The Charlotte Democrat from Charlotte, North Carolina on January 21, 1868 · Page 4
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The Charlotte Democrat from Charlotte, North Carolina · Page 4

Charlotte, North Carolina
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Tuesday, January 21, 1868
Page 4
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Condition, of English Laborers. The' Xew York; World has a correspondent at New Castle-upon-Tyne, in England, who gives - - . . an interesting account of life and labor among tue lowest 01 me ww ciusBca, ui unm- which is only another and fresh ... n Illustration 01 the oft repeated statement ' that one half the world does not know how the. other half lives. The condition of the farm laborers in England is such as to make that of oiur own Southern neirroes. in the davs of slavery, seem fairly en- trz ' i . . . laborer !.rfffiiislipt""if wheat, barlev. oats and peas, or $23 in money for the whole year, and a jent free, one-roomed,' earthen floored shanty for his family. The buhels of peas, barky, and foo op, are barely! eufficieut to support lite; he roust furnish a woman assistant known as a 'boud--ager" to help Liu ii the field or barn, and she receives for her services twenty cents a d.iy. working therefor from G A. M. to 6 1. Mv while the less happy, man is expected to labor from 5 A. M.toSr. MJ In winter they work wlub it is light; and in Larvot-tiine the bomLurir's wages are augmented to thirty-seven cents a day. She, as well as the man, must go Into the fitiids jn all weathers, and when they return to their miserable hovel they flip an oat meal irrihj;e. larley and pea' meal cake, with sometimes a show .of rxtatoC3. and t:a faint sensation of baCin." It i possible that a 'wider diffusion of educatii-n. will do something to ameliorate, if not greatly improve, the condition of this class of laborers in England; but it is certain that thousands of white jnen ani women thus live,jor try to live in Great Britain to-day, with no movement for their relief and apparently no public cuutwu for their condition. " J" HIDES WANTED" I will pay tlie highest market cash price for Green and Dry HIDES, i W. A. COOK, itn 13, . tf Near corner lrug Store THOMAS jW. DEWEY & CO. Bankers ah& Exchange Brokers Tbtox STBtET, CHARLOTTE, X. Jier4iat ln-ans and Discount Buiues'l'apcr. Purchase and Sell Goierijuent and other Situritie! on CommLssion, receiTe Aloncy n Dcpniie, Buy t!o!d an.l hilver Coin ami uiilucn ana liar. it Aotcs. make Collection and neurit on day of payment, and trans act General lUtikin Bayi;;. " " IXcember 2. 1W;7. " IMMENSE REDUCTION . In Prices ! J I am now making extensive changes in I lie const ruct ion of my Store, and bring desirous "as far ns possible fo reduce my present Stock of (IoimI-. 1 my large and tvcll sdectwl Stock nt.,GUlATLY iffer i;e- DICED -1'R1CS. I j l , Ladies. Mis-es. (lent.' and Boy's cbes arc now being fold KKUAJCDLKSS OF TOST. . ; Ladies' .Cloaks and Shawls BKCARDLLSS OF COST. : O'PAIULLELKD REDUCTION iu Dry Goo li of eTerr decrituui. i .. ) , Clothing at Heavy Reduction. am determined t reduce my Stock brl'ore enter--ing the Xcw Store, and ottVr tr the nexj TIIIRTV DAYS such inducements as canm t fail to h.iti.-fy all. A. SINCLAIR, Iot 10. irrniffs l orner. J i-prmgs i Pictures at 50 cents And npwards. at i the Thotographic Galery over Jas. Hartj & Co'a Store, next toMhc Court 'House. JL'all and get a superb likeness of yourself and family, at lpw rates' accordinj to style and fiui-h. Copies taken f old Pictures in a superior mauncr. Satisfaction guarantied at the Gallery of i II. HAUMGAllTEX. ' May 6, 18'7. 1 XexttoCtiut House .--( esbit & Maxwell's Store. We are now receiving a large and choice selection of Kcw f . ; j j Toys, Christmas Presents, Notions, ic, and Confectioneries generally, to which we InTite the attention of the public; . THE LITTLE FOLKS ESPECIALLY. Wholesale buyers will find it to their interest to give us a call and examine our goods and prices, as we have the largest stock of the kiud in the City, and cpnnot Jie pndersyld by any one. GuitarsJ Violins, Banjos, Flutes, Accordiaus, I'ifes, Drums, Tainbrine, Sugar Boxes, l'.ackets, Tubs, Travelling and Market Baskets. ' XESDIT i MAXWELL. Photographic Albums, Very fine and Cheap, at Dec 1G, 1867. SESDIT & MAXWELL S. House .Furnishing Articles. Chamber' Setts, Japancd some Tcy handsome ; all kinda of House Furnishing Articles, Knives and Forks, Spoons, Castors, Candle-sticks, &cJ, next door the Cyurt House. Kot. 11, 1867. JAMES IIARTY & CO. Stenhouse, Macaulay & Co. The undersigned having lately moved to their new Store, corner Trade and College Streets, tffer at wholesale and retail all the leading articles uaally ke'pt" itf a we 11 conducted Grocery Storei atpricis that cannot be EnJerol. " ' ; STE.NIIOUSE,-MACAULAY i CO. O SACKS RIO COFFEE, 50 Barrels Brown Sugar. 9J 20 Barrels "R and C" Soft Coffee Sugar. ,.."". ,10 Tierces and Boxes Havana Sugar, Torsale by STENUOCSE, MACAULAY & CO. Tf ifX BARRELS CARDE.VAS MOLASSES, JL UV 1 C Tierces Molasses, 15 Barrels "Bee tlive"Symp, 5 Ilhda. genuine New Orleans Molasse?. The latter for reta' I on Ir a 1 ." 'STEXOOUSp, MACAULAY & CO. IS PACKAGES RAISIN'S IX TYIIOLE Boxes, Halves and Qoarters. ' ! iz BQi.3 "t-ngnsn uairy" Cheese, 10 Barrels Fresh Soda Crackers, . 1 200 Botes No I and Scaled Herrings, 1 75 Packages Mackerel in Uhls, ) Bbls, and Kits, for sale by " STEXHOUSE, MACAULAY & CO. TOUXDS JUOiT COTTON TIES (various PattntsY. .25 Coils Rope, " . 200 Lbs. Hemp Twine, . 500 Yards Dundee Barrzing. 3000 lares Cuncy Lagic siightiy .viable mf comparison. he English stands wim nis lamny in me market v . . on lhe ound, first, that treet, to be examined, inspected and handled , ' fa. destructLon of the bridge; Jry his hirer, and it his "pints are sausiaciory . . .f h haJ dcstroye4l U the act would if he riiA-.Ts; ability ior the endurance ol . a .deal ju,tifiable uaier the iaira of war. W ot hard labor, lie may sen nwii ior a gien l waU; for a final decisioni the - d&raarJ. for sle low by STENHOUSE, MACAULAY 4 CO. 7i BOX& MANUFACTURED TOBACCO, 1 13 Cartels Cora Whiskey, -5 Barrels Kentucky Bourbon 'Vhiskev, 2 Barrels Holland Gin, . Pn consignment and for sale by . STENnOE, 11 4 CAUL AY it CO. THE highest market price paid for Wheat, Corn, Peas, Flour, and other Country Produce, by - .STENHOUSE, MACAULAY & CO. IT IBERAL Cash advances made on Consignments ALi of Cotton, Cotton Yarns, Domestics, &c, &c to 6ur Branch House in New York by " '' - ' STE.VUOUSE, MACAULAY k CO. December 9, 1867. - A WROxa.-rIn J861 Hon. James GutJbrie, as President of the Louisville apd Nash-Company, brought a suit - in the I Villi LUIUIIMIU VV"T""JI - f Kentuckv against General S. B. Buck oriiie Confederate aray,f army, for having destroy- i t i.Mrro nf that milrnad over Green River. I lu tut v . , -li !,. n ,V,A nt iinnr tn dpfrnd the suit, and it jfent against him. The judgement for some SGO.QQO, under which Gen. Buck-uer's fine house in LouisvMle, as also his paternal mansion, library, and a large farm in Hart county, were sold, and, bought in by the Company. A few months agp he sued for the recovery of he had aud have ith- Company hive concluded that their asc wa not aood one, and have made an amicable settlement withr Gen. Buckncr, to vhoin the' real estate has been restored.. For the rVnts audi personal property he isj to be paid in money. j ! ' GREAT INDUCEMENTS, At tho New Boot and hoe Store. S. B MKAt'IfAM is now Xorth buying Lis second Stock of Hoofs and Shoe?, ami will be pleased to have Jiw frienl- call ami get ciij'plipd in thcabove goods, -at! jrrcat reduction of prices. . . ' . Ve arc now receivinj: a large supply of City made Boots and Slioes, bcw. style?, l'r Ladies ami Uentle-niien. L S. B. ilHACIlAM. December 23, 1?07. ; ! 1 . , .' Catawba English and Classical jHIGH SCHOOL, JVJW'TUX, X, C. ? iThenext Session will commence the 1st Monday in January next. No pains ftre Fparcd in fitting pupils thoroughly for the best Colleges in the country, and in giving them a thorough business education. Special attention given to M thkmati.caj--Traimsk. .Tuition per Session t'2) Weeks fim $'J to $22.50 in currency. , I Board in families from $8 bj $12 per month ; in clubs at about half these prices. ; r j For Circulars atd pa titulars, adli csfi J. C. Clapp,;-No'vto. Cl J. '('. ' CLAi r, A. B: Dec. '., 1807. S. M. FJNGER, A. B. Great Reduction in Prices at BUXBAUM &; LANG'S, " ; At Corner Siore umhr, Munnlon Ilvttsf, Chttrloti-e, Are' now offering great 'bargains' preparatory, to closing their Fall Stock. . - ;1 ' -- Our Stock of Dry (Jools is large and consists .of ( alicoes. De lvalues,. Uorsteus, Iveps, noes, Flannels, Doiiiestics,' Shaw ls, I'oplins, Me,it- Cloaks, and all other eoods iu the Dry Goods line too numerous to . - - mention. Give us acall and we will givethebcjicfit.of thelate declines. . j Our sJftck of Piece Goods i complete, such as Jean?,- Kersevs, Sattincts, French Cisimeres, Uroad Cloths, &c. ' " j 5 , 1 We call the attention of the Ladies, to our fine assortment of I . Cloaks, of the Newest Styles, Which will be sold at prices to suit the times. Also a fine stock of La-lies Hats. Hock Island Cassimcies and Jeans. . Our stock' of Clothing mid Geu'ts furnishingGoods cannot be excelled in regard to Fit Quality aud Price. A full line of ' i r Boots, Shoes, Hats and Caps. We have always on hand a full line of MILES & SOXS Shoes lor. Ladies and Gentlemen. Also, Trunks, Valises, Carpet Bags,.ic, &c. A full'line of Ulaukets. at greatly reduced prices. . "'. Our friends ami the public generally are invited to give us a call, i i Dec 5,17. RUXRAUM & LAXG. Groceries. Su?ar, Coffee, Tea, Molasses, Soap, Candles. Table Salt, Mustard, &c, cheap for cash, next door1 to (he Court House. ! I Nov. 11, 1867. JAMES IIARTY & CO. ; , , : u-O-i ! Dr. JOHN H. j McADEN . Wholesale and Retail Druggist, i CHARLOTTE,. X, C, Has on hand a large and well selected stock of PURE DRUGS, Chemicals. Patent Medicines, Family Medicines, Paints,' Oils, Varnishes, Dye Stuffs, Fancy and Toilet Articles, which he is determined to sell at the very lowest prices., y May 20,' 1867: ! . i : HOME PRODUCTION. North State( Washing Machine Best in Use. Patented )cUlcr 15th, 18G7,' )y the- JSubsc fitters and Maiiiijtictiirers, at Ltrlottc x: C. If you need anything of the kind, you will encourage homo industry by purchasing one of our Machiues. ; . . It is easy toj operate, occupies a small space and doc not injure articles to be washed. It is strong and ; substantial, and does its woik in a short tinie. It is an actual improvement on others of similar outside appearance. r i In the North State Washing Machine the Clothes are placed in hot suds and while thus immersed with the air excluded, the Machine is operated, giving the Garments a rolling, rubbing pressure, and at the same time they receive the solvent' power of the soap. The Clothes arejiot 1 impaired by the use of this Machine. You can make money by saving the wear and- tear which your Clothes are subjected toby washing arid beating in the old way. This Machine gives the advantage of nsing boiling suds and of coiitiuing the steam, it can be. worked sitting or standing. ' It is cheap. The price of it puts it within reach -of nearly every family, and pays its cost back in the'faving of garments. - Tk it: tky it:: biy 1t::i Manufactured and sold bv , i BARNIIARDT & -HOUSTON. Nov .2-5, 18C7. j Charlotte, N; C. j Ckutificatk. Cn.4BLorrK, N. C.,-Nov. 22d, 18G7. . Messrs. Barahurdt & Houston : After a fair trial of your Machine, 1 feel fully convinced that it is the best I have ever seen. 'I have had five or six different Machines since; I have been a housekeeper, but always fouud the servants averse to use. them; both on ac count of the labor and as they say the failure to get the "streaks of, dirt'' out,of the clothes. This Machine is so easy, in its operation and so perfectly cleans the clothes that I find no difficulty in getting them to use it.) jS 4 family ought to be without one. Sinweie wishes fof -your success. i i Yours respectfully, Mrs. M.: A. RmwrLr., " j j ..'. Charlotte Female. Institute. Charlotte, N. C, Nov! $0, 1807. Messrs. Rarnhardt & Houston: Sirs: "I have tried your Washing Machine, and fully concur in' everything that Mrs. Burwell says in regard to it. . Yours Truly, Mas. Dr. J. M. Milleb. . j CnAKtoTTK, X. C ,' Nov. 30, 18G7. Messrs. Earnhardt & Houston : f Sirs: The North State Washing Machine is really more than I expected, ami can with candor say that there is' no humbug about it. My serv-ants say that it doe ita work as well as can be done by ha ml. And I take pleasure in recommencing, your Machine to my friends, and all who desire a labor-saving machine. Best wishes lor your success. Respectfully yours, Mug.! DArm Parks. Western Division, tat. n u,, Tf r- ' -r vmwa ava vfc I ; ()n and after Thuk-sday. 31st of October. 1SG7. tha Tt .. T : Li- - . '.. J - ou Tuesdays, Thursda ys and Sattirdnvs. " f GOING WEST: , ; ! Leave Charlotte), 8;00 a. m. " Lincolnton, 10-.4-V " " Arrive at Cherry ville, 11:30 ' ' GOING EAST: 1 l nnrjij;n A I n ilk unpins lltiiuu Will run II"l-TVf" Leave Cherryville, 4 ' Lincolnton, i 12:30 pim. . - 1:30 j I . !: " ) GUION, Eng. & Sup't. Arrive at Charlotte, Oct. 18G7. T.. S. ,'- Thi; Freedmdn it seems, from what we can learn,. are;beginning to realize the important truth of the.ancient proverb, "that a polling gtone gathers ho moss." We are glad to licar of but little changing about a decided raipro,ve.ment upon the last year. The good conduct of the majority strengthens the hope, that a more successful and systematic plan to the farming in-tcrests' may be permanently .established, whereby all clashes may pe benefitted. The lazy set who lounge -around our town in .search of ''small jobs" i. i would do much better to imitate ahe example pf the moe industrious of tiieir cvlOT.-m-Lancaster z. B. YA5CE. C. 1X1WD. VAKCE & DO WD, Attorneys at; Law, Charlotte, N. C, (.Office' is-Cort JIocsk,) HaTingf associated thenisciria together, M-ill practice in the Courts of Mecklenburg, Iredell; Catawba, Da-tidsonj Rowan, Cabarrus and Union, and in the Federal anjl Supreme Courts. " p Claims collected anywhere in the State. :lj . ApxiJ 2, ISb'U. tf - ;r Pall and Winter Stock 1867. FOR THE WHOLESALE AND RETAIL TRADE. WITTKOWSKY & RINTELS, Hare now In store one of the largest, stocks of Good3 ever briought to this market. It consists in part of; Dry 'Goods, Groceries, Hardware, , I UEADV-MADK CLOTHlU, &c. fjj. They inyite particular attention to thei elegant assortment .of ' 1 ' ' j j . I ! Ladies I Dress Goods, ' ; and feel confident that they can give, satisfaction in price and, quality. J ; i. , Theiir stock of Kcsuly-made Clotliing and tlentlc-nien's iVirnishing Goods is complete and embraces every taing in that line. ( j j Boots and Shoes In large qiiantities and at. the lowest cash prices. ' " Their stock of Groceries and Hardware is sufficient te supply the demands of their customers and frien4?i'. - " ' I v ' . 1 . - ' ,. Iu factj everything and anything can be found in their Store, from the smallest' needle td a "cross-cut" Saw. - j I . vj " . j j j FSfr Thc attention of country Merchants is r-qucsted. and they are respectfully! inylted t.ocall and examine this stock of Goods. i ! ! lie turning thanks for the liberal patronage heretofore bestowed, they promise to doj all in their po er to iw ef satisfaction to customers hereafter. : I r'i ! it! ; .! Millinery, and Dress-Making. A separate department is devoted tojMillinery and Dress-iviakinff, where the Ladies can have work done Womptly'and in the latest styles. r - t wnwfnn-ot' I i I VlTTK0W3Kf RINTELS, bet weenftlte two Drug Stores. Oct.14, 1SG7. Grocery and Provision Store. ! 1 ' 1 1 ! ALEXANDER BEnilYIIILL, At th0 centre Store w'er " Mansion House, has for sale a good assortment of I I ! . GROCERIES AXD -PROVISIOXS, Such as Sugar, Coffee, M Bacon. and anything usuj lasses. Salt, Flour, Meal Ily kept in a Family (ivd eery Sjorp. I i Persbns who buy at retail will find my prices as low as any. in this city. A. BERRYIIILL. October 28, 1867 6m : i j . cooper snpr I have removed my Cooper Shop to the one formerly -occupied bv Mr Creswell as a wagon shop, near Mr Jamison's Blacksmith shop, on the street leading by the Court House, where I would be pleased to see all those who desire woi k done in my line, rvcw work or renairins done at short notice. Give me a call and your work shall be done satisfactorily. House keepers who want wafer conveyed througl their houses by pipes, will apply to the undersigned. Oct. 14, 1867. GUS SCIINlDERj THE NEW BOOK STORE, CHARLOTTE, .If. C. TIDDY & BRO., Has received a large addition to their Stock of New Rooks, Stationery and Fancy Articles. The public Are invited to ;call and examine their stock. They ate prepared toi furnish Wholesale Customers on as good terms, or probably better, with anything in their line, than any other house m the City. j 1 SCHOOL BOOKS. Davies, Bowdon, ' Primary Old and New Arithme tics; Also; Keys to the same; l'ike s, t owler s, Grecn- leaf's, ! Appleton's aud Smiley's Arithmetics; Bul lion's Greek, Latin land English. Grammars and Readers; Bingham's Latin and English Grammars; full series of McGuffey s, Sterling s, Goodrich's, ml son's, " Sarsrents and N.-C. Readers; full series of Mitchell's and Cornell's Geographies; Copy Rooks ; Quackenbo's and Brookfield's Composition; all classes of Speakers; llliard sand Titter si niversal History; Quackenbo's 'History of the United States; Scwell's History of Romt ; Comstock's and Parker's Philosophy ;: Webster" s'and Walker's School and Unabridged Dictionary. . i ! ' . I-' i NEW PJJESBYyEHIAN HYMN BCQK, Just lout ; also, an extensiye supply of Methodist Hymn Books; Bibles Thornton's and Jay's Family Prayers, &c. j i HISTORICAL. Annals of Tennessee ; History ofthe Late War, by l'ollaru; Ahtmt s Histories; Democracy in America ; , lrouuet History of England. i. . j ,: ' : NOVELS A large selection ofthe latest and best; Also cheap AOYcIs-! Dime JSovels., L ! j. STATIONERY. Thejlargest and cheapest ever offered in this market,-comprising .Note,-Letter, Foolscap, Blotting and. Tissue Paper, from the cheapest to the finest American, German and French ; Envelopes, all sies, from the smallest to the large official plain and colored border; Lead Slate and Indellible Pencils; Arnold's English Writing Fluid;; Moore's .Writing Ink in bottles for School usc ; Indian Ink; French Paints, in boxes all sizes); Camel Hair Pencils; Cohen's, Commercial, Washington, Medallion and Gillot's Nos. 170, 303 and 404 Steel Pens. -it FANCY? ARTICLES. . ' Beehives, Vases, Wallets, Cabas, Indies Companion, Card Receivers. Glass! Paper Weights, Ladies Work Boxes, Watch Stands, Photograph Albums. NOTE BOOKS. Southern Harmony, j Christian Minstrels, Timbrel of Zion, Christian Harmony, Presbyterian Psalmodist, Caruina Sacra, Songs of Praise, Sabbath School Bell, Happy Voices, j . Pocket Diaries for 18G8. s j ALMANACS FOR 1868. Blunts, Housekeepers and Builders, Dentscher Kaionde'r. 'J I j. ., .The above 'is noW offered to the pnblic for their inspection.' We sejtfor Cash, and by sq doing we are able to sell lo;y December 2, 1SC7J TIDDY & BRO. State of North Carolina, Cleaveland county. Sujteriar Court of Law, .Fall Term, A J). 18G7, j Wiu. Falls and Nancy Dickson, Administrators, ys. :i j Robcr Falbt and others. j . t-" " ."ca "siaie ASSC,i!- Iff oniWdTinir rn f hn o w, ; - r I . 1 . Najiev Ji Dickson . Rapl.ol V..,,r.. vi. v-nl .. - . . 1 -n.-, aula i-arits. ana wuc.imatnia, are not inhabitants ofthe State, it is therefore ordered that publication be made, in the Charlotte Democrat, for six weeks, for said de fendants to appear at the next term of this Court tn be held for the county of Cleaveland , at the Court; IT O I it . nouse in oneioy, on tne Jst Monday after the 4th Monday in February next, and apswer their petition, r' judgment will be taken pro' confesso as to them and heard ex pa He. p - '. . . Witness,! : J. JENKINS. CI-V. 08-Cwj fpr. Rdv. $10.1 ' ' Dayenport r Female ' College. LEXOIR, X. i. 5 The 'Snfinff Session. 1 808. " will .begin FebrnarV 3d, and continue 20 .weeks, i Roard, exclusive of Washing and Lights, $00; Tuition, $10 to $20; Piano Lessons, $20; Incidental Fee,- $2$ 'Latin awl Sine-inir free. .. Location beautiful, retired, healthful. Buildings ample arid convenient. Boarding unusually irofKi. Teacners. exoerienceu. cpuiueieui. iuuuiui. Kates very low. I Come to Icard'a Station For fuller information, address: '. Rev. SAMUEL LAXDER,: A. M., ..Dec 24, 1867 2m : J,:.x, l'residem Concord Female I College. The next Session will commence on the first Mon- day of 'Japuary 18C8. 1 . It will j continue six instead of five mouths. Tuition and board, witu washing, will be $135, haif ia advance, j j '. Each boarder will furnish! her! .own j- lights and towels and a pair of sheets and pillow cases. Mifsi'c. Drawing, French ,and Latin ar extra. Address, J. M.-MJ CALDWJKtiL., Ktateteville, is. V. XoVemfoer 18,11807. 24 NEW DRUG STOR n ..-.--.- Opposite t&c Mansion Uou&, pept dor tm the Exprti Office, Charlotte. X. c. KILGORE j & CURETON WOLKSLB ' ASD llETAIL DkALEBS 19 Drugs, Chemicals,1 Perf Surgical Instruments, Paints, Oils; Dy bacco, SegarS, btationery, &c.,l &c. IS. F. iKILGOK Nov. 11, 1807. T. K. -iCrifETN, ,M, D NEW! STOR jit the Stand fdeinerly occupied by S'enhouse, Mitcaulay - ps (Jo. The subscribers inform the public tha .they .have just opeied a largejstock of . " I i Groceries, jConBistipgiin part of Sugar,. Coffee, Cheefie, Bagging, Rope, Iron Cotton Ties, : Crockery, Uaotsj and Shoes, and every other! articlet in the Grocery line, which be obtained fhey offer at as low prices for cash as can) in this city. J. KU(I K & CO Nov. 11,11867; Fresi Arrivalgi at t the Elephant Store of PRESSON & ! GRAY. Tii'! arrivals to-day, we are now supplied with every article "in he line of Family Supplies; taiat may be called for j-such as Bacon Siues Hams ami Shoulders, fine 15uckY'beati Flour; a large lot of Cffee, w hich we sell cheaper I than before; Sugars of all grades; AVo have' on hand a, general assortineni of Tin andj Crockery Ware. Also,! justjreceiveu, a fine lot ol bole land Upper Leather. M'e have now, and iexpect to jkeep, Coi'iv, Meal. 'Peas, Flour,' l otatpes, Ana every tuing pro duced in the country Also, a fine lot tt by rubs the Golden Syrup and jMaiden's Choicl but well selected assortment of DRY GO A small, IDS, aifiong which arc i lot of Cellar Fall Sheetings. Also, Hats, CapsJ Roots and bhoes, among i .them manufactured Shoes, all of which we wfl 'homasville sell as lov, ii not lower, man any nouse m ine cny. Dec. 9, 1807. PRESSON h ORAJY. Crockery, G ass Ware and China. Beautiful Gold Band Tea Setts, Cut Glass Goblets, Winej Glasses, Glass, j Toilet Setts, in great variety, next door to the Court! House. Nv. 11, JAMES IIARTY AX UfiAl.KR jlX . JEWELRY, FXE j WATCHES, CLOCKS ! 1 I ) f tMircn Material, pecioeiM, xr. Aug. 10, 18G7. CHARLOTTE, N. 0. I TAILORING - ' John Vogel, Practical Tailor, Respectfully informs the citizens of Charlotte'and surrounding country that he jis prepared to manu- tacture gentlemen s clothing in the latest style and at short notice, j Hisj best extortions will be given to render satisfaction tojthose who patronize him. f Shop opposite ol I Charlotte Hotel,' next door to Brem's Hardware Store; j j , January l,18fi7.f j "! A. W. ALEXANDER, Surgeon Dentist, CHARLOTTE, N. C. f Ojjict in tie -Braw) Vly Building,) Can be consulted on Tuesdays, - Wednesdays. limrstlays and .r rulays. March -Zo, 1W7. J. A. WILLABP. 1 A. A. W1LLABT). ! Willard Brothers,1 WHOLESALE i GROCERS AND COMMISSION i . ! MERCHANTS, "': ' j- And Agents for the Hazard Powder Co.. and Marvin & Coi's Safes. Also, iEmcry's Cotton Gin and Con denser, and Foster's Cotton Planter; K Nos. 20, ?0 jn-nd 31 North Water Stbeist, WILMXGTOX, X. C. A September 2, 18GG 6m Concord Mills. Having opened a House in Charlotte, ; near the Post Office, for the sale of our" own manufactured goods,-. we invite the attention of , merchant and (tiiers to our Yarns! SHEETINGS, SHI R T IN G S , OSn ABERGS, CARPET CHAIN, STOCKING I'-" !:--.-.- A HNS. Sec... &c. t CSsF Cotton taken in exchanse for Goods. We sell low for Cash j. Mcdonald & SONS. August 12, 18G7. Concord, N. C. j State .of North Carolina,! Gaston Iconnty. tyurt of Flea $ Quarter Sexsions, Xov. Session, 18C7. James r erguson, Adm'r, vs. John Ferguson and. ttracy J. Adams. ,j ' i: . Petition for: Partition. ; It appearing to the satisfaction of the Court, that tne aeteniiants in thiscase resides beyond the limits of this State, it is therefore, on motion, ordered by , the Court that publication be made, for six weeks successively, Hi the Wpstern Democrat, a! newspaper published in the city of Charlotte, notifying said defendants of the! filing of this petition, and that unless they appear at the jiicxt Court to be held for the ""'"j woiuu, ai jiue court iiouse m.JJallas, on the 4th Monday in February next, and answer the petition, the . same will be taken pro confesso as to them, and an order fori partition granted, i - Witness. Anizi Ftfni; Clerk of .our said Court," at Office in Dallas, the 4ti 3Ionday in November, A. JJ. l&Yt--'' i I . . ,AMZI FORD, Clerk. '.F ..,.. : '.-Li - . .. p-tw tpr. adv. J510.' -. J State of North Carolina, Gaston county, Coyt of PUas Qiiartrr Smion. Xoc. Session, 18G7. Sarah Fergnson, Adm'r, ys. John Ferguson and "! Gracy J. Adams. 1 "f i . Petition for Dower.-' , ; It appearing to the satisfaction of the Court, that the defendants in this case. retain Iwvnnil th iimii. of this State, it is therefore, on 'motion, ordered bv the jCourt that made, for six weeks successively, in the Western Democrat. notifvinr the defendants, John Ferguson and Gracy J. Adams, of the filing of this petition, and that unless they ap pear at the next Court ! to be held for the county of Gaston1, at the Court House in' Dallas,', on the 4th Monday in February next, and answer the petition, -the jsame will be taken. , pro coafessa as to them and a writ of dower onlered to be' issued. , i nit ness, a nan t or.l, j Clerk or our aid Court, at office in Dallas, the 4th Monday in November, A D. 18G7- i - AMZr FORD. Clerk - V-6w I pr. adv. 510. J iimery, Stuffs, To- E, U. D. 18C7. I JAMES IIARTY & CD, f3 -j--."" fEACTlCAL Wa ;ch and Clock . Makor, ' - ' ASP DKALKR IX . .- ! i ; - 1 SADDLES, : HARNESS, &c. I,. W. Osborne, (Opposite the Old Charlotte llotelf) Manufactures Saddles,. Collars, , Bridles, and Har-i ness of all sorts to .order, at short notice. " v I i He keeps ' on- hand, .asd for sale at reasonably prices,., t ' i , w BUGGJ, CARRIAGE & WAGON HARNESS, KIDLNfr SADDLES, And every thing that may be needed ia tbatlinej Being a practical mechanic, he think, that he can eive entire satisfaction to those jvho patronize liim. His prices will be touna as tow as any m and the "workmanship as good as the best. He respectfully ask 9 a fair trial .and 'sfeare 6f public patronage. 1!: JB- REPAIRING done. in the 4est manner with promptness. Dec 2,; 1867 L. W. OSBORNE. 6m U .. i . '" groceries; i U.Vf.i, 4 Hammond & McLaughlin Have just received a large assortment of'Groceries,; which thev offer for sale at reduced! prices.; Their Stock consists, in part, of the following articles : j Irpn Cotton Ties, . , i I 40 Sacks prime Rio Coffee, : i 30 Barrels Sugar all grades:! I.. i - 5 Hoff&hea'ds Sugar- yellow,! 23 Barrels Molasses assorted grades, 5 Hojjsht4ds Molasses Cuba, i - 10 Barrels Potomac Shad, - " ! t ' v 10 Hair Barrels Potomae Shad, 1 ' '; 10 Quarter Barrels; Potoknac Shad, -'-j 10 Half ft t FaniilyiMstkerel,,; ''-'; 40 Kits, No. 1 and 2, i I 1 100 Sacks Liverpool Salt, i ! oO B,oxes fine English Dairy Cheese, '-' 30 ' "Adamantine Candles, . - fX) ' " assorted Stick Candy,- '';' '25 Ljiyer Raisins j f,: '. .:; ::';' Finc-L ot of Bacon Nj. j C. and Western, ' i . Flour,' C.Tn anl Corn Meal, Codfish and -Irish.' Pjeit Woes, L ' " -- ' - '; ' Hemlock Leather, Iron and. Nails -all sies, : i "Bale Yarn and Shirting, i . ..-I Sauccs,vFlavoring Extracts.! Soda Crackers, &'c. And every pinernicieiusua.iiy.iounu.iiiaurocery andd?rovisi.on' Store. We invite the attention lof country merchants and others to our stock, and solicit an exiiniination. HAMMOND Mclaughlin. Octobei 14, 1807. tf 1 : B. KOOPMANN. c Having completed' nSy Winter Stock, I now offer to my! friends and patrons in Charlotte and surrounding country, as handsome and cheap -ah assortment of ' i. Fall and WintOr Goods ; s can be bought in or. but of tlie city. ! : As usual my stock comprises!! everything kept in a. first class mercantile housi. Of Dress Gods, a full; and complete stock;. Calicoes jin every, variety, and pattern; Shirting, bleached arid unbleached ; Sheetings and Pillow casing jof all widths Ticking, &c. Special : attention is called lo my extrabrdinary fine and extensive stock of ! ; 1 ' ' - Millinery and iliadies Goods, i Such as Bonnets, Hats, Feathejrs, "Balmorals, Hobp-skii ts, English Hosiery, Vests&c, Shawls in every variety; a lot of French Embroider jes; LjicCs, thread and cluny ; Edgings; . Insertinfrs: Collars; Handkcr- cuiefs-i-altogether embracing ?u assortment such as is only seldom offered in this cty. : v Cloaks and Furs, Latest Styles, i Furnishing Goods, Trimmings, Fancy . Gbods and Notions in endless variety: I ' '. j Cloths, Doeskins, Cassimdjes, Satinets, Jeans, Tweeds. Kerseys, in shades, patterns and qualities to suit any and everybody!. " Also, a heavy stock of RockIsland Cassimeres and Jejins at Factory prices. CLOTHING ! CLOTHING S! CLOTIIIN.G ! ! ! h better stock than ever. ! "il I v -."';' ' Boots and Shoes I For Ladies' and Misses', Menps and Bov's w,ar; I bouarht and Lad manufactu;redSfor ,'iny use such arti cles only as J can" honestly WeC(mmeiid. ' ' .HARDWARE in all its blaudhesj including it lot of double and single barreled Sliit Guns, Witteniore's Cards, Ames: Shovels, Collins' KxeS, &c, &cl. I . . Groceries, Drugs-, fotions, &cJ ' I. ' i . ! , ' N of my hoiise know j them to givclme a call The old and numerous frien of course their interest .demAmb before purchasing, i whilst the lublic generally can rest assured that a trial at myfstore will leave them f v t i?.fflili 'T". ' t' I'll ! 11 i rt t iuuy saiisneu mat , i can anu wiu sen at least as tow as the lowest, - .'j,..- , h . f.- -: WHOLESALERS, who do not wish to be urider sold, will do well to look through my stock. Oct. 21; 1807. B. KOOPMANN. COMMISSION MERCHANTS. ' Co-Partnership NotieoJ The undersigned have this day formed Copart-& CO., nership, under the name; of R. Hi COAVAN for the purpose of carrying on a General Com mis- sion, Shipping and Supply; Business in the City of W ilmington, N. C Their office, for the present, is on the'Ciorneriof Cljesnut and'Water-i Streets, up stairs, where they will be happy to hear front and serve theirfriends By the 1st of October next, they will be fully preT i ROBT. H. COWAN. . JNO. W. CAMERON, JAMES II. HILli. i Wilmington,-A. U.J July ''. lbOT. tf J. Y. BRYCE & CO., General- Gommission Merchants. - CHARLOTTE, X v. Particular attention paid to the selling of All kinds of Produce, Cotton and Tobacco, i : ' B2X Highest cash price paid for.Cotton. BG All orders frlui a distance promptly .attended tO. March' y, : 1806. .. J. Y. BRVCE. AV. H. BRYCE. JJ'AJM UY GROCERIES, r Pickles, PreservesJJellies, Mustard, HorselRamsh, Powdered Ginger and Cinnamon,' linger Presl'ijtes, Macaroni,' HeVnietricflly. pealed .' Meats and Fruits, Sainton, Lobsters, Oysters!, gChims, Sardines, Pine Apples, Peaches. Strawberries, Salad Oil Catsups, Soda Powders, 'Vinegar, Kaifkjnick Smoking Tobacco, UaVana Segars, .Tibaccp and' Snuff. , Chestnuts Green and Dried Apples, Raisins, Fishing Hooks and Tkckle, Violin and Guitar Strings. J " ' ; ' ' wines nd ibrandiesl: - t Cliampaine i Pemartia , Sherry old Newton Ma dcira, old Port, Catawba, . Rhine, SJas.; Hennessee Cognac Brandyj yinUge of 18G8. Marc Renault double refined rectified Whiskeys.: old Bourbon. Rtcj Wheat. puTe Corn ank Monongahela' Whiskeys, Hol- lana uin and bchiedatn Schnapps, "Bitters, SL Croix and Jamaica Rum, Cordials and Lemon and other -Syrups, London ' PortSer, Aj. Guincss & Sons'" tix. Brown Stout,' Dublin, Muirl & Sons Sparklin Edin burgh Ale, (Slass, Bottles, Flasks and Demijohns of all tAten to the Trade.f i ll - ')-. ):' ' , Old Corn arid Ryo Whiskey by the' bairei to the trade at small profit?!-';.. v. . ?' ' '?-' r Visitors and residents in Charlotte purchasing any ol tuc above for medical j purposes can get a pure artic c by calling oh Feb. 18, 1867. T. PALMER. J..EJ STENHOUSE, ' .New Yob it. ALLAN MACAULAY, (fHAKLOTTB, N. C. atennouso cc jsiacauiav. t SCISSION, MERCHANT j Stone Strew, JSJb. n l Ulili.. . Prompt personal attention given to the sale of Gottoh, Cotton Yarns. Naval" Storei?, ic., and the purcbase of Merchandise-generally. r Consignments solicited, f w : Juie 10, 1807. . t ,j Benjamin Robinsoni (Late of !North Carolina,) ATTORNEY AND " COUNSELLOR AT 1 LAW. ZX Xasa Street, XEW YQRK! Associated with Rooek AtrBrp; "Esq., ojc-mcrfr -of Virginia, will attend promptly and thoroughly all uy. .New rFoundry. and , f lif AC SINE SHOP r TATEMI J100KE K CULPEPPER' :;-.' ; Practical Mechanics, Have opened i.Fundryrf Uchiae and BUcksnnitl Shop, at the old stand f J.'M.; Howie, whert tkf! will ciecvrte,. in be rery best style; and finUU. .1 work pa their line. - v- ' , , u - They -are prepared to make all sorts of CASTKgs for Steam Engines, 31in,- FaCtories. 'M'ater-wle,!, Cane mills, Farming Implenent8f and, in fact, ttrt thing pertaining to their business. " ParticuUr attention will be paid to the REPAID ciiyt ijYt ai u kinds ol macninery All work shall be done in the Tery beet style. ul the best material, and at living prices. All kinds of .work for COLD MINES executed skill and dispatch. ; ; V ' ' ' . Remember," we are practical workmen, idj will warrant all our work. Give us a calk ... TATEM, ROOKE & .CULPEITER, ". October ji, 1807, y ' T --. : " ! M H. Fall Stoclc , J. .i BUXBAUM & CO Trade Street, Charlotte, X C. I Dry Goods, ' '"&c.,1. Arriving 1 daily, all . to be sold Cheap jrr Can, :- -f,. . ' - ' To iir ojd custoiuers and friends we retnrn cor thanks for their past liberal patronage, ami tilt, pleasure' in announcing to them tlvt 'e are daily receiving a tjull and complete ettnii t t Fancy Dry-Goods, i. Embracing every article kept' in a find chits' est lishment. - -.-- ' - 'i: r Hats, Bonnets and , Ribbons, in great viriet snit the iiijost fastidious IaJy. . ) RE.Ur-MADE CJ.OTHINO, BOOTS AND, SHOES, - 1 ' GROCERIES; ' tftrGWo us aall and judge for yourself.-v ( October 7, 17.' .. f , : . - ' ' . ' i Important to Carolina Shipper I i THE NEW ; Bait. & Carolina Grand Trunk h FREIGHT ' LINE, ;.',,"- VIA PETERSBURG, YA., ( Comprising the following great Freight Routes; ' ' y .-h THE TOWHATAN STEAMBOAT COMPANY'S FREIGHT LINEvOF STEAMERS, i f PETERSBURG AND WELDON, ( i RALETG II AND GASTON, , NoiRTH CAROLINA, " v WESTERN M)HTH CAROLINA. ' . . i r. WILMINGTON AND WELD().Y. '. ATLANTIC. & Nt)KTH CAHOLLV.V, , I ; i; WILMINGTON AND MANtUlESTEK, CHARLOTTE &" SOUTH CAUOLIXA RAILWAYS, And their connections. "Time Quick and Rates Low. This new trunk line fbrms a Great Freight ltouti y. I betweBaltimore and Wtddon, Warrenton, lUU-lgll, j HillsboiV,' Lexington, Salisbury, Morganton, Clmry j lotto, -Lincolnton, Goldsboro', Newbern, BenHforf, , Wilmington, Chcstervillel' Winnsboro, Coliuiilii, -j Sumterville, Manchester, and all intermediute .points on and near these great Railways and their t-oiiuev tlOllS. . , The Powhatan Steamers connect at Petrrflinrg with Petersburg Railway for 'all points in the CarK linas. Cars are run alongside of Stctiniers' -ntf, and goods transferred with careful handling. ' CARS ARE RUN THROUGH WITHOUT BREAK. f:- rV INC. BULK . Between Petersburg and Raleigh, Charlotte, 0nMs.f boro, .Wilmington, &c, &c. This Inland Line sesses'inany advantages over a Sea Route. Murine risk i.f small and ineurancelfl coniparativelr iiotLing. The .harfof Powhatan Steamers being situated i the-very centre of the great Shipping Ity'ricf of BaltiiVtore, renders it couvenient to phipper, and draynge is. yery pniall. '.''"? ' ' Great jittenttorv paid to consignments of Cotton, Corn, jWheat, Rosin, &c, &c. All produce forward at thel lowest possible rates. t :..-j Ife&r To insure transportation over this. Inland Fast Line, mark all. goods, whether Northward o Southward bound, "Via Peters-burg." ", 1 Freight landeil ift Baltioiore dny follnwihf delivery to the Steamers. I Through Receipts are given ond fixed rate Jcr JtW .pounds guaranteed both wnym . ) Rates in cyery cae as low as via Buy Litis and l'A-tsmouth to and from Baltimore, PbilMdelphi and New YorkI - " N. B. With regard to last named points, frcicut is forwarded to Vnd from Petersburg by Phiiadi'lpltis and New York Steamers. For-rates and all further information, ajplj to any Freight A cent on the Line, wai the ;0i'FlCK: Or" THE PoWIIATAJt STKAMDOAT Co,,. ; ' L . ' IK) Light St. Wharf, BAtTinoar, J. BRANDT. Jr.. President Powhatan Steamboat l. R. B. PEG RAM, Sup't Petersburg Railroad. .. A. B. ANDREW'S, Sup't Raleigh & Gaston Railroad J AM E ANDERSON, Sup't North Carolina Railroad. C. BOCKNIGIIT, Sup't C. & S. ( Railroad. S. L. FREMONT, Sup Wilin'n &. Weldon jtailrftud. J. V. JORDAN, Acting Master Trans. Atlantic and f N. C. Railroad. . -WM...M RAE, SirJ"t Wilmington and Manchester - Railroad. September 30, 18G7. 1 H. M. PHELPS, j'Home, Sweet Home! . ' There's no place like UpmeJ" 1 Tami happy to"inform piy old friends of Chariot aud the surrounding country-, that I have agtiin returned and resumed my old business among tlirm, and aiu fully prepared to offer them the . f ,-, Cheapest Stock of Croods ' To bcTouud at any other establinhnieut in the City. Having recently lived in the Northern States, and with friy pM experience in thc..;purvhase bf fiolwN, am hot prepared to say I will sell bclow cost," or l a reduction on the original cost, or "at ant below New York prices," - but that I will. 'cell as t'hesp, if not Cheaper, than any other House, add at a nal) profit. ; As my stoCvvaa jturchascd forCabt coii' qnentry Ian ffordjto dispose jf articles at a slight advance. . ' i " Y I hflvo now'in St6re, and am constantly receiving, a choice assortment of ; - .- ' h - Dry Goods, - ' v. Ladies' Trimmings of the latest styles, Linen Tsll?' Damask,' Linen Diaper, and all kinds of Flauifel-4. Calicoes, brown ami bleached Sheetings, blaek and colored Alpaccas, Ladies aud Gentlemen's Kurnich-ingGoovK &c. " " "l If. M. rilELPS, March 11, 18''7. - 1 ' Opposite the Court Houfc. - ROBERT P. WARING, Attorney and ' Counsellor at Law. ; , CHARLttTJ'E, X. C. , Office. 3 doors AV est of pvwej'v Bank, and oppoite Carson a new store. . ; - ' i . -t , s- September 2 18o7. . 'n ,. ' - i , . , NewPbundry and Machine Shop : r -AT CHARLOTTE, X C. : ! ... , "ij , , , ,"; . ' . j . M., MARTIN&, CO., :' Haying removed their Works from Stowesville, Gaeli-1 county, to Charlotte, respectfully inform their oM patrons' and the public generally that they hv opened a Foundry and Machine Shop at the old N7 , Yard LolT in the city of :Charlotte.. where they r prepared tp piake all irts of CASTINGS for rites"1 Engines, Mills, Factories, Water Wheels, Cane Mill Farming Implements, &c., ftc. 1 1 REPAIRING Particular attention will be paid to ) repairing of all kinds. j f AH work' shall be done in the yery nicest ttjt . and the test material pscd.' v -m: martin, i John wilkes. June 25j 18C6. J , Charlotte, N. Ci ;- ! -, Fresh . Drugs, (V general assortment, always on Tin rid, at ' , AugustO, 1867. 1 SCAKR S PRVO STOHfc, 1 4

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