The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 20, 1936 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 20, 1936
Page 5
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- NOVEMBER 20, BLTCHEVILLB (ARK,) COUKIEK NEWS fl[ J _ j) t Djd^diePickford-Rbgers.. Romance Begin Here? High Proportion of Those Examined in County Found Infected O. \V. Barham, president of the Mississippi County Tuberculosis Association, is In receipt of ii detailed report and analysis from llie Arkansas Tuberculosis Association on Hie clinics held last month at Blylhcvltle for while persons and at Wilson Tor Negroes by the county health unit and the county and state Tuberculosis Associations, One hundred twenty-nine pat- ionls attended the two clinics. At Blythcville there were 68 patients, 48 of whom gave a Ills- lory or having lived with the disease. Forty-three were given chest examinations aiid seven weie found to have positive tubemilo- .sls, six being moderately advanced and one far advanced. One case wa.s inactive nnd one becoming Inactive. Seven persons were pronounced suspects and recommended to Ihe family physician for X- lay and further study. Six pa- tlenls were recommended to the Sanatorium. Two were ex-sani- lorlum patients found with some activity. The tuberculin test was given lo 20 children to discover whether they were Infected with the disease. Pour did not report to the doctor (o have the test read and 11 or 69% showed infection. Oilier defects found were as follows: Bad teeth 22, diseased gums 9, frilarged or Infected tonsils n, enlarged thyroid one, other gland infections 27, heart delects 2, miscellaneous complications 3. In llie negro clinic at Wilson there were 71 patients, 20 of whom gave a history of contact with tuberculosis. Thirty were given ciiest examinations with four cases of ijositlvc tuberculosis discovered, one being ah early cose, two moderately advanced and one far advanced. Three were Uiagnosed as suspects. Forty-three negro children were given the tuberculin test. Thirteen did not; report to have the lest read .and 14, or 46.03, of tho •remainder were infection. Defecls in 11 were as follows: Caruthersville Jay-Cecs Plan Christmas Parade CAUUTHEKSVII.Ui; M»., Nov. 20—At Its regular bl-momhir nicol- Inj, the Junior Chnmbor of Commerce voted to tnkc charge of th« Christmas pimxde, to be held the lildny night prior (o chrlslmns. W. it. Foster, Ed James, Fnink wllks, Dr. llnrrcl Bishop, and Cle- tiis Doliogiie were auuolntc das tho Love in a storebox back In 1927! Prophetically vuioiigli the scehc above, taken from the plcliuo My Best Girl," co-starring Mnry Pickiord and Charles (Buddy) Rogers, appears nctor to ie\cnl the beginning of. this famous couple's romance. Thnl picture, bringing "Ainci lea's Sweetheart" nnd tlic jouthful Knn sail together for the first time, 'started the two off on the best of terms. At the lime ho\\c\ci bolh rtcnlcd any roniuntic Intentions.; But succeeding years saw Ihe hvo Infrcqucntlj logcthci Altci hu iivorcc froth Douglas Fail-banks two years ago Miss 1'ickford nnd Rogers became e\ei moic ( companions.- ifor Parade conimltteo to supervise for- mnllons, mills, etc, Each iiicmbci' of Iho Junior Chamber Is lo have . <i part in Iho parade, President | Robert Mehrlo si Id today. i Last year, Ihe parade ' was ono 1 or t!i3 outstanding fealvres of Iho Christmas season for this section, iitlniclliVg between live and oliilit imisanil p;ople hero (tie nl s lil oi llie iinrndp, which wns twelve blocks long, 1'rej.Mcnt Melirle todny said this year's pivradc woul<| be miicli 111 Kfr, as sovehi| additional features nre to be ndrtcd. Pemiscot Farmer Freed In Slaying oi Negro CAR'UTIIE'nsV'HAE. Mo.-A Ju- '5 yeslenliiy returned n verdict of not yullly in the miuiler trial of Walter Morgan, runner, Hyi,,., oulli of tills city. This \ms one of I lie only two murder cases on Ihe November circuit court docket. In u:o other, Thomas (Tominlo uiV- niH'c. 23, clmrsed with slaylno mil Moimn, night club operator, .sunned a change of venue to llic rouri or judga F r ,, nk Kci|[!y 0 c C'hiirdeai:, W. R. Buck, Half Moon, Suffers Serious Burns \V. H., "Hill" Uuck,, wlio was severely burned SuUirdny when a .nn of tractor , fuel exploded, WHS removed yosltfclny lo tho • Dly- hevlllu hospital • when .his eomll- :lcn became more serious. , Tony, however, ho is better, The uccMent pceihrod «l MI-. [Suck's farm nt Half Moon, \\IIMO 10 wus wot Mug He was, bndly mivncd from Iho waist do\\n Ho was Imni'ght to tlm homo of Ills sister, Mu. E.II! Walker , tils condition became worse, - Rogers is 32 ami ; Miss Pickforcl Is 43. They phui to be married ncM tpiltiff Pickford's first husband was Actor Owen Moore. Rogers has never been' married. Mis high percentage of contact cases In the white clinic. It shows excellent local work done. We are deeply appreciative also of Ihe splendid cooperation of llie .unit in every particular and the local committees who so ably assisted. positive showing negro group Bad teeth 24.' Infected gums 21, enlarged or diseased tonsils 24 I' 5 '™' 1 ' 5 . s .> oljler Bland,Infection's 12, miscellaneous aiid'to the school : «t - Wilson for excellent, facilities ii, holding the clinics." ' • ' These clinics are. firiancecl by the Kale of Tuberculosis Christmas Seals and. are held under the auspices of the Mississippi County Medical Society. W. J. AViindcilich Is comity chairman of Ihe Christinas Seal Sule this year. 28. bad, hearts defects, 3. ,in ; commenti on .these i.ciin'ics We Christian Church much • indebted to the Blythcville , .ese i.cncs .,!.' Mt?s. .Erie.,. Chambers, , executive Mercian- of the . Arkansas Tuberculosis Association, writes: "We call special attention to the high percentage of positive findings in the white group, 14 'out cf 43, or nearly one-third, being either positive for tuberculosis or suspects. These suspects should bo carefully followed .up and X-rayed to be sure of their condfiion. It « unusual lp find a white group running a higher percentage thai, he negro. The negroes ran nearly ouc-forlh positive and suspect The same situation holds good iii the proportion of positive findings en the tuberculin test except that Vf 8 ° » erccnt *S' e of the negro children were hot present when the tests were read. Many of thtsc children may have reacted •'We were. impressed in the clinic . with the need for more hospital- izatmli of tuberculosis patients. Kve patients who had been to the Sanatorium were rcexamlned in the white, clinic and of these it was necessary to recommend i hat only one return to Ihe Sana- 1 'onum- On the other hand in recommending haspitalieation of ne- rrroes the clinition was terribly handicapped as the slate has only 32 beds. We hope that your Association will do everything possible to impress legislators, both slate and national, with the im portancc of increasing tuberculosis hospital facilities if wo are to stop the progress of this disease 'The Association wishes to congratulate the health unit on the Small Houses Destroyed By Fire Wednesday Night •:..Fire Wednesday night destroy- ed'' a bne-room and si' two-room house at the corner of Sycamore and lOlh • streets. ' The houses, part of • the Ztich Gaines' 'estate, were unoccupied 'arid the origin of the fire, which was could not be determined. The 'blaze was not ntil both buildings v destroyed rind city fli fined Ihcir efforts to watch lo prevent cpi names' to other buildin Pete Campbell Hurt lacerations about the to the • second floor Hex hotel llie 100 Ensl Main sti late yesterday aflcrnoon. prcVcd coiulitioh today. 11 o'clock, :d. discovered vcrc almost rcmcn con- keeping n cad oi tho 1G& ,^i urt Stairway L 65, suffei-- : brain nnd lieacl and i the lop to way leading ex hotel, In street block 11. to the Bly- Cobb inn- in an !m- </. New Madrid Suspect Arrested at Lonokc NEW MAD1UD, .Mo.— Hill -Abbott, 30 yesrs ' old, ^sought since Pntiudny night in connection wltli tlic killing of ThMictrirc i Kcllems, nsh pcddlci nt a ilvei-fiont us Inurant, wns, returned here yesterday from Lonoke, 'Ark., : i where he wns liiken Into cuMody H 1 "- tcrrtny, Deputy Sheriff Will Snwit, who brought Abbolt bick heic, said his ancsl was Inoiiglit abiiU tluougli a nolc wntten by i faun girl ncai Lotioko lo au Ihoiitie-i when Abbolt told hei he had Killed a man nnd wns hiding out McThcny an 1 :i mnu listed as Shorty Hains wcie nrrcslcd on charges of litlii Ingr Abbott escape , Read Courier News : Want Ads „ L__ Murgnn wtis : out on bond of $5,o psmlm, (ho trim, Hc ' clmiyed .tflth slaying a negro hi l onu-ers said ivns a crap gu Some cloplianis Droduue mn ivory; somo prixluce soft Tho nutse tor .the cliirercueo i,,.icxlur.i ] s not known. • cison city, piesldpht of the MIs- souil Rum Huicnu, v,ho'outllnctl plnm and uctlvltles tor lha com- l»8 Jew. T, n, Colo, county.picsl- <lcnt, picildcd ovci tho meeting, ft bitcf acidfcss, iliesslng Iho of cooi«intliig with Imiiediatcly denl, whole ho tho leumlued accl ml HI Pcmiscot Farm Bureau Opens Member Drive CAUUTI1EUSV1UA; Mo. Nov. 20.— Tho I'euilscot county ttnni nin-onii Mils week bc8i>n « dilve for now .mfmbcis In n mass mod- UIB of slate nwi counly ninn nu- wnji leaders, and county niembm nils coiihly iniiks amonif (ho nisi en counties of tho filnlc In mcm- crshlp. 'I'lio pi-lnclDul ipenkcr nl mtelh.g tho of Jeir- Eyt, Var, N>o»o H Throsl «I.ASSKS nn-'Kh ItuOin ild ItlJirnm Hl:l lUs. Phone 41» Oltlrt 4 "end Courier News W»nt Ada,, llcfnro Voa Tiny Any Outboard - 8c« (M NEPTUNE 2 II. P. , Sln(l« Cjl. (Other elzcs to 10 t! P.) HU5JIU1U) T1RB & y 00. .TilO'only tissue "of the'] txjdy \Ulhoul,,blood Is the 1 of tho^flv^ "' ', Build' Cash Feel Store! 112 East'Main THE COMPLETE ELECTRICAL STORE leilurtiiB (-lecdk.H «\lurts finni ?' »!', >\isllni,h<)UM> ippllititcs. HI hinils of i lm ,, 4 . |,ic\|K.i,sh» bilclRc jnbis ami i lln c or bct firtulc toys. Walpolc Electric Shop 208 W. Main n 10 ,, c iu AUcdccr Scr\no OI'EN' AI,F, NIGHT I'HILUI'S SIJUVICK CMNTKR Plicncs 717 - 1)10 SEIBERLING TIRES TUBES r MONEY DOWN Yon don't need cash to buy oiir lircs. See us today; — piclt out tin Scibcrling tires and tubes you want. No money down and you make your own weekly terms, Iiutaiiit credit. No icd tune- No waiting — No delays, HUBBARD Tire & Battery Cr Wouldn't you spend *i°° a week to help him in school? Sure you would—and tliivf's flll you nicd to give him rt bnmc! nCw Corona portable Typewriter. Then wntch his marks go up is tie turns in heAtly typed, correctly spelled, well expressed Nvork. Coronu has helped thousaruh of stu'dcnts in school und all througii life. Why not youf boy? 'i'bcse new Coronas Ufa/in art the finest, faitesi {tollable! tlt't'ii mr handled, in aiiJ s et ACTON PRINTING CO. tilyfliovUlc, Wanted To Sell 1100,000 Furniture half Down .-' Kalance :Ncxt .Pall - Kuy Now Hubbard Furniture Co. PIORARD'S GROCERY THE SAFEST PLACE To s«y YOUR MEATS & DAIRY PRbDlJtTS We receive Swift's Premium Beef t.wicc •weekly. Green's Gvade A Pasteurized Milk twice daily. We have the most nlodern Frig- idaire meat equipment. Variety of Cold Meets . and Cheese.' Fresii Vegetables Daily. We Deliver. Phone 673 1044 Chickasawba NOTICE 1 have sold my interest in the Blythcville Motor Sales Company to F. B, Joyner, Any anid all accounts of the BLYTHEVILLE MOTOR SALES CO. up to and including Nov~ ember 17, 1936 will be paid by me. Tom Little t he .olyc.'Wtbel^'"- 1 Slraigl'i Whiskey ... v .i..,i is as siuoolli as rhl \vlllSKC) so i" 1(1 CRO Games A Complete Stoak of the Above Products MAiNI & DIVISION

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