The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 20, 1936 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 20, 1936
Page 6
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PAGE SIX BLYTOEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 20, 1930 BANK 10 ; UPSET LOCI5 Chicks Must Solve Flashy ^ Foiiest City Allack to , Remain Unbeaten BY J F. FRIFND Undefeated nnd untied In clglil gtmes to fai this season, and EccKIng their 28tli conMXUlHc vlc- Icry, (he Bljthevllle Cblckasaus \,111 lm\c their undefeated recoid, n stale and Noilheast Aikansas championships on the block tonight In ' their annual pigskin classic 'jllh the Foirest City Mustangs Tiie game h 1'atpd foi 8 p m vndei the lights at Hale> Tie'd Ad\inc" tic) el sales Indicate a iccord eiowd of between 4000 ninl 5.000 will: be on hand to sec llic (JJtf; pmerful state tennis collide in what, is expected to dculop Into"n •scoring battle Three horns nflcr the reserved ducnK \ve-" placed on sale earlier in the week He's Big Name Gii elde .Hank CiUp, director of alh- » nr 5' k*t«! at the UnUerstly of Ala- Mniys, Pitt, tftiha, and former colleague of l$jid Coach Carney I-aslIe, J. D •Ears" WhlUoith, founer Blytheville star, v>ho v.ent from here fifijoin the Tide at Tusciloosa as S^^plajer, and later guaid coach, 5gyv head freshman "coach at the Louisiana State Unlversllj, according to repoils will be on hand fi&klnir over material for their re- toucl)dov,n by lls four majoi foes this year—S M U, St Pick of Pacific Pigskin Rcrlbrmers Ever Hear o{ Karamilic 'Who Plays With Spo- kt'ne School? and Purdue—Is Alexander (The Cient) Wojclecho- wlcz, above, center. Alex, who crochets In his spare lime, Is the east's Best bet for All-America honors, and niay lead his team Inlo the Rose Bowl fray New Year's Day. BY TINY THOKNII1I.T, Head coucli, Wianruru iJnlrcrM) PALO.ALTO—An all-star team selected In a year of ups?U, such as the present one has proved to be, is aul to be more accurate limn In a year when teams run true to form. For Instance, this ;scitwn. It is difficult to single out backs or linemen who .stand out head and shoulders above otlier's, simply because they have been seel) In (he ] light of a toslii" team, which de-. tracts in considerable measure from the brilliance thai would have bC3n theirs had their squads goiv> undufcalcd. Due to this, fact, selectors of all- star squads have had to spsnd considerable time comparing the quail lies of a number of backs who fccm on a par In this section, which has only Santn Clara as n major undefeated team. The result, I bc- Hcve, presents a team more rep- Four of U' e outstanding performers on the Pacific Coast are pictured here are members of the NEA'Service All-Pacific• Coast team Probable Blytheville-FoiTest City Line-Up spectlve ' teams Spoils Edltoi of Ben Epstein, the Arkansas gazette, has indicated Hint he will §c<jupy a place In Ihe press box mitl cover the game for his papei. Raoul Carlisle, Sports Editor of the Foriest City Times-Herald, tuid Otto Bildeeforth, brother of Bud, Biidgeforth, former Mustang SfnK and correspondent for the Commeiclal Appeal, are the other members of Hie Fourlh Estate to d,r1ve down '• c Mustangs Seek Re\en(e 1 Beaten in their last two starts v,lth the Chicks, both of which ^ere sensational offensive battles, the'^Mustangs are out for revenge sjnd.' will have their "Sunday Hunch" leveled at the locals Two veirs ago Coach William Irving j._ lirought peihaps tlie best team Blytheville has seen on Haley Field since Carney Laslle became 'big* chief J But superior condition tinned the tide In fa\or of the Lnshemen, 21-13. The score was 1-7- at the half, thanks to a 10 yard' run by Basil Locke after Intercepting a pass Last yeai they Forrest City Thomas Dims Wt. 165 210 E. Ferfi(son (c) IIS 97 Bctisley Cox Montgomery Vance Trje Parker Metz Tnlmn 1G5 105 185 175 173 150 170 183 I'os LEi LT LO C ' RG RT RE QB RH LH ra Nu. 34 27 30 25 21 29 31) 40 22 20 36 (C) lilj'lhcvllle Roberts Burton Cralg^ Walker Moody Wise Wairlngton Meredith Beslmrse Moslcy Hntchins 115 210 185 105 105 .225 170 175 105 150 165 resentatlve or this section than any i selected by Tiny Thornhlll, All-Pnclflc const squad In years, center' upper right, Ei In picking this .squad, I not only ' have been aided by other west coast couches, but have solicited opinions of many players In this, section. . I The outstanding player on Stanford'coach. Kicking is George Karamatic, Gonzaga fullback; center, Bob Henvig, California's great Ed Goddard, Washington Slate's, triple-threat halfback; and lower right, Marty Kordick, St: Mary's guard. NEA's Pacific Coast All-Stars' Substitutes (Forrest City)—50 Vaughn 150 01 L Peigmon 116, 5G Whlttenton 151; 57 Latham I(j2, 58 Cope 153, 77 Danehower 163; 80 Pope 165, 84 Thornton 164, 85 Harris 17D, 92 Fairest 162, 9-1 Saussanifin 103,96 Knoulton 172, 98 Ellh 184, 99 Jett ICG Blv'the- boasted an e^en better learn, did the Tribe, and expected to ti/rn the tables But executed play, Eddie Sallba to a perfectly Hershel Mosley on the kickoff of thp second half, broke a 13-13 tie m»d Blytheville went 'on to win 39-20 .Vorrest City's record of fl\e til- itmphs and three defeats will nlean lit lie If 1 any thing in tonight's njeetlng They ha\e been trimmed by Hot Springs, 20-13; Pine Bluff, 44-14, and Jonesboro, 19-7, but In e\ery instance put up a courageous fight It was this Thundering Herd that put the great P."j Lbnginotti, all-slate back, out at • ..commission -at the Spa Their I--' auchdowns were scored \ia the -'i 1 '. a » attack they are sure lo wage against the Chicks Pun resene power / - .I^BC asuilisi UIG Bluff had too much Kirrest City led, 14-13, at halftime, but bowed to a steady stream 'of substitutes in the last t«o '-periods They \\ere enjoying a. 7-0 lead ovei Jonesboro until the'Hurricane went hog wild In the.last U minutes, scoring three touchdowns Their most Impressive inns have been over North Little , Rock, 13-7; Brinkley 38-0, and Sfuttgart. 6-0, last week. i — Have Heavy Line 'For the first time this year the t Maroon and White will face a line almost as heavy as theirs. The Mustang forward wall will scale In the neighborhood of 180 pounds some.five or six pounds under tlie' -.ylheville front line Eldon Diesis 210-pounder, performing at left t tackle, has been prominently mentioned as all-state material. His running mate, Montgomery, weighs Island Is a povverful tackle Captain E Ferguson, Beasley center;* and Thad' Vance' are others tojbe.watched In the line. The backfield 'scales 111 pounds per player, or five pounds better than the locals. Parker, right half- bacV, and a pass catching ace Is their lightest -ball carrier. Jack Mete, passer deluxe who likely wll do,plenty of heaving, Is In the 170, pound class. Phil Frye, brother [ ,. of the Illustrious Bill Frye, now a jc Ole'Mlss, weighs 3 pounds, more I-.end'Is topped ten by Tatum, battering fullback. Lloyd "Toar" Wise heads th , . Chicks in weight.' This 17 year old youngster, is six feet, six inches lall u and has 225 pounds spreac rv er ,hls ponderous frame. James _ Burton also a tackle, pulls i j mere/aio; Captain Byron "Ripper .Walker, center, and bulwark on defense, is five pounds shy of th 200 ;mark, Oneil Craig, guard, wil ' call .signals and direct tne team. ., T** leather luggers are headeo by 'the' excellent blocking back - Alfred "Slick" Meredith, with Rus ; sell Mosley, Homer Bcsharse an. is. *, ; vllle— J9 J Smith 155; 19 Godwin 185; 31 Hardln 105 28 Har 210, i24 Justice 190, 2G Bartholomew 200, 33 Craig 105, 13 Hood 8 Stafford 155, 4 L \foody 145, H. Bunch 165, 37 L ' Smith 165 Scott 145; 35 Brown 185, 2 Bishop HO, 5 Chltcls 140, 21 Locke 1 HarbcrC 145, 8 S Bunch J j • ,,. ' > "-(»-- ' v ' Max Hutffcins "Slick" weighs 175; Mosley 150, -Hutching and.Besharse '85 each Officials for the game will be sent frojn Memphis and aie members of tlie West Tennessee Offl- ^inls Assoclallon Theli identity *ias not been made known Ccaches \Vllllam Irving, William Kennon, and twenty sit plajers ire scheduled to anlve at noon ind will be stationed at the Hotel Noble. By Harry Grayson Failure of Southern California to stngc n complete comeback t'lls "=a<on win'lhe Pacific Coast Conference championship and appear n Ihc Ross Bowl on New Years Daj can In a large measure be / traced to Howard Jones faith in t the system. 1 U'mg two separate coinolnutlon: 1 Eoulhern California at no time i fielded its strongest available of- e tensive force. Schooled observers e agree that the pick of the party e would have been the equal of any d outfit in the land. Jones Is expected to depart from the unit Idea following his club's e defeats by California and Wash- *• niKed nltli this kejp Ihe dc in 'h '.turmoil.' With two of the leading c dates for the Invitation co" by Notre Dame pro luct-s — J Oronlcy at rordham and I Thoinns at '. Alabama— the To meiit of noses battle maj ha\ nil-South Bend llavoi Knutc Rockne Innght chcn nnd assisted Jesse Harper, v. It Irish varsity during Phui'n's Ins dajs at South Bend p was the teammate of Chnrlej I mim.of Michigan State. Jack gher of Aubuin, and Slip Ma of Saint; Mary's. He captainw 1917 team which Introduce; iimnortal George Gipp Phelan .was called by Wns Ion lii 193 aflcr cnjojlng success, at Purdue. » • • Thomas One of First irocknt-Taujtht Coaches Thomas 'wa'-s one' of the Rocfcne-d a'v e 1 o pe'd coaches played miarlcrliack in 1931 1922. Of the 1921 array, whit eluded Paul Castncr and J Mohardt, Dr. Eddie Andersoi roaches Holy Cross, Harry ! tutors Georgia, chet Wynne is man at Kentucky, and Tom directs Loyola of Los Angtlos Elmer Ln'yden, now' In cha his alma mater. Crowley. Nob zer of Purdue. Harry StuhU of Wisconsin, Adam Walsh of doln, and Don Miller made bows on the Notre Dame \ Phelan He siiuad, If any crin be selected,, is George (Automatic) .Karainatlc, fullback. Ordinarily, his dped 1 ; : nl~ little Gonzaga University in Spokane would bo hidden.under several bushels had major teams on the coast gone through,undefeated and Untied. But It Is lo his credit that he stands out In n season as event-., fill, as the current one. i'* All-America. Timber! " ' ' 1 • The 190-pound junior does everything—passes, . kicks, hits the line, is a /great defensive man, and can do the century In 10 flat. He { Is-of Slavonian parentage, and:his folks operate a grocery store in Aberdeen, Wash. ''- . ; Tom Loiitllt, outstanding western official; who has worked every major conference game hi Hie west, says: .; * . "He Is-the best layer .seen In years-andTyears—Just a natural. Hc^s ail AJl-Amerlea player if eyer Iliefc' wiis'such' niiiunnn." • The halfbacks on the first :s<iuad are two^any.'coach Ayoulti give his right ey^'f.fbr. Jimmy. / Cain o^ Washlnglop; Is a great:back and) ]>owerfi$li.r^nner.' Hc : Ls a,blockei after ihy?own heart, and.-that ciual- sonicthlng- every all-star back lould have. Ed Go'ddard, learned ith Cain, would give a- team nn ttack that would be; nearly un- .oppuble. After two years'of hard ick, Ed has hit his'stride, a'nd fe-.v etter backs have been seen .on the oast. •• . '.: ••;.''', .'At.-1 qiinvier, Flash Falnschl, of anla'plnra, is .a standout. He k reatlyi ; r'esponstb!e for Santa Clan's showing, is n great blocker, ine defense ninn, and exerts an nflucnce on ' the morale of Ihe quad Hint- IE Indlspeimsblc. ilibbs of Sonlhern California, ind Clark of Stanford,-- give the cam a pair of wingmen without quals on the • coast. Clark; I be- leve, without prejudice, is tiic best in the coast considering his all- round play. Ilibbs Is a slandoul vho Is a fine offensive blocker nnd >lrong on defense. First Team End Clark, Stanford Tackle Dennerleln, St. Mary's Gunrd Kordick, St. Mary's Center Hcvwig, California Guard Starcevlch, Washington Tackle Zagcr, Stanford End lUbbs, So. California Quarter > Palaschl, Santa Clara Halfback Cain, Washington Hulfbatk Oocjdard, Wash. Sla.te Fullback Karatnatlc, Gonzaga Second Team Klump, Wash. Stale George, So. California Bassl, Santa Clara Wlatrak, Washington Hanson, U. S. C. Bjork, Oregon Sciirocder, U. C. L. A Davis, U. S. C. Gray, Oregon Slate Coffis, Stanford Brighton,- Stanford Decision On Turkey Day Contest Near VV. D. McCluikin, superiniend- enl of-schools, said at noon today tlmt he would probably close a contract this afternoon with Thanksgiving; Day opixmenls of the undefeated Blytheville Chickasaws. ' • '. ' Mr. McClurkin indicatetl that HONORABLE MENTION: Ends—Timm, St. Mary's; Weliba, U. S. 0.; Lillbo, Oregon Slate; Barlow, Portland U.; Sparks, California; Peters, Washington; Schwartz, California; Stone, Stanford; Coughlan, Santa Clara., Tackles—Schwartz. .San Francisco: Barbour, U. C. L. A.; George, U. S. C.; Callaway, Stanford; Dallmeir, Loyola; Dickerson, U. C. L. • A. Guards— Ro'dgers, ; Santa Clara; Glovanini, Oregon; Burr, U. O. LI A.; Strack, .Ore-son .State; Amato, Oregon. Centers— Cmlth, Washington Slate; Chavoor, U. O,-,L. A.; Dcming, Oregon State; Perrar, Oregon, Isoutsouvas, Stanford Quarterbacks- Brad- iloCk, Oregon; Ferry, St'Afaijs, Gomez Santa c]ari. Meek California; Logg, \yashlnglon Hilfbacks-Sill, St Marys, Blouei and Corneili-California; Peterson, San ' Francisco; Ilaines, -'.Washington; Dnugherty, Oregon Slate. Fullbacks—Williams, U. C. L. : A.; Sunden- ngton. Tliree Injuries broke up South- ;rn California's senior combination 1n the \Vashlngton game, In which the Huskies were without Byron Haincs. The most dangerous runner on the western slops was ;. on the sidelines with a wrenched knee. Washington Is expected to repel Washington State In Seattls on Thanksgiving Day and thus qualify for the_blg show at Pasadena. It Is tough to gain consistently through a big and fast Washington line led by Max Starcevlch, a guard. Wiatrak, center, and Pelers end, slcod out against the Trojans. Huskies. Polished Team Noire bamc Style . .y Phelan has the finest backneld set-up In the far west. Three fast-running backs arc very good at throwing and receiving passes. Two capable fullbacks are tremendous factors on the attack up. In addition to being the foremost Wcker on the coast, Quarterback ">gg is a superlative blocker and pass receiver.". ' Washington is considered one of he. more pollshtd teams employ- ng the Ntlre Dame style. It has the most versatile attack on the i?!i stl j The Huskies' assortment Includes very good' flanker plays * ith many laterals and forwards keeping the defense spread Reverses, spinners, and line bucking of 1022. : Joe Bach, formerly of Duquesne and now of the Pittsburgh National League -professionals, came ftlong in ;023,''and Joe Boland, the Notre Dame line coach, in 1924 when the Four Horsemen rode. Notre Dame has contribulcd much to football and it would be fitting for Hie teams of two of its more prominent sons to scrap f out in the Rose Bowl, where Sleepy Jim Crowlsy played his last game Armorel Redoes Battle Jonesboro Juniors Toda wskl, Washington; Jones, U. S. C. more , who has conic along fast. Weighing 215, Pete Is very fast and hard to handle. He'll be a serious contender for All-America honors nrxt year. . , ' ' •; At guards we'll take Marly Kordick of St. Mary's, and Starce\'Ich, of Washington. The former is a. giant in the St. Mary's line, fast on offense, and a sure tackier on defense. The latter is smart, aggressive, and tough. He held tha middle, of the Huskies' line safe against all opposlllon, nnd you can't ask for more from any lineman. The one real outstanding center on the coast is Bob Hcrwig of California. Six foot-four inches tall, and weighing 210, he is a slrong offensive center who makes no bad passes. He is fast going Southern iate nll-s of that E Such i much • to the secor tvrce'n t a tie, th Drel On All Ferdin mer sta high sch member California, and sliouk rate all-star selection on the basis, alone. '•'.'•;• • * team. There isn't to choose between • it and the second squad, and a game bs- them might well result in a lie, they're that evenly., matched. uns been beaten, but battled the strong Little Rock Tigers to a 6-G draw. Central high school of Caps Olrardeau 1 has scheduled another game and will bo unable to meet the Chicks. However, a Central school official, in a letter, to Mr. McClurkin is said to have stated that he did not consider Ihe Cape team in a class with the Chicks. would be made be- teaiiis, the Clucks Drelicr Is Named On Rocky Mt; All-Star Selection final choice l.ween two meeting the undefeated TXJC high Generals of Columbus, Miss., at Columbus ,or the strong Central high Tigers of Memphis, here. Columbus has . offered the Chicks : their, Thanksgiving^ Day date but wants the game to be played in the Mississippi city. Columbus has '• offered the Chicks a > guarantee -• off $300' fon '.trip expenses, to. be taken first from the -gate receipts, with the - next $400 to go to nay off the .team Columbus 'will be forced-to cancel its date -witlv (West Point,: Miss.) and the remainder of the gate receipts to be, split evenly between Columbiis and' Blytheville. Central'.officials have informed the ' superintendent's office here that they have a very attractive offer to make the Chicks. So -far Mr, McClurkin has been- unable to contact Central officials today to .learn details of,, their proposal. However the, Blytheville school head said that he preferred to make a contract with Central to play here rather, than close, for- a Turkey Day : 'date with Columbus at Columbus. Memphis Central .Ferdinand (Nanny) Dreher, former star wingman at.' Jonesboro high school, has been chosen as a member of the NBA Service's nll- At tackles we have Dennerleln of | down under punts, and an excel- star team for the Rocky Mountain St. Mary's and Znger of Stanford. "" ""' ~" J "' The former, 245 pounds, Is active nd aggressive on offense and de- ense. He Is the big reason why St. Mary's is hard to gain ground ngBlnst^Marquettc's victory to ( the contrary. The latter is n sopho- lent tackier. On defense, he is a 'c6nierence. wow against passes. He rose to! Jimmy Donahue, NEA Service great heights in the upset over 1 sports writer, in summing up the opinions of coaches and sport wrlt- ere, says of Drencr and the other all-star end: "The ends are exceptionally strong this year—Carl Mulleneauz of the Ulatt Aggies, nnd Fred Dreher of Denver University. The former Is without equal as a pass cafcher, and the latter has been good both offensively and defensively," TRQf. JlfA C^CK^ AMAIIN6 The Armorel high school Red- dles will meet the Jonesboro junior high school Whirlwinds in a game at Jonesboro this afternoon. The game will be the last of the- season for the Whirlwinds. Armorel has beaten the Blythevllle Juniors twice nnd split two games with Parngould. Tlay Billiardsr Wholesome Recreation Moderately Priced Blytheville Recreation Center 310 W. Main - Former Home of Bell's Pharmacy GARNER APPLETON MARVIN CIIAFPEU, TftOF. JIM CR\O. PRO\JES THAT OLD AMERICAN UEAP A flOR^E 70 WATEfi- BOT IT WONT MAKE HIM PRANK. ME COEi ppOyE THAT COWT HAVE TO T& t-El> TO AW Strange But True NtALW IS IttlWWEO AT $100,000,000. 15 SAID TO 3E THE RICHEST GERMAN IN THE WORLD Dirty Weather Ahead So gel your home In shape Experience is the best whiskey fran M. Gcldiaith, S Anlonie, T«*ol. Stnd V°uil. If pvbliiHd ycu imi»i Ihe oitill'l o d'owino, Ira mad.1)i* icon Diitilling Co., Inc., , N.V.C. teacher. When you like a whiskey withstand the ravages of Winter —when it agrees with you — you put on a new one...enclose the , . . . foundation ... wcalhcrslripdoor.s! KHOW ItS gOOfl. and windows.. .paint your home now. We have everything; you'll' need to complete Ihe job. BRAND STIMfGHT RVC AND STR/UGHT BOURBON WHISKIES EAST ARKANSAS BUILDERS SUPPLY CO. .^aeof.thtQuality Prodmii »f THE AMERICAN DISTI.LLING CO • ' "'" ''' ' '" •'--- •• The Holiday Season is a Dress-Up Season >t Family dinners, parties, dances, theatres and many other occasions call for new clothes, smart clothes. You'll be able to enjoy yourself more if you know that }' o n r appearance i s 1 right. So why not stop in today and get yourself a smart now suit? You'll get Quality and Style at the Right Price - Why not have them? Capps Suits HUDSON Cleaner-Tailor-CIOlhier •V w

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