The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 7, 1952 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 7, 1952
Page 7
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THURSDAY, AUGUST 7, BI,YTHEVTU,E (ARK,) COURIF.K NEWS Drought-Breaking Rains Cool Parts of U. S.; Cotton Saved By The Associated I'rc-ss Droughl-crackinpr rains splashed down Wednesday on New England and parts of the South—too late to save nearly a billion dollars worth of burned out crops and pastures. But the moisture was a Timely life-saver 'for corn, tobacco, cotton ~ and vegetable crops still surviving in these ~droiif?h(-sin«pd areas and gave promise of reviving some pastures by fall. The drotipht. one of the worst in 1, as the climax to a • week' of drought-easing showers, but the rains were too late to reduce the estimated 150 million dollars crop loss in that state. A total of 1.85 inches of rain fel) at Knoxville. Term., and the Weather Bureau said the drought was j broken there. A half inch of rain ifed in the Tennessee Valley. I At loasl 1.15 inches of rain pelted Ihe entire state of Connecticut and Dr. Paul J. Anderson, director of [the Connecticut Agricultural Ex- jnerimentiil Station in Windsor, sain j the rain was worth '•millions" to ihp tobacco crop alone. | Massachusetts deputy c'ummis-i Isioner of agriculture. James H.I 'Collins, said .25 to .75 inches of j | rain in that state "ought to help 1 everything." • 8 Die on Boxer As Jet Explodes WASHINGTON M>j-An r-xploslon nl a jet plane aboard the U. H. carrier Boxer in Korean waters killed etcht men and injured an unan-j nounccn number or others, ihe Navy, reported today. ' | Twelve jet planes were dostroyprf I bv racing fires that followrri 'ihe explosion. HPlicopiers anrt lifcljo.-.ts picked up I).*? crewmen driven overboard bv the flames. PAGE SEVEN U.S. Has $75 Million to Toss Into Battle Against Drought e In produce j Wp acks to rural ' ' ^ Tells Worried Voter **-» • I OH/"! C£3 \*+ HvUjC these rffnci.s: Some sharp increase, prices, scattered setbji' trade, cms in milk supplies in j Southern Missouri, a tiocline in! farm labor employment in the stricken area and some "scare" buying in canned fruits nnd vegetables. A Department, of Commerce survey showed no serious business slump yet in any area because nf ihe drought but that there hud- bccn forced to contribute to Cnv, J boon some sharp increases in prod-r sitj MoMath's campaign funrj and! urc> prices. | had voted Tor the povntnor Fit the 1 As the rains rame, the r cc j pra | j preferential Democratic primary.' government raised lo 10 the num- "" '"'"' "" CON WAY. Ark. to — Gtiber-. and I like him personally." Cherry nntftriml Candidate Franoi* Cherry j toM a questioner, "but he has one last night advised — \vith qualifies-! fatal defect — he's just been work- tions —• that a questioner vote for " his opponent. fnr Homer too The roforchc*> was to former A man who jrintitihrt] himsrU as , Gov. Homer Arikins. a power In a state employe telephoned ihe the M cMalh udminiMration and a Cherry talkathon herP that hn | frcr|UPI1 ,- |nrBe , on Cherry's. Graves _ ber of entire states listed as disaster areas, it added North Carolina and the remainder of Arkansas to the list. Other states are South Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia. Kentucky, Mississippi, Ms.s.SEiehiisetts, Maine and 44 Missouri counties. Oklahoma and Tex- from Cherry said he would surance Commissioner Graves If he's elected- covevnor, He didn't knol about Adjutant Gen. John B. Morris. "Herbert Graves is a fronr! nmn Vas have been carried over * the 1951 drought. Farmers in these areas are eligible for government loan.s. The- Southern states were assured by a government .spokesman attending an emergency drought session in Atlanta yesterday that no hard-pressed farmer will be put cut of business or be forced to sacrifice livestock. DHlard Lassetcr, head of the Farmers Home Administration, said his agency has the money and organization to bring speedy relief. Agricultural spokesmen,said the drought was broken in Southern New England and in parte of the j hiing when South, Arkansas had general rain- Jusl sprinkle a WflS not enough to break the ! and more comfortably Nc drought there. | Ecory, pasty IRMP or feriLns Birmingham, Ala., reported 2.,^5 | ^" r ; h . ch ,^%:^lr;i T " d " r '' inches ol rain, heaviest since Jan. I J" ]E ,'nre FASTEETH tod He said DemorrMic he \v anted fo for Cherry in the runoff but fearecPfor his job. j "If you have so was Adkins' insurance com- issloncr when the lajter was Cherry (old anoflier Inquiring I 1 'hal he riirin'l know Morris think' your vote faoiiJy and ,vou may he known and cause you to lose your job. I say [jo a brad and vote for Me- Math," Cherry satrf, Cherry repeated previous assurances that he planned no discharges of employes merely because (hoy were known to have voted against him. fire Ill- Herbert How To Hold FALSE TEETH More Firmly in Place Do your fals* tpclh annoy nnd embarrass by slipping, dropping you eat, laugh or talk? Little FASTKETH on nnd couldn't say whelher he would be retained as adjutant general. Indor.spmenLs of Ch^ri'V rpari nt last night's lalkathon incliirtprt one from Vic Wood, Ft. Smith, former president of the Arkansas Federation of Labor, find another from Or. George S. Benson, president ot Harding College. Searcy. Wood telegraphed Cherry nol to worry about an indorsement of .Mc.Math Sunday by the executive committee of (he API., Labor's League for Political EnucnUon. "You'll get 90 per cent of the union vote," Wood wired. Cherry had said previously he wasn't worrying anyhow. Old? 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The onipj ::cnry cimlrrrnc f u;rs c'nllod lo spforl pincr^^inu of tii:;- nsto]- IO.-IHS tfi fnniici's rrr>:'.iir: \ni: rloi' the hammer bln'.vs of n uvo- ; month clrou?.h: ttijit is r-o.Mnrj them close to a billion dollars. Honry Smith, FHA prnrt'iction I IO.TII chief, Joined I.a.wii>r in I pi'ointsinQ [irinnpt ns .:-<.:i!i.-c- In • hnrri-t>i cv.-rrl food mid liv^.^riM'k (rod for slurviiv* t;-»i!f <n ncl fcc for rrop:^ in th<' auiMinn. But tlie bu: ru>h for loan;: pr bably won't cornc imjjl [;prjn Smith said. ovrr. tfiiil rlisristrr Innns nin for pioriiictinn puv(>o;:os nnls- .nxi rn:\\ p ' urn bo niltrunrd lo finance pltlHs J from one type of fnrminj to nn-i Will] the news nf liber;il cro\'rn\- IllrlH lj.nckill'4 camp n Jliiinlirp of :ui end to (lip rlry plntme ulucli lins ^h:-ivrllcd the region's c-rops ttuiiriL r the lotlu' <iry .spell. 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