The North Carolinian from Raleigh, North Carolina on December 21, 1905 · Page 2
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The North Carolinian from Raleigh, North Carolina · Page 2

Raleigh, North Carolina
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 21, 1905
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THE NORTH CAROLINI AX. THURSDAY, DECEMBER 21, 105. 1 . - : : - ,M - i egama i 1 1 1 1 i - , . , a .. , , , - ' nil - NO LEGISL ATION 1 LITTLE 01 MARKED THE DAY: ONE SpLID SORE Every Speaker Hit the Key Federal Control. DEBATE OVER JANITOR Covered With Scales and Scabs From Head to Foot Doctors and All Other Remedies Fail Skin Now Smooth and Clear." The Labor of the House Fails to Bring Forth Even a Mouse. The Senate Accepts the Report on the Canal Emergency Bill. . (By te Associated Press.) Washington, D. C, Dec. 19. The House today continued debating, under the guise of referring the message of the President to committees, topics of interest, local or national. The subject of the Federal control of insurance was the main feature, and nearly ail speakers began their remarks with reTerence to it. The day was passed without legislation and ended with an amusing ue-oate on the question of appointing a janitor at $50 a month to the reception room on the minority side of trie chamber. The minority refused the offer of the majority in this matter and with their aid the janitor was rejected. Mr. Brantley (Ga.). took the oath as a member after which Mr. Richardson (Ala), discussed quarantine regulations. As a result "of th yellow fever, epidemic in the South during the past season, Mr. Jtichardson said, a great ciamor for Federal control of quarantine was now being made. While io man was more anxious to banish that dread disease than himself, he would rather fight yellow fever for ages to come than sacrifice one of the fundamental principles of his State in its domestic and local control. He saw no violation of State rights in Federal quarantine to prevent disease from foreign countries or from one State to another. Commenting on the President's message. Mr. Watkins (La.), said: "The President has shown that he possesses the convictions of a. Bryan; the firmness of an Andrew' Jackson: the popularity of a Witte. and the patriotism of th Japanese." ' Mr. Watkins was making his first speech in the House and said it was the function of a "kid" to "butt in." Mr. Watkins took .-the position that there could well be a supervisory control in quarantine, insurance and many other matters with benefit and without interference of. State risrhts. Mr. Johnson (S. C), comended the present discussion on insurance. "It shows that the American people are still honest, and it shows the contempt and disgust that honest men feel toward the disclosures of corruption which have been made." Mr. Macon (Ark.), was interrupted in a speech on insurance in order j that the conference report qn the cana! appropriation bill might be considered. Mr. Williams, the minority leader, objected to action on the report until tomorrow as he did not wish the precedents in such matters to be : mi uivcii. i no yj ujnv nun v..ii i iiir: port over a day. The House adjourned until tomor-row. ANOTHER WONDERFUL CURE BY CUTICURA LIES, SHE CRIES I am "worth more than f.lrs; -.5 a of Her Case. Writing tinder date of Sept. 7, 1904, Mrs. Mattie Shaffer, of Cumberland, Miss., say?: 41 Some time ago I ordered land received your wonderful Cuticura Remedies, which I used on my little afflicted babe with wonderful results. I had tried many other remedies without any benefit whatever, and Cuticura came to the rescue when my doctors and all other remedies had failed. One doctor pronounced it scrofula, the other eczema. The little one was one solid sore, with scales and scabs from head to foot, when I started using Cuticura Soap and Ointment. The result was wonderful, and now my baby's face and body are smooth and dear." (Signed) Mrs. Mattie Shaffer. to a of h 1 in skirrn DukV YorkX 1 THE DUTY QF MOTHERS At the First Sign of Disfiguring Humors Is to Use Cuticura. Every child born into the "world with an inherited tendency to torturing, disfiguring humors of the Skin and Scalp, becomes an object of the most tender solicitude, not only because of its suffering, but because of the dreadful fear that the disfiguration is to be lifelong and mar its future happiness and jprosperity. Hence it becomes the duty of mothers of such afflicted children to acquaint themselves with the best, the purest, and most effective treatment available, viz.: the Cuticura Treatment, consisting of warm baths with Cuticura Soap, and gentle anointings with Cuticura Ointment, the great Skin Cure. Cures made iu childhood arc speedy, permanent, and economical. Cuticura Soap, Ointment, end Piiia, Ere aoki thryaghotr the world, fuiter lruiz Chf-nt. Corp Bottun, Vrop. tttf"Sud"for "How to Cure UUSxariug. Humor. legislation shall originate in the House of Representatives. The House message was referred to the Committee on Finance with instructions to report upon the Senate prerogatives on the question involved. Several minor bills were passed during the day. The Senate adjourned until tomorrow. the supply of. the post-offices of Comfort and Richlands, over J4G0.00 per A BOMB 1 MIXOR BILKS PASSED. An Office Used for Employing Non Union Men Wrecked. Lit tie More Done in the Senate Than in the House. (By the Associated Press.) "Washington, D. C, Dec. 19. The Senate today accepted the report of the Committee on the Panama Canal Emergency Appropriation bill and thus so far as it was concerned, finally disposed of that measure- The acceptance of the report was, preceded by a brief discussion of the restoration of the bond provision to the appropriation bill and of the action of the House in resenting the Senate's action in separating those two questions. Speeches were made by Messrs. Aid-rich, Spooner and Teller, all expressing the opinion that the Senate had not contravened the ' constitutional provision requiring that all revenue was the As- 6 THE REAL QUESTION. The real question of disease is "Can I be cured?" If you or anyone dear to you is losing strength, flesh, energy and vitality, if you are wise you will not spend time trying to figure out just what name to call the disease by. It is almost impossible to draw the line where debility ana weaicness merge into consumption. Your trouble may not be consumption to-day, but you don't know what IVmay become to- . r - morrow. Hundreds of people have been restored to robust health by Dr. Pierce's m a r volous "Golden Medical Discovery" after reputable physi-cians had pronounced them consumptive yonc hope. -Were they In Nobody can ever knor. The Important point Is thai they wen UHv,.ij itt um mis matCh less "Discovery " restored and saved them. -ill TO able to do hardly any Trork at all." says Mrs. Jennie DinsrAan. of Vanburen Kalkaska Co.. Mich., in a most InSStfaJ lf?T r ?lerce; ri had pain in m? l "ft side and back, and ha1 hH.,-K-T -Ti vL- tfma T . --wV (By the Associated Press.) New York, Doc. 19. A bomb hurled tonight through one of front windows of the Allied Iron sociation at No. 7, East Fourteenth street. It landed in a room used for telephone purposes and, exploding, wrecked the place. Several employers were in adjoining rooms but were only stunned hy the explosion. Fourteenth street was crowded at th time with thousands of persons making their way to their homes on the East Side and to Brooklyn by way of the New Williamsburg bridge. For a time the crowd was threatened with panic, . but the arrival of police reserves soon straightened matters out. Only fragments of the missile could be picked up in the wrecked room, and no one could be found who saw the person who had thrown it. The Allied Iron Association was formed recently when the Construc-tural Iron Workers declared a strike against the contracting firm of Post & McCord. Its offices have been used as a bureau for the employment of non-union men to take the places of the strikers. " 1 Tells a Representative of the New York American :That the-Suit . is a Result of Women's Lies. ; z ' (New York American.) Mrs. James D. Duke last night gave a reporter of The American the. first interview which has been given oy her ny one since the commencement er husband's" suit, for divorce. t the conclusion or a day in court Newark, where the preliminary ish in the suit was fought, Mrs. telephoned to her home in New to have her carriage in waiting for hpr at the ferry, and it was dur ing tile trip to the city that she talked with - the reporter for the The American. Mrs. Duke said: "I have been reticent before this simply because I thought I would not be believed if I told my side of this trouble which has come between my husband and myself. No one. has had c-ausf to know bettor than I the disadvantage under. which one labors in any difficulty with a wealthy man. "I can trace all my troubles to two persons. They are "'Mag'gie Smith and her sister, Mary, one a housekeeper, the other his cashier. It is the jealousy of these two women which has brought all th.s on me. They have poisoned my husband's mind against me, until he is now ready .to "believe anything if it la detrimental enough to me. T:Ies of ..Jealous Women. "They have both been In my husbands employ for a long time about eleven years, I believe and both thought that, the younger one would eventually marry Mr. Duke. ' When he married me they were anything but pleaded, and almost immediately they began to tell things about me which were calculated to turn my husband's love from. me. 1 have suffered many indignities from people employed to obtain evidence agirnst me. One of my most faithful attendants was actually kidnapped and persuaded to tell IhingA about mo which are untrue. Mr. Duke had of my servants under his control but thij.-one. 1 believed her too faithful to be corrupted, but even she was not invu!nerable to the temptation of much mone; It took them several days to bribe her. though, and. bad they not kept her forcibly away from me, I do not. believe she woui'd now be ore of their witnesses. Another servant t!d her one nierht that .her brother was outside and that he j wanted to see h 2 r on the street corner". ne went out, expecting to see mm. but inst.-ao. Mr. Duke met her on the corner and took her to the home of hi lawyer. "1 would not have married Mr. Duke if I had known that he would make me suffer as he has. I do not believe he would now if his mind was not poisoned against me. He was a suitor ' of mine for several years before I consented to become his wife. He was most - devoted in his attentions, ari3 vowed that ho would make me happy"i "As for Mr. Huntoon. whom my husband names in his suit, he is old enough to be my father, and I have never in my life thought of him as other than an old friend of the family. He has been known to me and all my family for many years, and has always.. been only a good friend. Had a Chaperon in Saratoga. "It is claimed that I was in Saratoga in the company of Mr. Huntoon. That is an absolute falsehood, for while I may have seen Mr. Huntoon a ! "Yea millions." . . Duke swore his home was at DuK - Park.! New Jersey. . A vwimm-oounu copy of the by-laws or tno .wnran .. - j Tobacco Company, giving air. wunes ' 'residence as New Jersey, and dozens . f A-of deeds recording thesame fact, were IJIIkP StatGmentTfcn: In evidence. UUIVG 5 y iaUIIICII' MJ e Mrs MeCready the money to buy the houses in West 'lignty-sixth street and West ; .Sixty-eighth street." said Duke, "and I llved-in the Litter house wJien I was in New York, hut r npver'' regarded either of the house a my homo. I never voted in New York." , . . - "If yoxi regarded New Jersey a your home, why didn't you take vour wife there r .. "1 wanted "her to go. bui she would not leave New York." The witness who caused the greatest laughter was Mrs. Emma Sledge, who testified that she had done the washing atOo. 11 West Sixty-eighth street for the Jasl three years. "During that time did you do Mr. Duke's washing?" aske.i Mr. Park er. Mrs. Duke's laryer. Yes, sir," retried the witness. "When did ycu . stop washes "When ho came back from Europe, i In-the midst of the sensation, caused by -this statement", the witness wan turned- over to Mr. C!ark for, cross-examination. "Do you mean to say that you continued to wash Mr, Duke's clothes every week while he was in Europe?" he asked. - The witness looked confused but stuck to her story amidst the laughter of the court. "What wits it that you washed while Mr. Duke was in Europe?" . "His pajamas." Denie-i Kidnapping. Nellie Sands, the maid whom the defence declares Duke kianapped from the West Sixty-eighth street house, denied- that. the4. had been thrust into 1 A DOUBLE CRI Mrs. Dora Suggs As sau Ited and M u rdered . The Section Aroused; (Bv the Associated Press.) Miami; Fla.. Dec. 19. Mrs. - Dora Suggs was assaulted and murdered near -here yesterday afternoon about five o'clock. She had been in Miami shopping, and her nephew accompanied her part of the way home. Mr. Suggs was -alarmed' by the team .returning home without his wife. ' A search in which the whole neighborhood joined, resulted in finding her mutilated body. The ground around it showed signs of a severe and protracted struggle. Irving Pottery who lives near where the body was found, raw a man following- her wagon as she drove by. but supposed it was Mr. Suggs. Rev. Jas. Bolton also saw her and soon after heard her as he thought at the time singing, but now thinks calling tor help. One hundied and fifty armed men are searching the woods and feeling is at a fever heat. HAVE YOU NEURASTHENIA? Commonly Known itaiLsuoii, liOst V 11 - V.i-,. itatii .. '. t. If Yon Have Any (,, u,. uiS Only an Rtperi 1, ... x . "' 0 Yoi.r Ilealil, 1,3 i:ik it SS Jlntliaway of Atlanta Consult Him Frc Sncces GATES HEADS THE CTOMPAXY. Tenneee Coal and Iron Controlled Now hi' the l'cpubllf jiron ;uut Steel Comijany. ! ; "- i fnl Plan of ' ir , 2R. HATHAWay 1ECOGNI2ED AS THE OLDEST , AKO MOST ftELUDLE sJ4r New York, Dec. 19. Important changes in the oianization of the-Tennessee Coal and Iron Company j were made at a meeting of the direc- j tors here todav and John W. Gates! a rab and carried a wav bv force from now heads the executive committee. the home of her former employer. j In Wall street it was said that the I "5 Margaret and Mary Smith who are I -.n-To,v iB now ont-oUed by the J employed as housekeeper and cashier Republic Iron- and Steel Company. . on the Duke farm were arso witnesses j At Itoday's meeting the following; Mary told how she was treated as one j di. ctova ..i tae ieunes.see Coal ana j Of the family, drank wine with her Iron Company were elected: employed as nou.-eKeeper and cashier ; E. C. Guthrie, L. C. Hanna, E- W. shares of utock for Christmas present?. I Oglesbay, Grant B. Schley, S. G. Coop- j Margaret said she had paid $60,000'"- Trsi w Gats, J. P"rwnd and for the furnishings of the hou?e. sign- Oakleigh- Thome. - The old directors tot mo xeni lessee Coat ana iron com pany who remain 0:1 the "board are: j 1 f. "op vlii oonHnus as ehi- man of the board of directors, and F. S. Witherbee, L. T. Bercher and S. I j ischooiiiiiaKer. The executive committee -is now composed of John W. Gates, C. Guthrie. G. li- Schiey. 1. C. Hanna. E. W- Oglesby. D. H. Bacon and S. I.. One of the most t-., is 'Neurasthenia, or .. ..ji., .Nervous Prostratl ty. Ncrvo-Vital Db:!i:.; are thousands f .;. and don't know it an., eJ by doctors f..r ;ci ing all the checks herself. Mrs. Duke was called to the stand and sworn but Iier examination . was delayed because her counsel said it would take half a day to take her testimony. Court was then adjourned until Thursday. One thing was left unexplained at the end of the day. During the examination of Mrs. Duke a letter was in- . .1 1 1 r w .-. a!! troduced and identified by the wit- 1 Sehoo.M maker. ness. gan to examine .Mr. Landabury, manded to see lawver be- him in regard to it Duke's counsel, de- 1 .Smith. th? letter, and aft J The retiring directors are: K. 1 Eborne P. J. Tracey. C. Meyer. J 1 J. Andrew Smith, II. I Iclloy, A. B. Boardman, Co!. William Harbour and Jas. T. Woodward. Messrs. Gates. Guthrie, Hanna and Schley are also directors of the Republic Iron and Steel Company- j The directors declared the regular Chancellor Pitne-. putting it into his quarterly dividends ot J per eem on, pocket. Great secrecy was observed ' e common stock and 2 per cent on regarding this letter, and no clew to, the preferred. J its contents could be discovered. , j After the meeting Mr. Guthrie, w ho j ThrniKThnnt iiiA d'iv tr Dukp sn t i is chairman of the board of directors j withlrr ten feet of her husband, but reading it ho exclaimed: "Your Honor. 1 can see no decency in bringing this letter into the case. "I'll take it. read it and see whether it should be introduced," said Vice- he did not once look at hr, eyes constantly rought hi? pealing manntr. though h ci-in an ap- RE FOR RIOTS British and American Warships Send Marines Ashore at Shanghai. of the Republic Iron and Steel Com- iy v, Y, 1 . v. - -i : tiou. which "The. new interests entering the oard of the Tennessee Coal and Iron ! Prtmnnnv d rr in nVicoliito fnntrnl nf the property. We have bought control of the corporation with the object of developing it and bringing the property up to its highest deerree of efficiency. It is expected that, money will be spent for extension and improvements. As to a merger of Tennessee Coal and Iron with the Republic Iron and Steel Company that is a question for the future." few times, it was always in the presence of a. woman who was my chaperon there, but who I now believe is not the tnend" she once pretended 1 v.... TO THE SUPREME COURT. Tlie Case of the Rawlings to be Taken ' to Highest Tribunal - - ' . 4 L- ntf. -m -tf '-m CFCfOwl (By the .Associated Press.) Atlanta, Ga., Dec. 19. Governor Terrell and Attorney General Hart yesterday acknowledged service of citations, which, will carry . the cases of J. G. Rawlings and his three sons to the Supreme court of the United States. J. G. Rawlings. and his two sons. Milton and Jesse are under sentence to be hanged next month for the murder of the Carter children at Vai-dosta . last June, while the third son, Leonard, has already begun the service of a life term for complicity in the same crime. The action will delay the execution of sentence until the case can be heard bv the Supreme court and Leonard will be returned to the iail at Valdosta pending the same decision The appeal to the highest court of the land is to be made on a constitutional question, involving the make up of the juries which tried the prisoners and found them guilty Mr. Bealc Jones Dead. rae- -Last spring I had a bad coujrfa; I TOtso bad I had to be in hvi it tw Yz &o 'Mr hllShanrl thnnirhf T t TT- .rTl i uou LvusumPMOn.. .1. a, uu,i mail d LI U 1 if irtKnPUw'lmAI-toldWl-- twenty-three years of age died here me! Wth?we woSfJ tnSf hel? and the funeral will be held on Wed. iffiSSff DlSSoJSSi neSday f Sf-' W3TS a son ?i Mr' William taken one bottle the couh was sfonrod and Jones- of Place, and his death -was I haje had no more of it returning. Your caused by meningitis. (Special to News and Observer.) Fuquay Springs, Dec. 19. Today Mr. Beale Jones, a vounsr man ahnnt; to b. Mie was with me durins the entire time I was in Saratoga, and also with me many of the times I am said to have -dined alone 'with Mr. Huntoon in New York. If she were put on the -witness stand she would be compelled to. say that she was with me. "From things I have heard. I know which are more than detrimental to me. The latest which has come to me ' is a story to the effects that they believe I would not fight the suit if a settlement of a million was made on me. That is positively diabolical in its untruthfulness. . If this sum should be freely offered me I woui'd not' re ceive it under any consideration what- ever. I wculd not take a. million dol- ; lars from Mr. Duke and I would not j take 'one cent. I will most certainly , tight the case, for there is more at stake in it than that- On its "winning-depends my good name. "No matter what Mr. Duke says to the contrary, 1 do not want or need his money. I am wealthy in my own right, and was before I married him, "I feel much hurt that Mr. Duke should allow servants tales to turn him against me for I am very fond of him and always have been. I am anxious, however, that this trial shall be over as soon as possible, for I heartily dislike the notoriety." (By the Associated Press.) Shanghai, Dec. 19.- Armed, guards and patrols are maintained here to cope with a possible renewal of the disturbances. The streets are filled wfith rowdies. The shops are open looting is greatly feared. The tnt disease Wcacsv :n -proeeds it are of i I; and -baflUng liaiv;-.'. Neurasthed;. experiesic' ! hy :t;i,-...-iiian, mental Miiiu. v nutrition liom lej,i deep and too, it it gard 01 nature s the.nio is nervous unstrung; unable -m . ry; memory very l.a l. 110 ie:.y or anibi;;,,-. out; can't ccnrHitiai-' il.. v e-ik and debilitate, .c their vry life i.s . and it ;s. If you have any of do not make th. mist . ing yrur doctor. f.r ,,, specialist can und'i-.-:a;i, condition and how ii t! ( ess fully. i.'a II o r. w : ; 1 - ton "Hathaway, of Atlanta sjiecialist has given thh' cial studj- for a qua-iej is rer.ogniz'(j as tb- m - -;a!ist "South. Hv- is i i and an honest, rd:al!.- ; who;ti tlie utmst foim !- placed tn give you the ,, io be had and with'. i : He has just issued a mg essxry on .Nerve .tm j:- he wi.'l s'-n ; person writing him. Ib-other diseases of 'men an ! thninie nature, sin-ii a Rladd-r disease, StrirtMi'. Specific Hlood Poison In Matl Chase. Millions rush in and chase after eat good food, and keep their bowels regular with Dr. King's New Life Pills, their troubles would all pass away. - Prompt relief and quick cure for liver and stomach trouble, 25c at all druggists, guaranteed. eases of the Jiejirt. 1J ; ach. Urinary I Jisoi l.-r women and rther rr-vat-diseases. His method ; ment is ierfect. which ,. home the services--rf ;-., liable specialist. His : largest in the. South is an honeest, upright rnai. should have no -hcsii.ii in writ ng. He will giv, pert opinion of your ens-, advise you and send you little book on your Ii- . 1 charge, gate you dress is eRmember. this to take treatn. !):. '! : DI.' HATHA WAV A. States cruiser Baltimore will force today, and the British Diadem is sending r00 men United land a cruiser ashore. The German gunboat Tiger has arrived here and. several Japanese warships are coming. . A . CHURCH OF ALL C HEEDS. St. Louis Plf'sician 10 Erect a Building of Unique Cluiracter. wil? was A Note of Merriment. The keynote of merriment struck in the Jas. B. Duke divorce case before Vice-Chancellor Pitney in Newark yesterday. From the preliminaries it was evident that the trial , will be one of the . most sensational and hilarious that has ever come before a New Jersey court. The Vice-Chancel lor jested with counsel and the. lawyers" spirit after death. were m a Droad erin from start tn finish- Mrs. Duke, handsome and glowing in health and spirits, dimpled with smiles or laughed audibly throughout the trial, and the witnesses who were banked deep behind the principals (Special to the Baltimore Sun.) St. Louis, Dec. ,19 The most unique 'church in Christendom is to be built in South St. Louis by Dr. August Schmidtr a German physician, who has come to the conclusion that all church denominations are equally good and all creeds equally correct, and that there should be a church in. every city where people of every denomina tion may go and worship the one God. In Dr. ; Schmidt's church, which he build and equip with his own money, there -will be no. sermon, no choir, no -ceremony,: collection plate or fixed service. A set of chimes and a pipe - organ operated by electricity will furnish constant music of a kind calculated to uplift men and turn their thoughts toward things .spiritual. Dr. Schmidt believes that the churches err in confining their efforts too strictly to the worship of God. which he holds is a negative form of worship after all. He holds that the main duty of a Christian is to fight the devil, and he maintains that the devil is within everybody and that the man who spends all of his days in wickedness will himself be absorbed into and become a part of the evil He has no faith in Mr. , J ones was a young man of much promise, of hiarh medicine is the best I have taken. Write to Dr. R. V. Pierce. TTft will eJunA you good, fatherly, professional advfee and the chief dependence of the family . a, ptaiu seaiea envelope, absolutely free. His nearly 40 years experience as ui .nswJUnfiflPbjsicIaii-of' the Invalids' Hotel, at Buffalo, N. Y. has made liim an expert in chronic diseases. . Constipation causes and aggravates many serious diseases. It is thorouirhlv cured by Dr. Pierce's Pleasant PellotfL cuuowuns 01 lamer . motner, rour sisters and three brothers, and his untimely death will be greatly deplored. All that love could do to alleviate suf-v fering was done for the young man and he received the best of medical attention from Drs. Sexton, and Judd. but it was impossible to save him and yesterday he passed away a literal hell and does not believe the Bible to be entirely inspired by God. although he accepts it as a basis of faith. In. his opinion the devil himself is responsible for parts of the BiblA which he thi tittered and guffawed, itnrv tn the nnrte insrirwl hw nA The only person who did no- laiitrhi That the devil exercifu.5 a. hvnnnflo innuence over the souls of men and that many crimes and sins are com mitted when under this influence another one of his tenets. was me Dig ruddy complainant, the millionaire head of the American Tn. jbacco Company, who has named Cap tain r ran xiuntoon, or the Old Guard, in his stilt. . The legal battle yesterday was not the trial of the divorce suit proper, but to determine if Duke is a resident of New Jersey, where he' has brought me action. uuKe tlld not smile during the day save when he asKed how much he was worth. T have not taken an Invent nrv IS once was n Torture ot a Preacher. The storv of the torture of Rev. 6. D. Mocre, pastor of the Baptsit church, )f Harpersville, N. Y., will interest you. ' He says: "I suffered agonies; be cause or a persistent eousrh rAsiinin from the grip. I had to sleep sitting . C IltfU aieiessiy. up in Deu. i tried many remedies. v,. .nui muie umn ten mil-$ wnnouL relief, until I took Dd i.uu uojiars; persisted Mrs. Duke's. New Discovers for lawyer. King's ConsumDtion. Couehs and Coltls . Worth More Than $10,000,000. myl cough, and saved me from con-There was a storm , of obiectinn siimntlon." A -m-x . , " . A v i. T5c.ocrj. iiuiii- counsel; out. tne vice, conditions of Throat and u - i aarnutea-tne question, and .Jill druggists: price uuae siiiiieu ana replied: - 'guaranteed. Lungs. At 50c. and J1.00. Trial bottle free. 5?r TV in Sun Cured Tobacco aroma and taste is guaranteed by R; J. Reynolds Tobacco Company only un der this tag: (a i lii) Learn the Gcnuino Sun Cured Flavor Cut out this advertisement and send, together with If stamp, to R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Co.,Winston-Salem, N.C., and they will mail free a 5ft sample of this tobacco. ' c Writs your namo and addrema plainly 15 Cures Cholera InfafJiBfc Diarrhoea. Dystnttr)'. -''" " Bowel Trouble, of CWi" ol - . f m f iff: MAKES nn!at tht Bowels, a1 ens inc viuiu cV Costs Only Sc at Df nggfsts, or maD 25c to C J. MOFFETT, !I. St if Mother! Hesitate no longer, but save the health and rj' ZSy-' i2?J Z VJl Hum uunu9 ujr giving n&9 r-- .n comes the effects of the summer's heat upon teething cbiw

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