The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 15, 1941 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 15, 1941
Page 5
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. APRIL 15, 19-11 aiea sta n KCPO^ , 0 , c f^f ••'••• '••: V •£* • -'': "' v> : •••.'•;>; • i isi^^SiilJ*! F^^s®r«i;te;Wie*44 IvvJPK ; iW«v ^ii»SSS=^SSJi biw^oow^s ( ARK -> COURIER NEWS London Nocturne KV PAUL MANNING NEA Service .Statl Corrc;;pom!ent LONDON - My Pal George says buying those spring flowers for Eileen and Maggie was the hardest thing he ever had to do. . He bought daffodils and vinintc.. Dal/ocliis for Eileen ;u\d t-'i'een had told him other day that she liked because, .since she became 17 six weeks ago. they seemed somehow more grown-up. Maggie preferred violets because they sinelieci nice. My^ Pal George, who is 16 and a largest air dent of the Youth Club and Chairman of the Dance Committee, says chat for nearly a month the three of them had been planning that dance in side the snelter. Finally the East End Firewatcher.s. George says they mentioned at the lime that dance frocks were a nuisance. But they went rhjht out ( into the fire blitz anyway, each carrying a small twenty* pound bag of sand because sand puts out incendiary bombs Quicker than a stirrup pump or shovel. My Pal George says he lost track of the girls after a few minutes because those fire bombs were coming clown hot and heavy and everyone was working fast. Sometimes uiey would land in the middle of the .street and to them V.TIS no tri-jk. Other times, thouuh a lew would strike a warehouse and crash dcwn inside the building. That's when you would rush inside in a fast-moving effort to locate the incendiary before it set inflammable material afire. That's probably what happened to Eileen and ' Maggie, George .says. They rushed into a warehouse anci were trying to locate the incendiary when a high explosive struck the building. Nobody knew they were ed paper streamers had been strun* around the alcove, and by knotcm" seme stiff blue and red paper around three hurricane lamps they had managed to have suspended from the ceiling what looked like Japanese lanterns. A four- piece orchestra of violin, accordion, banjo and saxophone sat in one When My Pal George, Eileen and Maggie arrived, there was a pleas ant hum to the shelter. People were milling around, animated "by the event and greeting each other just as if they hadn't lived in that shelter every night for the past six months. Eileen and Maggie were very pretty in new frocks they had made themselves out of material purchased over a. period of days at several East End rummage sales. r * w First the orchestra played a Paul Jones, and everyone goi. to mixing it. Then it switched 10 a waltz anc' finally swung into Riding High. It was halfway through Riding High that, the wail of the air raid alarm sounded. But like every other night during recent weeks nobody paid any particular attention to the warning. Tiicy just continued s'.vinging around" the small iloor, having one swell time. First George would dance with Eileen nnd then he'd dance with Maugic. Then .Samuel Goldman, the shelter marshal, walked f;;st p -- uSt t i 10 dancers, looking worried. He told > My Pal Gcor-e Mint the inccnck- I ancs were coining down -So ! George started to leave. But Eileen j and Maggie were right there, loo \ —Because they were members of | when the raid finally ended and Eileen and Maggie failed to show up back at the dance, no one knew where to look. But George got, up a search party and they looked the rest of that night for some sign of the girls. They didn't find them that mght. of course. Not that night nor the next. But three days later, when some aid raid wardens were diggin^ through a 20-foot mound of broken concrete and twisted steel, they found Eileen and Maggie clasped ;n each other's amis. * * * That's why My pal Geonre says that-, when he bought spring flowers for Eileen anci Maggie this last time, it- 'was the hardest thing he ever had to do. Daffodils for Eileen, violets for Maggie. V THEATRE > ' - : j. .:) rr ::.J~»^ LUXORA Phone 42 Mat. Sat.-San. 2 and 4 I*. IV! Every Night 7 r. M. Always We - 20c TUESDAY PAL NIGHT SIDNEY TGLER the Wax Also Se.'cclcrl Shcrts | WEDNESDAY - THURSDAY ' Day In The Week! \ "filBSSf ; i 12E^Saw K*I*S with j Uremia Joyce. Ralph Bellamy GROCERY & .MARKET I Also Selected Shorts . Cliickasa\vh;i rhons 11H COTTON PLANTING SEED We have a limited supply of — STQNEVILLE 2 B -I DELINTED & TREATED STOHEVILLE 4 B — DELINTED & TREATED STONEVILLE AMBASSADOR — DELINTED & TREATED D & P L No. I1A — DELINTED & TREATED AH Are One Year From the Breeder Phone 273 Or Write Us'Today BLYTHEVILLE, ARK. your planting seed. Wilson Society—Personal Hold All Day An all d:iy meeting ior 1>; JJt-rs of the Woman's Societv of Christian Service wn s hdci ;j{ t) u . MeUioclist church Monday, wit'h 17 members'iu. Mrs.'John R Enoch.s was in churgo o! the program on "Faith." with MI*. Hex B. Wilke.s up.-nm;. u -Jih p!';ty,. T and ivadmg of ihe .sc-ripiure.' Mrs Berry Grain played instrumental umsit: on the organ while the members assoiblpil. A <Jriiu-j'ii; reading "E-spaiier PUun Tree" wa.s given by Mrs. Emvh.s followed by a book review "Dangerous Oppor- •tunity, Christian Mksion in ciiina loclay" by Earl H. Halloa, and discussi-d by Noi-mmi R. Hoiwon A picnic lunch was iiejd ;1 t noon on the church lawn. The afternoon si*r.'an consisted of lwo moving i^.r.rc films depictiny war torn China, showing hardships of tlu- natives lor:-ed to iu-e ,- rom thoh . honies. the pictures boin B -china'.s Will to Live," and -Stand bv China." llavt- Sunday Sclumi I'arly Mrs. w. F. Wilson and M«- s . Earl Wrij-ht were ho.sie.s.seii to meir.-wi or the Junior Sunday school c^ of the Baptist church with a picnic party on the lawn of Uu> country home of Mrs, j. K . Morgiul ftt Oolden Lake. Ginne.s of i)iim-ponjr were played followed by a ' picnic barbecue. * + * Mrs. J. S. Hartrh-h, Mrs, Gladvs MOI.L ami Mrs. C. L, Bird ijf t . early Tuesday for p ort Smlth where they will attend the state convention of the Woman's Society oi Christian Servk-o. Mr. and Mrs. Winston Hoover of Sikoston .spent the Ea.ster week end \vuli their parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Hoover and Mr. and Mrs. J. It. Clayton. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Trammel had las their Easier Sunday guests 1 i Mr. LI ml Mrs. J. R Hondas and jlamily of Tamo. Ark., Mr. und Mrs. A. W. Jone.s oi' Uyhalia, Miss., Mr. and Mrs. LincLsey Smith and daughters of Canuheraville, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph vick and son of Caruthersvllle. and Mr. and Mrs. CJarvin May and duuyhter.s of Stcele. Former Osceola Girl Making Good In Music • OSCEOLA, April 15 — Former c-las.smat(\s in Osceola recognised • i-over oi thus week's music i nfea/me the "Downbeat" as one w their number, known to radio audiences as Dale Kvuus, soloist and eriuposcr connected with the Columbia Broadcasting Company's Chicago .siall. Mixs Kvans. who in private life ^ Mrs, Frances Uun.s of Chicago, w tlie lonner I-'rances Smith of Osceola, daughter o! Mi. and Mrs. as Old at 62 GETS VIM. PEP, FEELS YOUNGER Hillmau Smith of"r!J^7who~7or^ inerly lived lu-re, and « niece of Mrs. L. U. Mas; - S ll!L 1>S .." 101 '" U ' r M<> »M>his radio ! sin«er but for .several seasons been singing over a Me, Mr. Laramie?" "p or My Own Good," and "Oh. For Heaven's '''"'• •>.''•• HI Kirl.y Ur,,s. 1),-,,^ sio : "" 1 ^ «'lh,.r ^i,,,| ,lru« MOI-..S. wx MKWflHF Tractors & Equipment Al.l, CUARANTEKI) DELTA Implements, inc. COME II AND SEE MODELS Yonr Dealer or WED. THUR. FRI. SAT. !: --'^ -JfeM 11 * ~~ $k ^iS-itf^ i- ^>Jiii^^^Mgp ;-'>^£&;^fefel pur 0 food or olhor items arc sold af low prices but not on ono cent sale plan. O/d fashioned flowers f*oir*ff»r Symbol What a saving I Two iong- weering water bottles for the price of one. Fufl 2 :*/ quart size. Bid value. ',v^ . ^\ $1.00 size */*-& | for PPQDUCT Purefesf dependable Aspirin. Quick, dependable relief for simple headaches and similar aches, pains, and discomfort of colds. Qr5> : \&\ 49c bottle of 100 VT'V i^-' ;< fe . PRODUCT A/iec/ford Papeteriu is a style leader in stationery. 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