The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 2, 1930 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 2, 1930
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT Cotton Champions of Arkansas J{|||V CRD |M||I , _BMTHEVILLR _(ARK.) 'COURIER-NKWS Enemies of Power Compan- : ! ; v ; ies in Congress Keep Fir- : £'..; ing at Big Groups. S:. By JROUNEV DUTCHER i •/'.-. NEA Sen-Ice Writer [ ;V> : WASHINGTON-The power war ! t featuring the big eleclriclty com- \ panics constantly on the offensive j « they expand mid ciXrcndt tlielr ; •Industry and constantly on the de-! tensive against a determined bniid' ,el Eharpshoclers In Congress and ;piitslde, goes on regardless of tar- j.lfT bills, lax cuts nnd naval con- , , --.Some heavy firing.Is anticipated'>I .during the Senate Interstate Com- jtifce Ccmmlttec's Invesllgallan of •. --p-.wer. and communlcalions under Jhe, chairmanship ot Senator com..' ens of Michigan. In Us early tinges (his Investigation has concerned 11- self wllli radio and Osvcn D. Young 'Corporation have appeared to urge »nd General Harbonl of the Radio : .a monopoly In our Inlcrnatl-nn cominunlcatliis. (Eventually tin. ..ccmmittee will turn Its attention to ..power and 11 has the opportunity ; to take up all phases of that Issue. It has the desire for a sweeping ; Investigation. Whether it is equlp- • ped by knowledge and pcrsonnc for any effective work probably wjl be Indlcaled by the way it deals with the "Radio Trust." Warns of Muscle Shoals Meanwhile, the National Popular Government League, the most ac- "Uyo and intelligent cf the .shnrp- Kipotlng groups .opposed to the "Power Trust," Is out with a summary of the situation with regard to "the more pressing phases of the power war." . Concerning Muscle Shoals it warns that the "Trust" no longer lias opposition from any competing company seeking Muscle Shoals whereas heretofore It has had lo fight such interests as Henry Ford and the American Cyanamld Co The- power lobbyists nnd propagandists are now working for the Cyttiiamjd bill and clwjjes arc cited that a secret deal lins been made on Muscle Shoals, involving the Alabama Power Company and Cyanamld. To meet the claim of companies that they want a Muscle Slionls lease solely to give the farmers . cheap fertilizer, Senator Black of Alabama has introduced amend- nxpts to the Nbrris-Mu. MiUj; -.would lease the Shoals nitrate plants to some prjvale company for ,» dollar a year for fertilizer manufacture at a profit limited to eight per cent and provides that the federal operating corporation sliall sell any amount cf power for lhat piir- • pcse to the company at low- rates. The league predicts that the Federal Trade .Commission, about to Investigate power company finances will disclose startling financial Juggling ,and blue sky operations it refers to President Hoover's declaration against public ownership . in his message to Congress and to his "cautious and vague" references to the desirability of some kind of federal control. Seretarj- of the Interior Wilbur, It Is pointed out, has tentatively allocated 25 per cent of the Boulder Dam power to the Southern Cnll- - fornia Edison Company, in spite of the demand for ;l from stales and municipalllte O f California, which nave a preferential right under the Feaeral Power ect. The league demands observance of the law The Flathrad power site in' Montana, with a capacity of 200,000 primary horsepower, is another pressing phase" of the power war ine Reeky Mountain Power Company, subsidiary cf Montana Power Company and Electric Bond & Share, Is fighting for the Flahcad ag»lost Walter H. Wheeler, a Mln- nesota capitalist. New Orleans Cotton Mar. May July Oct. NEW ORLEANsTjan. 2. «Y™ °Pen High Low close noi 1713 170! 1707 1727 1739 1754 17M 1768 1779 1770 1778 1727 1753 1763 1770 1732-33 1757 1773 I772b Leads Revolt A revolution to obtain Indepen dence from Great Britain is bcln. urged by Jawaharlal Nehru, presl dent of the Indian National Con grass, shown above, Nehru declare that freedom will be gained peace . »bly, If possible; otherwise, by vlo , -..:•". tenc*. : Probably no family in the United Stnles can equal the consistent record of vlclorlcs In cotton production contests Ihal has been made In tlie imst six years by the nealls of Wilson, whose achievements are known throughout Ihe South. Left lo right, In the picture above, are: Klslner, Mrs. W. T. llcall, Blanche; Charles and W. T. Stall. Below are Hlanclic and Charles, winners respectively of this year's stale 1-acre ami 3-acrc collon production championships. Elstncr hns several slate championships lo his credit, and just to show that the old folks don't have to lake a back scat (he head of Ihe family has upon occasion stepped out to ivln nei-lcii!liiriil honors. Mr. Bcall Is manager of the Mary V. farm of Ihe Lee Wilson plantations. (Continued from-Page One) I cost of approximately J3.500 ,-hie more thnn $700 ivns expended n repairs to roof of Osccola courl- 10USC. One of the outstanding improve,- menls In the county system during he year was the checking of real state assessments and re-writing f tax books whicli had grown obsolete, by abstractors. Overhauling of county noorhonsE it Osccola and addition of new equipment.' The county's debts were llsled by udge Barham ns folloivs: County general ovcrdralt (unpaid claims and war- ranis) $28,520.4fi Jail warrants 21.812.57 Funding bonds 88,500.00 Total .' $138.833.03 Two new Jails S104.50IUO Distribution of the Raymond ;oopcr bond judgment in event It s confirmed nml received hns been assessed as follows by the county auditor to the various funds: Drain. Dlsl. No. 7 Drain. Dist. No. U 3rnm. Dlsl. No. 12 Jraln. Dlst. No. 13 3raln. Dlst. No. 1C Cities—Blytheville Dell Joiner Leachville Luxora Manila Osccola jtatc of Arkansas Fund for Bonds and Int. County General Clitckasawba Roads OsceoJa Roads ChlckiiRawba schools Osccoln Schools $ 159.51 1,277.61 884.36 1,119.00 3,130.83 25.17 .28 1.21 12.83 .38 1.65 1.23 392.32 406.05 11,747.22 3,852.26 3,916.08 15,808.(Hj H252.85 Hist. No. 30 Dlsl. No. 32 Dlsl. No. 33 Dlst. No. 34 Dlst. No. 37 Dlst. No. 38 Dlst. No. 39 Disl. NO. 40 Dlst. No. 42 Dlst. No. « Dist. No. 45 Dlst. No. 47 Dist. .No. 48 Dist. No. 49 Dlst. No. BO Dlst. Nt>. 52 Dlst. No. 53 Dist. No. 54 515,808,% New York Cotton NEW YORK, Jan. 2. (jp>_ Open High Low Close Jan. ... 1709 172!) 1709 1725 Mar May July Oct. 1734 1758 1776 1781 1746 173-1 1777 175G I'lSB 177G 1734 1181 1740 1763-04 1783 178fi Rend Courier News Want Ads. 557.000.00 Scliool funds to be distributed among Dlslrtcts as follows: Osceola Disl. No. 1 Dlst. No. 2 Dlst. No. 3 Dlsl. No. 10 Disl. No. 11 Dlst. No. 13 Dist No. 16 Dlst. No. IS Dist. No. 19 Dlst. No. 25 Dlst. No. 23 Dlst. No. 31 Dist. No. 35 Dlst. No. 36 Dist. No. 41 Dist. No. 51 Dist. No. 55 General Chlcfcasawba Dlst. No Dlst No. 5 Dtst. No. 6 Dlst. No. 7 Dlst. No. 8 Dlst. No. 9 Dist. No. 15 Dlst. No. 17 Dlst, No. M Dist. No. 22 Dist No. 23 Dlst. No. 24 Dist, No. 27 Dist. No, 29 1,977.28 2,298.63 209.66 2.199.45 175.10 682.15 58.49 230.00" TSS.42 2,387.28 64.09 746.90 671.75 702.31 129.89 136.54 386.70 401.12 $14,253.85 » 295.00 6,11551 C03.50 177.51 56.49 804.68 522.22 226.21 474 .OX 521.50 228.91 253.41 A list of Jurors who will serve during the January term of circuit court, civil division, whjcli opens here on Hie 20th, with Judge W. W. Bandy of I'nragould presiding was announced by w. w. Shaver sheriff, today. Of the thirty six petit jurors In the regular panel, 12 arc niytlio- vlllc residcnls Including the following: E. u, Lyman. R. M. Sanders, . A. Hugg, Jake Unger, O c Uam- '.. A. K. Scott. M. N ; - Numi, Joe waterman, Lcndcrmlei Fowler Rny Wcrtlilngton O. !>. Moss and's E Vail, others are 0, L. Smith. Tlieo. niderick, u H. uauf, chas. Swi- Imrt, Jie WlnUerg, Fred Arinalrout and Archie Piesce of LeachvlUc- Harry Clwun w .T. cfate.y j c Chopin. G. C. Stuart, Carl Union and Ourt Hutclimwm- of Manila- M. W. Lcivis.,-B. O.'GIIJ and F.arl Magers of Dell, B. 8. Simmons, Hcseland; Joe Henderson and E. B. Aklns of Yarbro; ..H W Wyllc Promise Land; C. FV'tucker. Promise Unit; B! K Gay/HaiFiiv^, nd W. W. Hughes of Hullrjian. Alternate jurors are J. W William and S. R. Gibbons of Lench- vllle. E. M. Woodward of Dell J P. Smith. 1 Bob Ktrshner and J.' j' Daley of Blytheville. .-' HOME THEATRE Wednesday and Thursday. Love v.s. Social Position HUE EI1SILYSTDPPED Dreadful Weakening, Winter Coughs Vanish if You Know How SIMPLE HOME REMEDY DOES THE WORK QUICK "The awful cold I took- List winter hung on and settled In my lungs with a dreadful cough that almost torn my cheat ap.irt. My chest was sore even under my armpits. The' Bronchial tubes were Irritated and I was coughing up tcr- •ibie mucous and -felt absolutely 111 and weak from It. I had no appetite. Just felt miserable." writes Mrs. Iver T. Johnson, 12! E. Pine street, clilsholm, Minn "The cold tablets did no good and mnrfe nip dopey, so I took a neighbor's advice and got n bottle of Lin-O-Nine Emulsion. Right away It relieved my coughing My appetite picked up wonderfully, and j it caused my bowels to move more systematically. Really it seemed to affect and relieve the whole system. I felt fine in just a couple days, so I'm like my neighbor now and always praise Lln-o-Nine." continues Mrs. Johnson, who like thousands of happy people, know how to banish wintry colds nnd coughs. Anyone may obtain the same results. Lin-O-Nine Is a nice tasting, creamy, snow white Emulsion of Eucalyptus, Flaxsced Bclula, Cassia, Irish Sfoss and Glycerine, endorsed by doctors and made by the nationally known. 45-year-old Kerr Chemical Co.. who gladly send 50c ov $1 bottle return mall If yon write them at Brcntwood. Md. Many druggists have cold remedies of their own. but glndly obtain Lin-O-Nine for you from their local Jobber if you ask Ihe store manager. Avoid substitutes, particularly If it Is a child or elderly person wllh weaK or delicate Adv. In The, Probate Court ,)».r • MUrifUlppl ' Cointjr A'rkJruaj In the matter of John Floyd Has Mil, deceased, W. M. Burna, Guardian. k ... GUARDIAN'S NOTICE OP FINAL SETTLEMENT -,Notice is hereby given that W. M. irt For Ik* In thf Chancery Court for the pWrlfl-.«f., . CtilckaUwba Dlslrlcl. ot- v: ;-' ArllltltaC Mllalevln^l f^nnnr.i &V|TAH_._ ,iuit<.<; t.t iicicuy given mat W. M. *" c u^*<:iiu*uu, u. VY. wnisuc, IS Burns, as former guardian of John warned to appear within thirty days Kloyd Hasten, 'deceased, did, on ln 'ho court named Jn the caption September 28. 1929, file final settle- hereof and answer the complaint mcnt of his guardianship account In °f 'ho plaintiff, E. C. Stuck, tile above court, praying for his J n testimony whereof, I have discharge a« such guardian;-his »p- hereunto set my hand as clerk ot p'J:allon for discharge will be pre- sal<i court and affixed the seal rented to the court, the 31st day of hereof, on this '^ist day of De- nprrmlu^- laoa . Dccciriber, 1929. MRS. JOHN LONG, Probate Clerk. By A. R SMITH, D. C. DQV with .ThnlnVa-'TpfliV, Waller Pirlgcdn'aiKi Holmes -Herbert Reckless With Her Life! "'Daring With Her Loyel Comedy nnd Review'' Admission, Matinee and Night,' 10 : 2'5c RITZ THEATER Wednesday and Thorsday All Talking. See .and Hear! •«•*»£££ jy s v —with— William Powell, Helen Kane, •Fay Ware and Kieliard (Skcet) Gallagher Laiiifhs! Thrills! Romance! ' All Talking Comedy "Hirthmarks," 'With Stanley .• I-laurel and Olive Hardy Arid ' Fox News Reel Admission, Matinee 10-30c Admission, Night 15-40c NOW RUNNING IN MEMPHIS AND ST. LOUIS Coining Next Week RITZTHEATER Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday E. C. Stuck, Plalnllff, County, Arkansas va. J. W. WhWle, Defendant. WARNING ORDKR Tlie defendant, J. w. Whistle, is THURSDAY, JANUARY 2, 1930 ' cernber, |92$. • .1 T - Vir' l ii» W.'W. _.. (Seal) By Harvey Morris, D. . Arthur L. Adams, Alty for Plf. Max B, Held, Any'Ad Ltiem' 12-23-30 WAKNING ORDER In the Probat: Court for the C!i!clca;awba District of Mississippi County. In Ihe KC.ncer of tlie Adoption of "WARNING ORDER Will I'.mks and Mary Burte are toiity i.^dw/. u»?:r',»up «»ii3ner petition 'filed' by Cap Roy" ant ! Ray for the adoption of j. o. Burks. '-!D»t«r this'the 13th' day of De. winter,. |92j; '-.,... MRS. JOHN LONG, County Court ojyrk, By A. F. Smith, D, c. 12-14-21-28; Jan. 4. Read Courier News Want Ads. )j."reby wanted lo appear .within More for Your Clothing Dollars Than You Ever Expected to Receive! : : ''. "•?!&' > NEW LOW PRICES on Yoi/hg Men-i SUITS Extra Pants $5.90 Suits that uphold tb tlie'limit tHe J. C. Penqey traditions \pf authentic sty ling,; dependable quality and ; expert .workmanship. And values ..$« are even ; better , than usual because offered at this new and extremely low price.' Models arid 'pattern* to please the most'discriminating. 220-222 West Main St Make It Your Business to Attend the GRAND LEADER'S THAT IS NOW IN PROGRESS This record breaking sale—that is a direct result of slow moving merchandise in some departments—and of being overstocked in ' >' : others, gives you an opportunity to slock up for present and future needs at priors that in some instances are below cost. Believe us-We've Cut the Prices-Deep!

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