The Times Record from Troy, New York on February 20, 1962 · Page 9
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The Times Record from Troy, New York · Page 9

Troy, New York
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 20, 1962
Page 9
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THE TIMES RECORD, TROY, N. Y., · TUESDAY EVENING, FEBRUARY 1962 GOOD BROTHER--Apparently very pleased, President Kennedy receives the 1962 Brotherhood Award at the White House from a delegation representing the National Conference Of Christians and Jews, Left to right in the group are Dr. Lewis W. Jones, conference president; Interior Secretary Stewart Udall, Brotherhood Week national chairman; presidential aide Brooks Hays; Admiral Lewis Strauss, cochairman ot the conference; Arthur G. Newmyer Jr. of Washington; District Com missioner John B. Duncan and the President. (AP Wirepholo). , . . Judge Filley Will Address Burg Rotary Eensselaer County Children's ^outt Judge Marcus L. Filley i Disarmament Agency Plans For Lengthy Talks At Geneva and Michael n. Wood, who was| l a b e l e ( t p ca( , e . nominated by the Lansingburg By MARQUIS CH1LDS Washington--No self-respecting cartoonisl could stay in business for » week if he were de- Iprived of the slock figure From Daumier I to Low, Herblock and M a u l d i n Boys Club for a n a t i o n a l award, !p ea( . e has been a t h i n _ bcdrag . rill be guests of the Lansing-1 , ed c r c a t u r e h a r r i e d from one burg Rotary Club today. .ludge Filley will be speaker at the club's weekly tingency for which the Dis armament Agency hopes to he fully prepared. One thing this commission is determined to try to avert. That is to prevent the undoing of the disarmament effort--whether pointed up to this next con Terence or for the long term-(shelter to another by the g o d s i h y powerful interests lhat do i Cemetery. Set Funeral For Sunday School Aide Funeral services will be held at 1 p.m., tomorrow from the William J. Rockefeller Funeral Home, 8 2nd Ave., Rcnsselaer, for Mrs. Irene Humiston Mason, 71, wife of James E. Mason, of 1560 4th St., that city, who was found dead in her home Sunday night. Mrs. Mason, a native of Hudson, and i resident o[ Rensse- lacr since 1911, had been under the care of physician for a heart ailment for the last few months. Her husband had gone to a funeral parlor to pay respects to a friend of the family and upon return found his wife dead. Dr. Thomas .M. Aldrich was summoned and pronounced her dead. For many years Mrs. Mason had been active in all phases of the First Baptist Church of Rensselaer. Many of these years were spent as a Sunday School teacher with emphasis on children in the Primary Department. Many of the children whom she taught and supervised are now married-and have children of their own who attend the same department. Mrs. Mason is survived by her husband and a brother, Kenneth L. Humiston of New York City, N.Y. Rev. Robert B. Hanley, pastor of the First Baptist Church of Rensselaer, will officiate. In torment will be in Hudson City Nobel Prize Winner ACROSS M Striped 1 Nobel pri« 38 Loit footlnf winner, Ivo--- 39 Soul (Egypt) 7 lie 111 400(ini| 1 diplomat ' 42 Feminine 19Rwnd«d tpptllitlon HPiimini mlfUkei 15B«rt«r«d It Bgllt home, ii birdi 17 Romin broue 18 Newt 20 Silkworm 21 Ceremony 23 He native of Yugoslavia 24 Italian stream 25 Evening meal 28 Gaelic 28 French city 30 Varnish ingredient 31 Insane 32Mouthward 34 Soothsayer 43 ffarem room 45Daughterof Cadmus (myth.) 46 Climbing palm 49 He wrote the " of the River Driiu" 52 Jackscrcw 53 Art Ills'frames 54 Spreading machine ' 55 Pesters- DOWN 1 Perfume 2 Sea nymph 3 Rigorous 4 Color 5 Follower 6 Surrender 7 U.S. coins 8 Exist 33 Mocks 9 Railroads dt.) 34 Dispassionate 10 Diners 35 Puffed up 11 Everlasting .16 Wicked (poet.) 37HanglooKl; 12Wlrelesf '3ff Premier 19]Evergreen 39 Faux pas (slang) 22 Glossy paint 41 Loam 24 Morphological 44 Encourage structure 47 Scatter 56 Approach 48 Hail! 27 Finale (0 Scottish 28 Merit sallyard 30 African worm 51 Isaiah (ab.) j of war. | But now the u n f o r t u n a t e girl luncheon meeting at 6:30 p.m. has al , Mst , |cm p 0rarv hi)me in the Sunset Inn. Thf , disa ,. mamcnt agencv Wood was recently n o m i n a t e d by the Lansingburg Boys Club, for the Boys Club, : .of America Junior Citizenship Award. Sev- located in the Slate Department is hard at work putting together details of the proposal for beating swords into plow-shares, which is presumably to be pre- not believe in disarmament, do j This was the second death not want it and will if they can among Sunday School teachers prevent it from coming about. Past Casualties The road out of the past is strewn with casualties. They testify to the peril of the disarmament negotiator who goes oft" in his innocense to a conference, leaving his rear eral weeks ago il was announced j s e n l e d ,, the i 8 . nat jon disarma- , _ , . ,, ,, t h a t the Lansinaburg High! men! conference in Geneva on i§ u a r d c d - One was Harold Slas- School senior is among 50 final- March 14. !«n who seemed to be making , ists selected from - field-of 1.800 nominees. The national w i n n e r and sectional fin.alists will scholarships. Robert Gullie, director of the Lansingburg Boys Club, will present Wood to the Rotarians. The Lansing-burg Rotary Club has sponsored numerous proj- e.cls in the last eight years for the benfit ot the Boys Club. il progress m the London talks in ' n n n p j n ii,j q aae n r national ^° one '" nis , a g e "' , .i'los ,,,,,.,, hp f o u n d lusion needs to be told that! 1 5 "' w n o n nc s u n a e n i j l o u n a peace will not break out o n ! himself abandoned and gibed ,,,,,,!.,- i March 30 or even on June i i at as a figure of f u n . when the conferees under the! Another was James J. Wads- terms of their mandate are due | worth who persisted through to report back to the United | the long p u n i s h i n g ordeal of 'Nations. It Premier Khrush- 1 'he nuclear lest negotiations at Famed Cancer Researcher Dies Miami (UPD--Greek-born Dr. George Nicholas Papanicolaou, famed for research t h a t led to the e a r l y dclccMion of u t e r i n e cancer, died of a heart attack yesterday at the age of 78. Papanicolaou, a native of Comi. Greece, came to America in 1913 to work as an assistant in the department of pathology «t New York Hospital. making the Geneva meeting a within shouting distance of an a g r e e m e n t . In Washington Communist-bloc summit, the | members of the Joint Congres- whole thing will be merely a n - j s i o n a l Atomic Committee, to- other futile propaganda exer-jgelher with the committee staff cise. W'hat is somewhat en- at the Rensselacr church in the last few days. Mrs. Nora Wandell of Defreestvillc, died Friday and her funeral was yesterday. Drought Threatens Coffee In Brazil Brasilia--There's an awful lot of coffee in Brazil,'as the song goes, but there'll be i lot less soon. The worst drought in the coffee-plantation areas in 70 years 'xpcctcd to bring a sharp drop in 1962-63 production. And the government is burning sev eral million bags of low-grade surplus coffee from past yean to lower storage costs. Juliette Low Ceremonies Scheduled For Saturday event. They will serve tot tfc« year 1962-1963. Among the Girl Scouts from, the Troy Area to participate in; the program arc Marlene Uainei of Cohoes; Andrea Zink. Nancy Jo Saucrfwald and Betty Wat-son, all of Troy; and Deneen «, Backer, of Averill Park. Girl' Scouts from troops in the Troy Area will participate in the J u l i e t t e Low World As- socialion meeting to be held at the · Columbia Central High School, East Grccnbush, from 10 to 11:30 a.m. on Saturday. The event is sponsored by the Hudson Valley Girl Scout Council. Representatives of Brownie, Intermediate and Senior Scout troops will conduct an international flag ceremony, using 41 flags of sister countries, according to Miss Barbara Richardson of Ihe council staff. Donations from each troop in the area will be received for the Juliette Low Memorial F u n d. This fund, enlitled "Dimes for Daisy," is used each year for the ternational ga Scouts and Gin viumt.-,. | And mat's »'tial you gel when y The program conducted by j DOI.CIN tablets. Thai's because noth- irl Scouts will be centered I · - - - - " · ' · * . - · - - . . around India, and will include One Of The Oldest The House of Assembly in the Bahama Islands is one of the oldest representative legislative bodies in Ihe British Commonwealth. ARTHRITIS^" RHEUMATISM PAINS appropriate songs and drama. Council officers for the Juli- elle Low Executive Board will he eloctcd at the close of t h i s 1 HF.RE'S O U R G U A R A N T E E DOLCIN* iflhlets a f a i r trial. Take them* ...alt of them ... the way tho direc-'-- tiont tell you. You must get fatt relief., or get your money back. ·"'** For Quick RESULTS with CLASSIFIED ADS CALL AS 2-2000 TOLL FREE in Ihe METRO PLAN AREA couraging is lhat Ihe Disarma- which is, in effect, a part of the Atomic Energy Commission-' men! Agency is preparing not | Pentagon apparatus, did their just for one conference but for lall-loo-clteclive best to'frustrate the long pull. I!road Outline - The basic chart for American policy at Geneva is still President Kennedy's speech of lasl Sept. 25 to the General Assembly. That was a broad outline of a plan for phased disarmament, with each stage covered by international control In 1924. he joined the staff o f ' a n d inspection. In that speech Cornell University's medical c o l - [ t h e President quoted from the lege in New York, which he l e f t [resolution of the n e u t r a l na- lasl year to become director of i lions meeting at Belgrade en- the Papanicolaou Cancer search I n s t i t u t e in Miam Re- BRYCE'S NEW FLAVOR SENSATIONS 2 - 29- FAMILY SIZE plus dcp. A L L P O P U L A R F L A V O R S - A T A L L - BETTER STORSS . dorsing "general, complete and strictly an internationally controlled disarmament." Currently the task of the Disa r m a m e n t Agency is to put specific terms on the generalities ot the. Kennedy speech. After Wadsworlh. This t i m e the i n t e n t i o n is that the head :of-.the Disarmament Agency, William C. Foster, will not go teetering out on the end of a conference limb. In the first instance, if Secretary of State Dean Rusk heads the delegation going to Geneva, Foster will accompany him. But when the talks become protracted and Rusk leaves, it is probable that Foster also will return to Washington and the long-term concerns of the agency he directs. So many false slarts - h a v e been made that to say anyone is optimistic over the future of d i s a r m a m e n t would be a wild exaggeration. The skeptical believe the same tired wheels are being set in motion again. Yet this is done it must he coor-1 r r o m almost everyone concerned dinatcd with the views of the j || lere j s evidence of a realization other four Western nations, that Ihe arms race is reaching British disarmament specialists such a pitch of i n t e n s i t y lhat this may be a now-or-ncver attempt. have come from London to discuss the problem. A long and painstakings-process, it times must seem that the more j involved and circuitous it be-jWEST SAND LAKE comes the more likely il is that! M r s - C |, a ,.|es Miller OR 4-550.1 the whole affair Will die of bureaucratic strangulation. Regardless of the level at which the Geneva talks begin West holding diametrically opposed points of view r . The West says it believes in complete and general disarmament which must he established stage by stage t h r o u g h the right of in- spccion of the military establishments of each side. The East says it believes in complete and general disarmament and the inspection only of those weapons and forces which have been taken out of the military complex first in one stage and then another down to zero. This dose not mean that the nolhing. The Soviels are.-capable of abruptly reversing positions that have appeared for- A meeting of the Sand Lake Rescue Squad will be held at S p.m. Thursday at the West Sand Lake Fire Hall. All members are ucgod to allend as medical e x a m i n a t i o n will be given. The Men's Club of the Methodist Church sponsors movies each S a t u r d a y for the children of the village. A small donation of. 25 cenls is requested. The show starts at 1:45 p.m. and ends at 4 p.m. The Youth Fellowship sells candy and popcorn at the matinees. The Methodist Church Library is- open Thursday from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. with INTRODUCING THE BIG DODGE CUSTOM 880 NEW FROM DODGE!! CUSTOM MADE FOR THE BIG CAR MAN The new Dodge Custom 880 is a big automobile. No pretense. No half-measures. It offers the comfort and sense of well-being that only a large car can give you. It has been made for one reason. To completely satisfy the needs and demands of the big car man. As we have stated, the new balanced Torsion-Bar suspension Dodge Custom 880 is big. Its system provide a stable, smooth Wheelbase is 122 inches. Overall ride. The body, of course, is thor- length almost 18 feet. Inside oughly rustproofed. The brakes there are chair-high seats and an abundance of room for six adults. The trunk measures 33 cubic feet. Mammoth by any standards. The automobile is powered by a 361 cubic inch V8 which will develop 265 horsepower. The Custom 880 is very hot. It is also Satisfyingly economical. This same engine got 20.0 miles to the gallonwhen it. won its class in last year's Mobilgas Economy Run. The car handles beautifully. Its wheeibase are extremely large, as you should expect in an automobile of its size. And you can drive the Dodge Custom 880 thirty-two thousand miles between grease jobs. The new Dodge Custom 880 is now on display at your dependable Dodge Dealer's. The model pictured is, a 4-door hardtop. Other models include a 4-door sedan, a 2-door hardtop, 6- or 9-passenger station wagons, and a convertible. All custom-made long perfectly for the big car man. onference is bound to come to librarian on ~iily. The library is open to the public. Yesterday at a special congregational meeting report of DON'T MISS- THE STORY ABOUT ever frozen. And this is a con-| | n e | ) u j|Hj n g committee of the Evangelical United Brethren Church was received. The Boys and Girls Fellowship also met Monday after school. The jun- or choir Will rehearse tomorrow at 4 p.m. The Camp Koinonia Karnival will be held Saturday at 4 p.m. Preceding this will be a bake sale whicn will slarl al 12 noon. The Couples Club of Trinity Lutheran Church met recently at the home of Mr. and Mn ThomaJ Cipperly. Tobogganing, skiing and skating we.r enjoyed. A f t e r the outdoor pro. gram colored television was enjoyed a n d . refreshments were served. All women of the church have, been invited lo a covered dish supper slarling at 6:30 p.m. tomorrow lo cclcbral* Ihe Arst anniversary of the ULCW. A; Ihink offering will he taken al: this lime. The :hildrcn'j choir 1 will mcel al Ihe church il 7 p.m. Friday for rehearsal. Giirsl speaker of Ihe T r i n i t y ' L u t h e r a n Church Mill last · Sunday was R u d o l p h Schnleder, FAMILY SECURITY Set Wednesdoy's Morning or Evening Record Newspaperi KEN GOEWEY DODGE, Inc. NEWELL BROTHERS, Inc. WIRMUSKY BROS, co,, ING. J60 FIFTH AVI., TROY, N. Y. 169-171 ONTARIO ST., COHOIS, N. Y. M.f4eHU«eHST..HO«.CKFAlil.H,t.

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