The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 20, 1936 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 20, 1936
Page 1
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BLYTHEVILLE NEWSPAPER OP VOL. XXXIII—NO. 212 Blythevllle Courier Blythevllle Dally News Blythevllle Herald Mississippi Valley Leader "•?*'»] ,C'f f < . • E, ARKANSAS, FRIDAY, NOVEJHJHR 20, 1 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS' II 4 Home Ovvnership for. All Is Not the Solution, Tugwell Declares ENGLAND, Ark., Nov. 20 (UP1 . —Speaking to several hundred farm owners,-planters and tenant farmers; this' afternoon, Resettlement Administrator Rexford G. Tugwell said the solution of the tenancy problem would have to be made by the various states as well as lhe federal government. Taking a part, in the dedication ceremonies at the administration's Wright plantation, project hear here, during which five of the small farm homes and surrounding acreage .were opened, the ad-. niinJstrator, who will soon leave his office, predicted that similar projects would be undertaken, after the first . ones had proved successful. . ' '••!-. "This project represents one contribution of the Resettlement Administration to the solution:' of '• a problem. That problem is the j relationship of men to their land. \What .we want—what -we have 'always wanted—is that our coun-: try people may be so -establishedi that their security in (possession! is put beyond question and. that their incomes are adequate to decent living and the raising of Wealthy families," Tugwell said Tenancy Not Whole Problem "That these aims have not been realized u"der present arrange nients I do not haie to prove The evidence exist? all around us That the solution n easy or simple no one believes who has given the question more than ele mentary s'udy Yet this project , is evidence that w> have passed jfhf Idlscussion ; sta»a .and arrived at' the trial of one houe- fur—methotf ' "On these broad productive fields of Delta land new homesteads are rising on which men and their families mil be gnen the traditionally American oppor tumties hitherto denied them There are others under way m tills region, and many more scattered .throughout ' the land — enough, .at least, so that we-shall know from their operation how this.. solution works. "We sometimes , speak of the problem which is represented here as that of 'tenancy'. It is true that we are. all of us dissatisfied with . the. private tenancy system In America. But the problem is broader than that. Some tenants are Well off as they are A, good landlord often : furnishes the direction and the credit necessary to men of less initiative or ability to manage an enterprise or .who have no collateral to offer the furnisher of credit. Some owners of farms are very badly off. . Guidance Essential "The process of going' into uebt, mortgaging the land and ultimate dispossession is all too familiar to all of us. it has gradually become apparent that many owners are -worse off than the tenants who are so much talked about. Then, too, in many parts of the country there ; are vast armies of farm laborers whos» . -welfare must be thought of. And these armies, we know, are Increasing as agriculture gradually succumbs to mechanization. A rounded program for the better- Dr. E. W. Potter of Jonesboro, newly named' presiding elder : of lhe Methodist churches in lhe Jonesboro district. of -which Bly- :hevllle Is a, part, will,preach at .he First ' Methodist church Sunday morning, 1! o'clock, and at .he Lake Street church, 7:30 p. M He *ill also hold a district stewards' meeting here at 2:30 o'clock. eldere was. .ransferred to the- Arkansas cqn- lerence from the Springfield, Mo church pte must take all these c'ondl tions into account. "These, fine homesteads arc not for everyone.-. .They arc only for those who have shown good intention .and .the ability to succeed In larger, and larger things We believe that this is righi and sound. We feel that anj J^rmahejt legislation on thjese related questions ought to take advantage of this work that our starr has carried. out.- ! "Tiie greatest danger we shall Presiding Elder | To Preach Here in defense of their freedom Experts Agriculture _ De- pajrtrnenr> to Take Over Resettlement Work BY PAT WAlLSH-'/ r United Tress Staff Writer ENGLAND, Ark,-Nov 20—Secretary of Agriculture Henry A Wallace virtually admitted today that the rural resettlement administration soon will ''be merged nto the department of agriculture Wallace, in an interview as he came here to help dedicate an RA'farm tenant,project, said: "In all probability in the reorganization of governmental departments .the • rural resettlement idministration will come into- the agricultural' department. "I am making this trip to become fully acquainted with the administration in its work," Wai !ace said. The agriculture secretary said he had found that, farmers "have no objections to crop insurance but want to ie sure that the government realizes they also need crop ontrol. "They want the wide Iluctua- „ „ , tion of prices stopped and want n , HuU '. pal ' sln .f; the production kept steady. dro !>board thl con ep seay , "Crop insurance and control go ^ c B fon . °" hls anrT (T, hn-iri -i American con hand in hand." G. Tiigwcll, RA administrate, who was the principal speaker a ceremonies dedicating the Finn. Bayou RA project to resettle 100 deserving low income white Tim Hies. New York Cotton - Cotton closed steady. BluTllOB'SllI Say A. F. of I, Chief Tiacle Unionism Defend Democracy TAMPA na Nov 20 (UP)— President William Green led the American Federation of Labor'and representatives of British and Canadian workers today In a violent denouncement of -dictatorship and a summons to lhe world's working class to "stolid'like ' the roiK of Gibraltar In defense of democracj The church may, fail the chambers 01 commeicc may be impotent and the civic leaders I r— l.tck the powei to dial with lhe tyranny. of dictatorial niie' Green shouted to -the Federation in assailing .the .regime or "the mtccrat in Germany,' 4 'But the trade union move- j ment^at which dictators strA?l lirst—has the strength to prevent' the rise of dictatorship in''any! form at any time and In any place. 'We must take our lesson from .hat has happened and develop rade unionism lo stand like lhe I rock of Gibraltar against e>erj ' lictator.-And I say-to our British brothers we sland with out against \ar. We are against It and In my opinion it is going to be impossible to -Involve the ^people of the United States in another Europ ean war. f Green, red of'face as he shouted his vparnlng; .lo hie • cheering delegates lopped off a'seiies of. ittacks on Fascism and' dictator- lal goiernment at the fifty sixth annual contention of the A F of His declaration,' cj'me Inl an extemporaneous response to^sp»ech- c, of British arfd f *CanadIan delegates wh~b emphasized the growth Nazis and' Soviets Display Their MiP -..'.''. _iiJ..j,,j—. : i . ; ' .' • : n Two Marine Flyers Killed in Maryland ANNAPOLIS, MIL, NOV. 20 (upj —Two marine corixs flyers were Wiled Icdaj when tholi piano .•rushed on u farm near : f'rlt>ml- Ull), Mil. ' •Tlio llycrs were: First Lleutcn- aiH Cleo If, Keen, 28, 002'Frank- lin street, Mbborly, Mo.; Sergoiua Hunk p. Egjui, :)!,,: 165 Geneva, ilrccl, Dai-chcste'i; Mass. Woik Continues This Afternoon in Effoit lo Reach, $70,000 Goal >^^^^^^HWVIMMMBMi^ft^M^Kflfe4KfllMUftft^diU Ciienly arrn V ert, against each other b> antagonistic, poltllcaj philosophies and lhe Na/ls' outspoken cms Led nl S ht n V SO T tt ' ! \ f °" We " ° f All ° lf HlltC1 "'"' JOSef St "" n '•"""onliiBly their armed might The pictuie .bad.just rccchod In Amciica shcus phalanges ol Nad uanloi, mussed at Munich on the nrmUcisnrj of the ill fatal bcei hall putsch ol 1823 HULL SlfllES HIS HOPE [OR PEflGE Pleases Biazihan With De ctaiation of Amencd's Puipose RIO DE JANEIRO, Nov. 20 (0 P)— Secretary of state Omtell Hull created a favorable impression here toda\ with his declaration that the United '• States sought to "keep this hemisphere clear of fear" of war." Hu P a " sln at R'o de Jan- "ner, American to the Pan- conference at Wallace came here with Rexford ? ires ' decided asttlnst halting over ; fi,<mr.,ii D« «j_j_i_._.._ for President Roosevelt's 'arrival November 27 aboard the U. S S Indianapolis. He will continue oii to Argentina tonight. ...;.;-. . -: Peace Is Goal At a dinner given in his honor by the Brazilian foreign minister last night, Hull clarified the New Deal's plan of actioii for peace among the Americas during the parley opening December 1. Dec Jan March May July Oct open high low close 1176 1164 1162 1160 1151 1177 1173 1165 1 1161 1165 1160 1161 1156 1154 1143 1173 1165 1164 1159 1150 HM 111S nil nil Spots closed steady at 1218, olf ' th£t .we may try 'to spread our efforts too thin, try so fail in everything. If we* Itnmv anything at jm about th«e™ Pie we work with every day It U this: simple credit in most cases Is of no use without sup ,, r . vision; simple ownership Is of no we without a calculated farm management plan • and \ protection from easy pledge of land to raise money. v "Supervision and farm management s'ans have been welcomed by the low-income fanners we . have rehabilitated In the past » two years. They readily recog- !\S nized their value and profited from them. They have a new understanding of the fundamental . purposes of farming, and the ".Continued on page three) New Orleans Cotton 'to keep this hemisphere clear of fear. We must live as a continent of nations on peaceful end equitable relations with each other. "The American delegation for which I speak travels to Buenos Aires with a sense of being only one of numerous groups of pilgrim brothers, moving together with a common Ihought, not as a diplomatic mission'bent on some exclusive national aim. Cotton closed steady. open, high low close 1113 1175 mi 1173 1151b U60b 1161 1162 1159 H61 1157 1160 1159 l'u>; 1H7 1151 H47 H48b 1113 1113 1110 llllb Spots closed steady at 1211, off fourteen. Dec Jan March May July Oct Chicago Wheat open high l ow close Dec 116 1-2 117 1-8 116 3-8 117 MhylH 5-8 115 M 114 1-2 115 3-8 Chicago Corn open high' l<(w • close Dec 104 1-8 106 1-4 103 5-8 106 1-8 May 98 1-2 69 7-8 98 1-8 99 3 \ twcen Communism and Fascism Roosevelt Hopes To Fish ABOARD U. S. S. OIlfisTER At Sea, Nov. 20 (UP)-p resWen j Roosevelt was in high spirits to day in anticipation of getting in n day of fishing In tropical wat. era tomorrow during the refuel Ing stop at Trinidad. The chief executive is enjoy Ing his cruise to South America participating In life aboard the U. S. S. Indianapolis fully before he reaches the arduous social and political tasks at Buenos Aires when he will open the p an : American peace conference December l. Young icebergs arc called calves- Ihcy arc the offspring of the par' cnt slider. . ' •" , '- ""i""r "• '» migni ai Munich is tins assemblage of Communist nclilpi-s mmiiinir , ,, , B c c in Red Square, Moscow, in celebration of the lOlh anniversary of fi,n L 7 T , f Pa™1UiE ,„ the refunding, already resent but a smnl. nnn n r ,„. ,„„,„„._.:,' . '"Iversary• or the Bolshevik revolution. They rep- about $167,000 worth ot U, small nart of th» inc.. sma part of the -legion cniaienge of milita n n v , . c.. , , ip osevik revolution. They rep- about $1G7,000 worth o[ llio old gions .ready -lo leap Into action at Josef Stalin's bidding to meet the "io»ds for exchange and Is now ristic Japan on the East and Germany on the West confident ol seeming practically ---- ___: _ '. _ ; '.. " _ all of them. there will be some let-downs in business over the year end. Holiday trade, however, should reach record proportions. Tills good back log of Christmas business should tend 'lo bolster business conditions and sustain Ihc long pull upward trend. : Begin Task of Scrapping Huge Sawdust Incinerator The 220,000 pound incinerator at the old Chicago Mill and Lumber company plant was being reduced to scrap metal today by lhe Blythevllle Iron and Metal company, which hart purchased • the huge tank-like structure, said to have been the largest piece of metal In Arkansas. Stock Market Advance May Slow Up But Long Pull'Prospect Is Good I!V ROGER W. BABSON Copyright . I>y United Press Current headlines flash the news that the country Is being 'swept by n wave of dividend distributions, bonuses and wage-increases. These extra disbursements are swelling lo such vast totals that people arc beginning to ask themselves some serious questions. Is todny's post-election boom in stccks and business Justified? The answer depends wholly upon your viewpoint. If you are thinking of lhe long pull the answer Is yes. According to fundamental statistics business has Just returned to normal .volume. Today we are Just on (he threshold of-a period or business expansion. It is even ix>ssible that during this period of gocd limes we shall exceed the peak volumes of business activity recorded in 1929. Although the stock market, for the long pull should work top to higher levels, if has already scored some sharp advances. From now on tho advance In stock prices will be more selective. With such a sharp spurt In the sleek market it Is only logical to look for some temporary set-back. H would not sunwise me to see purse was not' 'discovered uiilli some recessions before congress the bus reached here, convenes in late January. Likewise it Ls possible that - »*.».i.\. «» ...*,.*.. ... *i>,.[> *xMviiii.y it. w. iiawKins agi Tiie big burner was dismantled, all gambling and vice dens toppled from Us height of 110 p ' lml '"-"' "*„.,.„ feet, before workmen began the big Job of scrapping It. The incinerator was used for burning sawdust during the plant's operation here. Bus Passenger Loses Purse Containing $80 Police were called lo the local Elation of the Greyhound, .bus lines this afternoon (o Investigate the loss or theft of' n purse containing $80 In cash. The purse, property of Mrs. W. B. Cade of this city and Tallulah. La., disappeared while Mrs. Cade was making a. trip Biilain Determined'to Pr"o- T ., tect Her Shipping; U, • S Receives Warning -.- By United Press , ^' Indications today were ,lhat in- lei national developmenls''surround- Jnir Die Sjionlsh revolution may ' lia\e a greater bearing on its outcome than tho struggle for ^ possession of Madrid. The babt8rcil * capital had*-" JL C from the attack of',-, nationalist' when n," driz.ilo blllorly cold nind lifld tile * 1 0|»ratl,on.s of lhe besiegers the nu •Silt fncloiy campaign to ii Li.., successful elosc, hud biought in ^itv more Hum $'2,00o In additional ,I,,i tonlribnllous at noon loilay ami „., many of llu/m were sltll at work tills afternoon; Anpioxlmatcly ioa.000 Is now available for erection of lhe fac - lorj bullillun, J. Mcll Brooks. " Computations surrounding' a threat of Uiu nationalists lo._ and bombard Barcelona, " commercial and industrial , . . , , ) . cmiipnlgu fccciclmy, iinnounccil at ;' * t , me Mediterranean, up. 1 o'clock pearcd of extreme Importance^ r Moil of today's contributions were .small!, the largest being luldlllonal glfUi of $260 each by llio Arkiuo Lumber company ami lhe D. c. Robinson Lumber company, each of which previously had contributed $500 _h school nnd junloi high hcliool tcnchcis ".subscribed $24250 and elcmentmy bchool leachers contfllnilcd $110 -' , A complete list of lodaj s, con ix tuiu|MULi! it:,i, ui lotiajs.con- •""••>^ "i vyunuiiuns n nationaitist tilbullons will be published' to- nolc to Q fe»' Britain, threatening Board Jakes 'Action Au•"^•v* ,*v«i&>^ij i ik^nisu nu thoi'izecl at jRecent Dis- tiict Election Issimnco of $227,000 in refunding bonds In exchange foi nn equal amount ol oulslnndlng bonds of the Blythevllle .special school district, wni formally au- Ihorl/cd by the district's board at a meeting bst night. * The bonds, sec u led by a pledge of seven mills of Hie district's |ax icvcnue, as nuthoilzcd by voteis ol tho district at "a special clec- llon several weeks ago, will bo of- fcicd holders of the old bond*,, now in default, at pai in exchange foi Hie old bond The Municipal Bond Bureau, Little nook, agent of the district has Lid Is On at -Cavulhers- ville; Give Places Fore; cd to Close CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo., NOV. 20.—Chief of Police Uiihcr White yesterday stated thai five "places" In Cnnithcrsville had been closed in compliance with the recent ultimatum delivered by Prosecuting Attorney H. W. Hawkins against The new bonds bear a sllghllj lower rate of interest than the old ones and they mature over a Icnger period. If the refunding program is successful the district will hot only be In position to I meet Its bond obligations but Its anual debt service cost, will be reduced to a point which, with present revenues, will permit the operation of a full-year free high school. C., W. Affltck's resignation as secretary of the board, tenderei" because of ill health, was accepted at last night's'meeting and C. R. Babcock was elected In his place. „ .- - In Pemlscot county. Chief Wnuc said tiiiu numerous complaints had been lodged against these places, and that they were lhe scenes of numerous fights, drunken scenes, and that their presence was a general nuisance to their respective neighborhoods. \ The places closed, While said, were Ora and Bulh Corbln's place on Ferguson Avenue. Ma's Place (Thfailkllls) on Cotton Avenue, Frankie Hall's place on west Tenth and Bcckwlth. and Ted Dye's place on East Walker and Second Slrcct. Previously, Bill Dye's place had been closed when he failed to appear In circuit court to answer Injunction charges filed by the . . nuncon carges fe y te oy bus from Tallulah to this prosecuting .atlorney on gambling city. The .disappearance of the operations. Various other places over the county have been closed since the Fire at Gin Office The scale house and office of the E J Browne gin was '?"*"?. gutted by fire early this after- al Sevlile . The blaze did not damage the i j er, city firemen prevent- ASSCSSCd gin prope Ing spread of the names. The gin is located on North Sixth street (Highway 61). Closing Stock Prices A. T. & T Anaconda' Copper 184 1-2 Y..... SO 1-8 General Motors . 70 7-8 International Harvester 99 1-4 ..... Montgomery Ward ..... 63 3- Phimps n ?1 45 ?1 : 12 11 St L-, S. F. ........... 17-8 -Simmons Bed, .......... 453-4 yesterday was 53. . -- n check. But arllllciy shelling '"ring tho scarj j Will Defy, Blockade LONDON, Nov. 20 rltaln has decided to chalien'ge panlsh nationalist threat > to Uaicdoiiii and will reJ iiai. any attempt lo search ' v br seize Its ships on the high seas.'lt »«s said authoritatively today, •} Foreign Sccretaiy Anthony', Edfn disclosed to a slarlled, anxious of Commons a nationalist to destioy the port of "Barcelona if necessary, and warning foreign'; ships and foreign citizens lo get ' out of It lit once. Immediately iiftcrward the British policy was outlined 'to tiio ' Unlted t PresVa3 follows. ', * , ' T' BrlfalrfVuVrefiise U iecp|i , r\lzc the nationalist^' right Toi.en- I force a blockade ', >,'"<{'_ 'i^ 2 Britain will resist any n't-,. ..-_ high seas so. long-as the nationalists have ilbl been accorded the status of "belligerents Neither they nor the Madrid gov-' eminent has been accorded^ such.* status, i H was Indicated that- while 'e'f-' * foils are being made to clarify'a*' situation of acute danger to peace, Britain will ,pcrnvit 'its' ships to entci the actual hnrbor of Barcelona only at theh own risk as* soon ns that port becomes the -• "cciio of military opcmtlqns. . ' •-.,_ Italian Action Hinted ROME, Nov. 20 (UP)—An \n-^ spired editorial In tho Giornale d' Italia today declared that Italy "and other strong European nations" had decided to prevent establishment of a red republic in Spnin. r ."-',.»• The editorial appeared under the signature of Virglonlo Gayda editor. > < i ' The paper Is considered Premier, Benlto Mussolini's press mouthpiece. _ i , j, .Gayda hinted, strongly that Italy, will prevent Soviet ships, from • reaching Spanish ports. Warning To , U. S. WASHINGTON, Nov. 20 (UP)— The United States received in^ direct warning today 7 from tiie Spanish nationalist government 16 keep nil American naval, and- commercial vessels > out of the port of Barcelona, 'which is uri- der threat of bombardment oy General Franco's forces. Acting Secretary of State R. Walton Moore announced receipt , of the warning which came In a round-about way through Lisbon and the American consulate ."i ,'il Fine For Tom Moore was fined $25 - In on The reckless driving charge was ., ilodged against Moore' after he j Is said to have driven his auto mobile over two lines hose Wednesday night. .Bethlehem Steel '.. 697-8 -- — -..,.... ..» «..,..,Chrysler .:; 127 5.3 mobile over two lines of fire Cities Service 33-' '""" *"«''""•"'"•• «'->-' " Coca Cola .;..... 132 General American Tank 70 ; . un?»Tlirn General Electric- 505-8 WEATHER Arkansas—Fair, warmer in east ? - ransas-ar, warmer n eas RfcKcsson-Robblns ..... 13 3-8 portion tonight. Saturday fair and Mo colder. " anner coldcr and vicinity—Fair and -•-"• .Saturday fah-j The maximum temperature here " '

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