The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 12, 1939 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 12, 1939
Page 7
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1939 BLYTHEyiLLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE SEVEN CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rale per line for consecu- For Sale l^r Sale Chcaj), work stock, tools, write Claronco Moore, Route 2, Dlytlievilte. 12-pk-ia For sale prelty bungalow on Hcavn. Land For Sale Stoddard County, Mo. Land Has 2 lots, slisde and shrubbery, garage and servant's quarters. Bu- tive Insertions; iVo times per line per duy one, ' nnc 8 as ' i'«nge nnd stoves, lino- I'hrce tlmty per line, per day...QUO Ictmis, Venltian Winds go with (lie tilx times per lino per day 05o! £ale - Price $3500. Terms. Posses- 1N THE CHANCERY COURT l'W lo Hi,, nndmlunrd /,„. n ||nmiiica TUB CHICK ASA W1!A DISTRICT Ix-fon- t H c I of one ve ? from' OP masisaipn cowm. AU- (ho «tni" of « U n m. of saw ™-i KANSAS; PROBATE DIVISION ti'is. if »ol so |im-pi|[crt within' THEUROF. |s lu -li linn.- Ihry will be forever' C37 acres all In cultivation. Black IN UK: Tho lislate of Mrs. Hello, barrrd; ,,nd tho.v> claims nrcscut- cyprcss land now growing nnc rcil CIl "' k ' U«cnsed ert wltln,, s(x ,nonl!is 'will have clon-r. Produced Ijcttcr Mini) GO Noli™ Is hereby given Hint let- i>itoKy „„.,. n, 0 , l% ,,,,,,, ,.,.,,.. ,,..„„ bushels of corn this y rnr n , M i (err, of admlnlslrallon won! urnnl-iof Ms « „m, l ' III' I'O I llfin t *'i tlltfti.- nf „„* 0/1 In llln .,.,,^...,1-, .. .,1 .1.,. . ' mo. Olurk, ,. H. II. IMBHIKUv, [ Nolll IJccd, Adinlnlslrulor of (he Attorney for'udminlslratoi'. "'slnUi of Mrs. licllol ' > '' «.,.•„ Month rate per line !..GOc Cards of Thanks 50c & 15o Minimum cliargo 60c Ads ordered for llircc or six slon today. Thomas Unit Co. Cioslcy Shelrador Electric Refrlg- times and stopped before expira- i • — ...... "• — -••"- •^••• 0 tion wi b c-rator, space 7.4 cubic feet. CHmr illlLcccl l )CI ' fccl condition. Origina c °?< s ', 69 ' 65 - Will sacrifice a t Half tion will be charged for the mini-1 tu " 01 '. s P«ce Y.I cuuic tcel. CHmr- ber of limes the add appeared and illlLcccl l )CI ' fccl condition. Original iirii^tm^m n r uK „.!!!.' cost $169.65. Will sacrifice at halt price for quick sale. 703 Cliickn- -.- re than P-j bales nf cot- c<l lo llie undersigned, upcm thu ton, 10 houses. Ixicaled wilhln one- rstalo of Mrs. Hi-lie Clark Ijc'tlor . half mile of licll City. $45 an acre, known us Mrs, J. y. Clu'rk, rtc- I censed on the 1st. day of Ueccm- .; 320 acres with 09 acres cleared. 1 her, 1D30, by the Chancery Court, | One house, one good burn and Prnbnlo Division thrrrnf of Misi three small houses on jjravel rond KLsslppt County, Arkiinsus adjustment of Mil nude Classified AdvertlKin copy Vibinlttcd by persons residing out- l.oe of the city must be accompanied by cash. Kates may be Cas- ny comjiutcd from above table. sawba Avc. ll-ck-U Harley Davidson Motorcycle. Good condilion. Jack Hook, 4SO Johnson, Phone 192, Osceola. 9-pk-13 far 420 an acre, 040. This Is a good productive piece of land on gravel rontl with about 60 ncrcs cleared for $17.50 per acre. Insertions lakes the one time raie. r<o responsibility will be taken for more than one Incorrect Insertion ot any classified au. Gooil 1937 Model <t Ton Chevrolet Truck. Apply John Buchanan Coal Co. 7-ck-H For Kent . j 7 room collage, 2 other houses. 10 acres land. Highway ei, near ! city. Thomas Land Co. 7-ck-U 2 room modern apartment. Rca-; Buy modern 5 room suburban son.iole. 1123 W. Ash. 12-cn-iBJ iiome at Jonesboro, Ark., 3 acres, .. 1 good barn, chicken hoiivp fnut o room mcxlern, furnished apart- 1 ..m^'.ii mju.ii, mm, incut. 1315 \V. Main. ^ ll-CK-il joiilh of Arkansas Slate College. 5 room remodeled suburban liomc,- p ' ice $2500.00. Sec C. O. Uarnali acre optional J'honc 45U-W I nt Jonc sboro Police Headquarters. a-c'jt-ial 7-pk-H Houses for rent. See Harve Lewis,' f> ' BS - s!loal s. meal hogs. Vticclnat- nortn mir Grounds. 0-pK-lu'l ccl ' D - K> Oailll!r . Armorcl, Ark. All persons havlni; claims or de- miimls ngnliisl snld oslalc must present, them, duly iiuthenlicalod. this 1st dny of Urn-mta 1 , J. I, GUARD Optometrist l)|iiiini, . IrIM III u.wo mini <!nriM'(l, These nre gooil bu.vs and should sell at once. Other fnnns for sale. A. T. Earls i Office I'honr. 02 Iteslilenri! ?.- Ulbouin, Mu. Farm Loans 2 room furnished apartment, Aleo'r rrr:— bedrooms. 102 W. Davis nnonc i Bcaull ' ul Grand Piano. Perfect 385. ' - 2-c.K-Ul eontlulon - Value $1200. Will sell ; „ i lor $500 and can give terms. Telu- 3 room furnished apartment. Pri-1 phones 571 and 187. 15-ck-12-lB vale bath. Desirable localion ' ~ —• — Several good mules, marss and Large Or Small At Low Inlercsl liales. We are equipped lo handle large or sina.ll loans on any sized (r.'ict 1 ol farm land, at low cosl, and ut a low Interest rate. TERRY ABSTRACT & REALTY COMPANY 213 Walnut, H- Ulytlievlllc, Ark. For Sale or Rent All NIIM l.lH.itrd ill 101 Ni'i III Si'fiilin ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON ICmVAJins, Vr/iprlHiM Mnki'x ,.t lirUiilll Typnvflti-m, Ailillii, Mai-Mtir, >,i« ( Strain torn— Kcpiiirlni;— 1'artn— Illbbont Call 280. Nice, comfortable room, close in. Men only. 310 Walnut, 5-ck-U Comfortable bedroom lor business woman. 1028 w. Main. Phone 239. 27-ck-ti. Nice bedroom with twin beds. Convenient to balli. Men preferred. 000 W. Main, phone IVli. 24cM-24 5 rooms furnished or • mifurn. 3 Furnished. Bath. 014 Hearn. ' •' ' 23-pk-12-23 Unfurnished apartment in Shane Apartment Building on' West, Main St. Call 57] or 197. 8-ck--t! Nice bedroom, convenient to bam. Steam heat. Phone 280. 19-ck-i! Welding EXPERT ELECTRIC"" AND ACETYLENE WELDING * Drag line and heavy welding a specialty. * Barksdale Mfg. Co. Phone 19 or Km.' iirw ~^aiior5 Wear 3 tailor-made suit this CHRISTMAS. 523.50 up. George L. iMuir Bljthcvlllc's Only Tailor young horses. Paul Byrum. 2Ccl!t! Late model tractors. Rebuilt and rellnished. Qoofl as new. Pau'i Byrum. 26-ck-ll 5 Allis-Chalmers Combines. Easy Terms. Paul Byrum. iiS-ck-tl INotice NOTICE—1 am now salesman for Thomas Land Co. Have good buys on farm and -jlty property H. C. Campbell. lS-pk-12-18 Bargains In USED TIRES AND RADIOS Some Repossessed, Good ,;-. as New.:' . . . CHOUSE-HENRY HARDWARE CO. PHONE 35 Beauty Shop. Equipment., includ- Bxcellent location. Reasonable. Box Ing six machines, good condition. 272, Blythevlllc. 7-pk-l-i ] Lost Black nnd while English" REWARD. Dale Dye, phone 275. HIHSKI, AND TKACTOU VUKL ISumber One Light Domestic FUEL OIL FOR Steve and Furnace DAY DAY NKillT llili I5AKNSOAL1, HKPIN1NG COItl'OKATlON Amcriwi's First Oil Udhicrv HUBERT UTLEY'S CAMPCRESCENT SKKVICK STATION AND CAFK 7 (i'oi)il lU'iusiHw l-'or Trwlinif «l Hiiliort Ullcy's: 1. Modern Cnblns, 2 All popnlnr UnimU of IIRIT—10o. 3. 6 miles free road sorvlco. 1. Phillips "(iff' leaded KII-S—UiUc <lal. 5 Public long distance tcloplmno ivllli prlvulc line D. Ccillllod, modem honied rcsl rooiiw. 7, All popiilnr bninds clgnrottm, a pkus. ^6c. ai-HOUU {)KK-.ST()}> BBKViaJ 7 NIGHTLY AT THE CRESCENT CLUB MOST iiCAimniu.v >IK(;OIIATI;H IN S.K AU> I'UONB 17 H. w. ,i, JIOM.ANI), MO. HEMORRHOIDS Cnn<<1 Without Siirecry, (lm l "?""' CS6 T th<1<l! wltilmit confinement to fru " W(rlt nml w "" ""•*• '"He dlscom- WHITES , CONDITION ; Your Car THK PHHJJI'S WAY Here's What We «o: 1. Drnln oul IIP.IVJ-, worn fubrr cauls nml refill IrnnsmlRsion and (llfTcrenllal wllh new wlnlcr , Oour Oil—up to o pound,,. E,. .;' Ira I'liarcr fnr exlra qimnti- '" lies. •; ; 2. Drain tml sirintiipr u'l-I^Iif nil.'" ami rrnil crnnki-.isc with the corrrcl sr;ido nf freuli, clean."' .winter (ill—U|i to 5 qiiarln vf ""-, 25c (ill, Kxlra charge for ovtif: S illiiiilB, premium grnilcs, or." 1 tor flushing oil. ':: 3. Cnni|i)oli- Inlirlcallon of cliassls ' ami all movliiR parls. ''"" J. Clean anil hinpu't spark pluss •'•'• anil ri'sd fur CD I it wcalh«r' ;t; 5. ttriiiavi! baltpry from car an?, lialnl wirrlcr, cells and' clt'iin Irrinliinls. "-' : '''' 0. I'liinh nullnlor with «|Mrlal rn- illalor clciincr and Inspect lill '' nml coiiiiectlnns. ' -••'' 7. Insjiccl hcntiT and windshield' '•' COMt'LIiTH SKUV1CB. '•• .,. $3.95 I for Holler I'crforiiinnve -i'l'i' : Use. IMilllliis Siifety-Chccli Service,^ PHILLIPS I MOTOR CO. riiiinn Hit) "• Expert Gun Repairing, see E. M, Dnmon at the Blythcvillc Armory. ' Wanted To Bn\ Want land. Have buyers for 20's— 40's—80's and larger tracts. Secj us at once. Thomas Land Co lG-ck-12-18 Tivo automobile keys, of General Motors make. On small wire ring. Owner may have keys by paying cost of this ad. Courier I A~iTi^v~n7vr7 >Jews Office. . ALLlvl OOC 1939 Arkansas « Ton Ti-ailcr _. eenfio. Number 281-368. Owner aiay have same by paying cost of. this ad. Courier News. ' \riiuse SJsiqglsh I.tvnr, work of) the bile to rid yourself of constipation, gas pains, and that sour imnk feeling. Take one box of KIRBV'S ACTIVE LIVER FILLS 35c at all Kirby Stores For or MULES For Sale nr Traili: See Floyil Simpson nt Delia Im- plcnicnts, Inc. ' , 8-ck-tf MODERN ROYALTY HORIZONTAL 1,6 Pictured king of Italy. 13 Bustle. 14 Hornbills. 16 Lock pai I. 17 To cut on. ID Infidel. 20 Civilian. 21 Festivals. 23 Perched. 24 Clan symbolic pole. 26 Stains. 28 Myself. 29 Street. 31 Silk thread. 32 France. 33 Secret Italian society. 35 Perlnining to ,iir. 37 Satire. 38 To kill a fly. 39 Black haw. •10 Myself. 41 Half. 42 To ninke lace. 43 Fad. 47 Battering machine. Answer (o Previous Puzzle 48 Neulcr pronoun. •13 By. 50 A Iso. 52 To exist. 53 Each. SOPltnn cake. 58 Ship's sailing measures. 59 He his father ns king in 1000. VERTICAL 1 Go on (music). 2 Unoccupied. 3 Simpletons. 4 Sound of surprise. 5 Sccpler. 6 Silkworm. 7 Spar. 8 Milten. 9 Like. 10 To combine. 21 Roof edge. 12 Pound. 15 Associates at mess. 18 Digestive substance. 20 Circle making instrument. 21 Political parly in his kingdom. 22 Grieved. 25 The -— Alps scpnrnlc his land from France. 27 Snilor. 30 Thin transparent fabric. 32 That may be framed. 3-1 Debatable. 36 Urn. 40 Residue from pressed grapes 43 Lawyer's charges. 44 Hour. 45 Auditory. 49Nolyiiirciiy. 4n Cavity. 51 Unit. 54 Italian river. 55JElcclric Icrm. 56 Soulh Carolina. 57 Verb ending. QUALITy SHOE SHO Invisible half-solin». Full sn for every slice and boot. Crcpc, leather, rubber, or Grocord. Shoes ilycd any color. Polish, laces anil dyes. Sbocs dve4 black--35e. Guaranteed. We caU fur anrt deliver. Phone 120, H. B. Campbell. BETHANY, Mo. <UF) —Two brothers, Raymond and Wayne Swm-lz. claim the rat killing ciiam- pionshlp of Mksaurl. They slew 410 in one day. STANDARD TIRES OTHER SIZES PROPORTIONS TEfY AT TODAY'S LOW PRICES! As Low As CAc BUDGET PLAN PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. DKS. NTES M»ln HOULD SB RUMMIW fHATSlOLE OLDMAM WnHEf " BL) TRIG|-Vr NOW I'M MORE »V KKKI) HAKMAN.:: THERS'S A LIQI IT |M NOW—L CAM BC,\CE AC.AIM57 11(13 CHIHUEV AWO ISOO)W'-|H'TRICK, TlWf NEW SCHO3L AW5M. ECOSITV WITH QUO MAM WITHERS ^^B<lcr.^^c. 1, x. nen. u. e. PAT, nil Weullier I''nrcciiHl: Kiiii JJY. V. T, .HAMUN ' HAVING WEGOTIATEPA SERIES OF MIMOR MISAWEM7UC}ES,OOP « EROWSOM GET STARTED 1M PU^' OOOLA,WHO ISA PRISOMER Of- ULYSSES THEATER. OP ACTIONJ. ISoo B.C. VEAH. __. .. I M AWV JUCJSE OF WEATHER, WE'D BOOTS AND HKR Tlilnlt KiiN(, Untie Link IJY HOY C'KANK AH,DEAR HSS. 6EEV, IT IS ALMOil MOae THA>U t CAM BEAw.{ WE WERE TO BE CARRIED, UWKV AHO I. AV)6 TO THIUIC THAT / MATCI RALLY HE'S LOST HIS / VOlAL BREAK WiMD ! A VOUG EUiSAGE ,! UOT WHEW THE BEAR BOV MEEDS ME MOW... AMD REQUIRES A WOMAN'S U>tWJ6 CAPE. I MUST MOT -THIHK OF MV4ELF. FOR T>EAR LIUWS, iAKE.THE WEDOIU6 -r.MU4T BE AT ONCE HUMPHl SHE PPOBABUV \ VEH. VOU \OH .jlROWVOUlU IJUUPFD x A HUT HOUSE FRVIU' WW IMTOTH'HRE, UWCLE UMCOIU HIS KRIKNDS HY oIEKRILT, HLOSSEK \ IF HILDA'S AS WOMEt-Y AS YOU CLAIM , 1 JUST VvOLJLDN'T GO ' J- THINK HER DAD IS JUST WISH IMS HER OF-r ON MEI DO.MT BSLIE.VE is THAT YOUR -j CAR. PARKED si THE FIRE? Jv DRCWF Doww KECE AND FORKED So I COULD PHONE Per Week On Our A DATE MK. { OICAY GRUBOIE.' I

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