Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 24, 1895 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 24, 1895
Page 3
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T:m intend baying a pair of shoes or •slippers soon? If yon do YOU Are certainly p-oinp to buy them where you can get the best for the least money. Coine and SEE The beantiful line of shoes clippers at the Boston Sample •Store and you will at once see and Shoe THE Advisability of leaving your old •war priue trading post and coming to a modern up-to-date shoe score wbero you en,n got die best footwear that U niitcle at about half price. You can seethe POINT Now no doubt. We wish to have to have you call and examine onr goods. Our prices will do the rest. Don't procrastinate. Now is the acceptable time. 'AMPLE, '•HOE I 132* ftOtf -«/** EAST BOUm> SEIPMESTS. Eait bound shipments from Chicago last week were 61.004 tons, against 55,711 tons for the previous week, and 64,663 tons for tbe corresponding week of last year. The roads carried tonnage as follows: Michigan Central, 13.018; Wabash, 6,174; Lake Shore 6,197; Fort Wayne, 9,214; Pan Handle, 5,580; Baltimore & Ohio, 3,119; Grand Trunk, 5019; Nickel Plate, 4.232; Erie, 10,377; Big Four, 1,769. Shipments were made of the following articles la tons: Flour 1.769; groin and mill stuffs, 23.444; provisions, lard, etc., 11,492; dressed beef. 7,906; butter, 1,276; hides 1..132; lumber, 6 742; miscellaneous, 1 206. Lake shipments last week were 80.451 tons—all grain. ONE RESULT OF THE DEBS STRIKE: A Chicago Telegram says: "The Pullman Palace car company has begun serving notices upon tenants who are behind in their rents, that unless tenants pay the amount due the company suit will h e brought to forcibly eject them from tbe houses they now occupy. Oae hundred and fifty notices were today placed in the hands of constables lo eerve upon tenants of the Pullman company who are in arrears. Those who have been served with notices say they have no money to pay the back rent. Some of them are in arrears ten months, while others are only two and throe months behind. The majority of tenants are discharged employes of the company. car will be here WANTED! REAL ESTATE. Wanted, Cheap Cottages Tor Sale. Wanted Low iimi Acres for Sale. Wanted Smiill I'nrina For Sale. WantoJ Business Blocks ForfSale. Wanted to Hxctmnite Karma lor Oily Property. Wanted Mfrctmndlse 10 Tr«de for Farms. DDftESd ,n. 31. <»OKI»OiV. Sprr Block . . Logansport, Indiana. Or. E. H- Grace, DENTAL PARLORS, 316 Market St. Now Wens In Gold Crown and UrldKO Work. WANTED TO SELL 'The North Street House on North .street between Oth arid Cth street. Will be soW on reasonable teruis. Address, MKS. CHAS, MARKLE, Hartford City, Ind. DAILY JOURNAL WEDNESDAY MORNING, APRIL 24 Miss Janet Hauk is ill with the measles. Tan shoes, lato styles—Stevenson & •Kllnslck. The very beet soda water can be had at Busjahn's. During . nightly A saving of' 50 cents on every pair of shoes—Stevenson & Klinaick 'Good girl wanted, good wages and •small family. Apply at Journal office. The St. Louis league base ball olub will play a game here ihe 30th of April. The beat quality of syrups are us«d t>y BusjahnV Soda fountain now in operation. C. 0. Homey, W. D. Pratt and S. M. Velsey ;;were ( fishing down the Wabash yesterday- White shirts, S cents; cuffs, per pair, 4 cents; collars, 2 cents. Cut prices—Lee WahSlng. Ed McConnell and Mr. Floyd had a collision on bicycles on Broadway yesterday noon. Neither of the riders were injured but the wheels were badly smashed up. The rush is on. We hare more new goods just opened than was over open «d by any one house in Logansport this-season of the year. Prices away down. Go and see.—Trade Palace. The death of Mrs. Leah Shephard, aged 76 years, occurred at 6 p. m. at the home of a son, Henry Shephard. at Walton. The funeral will be held from the residence at 9 a. m. today. The deceased was the mother of the Pan Handle baggage man. <• Sidney Vaughn's horae ran away yesterday morning. Mr. Vaughn had driven up to the Logan Milling Go's office and had; alighted to hitch the horao when the animal suddenly became frightened and dashed down Vho street. The relna became tangled in the wheel and stopped the steed before any damage waa^done. Vw^v. .•>*'— .-.-* '>. • The Wabash pay Saturday. Master Mecbanlo W. C. Pennook Is in Chicago. Pan Handle engineer J. J. Stulta has taken the agency of an alrmotor and will push It as a side line. Passenger train No. 4 struck a horse and buggy at Wabash Sunday breaking the buggy to pieces without Injuring the horso. John W. Hamilton will represent the local diviaion O. C. F. at the meeting of the grand division in Atlanta next month, H. S. Coats is alter*, nate. It is possible that several others will attend. Wonderland IB the title 'of a new book issued by the passenger department of the Northern Pacific line setting forth the beauties of the scenery along that famous route. It is well printed and Is replete with fine engravings. The brochure will be sent to any address on receipt of six cents in stamps or application to Chas. L. Fee, General Passenger and Ticket Agent of the Northern Pacific railway. The old Toledo, Thorntown & St. Louia railroad project between St. Louis and Toledo via Tipton, Marion and BlulTion is being revived, under the title of the Indiana Central. The line Is projected with a branch from Marlon via Huntingtonto Fort Wayne. A tax levy of two par cent is asked in aid of tbe road in the township in which Marlon is located, in consider, atlon of securing the principal shops at that place. On Saturday last a passenger on the Wabaah road en route to St. Louli lost a pocket book containing $1,000 In bonds and large bills. He at once notified the general office and the wires were put at work. In twenty minutes the answer came that tbe pocket book and Ita contents had been found In one ol the coaches and would be held for the owner. Service stripes are to be worn by the conductors and porters in the em. ploy of the Wagner palace car company. The order relative to the new decorations was recently issued. One stripe la to be placed on the left sleeve of each employe for every five years that have been spent in the service of the company. Conductors will wear gold stripes, and porters silver stripes. The pay of the employes is also graded DOW according to tbe term of service. Porters who have been five years In the company's service, it is said, are to be presented with a new uniform each year. ^ Did You Ever Try Electric Bitters as a remedy for your troubles? If not, gel a bottle now and get relief. This medicine has been found to be peculiarly adapted to the relief and cure of all female complaints, exerting a wonderful direct influence in giving strength and tone to the organs. If you have loss of appetite, constipation, headache, fainting spells, or are nervous,' sleepless, excitable, melancholy or troubled with dizzy spells, Electric Bitters is the mcdicice you need. Health and strength are guaranteed by Us use. Large bottles only 50 cents at B, F. leesling's drug store. A STORY OF LINCOLN; An Unpublished .Story of the 4iie«t Man and HIM Sympathy.'For a Widow. In the Army and Navy Journal IB told publicly for the first time the following story of the kindness of heart of Abraham Lincoln. The Col. W. L. Brown referred to lived .In Logansport, and his BOD, Will I. Brown, Is at present employed' at the Pan Handle offices here: ••Col. W. L. Brown of the 20th Indiana volunteers, was killed at the second battle of Bull Run on tbe 20th of August, 1862, and his body was buried at Centerville. In December, 1862, his widow made an application to the president, through Governor Morton, of Indiana, to have her hus» band's body sent home to Lo- gacsport, Ind. The application was carried to Washington by Capt. T. H. Logan, of the 20th Indiana volunteers. When he reached the office of the Secretary of War on Christmas morning he found President Lincoln, Secretary Sianton, Gon.Hal- leek and Gen. Hardee, A. A. S- , en. gaged In some kind of a council. Capt. Logan presented this application to Secretary Stantoa, who In rather nn impatient mancer, refused to receive it, and told him to come back the next day, as he could not possibly attend to it before. The Cap tain remarked that he thought it would be welcome Christmas news If he could telegraph to the widow that her application had been approved. Secretary Staoton re« pled, In a gruff tone: "Corns in tomorrow; come in tomorrow." The captain turned to leave the room when President Lincoln said: "Captain, let me see that paper." Glancing over it he said: "Go and telegraph to Mrs. Brown that the President says tbat this shall be attended to without delay." Tbe necessary orders were Issued inside of ten days, the body was disinterred at Centerville, and taken home to Logansport, Ind., and buried," Convinced Atfuiunl Jllw Will. Nearly every one for miles around Morely, Mich., knows Chas. A. Jones, whose farm lies two and a half miles northwest of that village. His frlendu and they were numerous, feared he wouid not long be spared to them, for the doctor pronounced him afflicted with heart disease and said he might drop dead any minute. This was not a very pleaeant reflection for his wife, who watched him almost constantly; once she found him where ho fell unconscious in the yard. His appearance Indicated paralysis, the doctors were called again, but they did not understand his case, consequently couldn't do much for him. He was in this condition when he heard of Dr. Whooler's Nerve Vitallzer and its effectual use by others. He sent to Nelson Pike's drug ssore fora sample, and as he expressed it: "I bad little faith in patent medicines, but somes thing seemed to convince me that this was a good one and could be relied upon. Do you know I felt batter and slept well after taking two doses? I want to say to you that Dr. Wheeler's Nerve Viializer is the most wonderful medicine ever made. It cured me so completely that I never felt better in my life." Mr. Pike who sold him the medicine, says: I wouldn't have believed §uch a cute possible if I had not seen the change with my own eyes; It Is certainly the most remarkable cure of my twenty-four years' experience in the drug business." It Is equally as valuable for other nerve diseases, such as nervous prostration, spasms, fits, sleep, lessness, mental depression, exhausted vitality, despondency and general debility. For sale by Ben Fisher, Drugg Bt. ON THE ISLE OP PATMOS. A. Vlilt Among Bmppj People TVho Dw*Il In Prtmerul Simpllcity- Situated in the jEgean'sea., south of Smyrna, and less than twenty-five miles from the mainland of Asia Minor, Patmos is "ten miles long 1 , five wid«, and le.ss than thirty in circumference. A narrow isthmus divides the island into almost equal parts north and south, with Port Scala on the cast and Port Jlerika on the west. Bore stood the ancient city, and here St. John landed, writes Bishop Newman in the • New York Christian Advocate. The coast is deeply indented. The cliSs rise as if out of the sea. The valleys are deep and solemn. The mountain peaks attain an altitude of one thousand feet, from which we had a view of the islands and islets, of bay and sea, of vale and summits whose magnificence is beyocd the limits of lanjfuag-e. Here and there the palm and the olive, the fig- anil the mulberry, the cj'press and the o:ik, the almond and the pine, adorn the island and ffive industry to the people. Five thousand people dwell there in peace, industrious and quiet. Order rcig-ns, and ono policeman is the piardian of life and property. • Patmos is one of the "fortunate isies." No Turk luis trodden its soil: no mosque shadows its landscape. The small government tax of twenty-five hundred dollars is annually carried by a deputy lo the pasha of Rhodes. It lias never had piracy nor slavery nor the plafrue. The air is clear and heavenly. The people are Creek Christians, gcntlo, intelligent and huppy. As we passed through the streets they came to the dooi' a.nd saluted us with genuine hospitality. From the early dawn till our arrival, the bold, massive, southwestern cliffs of Patmos, like some hiiffu cyclopcan wall rising- from the sea, appeared to View, and against this daric background a. solitary sail was seen, white in the morning- light, moving- slowly in the lig-ht breeze toward some neighboring- island. The approach was enchanting 1 ; hour after hour in the stillness of the dawn we drew nearer and nearer; the illusion of nearness was faseinatinff, yet deceptive. The winds and the waves had indented the rock-bound shore and carved out many a grotto which resounded to the voice of the deep. Now Mount Elias was distinctly seen, a- thousand feet from sea level, crowned with a white temple to the prophet, and anon the white city appeared on the distant hills which cluster around the "Monastery of St. John the Divine." As it was near the Greek Easter, a month later than the Latin, an ancient custom was observed, and the exterior of each . dwelling- was whitened in memory of the great event. Soon we entered the quiet harbor of La Scala, land-lockctl, describing- two-thirds of a circle wherein ships were at anchor, • The lower town, the villag-e of Scala, the principal port, is on the east side of the isthmus, on the shores of a quiet Uttle bay, wherein one-third of the people live, mostly merchants, who deal in fi^s, grapes and other fruits. The-upper (.own is on a lofty hill, half an hoi.ir's ride up a steep road paved with hng-c round stones, hard to the foot of man and beast. Our arrival excited the little village. Men, women and children looked upon us ivondering-ly. Crowds followed us, gave us llowers and welcomed us to their homes. At the g-ate of the monastery the monks received us in a formal and gracious manner, and we were fjuests in t/hc "Monastery of St. John the Divine," on the "isle that is called Patmos." Hints or Kicks? Which? on can h-ive a happy experience, coming from hints—or" 2. sad experience, coming from kicks. Now in the matter •want the happy expert the .hiJits that Pearline Pearline for washing- of washing) and you have ; economy and safety. Is a hint in the fact that hun- : dreds of millions of packages of Pearline have been used, and the sale increases? But if you want sad experience, take the old-fashioned, way with soap, and rubbing and scrub- . bing. That's hard for you, and for the things that you wash. It's all rub, rub, rub—in other words, it's the experience based on kicks. Peddler* .tnd' sorce v.r.icruT-iuions irrocer* \\-iil tell of cleanliness, if ence, take Use (all kinds ease, there .tnd' sorc "this is cs sjoo-! L FALSE — Pen-line v.r.;crj;T^;oiii <-r "ihe Name :-.-vcr ped.'k:<i. : you r.n imitation, l-c Uoncsr— ss you. « IVariinc." "IT'S ycnr crrocer sonds S'PYLE, New York. 'G Xotlcc to Teachers. Questions on Buskin's Essays will be prepared as follows: Muy—Oiil Jndlcstls Xerram. June—Fors Clavigera. letters one and three. July—Fora Clavlger*. letters four and six. August—Athena m tbe Heart. Hoptember—Atbena. in th* Heart. October—Raskin us a Teacher.; How'n Thin! we otter One Hundred Dollars Reward for any ease of CatSrrn that cannot be cured by Hall'8 Catarrh Cure. F, J. CHENEY 4 CO., Props., Toledo, O. We, the undersigned, have known F. J, Cheney for the last 15 years, and beliere him perfectly honorable iu all business transactions aad financially able to carry out any obligation made b? their tltm. WEST * T str.uc. Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, 0 WJCLDINO, Kres\s J: UABVI.N-, wholesale Drug Klet. Toledo, O. Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken internally, acting directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces o£ tbe nyrtera. .Price Too per bottle. Sold by nil drugslsts. Testimonials free. What IN the Work of the JvldueynY To remove from the blood its impurities. The products of cell wastes which have been burned up in sustaining life and giving strength to the system. Every particle of blood In tbe body goes through the kidneys every three minutes, and if these organs are unable to perform their work fully, sooner or later the system Is poisoned. Therefore, "San Jak" is the indicated blood remedy. Xerroun Debility. Every person having nervous debility. organic weakness, or falling memory, is entitled to sympathy of every benefit person, and -should have ex. tended medical aid such as is found in ••SanJuk." Sold by Ben Fisher, drug-gist. See our line of black satin skirts, Trench satin skirt with, two ruffles only 69 cents—Trade Palace. \ Ton Don't Hire to Sw(»r Off says the Si. Louts Journal of Agriculture in an editorial about No-To-Bac, the famous tobacco habit cure. "We know of many cases cured by No-To- Bac, one, a prominent St, Louis arch« itect. smoked and chewed for twenty years; two Doses cured him eo that even tbe smell of tobacco makes him sick." No-to-Bac sold and guaranteed by B. F. Keesling, druggist. No cure no pay. Book frea Sterling Remedy Co., New York or Chicago. Real flNinte Tranmem, By F. H. wipperman, abstractor. Prepared for the Journal. Andrew H Hamilton to Ann and Teresa Burns lot 38 Hamilton and Taber add.$ HOO 00 llary E uavl? 10 Minnie E Sturgeon pt wte FW vr sec 31 Tl • ton tp ................ 5 00 Jiartin Jamison to Wro FTllley pt nw qr sec 35 Harrison tp... ....................... 90000 Leroy C och»t to John- S CroiheC sw qr sec 29 Washington tp ......................... 1600 00 Kent nod Kennedy to (ieo W Seybold pt Barren reserve ............................... 3000 00 Geo W Kuk executor to Martha Grafflln lot 135 John TIpton's-tthadd .......... :.. 3000 08 Johannt Stapleton to Jennie C Dawts elAlot 110 o p West Losan ----- ........ -.. 1625 00 J T McNary i o Anna Mltcuull lots 17 and IS MeNary'a 2d add ..... „ ----- ............. 800 CO Backlen'g Arnlc« Salve. Tbe best salve in the world for cute bruises sores, ulcers, aalt rheum lever sores, tetter,, chapped hands, chilblains, corns, and all skin erup tions, and positively cures piles, or no pay required. It Is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction or money refunded. Price 25 cents per bor. For sale by B. F. Keesllng. Haxlnknekee Cottage for Sale. Eleven room cottage, 100 feet lake front; will give a bargain. See diagram at the Journal office. W. B. BCRFOEO, Indianapolis. Mrs. M. F. Arnold, of Indianapolis, took five bottles of Lemon. Laxative and is perm? neatly cured of Headache, Backache and Constipation. She advises ladies to try a fifty cent bottle. IF YOU ARE GOINi TO MAKE GARDEN. It'wlll pay vou to bo particular as to whose seeds you buy, We are now in the market with a full line of Laodretlrs seed* for the- season of 1895, and I wish to say to the gardeners and others using seeds, that while Lanrtretb's seeds may be a little higher price then some other* they «,re always fresh,' clean and true to nauie, and as we handle no other seeds eicept those grown by Landreth & Sons of Philadelphia our customers may rely on setting nothing but the very best. I believe that the cost of the seeds is nothing compared to tbe crop, and when a person baa the trouble to pur, OUT, a garden, he should use nothing but the very best,' We handled Landreth's seeds for four years and have never heard *• single . complaint; in fact, our customs'.™ unhesitatingly pronounce them perfect in ever oarticular, and as an evidence of this fact, we have almost the entire trade of all the gardeners around Logausport as welj as many from a distance. Our trade has increased on this particular line of goods more, than tenfold since we have been in the business? We also have a full Hn« of garden tools and field seeds Remember that the firm of Landreth & Sons has been 115 years in th«->occupation of seed growing. George Harrison. 617,623 Broadway. For Sale at a Bargain Beautiful Residence of Cyrus Myers. Desirous of returning to California soon 1 offer for sale at half value the property of the late Cyrus Myers, situated on Clifton avenue, North Side. A modern two story house, well constructed, containing 9 '•:. rooms well finished, and basement. This is one of tbe most beautiful places in the county. Tbe realty consists of about 4 acres of high. '• rolling ground, mostly in lawn, with fruit aud shade trees, grape arbor, [lower garden, berry patch, and surrounded by cement walks. On premises are milk house, with system of water flow, a well constructed barn, chicken house, place for stock, two good cisterns and well. Also two fields, 4 and 0 acres respectively, adjoining North Side school house, will be sold at low figures- For information call at premises. Jerome Myers, Clifton Ave. See The Specialists For Chronic and Private Diseases Deformities. ant Diseases of Women treated by the new electrical method that hai given wonderful results. Don't forget that their vapor treatment for aJ] Chronic Long Troubles gets the remedies to the diseased spots and cures when, everything else fails. Call acd investigate anyway. It costs you nothing for consultation. Drs. Christopher & Longenecker, AtiThe Medical and surgical Institute. 417 Market St, - - Logansport. Ind. ICYCLES, ARE THE HIGHEST OF ALJ HIGH GRADES. ___Warranv?d Sajerior to any 51cyd6 la tbe World lie«irdle&> ol J?rlce Buiit and guaranteed by tbe Indiana Blejdft Co., a Million IX-llar corporation, whose bond M . as good a* gold. Do nee buy » wheel nntll IOT have »e«n the WAVERLEY. Catalogue free. Good agents wanted In eteu town. Scorcher 21 M, $85 ! Indiana Bicycle Co., Indianapolis, Ind., U.S.A.

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