The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 21, 1936 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 21, 1936
Page 3
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^SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 21, 193G BLYTnEVILLE (ARK.) COU/IIER NEWS I • • Rich Mexican Farm Lands Given Peons f , Peons Gel Fertile Itrigal-i ed Region for Collectivized Farming riioop TO BABCOCK— '. By MARSHALL HAIL NKA Service Special Correspondent TORHEON. Mexico.—Less than 400 miles below the American border, an advanced social experiment, Perhaps the most radical in" the Western Hemisphere, Is being relentlessly pushed forward. _^_^________^___ • The government Is taking land' " away from big owners without pay-1 mule-drawn wheat combine harvests the, when! that is second iir importance to cotton In living them, and giving the ground, Laguna district. Large Mexican ranches or .haciendas like this ore being divided amoiur the uponi free..|n small tracts lo the peons, ' • --•'" • ' or landless tenant, farmers. ! The peohs, ground beneath four centuries o? oppression, are .suddenly being made owners of Mexico's richest irrigated fanning'dis- trict, the fertile Comna-.i Lngiincra in the slates of Coahulla and Durango. « Tills Is the flowering of what .cxicans call Ihe social revolution, iich started in theory when Dlc- -talor Porfirlo Diaz fell In 1910. The core of this program was wide land distribution to the poor farmers, or peons. But the expropriation of land and Its parceling out proceeded only piecemeal and at Intervals. Here in the Lagnna district, this method is impossible, as under its flood-type irrigation, large tracts have to be Irrigated at once, and hence cultivated systematically. WORK LAND COLLECTIVELY So the government now, in addition to a widespread land distribution, h embarking on a gigantic collectivization scheme. : The farmers will work their new lands collectively. When the crop comes in, they will market it collectively, and split the proceeds. The expropriations are being Movie Stars Offer Composite M<'iin forTliaiiksgiving Dinner HCLI.VWOOn ilIP) — Motion] Wa»h in salted wuli'r -inn) steam picture stars will desert, thi'lr la- Mier sprinkling wllh n Jlttlo .salt mous Drown Derby and Tiwulcro iiml suxnr. Cook brocroll about 15 lOMamunts lor old-fasbloned | minutes, Drain Inmu'dlntely nn.l PAGE TH^EF, Before Aiming at Presidency Thank* BH'hii; dinners at home, advance preparations Indicate. Following is n composite dinner selected ironi favorite recipes of various Dim S ( nrs; Soup n hi Heine <<Vi and Ci d ruri.' Allen, > tiporge Ilurm Take n mp of butler, nno cup of sifted tlom, one mi of chopped 'ItllrHir ...L _.l. . fc . . . strictly .legal manner. made according to the long-standing Agrarian Laws In what President Kizaro Cardenas Insists is a and constitutional . • Cardenas is about to sign a new law giving the government still •{wider powers to expropriate property in the public interest. •• This law seems lo imply that (lie government may take over any property from a house to a silver mine or power 'planij not only if it wishes the property for a specific public use, but if it considers, such expropriation generally in the pub Jfn interest. . . \V 1UEA OF PROPERTY Local peons gather around a group of federal engineers as Gambino Vesquez, chief of the agrarian department, and Carlos M. Peralta, manager ot the gricultnral credit bank, assign parcels of free land. - .preamble ,to the act. states •clearly 'yiat'^m ''entirely neiv conception of property is involved. "The new jurldfc' conception of property does not consider it, ai: 'absolute right, but as a socia function," the act reads. "Thus the expropriation may be made not, only because of public utility, but also for reasons of social interests, for the individual does not have the right to maintain his property non-productive, nor to cut 'Off the founts .of life, work, or of consumption, disregarding the general welfare." The Laguna district consists of 1,250,000 acres, of which 500,000 acres are cultivable. It produces 48 per cent of Mexico's cotton crop. Its average annual crop production is .valued at 70 million pesos •(about $20,000,000). President Cardenas is in process of taking over the entire dis- rict and distributing it free to 30,K)0 peons. He has been personally n the field, supervising the undertaking. NO PAYMENTS FOR LAND The government has made no payments to the 300 firms and individuals from whom the land was expropriated. The dispossessed have 10 hope of ever receiving indem- lizatlon. In the past the government has issued agrarian bonds in >aymcnt, but these have tUfticd put 0 be practically worthless. The owners complain; though seldoai openly, that the whole •am is "Communism, straight " Russia." ._ach' peon receives four hectares about 10 acres) of irrigated farm and, and additional brush and pas- lure land if any Is available. Tncso parcels arc organized into cjidos,' or communal districts. Here the government steps In with its agricultural credit bank. It advances seed and farm machinery to the peons and enough money to live on until the harvest. MO ACRES FOR OWNERS As in Russia, the collectivization program in Laguna has been hard on the wealthy landowners. Their "liquidation" has brought financial .ruin and tragic despair. The government, however, leaves each haciendado 360 acres, enough «r wiw. say> to BSSUrc an 'nconie 01 20,000 pssos a rear. Peasant unions helped lo bring on the program tn Laguna. During tnc cotton-growing season of 1936. an unprecedented series of farm strikes broke out on the haciendas. Many of these were fostered by the Confcderacion de Trabala- dores Mexicanos (C. T. M.), mo3t powerful labor union in Mexico Members of c. T. M. address one another as "comrade." Their red strike banners float throughout the district. But Jose Isab»l i Garcia, secretary general of c. T. M. in Laguna, denounces as "lies" the reports that his organization ls'<f.ommunistic. S'oVLVLfSTIC, HE SAYS "We are Socialistic," he said. the present we are concerned with .obtaining |K>lillcal and economic liberation lor Ihe masses." The farm strikes in Laguna district culminated in a general "red strike." This agitation was followed by the order for expropriation of the big haciendas and their partition to peons. Organized opposition to the land expropriation has crumbled. Owners' unions are preparing to disband. Owners a r? afraid, to criticize the government openly: Cardenas has the army behind him. and nowhere on the horizon is there a challenger. A., paralysing fear hangs over business,. arid industry. , Business' v ''in Torreon.'- a' city of G7,COO. nnd commercial capital of the rich region; Is suffering a 50 -"v cent reduction. FOREIGN FIRMS MENACED Foreign, Interests, including American, are nervous. The Electric Bond & Share Co.. a huge American utility enterprise, owns (he Torreon power plant, which supplies current for 800.wells used in supplementary irrigation. Suppose, Industrialists ask. the communal peon societies refuse lo pay their heavy electricity bills .and decide to seize the power plant? Tlie Hacienda dc Tlahualllo. a 135,000-acre farm -!5 miles north ol Torreon, Is owned by British and American bondholders. The Purcell Perimeter, almost as large, Is British owned. Two smaller farms, owned by Americans, are in the region.- All have been cxproprial- MIGHT BRING CIVIL WAR If the plan is unsuccessful—and the peon finds himself worse off as a small haciendado than as a — conccivably could plunge Mexico inlo a civil war like that in Spain, Incidentally, Spam's present repub- retary of slate. for .line? minutes. Add three pints of turkey brftih and cook tin mixture over a slow IlfL> 30 nilmitM. 'Strain t!n s and add a pint, ot colfse cieiiiu-biing to (hs boiling point, add a nip of chopped mush- robins an.| .( ,>ui> of dl'j>;| chicken or turkey or. i( yail prVt'er. n cup of cqokrd gmi'ii p?n s , Cln'mlcti« collwrt Is Ipavln;- her enlltp Tli;mksBh'In 3 dinner pr ?11 . orations ai hoi house- In her mother's hands. Her? is her recipe for: Itoasl Turkey Take particular care In ei'lrctlng Ihc bird. Th:> breast bone must lie flexible and the meat tender. P<vl tin. diirk skin from a pound of chcsliiuts. put i n saiico pan j wllh a bay l*>af ami „ f uw C orland;r i rcj:ls. S'llt the mixture, cover It ( wilh wain- or whltj slock an:l holl until son. (hen drain. Put n pound of finely minced im-key livers with two chopped unions into sauce. ! pan. low over lire for a few mln- i utes. Ci:i giblel.s Inlo small dices, caule hi butler, and add to half a loaf of bread soaked In water and < drained. Add this In liver and ! onions. Mix well, -season lo taste wllh fn| t 1 pep;>er. then add 'a Illlle i thyme and majoram. Then stulf I turkey. I Put a l:w slices of bacon skin, raw carrots an : | onion on the bottom of Ihc roast, pan. n clove of garlic, a I 3W crushed peppercorns and a bunch of herbs (led together wilh a pml2y root and u bay leaf. Put turkey on top of this and roast In slow oven. Moisten .with u lltlla chicken slock and a glass of old Poll wine. UaEh it often during raiding anil allow from a 1 '- to ;i iKM'rs for a lo-oound lurkev In moderate oy«i. wluni 'done 'take turkey .out, strain liquid Inlo pan, skim 6ir fat. nnd ball up by seasoning to tasle. llrocroli ite she With freedom and independence in sight for the first lime, the peons celebrate at a great fiesta. These youthful dancers are enterlalninj a crowd at the fete with characteristic Mexican dances.' lican constitution was borrowed in part from Mexico. : If successful, the Laguna program will lead to more and more collectivization throughout Mexico —perhaps extending to industry and resulting In a collectivisl state. •••-•••• Candidate Spends 3 pints PALL KIVER, Mass. (UP) — Campaign expenses for Arthur Sundcrland, unsuccessful candidate »o <i oiling jim;u;uuauo man as a for representative, totaled 3 cents, hired farm laborer—the experiment He explained that the'sum reprc- senled the postage stamp used to mail his expenditures to the sec- 'The Great Wall/' . to Open Memphis Audi tor j Um .Season , MEMPHIS. Tcnn.-If demands for ticket reservations for the four star musical attraction, "The Great Waltz," coming to the Auditorium Monday, Nov. 30 and Tuesday, Dec. 1, with a matinee Tuesday, can be taken as an indication, then pros- perily has really returned to the Mid-South Never before has a season at Ihe r^HrT^ j\iiditornim opened so auspiciously, i 150 people. (One of Carole Lombard's favor- (eoelribleo Here Is the. recipe will use: lender broccoli, , pick oir Ihc outside•teivcs antl peel slocks. | From; all pails of the Mid-South i requests for'seats Tor this speclacu- lai ntas nr-j pouring tn, . •' ' '. i Mnny show ROM'S of lh\s L s"r.tinii havo-already attended this innistrii inuslcai attraction in New York and Chicago and they all acclaim It as the grimiest show or Us kind ever to go.on a road tour, nut In making this coasl-to-coasl Jaunt Max Gordon, lha producer. I ' brought the stime company thai presented '-'The o™t waltz" In New York for two full seasons. There is.only one troupe on'(he roadfilhe one that comes lo Memphis. Due to the elaborateness 1 ol the play and the scenic ellccls 'The Great Wallz" eannol play |n just ah ordinary theater. It must have a stage as large as Mi? one at Ihe Auditorium, and this is the reason only large cities have be-n Included In tile nation-wide lour "The • Great Wall?." Is a com pletely modern adaptation ot tin. life, love and romances of Johann Strauss, Jr. and Sr., Iwo of the world's greatest composers of (111" music. Waltzes these tivo ma'slsri composed arc contained in th? pjav and arc played to perfection b\ the company's symphony orchcstri of 24 pieces. The play travels in «ven sijecia „. on butlcird philter, \i\v-, fi'rably silver. Hiivlnklu wllh (jntU'd rminesnn t-hcvM', dot with bil'.U'i' and bnk.-> undi'i 1 salamaiulor or put In vi'iy I'.ot oven for a few inln- Utl'S. : rrti/t'ii I'liililhiK :i la Jliiilhil llnyn 'I'ako lliu yolks (if live (<8RK. u cup of chopped clH'.slmiK n third nip of- chopped ulnml chwrk'S, n pint of whiiiplng ci'cnm, two-thirds cup of i-iiuur. half cup of chopped walnuts and a.U'aupmm full ol VH- nlltn. iMix (he egg yulks wilh (hi 1 sugar, plnce in a double uolU-i 1 an beat until .smooth, Take oa the lire and cool. Add dieitnvU.'i, walnuts, chorrlcs mid • vnnllla. raid In croam whipped li>{ upstanding puinl, place In (refurr | nnd p.lck wltli U-e, Allow thrse oi-| foln hours for rjiu'oello" lo ihht eonslsleuey. anrnlsh , ench hclpini! .with whipped wuin uiul j A inncnroat). ch;stmi|. • C'ranUri'i'y .Saiin 1 , Here's how llr.idi' Allan's' conk prepiires II: .'hike one quurl of criuilicrrlos, Iwo oiipfnls oi siijjay niul a'pintol water. Wn;ih the- eraiiluvrlM, thw put, them on the (Ire wllh UN I water, a covered Kuicepan. 1*1 ?iwiner until each cmnbrrfy bui'sls op- i n llien remove i-ovc:r ol the saiH-epan, add tho siigar and let. them' nil-boll 20, mlnulrs wllh-. out Hi; .cover. The eraiiben-lrsj - ihoiild never be Mil red. place sluice itlililen foi 19 jtan in an album owned bj I>igene Tucker of Ihc U C co^^eran™'se;ve".= l "ia U if?" 1 !'" 11 ", 1 °' A8llcnUllI ° 1>lclUl0 <lhlsl °"' thls " llto "> "»l )llb - llsh.wltl,nmh?,nr"l |' W " 1 ' l>la '"° n( msllifllL Iiuos «<-'t ^ W been <il s covei«l l\)r vlessi-rt Mac West will serve, H '' ! ' ows lllm ou lll ° lllll< **»&* "I- Indian ircnd, Mel, vhon ho nvupa sifeillos inul Shirley . KO.VI ' favors nilncc pie. Here ni-ii • tht •eclpc-s for both: . Mliifi' I'll; •:•„•' A Mjt of chopped mciil, 1 11'-- eiips if molasfes :>r a cup of BUBBI, llircc' cii|is or chopped apples, a cup of meal Unuor, two teaspoonruls'of salt, « li'aspnonful O f cinnamon, if. leaspoon piiwdered cloves. on« lemon (united 'rind and Juice), l-l piece citron, t-2 cup brandy, Vl cii|) wine. :l tenspoontiils ro-mval :i., 1-a leaspoon of mace. Mix III or- I der given. Us:' meat Ilipior to.ltink" quite, moist. Cook In porcelain kettle until apple and raisins are suit. ,v>l:l no wine or brandy linlll mixture li cooked. Meal rro m the voln of the lower part of the round, with n,. lltl!.; fat and no bone \r, Iresl foi I mince meat. To maki' Ihe crust us j half a cup of butter or sliorton- Injj -1'i cups cald water, one tcn- suooniid of salt, cut liutlcr or shoi- lenliig into..ilQiil iliy in-jrwlk A('d wilier nrhdnally, mlNhio Hi;ht,)}' lo form doiujh.' Uoli l«'i-i| ii lc h Uilckiftss on (loured hoard, nl inh_ pic tlii, and nil wllh mines meal Cover tup with another layer <>. c.nisl, pif.^'.i to'gslher and bind , , Assistant Side(ui> of the Na\y, In ion ttake In moilni-nlc around edges. oven. i .. Crc|ic Suicilis • Into a• .royulallnn challnct dish put 1 n cubs of sweet butler an:l Hi iratcd skin of one orangj, Simmci this and add a small ji^Bei- of maraschino, brandy or whisky Then add five drops of vanilla lulce from the .orange and '.'. eltis.s of while wine. Holl this ami drop In thin French pancakes; sprinkle with powdered sugar nnd roll Iwo ways. Then Ikjhl ami keep pouring 'I over the pancakes until tlr flame go-s. put. Sirvs hot wilh ijTup from chafing dish. Canada to Teaoli Aliens , OTTAWA, Out. <UI')—The Canadian Government is planning lo educate Immigrant.'; before they enter Ihe country. To assist applicants for -naturalization lo pass King Carol of Rumania wis confiontcil bj the dilemma of taklno; action Bfciilnsl, rasclst Iciideis who \htmlly threatened to kill him examinations, Ihc government is m "IP event his foreign policy displeased study it carefully before come up for hearing. or of playing into nee Mldncl Is Mown nlxvu tn a picture just receded in America was made during a \hll to C«choslo\aki i, whcie loung Michael i was accorded tremendous ovations. Feast Your Eyes On These Delicacies Fo'r"Thanksgiving Dinner I1«»^1IU1.«. SKW . iT ' lj .' . *— ' The Thanksgiving round-up starts smarlly with i..i»" ••• i ^ "• bacon. Wrap each oyster in half a slice of to""'! fas 'cn with a "we are socialistic," he said <0 ° l1ll)ick ' In a Ilot W"« pan, bro m , quickly on all sides, rut "Our ultimate aim Is overthrow j ne °>' 5lm "" » Pi"e of toast and pour on liralol o^lcr juice, of lh» capitalistic system, but for i • i'" 1 """ ""'•• <>•- ~- • on •(Prom Billy.Ihe Oystcnnan, New York) --:— crabapplcs and craiiffrs—a new garnish for (he great American lirrkcv ' Th "ret cored, thru inscitcil inlo halves of seedless oran-rs The fruit is n-\i rt ^ «f»"a|>I"«s are A breatbing spell in the binquct is a lelliicc silui, rnsp ar,d appcllto »'>xar. Ihcn phrcd on the platter, (lie apples and oranges join (he parade, powtlered reviving. Orange, avac.ido, or srancfnill sections. snu«elert in «,n, Irirtl, and all march to Ihe (able in triumph. (From Waldorf-Astarla, New York) Irnipllnsl}- around Orange, avac.icto, or grapcfnill sections, snugsled in cups formed by curling leaves of icn cold kltuce, Mill put Ihe nearly sirr- ffitert Tlianksfiving nay appetite on odfi fuf (lie pie and cheese. (From Schrnfft's, New York)

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