The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 21, 1936 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 21, 1936
Page 2
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PAGE T. BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS SATURDAY, NOVEMBER- 2i, 'ft Social Calendar '>' ', rf SUNDAY'S EVENTS V Mr .and Mrs J. G Barnes having ''open house" from 3 to G o'clock' 1 for,Mrs Barnes 1 nephew, 'Morris Corzine, of Hngen, Germany, and his mother, Mrs D M Ross, of Memphis MONDAYS EVENTS .Woman's Missionary society, First Methodist church, meeting at the cliurch, 2 30 p in Circles Woman's Missionary Union, : First Baptist church- 1,'Mrs C W Aftlick; 2, Mrs Leslie Moore, 3, Mrs Mike Buchanan, 4, Mrs Alfred Carpenter, 5 chinch Y W, A , First Baptist church, meeting at church. Woman's Council Fust Chus- tlan church, meeting at home of Mrs M T Moon, 2 JO p in To Hi\e Onsn House Mr and Mrs J G Bailies ulll have ' open house' Sunday aftri noon, from 3 until G o'clock at t'le home, 1021 W Ash. St, In honor of their nephew, Morris Coi/me ol Hagen, Germany, and his motlici, Mrs D M Ross, of Memphis Mrs Barnes will be assisted by J'er sisters, Mrs. Tred Alexander of i/achvllle, and Mrs Thorna* Bogun During the afternoon Mr Cor zin«, who armed In lha states Uo weeks ago after E!\ years, in EJ'OP' where he studied and p"ifcrmsd or lha bass violin will p'aj a numhc of selections. He will 1)3 accompanied by his cousin, MISS Glady Mick There will be no invitations issued. » » p • r t Son Born, Mr and Mrs Starling Young announce the btrlh of a son Wednes day night at the hohmc of h»r parents, Mr and Mrs J W Mo- Gaughej. The baby, wlio weighed eight pounds, lias teen named Richard Sbrljn Mrs Young before her marriage Misi Vuginla McGaughey * » |k i | To Have Paris. One of the first hrge bridge nar lies of the winter season \\ill be given Yuenlav afternoon 2 30 o'clock, at the Woman* club, whoi Mrs Loy W-lch, Mrs II A Tav loivMrs Roland Green, Mrs C, G Redman and Mrs James B ClaiV •nill ba host:ss5s Prayer at Parting By Helen Wclehuncr "MOW go with liim.I iKgThcc, -L ^ He needs Youi Hand, lirni.sUonjr, To case the way to Sinai . .'. (The roan's so steep, so long!) 0 him, I pray, give comfoii; Smile oh him tciiJorly..' • Men Irave such need of kindness never think of me!) peace have toutlied its i) Take care of him as I would ICIcould ero with him! FLAPPER FANNY By Sylvia -® BY HH 8IBVIC t, INC. T.'M. RIO, II, t. PUT. OFF. Bits of NeVvs \ Mostly Persona! Artist Returns Alter Years of European Study Moirh Coi/ine K >eai-old Blj ' hcvllle boy, has "come home"-for its first ippciuance In the UnlLed Slates ,us iih artist- with the bhss .iolln After ii\ jcnrs of studj md pel forming in Euiope he is icre .for a brief visit with rela- i\cs bcfoic going to New Yolk 'ity whcie he will do conceit .vork during tlie winter season. Young .Coralhe, who will be ve memlicibd as the' godtl: looking. Conservatory.' at Leipzig. • ^After having been . there ; a • short' time he decided - to study the • buss-, via 1 lin, somcthlhg'jhe .had wanted to do for a loiig'jtlme.'His .work with this instrument was so .'marked that he advanced rapidly and graduated lifter ' four years study there. All tlie :i limcihe .was doing concert work aml'ior the past two years he thas been 'Sniveling I.AKK S1KKK1' METHODIST M N. Johnstor, Pastor Tlie friendly church. 'Wevhave time lo speak and welcome^'Btrang- crs. Ccme and worship with'us, Criiirch School 9:45.'a. ; . : in'.'''.''...Preaching 10:35 a. m. ••.'•.. Youhg people meeting • at-0^30 p. 1 in. . •':.•.'• Preaching at 7:15 p. m. If you like lo hear and engage In congregational singing' worship vith us. ~" We will attend the . Union Thanksgiving service next Wed- icsday lit 7:45. ril.UKIM LUTHERAN CHURCH H J Klelmliemt, Pastor I Sunday -school 9am | Morning service, 10 a.m. Sermort lh : 3mc: "God's Comforting Message lo the Church at Pliiladelphia The Lutheran Hoiif over WLW at 12 noon ahd over KLCN at WSM at 3:30 )>.!» E\enlng icivice 730 urn Sermon topic Water of Life for the Thhsly Special Thanksgiving -* service rhur^daj evening 7 30 Teachers of the Suiuliy school mc«t Prldaj 7 30 p m A cordial welcome Is extended to all FI^ST CHRISTIAN CHURCH Carroll Cloyrl, Pastor Bible school, D:45. I. O. Wcslbrbok, SupcrlnuSndbnl. Morning worship 10 50 Scnnoil 'Partners. E\enlng woishlp 7 30 Sermon Thanksgiving; \ounif Propk have Ihelr meeting G 30 p m Uhloii Thanksgiving Seivice Wed ncrday evening, 7:30 o'clock. Liicky Finesses and Careful 4 Play Make Slam Contract By WM. E. McKENNEY Secretary, Ameitcan Brldfje League W|tli most bridge pUyers now- nnt cords, ho had first round control of every suit, and lots of courage. AKJ73 ¥43 ' People act so silly at cocktail parties 1 ^ "Wtiyou can't e\pect them to presen e their dignit) in alcohol X .#-*!' 484 V K .1 8 5 K J 7 G 2 - AAQ106 VAQ2 • AQ 108 + AQ Duplicate— Non « vul. Soulh West North East 1-N.T.- Pass 2N.T. Pass fiK.T. Pass Pass Pass Opening lead—* 10. 23 adays, ah "opening bid of one no When the opening lead was made trump shows a. strong hand, butiand the dummy spread, Gibbs, who sat Soulh, could see he had much to do, If he were to fulfill his contract. He lay Zo'xn the ace of spades, and then followed with Ihe ten, overtaking with the jack to give himself an additional entry to dummy. Next, the five of diamonds was led, and the ten finessed. Tlie queen of spades was ovcr- aken with the king, and the heart Pmesse taken, ths queen winning the trick. Now Ihe ace ol clubs vas cashed and East's king dropped. Dummy was re-entered by play- in j the six of spades and overtaking in dummy with the seven, The club jack was cashed, declarer discarding the heart deuce. Tli; lamond finesse was taken and East won the last trick with a diamond. , •*:«;?! It was a hand of many lucky finesses, but even then the cards most likely, although not certain with ho long suit In the hand Therefore, most authorities recommend that a raise be given on perhaps as little as, say, a kin= and a queen. Gordon M. Gibbs, of New Jer Meet, and aft»r a thirl> ininut" service will attend the Thanksgiving Service at the rlrst Christian Church; runotle Ind \Uio went to school I lluoiigh Emopc with a Fhllhal- Hcie I'nlil he wns 13 sears of afc Mr. and Mis Ernest R02 end tw daughters,, of Memphis, motored u last night for the football game a guests of Mr and Mrs D B \Voodson and family Dan ana Merc;r West of Men phis, are guests of theii grandparents, Mr and Mis N P Knight "Dan is a member of the Central High football team Mr;-;arid Mrs. Allen Hiiddleston, of Brinkley, were here lasl night for the football game Ml. and Mrs T R Rob sit son will go to Poplar Bluff Mo, this afternoon lo spend the weekend •with relatives Miss Isabel Brandon Is spending the weekejid in Memphis Mrs Fred Warren has gone to Djefsburg Tenu , for n brief \lsit A. : Comvay".underwent a tohsilc- tomy yesterday at Ihe Memphis Msthodist hospital. He was accompanied to Memphis Thursday if ternoon bv'~D<- and Mrs M O Usrey, Mrs* Conway and Mrs Ood Ircj white, of Osceola He wil return home tomorrow. A D. Alexander, of Osctola, is aj ,patient at the Memphis Baptist , hospital ~E L Highfill of Hornersville has been aomilted to the Memphis Baptist ho-pilal F. L Pittman, A L Scobey and J t H Parker, of Memphis, were guests of Louis App-lton Ira Crawford and Olivei w Coppsdge- jes- terday afternoon Burke Mann of ForresLCity, was amon°- the visitors here last night for the foolball game DotfnagB Mi-Cullough and Richard ^MccUlot.igh, Hirh Mi\on anc •son ' Hugh jr of Mananna, were her-> last night " game. •Morris' Corzine T cok up music seriously shortly ifter he moved, to Memphis with lis family. It was first, the motile concert, orchestra. He lias returned to ahe United Statei because of the ih health of Ills inothci Mrs D M Ross, of Memphis, who Is'-here with. him, lie is a nephew of Mrs J G Buncs and Mis Thomas Bogim, of here, and: MJS. 'Fredi Alexander, of Lcachvllle, and; the e'raiidsou of the late Mr. Morris, of 'here. and Mrs. --S. E FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Walnut and Eighth' Alfred Carpenter, Pasior' 9:30 a.m., BIWc school id 35 am Woiship service Pas lors s-rmoii topic Om Kingdom Task Solo Mis Paul L Tipton Offering for the Arkansas Redemption Campaign. G JO pin Baptist Training Un ARMOREL CHURCH Sundav school at 10 a.hi Preaching, 11 a.m. sermon topic, •Have Faith with God. B. T. U. 6 p.m. with a special musical prograih under the leader 'ship'of Miss Margaret PrUllt, B. T. U. director. Pleaching 7 pm Sermon topic Goodness ih Jehova The juniors ana intermediates will have charge of the evening sen Ices FULL [GOSPEL CHURCH 'Uiiy.aiia Vine Sts. Rev. W.'O. Slriglelcrry, Pastor Sunday school 9 45 a m N W ton, 7:30. p.m. Pleaching service SeuiiaM topic I Pet'r 4 18-What Doc? it Mean? Solo Roy Hofeaii | Wediiesdaj 7 p in Tcichcii 1 ahd 1 Trintham sup t Morning worship, 11 a.m. N Y P A 0 JO p in Evening service 1 45 p m the pastor in charge i witV Oniccis of th" Sundaj <5chpol will tnDi>e s " lv ces You are cordially luvitqd to al Osceola Soctely — Pcisonal lofore these meetings have been held In Memphis but due to the fact that the Osceoli tompinj has ecently mo\ed Into their new ilillding the dcllers desired to ilcet here for an opnoilunlfy to nspcct it Dealers present were Charles Nickols Helena Poster ohnson, 'Marianim: William Har- rqvp Wynne Ijotils Na>ih Blythe- ille W M waters West Mem Luncheon .for Visitor. The Thanksgiving motif was used in tallies, 1 decorations and menu when Mrs. W. J. J^rlvcr jr. entertained. with a bridge luncheon at lief home Thursday', honoring Mrs. E. F. Still of. Plymouth, N. C., .who'.1sttlie guest~.of her sister, L. C. B. Young. Twontj phone, bm an ' accident while guests-werOipresont. ,f he club prir.8 working in a meat market cost .vhia \voii, by 'Mrs. C. 55. Driver .Mm the ringers on his right hand while among the guests Mrs. W. and he had to abandon this hi- E. Johnson'.won the highest award trumenl, His.desire lo be a niusl- Consolation:prize was cut by Mrs. •tan persisted nnd, he 'turned to^y. R. 'Dyess and traveling prize :hc .trombone, which could be j was given ' Mrs., Ben Butler. Th- nastcred wilh fewer lingers. honbrec was presented a gift. After his graduation from Tech ••.»•' school his leacher, the late: p. E. O.^Meeting. ;arl Mctz of Memphis, urged him So study in .Europe. He was so :cnvinccd. that young Corziue had .inusunl latent that he continued ils urging: until the young man lecldcd to study at the Landcs sister. Constance, who is spending the winter with nn aunt there. W. McCutchen and Mrs. C. D: Matthews of Slkeslon. Mo.. will leave Monday for Winter Park, Fla \Urre thc> will spend thr Thanksjlving holidays with Miss 3e'.tv L-?c McCutchen, who attends Rollins college there. Mi's, Charles ;Colcman was hos less nt her co mi try home Wednes day hfternoqii to the Osceola chap ler. p. E::,p. The cxcmpllficalioi of the ritual for all new officer was conducted by Mrs. t>. Fie Tavlor jr. 1his. and B City T. -'Simmons, Forrest TEMPLE 1SRAFI Rabbi Mai rice Ljons will spea! this bunday Nov 22 it 3 o clock during th" sen ice 1 ; on Couiage ajei hervice there will oe a un n Tlmnksgivlng seruce fol all chilfches held at the Chrisan chinch when the Methodist htirch pastor will be the principil while h"re for the football game Mrs George sramlin, Mrs La-1 layetfe Maj, Mrs Elcus T>ron«! and Mrs. Victor Craig spent Thursday in Memphis with Mrs Vcrnon E Chalfant rind Infant son at th» Methodist hospital Miss' Earlcne Cleaves of Mem.— phis, wIlLsp^nd the weekend here as guest of^Afiss Jamie Nichols > Oscar Hardawaj, who spend* rnoSl of hjs lime, ill Memphis is nt V\AWSCi f An ' TMr.*'.. nnlr«n^ lor the foolbal M r .1 Cecil Lowe, who is ill, Is I shgrtly Improved R C. Hunt- who is critically ill at | th; Memphis Baptist hospital, is unimproved. His illness has baen diagnosed as typhoid fever ivilh - hoW I or 'ifla 1 " weekend Mrs I* ; L, Engler, Mrs Welch, Mrs ^E. M. McCal Mre Fred 'Rutl;<>rfoid\ were Memphis yesterday. v Lov and In complications. He became sick s.' W.^JI 1 Driver jr. and Mrs James Driver were guesls. Birthday Parly. Mrs. N.:"M. -Moore entertain?!) thirteen little boys and girl's at a party Tuesday night, honoring the '""*h bl^'^^^v of her H^u^hter. •Vivlan'.-]Pollowlng-aii--cvcnlng>. of gullies aiici-reiruaiimenls Lney were chaperoned ; nt the Gem ';\:cater by the hostess and Mrs. D. M. Moore. | . : •'. ' Attend Grand 'Wiis" 1 . Those who went to IAU1<- Roi- 1 Monday forjthe,annual meeting of Mr. and Mrs..Lee Maxwell drove .0 Columbia, Tcnn!, today to spend the week-end with their son, Monroe, who is a.student' in Columbia M Hilary Academy. Mr. nnd iirs. S. • M. Hotlgcs re- turucd Wednesday night 'from a Uyo days business trip to Little Rock. . . , '.;.' ' ( .• ' ' R. A. Bowen" r -wlib spent the past' lw : o weeks visiting his "daughter, Mrs. J. B. Buiin arid family, re- '\ihied to his home In Pc'rryville Thursday. : Mrs. W. J. Drivor and granddaughter, Peggy Jane, arc guests at the Hotel Penbody this week. Mrs. I. s. Burton returned Wednesday night from a week's vi^\ fr . to her .mother, Mrs. Jennie Wlggs,' at Lewlsburg, Term. Marjorie . Mayo, Shirley Mastin and Betsy Ross Springer \vere guests at.'a birthday, dinner and theater party given by Mrs. p.ntl Driver in honor of the tenth birthday of her daughter, Shirley Ann. FIRST METHODIST CHURCH 11. Lynn Wade, Pastor The pastor and wife wish'-t express our very sincere apprec: ation foi the very heaity an hospitable reception given then by .the church arid friends in Blj theville. The. question .ofttihn asked is hereby answered: ' "W ike BljtheMlle — We are to have as guest.speak- er r at the 11 o'clock service Sunday morning Dr. Eugene W. Potter, the new Presiding Elder of the Jonesboro District. At 2:30 Sunday afternoon he will hold tlie District Stewards meeting, at which there will be representatives from the more than twenty charges in the District, including SECOND BAPTIST CHURCH Sunday school 9 45 am Thomas ibgun. Superintendent. • Musical program, 11 a.m.'M.orris lorzine of Hagen Germany will lay the bass uolin with Miss Glads s Mick as accompanist ASSEMBLY OF GOD CHURCH W.' H. • Rhodes. Pastor Sundaj school 9 45 am Radio service, 9:30 a.m. Morning seiucc 11 a m Jail t,u \ ice 4 30 p m Jr C A Cla 1 " o 30 p m Si C A Class 6 30 p m E\ ening service 1 45 p m Tlie Rc\ and Mrs Rhodes will conduct "rviceo at Osceola it 3 p m The chiirch band will play it the Sunday night service I he Senior Young Peoole will be m charge of the Tuesday night pro rr'n'ih this week. The Junior.'and Senior classes will begin \\ork on their Christmas plajs this week under the direction of Miss Ber nice Alken and Miss Mary Hop kins required careful handling to create (he needed entries in dummy. Today's Contract Problem Souiii. lias conlracled for a j grand slam. .One heart loser j can be discarded on the ace of ( clubs but thcio sllll is the i pioblcm of finding the thir- | Icenlh trick. Should the heart i finesse be taken? A Q 10 63 V K 9 G » 109 * A Q J 0 (Blind) (Blind) A ¥ A J 8 5 « AKQJ5432 ••(•None N. & S. vul. Opciior— » .Solution 'in 'next issue. 23 Everything for your entertainment and comfort Saturday '•••Ralph. Bellamy in Hiirold tBell Wright's "Wild Brian Kent" Also Serial—"Ace Druniiiipnd" with John Khif and Cartoon —Admission— 'Til 5 P. M.—10 & Zlio After 5 P. M.—1G & 31u . • —Continuous Showing—: ":' sey, treasurer of the American Bridge League wno will attend the tenth annual winter championship tournament of the lea-,u° •'. the Hotel Stevens in Chicago, Nov.- '30, i probably hoped to hi a nul» mort in his partner's hand when he got 'i raise on his opening bid on todas s hand. But e\"i> hough he missed several impoit FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH Stuart II Salmon Pastor Is the Mister at Home? is the significant question to be rilsed in the paslol s sermon in In*- Morn ing Worship sen ice beginning 1! II oclock Evening worship beginning at 7:30 prolhptly, will.-feature a.ines sige entitled What Price Glor>? This sermon will not touch' on the war problem, as : the title seems to Marion, Wilson, Tree, Lcpr.nlo, Osceola, Luxora, Marked joyrier, Blytheville. Manila, Lenchville, Monctlc. lak'e City, Jonesboro, and others. The choir/tinder the direction of Mrs. Wilson Henry will furnish special music at each service, morning, and evening, in Keeping with the Thanksgiving occasion. Tltc pastor's theme at the evening hour, 7:30, will be "Gratitude" from the'text: "Where Are the Nine?" • '" : The young people meet at 6:45 Sunday evenings. In place of the regular midweek imply, but to quite other matters exactly what, one should be presen to ^discover. Sunday Church .School begins, a 0:45 a.nv, rnid the .Young's people's vespers begin at G:45 p.hi. CHKISTIAN SCIENCE SERVICES "Soul ,'and .Body'S-is • the 'siibjcc of the Lesson-Sermon which wil be read in all .churches of Christ Scientist, on Sunday, November 22 .The Golden Text, is "The ligh of the the eye: li there fore thine eye be'single, thy \vhol; body shall be.hill of light." Mat thcw Gi22. ' : Among; the citations which comprise tha Lesson '-Sermon' is the fol- owmg frohi the Bible- DEMONSrRA.TTON : Br"thien Y [led ' School Sunday - Monday ClflBK . , OR The 4H club; of the Red Line school was leorgiinized on Thursday Novemoer 19 with G W Thompson as president; Grady Sisco is vice president, Glendola Mpi-gari as 'secretary and Faye Chappcl as > reporter. Other members are Maggie I unsford, Virginia Morgan, O'Nell Griffin, Harley Griffiri, G. I,. Griffin and Troy Roland. • be 'followers together of me, and mark' them which walk so as ye gave us for an example." Phillip- ian s 3:17. The Lesson-Sermon also includes the following passage.'; from the Christian Science textbook, "Science and. Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy: "Let the perfect mbUel be present in.your thoughts Instead of Its demoralized opposite;." Page 407. Trie Reading Room is open every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon from 2 to 5 o'clock. All are cordially invited. AW. S.VANDYKE production j 'Produce , lotftpK L. M»nld«wi« FRIED CHICKEN"" Every Mon. & Thurs. on I'lato Lunch Hot Biscuits Every Night DICK'S CAFE AcrpSs the Street From Kress 1 gan of Lxixora; Mrs. .George Raines. ' Mrs Ashley ;Haddick has return- her*flOme In Fort smith after, a'visit with" her mother, Mrs. W)alt Henley, Mrs A.^Q.^anasId, her bioth-i - ^JMdteyfDehWn, and Mrs, Geo M. Hunt; ha\e'gone on a motor ', trip whlcH"*ill taU them to At- lartla and\Bd1son, r Ga , and points of .Florida' ) '-3'flc.y \\iJl return Wed- nqsday. ^Mrs.-Hunt Is visiting rel- >•; aUy«s-at ^^^nta s ahd Mrs Fair* 'field a: . J \ -\ i Mr. and, Mrs. W. C. Leggctt had as their guests last night. Mrs. R. B. ; McElyancy and son, and Mr. *nd Mrs. T. J. Melts, of Oxford, Miss., who ramc up especially for the football game. T. J. Melz jr. is a• member of the Forrest city team Wade Clark, a member of the a , tnlct "; department o[ the Univcr- !, tv of Souin ' Se»anci,'Tenn., Ben Mona s na " and urj-ant Anderson. ° r Memphis, weic guesSs of Mr. having up especially for Ihe football game. Mrs c E Crigger and her grandson, TojnJMilllipi.spsm Friday In Memphis ;Mrs. Leonard Smith is ill at hot home near Around. Mrs.'E b Hale was in Mem . Mrs. Lee Maxwell, Mr's.'J: ;T ler, Mr... and -Mrs. \V. , D. . Kelly, J. L. Smith- ; and Mr., ahd 'Mrs. Colemaii .Crews ,of Little River. Little Gleiicja'jMarie Maxwell gave dance luiinbers; at ' the addenda of the Grand ^ chapter. . L. 4 ' _ > :« Ben V. Butler.Uocal Intenulion- «\ Harvester' -dealer, was - host Thursday to'j the 'dealers of north- cast Arkansas '. 'at a meeting al which plaris] and' policies (or ths ensuing year U^er'e' dlscnvori. w^ri Also Paramount News and Comcrty Conliniious Showing Sunday. TUESDAY, NOV. 5325 BANK NIGHT! Ill Adm.—Always JO & 25c—lo Show Kvcry Night Malinccs Friday, Saturday, Sunri.iy Friday ,t Sunday iiliitjnccs—2:15 Saturday Malincc — Continuous Sliowin s — ];00 Till 11:00 P. M •Men's White Shirts Show'How. Good u *' Laundry Really Is! Shirts laundered here have a feel, a fit, a finish that cannot;be duplicated with home methods. All bultoiis bcvicrt GciUte sinking. In iuild,' pure soap anil on'and minor re- linking in gallons of zero hardness pairs made. water take Ihc place of hard rubbing. YOU'LL LIKK OUR CLEANING 'SBUVICE, TOO! BLYTHEVILLE LAUNDRY JACK APPLEBAUM Also Cartoon and Serial—'-The Clutching Hand" uilh Jack Mullull "Bli VTISEU , . BUY KAYSER" Wilh Donald Coo!<, Knvin O'Hricn Alnrsc, Alan Doran and John Qualen y

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