falls, Pacer took (otal of 1,279,739 fans saw tile Na- Hoyd liyrd inlo cam]) by winning tionul League's professional fo:,l- '-nc fall ami being conceded Ihe ball teams perform last season. match when (lie one hour time With M|| of the clubs in the I limit expired, and Holt trimmed league operating on n proni-mak-JKiilldog Mallory in two straight ins basis, only two-lhc Pillsbmt'i j falls to lake the final. Pirates and Chicago Nationals- In the Welch-Dillon serai) Welch failed to tbow a considerable gain, son Hie nrst fall with a half fncl:- Their turnstile ccunl sulfercd oe-1 knife, submitling lo Dillon In tlie cause or pour learns which finished j second via lhe from crotch and In ln;;i pLiee in Die final standing I body slam Ihcn taking lhe !asl in the eastern and western' divl.s- jwith a crab hold. ' York Giants, eastern in his match with Byrd when llic .'his war, nnd wor.Vl lime limit expired he was eonced- IPLEUIFBL Al Least That's Report Given By Game - Fish Commission lltlcliohlcr.s last year, led all oilier clubs in nltciuluncc with :\ i 0 tai draw of aM.m for six home gntni"; and I«,:i82 for live games on the load. The Giants Imd the distinction cf sharing llie season's Ihree larg cst crowds, two of (hem (heir home field. Second largest crowd ever lo watch a professional game— 02 Ml) —Jammed lhe Polo Grounds Dec. •f as Iho New Yorkers closed their! season by winning the eastern' ;rowi> from the Washington Rcd- vklns. Tlie (;«me in which Ucd uiee made ULs debiil, altrarted sllghlly more than 05,000 lo set a nark that slill stands. •TJie Chicago Dears' visit lo the Polo Grounds drew 58.CD3 wliile he Cilanls' visit to Detroit to play he Lions, drew 4B,ii94. JONESBORO, Ark., Dec. 12.— Although liie seasons on quail and Jiir-lienrlng animals arc now open, mild weather has left trappers and , hunters in Northeast Arkansas with | little enthusiasm, in addition, few dunks have been killed this season according to n. N. Graves, fxicrctary of lhe Slalc Gnme and Fish Commiss|:n. "Reports indicate ihat mast of lhe ducks are still north of us" Graves said. "Thus far Ihere has , been no major flight this fai south.' He added that factors oth- «• than the lank of water accounted fl:r. lite scarcity of ducks, point- lug out (hat there were relatively few ducks even in the Slultgarl area, where there arc several lnrne reservoirs. • Spoilsmen who have been disappointed during the duck season may have good quail hunting, however, Graves said, At Pocahonlas Paragould, Qrnlng and olhcr points in Eastern Arkansas; farmers report (here are more of the birds than at any time in the last 15 years. The Game and Pish Commission has attributed the Increase In quail lo lhe Ideal growing season, work of the Soli Cil nservatlon gervice for better "cover." and the TERMINIX TERMINATES 1930 AAA program, which has decreased acreage' of cotton nnd increased of pasttu'to and legumes, REMEMBER LEFTY'S Service Station for Magnolia Mobiloil and Mobilfjas Now Managed fw Waller Co.v, Jr. and E, M. Murray See Us For Anti-Freeze! tin; bout. He bad thrown Byrd in 31 minutes with n surfbcai'O. 'Hie two were struggling for the .second when the limit expired. A crushing hnnimcrluck won the liril fail for Bolt in his match with Mallory and a body pin en- packiii" "bled lhe Indian to make a-clean " (sweep of the Bostonlan. Time of tin; nrsl fall was )1 minutes and Iho second required five minutes. Because of the minuteness of cnrrol seed, it takes 257,000 grains lo weigh a pound. io little or nolliing. 1 Thomas |i:inled out lhal Tennessee is i\ learn thai does not allow ong runs against It. The Vols make you go the hard way (or what scores you got. "We have played Tennessee nine limes." Thomas said, "winning f:uv, losing four, and tying one. In those nine games, and we threw such bucks at them as 'John Cnin and Dixie Howell, our longest gain, including passes, was a 35-yard run by Bubber Walker, way- back in 1933. One of the toughest jobs any coach can have Is lo sit on the bench and try to find. a weakness sloncr, showed today. { Doyle rated at 4-5, Southern California-Tennessee In the Rose Bowl, Boston Ccllegc-Clemson in the Cotlon Bowl and Tulnnc-Tcxas A. & M, In lhc Sugar Bowl. Tech was ralcxl at 1-10 favorite over Missouri In lhe Orange Bowl. exploit fensc." in the Tennessee dc- Thomas' praise was reminiscent of Coach Jock Sutherland's remarks after watching Tennessee whip Alabama, 21 to 0, early this year. Despite the numlug offensive brilliance ol Cafego, Butler and Foxx, Cooler Teams Split With Alumni Cagers COOTER. Mo., Dec, 12. — The C):oler Wildcats divided honors with (he alumni teams on (he local court Friday night when the high school girls won by a score of 1711 and the alumni boys defeated the school boys 24-n. Severn! all star players were on the boys iilumnl team and t>:th girls and boys teams seemed to be nuch stronger this year thmi they were lost year. On next Friday nljlil the Wildcats will play their opening home game with the Ucering teams. The teams ale well matched and good games are predicted. Read Ccurler News uant ads. laundry-Cleaners Phone 180 For Prompt Laundry and Cleaning Servict ives Your Ca No matter what it is -just try Calvert! TF you like FINE whiskey—if •*• you enjoy choice bourbons —you'll like Calvert, too. For Calvert brings you all the fine qualities of a truly GREAT whiskey. We believe you will find it is smoother .. . milder, more mellow ... it tastes better. Because Calvert is masfer-6/R/ided. Here's a holiday hint: to please every friend, give Calvert in its gay gift pack! CLEAR HEADS [CLEAR-HEADED BUYERS] CALL FOR , S *' "* N M ' S S I O N _ -Drained- . wil1 ' Mo'bil'cwr o! Read Ccurler News ivuiit ads. (WP.A.'MAKIN'S' CIGARETTES ARE SO EASY ON THE TON6UE_ SO MILD, YET RICH M'PTASTVTOO. OF In recent laboratory "smoking bowl" tests, PRINCE ALBERT burned PERFECT WHISKEY TH E GIFT . .~ •.SShf 5 " Grain H"'""! Spirits. Conr. 1939 Chfttrt Disiitlm Corp., N. Y. C. I SE at the sign of the Flying Red Horse ask us why your car needs NTER PROOF MICE NOW! than Iho average of the 30 othcrof the largest-selling brands tested . .. coolest of Ml TS THERE n difference, JL "mnfcin's" fans, in the COOLER-SMOKING TOBACCO - Prince Albert? Try it for rich taste, wilhoutparchiiiEex- cess smoking licat! P.A.'s choice, fully ripened tobaccos arc "no-bile" Ireated - smoke full- bodied, yet easier on the tongue! Prince Albert pours right, rolls faster, draws bettcr.Thal famous P.A.'Vrirnp cul" is right to home in "makin's" papers, Get Prince Albert today. (So mitil in pipes too!) DEALER lino roll* your - own cigarette* In every handy tin of Prince Albert GIVE COMFORT To Make Men Stay Home Nights! Leather HOUSE SLIPPERS 82.50 up Silk and Velvet Robes You arc sure (o please him with one of these beautiful silk or velvet, robes. Kich, brocaded silks wiih Jong fringed sash, itt appealing sh;t(lcs of Blue, Maroon, Green and Drown. Soft, line (|ualily velvet rcbcs, in colors of blue ami maroon. 1'ricccl ................... to COCKTAIL JACKETS $10 Men's Lounw Suits These ullractli-c Cocktail j;ickct willi lileulril nauls c I u it e silk$11.50 WOOL ROBES $8.50 Pajanm-RoLe Sets He's sure to like these m.itching sets tf»o of .solid rr>lnrniul floral design sixteen. vO* - - - - and a host of PAJAMAS Sleeping pajamas are always a welcome sifl . . . patterns ami colors by , r the score, Including the new mnvlly 'II knit-tops. T|1CSC a™ thc arfctou-nls of the lia- *«™ «'<"-U1 . . . lino quality silks «- licrdy (allorc,! l,.to (lie most Lecom- mg styles. All colors. 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