The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 15, 1941 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 15, 1941
Page 7
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, APRIL 15, 1941 BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING ORMATION time pe r llne ............... 10c times per ii ne per day....08c A line limes per line p er day..06c M* jmc's per li ne per clay ..... 05c Month rate per lino .......... «0c Card of Thanks ............ ioc line Minimum charge 50c Ads ordered for three or six time* jna stopped before expiration will be charged for the number of times t He ad appeared and adjustment, of bill made. All Classified Advertising copy submitted by persons residing oui- iide of the city must be accompanied by cash. Rates may be easily computed from the above table Advertising ordered for irregular insertions takes the one time r,v No responsibility will be taken tor more than one incorrect inser- of any classified ad. For Sale For Rent Three room furnisher apartment. Newly decorated. 606 N. Fifth. 17-ck-U' Desirable furnished apartment. 207 North 5th Street. Phone 84(5- W C. S. Baggett. 31-ck-tf Bedroom. Steam heat. 818 West Walnut. 17-ck-tf Washing, Ironing Washing-Ironing Rough Dry or Finished. Mrs. Lctlni Mirk, GIo South Lake St. 12-pk-19 Quilts or Ulankers is c each Maytag Washer—Drying Koom VHlie lielJ Green, behind City Ice 'lant, H.W. 61 North. 9-ck-10-9 Farms For Sale NORTHEAST AKKANS AS *ND SOUTHEAST MISSOUKI Improved and Cut-Over Land ANY SIZE TKACTS Small Down Payment FARM LOANS'AT LOW RATE OF INTEREST Riales Land Co. Cooper liidg. Across from City Hal> 1'hone 409 ersona Arouse Sluggish Liver, work oil tlie bile to rid yourself of constipation, gas pains, and thut sour, •unk feeling. Take one box of KHUIY'S ACTIVE I. IV UK i'JLI,*} Pouiti -y Hcl]) Wanted WILL PAY STRAlGlr $35.00 per week, man or woman with tuiio sell Ena-ka Poultry Mixture to Fanners. Eureka Mfg. Co., East St. Louis, 111. Good Used Hay Press, l He:>vy , McCormick Press. Size I6x 18, 1 year old. $415. Paul Byrum. ___ ^^ 15-ck-if International Truck, D-15 1 ton Dual wheels. Short wheelbase Good for trailer or bob. Perfect condition. Reasonable Joe Crai" phone 82G-J. 9 C k tf One nc\v modern house. Kentucky St. James Coston, Osceola, Ark. ck-tf Corona adding machine. One Corona Standard Portable Typewriter. Like new. Can be seen at __Don Edwards. Phone 511. 21ckti Hay and Corn. D. R. earner Armorel. Ark. . Good Used Hay Press, l Heaw Drty McCormick Press, Size 1G : -18. Looks Like New, Equipped with good Rubber Tires S495 00 __Paul Byrum. 15-ck-tf Arksoy and McCiipin ^ed Soy Beans. $1.00 per bushel. Pure strain. J. L. Terrell, Phone 1162. ^ 9-pk-16 Upright Piano in good condition. Cos; 3750.00. Will take $5000 Call Fowler's Drug store. Phone I41 ; 3-ck-tf White Rock Fryers. 620 Clark Street. Phono 905W. 11-pk-ia .. . SPECIAL ASSESSMENT LAND SALE .V,li,v is l,,.,-,.|,y K iv,Mi that 1. ll.o mi,lorM K ii,.,| l.V.mi.ji ; tnl <l:.y of May. I'M I. will.hi lawful I. nwr.s. »| ,)„. Sou.J, , I"" 1 -; '!' »>-'^ ..... • ArkHU^s. M-ll ,„ th, hi,!,,,, l.i,!,.. f, Hi;: hi oils. 1,,,.«|,,1 j: , Missi.sij.i.i l.\,u,iiy. Ark,,,,:,, tu-wi, • .GRASSY LAKE & TYHONZA DRAINAGE DISTRICT flu i) Chickasawba District , T „ Name — Tarts of Section SK Sec. Twp. Kgc. ALTO.; I'Ullhs -'I II 10 .HI -<' I-I 10 -Hi ,s\V \V. A. Af flick— \V of J{ _, riitiviu-i' O. M'-iulovv— -S\v yi/ ---------- Ki, r j— SV-i .\ V- ^K sW " "_ 1>. Carn-u — \\~\i, M,; x\V ______ 1>. (Jarrctt — \\' V-j SK XU' _ "_J_ Mr.-. K. li. DU.'IIS — .VK .S\V " I~""I Mr>. it. II. Owt-ns — Ki-l. .SK"S\V_. .Sallir A.IHIIIS lih'titt— OriL-. Sur. SW N\C' C. K. Oijwr— X. «f UKT.r.O Ac. SK S\V •Icliii M. Taylnr — \V Baby Chicks <'us(oiu II;i(chfii£ Marilyn Hatchery Phone 742 Blytheville v 1 TO TYPE THE TOUCH METHOD ON M ; ; Brand New Typewriters j Wllll »<»vs lor Sale Instructions $.t.<)() |)er Moiilh Ooitinsi, ;uul Shllu ,,. s m E '^ n Mrs. Don Edwards Piloui ' m - (: °- H:nvks 111 s. 2mi si. i, lumc 511 ly ::: k .± 1 .: IN Tl.lh; COMMON I'l^vS COURT I ins M.» K T ' n ' : ^HICKASAWHA DIS' ^ J1?I( - °I' MiysiHSllM'l OOUN- Quarler (Nisi-1> •SixUm at;» Norlli. Hatit><> 1'levon i in ivist mi( | uuii p :ir i ol I lie Southeast Quaner iSK J"-:> Ol H:Vti(ili Twenty-hull' t'.M>, Township Sixltvsi <u>i Nnith, R ;1I i>;e i/|,. Vl , n (I!l ,,, |M _ RKPOSSKSSKl) TIKIiS All Sizes TOM LITTLE HAUDWAKK CO. Coed used Hay Press. Heavy duty McCormick Press, Size 16x18 2 year old. $375.00., Paul Byrum. "' fa- ' ' r ^'"" ~ 15-ck-tf Barbecue pit. Corner of Lumerate and Highway 61. Phone 1227. 12-pk-lO IMIL'CH COWS Several Nice Jersey cows with new calves. Part Cash, balance fall terms. *z .Ioc Homer or Crockett Wright, Manila 10-ck-5-10 1 Heavy duty McCormick press, size 16x18. 3 years old. §30000 Paul Byrup. 15-ck-tf For Rent Modern 3 room furnished apartment. telephone, garage. 120 Dusan. Airs. Belle Wood. Phone _. /8 °-.: _ 15-ck-if 3-rccm unfurnished apartment ^n East Main. Cnl) 1040-W. Mrs- J - F " Sm -!!!' i ' 12-ck-tt Nice sleeping rooms for two* Men preferred. 125 W. Main St. Harrv _ Adkins. _ 12-pk-iG Modern 3 room aparimeiw. Butane gas heat and for cooking. Stoves and range furnished; " Venetian blinds, inlaid linoleum on kitchen and bath, scrccned-in porch Upstairs. Garage. 91 11:- w Wai- nut-Call 08. " ^ 3 room apartment, furnished" or umurm.shed. newly decoratcci. Corner of Main and Second St. Phone F. Simon. 764 or 1170. 7-ck-tf _ l:inil will ho sold for ih . -. l ,;,.,,. ,, ,. ; , NSV Disuirt Xo. •». IM.intiff vs. Certuin La.Mls ami 'li! U U ,|;iy ,,f .\,, r jj |,,. n " ]i - A!v J':v SPECIAL ASSESSMENT LAND SALE ' i you cut Aiiicriran I,;i<ly carr you y Unit you ;m- vutiujr (he best. I'rou-n Fomls/Eaiik' Stamps. \Vo Deliver, riinnc 11 .'M I'ICKAKD'S filtO. Ji HIKT ing Expert Elc<:tric and Acetylene WELDING •"en do; 1 Law 5. W. Kciulcr and Body and Luwn ftlowcr ?s Dell. Name B. Ii. I . . .,. - > ..i'lili-i- for i-iisli [hi-' fnllnw- iocuietl in i|,s s ^si,>,,i t'mnuy, Arkansas. lo-ui t NO. 3 Ui' «rC A aSY LAKE & TVI10NZA DRAINAGE DIST No 1) '•""•^ <>«•••••:• District Lot Blk. Sec. Twp. RSJU. Acres lOOths ^0 l-l in .jo 20 Parts of Section . Liauii' — vv' ', L . U 'I,™ riu__ p. L'rauii --- K ;- \\ ',-_. ,>ju _________ A. Allhck — U of K SrJ .S.-J _______ ix-n<-t- u. Moittlow — rt\V .<K__-I_I._ r.iirl — ,>-.-_. .s ;;, .s,-; S,u__ ..... .. , _ (iarn-it — u •- .\ C. A \\' i.Nim-it — \V ;•» fc,r. ,N'\V__ II. I _,..,. r<>\vl<-r — .\>, .\\\",_. ______ ________ FiiwtiT — .\ \\' N \\ - .Kiastt.s Klhoti — .M-., is \\ ..... _______ : Aititnib hllioi.t. — AvV .\' \\ _______ ' Adams Klliott — Sri X u ___________ ^V.aiiiiiH • hll'mt: — 1.01 -^ S,\V N\\"__. AiL-iii^ h'iiuu — Uri}:. Mir. S\\' X \V (>]£!:<• r — X. of li r, 7.,'. A i-. S .\l. laylor — W nf L .\)| SK ; Uoiira — Ual. !•; u_. y\y _________ Velcnnariun •M'ter 3!) yrars of experience with livestock W. M. Whitakcr i.s norv Iccati'd at Fioochvay. 7 miles -south ol Manila. Ark. l-X 'K! .KS A N l) H IS Hank in iilythe NO Tin-: (H-- SAIK or KKAL i-ifm'i:i!TY rNDiii.- KXKI-HTION is heicl-.y 141 veil (!>at (li< Sheriff ul Mi ; ,:;is- "''Pj'i t'nuniy. Arkan:-,as. hy virtue <•' :> 'vruiin \vrit. of exenilinn i.s- Uu' Ililli diiy of 'April." IJM \ \\l\\ . Ul .siini on March L'Tlh 1<M1. Ulll or»MJ U . Gnnrtlu.usr in 5M,\I lu-ville. me at.(,\,. raptumed court, upon; Arkansas nn UM> 7l!i ti ilv 01 M.,V a jufimiiciu ri'iulrfi'ii in- L..I.I , i 10.11 i,>.- ,..,.-1, ;.. .... , :. ". .. •• . er at such .sale will be i'- ( juirrii to execute |, ( , m | with ;11) _ proved .security. '1 Ills Ihr I'Jth tiav ol April, I!)-J], Hale Jackson IN TllK I'KOHATK THi; CUK'KASAU'i'.A DISTRICT 01-' MISHISKIIM'I COUNTY Alv'KANSAS IN Till-; MATTKli „! C. (! Adtniiiistraior of U u . K ;>t)l J A, U'obcns NOTICIO OK TUI-: SAI.I.- (W LAND FOR TMK I'UhM'OSK OF I'AYINc; l>KU'i\s Nolii-o is Iji'ivby ."ivt'ii i hat ] 0. C;. Ci.udill. as adnnnlMralor ol tin- eslatr ol J. A. Kubrrt.s ,,., (i i_ Tcii-s \Vin KtlU-its \VUliLANl). Wyo. ajj., -Arnold V.-ile adopted a .stray kitten be- Northwest. Quarter <NW'.',> of lhe it was "different." He ex- Northeast Quarter <NU' t ) ol Scc-i r-Hinerl ,,v,» on ix, tiun Thlny-iwo i3a>, Township y lnttcn Wlth 26 Fmirleen (Mi North R;in»c Eight ! s iastcad of Ul e usual 20 was <»> Kast, i n Mississippi 'Cininty, worlh y o1 ' adoption. Arknnsii.s. Datt'd this th,- Hlh day ol April. JiWl. CJ. CJ. CAUDILL. ' 1 ' 1>r '' lili Adminl.striitor. FOR SALE 129 K. Davis. Beautiful cottage ^» large lot. aiortgajjc Co. says i'-KI.r,. VficK rt!tlucctl to S25t-:. »?5() c:is»i, $25.00 month. Posses- THOMAS LAND CO. H. C. Campbell, Salesman YOU IUJY ANY TRACTOR ><.., .nvo it In yourself in sec HII,| try (hc M . M Univcrsal T b r W .JI, «r ,,,0,o,,l c:.b vW hicl. | las moro powcr for ^ ^1*. M-H-mif ' '"' Cl!0noniy ° n fuvl lind "Pkeep. Sec us before the HIM. LINK 01- HOItSK DKAU'N I-QUll'iMICNT AM) KICi'AIKS We can iilwiiy s repair it! SD8 BIythcviHe Machine Shop rhcuic 8-18 a jiuimiiciu ill :i c;tM;c t - '"' wns phuutill and j. !'!!• \«::,'s <!clcndanl, in [nvor o! I ; 'M>[ N'at'.oual Hunk in Hlylhr- vilio and iif.ninsl J. S. Triiuuc. will twt-on tlir lidiirs of 0 oVUick in the fcMvud'-u ;in([ ;j o'clock in the :i!'- U'lncHni at the .smitli door of the at Blylliovilk-, Arkansas, oiler (ci- .sale at publie. iuic- (icn ic, ii u . highest bidder upon a credii cf Dirre »;ji months, the J'tl.U'-.viim di'.sci'ibrd real rstate sit- imU'd in (he Clhckasu\vb;t Disirici <if Mis:;i;-.sippj County, Arkansas: , All ih;it pjiri o[ Section KUnu- (< ' fj n 'If! i. Town.-.liii> Sixteen 1 Hit Nor t li. U:mi;i' Twelve- Bayi u :aul the .Suiilheast Quar- ! K'f 'SKl-li of the (te.sci The youth llu'li cs'..) n^ i •iiirMiui tsammimam HARRISON'S AUTO PARTS & GARAGE STATION '15-Mimitt- Ha It cry Itccharyiuj; \V«»l(tii>e DON EDWARDS "TlK- Typmvrtln- I\I:m" ROYAL. SMITH COKONA. AND REMINGTON PORTABLE TYL 3 E\VR1TERS GL1CNCOE MOTEL BUILDING PHONE OU (Every Transaction Must Be Satisfactory) ency Insurance r ALL KIN'i;s MwrJmulfjilly .ii.sturbed feet, strained und \vwikcncd arches nuise an Imbalance <>r (he entire spine. Painful feet not only result, but many remote pains. p u in in leg musclca, kncc.s. hips low-baek ».c}«..s. hrad-.-iches. di^e.sti'/e disturbances, etc. are of.'- «'MUinu.'.s irneed lo painful 1'eel. O.sleopai;hlc adjustments and »m»JMrations ami properly titled shoes cot-rcols such sufTcrings. D!5S. WES & N.IES Ark. , >.. ,\. .N K (Jor U "... . Jicnry Xip|n-r — 1.,^ XK Xt .!. 1'. .lulinvin — t. «j,i,i ..urn win ,^T,-,. n-n.,.,-,-,, t , in.; L.IIHIK..T.V v,.,urt ..f Hi,. I'hirkitsawbji Di.sJn.-t ,.f A! i.ssi.ssi,,,,! OMUUV. Arkari- H;I>. on tilt' 11 ,lay oi AjM'i!. I1..S]. in l J, ( , ,-;i.-r of S,)i,.J)ist ri,-t. No .'! nf <;,-,s.v l.«K,- 4 V Tyn.u/.a Draini^c Disiri.-i Xn . 1... i'lainiiff. v.x. (Vnain l.atnU and (..rorKi- »,.!,,.,. rl al. IVH-mlam,. apjn i, st .,.- u .i l.-.iul.K for a .IUL- ilu-roi.ii. it. i :,, l ..r with ,.,„„., ,.„..,„. ,, t . li:ll! i ( ., a^oMii.'M! hem- ,s,.| oj.posij,- <-a.-li ira.-t. ,.( \\1TXKSS my haii.l tlii> I'J d.iy ,,f April I'.MI. , ,„ HAK'X'KV .M MICK IS. SPECIAL ASSESSMENT LAND SALE X«i!ii-c is hi-n-l>y -ivcn t h:ii I. t)i c iin<U-i>i^[i.-il ('..minimi,-n- :ji'.l ii:iy nf M;jy. 19 11. u-ii|.i,i I. ours. ltf j|,,. s.iuh dour of t li |>.,»M. in l'.lMh,villo. Ark,„>.•!>. M-ll to in.- hich-sf l.i.i.l.r f,,,- ,- :i sl,. ,!„- h.llnu- ^ mi: liimK Inrjitcil in Mi>Mssi[«|ii Conn i y. Arkiin-:i.- lo v ii • M SUB-DISTRICT No. 4 of GRASS* LAKE & TYROKZA ^ItAINAGE DIST. No. a *~ CIiick.i:;,vvVLa District -•• fc~i Cliick.i:;,vvVLa District Lot Elk. Sec. Twp. Rgo. Acres lOOths Name — Parts of Section Kli.n-ei.v U. .M«:n|..w--S\\' SK ... — - - K.-irl S',» X'.. SK SU' J>. (Jitrr.Ti- \^ • >„ \K .vu- t>. <: ; ,rr,.j : w'^ si; N\V /_ ~.~._~.~~..~~~_ C. K. t.'niciccr --\. nf UK 7..",i) Ac. SK SW •L.tiii M.—\V of U All SK l..'vi>t- Koiir.f — H:i|. K'^ S\V l.i'Vi'C 1'iilliril --Kl-L N '; K of 1. ... H.-in-N Nipp'-r- --Lrvs '-j A. NK l'.t>r. W '-. NK NK. _. ._ • I. T. .lollIIMHl — Lnl 'J ,\'\V Siiid land will l,,. M ,i,| ,,,,. ,| 1( . ,,,,,-j, ;h,- Clutni-.Ty Court nf tin- <'liirl<;is;i wl>» District of 'M issi»ij,|,i County >;is. on il,,. r: ,iay ,,,- I'.Ml. in tin- C:IM- of SulvDi-t rirt N,.. .) of l.;ikr .S; T.vrnts/a Dniinsi^i ' " ' " Tlircc room apartment and bath Call 81G. 4 _ ck _ u - 2 Rooms Furnished. 621 Chicka- __sa\vha. Apply in rear. 5-pk-5-5 Unfnrnislicd roonif, with " Garden furnished aparlment S1000 per month. 914 Hearn St. 2-pk-5-2 Desirable fnrnisliccl aparlment~207 NorMi 5th .street. Phone 846- W C. S. Baggett. _ 31-ck-tf 3 room furnished aparrmcnt. 2C9 West Ky. Mi-s. Sisfc. 29-ck-fci Room for employed xvoman. Phone 239. 1028 Main. 29-ck-tf 3 room apartment Furnished. 809 Hearn St.. Mrs. Wheeler. 25-ck-t-l 4 .Uoom Apartment, 719 Ash sr, Phone 727. Large bedroom. Twin oeds. Steam heat. Men preferred. Corner Chickasawba and 10th phone numberj.. _ 23-ck-U FOR RENT— Two-room uniurnish"- ed apf;rtmcnt. LighLs. water and hot water furnished. Couple only ^DJVestJksh. _ i 7cktf Desirable bedroom, twin beds. Men preferred. 1017 Walnut, Phone 102. __ 26-ck-tf sVsll appointed 4 room anartnient, with good heating plant." Call 19.7! " 21-ck-tf 9.3!) Chevrolet Coupe, only ................ 039 Studehaker Tudor. Real clean 9:,'? Ford VS Tudor. One day only .......... WE TRADE Easy (,'. M. A. C. Payment Plan Open Nights and Sundays Phone THIS is INDEED A PLEASURE .' I MARDLV EXPECTED sucn A SURPRISE I YOU DEVASTATE ME STRAMGEP, / WIIAJ DID YOU EXPECT—- A MONA U2ARO '2 HE'S Too, TOO PERFecrty/ BUT I CAM WARDLV LiNDERSTAMD A WORD "E SAYS- EVERY HMe HE SPEAKS, I JUbT ABOUT SWOOM / SELWYM FROM A CALLED HOPE NOT SMALL. TRV CARM- QU1TF REFRESHIMQ/ MI:ASUP.E UP AOEaUA,T£LV/ -•4k. mmjtw- . i4tt nvNCA^L'twicfrjN^.'t. M'. riccl u. s HY ROY CKANK , HOW THR1LLIW6J I N JUST ADORE RESCUES// DEL16HTE ^ ! WE WATCH FROM THE PO&T HOLE. VOU WERE MA6MFEFtfFMT» - 1 TO THE EMERSEMCV ROOM, BOVS NELLIE, CLOSE AMD BOLT THE DOOR ELL,6cor> LUCK to YOU- i GQITA ee BOOTS AND H1RR BY EDGAR MARTIN ',v7 V^vY VOO VtVA. C<Po>.^ To ALLEY OOP BY V. T. HAiMUls — , . .< .. ^. -. . i ^ , -, » r 11— C^C/ WE GONE FAR) AND COME yVHW5TH«r?/ y . -/v^ ^rs ' v,v ^-^ -_>;*?• Mvs-;.^ ' \\.>^''VY ;/ '.V-X >• ^SM^ RECO^IDITIO^EO NOW. AS NKVKR RSFORE. IS THE TIMK TO r l'KAi)K FOR A LATE MODKL USED CAR OR TRUCK OUK STOCK OF CARS AND TRUCKS IS COMPLETK AND PRICES LOWER THAN EVEjR. SEE THEM NOW. UMO Chevrolet Sjjort Sedan. Special liVIO Ford V8 Tudor. Hargain L ( )*>f) Chevrolet Town Sedan for 1938 Chevrolet Town Sedan. Only.... 1910 Chevrolet Deluxe Coupe. Real hnv HKJ9 Plymouih Town Sedan. A steal..

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