Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on January 10, 1898 · Page 7
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 7

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, January 10, 1898
Page 7
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MAGICALLY EFFECTIVE TREATMENT FOR WEAK MEN OF AIL AGES rnirirnina ERIE MEDICA «-» ST. - ., BUFFALO. N.Y. Arrangements have been perfected for a line of Semi-weekly Pullman Vestibuled, Double Drawing Koom, and Sleeping Cars between St. Louis arid Lo sAngeles, Oal., running through -n ithout change. These cars will leave St. Louis every Wednesday and Saturdaj night at 9 :00 p. m., arriving at Los Angles, Saturdays and Tuesdays at 5:50 p. m. A Buffet Smoking Car and Dinning Car are attached to this train at K ;insas City, running through to Pacific Coast without change. Only three day ;i from Logansport to Los Angeles, via this line. For berth reservations etc.,ci.ll on or address WASASHR.R, Logansport, lud. Do Ion Low If so, secure one of tbe latest and prettiest Two-'steps of tt o day. by mulling Ten Cents (silver or stamps) to cover mailing and postage, to the undersigned for n, copy of the BIG FOUR TWO-STEP (Mark envelope "Tuo Step.) We are giving this music, ivhlch Is regular flfty-cont shft.'t music, at this exceedingly low rate, for tho purpose of advertising, nnd test- Ing the valu" of thedlfforeni papers an advertising mediums. E. O. McCnrmick, Passenger Traffic Manager, "Big Four Koute." Cinclu natl, O. Mention this paper when you write. Trains Bun by Central Tte.e A» roitowsi • Pnlir. t Vtlij, MO»I>* 8j CHICAGO DIVISION DAILY. Leave for Chicago's :05 a m; 'C: UO a m :*1:H> p m •2:00 pm; »4:30pm. Arrive from Chicago'12:80 u m;*i2:80pm;*l:00 p ra; *1:40 p m: *8:16 p m. BRADFORD AND COLUMB06. Leave for Bradford *1:10 a :n; -17 -40 a ni; *1:45 pKX-t4:SOpm. Arrive from Bradford *2:45am; «0:20 a «l:20pm; t4:15pm. MTNKR DIVISION. Letvo fprEffner t8:15 a m; <9:0« a m- f2:OS p m 5pm Sunday only. Arrive from Bffner"7:8B am; tl2:50pm:12:45 p m: 8:30 a m Sunday only. RICHMOND AHD OIUCBNNATI. Le»Ye for Richmond «2:55 i,m: t5:30 a m; «1:05 pm; t2:20p m. Arrive from Hlohmond •S:!»am: f.U:OOam »l:50pm;«0:50pui. ISDIANAPOLia AMD lOUISVIIiUI. LMTO for Louisville 12:451, m: »l:10pm. Arrive from U>ui» vlUe «2:4( i a m; *1:5S p m. J. A. MOCUUOIIQH, Agent, Logaosport, Ind. NO. LO6AN8POBT BAST »OU*D, 3 KasWrn Express flatly S.'SS a in « Mall aud Express dally >:4K a o 4 Atlantic Express daily - 4:1S p m It Sort Wayne .Aooo ExSvinday.... o:32 p m 74 Local Freight Ex Sunday 1:18 p m WTOT BOtmo. 3 Western Express daily - 10:24 P — I Fast Mall Daily, S:1S p ra 7 Mall and Express dully 2:40 p m 5 Pacific Express rtaily - U 'SS a m 11 Oecatur AcooEi-Suodar — 7:si a m 75 Local Freight Ex-Sunday - 7:35 a m xsi, Bivia Drvuiox, w«s*«n>», OJIT<Y*«S meat BOUBD. Ho-»&.... Arrives - t^SU a. n Ho.87 AI-HVA. 5:30 p. n «AJ)T BOUND Ho. to Leave*. _ 1:06 a. n Ko.M -Loavea 11:45 p, HOW IT Sl'REiDSl. People are Talking alll Oiter Logansport. This Report Comes from Ottowa St, Tan't keep a (rood thins: down. Ever know bow good tfcingB a.re imitated. Itetter the article, liniuirorrr. fo -tukaiely the public has a saie guide. Praise Cin't he Imitated. And true praise takea root, and Cl im feme tMag. proof a'other •Cliitn is what the manufacturer says. Pioof ie what tbe people aaj*. fovaosDort people say Do.n s Kidney Hills cu;re sick kidneys. Cure all kidnfi.r lib. Hundreds of citizens testily to ibis. Hero is a case in point- Mrs L.McDonou h, of <::-> 0 town St..says: vly confidence in Doun's I ills after using hem WHS so great that I rr commended tliem o riy friends, gome ot wbom ure pr'.ntinj.' by • experience. 1 suffered from kidney complaint alt of tnree years. I bad all of thesym- oms common to it and my back sometimes mined me so I could not move, at least if I Id there wus sharp, severe pains in my kid- eys. 1 suffered greatly from headache and uirt frequent attacks of dizziness and other istresfiloi.' symtoms of kidney aisorder. Too e'ltediee 1 u?e'd had litile lusting effect, but I m very tbankfulthat attest I was induced to ct Doin's Kidneys Pills from Keesling's drug tore It required only JL few doeee to eon•Inoe me that they were superior to anything had used before. In f.ct the first box va^e mo more relief than all tHe otber a edicines 1 had ever taken. That is why 1 have been ecommendlng them to my frionds aud 1 shall ontinue to do so as they deserve all possible iralse." Doan's Kidney Pills arc for fale by all dealers, price 50c per box. Sent by mail on eculpt of price by Koster-Milburn Co.,Buffalo. f. y., sole agents for tho 0. S. Remember ihe name Doan'e and take no ither. VANDAL!A Time Table, In effect Dec 5.1SS7. Leave lx>jtansport, Indiana. KOR TBS NORTH No. 6 — — —.10:85 a. m No.8 - — S:;i;> p. m FOR THE SOOTH. j?o. 21 - .7:05 a. m NO. S _....i:lSp. m For complete Time Card, giving all trains and fSationii, and fo:- full Information as to rate*, through oars, etc., address i. Q. IDQJU'ORTH. ap-ont, Logangport, or B 4. FORD. Genoral Passenger Airent, ^t. Lords. Mo. EL & W. Time Table, Peru. Ind. Boll* trains between Peortt. and Sanduaky and Indianapolli and Michigan. Direct oon oeotKmi to tmd from ill! points in the United ItatM and Canada. BOtJTH BOU»I> DXPABX Mo 21 Indianapolis Kip dally 7:10 a m U:»amNoiS '" Mail * KxpOl:88 a m (daJ'j exospt Sunday) No Z IndpV8 Kip ex Sun--. 3 35 p m «:ie p M No » Passenger exeept Sun No VU,Rooho«ter local arrive .-45pm «xoept Sunday. MOKTg BOUND. • MNoMMichtamnCityiJillT',- 4:5»p - -iKo« Detroit Bip Bz Bum No ISO AOOOM exoept Bun... 1^5 am Ra« , went, .. oca J. Daily, . MBMpQliB l^A. L. ». * TWO KINDS OF CLUBS. Concluded from 2d Pajre FOR LITTLE FOLKS. A BUSINESS BOY. How » Chicago lad Eistabli*Ued and Carries on a Bread Koute. Robert Stuart is a, Hyde Park bov. Last summer he very ranch wanted to earn some Money of his own. He thought of all the schemes that he ever bad heard of, and then he started an entirely new one. He went to Air. O'ilar- row, who had jusr. opened a bakery in Fifty-fifth street, and said that if he yuuiiK mim smuai u<= ^^,<~. -, was supplied with a horse and wagon he tests cry them, try them! Oh, leave the I thought he could get np a profitable biin until yon hear key in the door after midnight But his physical constitution is not quite so strong as yours, and tbe liquor be drinks is mons terrifically drugged than that •which you drink, and so he -will catch up with you en tbe road to death, though you got such a long start of him, and so you will both go to hell together. The revolving Drummoud light in froutof a hotel, iu front of a locomotive, may flash this way aud flash that upon the"mountains, upoi) the ravines, upon the city, but 1 take the lamp of God's eternal truth, and 1 flash it upon all the clubhouses of these cities, so that no man shall be deceived. By these nights, would you, if yon had known she was going away so soon? Dear me, yonr house has never buen the same place since. Your wife has never brightened np. She has not got over it; she never will get over it. How long the evenings are, with no one to put to bed and no ono to tell 1h« beautiful Bible itory. Wluir. :; pity it is that youciiunot spend more cvi nines ;it IKMIU in tryins j :o help her lioar lliiit .<( rnnv ! You c::u never drown that, ••riei 1 in the wine cup. Vou can nci-i-v break »way from the lit;le arms that r.scd to bo flung around yonr neck when the used to say, "Pupa, do stay home tonight—do stay lioine tonight." You will nevi.T bu ulilu 1" \vipe away from your lips the dying kiss of yonr little girl. The fascination of a dissipating clubhouse is so great that sometimes a man bas turned his back ou. his home when liis child was dying of scarlet fever. Ho went away. Before he got back at midnight the eyes had bcfin closed, the undertaker had done his work, and the wife, worn out with three weeks' watching, lay unconscious in the next room. Then there is a rattling of tbe night key in the door, and the returned father romcs up stairs and sees the empty cradle and the window up. He says, 'What is the matter?" In God's judgment day he will find out what was the matter. Oh, man astray, God help you! The influence which some of the clubhouses are exerting is tho more to bede plored because it takes down the very best men. The admission fee sifts out the penurious and leaves only the best fellows. They are frank, they are generous, they are whole souled, they are talented. Oh, I begrudge the devil such a prize! After awhile the frank look will go out of the face, and the features" will be haggard, and when talking to you, instead of looking you in the eye, they •will look down, and every morning the mother will kindly ask, "My son, what kept you out so late last night?" and he will make uo answer, or he will say, "That's ray business." Then some time be will come to the store or the bank cross and befogged, and he will neglect some duty, and after awhile be will lose his place, and then, with nothing to do, he will come down at 10 o'clock in the morning to curse the servant because the breakfast is cold. The lad who was a clerk iu the cellar has got to be chief clerk in the great commercial establishment, the young man who ran errands for tho bank has got to be cashier, thousands of the young men who were at the foot of the ladder have got to the top of the ladder, but here goes tho victim of the dissipating clubhouse with stag-germs step and bloodshot eye and mud bespattered hat set sidewiseon a shock of greasy hair, his cravat dashed with cigar ashes. Look at him, pure hearted younj.: man, look at him! The clubhouse did that. I know oua such who went thf whole round aud, turned out of tho highor clubhouses, went into the lower dubhonses aud oa down until one night ho leaped out of a third story window to end his wretchedness. Let me s:iy to fathers who are becoming dissipated, your sous will follow you. Vou thiuk your son does not know. He knows all about it. 1 have heard mem who say. "I am profane, but never iu the presence of my children." Yocr children know you swear. I have heard men say, "I drink, but never in the presence of my children." Yonr chil dreu know you drink. I describe now what occurs in hundreds of households in this country. The tea hour has arrived. The family are seated at the tea table. Btifore the rest of the family arise from the table th« father shoves back his chair, says he has an engagement, lights a cigar,'goes oat, comes back, after midnight, and that is the history of 865 nights of the year. Does any man want to stultify himself by saying that that is healthy, that that is right, that that is honorable? Would your wife have married you with such prospects? Time will pass on, and the son \viU be 16 or 17 years of age, and you -will be at the tea table, and he will shove back and have an engagement, and he will light his cigar, and he -will go out and TOU -wffi. bear disputing influences of the clubrooin, if tho influences of your clubroom are dissipating. Paid your money, have you? Better sacrifice that than your soul. Good fellows, are they? Under that process they will not remain such, ilolluisca may "be found 200 fathoms down beneath" the Norwegian seas, Siberian stag get fat on the stunted growth of Altaian peaks,hedysarium grows amid the desolation of Sahara, tufts of osier and birch grow on the hot lips of volcanic Sneehattan, but a pure heart and an honest life thrive in a dissipating clubhouse—never. The way to conquer a wild beast is to keep your eye on him, but the way for you to conquer your temptations, my friend, is to turn yonr back on them and fly for your life. Oh, my heart aches! I see men struggling against evil habits, and they want help. 1 bare knelt beside them, and 1 have heard them cry for help, and then we have risen, and he has put one hand on my right shoulder and the other band on my left shoulder and looked into my face with an infinity of earnestness which the judgment day will have no power to make me forget as ho has crie'd out with his lips scorched in ruin, ;' God help me!" For such there is no 'help except in the Lord God Almighty. I am goSug to make a very stout rope. Yon know that sometimes a ropemaker will take very small threads and wind them together until after awhile they become ship cable. And I am going to take some very small, delicate threads r.nd wind them together until they make a very stout rope. I will take all tliii memories of the marriage day, a bread of laughter, a thread of light, 'a thread of music, a thread of bauquet- .ng, a thread of congratulation, and I twist them together, and I have one strand. Then I take a thread of the jour of the first advent in your house, a thread of the darkness that preceded, and a thread of the light that followed, and a thread of the beautiful scarf that little child used to wear when she jounded out at eventide to greet you, and then a thread of the beautiful dress in which you laid her away for the resurrection, and then I twist all these threads together, and I havo another strand. Then I take a thread of the scarlet robe of a suffering Christ, and a thread of the white raiment of your loved ones before the throne, and a jtring- of the harp cherubic, and a string of tho harp seraphic, and I twist them all together, aud I have a third strand. 'Oh, " you say, "either strand is strong enough to hold fast a world!" No. I will take these strands, and I will twist them together, and one end of that rope I will fasten, not to the communion table, for it shall be removed—not to the pillar of the organ, for that will crumble in the ages—but I wind it round and round the cross of a sympathizing Christ, and having fastened one end of the rope to the cross I throw- the other end to you. Lay hold of it! Pull for your life! Pull for heaven! YOUTH AND STRENGTH. Joseph Kohen In the Wonder of Athlete" aud Doctors. Joseph Kohen is only 20 years old, but Is already a rival of Sandow. His adiiiir ers believe that he is destined to be tho strongest man in the world. He has sustained a weight on his chest and knees of a piano weighing 1,150 pounds and nine men. a total weight of 2,140 pounds. Ju appearance he is liko a girl. In height he is about 5 feet 9 inches, and, while he is not fleshy, he tips the scales at 203 pounds. Although not nearly fully developed, Kohen has performed every feat of strength ever done by Sundow and many others besides at which Sandow failed. Kohen isa!.-n attracting the. attention of physi cians, having proved by careful training that tfrcat strength is in the reach of the weakest. Vntil two years ngo Kohen was a student iu a western Pennsylvania col- routa" of cnstomers. Mr. 0'Marrow was a little doubtful of Robert's ability, but ho said that bo would give Robert a commission on all the customers he _ conlt! get. So Robert started out and F mado a thorough canvass of the neigh- C C LD DUST WASHING POWDER boriiood, and he soon found nearly 80 families that agreed to take Mr. 0'Mar- row's goods if they were delivered promptly. Robert got up every morning at 5 o'clock and, mounted on his wheel, he -;vould take a big basket of bread and buns and deliver them to his customers. The basket was firmly fastened to the handle bar of his machine. He was BO prompt and pleasant that his customers increased to 50, and then he could not carry all of the bread in a basket. So he bought a little iron wagon and fitted a large basket inside of it. This he tied behind his wheel. Almost any morning those who get up early enough may sea him spinning along the streets of "Hyde Park with the bread wagon rattling along behind him. In this way F.obert, although ho is ouly 13 years old, has worked up a good business. He is making money, and Mr. O'Marrow never would think of parting with his services. Why the DIIJJ'S Nose Is Cold. What makes the dog's noso always cold? I'll try to tell you, curls of fold. If yoii will good and quiet lie, And come and stand by mamma's knee. Well, yoi.rs and years and years ago— How aiaisy I don't really know- There on me a rain on sea and shore. Its liku vas never seen before Or since. It fell unceasing down Till all tlie world l)cj;an to drowu. But just before it 'snn to pour An old, old man—his name was Xoah— Built Mini an ;>rk that lie might save His fam'ly from a wat'ry grave. And in it he also designed To shelter two of every kind Of beast. Well, dear, when it was done And hea ry clouds obscured the sun Noah's folks to it quickly ran, And then the animals began To gravcily inarch along in pairs. The leopards, tigers, wolves and bears, The deer, the hippopotamuses, The rabbits, squirrels, elks, walruses, The camels, goats, cits and donkeys. The tall giraffes, the beavers, monkeys, The rats, the big rhinorceroses. The dromedaries and the horses, The sheop and mice, the kangaroos, Hyenas, elephants, koodoos And hundreds more—'twould take all day, My dear, so many names to say— And at the very, very end Of the procession, by his friend And master, faithful dog was seen. The livelong time he'd helping been To drive the crowd of creatures in. And novr, with, loud exultant bark. He gayly sprung aboard the ark. Alas, so crowded was the space He could not in it find a place. So, patiently he turned about- Stood h£:lf way in and half way out. And those eztremely heavy showers Descended through nine hundred hours And mo:,-e, and. darling, at their close, Most frozen was his honest nose, And neuer could it lose again The dampness of that dreadful rain. And that is what, my c-ttrU of gold. Hade all the doggies noses cold. —B. M. LUicuhi in Xev,- York Tiibune. Largest package—greatest economy. Made only by THE N. K. FAiRBANK COMPANY, Chicago. St-Loais. .New York. Boston. PhiUdel^.a. STABLE FLOOR DRAINAGE. Iron Gutters \Vhich Carry the Liquids Away as Fast as Thi-y Fall. In reply to the request of a reader for a plan for good stahle drainage the Ohio Farmer illustrates aud describes a method commended by F. W, Bach in bis book "How to Judge a Horse." Fig. 1 in the first cut represents a stall 5 feet wide anci 9^ feet long. D D L L D B Wales O The Prince of Wales will not take part in any yacht racing next season, and ho has released Captain Garter, his skipper. Captain Carter is one of the bas'j yachting sailors iu England, and among other yachts hi; has sailed the Lancer, Gondola. Sayonara, Thalia, Britannia and the Ga- nesta when that yacht raced for the America's cup HRJiinst tho Puritan. Captain Carter has been engaged by Chai^PSiind- say Orr-E\ving to sail Ws now schooner yacht which is now being built by the Hendersons ut Glasgow from designs by George L. Vi'ntson. B»l>l>it Shooting. Lancaster county in Pennsylvania has a claimant for the honor of being the champion rabbit shooter in the person of ona Henry Brooks, who, it is asserted, recently killed OS in a day and a half. He i8 said to have placed 20 more to his credi* on last Wednesday, making his total for the season more than 300. FLOOR WITH n;o>: GUTTERS. 0 C C are three planks in front, laid crosswise of the stall. These are 14 inches wide making 3j-£ feet. B B are two planks ou each side of the stall, each 16 inches wide and 6 feet long. Between these planks are the drain gutters and lath, D being the drain and L the laths. These laths are 2 inches thick, 3>< inches wide aud 6 feet long. They are rabbeted out underneath three-sixtceaths of an inch, so that the iron drains or gutters just fit under them. They are rabbeted up from the bottom \}\ inches. The method of fixing the drains and laths is shown in the end view, second cut, Fig. 2, L being the lath, with gutter between. The laths are fastened down by long screws, the heads well sunk in. They can be removed easily, if desired, to renew the lath or make any repairs. The iron drain or gutter is shown in Fig. 3. G in Fig. \ is the rear gutter into which the liquids flow to be carried off. This gutter can be made of cement. The iroa drains are I JOSEPH KOKKS. . HK parents live in Alleglhany. After being graduated from college Kohen began the study of medicine and: became interested in muscular development. Before that dine he had never even been ath- tetic. 60 interested in muscles did be be- •ome that he began experimenting on klmsslf by ezercising a few muscles in hl» mrms and le^s, closely -watching result*. As tb* exercising continued he began to iteTelop, and as a final test pat himself through s regtilai course of physical culture, and from a thin weakling he got co be a boy of -wonderfnl physical d«Tdop- «eoi \rltiiiia a few months. _ Bow a Nc^sboy Helped. Thi3 other day a blind man came down Madison street walking with his cane thrust out before him and tapping the walk from time to time to see that he was not running into anything. At La Salle street tbe crowd was dense and the cable cars and street traffic were clanging noisily by. For a moment the blind mail stood there undecided, not knowing which way to turn. The throng parted and left him like an island in a swift stream without offering to help him. On tbe corner a newsboy was calling the afternoon papers. He caught a glimpse of the old man and ran up, took his arm aad steered him safely across the street. Here he started him on his way again. Then he ran back to his flace. "N'oos?" he shouted, as if it was the most ordmary thing in the world to help blinci men across the street.—Chicago Beccrd. PIIM Spoiled »n Election. A cat was recently locked in a ballot box on a Tuesday night and was not set free until the nest afternoon. Pussy •was asleep in the ballot box when tbe ballots were dropped in, and she was coon snowed under by them, and the box ^wafi sjaled. On Wednesday the cat's mewing ^ras heard, and it was found that she \ras in the box. The jndge of •lection declared it would be illegal to open lihe box, but the cat made such a noise that ccansel'vvas consulted, and jraaty w»ii liberated. She had torn tbe ballots in W shreds in her frantic efforts Hints In flflvertixinj. Have the goods to advertise. Tell your story plainly in the newspaper that the people read", and in language they will easily understand, and among others prserve the following Advertising Points: Frofi.ta.ble advertising results from good goods being offered well, &ive yonr rival's advertising attention, but give your rival no advertising. Advertising prestige is hard to win, but not hard to lose. It is easiest sustained. The add should be so plain that it \vill be understood by a reader of little understanding. Your advertising should be complete in itself. To secure the best results, use the DAILY and WEEKLY PHAE.OS. with its large circulation in both city and county. FiG-3 EKD VIEW. LATHS AND DRA1X. inches high, an inch wide inside, abont one-eight inch thick and 6 feet long, closed at the front or head end and open at the other. The laths and gutters project over the gutter G an inch or more. The incline of the floor from manger to gutter should not be over three inches. The Marsden Procciw. The Mariiden process consists in saving tbe wa:;te of dry cornstalks. They are ground. The cellulose or pith is then separated, leaving a residuum of ground meal. The ratio in bulk is about one part of meal to one of cellulose. The ratio in weight is said to be seven parts or more of meal to one of cellulose. This dry meal has been fed to live stock for a long period at- the Maryland experiment station. It proves to be equsil to if not better than the best of hay in tbe production of meat and milk in combination with other food to miike it complete—that is to say, used in the same manner as hay is used as a p;irt of a ration. The cellulose will have a vast number of uses. The most conspicuous use will be in nhe construction of naval vessels. For this purpose it is compressed to 63^ pounds to the cubic foot, in which" condition it will absorb 20 times its volume of water. For naval purposes it is made into large blocks, each of which is placed in a cell in the steel tall of the ship, notably at the bow and stern, and between decks so aa to protect the deck over the vital point« of the ship, the center of the vessel being protected with steel plates. Snch a ressel has great power of flotation. The center of gravity is altered so that the gun deck has very much greater stability in action. It is claimed that snch » tmiiak»bl«.—Coantry G«a- SHADOWED The girl who stands on tf» bridge was charged with murdering her ancle. The man in the background is a. detectiv*. He thought she did. The evidence pointed strongly toward her lover. To save him sh»- confessed. But she didn't do the shooting. This is only on» of a thousand thrilling i dents in A Conflict of Evidence -•- -j v»:S By Kodrignes Ottofet^tdt * most absorbi:cg<Jetoctiv« jtnfj Wo biive never o€ered a raur» (exciting' narrative to omr rnM en. The first chapters -wfll be found in tb.es* cohuaa* in * few day*.

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