The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 2, 1930 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 2, 1930
Page 3
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.THURSDAY, JANUARY 2, 1930 BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER-NEWS =© 1930 & NEA Service PAGE THREE CHAPTEIT I WflTH Shais, gradnR violence Juditt Cameron sllpicd a iTtsli sheet of park-r Into lier typo •vrlter. Her hcnd bent lower ami th« keys, like vicious iuu e |, arn mere, Ocean a mail dunce, lump IIIK hack and forth. Judith told herself she would i NOT look around. She knew exactly as well as H she hod been w<\lch:-is tha; the tour other jilrls employed In Mils particular office ol Hunter Hindi era' inibllslilim in,n«! were ciiw lercd Alxiiit Carla Morrison's <!nsV She had heard Cnrla's ii.nn sup i pressed whiter (|niipi, s p|y nu^icil to reach Judith's earn) "Oh. dnn'i | nntlicr Miss Hliz! Hhe w-iuldu'i ">e Interested!" Judith fully apprr-dnlcil i],e larcasm wlih whWi dicse glils >iad Inhcled lier "Miss Itltz." She went on with her typing. OlSgles. nnd A-hlspers came to ker. All of the.;,' ntli'er girii seemed to he siv-i l-'t-mii -|-|irv Qhatcrd almnt iinley nmi -IKIV friends" nnd the s>lmwa iher nnil Men. riiey gallieied freqnciiiiy- Ss tliey wt'rc m>\v —in exliildi ij c w purchases or stilt Imse. lln si irks hnnd bags nnd the rln/on and mil- other, (injcrla which New Voil;* army of yirl empluycs tiiicl Unie in buy durlns hurried Inneli Mumrs. Judith Cameron HniuRhr lhai nhe might have been welcomed by the oilier girls |,ac U no i been fm Cnrla .Morrisons scorn. Kile dldn'l honestly mean lo act snijeiior in She _ -JKf LAURA LOU BROOKMAN e *• Inf i.-Oltlfmlnid i-illll In I'.h v o n n K ivnsn't In.- iirosrcumi |i,iUI1:d,or, Iran | lulntliifi you nil Ilio eilin work, venlui'cd. if' 1 " ' - [liouglitfully hi iil 3 i 1 'Ivsk clinlr. studied ihe » hand. There wns BUCU f lieiwecn this lovely "•uuinu-21-Rliu really •i flrlrnny limber--mid -the IP.wilry lnc.iilliK| honso of iniaiUliiillitii. Sliansi'. ihe wny her aivuc.'uaiire (mil tllbrn lib fancy. 'l'wc'llty.(,iui! Artlnir li:ili;lit'ii faco suhered, He iinislied UIK- luiini backwavd ncnhisl bad Why don't you tell her where to KM off air" Judith waj resentful herself bul sbu couldn't Elunv it io Tim. "Oh —1 don't mind," uho »alil, Ililnldnn down In her heart wlint n tlaslml with oicltincnt. He I'/cn'l vcn lia\'c a her fellow workers, hadn't chosen ' n, answer Carl:, » questions nnd so she haiin'i nn swered tliem. That was ilio i, 0 BinnlDK oi her osirncunn. Nnw. after Iwo nnmllis iii Hie cmKnv of Hnnier Brothers. Judlib »•»".. etlll an nutsidei. "Hoy-Miss Caincrun 1 " "Ves, Tim." the frccl:le-fa,-cd office buy grlimcil down at ihe :;iii "Why ain't ynn i n ih e hen paiiy Hlas Cnr.iero',7' Juiilth smiled. "Luis nt wurk to do." "d'ce. Miss t.'iinioriiii! C!ee ynn know I ihlnk you've K a[ mifm pretty lialr." Bless Tim .Miillk-an's 1 l-yrnr-iilil heart! 1U wus H friend In m-eil it ever there' wu-; one. The" resent fur. Elfeluly sullen ex pression which nod cluuded .1111:1111 Cameron's face as she ixiiiiidcu liei typewrit.r keys >vas Buni!. Some thins happened to the dark lihie eyes us slio raised diem. maUns: them, oeein wistful. Tim. eldest ui Hie youlhfnl .Mulligans. walrl:cil her In Idolatry. "Thank you. Tii:i." ihe KM salil Tm Rlail you like it. Vim'll IK spoiling ine with your tliUlery. though." "Huh!—guess not!" The boy moved away. hnvo a Icolr at Judith. The lialr u;ioi: which ynun- Tim Mulligan feasted his eyes su ex _ tnviiKiinlly was ncltlnr chor.lnni Insi nnr i;olden. It was soiiic\vlK>ie In helwee.i the two shades, a Invct.v hidiiiK pliu-e lor EnnbcHlli.H wlilrh seemed |icr|-,i>tunlly entrapiied. It curled softly and ever so becomingly in v.-aves which wcro loose and n;:ve lier climicd head distlnc tlun. In a distressing dine \vlicu four out ot every five girls seemed lo be In ihe "grm'.'ing-nnt" stage between lini^ and short trcsies. Judith t'itinennfs neat hoii was a Klury l« bclinld. Wispy tendrils Innehlnt; her fore licad called atienlion In the doll «iie ova! nioldlns «f the girl's face The eyehnms were darl:. sweeping well- hnrknaril as though drawn with one s'.vilt sirnke. There wp3 ;i lalnt. uluv.-iim |ili;k ivliiri, railed I nnd then ranie linrk (inlehly in [Judith's rrii'cli!) It she were snr I p'rfEed.-ior. :i= she had hern m j L'^rla'3 rt'iunrk. .innnyed. Her Up-; ' were i-mal shiidcd and could lie either siveclly childlil;e or resent- fill. These details, while worth nol- IIIK. arc sllll nn! ih c key lo Jmliili (JijJin-run's personality. I'liin was lo IHI found-or nilicr j lo t;e buuslil fnr--ln n pair of blue ! i-VMi very lark in colnrfni;. triiigcil 1'X heavy lashes and slightly olongiueil in outline. Those eyes T^HE fact that Judith Cameron was by far the most atinu-ltve ol . Ihe llye stenographers . who worked together In the dike hn|. side Arthur Knight's nrlvaie iniiir ters In the bis publishing house may hare had something to rto with her follow employes' dlsap Proral. it may have hail a ^md deal io do with it. Arthur Knigln. eiecutive of the leitbook division of Hunter Brothers, was said tn ta»e shown favoritism toward the This also may have worked li her disfavor. These fuels al the iltuttlon. to •nderstanil fnllr ran do not explain miisl . were the arresting feature of the Eirl's. countenance. They looked at you. they measured you. and tney Kave hack not one suggestion o[ their owner's thoughts. Judith's Byes were enigmatic and so.v,-as Jwr ch.irarler. Tl.o eyes were very beautiful. They had atlraclcd Arthur Knighi from tho very moment hts glnnrc had lirat fallen upon his new employe. On a sudden whiin he had wanted io know more about the girt, 'night was not tho son of man io "carry stenographers pretty struck his fancy. l| c was. on the contrary Ihe sort of man whose private cor- rcspondoj-re and all -secretarial duties were performcc! by > feminine assistant well beyond •I in Miss • ' :• ; "I v.'llii Ilioae idil. ur.iiM-ii! i-j,-.i. Arthur Knliihl suniiiniKi il lily sciTClnry. Miss Tn[i|jer. notice we have a new };lrl In the outside off.ce. In she noing to make out all rlgliiv" "Why, yes. 1 think so. Mr. Knight. She's a licsinncr. recnm- ineiidcd highly, though, hy ihe Halilv.-iii school. J.r. Kdwnrils said. He hired her.- Has there hccn anything—7" "No. no! No criticism. Will you Ket rao her ofiicc record, tilease?" Kniliryn Tnpper hart elevated her lirows a hit as siiu went lor the desired card. Oild that Mr. [(night should In. 1 making gt;cli tn nulrlcs! Kntliryn Tnnper thought Hint she knew her employer's mind and his moods heller than anyone else in thu world. She had thoiiKhl that even two years ago before Mrs. Arthur Knight's sudden 111- lii'ss and . ^alh. Aged H7. snllof.sklnned nnd ton thin, with spectacies protecting ber weak eyes and imligeslion sharpening her disposition, still the elernal feminine in Miss Tupper made her watch over Arthur Kuighi'a well- being with hawk-like Jealousy. She was a confidential secretary. She attended to. personal letters and allowance checks to Knight's son and daughter, -both now helng submitted to expensive "educative 1 ' systems. Kach year Miss Tuppcr bought the larger portion of Arthur Knight's Christmas gifts—always all those for the employes. Each yoar s!io thought It n pity that he seemed so upon her lonely, so Judgment. dcpendcni then MUD-POPPIES HAVE POOR. KVES, BUT THEW SENSE OP TASTE IS ACUTE AND '"-.' 'SRAJ.I.V DISTRIBUTED IN THCIC SKIN/ Inoughl her thoughts up abruptly! There n-as no use. of course. Indulging In day dreaming. Miss Tnpper was quite, quite sure that Arthur Knight, cherishing the memory of Ms first wife "would never look at another woman." Something about Knlshfa In qulry concerning the new clrl the day he first saw her stirred up this hornet's .neat in Miss Tapper's mind. Nevertheless she went quickly and liroiiKlit him tlio desired card. H was just sucli n record as most large, commercial concerns, keep for handy Information about all their ciriiiloycs. from this card Arthur Knight Cleaned Information alwut his new employe wltli which lie had to content himself. Her riamo . wua Jiitllth Cameron. (He had not known even that much before.) She wns-burprislii!;!}-!— 24 years old. And she had been hired 10 days previously, nnd her salary was S22 u week. According lo the card. Judlib Cameron was "sin- t'le" mid her residence ivas-ln one of the Kasl Sixties. Knislit could visualize Hie sort ot roomla^ lionso tlnil address would be, and tils vlsiiallzjtlou wns accurate'.' It was an old brown stone frohl on onu ot the rislit streets but In one of.the wroiia hloeka. Distinct, ly a wrotiK block! The sort of dim and dismal Inny row of rooming places, til much alike, which crowd in between the side and span, elesiiiit hrlck edifices with own- Inscd ennances and Impeccable door men. As a matter of fart. Judlih sncrl- liccd almost one-hair of her monthly Income for Hie doubtful privilege .of cliiiihins In the tltth floor at her dlnsy rooming house >nd culling a din Illtle bach room tlier« here own. Knlsht didn't know.- ol courK, that Judith Cameron lived entirely nlone. Most, of the young women employed In Iho publishing house shnrc<l "furnished apartments" with ono or two other girls. It was the only-plan which made possible fur coals paid t or In weekly Installments, cheap llttlo copies of satin and velvet frocfa bought on Seventh avenue while the original gowns were still being exhibited Fifth, new hlsh-heelcd pumps every tlirce months, and oh. so many pairs of fragile'clilBon hoso. Ills I'.raycil temple. Klllgln bi-en 4S nn ills last blrdnlay. The , touch »l Sl:i y i,, His .inrk tinlr In erensdl in-, well-iallorcd. utblcile :jtiod liiuk-,. No ninllnco lilol. Ar- lt:ur Knlaiii i;eneially won leml nine niinu;,,;, (,„- | lls iiuinlsiiiiio Liiln anil K-I,.|. n-li-iully brown i-its ^ iMiiilliir Blanco ni the rani. Miss L'niiu'iun i.j.j>r i,,-,.,, emploieil bofnre. S!i t lia.1 tumu lo limner llrolhers ,H- ihc i-ecniiiiilciiil:iilon )f her liiisiiii-as trulnliiK sclmol nnil It mis me ur tin. best In (bo elly. llunlcr's mi ide rnilivr u siiccl.iliy •>( laklns ,,n Inexperienced work-: 5ra-|irinlillns llitir rci'iilninciuia '.Ions were biiitstucloiy-und irali, li"B diem in Hie bnsincM Old John Hunter lilmaclf hail esiabllsbcil the liulluy licrnnso 'a- salil It wua li.ird- Jr to rc-tmiii a man alter lie imd 'c.-irncil Miun B inoilia dinii It was to ic'.itli him in ih c n rst ^. Kc i\lso. nt course, hc^limei-s Inku low A vlsliin ol two slinded. narrow bine cytj rosi> beforo Arlhur ivnlalit. He inibhed an electric button on his desk and Buminoucil Miss Tnpiier. "1 nm yoliiK out for nn hour or Hvo. If Cmmiiiyinn, culls from lioslon nsl; Mr. 1-Taher to lulk to Mm. Oh. ity 11,,! way. licro Is Ihut renird uiril—" Tlieu us c.isiullj us |,c ,..-,„,(, ,, n[ j Iclt the nlllce tacli day, Arthur Kulglit tool; Ills imi and deparied. Ho did not walk lliro'.lL;li dn; oilier nlllce wJiej-c Judith mi<J i|, 0 ronr other slenoiiraiOers wciu I'onnd lux llutir lyiiewihcra. Certainly it:i>ru !IIK In Hint nminfii nruusc In Kuiluyi u dark, iibidlng ii-.stuinii'iii n-ninsi Judlih Caincrun. And Jiiii a's ccr- inlniy Unit is vvi:at had luiiipcncd Hlni-e Miss 'I miner. In mldltliiii lo her BcvuKnhil ilniles, suve'r- vised Hie live glil.i h, (|, c oillur uillce. this v.-as iinfuriuiiuto lor JudlHi, ''theie aie so many ways a wo man executive can malic'life n,U- cnihlc for n girl wliu woilis umlcr her tllreviiuii. Jmlidi. v.ho was nol iiuirk in triinwrlliiiig sliurllniinl or swill nt lynlii;;. luirl | 0 [lit brnni uf liils ni-Mlll. VJISS TUi'l'Kll would step Into die outer niiu-e at n luijnm-s after 11 and s;,y. "Ull. Mis;' Cam erou, .will you.copy Hieau pn t es Im me Uefore yon no out tn IUI:L-!I! It's a rnsli Job," Or tatrliuim li would be a mcicage to late in iuiae other uirite In Hie inilliliu^ with instriittiiins to "wnlt ( ur a icyiy." Since Jiulitb's iiiucli nn.-ii mis from ii::m uiidl u : ;',u n m i die afteinoous wlicdnle liar f^lio wns, "Well, you'd oiishl lo mind! (ice, sho picks on you all Hit llmo. IVrson would dilnk tlicen oilier ilames uro Just nronnd hero for Ecenery. Too hail Hicy couldn't liclii you n Illtle!" Tim's llllle i;rny eyes wer« dl- rtclcil In ulinrp reprool townrd (•nvia Morrison 1 !! desk. Carln. In- niiectliiR her lips In tho mirror ot a blncd c-nainulcd compact, fnvured him wlih a honoyed snillo and liuiiiiiicil nimehalaiitly: "1 can't i;lvi) yon nuytlilng hut love, llnby—" It win Hoinclhlii3, of course, to luivo even llllle Tim Mulllr.nii clininiiian lier cnune. Hut H illdn'i help out iiiucli. Jnillih for n mo inent coiiBldcreil tho pleasant prospect of tclllnt; Miss Tniincr "where to eel off nt." U WOULD he pk'nsanll Hut she wouldn't do It. Oh. no—no Indeed elio wouldn't. •ron'a desk 'ou llntcnl The reason Judlih Cameron jnnliln'i- object when over-work wns idled on lior shoulders »n> ono of Hie sci-rcrlca of her cxldtcnco which sho guarded so very, very closely. Nobody n'. Hunter llrotlicrs knew r.nythlni;, really, nbc-ut Judith Cnincron. It wa.-i Judith's r,rm intention Hint nobody there should ever learn any more limn they already knew, Sho would liavo been glad to clmnto Irlendly crccllnsn, Illtle Jokes nnd t.ianal plcusnnlrlcs with Iho oilier clrls, just n» >ho did with Tim, If only they Imd been willing. They weren't—and rando It plain enough. It hurt jnlto a lot lo bo left to herself so completely. It hurt bill more lo' Cnrln's sneers nnd Ihc sly. half-swallowed giggles of the oilier ulrls. Oirla was the leader In umytlilng which Imp IIMICI! In dial room. Stio wiin B darli. vivid creature tvlllioiil nt- Hactlvu rcniurcs hut nn nnlmnteil manner which atliaclcd Interest. Cnrln tnlki'd nbnul "susar dnildlcs" nnd was forever riaimllni; cheor Icwelry and nther Eltm. Khrc'wdly Judith Cnmeron BUI liectcd dial mosi of Iho Inlk wni fur crtect and dial dm bold, real less Carln wns nol nearly GO wlii! ua sho -pretended. HI.A had hecn nt ilunler'a now for three years. ,\ liing time. shu aald. and wltlioiit liMltailon she v-jliiiitrereri "the lowrtown" on "II the other olllco workers to tier coninniilons. .Tlioueh Judith was never Included In these e«eslp «es- sluns. slic heard most of them — which wus as Iho speakers In tcucied. . Tlie three oilier glrln were Adelaide Conmiy.-SiclJn U'llllnms anil .Milzl Kinft. Milii's name wasn't really MItzl. She hail uilnptcd It from n favored nclresa nnd all of Hie ullicrs Iliouglit It Vciiio." until, when .Iho .others were not about. "I'vo KOI ft llttlo Idea I'm „„.„„ to sprlnu (Ms nfternoon. Mayl« we'll learn toinctlilns; anyhow It'll oo fun. Wlinn I walk over to Cnm- tlils afternoon nil of All of them wcro listening wlih both earn when, near Ilio mlildlo of Ilio alleriioon, Curia deliberately Rrnsu from her donk, ivnlkuil ovor lownid a window on tlio nlila of Ilio room wliero Judllli K»I nnil alnrcd for a moment nt tho slrool below. Then slia liiincd nbont, tnw lliat Ihrcc pair of eyes wcro watch- IIIK her nnd moved hzlly toward Judllli. Her eyes ilropM and sho eald <inlelly, "Miss Cameion—" Judith looked tin. "Ve». Wlmt is lu" Waa Cnrla MorrUon's mockery or friendliness! "I saw yon lust iilglil." It hai>pcnci| so very o,,, lt ,,,, Euch of tho Klrla watching saw the cliniiEO nnil yet each doublet] her "Sure 1 ilol Only nobody knows mytliliiB. MI, S Tupiicr doosn'l 'i-ftujo I nskud lior. .Sny-wnli a nlnulo-l'vo itni n brlthl Ideal" Carln Morrison's dark tyta ngnln. Sniipcr. Brf time. The wliolu wpnrlsome routliia to do over again. Of course there were btlct tn UrvnU which urako Hie routine There wero trips lo a dingy west sldo nililross occasionally. 'I'he 1 .-* wna now and then a dinner wlih a foreign-looking young min who wore a mustnclie. 'i'!icr« wai nothing i;Ry, nothing bright nnd nothing scintillating In the dull monotony Into which thin girl wlih the Stninnrous eyes of mystery Imd per- wilted herself to be cnught. Now nnd then. Judith- Cameron wondered. Soincllrncj Elio sulked. Too tnurli of solitary monnlony will do llml. Twenty-four, alio lold her.-.elf. Is no ngo lo ho n poullng child. HHIl. nt 21, Judith Cameron cried tier- self to sleep on more Ihnn one night. Hod ulesa Tim Mulligan [or his (rlcndllnessl loillo own eyesight. Cnmeron, tho They . MW Judith imliied, the unao , , liroachnblo, go suddenly whllo nn marble, saw her tremble ns Ihonuh struck a blow, nnd clulch at her desk. "You eaw mo?" "Why, yes. I'm sure. It ivni you! Von wcro cttlns on n bus In front of Iho llhrnry, tlness you must hnvo been rcmllnx tosl nlnht." "Yea," Jndllh'u volco nnawcred huskily. "Yes: 1 did read liul nluht." A gulct cnmo over Iho room. Onlet which Insled nearly 1C in In ulw. ijntll Judith,' holdhiK a handkerchief to her fnco ns though nbonl Io iinceze. arose nnd U-tt ihc room. • Dimlne act In nt once! "Did yon ueo tlml?" cnspcd Ado- laido. "Did you SUB It! Wliy, ahe wni! whllo ns n sheet, iloi 1 thought lor u mlnuta alic was aoliiE to faint or soiiiolhln "Me too" chimed In MUil. "Oosh —1 via acnrcd. "I!ul, girls— " Cnrla held the llonr. "Ulrls. 1 didn't aco hcrl I only wanted io know wlint Bhc'i say Jo mo. Don 1 ' you sen Ihu lirovcn H? Don't yon know how Uiillly toiiEClencca act. Tlmt ,X*^" ' R4TCH Of .KEAPCW SffOOND Z FtHT ScSOARE AHO A3 DEEP AS A (VRO /WIGHT SCRATCH. ViEilVi'p IZS4 xl'l'MAL OBJECTS /JJ>.'> SJJi PIAHT C&JSCTS W AN IS\ifc£,7IGATlOM 8^ THE V 3 OEPT. Of^ A' Reports Gratifying Crov/th B. and L. Associations The steady growth of Building and Loan associnlions In th? United States is a gratifying inriicfUlon of the country's substantial financial condition, it is declared by W. :\f. Burns, secretary of the Blythc- ville Building' nnd Loan nsouclation, commenting uix>n the 1929 repor; of H. 1 F. Cellariu.5, secretary of tho United Stales League of Local Building and Ix>an associations . Investments of these associations have doubled since 1923, nccordlns Io Mr. Ccllarius' report, and now are estimated at approximately $3,- C06.000.000. Their total membership is about 12.000,000. While the growth of local build- Tiny Wafer, Thin As Paper. OUT COJIKS CALLOUS RESULTS GUARANTEED The newest In callous removers is a thin as paper wafer you press on the spot with fingers and it sticks there. No dangerous razor, burning acid or doughnut pads to add. pressure when shoes go on. P.itn storis immediately. Slip on . O-Joy Callous Wnfers never fail. Later yen peel ofl wafer and out comes callous clown to the healthy skin. 3 O-Joy Callous or 1,'A.i ~ Bunion Wafers druggists, for a quarter at Adv.—3, Army Pilots in Winter Test Flight ... , , tt '" s aiii-ailyjirwiuuntly nmilo overtures toward tilled with work, such tasks incam i Jndlth. She asked her ono nlghi tllat I|4T (<!>_•(•], lj||,y ^-JH C( J£ lit '~ '-' half and. ofli-n, that whr-a the m!i- ers filed out ot Hie ollicc at 6 o'clock: Judith Cameion vv^is still at her ilcsk. Tim .Mulli|qn was die ouly onr who symi'LitliitCil. Unce lie came over In Jmliibfc desk nticr .Mls» Tawnr liail dt-tiait- ed. Icavlnj; (n, s |, lasij^ allll ,j ( , llvercd himself: "Say. dim ol,l skirl's 5I >| a cruit jilnkc a fourtti on nn cipcdlllon to Coney Island, and win ofTcni'.ei! ivhon Judlih refused. After thai the minor! about Judllli Cameron's "dlxh lifit" wuj-3 innltliilled. "You know [here really Is sonic- tunny ubout that Elrl." Carla Moirlson contlded to her vie <J.iy In His wash ia5>n -wouldn't I like to sc aril disli III" "Uo you really su&rcct~7 frlcndd . "Cosh Hie din Stella . t bor.icthlini'ui.'h'jr chest, bdlove me! 1 'PlIK real ot Hint il»y Juillth Cum erun wna H Irllle paler tlu,:, usunl and ahe wtu nlisotutely sllenl Silence- \VHB ono of Iho girl's dls tlncllrc qimllllct. Il la true thai llicro were cerialn facts abnul »filch elio hn-J m.iflo 'up tier rnlml nol lo apeak nnd which no ono— not even Arlhnr Kuight himself— could htivo draKBCd from her. • Jndllli knew the precec't of. [ho French philosopher: ."Speech wns Invented for th« concealment ol IhoiiKht." She nnpruved ot It. Two narsons knuw Iho irno stnrj of Judith Cnmorou'a prlvntc Illc. There wns. slie nasurc'd herself, nol the slightest likelihood that chliei would ever reach tile offleo of Hunt- For two months now she hat rieen leading this dreary cxlHlenco Us at 7 lo make toast, dress anil calch tho 8 o'clock subway. Hot Huffy, npuseatlrg rhhs. nnd then Iho cool air and tramp to Hunter ^Hiding. Ten tltght! ted tuto her olllco chair by S:Su. Work, work, work until 6 o'clock In tbo afternoon. Home f \EJiTE~~*~ — ft ae.^,. B ^H / V,-,,- niLE5 crl? —8S252LJ ,'--../ / ~'~~1' 1 Major Ralph Royce, right, commander of the First Pursuit Group at SelfrldEO Field, Midi., has been chosen to lend a score of army pilots In a test flight along a 3500-mllo "battle front" extending from Detroit lo Spokane nnd return. Winter flying conditions amid zero weather nnd radio communication will he studied, constant communlcalioa being maintained -with -Washington. The. P.P .bow. the principal cities at ,-nich ro*t indicating the solng and return route*, ing and loan associations was checked somewhat In 1929 by the diversion of funds by investors to the stock market, Mr. Ccllarius predicts that the crash In the stock market, with Is trail of losses will rm-e a salutary, effect upon building and loan associations In the coming year. Bonus May Be Denied Tennessee Lawmakers NASHVILLE. Jan. 2.—W)—Counsellor Jamc.s B. Newman ruled today that the $100 bonus to each member of the legislature for the extra session was "uncomtUmio"- nl and void." He Issued n preTJ mtnary injunction against Its payment. To Hold Chanukuh Program ot the Tem l' 1 o Israel Thursday evening. 8 o'clock with Richard Jledcl nctlng ns rahbl. All members of the congregation and friends are invited' to attend this lUUlTHwas fcelliiB rather-"up' ' In spirits ono November after- loon when Miss Tupiier oiicncd Ilio loor of. tliu Inrco ofllco nnil vninu >vcr lo Iho girl's desk. "llarn!" diouulu Judltli |» hor lolf. "More nliilit work." It might hnvo been beltur II It and hccn. Instead, looking like tlie avenging nnscl herself, Miss Unih •yn Tup|:cr imused loiit FiiutiKli lo ronmrk: "Mr. Knlfihi would like lo see you, Miss Cnincron." "Mr. Kntgbt-r "Veil. That's what I snld. Ai onco, in his office." Nino out ot 111 Klciiosinnliora uunimoncd wllhout warning before their olllco lupcrlor would bare itoleu at least a second or iwn lo pop open the mirror of n 'pmvi.'er container nnil Jab BUrreptllluiisly at noso nnd chlu. Judlih didn't. Sho nrose.-cnrrylng hor shoiiVlerd very utrnlgbt and her chl:- very high. Slio mnveil iinlchly nnd Srncefully iownril tlio door ol KnMil's oOk-c. A gcntlo rap. "Von. Come In!" Sho heard him culling from Ihc Inaldo ct tho roui.-, opened ilio door and stepped across Hie linos- hold. U wns the ilrst tlnn.' Inal olio had ever tuiored Arthur Knight's study. That wns what tho room really npficnred to he. »> conifnrtnlily nii'il ordstlcnllj wua It li|T«|ih«g.,TI;ere vens n thfcfc. ilark cnrpet 'hii Hie dark slnlned rtoor. Wells, luili \vnlU6colcd with walnut, wove llneil with volumes, nnd more" »erc '-"ickerl aliovo. Over near die v. In dow. (ho nflcrnoon lluht Btieni-iiiiK acmes nla slionlders, snt Anliir Knight boi'yre n desk. - He looked u;i. . • "Oh —Hlsi Can.-rnn. .Wnn'f you liavo 'a cliair here?" ' ' He Indicated with 'n wnvl'ril lib hnnd tljo-one* whlcJi was iiriiii'^t , lo him. Juiilth silently cum c | ur ward and look ibe clmlr. ' I'lii-n. having settled herself, the riim eyes met Ills, ivnllcd Intcnltv "Yon wanted to sco mo?"'Juiilth iked iiulelly. ' . "\Vhy. yta. Yea!'" • . . • Tlicro wcro traces of rosc:'ilo colrr rising In Arlhur Knight s cheeks. He looked away Iroin i|ie girl, clasped his hands together mi his desk and ttieu looked uai'h 11 her again. "Yes. 1 vantcd to seo yo'n," he said slowly. "I wnnlcd to usk j< n. Miss Cnincron. If you would d<> u • the uou'or ol tilling dinntr vitu me." (To Ilo at Temple Israel Tonight The Chanukuh program, post- , poned from Christmas, will be held special service. Read Courier News Want Ads. f ^ve This fizzle Find the Different Bag Hero I* »n of-rcTlmiltj to r:n lh# mat ml rtrhai rrJte TOO ITFT itwi^ril of ire IS t*c» M rCi i*.-'.nrii| hiye rnxt- t Lhf 18 ruh tdr^t* ir to v l »f will fcwirJ if, tn. Ot-.t tl c* ra»r te ja . or icune UhtT fciturft. IVxl the UV» tho -Mm. Mcrk *a ",Y~ noli K la v ciHet. IV*: ,Su"~jr . prtftrl . WE ARK GIVING AWAY 13,10000—216 HUDSON, Coach oil. fto »r» all mki tti*. cr.» if. «G75.<X> l-JTIJi tn loH, I . lorpftopta n. ETITT prlr* c aptJy. fra wUI let T>,fT» U natMrf lo intact, i-xl «»! bi in*--. _.. . -- -. ro*t hon TM rnirt tiro lie :• __. . mi u-.U 14 ird nitU irilh yfv nt&e ind .-«. 1'Jck <Ut It If Joo wbl MT5.00 IPtClll mill tn TliU Is TM m «»IL *NtWF*lf"utCK C "'" 1 »iU rlTj J1575.00 tf\ r.-Ll PAW- J iOFRE, B<itn!ll. Co., 700 E D<Pl a39S ">« Wo!.,., It,,.

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