The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 9, 1939 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 9, 1939
Page 1
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BUTHEVILLEJ COURIER NEWS • THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NOBTHEJA8T AnKAKa.a .„« o „» = „„„ "^ * * K - / VOLUME XXXVI—NO. 22-1, BIythevlllo Courier Blyttievllle Herald Blytheyllle Diiily News Mississippi Valley Leader Another Maniac From Phoenix Institution Reported At Large ARKANSAS AND BOOTHEABT MISSOURI f^K,"'ARKANSAS, SATURDAY, DK01CMBKK ' Ar *" wrm ",,;•' '''•"•' . C ' 9 ' < up )-' r wo of tho "most clnn- fceiois ni.iiriacs in Arizona, one iii-mcd with a straielit- crtged mor ihc oilier will; a "slmrp iustrumon ," ronn crt at large tod,™ ami Im-i-rii^i „;(;-/„„,. i, ft mi i~,. ^ ' S. 1 ,,, 1 , i - •••liirp instrument " voanied ?L« C -A I 35 ''""' lcm '' ierl citizens liombai-dod Gov 1? '[ •tones with demands for i>rolee(ion FollowlnK ihe lead of Winnie* '- —until Judd, maniacal murderess who escaped from thc state hospital for ine insane last Sunday night. Brine. (C. Q.) Hanks 25 insane rapist, broke from the institution lust night He was described as the "mast dangerous male" among the 900 inmates Attondanls said he picked Ihe ock -on a door and then cut. through heavy iron meshing "with a sharp instrument" t:, gain freedom. Brino had been dubbed bv fellow Inmates "the living skele^ ton." He weighs only 90 pounds despite his six f ee t, three inch height. IS FILED Sneriff Lou Jordan's entire force was called out and residents were warned to keep their do:rs locked Report Says General Fund Incleblediiess $57,376- Road Fund $43,295 The total indebtedness or Mississippi county's general fmul as of December 31, 1938 was set at $57,376.18 mid Hip (otai indebtedness of the county road fund on the same date at $43,295.32 in n memorandum report on the 10M audit cf Ihe books of county officials filed today In (he office of the county court clerk. The audit and the accompanying report was filed by J. o. Goff, state comptroller, and his deputy' J. Bryan Sims, chief count accountant. There were no shortages In Ihc accounts of Hie several county officials during the year of 1938, the report staled. Accounts of Hale Jackson, as collector, ami Roland Green, as — -..-M...V- - -• ..... »..*.*- treasurer, shewed that books of ration Hanks habitually preyed Y elle , Monday night, will be con-1 last- year for 1937 taxes were in upon young girls. He was sentenced '"""«< by, a virtual Argentine' excellent condition with special to prison for assault and rape In "'""""urn that Russia be expelled comment regarding the new 1935, later certified as insane and from lhe !eaguc. Argentina, it WHS placed In thc hospital. i 'earned authoritatively, has in- Mrs. Judd, who killed her two form «l league officials that en women roommates in. 1932, cut up' Monday slie will threaten to re- Iheir bodies and shipped the pieces , s '°" ' l ' om ^ 1C league unless Russia to California In trunks, had given I' " the sheriff's force a trying six' League Of Nations Assembly Will Pass On Sanctions Request GENEVA, Dec. 9. (OP) — The League of Nations Council decided unight to hand Finland's appeal lor sanctions against Soviet Russia ----------and their children, especially, girls, lue 'eaguc's assembly. off the streets. Before his incarce- 1 Tile assembly, which will con- Have You Scqn Our Operations? ^SiSftS'SWra^SrrwWSlKW-!'—•^™> i .™.,. I;.. .. 1 In deciding to deliver the i'in- (lays. Scores of frightened resi- 1 Ilisl1 n PP«al to (he assembly the dents had reported seeing her, | C01ln cil overruled a- position taken but she had eluded the chase of i by Soviet Foreign Commissar Mo- sys- lem of book keeping Installed hi the .SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTO Agriculture Department Finns Stall Soviet Advance And Plan Counter Offensive COPENHAGEN, Denmark, i!v, L/\,ija i mien v ri,.,, n Minx TV • . . " V A rif Uo< - 9 (UP)—Finnish troops, Views On Effects ust-iff rillos. mnclil^-.ffm™ Of liuropean Conflict WASHINGTON, Dec. i). (UJ')_ Wnv conditions and Urltlsh-Frcncli itmrkct control have curtailed exports of American agricultural products but have not affected 1m- porls of farm gcods, thc department of ngrfcuHurc reported todny. Assuming that tho war will last at least during Iho current iniir- ioltnjr yenr, lhe bureau forecast hut exports will continue to (all off is the result ot lost markols. Im- prrls will remain comparatively stable and Hint fnnn prices will increase as the spcciilattvo rises. result ot The bureau snld contlnuntlon of the. war will: 1. tieduce wheat, exports lower than they would naturally fall cmwa of IMOI- crop prospects. Ultimately decrease o:tlon cx- porls UnoiiKh loss of German and Qcnnan-controlled markets <uid,ij' guns nnd Jii'lilloy lo i-niii.' death into mussed Russian infnii-j who linvo thrown Iho o- , Finland, Dec. 9. (UP)-Pininnd is prepaiv me a three-front counter of- against the Russians |.nny >,e.c forfTlh.cci M ££l L?$^ loss m cnstci-n Kai'olin in today. wlitit h developing into tlio it is proposed to Ifest hflttlo .Of tllO '\vav,' ««'«««'> hllniiM and on two "mid; Helsinki <1lB|>nlehes said to-ilT" 1 fl , onls ' wh «c the liny. ' (SCCK to drive n estiva tvi n l%htlng centered "i\t the Ktvl- Mlcinl bridge head nt Hie eastern end o[ the Vuoksl Lako system, west of l«ko Ladoga. Olspulches said tlio hussliuis, drive westward across th'e o Die top of thc Gulf ol of J "M sky lodny tor Kusslan ra!d- lod eban-ni '««•. 23 cjege s ale fo.lo,v.n g masse, frrnlnl Infantry ae with he bayonet, regardless of ihc Fighting on n coiwIdcSe scal lime tilt terrain, had suffered hcav- Is progressing on the mld-Hnlah'a Irat losses due to the determined fronts, lepofts indicated ' Unnlsh reslstnncc ntul (lie . cause (he allies to reduce Amerl- i "«l, co »fto'-.i whllt ls ""'wed to be the greatest mass attack on dm tonsil promcm ™ u cotl °" »<<><*» because of high amount of $35,750.83 with im over- llic snmc draft of $21,025.35 lo make the total indebtedness figure of $57 - 37S.1G. Thc comity, road fund, according' '". *lic snnie hospital. Tlio wide open spaces arc wit <u> effort to save dollar exclmiic fight, scaled: Paul, Germatnc, filcbard, nnd Robert ainmimg: fo1 ' "ceded Indnslrlnl product ' IKSSCS and bloodhounds. She had ' ot ° v tllat Rudolf Hols'i, Finnish | to the statement closed the broken into and burglarized at least' deIe B"'e, is not entitled to speak Myrtle Ann, Mary Virginia and Jay, Jr. two homes. A note she sent a friend after escaping said she carried a straight-edge razor hidden lu her blonde hair, its edge coated -over with gum. Fear was all the more heightened among the jiopulace because it was felt there was very little, if any, assurance that ether inmates of 1 the asylum might not escape. Since Mrs. Judd's first escape seven weeks ago, the staff had disinle- grated until there remained on duty only one physician, superintendent Louis Saxe, who is ill at his home, and state officials had admitted the institution was woe- Jnliy understaffed. Gov. J:nes had complained, be- "fcre^Iaiiks 1 escape, that there were' not sufficient state funds to properly run the hospital, and he criticized the "slowness" of WPA workers employed to build a guard fence around the grcunds. The latest resignation was that of Dr. Andrew p. Tombs who withdrew Thursday asserting his action • was forced by "internal strife." in the jinme of tho Finnish people Holsli was permitted to present Finland's appeal to the c-uncll which held a secret and private orderly meeting late today Soldier King Former Deputies In Pulaski Collector's Office Accus- .,ed Of Fraud- : Ark., Dec. 9 — - .... 1838 year wilh outstanding warrants In the sum of $31,175.05 and an overdraft of $12,120.27 to make the total Indebtedness total $43.295,32. Mississippi County did not receive any Highway Turnback. Fund In 1938 and funds that would accrue to the county wciild npply against bond maturities, it was pointed out in the report. The Farm to Market road account had $105.28 of warrants outstanding with a cash balance of $4 142.00. There was ns default in Total Exceeds Last Year's Fund Roll Call Chairman Stales Pillnl rcsulls of thc 1939- Red ments on principal and tiilterest in Cross rol) call, reported to the the bonded indebtedness of $28,000 Midwestern -branch cfflcc in St which will mature hi 1948, nnd Ij0llls l)v J - Well Brooks, roll call there was a cash balance of $5,- i chairman for the Chlckasawba dls- 663^69 to the credit ..of this fund ^' ict chapter, showed a total ;<o Roosevelt Orders New District Estab I i sh eel In Puerto Rico WASHINGTON, Dec. 8 (UP>- Prcsldcnl Roosevelt tcdny ordered n special nnvnl district created with headquarters nt Snii Junn Puerto Rico, embracing Rico ami the. Virgin Islands., 10 me credit of this fund .""•' cnaptor, showed a total,.of the Virgl\i Islands on Dec. 31, 1938, the report, pointed.! ^ men-tars ciirfilled for, a- tr&l T!-$ new district'will become' op/ out ' , | m 805 ' ' '- ' crallve JnniiiTry'hnd'.vlIt 'bo ktioivii Accounts of Sheriff and crllec- LITTLE ROCK derfutv <hprm"lnH r ^°T C ''r, C > lief i tor Htt!e Jacks ° u Covering taxes compare favorably ivilh n totai'of aeputy sheriff, and Charles O. Me- for 1937 revealed the system which '" = " """ ' i^utt. former riRmitv cnllpffnr allfll^n imTivflppn^i \t* o< ^ \, u aim j so impressed \fr. Sims and l)is co- assistant to Collins until their dismissal May 31, were indicted on charges of embezzlement of county tax funds by thc Pulaskl Grant! Jury yesterday. Two (rue bills were returned by the Grand Jury in connection with its investigation of a $26,508.10 shortage in the accounts of Sheriff and Collector L. B. Branch. Collins and McNutt were arrested -soon after the Grand Jury re. ported to Judge Fulk at 6 p. m. They were placed in the county i jail when they were unable to make $10,<X)0 bond each. Tlie shortage has been recovered by Prosecuting Attorney Pat Mehaifv from bondsmen for Sheriff Blanch except for S5.807.20 which thc sheriff paid in January when thc shortage first was disclosed by the .state comptroller's audit. Response To Appeal For Toys Held Good Kin-ants club officials said this afternoon that Blytheville citizens were responding enthusiastically in the canvass of the city underwaj' by Boy Scouts to obtain used cr discarded toys for renovation and distribution to needy children at Christmas. "Every child In Blytheville should ! some try to keep his faith In 1 Christmas if movement for turning I unused toj's over to the Kiwanis | club continues as It has started," | a club official said today. Boy Scouts will continue tr> collect toys during next week after school hours. Toys will be called for if those having them available will telephone Kiwanian Lagronc 1 Whittle Great Britain's King George and his three brothers were all in France together, following a surprise visit of His Majesty to Inspect the B. E. P. One br:ther t the Duke of Gloucester, accompa- nlefl thc King from England, - The v^.j .-others, the Dukes of Kent and, Oct. ..,... „„, -,,„ au . „.., Windsor, were already in France.! Spot., closed steady at 1052, upl New York NEW YORK, Dec. 9. (UP)—Cotton closed steady. •cpen high low close D* 30 1053 J058 1048 1057 Jan 1052 1054 1045 Mnr 1025 1031 1019 May 993 1000 887 July '. 956 8S5 951 Oct 905 914 900 Spots closed nominal at up 12. 1054 1023 996 360 911 IOS9. \'ew Cotton NEW ORLEA^fS, Dec. 9. (rjp)_ Cotton futures rose seven to nine points today on continued strength. Dpc ^,,«« i.,_,_ . r i uec. workers, Included in thc report was this statement: "We wish to compliment Sheriff Jacksrn on his modem, up to date book keeping system. It ,ls a system of records whereby he can give to any Interested, taxpayer, the full amount of, money collected by his office at any | and all times and to'what funds the said money belongs." The emolument account of Sher- Althrugh the results this year as the tenth naval district commnnrW of n, n ,J, n • increase in mone, Mr Brook, bo h nn '"" imvy ^'"Iment and under rook, 11. I? t "! ° r " Crs of lllc ™'»»mncler-ln-chlef liberal 'response on Ihc part of , new (llstrlcl wns eslablisli- somc rural communities and ccr- , llnc wlth nllcl llftv y - tain groups and Individuals In 'the movM to 5ll ' en B u ">n defense in the elty proper. area to safeguard the panama In annrnnclno the final result, cnnnl nml lhc UnllC(1 stnte3 Mr. Brook expressed his thanks' Tho n >''«y has been increasing iff Jackson showed income in ex- lo Hie 138 men and women who lts l!m<1 a "d nlr garrisons in Puerto cess of expenses to the amount of, nclc(1 »s volunteer workers In the R!co wllllc tlie navy Is constriiel- $7,938.87. which was turned cverj 1 " 011 call. "Due to the help ol these in B a major air base at San junn, to the county, Mr. Sims said in a m en and women, it was one cf the ollc ot n chain of 12 in Ihc At- ststcment Issued with the report.! easiest Jabs I ever had and, al- la ntic and Pacific authorized by Expenses of the sheriff nnd col- though I think the enrollment thc P a st- congress at a total cost lector's office for 1938 were $23,-] should have been larger, I believe cl 563.001,000. 325.42, in addition lo a. $5000 fee,'hat we did a creditable job for Secretary of War liarrv N allowed as salary ,for thc sheriff, the Chlckasawba district of Missis- Woourtng announced last nlnht This rirr.s nol include the expense c ' nni -"""*•• -"•> "-• • ••••• • b of feeding and upkeep of the prisoners In the county Jails, which is directed by this office. The sheriff's office said that 52,143.92 in fines ccllected by the ?'PP' county and that more people that he would speed a $35000000 In cur district fee) that they are a construction program ' enibrac ug par of (he Red Crass by having barracks, utilities and oUic" bS contributed their dollar this year, Ings In the canal " - »- . - b l '" lnl 4. Reduce fruit exports drastically. 5. Lead b Increased British imports of pork supplies. «T» °-«• nr, nc -'^tto y Xe^b Ru r!r^f u was asserted tho Russians had h "ve counlci -attacked In thc Kuo- ^eii thrown back nt least thvco ln J»ervl and Soumussalmt sectors vSty""-'"" 3 .' 3 ' 4 •'"•""'• '" Sm.'-!. t .*? 1 .. toc " catci1 ' "Wined the the vicinity of the Klrtiilwnl vlll «m of llioso names which nre- bilduehcad. An imporlnnt railroad, *'io»sly had been abandoned to extending from Leningrad to tllc enemy, according to military Ktilsahnl on Lake Ladoga, crosses '"tormnnls •' the lake system nt this point. I Relatively small Finnish forces The Russians were slopped nlso,' liavo bc °n holding bock the Rus- dlsualchcs said, In attacks to the slnlls r °" «"!» In the- wild swain- northwest of this sector, at the [* country along the frontier be- noiilnvestcrn end of the Vuoks! T"! 1 Klloln J n W and Soumus* lake syslcm. Here, It wns said, the ? lUml - ' lhls ( i°nt is opposite ovi Uiisslami met Finnish forces much ""' ,° r tlie O«lf of Bothnia. RlroiiBcr than those defending ',, , FI "!! S nl ° llsl "g gucfrllla '•"' com- " !c " cs Klvlnlcml, am; had failed pleloly to penotrnle (he Finnish defenses. Not only were tho Finns defending themselves successfully, H In (lie swamps and woods of ..this mca, visited only occa'i slonally.iby fishing parties. ' ' i 'Oioy fall back before massed' Russian attack-;, lake cover in the. pushing the Russians back frcu hey had occupied Referendum Held Pro- Campaign Test Of Ad- (^ Stockholm reports said tlmt Rus- ministration Policy LITTLE ROOK, Ark., Dae. , 0.— asserted, but they coiintor-nl'fnoit'cii'H" 00 "? nl "' " 1CM ' la mss and coun ; j frcriucnlly nnd at many polrls l '",,- -' T!lE>lr "uwberg are" thc Vuokst line succeeded Inl' '' •• - - Between 3 000 'and 4,000 Swedish'* volunteors are on the frontier, nwfilUng cfiiilpment and clothing to join tho Finnish army. Dispatches fiom the Karelian front intllcaled that thc Russians, lliroivu back In fiontal attacks, were seeking to attack the Flubs on the flanks. Norman B. Dcucl, United Press I correspondont on the Kaeillau tho "mn.rinprhnl.',V "ii«"""Vr f 9 " 1 ' le l lorle( l "lat there had mannerhclm ilno. ta tom_a;ljeayy mtniery battle at sla was heavy reinforcements to the Karelian Isthmus, nnd that troop train's wore moving from Leningrad toward Ihc More than 100,000.'of the approx- frontier dny nti'd ,,, Km . nation, whether marketing quotas Karelin "An' nnMtan it „ v ''»!' Jv«> n !«'on tho Isthmian front and shall bo In elfcct on tho 1SHO ctit- ,„, aken t4e I, 'f, n rtr in' '"'n'" 0 RUSSltins had sunered 'oil crop. -• line In f r?lnr 0v 1 \^ C1 Y , 0/ -V,^ llMvily w . ll<; " lliclr 'pfnntry came The ccllon quota, must be ap- r nn s ong go becaMe It was ,«" nrn"'" <iCadly ""'*" alWsr y =s b5 ;r hl m ls ^rs ^-siiSS u£ ? - — ^ —i referendum before they can be- whelmhiBlV smiMnr S «;„ ^Ported that all Russian attiH come effective. . «nin)ijr .suijcnor numoers. In. the tsllimus liad been renu^K If quoins nr.e approved, growers' lio sell In excess of their market- who Ing shares will be subject B -a ,, • penalty tax of Unco cents a pound en thc cxcc.'ifi, and will not be •'Tl'.crp were eligible for government loans on In. the isllimus had been rcpi damage lo tho Man-1 Thc Russians, after their . has been from-a few pallcm of Holland Island !„,., f shells, nred at long range, -Hrinjsh Gulf yesterday were}.' i '"'" : : | peeled to occupy other unfortlfl iinny unconfirmed , Flnll lsh Islands - „- .„ , „„ .. fi'oin Helsinki. One was I High. Finnish sources said that cotton In 1940. Only thoso who co- thnl . !lnll[ >n planes had bombed n the Russians had attacked Hoi- operate with" the program will be Rllssl(ln air base at UnHlskt (Diilr 'nnd Island fot Avc days with de-~ eligible for government bcncnt pay- llc Po)1 "' °'> the Esthonlaji ccHst stroycrs nnd airplanes All clvil- mcnts. Aurlculture Department omclals. consider thc referendum n pre- campalgn test of the admlntstra-! lion's farm p.'licies In thc cotton oelt. They are confident the growers will approve the cotton pro- of the Gulf of Finland, destroying Inns were evacuated, It was sa'id. hangars. and only a few coast guardsmen 11 were left After bombarding empty villages for five days, Informants snld, the Russians iandsd rmm « T « ' IUP) T S ' L ' Fl "~ yesterday nnd searched cautiously ' for illllBblltt " ls The coast guards- nnd I want to thank'ever- . them In behalf or the American ' turned over to proper Red Cross and the tal chapter," office and accounts was not Included in the , said Mr. Urooks. turnover of Income above expenses' Mr. Brroks stated that conlribu- | final retirement, put in six months f studying California's real estate Pa. (UP)—Paul Wll- laws and acts, and passed the stiff i , .' of "" unusual team examination of thc California slate lor a seven-year-old bull and a real cslate board, at the.age of 71. tioiV5 and memberships would be "moved in "• M™™? COUP," „ : ;»-«"«« ™s - .;;,„„«;. : s^^^.5=s'»rwu« )I •» *• rr i '"Ji*v vil JIU1 lUlllL >V1|- r,,±! to ,!f± !!?™. "»» "".learn has worked received from anyone desSng lo Stover winter cattle r.nge, hen towthcr MapS,ll»L f™,*™^ enroll or Increase their contribu- «'"ir own grazing grounds were Peacefully for lour jcars. listed in the audit report. Miss Gwcn Rutherford, president ..._ „ „„_ of the Franklin school council, Hons until the end of till™ inoiiih "xliansted, are eating ... „ took the kick out cf. football for although the rrll cnll ended offl- »'«t 'he 3,000 head of cattle for maintain an r-vfnllo.ii n «^na n male players, when, in an efficiency j dally on Thanksgiving Day Per- which the range Is maintained are he turn* ^uicni average football test, she punted for 41 2-3 | sons desiring to increase their threatened with starvation.' yards and drop kicked 202-3 membership enrollment may do so -— •ere much A skilled "nnimntnr- i« ™i,i i n ™ Sign of Death On the Highway s out from 5 to 8 fe nf animated cnrtoom in n rinv " She won first place in punt- i by sending their checks to thc Ing and third in drop kicking. Stnck -, NEW YORK, /'n>«.v j office of Commerce cf this month. E. B. Estcs, in all, Anaconda Copper Assoc. D. G. Beth. Steel Boeing Air ... Chrysler .„ ... Coca Cola Gen. Elect Gen. Motors ..... of the let chanter, In roll call results,. think the peo- To [amfr tnclr checks to thc f~\ • T»T of the Blytheviilc chamber I .nill'lPl* XPWC! imcrce during the remainder i ^ >1 1 1 U " ° Advance News "Deadline" Tlic Blytheville Courier News, 120 1-4 r 30 5-8 I!LVded on t™"«XTe" ^ CC " VC M -" day ' Dccolnber "• w »' ' B M rol , can ihls yeaV; Ti^e'^ ^"^^^^ ~ 82 5-8 22 1873 110 3-4 38 f-8 should M r^ior n ^ »r=-^' 3-* although r. do not feel that some J?,"",^"'" nr f...!!^l nr ' some order that «wt continue believe that functlmi thc Chlckasawba district 'unction . i cause to be somewhat proud of »> 3-4 o lc results." 18 3-8 Montgomery Ward N. Y. central Packard ,.."." "3 {.3 , .. ,.„. . . Phillips pet 403 . g ;Lutheran Official Radio 5 j_ 2 Schenley • 13 Socony Vacuum .'.' 113-4 Stnntlard OII-N. J. Texas Corp. ... U. S.'Smelt. . . U. S. Steel .1 fli,,.. L tfmrch •y .in this news])aper may to fulfill lt« primary of providing speedy as well as accurate and reliable sen-- Ice for its many subscribers In south Mississippi county (who are served by carriers) as well as Its l.'cal subscribers. Due to an advance In the .vched- Dec. Jan. Mar. Ma- July cpen high low close M™ 10S4 10S9 1059 1082 1060 1060 10,50 1060 1034 -1039 1029 1032 1002 1008 998 1004 065 976 ' 960 959 807 SIS 005 912 open 94 high 93 1-8 97 ule of the southbound St. Louis,, .,-, , Memphis Frisco passenger train 443-8 Thc Rcv - Mar "n Schaeffer. of.'(which will leave here dally at 3:10 44 3-8 sl - Louls ' director of missions of I o'clock P. ji. Monday and thcre- 67 1-2 lllc Western district of the Luther-: after) certain changes in news .an church, will be a guest or the ', schedules are imperative if the cnvgregatton of the Pilgrim Lu- Courier News Is to continue tc serv- thcran church here tomorrow, the ' lw Its extensive carrier system in I Rev. H. J. Kleindienst, pastor, said,-towns south of Bljtheville by this 1 today. •train. close -Tiie visiting minister will address! Society and personal news Items 5-8 the congregation at the night must be received at the Courier 6a 95 1-4 f>3 7-8 94 7-8 service. plies particularly to reports cf parties or other social events which should be telephoned or sent to the newspaper office not later than six o'cl:ck if held before that time in order lo Insure publication the next day. Other news schedules wilt also be set forward and hospitals and other sources of routine report:rlal news are urged to have their reports ready by nine o'clock A.M. of the day of publication. Effective Saturday, December 1C, the oairlcr News' Saturday edition will go to press at one o'clock P.M. This advance in the press hour on Saturdays Is necessitated as an Indirect result of federal wage-hour law' legislation and is In line with a similar "early Saturday" press time that has been adopted generally by newspapers throughout the country. Pastors and officials In charge of preparation of reports carried In the usual Saturday church an- Corn open high. WEATHER j News office, beginning Monday, not i nouncement column arc hereby ' ater than 10 o'clock In the morn-! notified that such reports must be ing In order to be published on the received at the ffflce of the Cour- Grim s^mn rim, Tim ^fn™ ,.,m ~ n .«~i» i—v, ..^. .... .. _ .: ^ vul <-*r*m To Hold Services ', For Deaf Monday Services for the deaf will be conducted M^nda, night at eight c'clock at thc Pilgrim Lutheran church at the corner of SKth and Walnut streets, It was announced today by thc Rev. H. J. Kleindienst, pastor of the church. "* • Tlie Rev. Walter D Uhllg, of St. Louis, who will conduct the services, • bns announced that his sermon t pic will be ' The First Announcement of the Advent of Christ." * Portraits on Currency . Betray Counterfeiters TOLEDO, O. (UP)-Look to the eyes of the portrait on a bill If jou would detect o unlerfeit money, urges Ira I Brought, a Secret Service agent of the Federal government. "Tlie ejes should ha\e a llte- • like effect," Brought said in> a .speech before the American Instl- I tutc of Banking. "Counterfeiters . usually cannot obtain this etfect" Brought said that there are oW* : about 35 good portrait engraveis in the United States and that 'it takes about three months to Vn- I grave a good portrait. "Other things to mtlce when detecting counterfeit money," -he said, "are the sharp details such as each hair, threads In the cost and fine screening about the head' These never are well done' In counterfeits" Famous Name Retires »< ^ HOLYOKE, Mass. (UP)-The re- tircment of Ulysses s. Grant from- ,-oones ot the ens!neerln» ri»n*^m<s«i ,»'s_ ' ' '

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