The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 11, 1939 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Monday, December 11, 1939
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS 1raEDOMINANTNEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ^ VOLUME XXXVI-NO. 225 \— ' Blythevllle Courier iilythcvllle Herald Biytrieyllle Dally News Mississippi vnllcy Finns Continue Stiff Resistance, Awaiting LeagueGroup'sAction By WEBB MIIJ.ER ^HELSINKI,. Finland, Dec Ji. (UP)—Finland, a waiting the outcome of its appeal t« the League of Nations foi .support against Htissia, and ii broadcast appeal to In u civilized world for aid, held back attacking Hiissian forces m the Karelian Isthmus today lor thc lifth successive Reports, said the Russians con- Iinjet (o attack vigorously on the river, the outlet of (he Vuoksi lake chain to Lake La'do-a ruts lake runs through liie Man- iicrhclm defense line. H was nn- parent that the Russians sought to advance northwestward alone the south side of the lake system, and thus cut into the heart of southern Finland, it was reported that the Russians now were about 25 miles inside Finland on the -eastern side of the isthmus as they had been for days. An official spokesman said that more than too Russians were wounded in u fight, MOSCOW, Dec. 11. (UP) —Russia made it plain today that it would not accept the British blockade against German exports and would reserve the right to demand compensation of any suffered under it. Premier Viaclicshv Mototov, who is nlso foreign commissar, asserted In a note to Great Britain OF NORTHEA8T^AliKAN3A3 AND 800THBAOT MISSOURI BLYTT1EV1LLU, AHKAN^," MONDAY, DKClffllHIoiTTT Mississippi Couniy Fann- ers Vole 4610 To 1!5 For Quotas that Hie blockade was unprecedented. Specifically he said that it violated (lie principles or International law ami iva s calculated to disrupt sea borne trade On (lie military side, Uussia In in army communique claimed fur- 'hci- iidi'nnees In FinlniKl. It was announced that nu.ssl.iii roops had occupied Kuolojaervi, 35 miles inside Finland uml 1GO nfles northeast of Bothnia. the Gulf of the Ladoga. Four surrendered spokesman said. They said lint the others did not because thev had been advised that the Finns shot all prisoners. Baron Carl Gustav Miinncrhel-n commander In chief of thc armies' yesterday extended martial law to the eastern and northern provinces of Finland. A dispatch A little lo thc south of Kuola- jaervl on Ihe mid-Finland from, the Russians claimed Ihc village, Johonola. In (he Karelian Isthmus it was said, " - mined the entrance to Baltiski (Baltic port) across from Finland ers adjacent, on the Finnish gulf, and thc wat- the , Anollier Tallinn dispatch said Esthonian freight steamship K.ISSB, about 1,000 tons, servin^ as a mail boat between Tallinn and Helsinki had been attacked and sunk by an unidentified submarine in the gulf. Survivors, arriving at Tallinn, were quoted as saying that one member of tile crew was missing. Finland's appeal lo Ihe world foi aid was broadcast yesterday at a plenarj' meeting of parliament. Finland asked aid in'a'struggle '•-i-for .'the- .de'feiise'' of oitr-. democratic regime, our religion' oui homes, which all civilized people hold sacred." Speaker Vlinoe Hakkila made tho broadcast in parliament's naiiic. "Our position as advance guard of western civilization gives us Hie right to expect active help from other civilized nations,'' he said.- "To all these nations' the Finnish parliament now sends this appeal." Finland, which always had tried to live at peace, had been the victim of brutal aggression by Russia without cause, he said, and It had no course but to resist, "So far WP are fighting- alone against an enemy which threatens to invade our soli. But in reality it Is a struggle for all lhat humanity holds most precious. ". • . We believe that the civilized world, which has given us testimony of iU great sympathy, will not leave us to fight alone against an enemy more numerous than ourselves." The broadcast suffered interference which Finns attributed lo Russian stations, but it was audible clearly in Finland. The diet at its'meeting authorized a loan of 1,700,000,000 marks ($34,000.000). The loan had bc»n considered since September. Two unique Finnish weapons, .the "jjuuko."- a razor sharp dagger, and a remarkable litlle machine gun which, weighs less than a portable typewriter, seemed dea- . lined to play 'important parts— along with skiis—in 'this strange and unpredictable war being fought In ice • and snow and the obscurity of the Arctic night. You have to forget all preconceived Ideas to comprehend how litlle Finland Is able to oppose great Russia. Tactics, geographical and climatic conditions nre not those of usual wars. In the north, thc Finns fight with long white cloaks over their uniforms, to make them invisible against the snow. They hide behind rocks or trees, permit liie Russians to pass through them, then on their -sklis sweep down on the Russians as dizzy to attack them with the "puuko." their six Inch knives which they wield with upward slashes. Seventy thousand lakes cover nine per cent of the area of Fin- land and they are Interspersed by interminable forests, thickly dotted with luiae outcropplngs of rock—all ideal for defense especially against tanks. Much of the fighting is in Arctic obscurity. Even In the south there is only about five hours of daylight, and in the far north there Is practically none. It turned AWAY IN A MANGER 'Away in n manger, no crib for his bed, The Hlllc Lord Jesus laid down his sweet head . . ." Singing of Christmas hymns around a manger, begun in the parish church of St. Francis of Assisi in the 13lh century, was a custom carried down through the . - ...- years. For such a ceremony Mared much colder yesterday and tin Luther, 16th century German there Is more snow. The Finns! minister, wrote this ' Christmas hope it will snow heavily—the song, now long popular as a man- more, the better. Then the lakes fier carol, will freeze. When the Russians' CL , try to.cross over the Ice the Finns "f *1 ^nOVUinS L/CtVS hope to break the Ice with, hand I I r^'li >>i ,• grenades and artillery. I JL " t l.Ul L/iriStmaS of Boboshino and Kirkamuolaa. It was believed these towns were in the eastern isthmus sector, where the Russians have claimed penetration Into the main Finnish defense line. The communique, Issued by the Leningrad military authority, said the Russian.-; had made general gains of from three to 4',i miles on all fronts. iia's blockade note was handed lo the British embassy here . yesterday. It was pointed out thai Russia previously had made protests against the British "contraband control." But Ihe new blockade, it was said, further prejudiced the interests of neutral states and further violated international law. Britain's demand that neutral ships call at control ports was "wholly arbitrary," the note said. : Finally, Molotov said that Russia, protesting against the new measures, reserved • the right to compensation for losses If merchant ships of Russia were forcibly 'Escorted lo British or French ports,, or If the application of the blockade caused 'other ' lass"of foreign trade to' Russia. Comity farmers joined witu „(!,(,,. coUou K ,. ow[ . r! . ln JlC(U ._ tily omlM'sIng the Federal crop control program under which the Agriculture Department will regu- marketing' }, y V0 (t, ltt late cotton 4GIO to 115 In Saturday's referen- duni. Although the vote in the i:ounty was slightly less thai 11 was expected by n number of agricultural iead- ers, It was said to be excellent represenlalUn. There are approximately G500 farmers eligible to vote. The Arkansas vote was 75.528 for and 5325 against continuance with a few counties not entirely complete when the tabulation was an- nounrcd at Little Rock. The vote The King Al The Front 1 for Mississippi and 91.48 per cent for Tennessee. Hie specific proposal on which .Ue 2,300,000 growers in thc IB cot- .011 producing slates vcled was continuation of the application of strict marketing quota provisions of the 1938 Farm Act on nc.xt year's crop. Merc than (he necessary" two- thirds favorable vote was recorded Under the quota-regulation program, administered by thc AAA, growers who sell In excess of their marketing shares will be subject (o a penalty tax of three cents a pcund on excess, and will not be eligible for Government loans on cotton in 1940. Likewise, only those who co-operate with the program will be eligible f:r Government benefit payments. -DF-SIIIE SUBJEQ M Menace, Is Rumored Arkansas Supremo, Cowl Rules Resident Iiiclivicl- vi a I Must Pay Levy L1TTLK HOCK, Ark,, Oi'c. II, (UP)—Tho BiipR-mo court ruled today that Ihc stale could collect laxes on ljic:mc earned by residents from business Interests In ^thcr sluliv;, The decision I'nme In Oio «j)- K.>al of A. o. Dunklu, Forl. Smith, who sought (u avoid Inx pitymenls on line inn collected as his share of profits of mtrciiiitlte nntl nln- nliiB enterprises operated In Oklahoma. The .state sought to collect In- comu luxes on his profits cf $2,113 In upholding n I'ulaskl comity cnanccfy court decision In Iho nisi! Uic high tribunal said: 'The state of domicile hn.s the U -f> V -/ SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS- Nazi Move For Peace, Prompted By Soviet ponc-e move through Italy. fEtflff TRIflJi SLI1E|TI[SI Barnes Still Unable To Ap... .gear His Attorney Says; f~\,\ " '/Si' ••'* ' i- ., Wesiern Front. ttirucl usually unrolled King cicorgc of Britain inspected nrltlsli troops c Above, his Majesty mosses over thc duckboimls wipes In One Crash, Fatally Hurl: In Second BATESVrLLB, Dec. 11 _ Amos Slrctid, s-l, died at Ills home near Salado nl noon lodiiy from Internal Injuries .suffered iiboul 0;30 p. m. Saturday when his wagon \vus !n- volral in « |iircc-way collision 'on Uic Wlilto .river viaduct a mile north of Unlesvllle. npjjfal Tenuous they diplomatic quarlcis and were made at once to in Berlin, Rome and Geneva" Tlio only icnlly clrcumdan...,. S ^'j'e alleged pence move uas published hy the Brussels r«y i il' ei ' J-° 8olr '" & dlspatcl irom 11.1 Geneva corespondent. . According to thte dispatch theie jrcro reports in Italian quarters not on y (hat Germany had spited finotli&r moie (o negotiate peace IHII lhat the Fiench government alieady had been informed of the , ^ ^ u T 1 1 11 iv; u u D. E. P. commander General viscomit aori, at his left, Uic mud. SECBErtK Board Member Leiserson Charges Irregularities, Asks For Dismissal WASHINGTON. Dec. 11. <fjp)~ The house committee investigating Ihc Nallonal Labor Relations board today made public a memorandum from Board Member Wili J 11am M. Leiserson willing for dismissal of NLRB Secretary Nathan Wilt and accusing Will's office of 1" procedure, -which he paid an Inrt me lux in Oklahoma on his earnings In Umt slate he should be exempt from similar payments In Arkansas. Revenue department officlalssuicl 'thai successful prosecution of this stilt opened (lie avenue to collodion of nppj.-xlimilcly $100,000 on Incomes heretofore nnlaxi'd, I In another decision the supreme court upheld Uic contention of liie v > n „ rl Al ' ! C9 , nn v " )llcltl ^ llc contention of liie X t C 11 Cl Alongside city of Fort Smith Hint Its rrtll- Newly Built Big |)lne " 1(r " ?35 fl """ nl Levee The Public Works Administration bits Increased tlonal, Insurance .Cnsc Kcvcnrcd LITTLE ROCK, DM. U. Others Charged the Ingram building, ^fouday. EXPil IS CUT Wallace Announces Reduction, Predicts Trimming Of Cotton Carryover WASHINGTON, Dec. 11. (UP) — Secretary of Agriculture Henry A. Wallace anntunccd today a reduction in thc cotton export subsidy rate from the four-tenths of a cent a pound In effect since lost Friday to two-tenths of a cent a pound. Tho .rcductt:n was the third in less than a week. Wallace, meanwhile, said after a White House conference that he hoped thc administration's cotton be able to appear here toni(»Tow.lni,anciirg\7WdTutomobTlP^ program—approved by farmers Sat- , Barnes lives at Huffman. ,._L_ amomopllcs. W. s. "fete" Barnes and M. c. "Bud" Robinson have been notified lo appear In circuit t<:urt tomorrow for the cases of Barnes nnd Robinson in which they are charged with assault with Intent to kill. Judge G. E. Keck Is to preside at the special session of court which Is being held to try these ;wt> cases and that ,:i A. J. Baker former director of the Manila school' district, who Is charged with embezzlement of approximately' $2000. Cases of Barnes and 'Robinson were <j:nlinued at the November term of court because Barnes was physically unable to appear, according to his physician. While the Barnes and Robinson cases have been set for trial tomorrow there still remained considerable <| ubl, at least unofficially, that Barnes would be able to appear in court. He has been in irregularities "smelled.' Committee Counsel Edmund" M. Toland distributed photostallc copies o_f. Lelserson's memorandum ' "un nn.s increased a uninl to m, 7 , 1V "^ JX > "™- "• luw— Drainage District 17 of Mfslssli) >l , S > " lc slll "' cme «>»'>• rcverscil purpose of M I"'"' " lsl » l! »eH a Oralghcnd county ditch along the"' ™ se , , t ° ( J Iiy '" whlch [Mcn -' 1 Dnkel ' ' County for thc strutting a seep ' new levee in (lie Dig Lake'torri- tory, about H miles west of 131y- tlicville, and for additional on all ditc" iwl ditch- started some tli to collect a $500 Itisuraswa claim on. p. policy lisucd on wife, Delia, by (he , and for additional work i » , f ' 1 ' )Jr c S ditches left ail In the orlRl- ' A , Ilisllrn " c o company. itch-cleaning PWA nrolpct i court said ttiat "i nrolpct i s ia " 11101lls ly ' )lcl1 Bnkor "inilruo" d some time ago The Increase 1ls ly)c1 Bnor """clly for $55000 i 1nntl ° d:»ccrnlng hi? wife's phy»lctil _. -while Loiscrson' -was'- a prepared statement the NLHB's record but admitting some shortcomings. . Tho district plnus lo condition when the IK, .'lor .Wds'iis.'Voon^'r'^ceincaUoMl^ 7«M r 'lt;yold.: defending- can be drawn \ip so .liiat work can. . .?"™ 1 ' r !"f <:6 c °i»l!«u, ""»•" Immediately. was 1s cd that linker know'ills' wlfo It Is estlmntcd"that Uic pii;Ject' fillfrcll ^ r 'Iran nn Incurable contend- can bo completed in CO the time work begbis. This new seep ditch will lake Auto Credit Company T f\ i i ntf """ " uw 5ecp nllcn wil1 l(l ke 10 Upejl Local Ultlce care of water which now backs up against the recently built levee Blyllievlltc has been selected as ); 01 ' cln S thc water to go into Ditch the home of thc third Universal ' whlch rlllls trom one-half to Credit Company office to be lo- c . ne ml| e east, of tho levee, accofd- cated in Arkansas. & '° -"• A ' Lynch, secretary- The new office, to be located In lreasurcr of the district. 1 llc P>i ro 'insed the policy -_ -f open The additional work to be done on the SO miles of small ditches, 10, 1038. . Mrs. Baker died Dec ~ „„,,..„, ,„ lu i al . ne nas meil m wj)lc)) , a serious condition for some time (the United States with 11 5^ Greene, his attorney. | having been placed in said today that Barnes u-otdr) nnf: I (i, n «^^i I-.,..- R. A. Porter, In charge of thcl J ? ;t ?"' of the ori e lnn[ dltch- ofllce at, El Dorado for the mst' clBnnin e Project because Kf lack of ten months, Is to be local mannVer ' ™"""" '"~ " " Associated with Mr. r<:rter will be A, V. Comstock, formerly of Kansas City, who will have licadmiar- ters here; J. Ward of Canithers- ville; Miss Mary Rcvell and Mrs Frances Lagrasse, both of this city! The Universal Credit Company, throughout 130 if these four years, deals with urday—would result in reducing the | . The cases resulted from a street cotton carryover by 2,000,000 bales 'altercation mare than a year ago by August i, 1940, j between these two men and C A I Cunningham, attorney, who was - critically wounded by Robinson (while Barnes is alleged lo have held byslnnders at bay with his knife when they attempted to interfere. Baker's case is said fi involve the renting of certain school lands and alleged misuse of funds obtained. U. S. Supreme Court Bans Wire Tapping WASHINGTON. Dec. 11 (UP>- Tlie supreme court tcday Imposed nn almost absolute ban against using in criminal, cases' evidence gained cither directly or indirectly from wire tapping. Christmas Carols Through the Ages Missouri Darns Opposed SEDAUA, Mo. (UP) — The Conservation Federation o[ Missouri has announced opposition t-. plans of the War Department, to build 30 flood control dams In Mfcoiirl Leaders said such dams would de-. str:y virtually every major clear water stream in the state. Cavollcrs Will Bring Chrislmas Message In Song A band of Chrislmas money for the entire Job at that time, will complete rehabilitation of the 2G5 miles of ditches In District 17. Full of thc laud Is responsible for the condlll.n which lias made a seep ditch necessary on tho side of thc new levee, it has been pointed out by engineers. The new projects will be paid for hy a 45 per cent grant or $2-1 750 from Ihc PWA while thc balance, $30,250 or 55 per cent will be paid by the spon^.rs. A part of the program started some time, ago to Improve drainage of n largo portion of Mississippi County lands, (lie newest grant w\:u!d not have been made poxslblo without cooperation of land owners adjacent lo thc district. 11 was pointed out by John w. Meyer engineer of the district. "H was those land jiwncrs who helped greatly In making ccmple- 'lon of this gigantic project possible," lie said. British Steamer Cleveland Relief Crisis Is Passing CLEVELAND, O. Dec. 11. (Ul>) —Mayor Harold H. Burton announced lodny that "normal relief will be restored In Cleveland' Dec. 16: Ills announcement came as emergency relief funds had dwindled to n point expected to last only a few days. The announcement means restoration of food orders lo nbout 12.000 families who have been in dlro need. Marijuana Poisons Hogs DANIELSON, Conn. (UP) — Charles and Henry Reynold. 1 ! were astonished when they learned seven of their prize hogs died from narcotics. Slfltc police, however, found a imtcli of marijuana on their farm and concluded the hogs had eaten the drug-weed, wllhdis- astrous eilccts. wagon, knocking - c .U,e? thc Mr' Sh^i T""'" l ''" Ck " Mi. all oud. A. coroner's jury was .mabla to establish which vehicle struck Mr. fa'lroud and repovtcjl Ihc accident iinnvoldnWc. Acts To Halt Spread Trend; Little Rock'Man Honored VATICAN CITY, Dec. U , tUPJ —Pope Plus, al, a secret consistory, today Imported directions to catd- Itials regarding their stand In their respective, points .throueliqut the world 'In face, of communism, 'hco- pagahlsm:an<| similar. .Uc'mls awny from the cliurch, Infcrmniits snld. unimiicachaulc • " t f tal ' liclrt by Russia as well as ac£ many! Qcnnnny would keep a°«- ' Uto lhiwi B h to 'Dawte < 'It wts assorted, in Iheso rumors, Hint any negollntlwis would be based on the restoration of nn In-i dciiendcnt Czechoslovakia, except for the German-speaking Sude- tcmnnd nrea which was ceded to Germany nl Iho Munich confer- eucu. A plebiscite would bo held Jn Aiistrin— n free plebiscite under international - supci vision accoidlng to the reports It v,ns said tn~mis connection Germany was confident Aiislrta wolild vote to stay In Qormimy, x As part of a Polish scttlemont, according, lo the leports/tho white Riitltcnlnn niid Eost Qnllcian areas would be declared independent, , order lo form a buffer stafajf Iho area where Russia Pol Czechoslovakia, Hungary and 1 ' mr.nln' would meet *j It-. ; wiis, :stild Italy, under^ ~ would obtal H was understood that (lie pojie especially deplored tho danger tbat Communism and atheism might spread In Europe as the result of Iho Russian Finnish war. Cardinal Laurl wan nnmed by tlio pope ' to be Cnmcrlengo of the church. Cardinal as Camcrlcgjjo would assume subrcmo power during the Interval between tho death of a pope and lhr> election of his iiicccssor. Tlici right Rev. ' Jvfonslgnor Albert Lewis Fletcher, vlcnr general of Ihe Little Rock, Ark. diocese was named titular bishop of Snmo aiul appointed to assist Hie most Rev. John B. Morris, bishop. Found: The Old Cray Mnrc MIDDLETOWN, O. <UP) — The "eld (jrny mare" really exists for Mrs. Martha Hess, who owns Babe, 30 ycnr.s old. "She's been with us so long she's Just like one of Die family," Mrs. Hess snld. Vt>ir York Cntinn NEW YORK, Dec. 11 (UP)— Cotlon closed steady. Hits Mine, Sinks Dec. Jan: Mar. May 1 Jill. I Oct. open high .. )015 1077 .. 10G4 10CO .. 1012 10-18 .. 1003 10M . 059 07G .. 923 930 low 105B 1DG5 1024 DQ5 060 911 close 1075-7 10G9 1045-8 1010-U 075-G 925-30 Senior American Cardinal Is 80 LONDON, Dec, 11. (UP) —The British steamer WillovL-pool, 4,815 1 C<ttt.lH< nanu 01 unrisimas carollcrs —•""••" o"=»iiw:i muu-Apuoi, '1,013 M m« wish "peace on earth, good M-ns, struck a mine and sank in I "t to men" In tbe grand old J" 6 Norttl Sca ' il ws announced ^o" 0 " will troubadour style here this Clirlst- f Acling in two' coses the supreme ' mas whm thcy S|I1 B t'.uUtdc the court ruled that evidence develop- wlndows of numerous homes In cd from clues obtained by topping " 1C city ' wires and evidence obtained by A group of 14 townspeople under tapping telephone conversations thc dlrcctlon of M'ss Nanny Clarke taking place in intra-state com- 5mtlh havD P re P !irc < 1 l ° open their merce cannot rightfully be ad M ; S r!ml of Christmas carolling milled in the criminal courts Thursday night and they will also The dccisicns ared tn a bar against "tapped wire ... deuce, direct and indirect In both state an ' ' sing next week but have not which night, do today. The crew of 30. a lew men ! slightly Injured, were rescued by , n lightship and landed at an cast "• Dec coast port. Stock Prices May May Jnl. lOct. NEW ORLEANS, Dec. 11 (UP) — steady, open high low close 1072 1082 1070 1073 10-17 1052 1013 .... .... 1020 980 985 920 030 A T &T 168 5-8 Anarj:nda Copper 301-8 i Beth Steel 81 i Chrysler 83 1-4 Caraway's Condition Satisfactory «* l ° •»'«« 1 Coca Cola ,» checr to !hosc who are stck tills "" Electric 38 1-2 Motors 53 59 7-8 i,iiv,vi vw viiuau VillU UIU hltft. LUIS ' /-• . | Christmas and they ask those who! "„„""' know of ill people to call 276. Anyone desiring that ,the carollers come to their home may call the some number, . >j Mrs, Russell Farr, Mrs pawl L E^ 81 * 1 "' 3 '"* Dec. 11. (UP,)- Tipton, Mrs. Farmer England and r 1 lo 5 '' 2 "" II 7-8 J 43 3-4 Chicago Corn Dec. May open close 53 53 3-4 55 1-2 55 1-2 Livestock ««, • ,,,, "•' — *"" i»- \\JL,/ — » .j.tx.11, im.-j. imnici i^tigtVlu Qllt c, ' , Tlie condition of Senator Baltic Mrs. James A. Ovwholser make up f? 001 ^ Vacuum Crnway (Dem., Ark,), who vmdar- the soprano scctCn. In the alto Standard Oil N ........ went an operation Saturday nl»lit group are Mrs. Wilson Henry, Miss ? Tc: l as Corl) .............. 43 for aii abdominal ulcer was re- Mary .Emma Hood and Mtss Nanny U ^^ni^^r^r'^^r^^^eiicy Clarke Smith. The tenor group Is s stccl .............. •• G6 l " 2 attendants today-. made up of Wilson Henry, "William Am, C/araway: was stricken en Jxiwslie and Dr. Fred Child. Leon rouic to the • capital from her Stafford, BUI Beswick, James B:y Ark., home last Friday, and the Rev, James A. Ovcrholser DM. Chicayo Wheat She She nnim EAST ST. LOUIS, 111., Dec. 11. (UP)-Hogs: 22,000 Top, 5,45 170-230 Ibs., 5.30-5.40 140-160 Ibs., 4,00-5,25 Bulk sows. 4.15-4.Q5 Cattle: 5,800 . . are, members of the boss section.. '.May. :..;;;;;;;;;;;;; 95 ].4 9441 cows, 6.25-0.00 3,0-5,0 Balkan'zono of influence and; tight to ptirauo its 'aspirations! thc Medttcnancan , : •lliere was no Immediate ol comment on tho reports in „.. don. Ufitially reliable quarters salt "oivcver, that the reports caused no surprise hero because Ihere had been Indication* that British qasr- tors had .recently anticipated su6n a move because of the latest international developments. Thc United Press Gcne\a bureau had reported that Geneva was "overrun" with Germans, Italians nnd Russians, who were holding private .meetings In hotels and talking In "marginal 1 conteiences with some .delegates (o the assembly. < Joe A. Johnson, 44, Of Yarbro Succumbs Joe A. Johnson, of Yarbro. died Sunday afternoon at the Blyther vllle hospital where he had'been a patient for n \\eek following an operation. He was 44. Funeral riles were held this afternoon at thc Holt Funeral Home with Ihe Rev. A W Harris, pastor of the Yarbro and Promised Land Methodist chuiches, officiating Burial was made at Mnple Grove cemetery. , Pallbearers were: Sterling French, Ernest . French, Spencer - Bunch, Henry, Berry, Montro Holland and. Lowell Uurnham. In 111 health for some time; Mr. Johnson became seriously ill two ivceks ago of a stomach ailment..' Born In ,West Tennessee, he came t:i Mississippi County in 1015 and since that time had lived at Yarbro where ho farmed until a few years ago. ' He u survived by his wl'e, Mrs Cora Johnson, three daughters, Mrs. Viola Lang ley, Margaret " x Jo Johnson and Barbira Ann Johnson, and one s n DOjle Leslie Johnson, all of Yarbro. Articles Are Stolen From Claude King Home A typewriter, fur Jacket and a suit coat were stolen from the I Claude King residence at 613 Chickasawba avenue ametlme during the weekend, police were notified lost night. ',' Entrance was made Into the house through a bjdroom window while the occupants were out of ' town !:r a few days. ",' A partial search by Miss Mabel McKay, a roomer, had revealed nothing else missing but Mrs. King was to complete nn inventory of their belongings upon her return tomors:w. » WEATHRR and Tuesday. Memphis^ and vicinity—Fair to-

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