The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 7, 1952 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 7, 1952
Page 6
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90L BLTTHEVTLLE (ARK,) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, AUGUST 7, 1952 ] Grand Jury to Meet Again Day after Tuck Bishop Is Slated to Die LPTTLB ROCK W) — The Grand Jur>- Investigation of & 6-time sJaj'er's claim (hat he bnug-ht a 90-daj' furlough from an Arkansas prison apparently will not be resumed until one day after the. convicted murdered Is scheduled to be executed. The FulaskE panel recessed yesterday until Aug. 28 afrer hpflrintf testimony from Deputy Prosecutor James Do well on his interview with Tvick Bishop in a Utah jai! cell. Bishop Is scheduled to die An?. 21 for the slaying of two mine worker* In Utah while reportedly a fugitive from the Arkansas penitentiary, where he was serving n life term for four murders. Dowel! entered thft Jury's rlo.= pd session wilh R tape recording which he said contained a transcription of hi5 jntrrvipvv with H E. Bishop, the convirtrd nmrrierer's brother, in Seattlfi, Wash. Df-tai!^ j of hifi testimony and other evidence , presented to the Grand Jury *ere | not dLsclo. e ed. | However, the ju^y foreman. .Ine [ J. Sehmelzer, and Proseculor Tom Downie Issued a statement fnllnw- ing the recess last nicht (hat "ample lime is needed to secure ail additional evidence that is available," "They do not want to work an Injustice on any person by making a pr em a tur« finding," the statement said. Bishop, in R notorized statement tn a Utah sheriff, said he was. not i fugitive when he was arrested ior the Utah murders, but was on A 90-day furlough he bought from the Arkansas prison from the Arkansas prison for si,500 at a Llt- tte Rock hotel meeting last, December. Meanwhile,, Gov. McMath, in an addrewi at Jonesboro last night, blasted the delay in completion of "I think the people of Arkansas are entitled to an immediate report on this case. If any man in my administration took a dime from Tuck Bishop, I want thai man Indicted immediately, if not, I want the true facts known. I demanti that Ihe Grand Jurv come up * r fth proof or the truth be/ore the Aug. 12 election," FAIR ENOUGH - Dorothea Smith, actress with the Michigan Summer Theater at Michigan City, Ind., doesn't ncpd a sign to tell the world she's a fair member of the lair sex. The sign she holds really advertises the city's third annual Town and Country Fair. Mossadegh Outlines New Tax Proposal TEHRAN, Iran (JP>~ Premier Mohammed Mossfldcfih put before his j Cabinet last night n plan for su'ccp- intj neu- taxes to replace revenues lost thronght nationalization of the Iranian oil Industry. Informants said unofficially thai the Premier will Impose an annual two por rent tax on all land holdings, most of it ou-npri by Iran's •wealthy upper class. One wiurre close to the Rovrrnment predicted the iie-A- levy would nrlne In at least 330 million dollars yearly— sightly more than the ?nvernment now Is -spending. Iran has eri^rd toward bankruptcy since it took over property of rhe Rritish-rmi Anslo-franfnn Oil Company last year. Oil prorturtion halted without British tfchnicians. und forolirn market. 1 : 'i^re cut off hv n Brlii'h shippini! hoycntt. pie- vinuslv oil rovaltips had hern Hie Government's main source of reve- The California rondor. rhirh ha* the v win? span n/ any ( Vorth At."T!rin bird, cnn fly as high as J5.000 kiH. Tennessee Goes To Voting Booths For Heated Races NASHVfLLE. Tenn. f/Pi—Tonne.-;- i scans swnrmed around the state's I 2.300-plu* voting booths today, ea?- ] er to past halloUs in heated primary ! races. [ Their vntex will decfrfe the polftf- ! rat fiiuirws of K. D. McKellar. fl3- ! year-old rloan of the Senate In point i of service, and Oov, Gordon Brown- i inp. who i= out for a third cnnse- ' cuilve two-year t/*nn. j And they will dniermine. perhaps ,TinflHy, what power rrmnlns in the; hnndK of Mowing-haired E. H.! Crump. Memphis political loader • \vho. c e trrip on state-wide politics •A-ns broken four years a?o hy Drowning and Ren. Estes Kefau'.er. Spurred on hy hirt^r campaign orfttnrv, the voter* ronrentrateri on the torrid races for the Demorratir nominations for ihe U, S- Senate Find (he c<jvernorship. There v.'ere hai rontpst* for both' n^mocratlc and Republican rot]- j Ere?>ional nomtriafionp and In local j ceneval *^!err inns, Bnt the la IX around the polling plnces \\as centered chiefly on the rhances of Me- ' Kellar's winnlnc an unnrecedenteri sfivf'nrh l^rtn in the Senate and! Brow-nirnr roiatmnt; hi 1 ; hold on the 'J Love Sally/' Man Cries as He Shoots 3 CHICAGO '/Pi — A ynimg man frying, "I lore Sally." dsrted suddenly tram the bushes In Grant Park yesterday and .sprayed bullets at a younfr couple listening to music. His biillels killed the frirl nnd critically -A-oiindrd her r-?cnrt. Then the man embraced the etrt —apparently a stranger to him—as she lay rtymB on the prounrt, and shot himself to death. The lightning action took place in the midst of hundreds of downtown office workers s^endine their lunch hour In the park, some Uste-nins to the rehearsal of the Grant Park Symphony Orchestra in the big p^rk band shell. The victims vrrr Psfriria K.ih- li>r. 17. killed by tv.o bulk-Is fired into her head, and Herbert A. Hoffman. 17, wounded critically in The neck, chest and back. Both were employed In I he nearby of- lltr.s ,of Ihe Stinriard Oil Co, Bethlehem Signs Pact with Union NEW YORK fjpf—Thf Bethlehem Steel Company last ni(*ht became i the second major company to com'• plete (ina! contract terms with the \ CIO United SU-elworkers. • The announcement was made Jointly by Philip Murray, president of bolh Hie CIO and the stecKvork- ers union, and J. M. Laikin. Bethlehem's vice president in charKe of industrial and public relations. f The agreement will run until .June 31). 19S4. wilh a waee rconen- Ine clause effectiye June 30, 1053, 'Wisiting Abound' Arkansas Bi BYJOEMARSH SPRII National Park—America's Oldest! ! Thief Is Seized Up i By Cleaning Firm [ i WISNBR. NVb. if, — A huralar I who visited the Hanfen Cleaners here apparently left a pretty fair ; de-rription of himself. j Piom the firm's stock of new : clothine, the thief took frouserfi, i.eive 30 and 31; .shirts, size 15, and i caps, size 7H. Folks down at lint Springs Just crfe- hratfd Ilieir one hundredth animer- savy as a national park! Nnl many IravcJers or residents irt realize this historic fact alifiut Hot Snlinns. Its tradition as a heallti resort tog an uhh HeSoto who enjoyed the curative waters of (his ipa. Fafi if that folkiThave been enjoy* Ing a lemperate glass of beer longer than thai. It's a national ti'adilinn, loo. Today tourists in Hot Spring find lieer a nmHcrate beverage fof refroshjiicnt on & hot sumnier'a dayi Copyright 1352, UniltfjStnfrx tfrru.vri Foundation, Int., ArkanMf Di'mioH, Pyramid Building, Little Rock, Arkansas Greek Troops Fire on Bulgarians Sheep Smugglers Caught i DAMASCUS. Syria f/n — fimue- i glers movlnj? sheep throucrh Lebanon and destined for Israel have' been arrested by Syrian security j patrols. Authorities said there are \ continuing reports of foodstuffs be-j ing smuggled into Israel from Ln- j bannn despite the Arab blockade. ' ATHENS, Greece w> — O r e e Jc nop^ oprjieri fire thU mornJnc on Bulcarinn soldinrs on the OreftV:- claimert border Island of Gfimma, In the Evro.i River, the Greek general staff announced today. A communique said the Greek fire,--from machine eruns and mor- (ars — \VAR not returned by the troop? from Greece's Soviet KM el- lite northern neighbor. The at'.ark came after Bulgarian troops had been noticed on the, island during lust nit*ht. the announcement saJd. Earlier l?m night the penernl staff had issued a com- mumque paying no Btilgnrft bad been seen on the island after ex- pfratlrjn of an earlier Greek ultimatum dcmandinc that all Bulgarian troops quit Gamma by 8 a.m. ypst^rdsy. Press dispatches from correspondent. 1 ; in the area. uTitten affer the expiration of the ultimatum but apparently prior to the Greek attack. said (hose on Ihp CJrefr: slrJ'* o/ t.he '•• frontier still could see the Bu1?ar- ians on thf 1 istand, I Today's Armv announcement f.aid | the United Nation.-: peace sub-committee ^-as present '* f ben the Greeks - attacked and that just prior To op- I eninjr fire, the Greeks warned the ] Bxilgars by loud-.speaker. Becrr Slays Calf THRSSAIX)N. Canada f/Pf- Farni cr.s n r e rea rty t o ^hoot bea rs on i sight !n this area 60 miles east of Sault Ste. Marie. Mich. Russell Currifi was recently herding his cov.* •'x'hon a black bear jumped from a hiding place, killed R calf and ripped open a cov.-'s skull. 1 The first Elimp-se Columbus had i of the mainland In the western hnmlsphere r A-as at Venezuela. He mistook it for an Lstnntt. A How to take the Work ^ out of Housework B THI TIMS to eat on porch or terrace. Bring your electric grill out of hiding, use for made-on-the- spot grilled sandwiches or scrambled eggs. Fun (or the whole family! 1, "* i prafces only one or two cents' worth o/ electricity to a meal an a frill or waffle iron!} • Veil CAN HAV£ A CfNTER. PIECE nnd pat It too! Arrange summer fruit on a tray. Chill In your electric refrigerator for ttvo hours till frosty cold. Use as an attractive ccntcr- rplece for dinner . . . serve ns dessert afterwards! The fruit will still be'dcllciously cold! d'nur refrigerator ir-ill protect nl! your load for an en- itirc tccek lor less than the cost aj a pack o/ cigarettes!!' C4NISU TATTinALE PIKKI W'hlre nylon (hlnf.s stay whiter If washed in your electric washing machine Instead of hy hand. U.=c warm u-atcr, a mild soap or detergent and wash only about t^vo niinnr.cs. A little bluing In the water also helps overcome a yellow or pink cast. r electric icaslier Is mighty hanriy-, fnp.Tjirn.r';-«! Tiro cent! nil! supply the electricity ( 0 o'o "on se family ucsft /or a whole iccc'*!) • WOXf SHIMI Mil LESS WOKX If you me the spray attachment of your vacuum cleaner to apply liquid wax on linoleum or asphalt tile. Remember though — don't use an oil-base wax on asphalt tile. (Your electric vacuum is a real hovsecleanlng bargain, You can vacuum six large ruga iqr just one centt±' fVon •too. fat HEAB OF THE FAMILY often has a bedraggled hat •A brisk brushing and a cloud of steam from your electric steam Iron will rejuvenate (the most bedraggled Ud! Rain spots vanish like magic under this treatment. fBy the way, i/ou con Iron tor ho-jrs for or.!a -i ics' worth, of electricity!}' FRESH-FROM-THE-SAISOIN VEGITABIES are delirious and economical at this time of year. Lucky you — if you can pack them awayin your home freezer to enjoy their goodness all winter longl ^.•5 hnme /rceter Is a good buy! Snves time, trmbte, tran<porlatton and money! The cost to operate? About the same as your refrigerator!/ • THERE S MORE THAN ONE WAV to dry clothes. An electric dryer does It best! For best re.<i;l>..5, sort clothes. Dry all that don't have to be Ironed In one load. Sort o:h?r.s Into heavy and ll.cht pieces. Read your Instruction bos-ik for tips to save time and money. '.Vn more henry bc.«Vr/.T tn rnrrv it :/oif hare rm ar-jrr. It uiU nork lo~ i/ou lor pennies each Kcc (SltAo BISHV/A5HING7 It's a once-a-day snap If you have an electric dishwasher. You can avoid trouble and save money by using the special rilfh'J.ashing detergents in your machine. V/U r.ltctrif dHhica3her ir!!I (In fix leads of dishes lor a penny's uorth of electricity! Less breakage too!/' N FAMOUS EAR TIRES 8O a Week Buys Two 6,00 x 16 Tires |9| a Week Bays Two 6,70 x 15 fires f/ » Other sizes proportionately low mrs RIGHT * Other weekly payments at low gs $1,25 week NO MONFf DOV/N - Here's the chanc« to end ywr tire werrlw snca and for a!! , . . and get cash value for your old i'utt, leol eck this AND YOUR OLD TIRE MAR ATHOU Quality by 5Gc A WEEi Goodyear Service Store 410 W. Main Phone 2492

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