The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 12, 1939 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, December 12, 1939
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT Nmucnanc'b ™, ».,MT.,.,,„.„„, - 1 " • ™ (^«X VOI/UiUR XXXVI—NO. 22G. Blythevllle Courier Blytheville Herald JTHE_DOMmAKT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEABT ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MI8SOU1U BIytheyllte Dally News Nazi Exports, Imports Dwindling Fast; Italy Pushes "Aspirations" LONDON, Dee. 12. (UP) —Searches of neutral ships under the new blockade against German exports show that Germany's overseas export trade, like its import trade, lias almost stopped, it was reported today. Despite protests of neutrals, In addition to the angry complaints of Germany, the admiralty is en- H:i'clng the export, blockade with vigor. The first ships searched for goods of German origin were reported to have carried only small quantities. This was an indication to British authorities- that German demands that neutrals resist the expert blockade, had not been noticeably successful. Some goods of German origin already have been handed over to which replaced "the' old a British prize court. But the rela- of Deputies, meets tomon™"'^ HOME, Dec. 12. (UP)— Italy must have a free passage from the Mediterranean to insure its independence iiiul colonies in which its increasing population may live, and Premier Hcnilo Mussolini has sufficient Force (o impose his rights, Yirginio Gayda, editor regarded as a mouthpiece lor the foreign office, said today in a national radio speech. It was .not known whether the speech marked (he opening >-f a new campaign for fulfillment, largely at France's expense, of Itc.!"'s broad program of "aspirations " ' Additional interest attached to the speech, however, because the Fascist Chamber of Corp) rations u. n .ter HLYTHRVILLM, AHKANSAS, TUKSIMV, DECBMBRK 12, Manila Resident Accused Of Embezzling School Land Rcnl Funds Trial cf Alex Baker, former member of the Manila .school district board, who Is charged with em- be?/,lcment in connection with rcnlliiE of school lands, was underway this aflcruoon after having starled Ihls morning In n special session of circuit court which opened tcday. The regular jury panel was exhausted nnd four venlremen were called but only (m c was used lo make Ihe jury of 12. J. W. Field, M. P. Brownlec Jr., Will Ray, A. M*. Brltlaln. M. Pltz- slmmons. Bill Lawshe, Lee Uear- Icn, C. S. Bagged, S. F. Powell, M. Aycock and Carrol BlaV.e- Information, Please goes. Because Britain's power (o close the Med- of neutral protests, I iterranean, at Gibraltar and the TJ^JI i - . * ' -•'•" i "in-nii, t\'j i_iiij] i| inj- IlJl/l II f*'VL 0 S^ 1 ?.^ u " d . sl ?'l«.stopped ^:re her independ, so far have been cleared with much more speed than have ships searched ft:r contraband goods on the way to Germany. This has been possible partly because it is easy to •emcnt and there- independence, he said. "It is necessary for Italy lo have free passage outside the Mediterranean," he continued. "It is necessary .for Italy (o have freedom of detect goods of German origin 'but I b life and work such as is possessed l«r,. £« ? , r -, mim OI1gln bul b l' Dthcr erenl powers wrr, defend hard to detect goods which might! these necessities at the cost o ^,? "!' 'I* to _ Germany indi- bloody wars." redly thn:ugh a neutral country. Signs nf success of the export blockade were calculated to harden British cpinion against interest in any possible peace feelers. There seemed a tendency to believe that rumors of n German peace move tlw:ugh Italy might have a foundation In fact. The return to Rome of Hans • Gcor von Mackensen, German ambassador to Italy, and a visit to Paris by Andre Francois-P,:ncet, French ambassador at Rome, were connected by some British newspapers with a ireace move. Rumors were heard here that Germany might try to rally some neutral nations to a new "peace front" which wfuld prepare the ground lor Definite peace proposals.- IT was reported that Count Gal- cazzi Ciano, Italian foreign minister, might make an I mportant speech Thursday at a meeting of the Italian Chamber of Fascist Corporatlins, successor to the old Chamber of Deputeis, and Interest was shown in the possibility that he might mention peace. Well informed circles here saw no possibility, however, tliat Britain and -France would accept or even .}:nsider 'any peace terms which Germany might conceivably make at this time. They arc putting increased emphasis on the necessity for victory and the elimination of Nazi expansionism as a threat to Europe. Wants Barnes To Appear As Witness; Latter Is Seriously 111 W. s. "Pete" Barnes will not be tried at Ibis term of circuit court \:n a charge of assault .with' Intent to klli'in connection with the critical injuring-, of c. A. Cunningham attorney. It had not been deter- j C»,^ \r- -. c -, mined at two o'clock if hfe brother- " Ir «US VlSltS Site in-law, M. c. "Bud" Robinson will Ol Hn.,c^ ind Norman F. Moore, special juror, made the 12th member. The matter invclves (lie renting of school lands which Mr. Btikcr had charge of for certain school districts. He was Indicted on dvo charges of embezzlement March 28, 1339, following a check-up ma'Je after other members of the Sfnnila district refused to accept his statement of rents collected for 1037. Ono Indictment In the case being heard today charged him with embezzlement of $985.55 for collection of rents on land in which these districts shared: Manila No. 15; Shady Grove, No. 3D; Milligan No. 8; Blackwaler, No. 53: Rocky, No. 54. In another indictment, he is charged with embezzlement of $827.39 In reuls from lands !n| which these districts shared: Manila, No. 15; L-iixora, No, 2; Shady Grove, No. 30; Dell, No. 23; Brinkley, No. 52; Blaekwater, No. 53. Mr. Baker, who had charge of renting these lands in 1935, lD3(i and 1937, is alleged to have collected the rents but did not make a complete return of the money "n 1Q37. Judge G. E. Keck, of this city, Is presiding at the court term. • Claude P. Cooper is attorney for Mr. Baker while Bnice Ivy, district prosecutor and his assistant, H. G. Parllow represent the stale. _ SINGLE COPIES FIVE a German prisoner of war (center Staking Of ! 00-Mile Roulo Begins Aflcr Project Approval By R,-/\ A second project of rural rlrc- (rlncullon In Mississippi comitv wns sliirted yesterday which when compiled will make a total of :ilB mill's of electric wiics slninc hroiiifh eveiy p,,n O f the county to make electric current available for 2(100'prospective customers Sinking of iniolher 100 miles of u's was bctnm after approval of n cMisli'uellon project by Iho llu- ral Ktcclriflnillon Administration which made $50,000 available lor the Job. The llrst unit of 375 f, t j-,n houses was commoted n week u 8 g with I if I'lictiilztiiB of 1.15 into and Uic remaining 10 miles of '225 cus- ' "i' c IwhiB enci-Rl/cd dally or*,l T " ^I-'IULTJ UDDeal' 1 ! rC'll- 111 """D ^"Vih"'<.u -I - » ofncer ,,1,3 l ± will, questions somewise Und W^ ^^ the Mhgliiot line. County Gins 195,889 Bales Prior To Dec. 1 There were 195,880 bales of cotton, counting round as half bales, ginned from u, e 1939 crop in Mississippi county prior lo Dec. 1, compared to 179,911 bales of the 1038 crop ginned to Ihe same date Insl, year, Chester c. Daneltcwer, of Luxora, government cotton censiu bureau representative, announced today. Claim Former Employe Admits Cafe Burglary Dick Roberts' cafe was burglarized and $18 stolen last night by Floyd Walker, -18-year-old negro, former employe of the cafe, who 1ms confessed, it was announced today by officers. Entrance was made into the building through a west window In the rear. The money, all in nickels, was wrapped and placed under the counter where it was a custom to keep the change over night. The negro, charged with burglary and grand larceny, is in the county jail awaiting n preliminary hearing. Trained Horse Proves Worth TUCSON, Ariz. (UP) — When a stable caught fire in which six horses were locked, Dick, a trained horse belonging to Deputy Sheriff AI Franco, lifted the latch with his nose,and released himself and his comrades. Stock Prices A T & T 170 Anaconda Copper • 30 Beth Steel 815-8 Chrysler 861-2 Cities Service 41-2 Coca Cola !19 1.4 General Electric .1 39 1-8 General Motors .i 533-8 Int Harvester 601-8 N Y Central 177-8 30 1-2 5 3-8 Socpny Vacuum 11 1-2 Standard Oil N J 427-8 Texas Corp 431-2 U S Steel -.. . 66 1-2 —-—.— face trial en a similar charge at this term. Judge G. E. Keek or this citv who is presiding at the special session which opened today, announced that Barnes was granted a continuance after his physician testified that he was now seriously ill at his home and would be unable to appear. The state concerted that Barnes was seriously ill at present. Robinson's motion for a. continuance was based on the claim that Barnes would later be able to appear in court and that Robins;n was entitled to the benefit of his personal appearance as a witness unless his illness was of such a nature that his appearance later would not be likely. Judge Keck had made no ruling on Robinson's motion pending further questioning of physicians regarding the probable future condition of Barnes. Of Housing Project LITTLE ROCK, Dec. 12 (UP)— Nathan Straus, U. S. housing administrator, went to the Keo community in Lonoke county today, inspected the site of a proposed rural housing project and talk«! with tenant farmers ami sharecroppers who might benefit from It-. Straus was accompanied on the tour by Gov. Bailey and members of the state housing committee. He returned here this afterncon for conferences with housing authorities from several Arkansas counties. Fairbanks' Death Overshadows Wars Nazis Claim British Submarine Forced Away By German Plane ./BERLIN, Dec.' 12'• (UP),.—.This German luxury liner Bremen has arrived safely in home .waters alter a voyage from Murmansk, Russia during which it was saved Irorn British submarine attack by the timely arrival cf n Nazi warplatic it was announced officially tonight. It was believed that the- Bremen probably had gone to Hamburg... ° If Usual Procedure Is Followed Decision Next Monday Likely Putting Into effect lls order advancing a pre-election test suit to determine the posed $07,000 liond Issue, tho stale supreme court yesterday took the cnso under submission. ,i If the high tribunal follows Us usuul practice a decision will be handed down next Mumlny. The case Is a friendly suit which could alfccl validity or con- rclalnct! In the case, all the Issues which could affect valllty or constitutionality of Iho Issue should It receive approval of tho county electorate nt a special election called for December 30. John B. Walker of this clly is nominal plalntltr. He sought a chancery court order to restrain holding of the election and his appeal is from the refusal of Chancellor J. P. Oautncy lo Issue such an order. His petition attacks the constitutionality of the order entered by County Judge S. L. Olad- Ish, a sponsor of the Issue, which _ „ -. according lo II. l/. Kiiappcnucujcr, superintendent flic nciv lines alrcct many parts or Ihe comity which will conned with trunk lines to form complete service In soiuo sections. A line will run from lilack- walor school west lo Mnuilnlny nnd south two miles to Mtlllitnn nidge. Another will begin at a point near Lcachvllle nnd inn 12 miles to \Vhlsp. Brown's Spur Is the beginning of another line which will nw 13 Russia Silent On , League Ultimatum As Troops Advance MOSCOW, Dec. 12~"(UP) GENEVA, Dec. 12. (UP)- —Uiissw IKIH slni'lcd a new Soviet Russia failed Umil'hfc "I'lvo aloiiK ll] 0 norlhwest to reply to a League of Na- HlHii'o ol Lnkti Unload, in the lions HICSSIIBC which had giv- boi'lnviilrt .sector, with tlie in- cl1 H"J Moscow government leiuioii of (Iriw'iiff (town to 2 ' 1 Jiows to agree to witli- im'ul its ni'iny Jigliling in the drawnl of the I}c<] army from Kim-linn Lslhrmw, it W n» in- Iiml «»i' (iicnlcd today. fli'my from nnd to undertake peaceful negotiation of theii- ' An ofdclnl coininuiil(|uo nn- conflict, iiomiceil iimi thu Uusslnns lind' Blplomnllo circles forecast Imml- laken Ihe Important railroad tor- nent Soviet withdrawal from the minus of Palkaeranta, iiorlh shore of the lake, ncnr Soi-- tl,e league rather than risk n vote of expulsion, The communique was Interpreted to menu Hint (he nusslniw np- milliiR In Ihls urea would .seek to drive nioiiB tho northwest and west Blmi'c.1 of Ihe lukc down (o Iho Vuoksl lino nl which another nrmy has been rmmmcrlnii for •lays, , This would bring Inlo the path of tho Russians in tlielr In Moscow tho Russian press and radio gave no hint of cverils nt Geneva nnd officially there wns no Indication there of what the, lied government might do. •-,<•.!' Although in diplomatic circles :ussta's expulsion from the league ment the important city of ' csl »" ntloi >- Kcksholm on tho west shore of , Tlle was regarded as unlikely, tho possibility of condemnation by a inn- . Joitly of tho 'assembly was belley- cd sufficient grounds for Russia's -- — ~,^ „. - - expected resolution Uko Ladoga. , of condemnation or .recbmincndd- Tho Russians claimed gains on tl(m " lilL sanctions fc applied all fronts In Finland but raid l' robnl>1 y will .b« dismissed In Moa- nothlng of the mileage covered. ™ w ', ll; wns Predicted, ns another. H was nssertod tlml the vll- '• m] '" st " nil >"<Wcr engineered of Mmnlla nnd Slprota nil y All 8 ll >-Prcnch Imperialists. r (he coast of (ho Finnish Gulf hail been cnplurcd For the ninth day, Iho commu- nique noted, low clouds prevented extensive nerlnl activity. miles to the Kovernmcnt hcudquar-| Frank Tlso, llrst mlnlsloi ..„,„ rers biological survey nt Dig Lake. I Slovakia to Russia, arrived yestcr- A 10 mile lino will run from •'"" "' - . . the HlghOU farm, norlhwcsl from Dell. Another stnrllmr, point Is nt Jim A British submarine Nazi sources mndc a ""ding of fact that a cur- admitted approached the Bremen • nt imil:l 'lcdiies5 of approximately LONDON, Dec. 12 (UP) — The I death of Douglas Fairbanks over; shadowed war news in all London altercation nirre than a, year ago when Robinson is alleged to have nnd ivns within torpedo range of the Bremen in the North Sea. But the submarine was forced to submerge ns n result of tha appearance of the German plane 'A was stated. (In Louden the admiralty announced earlier today that a British submarine did not attack the Bremen because It would have been contrary to the rules of warfare to attack without warning). Aged Woman Plunges 10 Stories To Death LITTLE ROCK, Dec. 12 (UP)- $57,000 in Hie comity general fund dates back to construction of county jails here and at Osceola a number of yenr.s ago. No bonds] were Issued. lo build 'the jaila, payments being made out of genera) funds. pro- Field's (arm west, of Blylhnvllle .wlplil county with the Hue to run west of Bly"' lliovlllo north lo the Closnell territory; then double hack west to Illmin Wylle's farm, then cast lo Calumet to Bollard's farm, then cast lo the road north of Yaruro to complete n Ifi-mllo stretch. A 14-mllo line will run Ihroiich Ihu Flat Lake territory. A line around Ihe Colcmnn farm and along Highway 40 will bo 10 miles long. Several other smaller lines will he strung lo connecting points. v ii'he surveying is bc!n« tiono by Hoy W. Ohanaberry Co., ilhc,; of Little nock, and the contrrtot-Is expected to be , lei "within 'Ujreu weeks. ; , , '. All. of the rural' clcclrlflea'tton' work hi the county Is sponsoro'd by Ihe Mississippi County Rural electric Cooperative which organized about a year ago after Ihe Mississippi County Farm Bureau had sponsored a movement lo secure Ihls service for formers here. Work starled May 2 on sinking of the flrst Mires. Senator Caraway's Old Trees May Yield New Data on Wearier QUENOS AIRES (UP)-A plan lo forecast the weather by an exam- headlines said. l " C beat his head severely upon the Mrs. J. M. Short, CO, wife of t!ie iwspaper local circulation manager for Die Memphis Commercial Appeal died dis- tcday In a 10-story fall from n. building. 'rd person lo Jlo here within a. Mr. Cunningham was not able to appear as a witness until the last term of court when Barnes became ill. The next regular term of circuit duirt is next April. . t .."i.*....>i, LIIU UULLLIICI uy im e.tain- Improvement Continues |nn "'-« »r uie trunks or coo year old trees Is to be carried out by the WASHINGTON, Dec. 12 (UP)— Ar B cnli " c Agricultural Society. Senator llaltle Caraway (Dem. 1 ' nic Society urges that an ex- Ark.) hns shown considerable im- ""''""Uon of the tree trunks In provcment the last 24 hours her different parts of the country physician, Dr. Leo Brown said to- would enable weather authorities ' to determine exactly the weather cycles ever tho past few hundred years, and from these, to predict . .... .. U'c Hkcly course of future wcallier sccdhouse supplied the Byrd Ant- cycles. larcttc expedition with four 100-1 The concentric annual layers or pound bags ol popcorn to lake to rings of« tree trunk vary In thick- me South Pole for the expedition according to the rainfall In i members. uic year concerned. dny. Kansas Popcorn Willi Bynl LAWRENCE, Kas. (UP)— A local ' New York Cotton Douglas Fairbanks, Hero Of Early Siknl Films, Dies Dec I Jan. Mar | May July Oct ' By FREDERICK 0. OTHMAN SANTA MONICA, Calif, Dec 12 (UP)-Douglas Fairbanks, greatest of nil the silent screen heroes died open close suddenly early today cf a heart at}™ \}™ tilclc '" his t0g shr °"ded Santa 1082 1106 Monica home. He was 5G 1056 1090 HC succumbed so xpfclrdl ir . t _ mrr — ----------- "" *.i;ij 1010 055 that his beautiful wife, the former or* Lady SyIVia As!Ucy - was Prostrated. 9BJ Mary Picktord, his former wife ,. _ , . when she was notified. New Orleans Cotton > , His 50n> w^ 1 ** Fairbanks jr., Dec. Jan. Mar. May July Oct. open close • 10DI 1108 . 1082 1005 1025 ' 1040 983 1005 93fi 953 carrying on. In pictures Where his widely smiling father left off, rushed to Santa Monica So did Fairbanks' brother Robert i Yesterday the Robin Hood and the U.n Juan of the old time movies and. the man who turned irw> IftTT Dl ' i<-on..uuj mv; UOD1I1 IS.?- ££•" «"•"••" J »»" °f the Livestock Chicago Wheat open close Dec. 97 1-2 — 98 May 94 1-4 — 95 Chicago Corn open close Dec. 53 1-4 — 53 7-8 May 55 3-4 — 55 1-4 Hogs HOOO. Top B50. 170-230 Its. 535-550. 140-160 Ibs. 500-535, Bulk sows 425-475. Cnttle 4000. Steers 750-1050. Plnughtcr steers 625-1125 Mixed yearlings & heifers 900. Slaughter heifers 825-1125 Beef cows 500-600. Cutters & low cutlers 350-475, fence-Jumping nnd. balcony leaping Into a profession, suffered what seemed to be a minor heart attack "H was about 10 o'clock In the morning," repcrted hts slster-ln- law, Mrs. Robert Fairbanks. "His wife called his physician, who did not believe It was serious. All he news of his death. H was so sudden we were stunned. We could hardly think." Death of Fairbanks came ns a shock to oil Hollywood, which had regarded him as the one star who never seemed to grow older and who remained ns bronze-skinned, and as perfectly muscled as he was the day he went to work for D. W. Griffith in 1914 nt the then dazzling salary of $2,000 a week. Only a few hours before he succumbed he discussed with associates his plans to start production if a .motion picture at United Artists studios, where he continued, to maintain headquarters, though he seldom entered them during the last 15 years. He had hoped to produce the adventure picture to end all adventure pictures, with his son and day—though riiBsla's recognition Helsinki nomblug Feared .:•;•' ELSINKI, Dec. 12. (UPI — 'iihias were received by fov- „- quarters loday lhat. Helsinki from ! nlB ', U 1)C s " b J«tal to new airplane 'i«"'ii.nnih»,.,i,,«,,,j.. „„ ,| 1Q flrst d of weather. ....^ -mwuHM (tii.-^iuN rccogniL 01 n-i,,, „,„,,!.,„ of Ihe satellite stato which Oer- p^ L ™™ T" r0 '" nm ~, ninnv fnrmnri r.-«,, i .., .n. !' """*" «o»rc«, it was assumed ninny forjned from pnil of dls- mtmbcrcd Czcchmlovukla had never been announced. Further Zdonck Plerltngcr continues lo enjoy at lenst seml-dlp- lomallo status here as Czechoslovak minister.' He, resides nt tho Czechoslovak IcgiUlon over which he (lies the Czechoslovak flng. It wns announced lhat Josef Slnlln, accompanied by , Prtmilcr- Foreljn Minister viftcheslnv Molotov and War Commissar Klcmcntt Voi'o.ihllov had received Gen. Jo- linn Lnldoncr, comtiiimilcr In chief of Ihe Estonian nrmy, in an hour's confcrciico nl thn.''Kremlin. Interest attached to ,tho aiectlng Because; of,, iiliij•.po«all\!ii connection with' l iv»»4'lhiJ"- o))tni"(l<5i).i • lii rin- land, across tho; gulf from Estonia. Congressman; Mapes i vi i Succumbs Suddenly NEW Dec. 12 (UP) — RepresciitnUVG/Cftrl B. Mapes (Rep. Mich.) died loday of n heart al- tack in his hotel room hero. The 05-year-old congressman was a member of the Cole committee holding hearings here on a bill lo place the oil. industry under federal control. When his death was Announced the hearings were Indefinitely adjourned. I'aslnr Huggcsls Uccr Parlor' IDAHO I-'ALLS, Ida. (UP)—The Rev. Raymond Rees, Mclhodlst clergyman, siigueslcd .lhat n niu- nlcipally-controllcd public beer garden might solve a liquor problem In Ihe clly, and prevent people from drinking In an imsuucr- vlscd snlcon, Christmas Carols Through the Ages 100.000 other football fans for the USC-UCLA game. That night ho joined In gay celebration with his wife and Sunday morning phoned Erfckson about details cf his proposed picture. "He was the same old Doug," Brickson said. "He was laughing and Joking IM usual. It was a real shock lo me to learn that he had even had any kind of heart spasm. He never had suffered anything like that bolorc. . "S> they pill him lo bed, under a nurse's care. All the while he protested laughingly that he was no Invalid. And ihen along about 1 a.m., the nurse who was sitting by the window, starlna out toward the ocean, heard a gurgling sound. She turned to the bed—and Doug was i):ne." Servants called Mrs. Fairbanks namesake in the stellar role and from her room-too laic to* see her with himself perhaps taking a husbntvi n»vr>_o,,,i n, n ^ ™iin,,,i minor part, "It was 6> have been called 'The California!!'," reported Clar- said was that Doug needed a few! CUM Erlkson, his manager, "and wccks rest. "Last, night we phoned his home and his wife said he was resting I quielly and very comfortably. He 800- seemed as gay and as happy as ever. There was a nurse in attendance, as a precautionary measure. (hat Is all over and all I can be graloful for is that Doug dial us he would have liked it. "He just turned over In his bed and expired." Saturday the handsome Fair- a ". d r r , VVC we .' lt *' slcc l> ituworrled.j banks, l:oklng perhaps 20 years •Then al one a.m. came the | younger than his actual age, Joined husband alive—and then his relatives by phone. Soon there was a parade of aiilonyWle headlights spearing the fog in a rush to the Fairbanks home. Doug jr. and h!.5 bride of a few months arrived first. Then came Doug's brother, Robert, and his wife; Erickson, nnd t»l: nieces of Ihe Lochlnvar of the silver sheet. The family sat In the living room decorated trophies from ditions. worldwide hunting expe- "They can hardly think. It was so sudden," Bricks: n said. "We can't even Ifogln to consider funeral arrangements yd." Born In Denver, educated In the Colorado School of Mines, because his father wanted him to be a gold miner, he tl:ok a Ming at selling stock. Then he tried selling hardware but Doug couldn't get the theatrical bug out of his veins, He played In Shakespeare rcper- lory and stock, and then he studied to W 'srm/r!n lh T yt 0 '. a V"7 l "! h } I saw three ships conic sailing to settle down. Instead he tturcd i ;„ ° . Japan, and upon his return went ' back to the singe, In "The I'll" for William A. Brady. That veteran said he ucver had seen an actor wilh such vitality. "You'd think the stage was going lo collapse, every time he leaps across it," Brady said. HI, On Christmas Dny, on Christinas Day; I saw three ships conic sailing in, On Christmas Dny in the morning. It wasn t long bcOrc Doug was I Lands by tho sea have long had making acting an nthlellc endeavor, their legendary folk-carols of He sprang from the wings to the Christmas ships bearing gilts just throats of his adversaries and he as in hill towns (hero arc shepherd vnullcd walls as If they were curb- and manger stories. In Greece it ' l °?. cs - is said St. Basil was provided with His first movie • for Griffith, en- a ship as for use at Christmas in _. was assumed lhat they were given In'order that foreign cltlnens might have nn opportunity lo leave the clly. . / Finnish and Swedish mine patrols swept, the waters of the Gult or Bothnia between Finland and Sweden, watching for Russian mlno layers. It was announced (tint tho gov- • criiment had sent a special envoy to the United States In connection wllli fiminclnl matters. An nrmy communique admitted lhat Ihe, Finns had evacuated e, lown on tho north shore of Lake Ladoga nnd Snlla in tho northern irart ol Iho mid-Finland front. It was Indicated that the nls:^vero^trn|eglo ones, •liic''eohiinunlrpic e nisi>rtecf chat Hie Inns destroyed seven Russian tanks In.tlic eastern part of the Karelian Isthmus. In tha sector a bout 60 miles north of Lake Ladiiga the Finns "annihilate!" three Russian companies by surprise attacks at two points, It was claimed. liiissi.'inv Advancing STOCKHOLM, Dec. 12. (UP)— The newspaper, Aftoudladct In a late nflomoon fJitfR' reported Russian troops ivyecp, a<lvanclng, rapidly today on trio' 'hiiportant north central front In Finland. Trachoma Clinic To Be Held At Jonesboro Trachoma sufferers In Mississippi County can go to the clinic at Jonesboro Thursday where the slats noard of Health will have a third clinfc In a campaign sponsored by the health departments and welfare .departments to curb this disease of the eyes which Is sweeping Iho country. 'At the fust clinic, there were B4 patients taken to Jonesb:'ro 1)5' the Mississippi County 'Welfare ofllce. Some of these were tound to be negative and others liavc been dismissed after'having attended two clinics there and received local treatment. •• It Is believed that more than 30 will attend this week's clinic, which will begin at ten o'clock for registrations and examinations will be held nt 1:15 o'clock. Trachoma, or granulated eye lids, is a highly communicable disease transmlssable by towels,' wash cloths and clothing. In Its worst form it is very serious nnd often makes operations necessary, two patients In Mississippi County having already undergone opera- tlcns, according to Marvin Crit- tendcu, County Welfare director. Screen Star Granted Divorce In England SUSSEX, England, Dec. 12 (UP) —Madeline Carroll, screen star, was granted a divorce today from Cnpt. Phillip Astley on the grounds of his alleged misconduct with Dorcthy Everard at n hotel here. WEATHER Arkansas—Cloudy, local rains, colder tonight, Wednesday partly titled "The Lamb," was anything the manner St. Nicholas uses a I clolld y nnj colder. but gentle. He nearly broke his reindeer sled in the north This neck doing all the things the script traditional carol dates to Ihe Hth demanded, but the public ate up century. the result. Never before had they seen n mcvle actor do so many slums—and it was stunts that brought Fairbanks money. 9 Shopping Days . Till Memphis and vicinity—Rain tonight, Wednesday cloudy . and colder. The maximum temperature here yesterday was 60, minimum 36, • ^ clear, according to Samuel F. Nor- 7,ISkmUS ris, official weather observer.

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