The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 23, 1936 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 23, 1936
Page 6
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|P4GE_SIX BLYTIIEVFLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS MONDAY, NOVEMBER 1936 FOOTBALL'S FINEST OF 1936 'Baugh Named; Riley On ;.Second Team and Robbins, Third BY HARRY GRAVSON Sports Fdilor, NEA Service Picking an All-America football i team any jear that Is authoritative and set pleases everybody Is harder than trying to stop Northwestern at the goal line with it -row of lackhng-dummtes. It is : .'particularly difficult this season, which ran to balance and 'team I P'ay, Qut, through the collaboration of- the best coaching brains in * f America and the ^advice, asslsl- 1 " ance, and suggestions of scouts,' 'i players, and writers, "NBA Service ^i believes It has done the Job In the fairest and most rcpiesento- live manner possible, Sports writ- 'eis>have more confidence in tho r job 1 " of selecting an All-Ameilca ' array tills fall, anyway, after the - shellacking taken by the political dopesters and slraw-voters earlier In the month Larry Kelley of Yale and Hay ' Buivid of Maiquette have been '"- the outstanding plajers of the >• carnpaign < "Like Dlzzj Dear,, IXKI ey hob '"" nia^de a habit f of making good • good-natured boasts, and succeeds in so* doing again In being named right end and captain of the 1930 , All-America. He said lhat Uiere couldn't be an AH-Amcrlcn \vlth- "„ oat him I \ Jjpharley Bachman' and olhers tQjo knew and saw George GIpp ' actually go tack to that immortal Notre Dame back In describing Buzz TSulvid flying and pitching ha|fback of Mnrquetto. * vKclley and Buivid .were unanim- ouc.choices So were Sam Francis, -*" sholputlHisr Nebraska fullback, and Gaynell Tinslcy of Loulslnna, who njakes Ihe grade at end with that. 1 much to spire for the second" c6iiseculive jcar j lEdvvard Goddaid of Washington • Stn.te and Sllngln' Sam Daugh of Texas ClirLstlnn lound out the j, buckfield ,j ~ *Ed Wldselh of Minnesota and Averell Raniell of Pittsburgh aic Sninuel Bnvigh, Hlght Half; Texas Christian Edward Goddard, Qiiarlerlxick, Washington Slnlo Samiiol Frrmcif, Fullback, liay Bnivld lift Half, Miirquctlc Lawrence Kcllcy. Kight End, Yolc •Captain Stephen Held of North- ^85J em is awarded one of the guqrd positions with the selectors going to Denver University for »t l\)S> othe |v prpbnttc " r In the person of Alex Alex Wojciechowicz of the 1m- -, pregnable, Fordham line Is the cejSei at the risk of , alienating ^ tb*|" affections of every HnotjiH: 1 opera loi in the land. £ * ' ' j; All T Amerfca Tlnslcy Improves ~ -Tinsley was, a masterful defen- jrsive end In < 1935 The top Tiger , stepped up his offensive work this Dinkll. H.fihl Tackier ! I'lllsbmgh Wldselh, SK«_ ijl-eft Tackle, Second Team E— Davis I, T—lull G.—Koutl 0. — H. O.—Starccvlcli R. T.—Klimrd . K. E.—KorMcli Q. —Rilcy . . II.—Heap ; H.— Klvei'son F. —I'nikcr Dartmouth rlncetnn Texas A. & M. .. . California Wa'.hingtun Mississippi Northwestern ,, Alabama Northwestern renn Duke K.—Puquln ., L. T.—Shlrcy 1, G—Holland , C. ^-Conkrlght K. O.—While K. T,—llamrick R. K.—Hlbbs Soulh. C'allforni Q.-— F^alaschl ... Santo, Clara L. H.—Rabbins Arkansas H G—Ryan . Uluh Aggies F v — Karamatiu G.iynoll Timlsy, Left End, Louisiana State 'RfiCKLES AND HIS FRIENDS GOOD OLD LOYAL NUTTY! BY Blosscr HAS BALL tXWH 12 TO GO GEE, COACH, AM I REALLY GONNA GO. \H? AW/ IHSTRUC - TICNS !• No,SoM...,J<JSr DO •fbUR BEST! vou KNOW WHAT! EXPECT. THE OUTCOME IS UPTO > (bU^,j, KIDS / but did plenty of damage while In Ihe thick the ,Fort Worth IB points In ,'l8 miimtcs ngalnsl Bailor, 18 pol'fts, j,i 22 minutes against Texas, nrnf 12'points In 10 minutes against Centenary. A leg Injury handicapped him In the Texas i A and M battle Art Quepe co-starred with Buivid for Mnrquetle and It was j.he toiler's remaikable ability which she did not win but com- Jleled with a broken leg. Pcler Volo, which died at Walnut Hall Farm the other day, was without a doubt the greatest standavdbred speed stallion ever in any stud. The son of Peter the Great-Nervolo Belle sired seven 2:00 performers, five, of which are trotters. He was credited with 204 2:10 performers and 65 2:05, Each of Ihesc three records Is unexcelled. Peter Volo's sons and daughters have won on every harness track of consequence in the United [ States and Europe. Peter Volo, f which first received recognition as a yearling In 1913, was a champion and lowered the world record for trotters of Ills a»e in every year that he raced. ' • r ••*''• Increased Interest Boon tn Standardbrtd Breeders For at least three days, wilh the climax on Thanksgiving Day, without intermission for such trivialities as meals, horsemen from home and abroad will bid on 250- odd yearlings at the Old Glorj. Since Interest In . the trotters in Europe never before was so keen, American owners are going! NO,FRECK-... WE'VE CALLED THAT PLAY ABCUT FIVE TIMES, AMD FT HASMY VibRKED YET" THIS OKIE HAS THE LABEL OW WELL, CALL IT AGAIN.' ^"^:. j autumn and has been the scourge tlwt cnablct , 1)ls nmn ,,, g nm i c lo or^the south as the stai of one of c t - f t'jf_ country's more powerful ma- chines He is one of the principal reasons why Louisiana 'State Is unbeaten in Southern Conference play In two seasons and is the " first Institution to capture two .. successive titles He has account„ erf for touchdowns by taking pass. £ cs good for gains of from H to 77 yards. : Kelley has been termed a lucky * ~ individual, but, as Tuss McLaughry - of Brown points out, the wisecracking Yale captain's constant f -repetition of plajs which win ' ' demonstrates that he has the abll- Ity-to be at the right spot at the fc | right lime Kelley everlastingly lias •- * done unexpected things in tight I spots that were to the advantage cf his varsity ; Bemle Bierman calls Wldsctl- the finest tackle Minnesota has Jl "had since Bronco Nagurskl, who t If , broke In at that position with the Gophers ; The even demeanor of the 0 i , loot 2-tnch 220-pound blond dial :* from Mclntosh vvas disturbed fo the first time in the Northwestern game, when he allegedly struck Ddn Geyer, Wildcat fullback Th _ resultant penalty set the Laugh f ing Boys of the Lake Front up fo tht_touchdown that snapped th ^long winning st-eak of the Giants "of i the North, but it would be unfair to keep such a brilliant per. former off the All-America for a away. Buivid threw a. football ke a .baseball and was one of ie\fnstest; big uicn in tho spoil. completed 50 passes in 97 al- einpis up to the Duqliesne game. He- is 21 years old, .stands '6 feet, •elghs .190 pounds, nnd is a resi- chl of Port Washington, Wis. Goddard. a 5-foot-9 IBO-pounder rom Escondtdo, Calif., has been he Pacific coast's foremost tail- >ack for two seasons, mid last year '.-as a players' All^Amerlca. The Vashington State quarterback does .vcrything well and his keen direction ' of play makes him .the \ll-Amerlca signal caller. Francis ,thc Olympic sholputter, Joes everything the great fullback. should be able to do. and then seine. The Nebraska luminary Is the nation's best kicker, a marvelous left-liandcd pfisser, a superlative smasher, an excellent alccker, the perfect backer-up, nnd in Weal team plnycr. So, onward "anotner All-America 1 * * * HONORABLE MENTION' ENDS— Clark, Stanford; Merrill, Dartmouth; Nelson, Missouri; Mason, Iowa; Daddlo, Pittsburgh; Wlntrak. Washington; Chavoor, U. G. L. A.; Tsoutsouvas, Stanfoul. QUARTERBACKEt-Davls, Southern California; Gomez, Santa 3larn; Meek, California; Logg, Washington; Palau, Foi'dham, •fiittman, •'•Indiana;- Sch mid I, Navy; • Sandbach, Princeton; Ewart. Yale; Furey, Columbia; Chlck- erneo, • Pittsburgh; Kldd, Holy ;ross; Call, Utnh; Magmisson, Ulah Aggies; Varizo, Northwestern; Art Giicpe, Marquctte; Wilkinson, ' Minnesota;.- O'Reilly and Pupils, , Notre Dame; Dye, Ohio State; HaeiT, Baldwin-Wallace; Lofttn,."mimic; .-.Sheridan, Texns. HALFBACKS—Russell, Baylor; Finlcy, ''southern 'Methodist; Mc- Clurc, McCall,. anrf:Cnldwell, Rice; Caidwell, Nebraska; Elder, Kansas By U arryGrayson "ftAH, BLTT HE WOULDW T HAVEJF FPECK HADU'- tifJOCXED DOV/KI A LOT OF THOSE KIHGSTOM Gays V<MO ALSO WERE n STAWDIWQ UP.'.' cticcl: for $'(500 made payable to Walnut Hall's proprietor. Dr. Ogden M. Edwards of Pittsburgh. The check covered the high bid on DeSola, a beautifully bred colt of excellent possibilities. The venerable trainer and driver, Walter Cox of Goshen, representing a , wealthy patron, helped to run the NEW YORK, Nov. 14.—Harness ] bidding sky high, horses nre out of harness loi 10'JO, | Thus far, DeSota has not been nut the greatest gambling of the to ihe races He was not good year .on trotters' remains to take! enough to be campaigned as a place. It comes-with' the ,42d an- 2-year-old this past summer. HLs nuar Old Giory auclloi, :in H.W, "^expec.d ^.^hhn^"^^ t ^ ^^'' i\i_i_i], iiiin; unties tilt; guiiig ' i i i tlT 1 I • t» II to have their hands full and pock-1 Head I OUghie Here .Takes On: Gorilla Dougan ; McEun 'Faces Baker els empty keeping the belter yearlings ill home..- Interest- In .trotters lias skyrocketed in the far west, too, giving easterners and middle westerners " additional competition. •.-'."• . The only 'sale of Its kind in the big town, the Old Glory is expected to draw larger crowds than ever. It is a splendid show and It costs nothing to- get in unless you. dabble .in , The the price '. of a blue- turf is only the initial expenditure, -.but any- tell you that the enpoyment York Thanksgiving week., j a It lakes more than n $2 muUiel «'" ticket to \vngei- in the dispersal however. other rich stakes in "1937, ,. I . wcrtn me cost. Sanders brothers-George, 61. and Promoter Clarence Holder has announced that he will .have ample police protection and has taken every precaution to prevent a ilot lit. the American-Legion indoor arena tonight when Charles "Cry Baby" Sinkey,'Corinth, Miss., and head man in the toughie row here, meets Gorilla^ Dougan, DCS Moines, Iowa, in tn~e feature, attraction of the weekly wrestling show. They b'r'e billed for' ninety minutes with : two ' best falls out of three the winner! : Gorilla . .comes' into the circuit with a string of victories as long as his arm and a reputation as tough as his name. He has been campaigning in the middle.west, because of the increasing cold moved south for'the winter and likely will make this section his headquarters for the time being. Mike Meroney, who will handle his usual duties as official, has .highly recommended the towan. 'It is hinted that he was especially anxious to pit Dougan with Sinkey not only for hopes of getting a big attraction, but expecting to give Sinkey a,thorough cleaning'. v Another., stranger, Dago . Baker ay name, also makes his bow on the same card, meeting, the pudgy Gladewater, Texas youngster, Billy McEun, in the ninety minute semifinal. McEun was pitted against Loir Chancy in his first appearance, and despite a defeat, macic a fairly good showing. Just what type of matman Baker is has not been revealed. He rates high with those who have seen him perform and Was praised as an accomplished grapples. They weigh about the same, in the neighborhood of 195 pounds." •.". .. To start .the program off .the promoters'-have lined'up two box- Ine exhibitions, the first of which will'start at 8:15. The new building is adequately heated for all kinds of weather and the fans can be assured of comfort. Doors will open an hour before the curtain raiser. Dutniesne; Druzc and Fordliam; Stromberg, , debatable offense Pittsburgh, famous for them, -jhas had few tackles the equal of ' Daniell, 220-pound warrior from M( Lebanon , Reid of Northwestern, a 5-foot 9 inch 192-pound Chicagoan with v n jutting Jaw, is one of the finest ^running guards in the business " Drobnltch, 22 and scaling 191 pounds, played both weak and J , strong side guard for Demer, his never suffering from I switch Wojclechowicz has been, the center and key man of what perhaps Is the strongest Una in the ' country. Jock Sutherland credits this 21-year-old 5-foot 11-Inch. 182*pound junior from 'South [Oliver, N. J, with tying Pittsburgh. - wojclechowicz U the finest backer-lip in Fordham's history. s-BMtirind BaivM Great Pitchers •• AJthough chiefly renowned for ^hii passing, Baugh of Texas Christian Is an amazing;kicker and a good runner, ~, 1 The '6-foot-2 180-pound lad from j. Svveelvfater Is so deadly that he 'j actually has completed half o! l^'lils.inany forwards. Baugh didn'i 3'v play long tn three of the Homed late-season engagements . . _". . „. . ,,, UIH1LMV 1IUIUUI.- IIIIIJI tOtll tu ut VHU bcalo, Ohio SLite; Alfonse, Minn- old olory for 32 years, help bidesota: Brands alter, Palumbo, and (]ers . Th J bra(lln » of ' Ulc ' ycnr . Notre Dnme; Schocn and Cuff, Noble. Platukis, Jacunski, Army; Walker, Temple; Bentoni Arkansas; Patanclll, Michigan; O'Neill, Notre'Dame; Antil and King, Minnesota; Wcndt and Cuminsky, Ohio State; Kelker, Western, Reserve; Zilko, Northwestern; Bershak and Buck, North Caro- ma; Roach, Texas Christian; McDonald, Nebraska. TACKLES—Van Sickle, Arkanas; Moss, Tulanc; Gibson and Voights, Northwestern; Mike West Virginia Wwleyan; Docherty, Temple; Franco and Babart- ?ky, Fordham; Matlsi, Pittsburgh- Kevorkian, Harvard; Callaway Stanford. | • • • . ( . GUARDS—Mqrrell. Navy; Hcn- rion. Cai-hegie Tech; Pierce, Lom- bardl, and Kochel, Fordham- Glassford, Raskowski, and Dalle Tezze, Pittsburgh; Schrciber, Northwestern; Smith, Ohio State- Kuhn. Illinois; Hinkte, Vanderbilt- Baldwm and Lelsk, Loulsianii State; Badgett, Dukt; Gantt. Auburn; Ard, Rice; Scoltlno, south- ernt Methodist; Gilmore and Owens, Arkansas; McGInnls, Nebraska; KInnlson, Missouri. CENTERS — Gilbert, Auburn; Stewart, Louisiana Slate; Myers Kentucky; Lumpkin, Georgia;' Fuller and Wegner,'Northwestern;! \Volf, Ohio State; Mundee, Notre' Dame; Sayre, Illinois; Osmaloskl, Iowa; Ray, Dartmouth; Cherundolo, Penn State; Hauze, Pennsylvania; Cullinan, Princeton; Basrak, Duq'uesrie; Beckwilh, Yale; Fnrkas, Detroit; Jefferson, North- weslcin; Wojclhovskl, Wllklc, nnd McCormiek, " ' Marquette; Baldwin-Wallace; Bnimbaugh. Du- qncsne; Meyer. Army; LaRue and Gcldterg, Pittsburgh; Kurltsh, Pennsylvania; Jaeger, Colgate; Jack While and Kaufman, Princeton; Riffle, Albright; Stopper, Villanova; Mowrey, Temple; Frank, Yale; Reckmnck. Syracuse; Holllngsworth, Dartmouth; in- gram, Navy; Roberts, Harvard; ^^lller. Hobnit; Uram" and Alfonse, Northwestern; Tommerson, Wisconsin; Cain and Halncs, Wash- ilng breeding under tlic\ hammer yea is pro- vldcd in minutest detail, together with nil accomplishments of his or her kin. ' • But while family counts most In [lie sale of future champions of the criss-cross or wiggling gaits, a fool-proof plan for acquiring f.olcnlial winners has yet to be doped out. ' Lord Jim was the lost Hnmble-; tonlnn winner to go through the i 1 mi Glory. As a foal of 1931. Lord I Jim went through tho mill at Squadron A Armory here Thanksgiving week of 1932. Walnut Hall of Donerall, Ky., famous j nursery Tor trailers, was paid only Blower $575 f or the animal which vvas ""i'l.^S'^o"' 11 ,?^ 1 ,! 11 ' destined to win the Hambletonian FULLBACKS —Williams, U. C 'of 1934 !±L.r" V i!!;°:' S™l a . ?'"™L,.°H E J.'MerfonS of Columbus, the lortunc during his fine animal's 2 and 3-ycar-old seasons, antl wilh him realized the ambition of filty • by : Bunter-out of Ariel Dil- Jon, and Avn, sleek daughter --by Peter Volo out - : of Nedda. Guy, heroine of the 1031 Hambletonian The skeleton of the lobster Is •outside Its body, while its muscles are inside the skeleton. ' . , • - " vi ,."j,,- j Inglon; Gray, Oregon Slate; Coffis and Brigham Stanford; every hnmcss horseman in togging the Kentucky Derby of the Pappas, Temple; Staffer, Cornell; Patrick and Staptilis, Pittsburgh; King, Hobarl; Isbcll and Drake, Purdue; Janko\vskl. Wisconsin; Totli and Geyer, Northwestern; Danbom. Notre Dame; Rabb, Ohioi « • « Slate; Dickens, Tennessee; Coffee! S cme Slow lo Develop; mid Crass, Louisiana State;! Others Fail Altogether ri/rffm i??"S n? am Agec ' Van -j In contrast to that bright plc- 2£5! H L> VoIfc ' ?<*™- FT'odman, lure. Paul Bowser, Boston WTCst- , , Rice; Spraguc. Southern Methodist; Corrolto nnd Brccden, Oklahoma. ling promoter, last fall 'signed a Female gnaLs bite, but the males i do not. Bcfnre Yon Ony Any Outboard - See Ihe NEPTUNE • 2 H. P, <2AC Single Cyl. V *O (Other Sizes to 16 H. p.) HUBBARD TIKE & BATTERY CO. Open All Night ROAR AND WRECKER SERVICE Phone 633 Tom Little Chevrolet Co M'e have two carlouds of these NEW ALL-CROP HARVESTERS Made by Allis-Chnlmcrs The most practical thrasher on the market— Proved by actual use in the field! SOME OF ITS ADVANTAGES— Saves the beans that are planted with corn. Has proved practical In thrashing beans In corn. Equipped wilh 5 fool culler bar. Will thrash cither broadcast •or drilled crops, beans, oats, wheat, clover, lespedeia.clc. WE WILL BUY YOUR SOYBEANS PAUL BYRUM 118 East Main St. Phone 252 Wouldn't you spend s l°° a week to help him in school? Sure you would—and that's all you need to give him a brand new Corona Portable Typewriter. Then watch his marks go up as he turns in neatly typed, correctly spelled, well expressed work. Corona has helped thousands of students in school and all through life. Why not your boy? These new Coronas ofottrs are the final, fastest portables we've ever handled. Come in and get the details. ACTON PRINTING CO. ' Blythcvillc, Ark.

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