The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 12, 1941 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 12, 1941
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THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ART-AKTOAC, , 1^-M.W J^ 1 M A I f \^J . UI ftUivinaABl ARKANSAS AND ROimiTCAfiT VTTRsnnoT ^^^ E xxxvni—NO. 23. Blytheville Daily News Blytheville Courier AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI Blytheville Herald Mississippi Valley Leader lu.ADWAY *y WALTER WINCHELJ, l Amcric , a -- slion rime ago we suspected lor the yroiuulin« of Manhattan, sabotage. '•i"- was pooh-poohed in some »p^papcrs...Last week the FBI wnarea a Nazi spy who admitted "is guilt and was .sent to prison •vit hm three hour*. The .spy's name .'.s Paul Fehse. who had been work- ins as a ccok on i.h e Manhattan! . fltrp have been many reports of Nam and Communists' holding key positions in our merchant manm? -et some unions have been cioino '^enihm, poss , blc lo j . olec o to Cfjurcfj Caster me jailing- oi this X pv s ,. eil Uie FBJ has i-<> bniarfh an espionage ring divulg- »i* maritime information to the M >;;, seems UlP nalion now iao another reason to be thank- J»il *or the FBI, initials are us important to the safei.v or dp mocracy as RAF; squelchin the book. "Out of i ias done the best job oi Hie Communists since ii 'as invented—the Com•s have launched a smear cam- ngainst the book and the ...They have tried all kinds oi tucks, and their latest is to send out lecturers ( whose subject is presumably literature; but they are actually Communist propaganda agents...This is to warn the nation that the name of one of the lecturers Is Sender Garlin. Don't be fooled by this man —he has been a leader in the Red parade for a inn* time...His job Ls to spread literary ether, because "Out of the Ni«mt" has awakened so many Americans. For the past week the papers have contained stories about hundreds of Nazis here who are goto* back to Germany, it's good to know that the infection is slowlv being drained...But this is something we can't understand- Hermann Schwinn, the West Coast Bund leader, whose U. S. citizui- , ^KANSAS, SATURDAY, APRIL 1.2, 1941. t . l J German Columns Drive On Greece As RAF Batters Communications; Nazis Admit Serbs Still Resist By United Press Groat Brilain^tvuck furiously The sun coming up over California's Funeral mountains shines down -sands of Death Valley in open-air services before a giant, white on devout hundreds kneeling in cross. was revoked, is still us. They used to excuse that* situation bv explaining that it \va« impossible to get to Germany from America because of the blockade BUD if hundreds of other Nazis are soing back—why not Schwinn? Why are we keeping him here— for luck? Sam Evans is an evening high school instructor of adults In Los Angeles r -who has been exposing and debunking ' Nazis and* Nazi propagandists there. Because of that the Bund is doing everything possible to make trouble for Evans' They're even trying to ou ' st hlm from his position, but Dr. Russell Sunrise Worship Will Open City's Observance Of Easter When the sun rises Easter morning, Blytheville churchgoers will begin their observance of Christ's resurrection at a union service at the Assembly og God Church and it will be continued throughout the day at special services being planned at various churches. The Rev James A. Overholser, pastor of First Presbyterian Church, will speak at the union service arranged by the Ministerial Alliance. His sermon, "Christ's Finished Work' will be delivered at 6:30 a.m Other Sen-ices Scheduled Other services at the Assembly of God church will be at 11 o'clock when the Rev. S. A. Merrill, pastor, will speak on "The Risen Christ" and at 7:45 o'clock when a visiting minister is expected to "preach. Another sunrise service will be at Pull' Gospel 'Tabernacle where delegates • from Missouri. Kansas. Tennessee, Arkansas and Illinois Pentecostal Churches of God will have an all day session. The Rev. Child Is Seriously Injured An 18-months-old child was neai death at Walls Hospital hPre today after being kicked by a mule yesterday when he entered a barn lot at his parents' farm home at Lonoke. The child was Paul Thomas or Disputes In Defense Industries Seek Federal Arbitration Hemphili, son of Mr. and Mrs John Hemphili. Easter" and Mrs. Kleindienst will j Mrs - D - D -. Hodge. the boy's sing a vocal solo, U I Know That My Redeemer Liveth" from Handel's "Messiah." The newly confirmed will partake of communion tor the first time. Services for the Deaf A special, Easter .service .for the deaf has been arranged by-'this church for Tuesday night at 7:30 o'clock. The Rev. Walter D. Uhlig of St. Louis will speak. J. L. Musgraves of St. Joseph.", ,,,,.:f ke strect . Metnodist Church W. Star,-, chairman of the Ame,-- other Mo.. Ls to speak at 5:28 a. m. are ing that most of those tryin* to get Evans are Bunders...So "this is to report that one of those leading the movement against Evans is F. K. Kerenz. who was once squelched by Evans and vowed vengeance...Ferenz employs stooges to carry on his work...We exposed him as a Nazi propagandist a long time n?o. He denied it. but he can't disprove it. ..Ferenz T« now trying to Nazify the Los An- gples school system with all kinds of threats and pressure. We hope the patriotic Los Angeles citizens dent of young people's work; 2 o'clock, The Rev. Harold Collins of Ponca City. Okla., national moderator; 7:30 o'clock. The Rev. A. N. May of Greenville, 111., na~ at^ church, tional Sunday school superintend- have dedication and Easter services at 10:50 o'clock. The Rev E. K. Sewell will have as his theme. -'He Is Risen" and there will be Easter hymns by the choir. The service is a climax to a series of pre-Easter services which have been held each night this week ent- Hold Special Masses At the Church of the Immaculate Conception. Low Mass at 8 and High Mass at 10 o'clock. Benediction of the Most Ulessed Sacrament will follow High Mass. The Rev. j. j. Thompson is will put Ferenz in his place—if tastor and the Rev. B. F McDevitt they can reach that low. A few days ago the American Peace Mobilization held a dinner fit the Hotel Psnnsvivania. Amone those who were criticized by those at t-hn meeting were Wendel) Willkie. Dorothy Thompson, Walter Winchell, and—for some peculiar reason we can't fisrure out—"Gone with the Wind"...According to reporters, every country was rapped —except Russia—and every political group—except Communists. . Which shouldn't be news to those who know anything about the outfit. One of the principal speakers was Cons. Marcantonio, vice-chairman of the APM. who voted against every defense measure.. .The toastmaster of the occasion was a well- known Communist...In short, the American Pence Mobilization group is neither for America nor for peace...They're for Russia. Communists and everything they stand for...If you need more evidence about them: They are fighting a bill in California that would outlaw subversive groups. Now that the Bund has almost been shoved back into the wall, a similar group has reared its head to fake the Bund'* nlacp TM • —»'•. — •"" is called the German^mericanNa mg " Muslc WI " is assistant pastor of the church. Sister Delores has announced that the choir will sing the "Fes- lival Mass," Opus 40. J. Gruber, and "Regina Coeli," A. Werner, ior offertory number during High Mass. During the Benediction of the Most Blessed Sacrament "Panis Angelicas" by Lambillotte will be used. The service will be ended by the singing of "Holy God, We Praise Thy Name." Special Easter services at First Baptist church .will feature a sermon y the pastor. The Rev. Alfred Carpenter on "Our Lord's Resurrection" and special music by the choir at 10:40 a. m. ubject for the evening sermon will be "Your Resurrection Experience." Choir, of the First Presbyterian church will sing "Alleluia" by Wilson and "Hymns of the Seraphim" by Waghorne at the morning service. 11 o'clock. The Rev. Mr. Overholser will talk on "The Resurrection Life" in the morning and "Personal Immortality" at. 7:30 o'clock. Hold Two Services At 11 o'clock. First Christian ^ church congregation will meet for j worship, communion and preach- At the First Church of the Naz- arne at 10:45 o'clock a. m. the Rev. Fletcer Spruce will give "Arguments on Immortality." Mayle f the Rev. Mr. Parker. L. Q. Ty- Noble McCullar will o'clock will Five." grandmother, first noticed the child m the barn lot after he had been struck by the mule, and she rushed t the scene and picked him up He was brought to the uuspltai soon afterward. The accident occurred yesterday afternoon. ~. Attendants said today the ''chilffS' condition was "very low." He is one of three children in the Hemphili family. A half-sister Alvina Walters, lives in Memphis-' a half-brother. Billic Joe Walters lives at Lonoke. Takes ; James p. Dewey, veteran federal conciliator who played a prominent, part in the settlement of u 10-day strike nt the Ford Motor Company's River Rouge plant wns put to work on a United Automobile Workers (CIO) strike threat against the General Motors Corporation, holder of more than $700000,000 in defense contracts. A federal conciliator prepared an appeal to Secretary Perkins to certify to the Defense Mediation Board u strike of AFL machinists against GO plants of the California Metal Trades Association at San Francisco, stopping work on S7.000,000 defense orders. Direct negotiations were deadlocked over wage demands. Approve Appointment The defense board's assignment of Dean Lloyd K. Garrison of the University of Wisconsin law school as referee in dealings of the UAW with the Allls-Chalmcrs Manufnc-[ turing company at Milwaukee/ drew expressions of approval Iron labor and management. The mediation board announcec settlement of a strike' at the" Seas Shipping Co.. New York, .called bj the CIO Marine Engineers union seeking war bonuses, and prepared to consider a strike of the United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers (CIO) aaginst the J. Sklar Manufacturing Company Long Island City, N. Y.. makers line tho s H i o r a, do's( i- u W Hy United aid of federal conciliation agencies in .settling labor disputes In den-use industries was sought on an increasing scale today. Southern coal operators who vithdicw from n wuye scale con- Terence with United Mine Workers (CIO» in New York, asked Presl- ( ° 1 " iij ° I actjlon was believed dent Roosevelt and Secretary of -,.„ , .. , Labor Prances Perkins to certify , '"" UltnUci ' of notion WPS -their dispute to the National De- ' ei)oi ; tc<1 officially to be centered fc-nse Mediation Board I 1 „ , nttncks by both skies with Uie' British blasting systematically nt German lines in Yugoslavia and In eastern Greece In an effort to .. , - ~ decide whether the British can keep u hold on the continent. The Germans were said to have "run like mat!" during strong Royal Air Force bomber and fighter plane attacks on tanks, mechanized units lorries, railroads and roads in both Greece and Yugoslavia. Kllkls and Galllkos, both Important communication points were hammered by British and the communication lines lending up to the strategic Monastir gap—avenue for a German attack southward Into Greece- were vigorously attacked from the air with the RAF reporting heavy losses among the Germans. The German tactics were similar to the British moves with Nazi advance armored patrols punching trhough the mountains in the Phlorlna area after making contact with the Italian armies near Lake Ochrida and a second German column from Salonika moving on the eastern end of the British- Greek defense to Albania braced < striking from armored patrol back at the Nazis and ro Casualties Heavy Bristol Information Published In U. S. Disclosed Data, England Says LONDON. April 12. (UP)-Great Britain has -called the United States government's attention to leakages of British war information through American newspapers and radio actions, it was reported authoritatively today. Instances where it is felt' that the British war effort might have sufierecl from news leakages in- cl ^ the publication in an "meri- can aeronautical magazine of the LONDON, April 12. - (UP)— Ger- tlctnlls ° r new British fightin" . — planes made a furious attack p nncs lasfc win *er and the report- on the Bristol port area under the e by Am crican newspapers re- M of n full moon onrly today ccnlly of the " rriv » 1 of a British wide nron of West EnBhinn W n« w « r «hip in" an American nnvt damaged and Wc&t Enghuid was it was announced American port There is some discussion of the ce , that casualties were "rather heavy " wtstloin of the United States de, A girls' school, motion nlchiirn . P n ^ments publishing ripures on t i ' --'v V4.^tt LJL\j\t\H U- ----- *3 ••-o^**.*-'-* <JiL theater, many homes and shows i tlmouuts of commodities incli-dmg were lrla destroyed. Throe churches i ? lr P lanes - tl ™t are delivered month- and Weslcyan Chnpel were dam- «Bcd. Other damaged buildings In- fighters shot down two rnlclcrs and nnu-nircraft m lns other, making the total 40 for ^ pas five nights. As usual the first alders dropped incendiary bombs before midnight, then came bombers wih h- Ijuns an- for the on "The Foolish in keeping tional Alliance. It indulges in the usual type of Nazi dirty work. That group used to rim a radio program in Chicago, but was kicked out when their {subversive activities were exposed...In addition to spreading hatred and other backstabbing ideas it has tried to intimidate Congressmen. They once tried "to smear Cong. Hook of Michigan, but the Congressman took care of them in convincing fashion...Dr. Walter Silge. one of the leaders of the group (their top rabble-rouser), has admitted that the Nazi Alliance should be a pciitiral pressure group in order to get what they want, And what do they want?. ..Well. the,y have hinted that German minorities in America should be able to establish their own government.. .Pretty good. huh?...Oh, yes. It is reported that Henry Johnk, one of the Nazi Alliance leaders, has a WPA job. In short, being given work by a country he is working aeainst! the ministers sermon theme. "If Christ Be Not Risen." George W. Patterson, pastor, will speak again at 7:30 o'clock on "God So Loved." "A Practical Immortality" will be the Rev. E. B. Williams' sermon theme at the First Methodist church morning worship period at 10:55 a. m. Mrs. Neill Reed is in charge of special music for the choir. The evening service at 7:30 o'clock will be In charge of Dr. J. D. Hammons of Hendrix college, Conway, who is beginning an evangelistic meeting at this church. The Rt. Rev. R. Bland Mitchell of Littie Rock will conduct Holy Communion services at the Episcopal churches here and in Osceoia His service at St. Stephen's in this city will be at 11 o'clock and at Calvary Episcopal at Osceoia at 4 o'clock. Easter Communion sen-ice will be solemnized at Pilgrim Lutheran church at 10 a. m. The pastor, The Rev. H. J. Kleindienst, will speak on "The Glorious Fact of The Rev. A. L. Riggs. pastor of the Yarbro-Promised Land Circuit. has arranged Easter services at both of his churches. Sunday school at 10 o'clock at Yarbro chuix-h will be followed by a sermon on "Easter" at 11 o'clock. The same theme will be used for the sermon at Promised Land church at 7:30 o'clock. An Easter program will follow church school at this church o'clock. at 7:30 Topic Is "Revelations" At the Second Baptist church, the Rev. H. Gream will have his Easter services at 11 and 7:30 o'clock. The evening sermon will be on "Revelations." Demon M. Neal, Evangelist of the Church of Christ, is to have an Easter theme for his 11 o'clock service which is to be followed by communion atf 11:50 "a. m. His evening service will be at 7:30 o'clock. An Easter program and an egg hunt for the children will follow Proposal To Requisition Seized Ships WASHINGTON. April 12 (TJP>- The administration placed new Emphasis on President Roosevelt's request for power to requisition idle foreign ships today, in order lo speed government acquisition of 39 seized Danish vessels for use on the reopened Red Sea route to Egypt and the Sue?, canal Enactment of the legislation is regarded by administration officials as the first step to implement the latest war-aid move decreed oy Mr. Roosevelt. He issued n proclamation yesterday removing the Red Sea from proscribed combat zones. The president requested the authority in a special message • to congress Thursday, but the Easter congressional holiday has delayed action. Pressure for speedy action will be brought Monday or Tucs-, day when Mr. Roosevelt confers! with his congressional lieutenants.' The Danish .ships are in excellent condition, ready for immediate use and their owners are willing to sell to this government as of surgical instruments irmod forces. for the Local Woman's Uncle Dies In Baltimore Word was received here today that W. R. Satterfield, uncle of Mrs. c. W. Afflick of Blytheville and frequent visitor here, died Inst night at Johns-Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore. Md. Mr. Satterfield. 69, was well- known in Blytheville and vicinity. He last visited Blytheville last Winter during a business trip. He had been chief attorney for I he Levee. Drainage and Irrigation division of the Reconstruction Pi- nance Corporation at Washington, D. C., for the past nine years. New York Cotton Mount Olympus. anchored-- at Nazi planes centered tlieir attack on the British port of entry at Piraeus in an attempt to cut off the vital supply line to Greece-, but there also were four nlr attacks on Kozixne in northern Greece but behind the main defense line. The Yugoslav army which the German high command hud described as annihilated early this week was reported by Berlin today to be "in the process of disintegration" but it stil! was fighting in the mountainous region and on the eastern frontier. Hungary admitted that it's armies had gained only seven miles in two days against the stubborn resistance. The Hungarians claimed the.cap- ture of Subotlcn in the Bascn area. Narraiwnsctt Bay Deepened with hundreds- of tons of plosives. ° C n°, n f , 0i ' the mklcrs Bristol seemed constant hough it was barely heard above the roar of anti-aircraft guns Many fires were started by the Incendiary bombs but they wero soon controlled or extinguished. nr mlnlsLr y I - • "- ^ v*i^n<^i.i;U HIUJiLn- ly to British and other territories. WASHINGTON, April 12. (UP)— State department officials said today they had no knowledge of a reported Informal British protest against dissemination by American newspapers and radio stalions' of military information helpful to the totalitarian power?. started and much damage done In a severe attack oh West England • • . elsewhere attacks on n or scale wen: made, matnlv tho .south • Funeral Services Held For Former Denton Woman STEELE, Mo. p April 12.— Funeral services were held at Portageville, Mo Thursday for Mrs. Mary Lou McCord, 39, wife of V. L. McCord of PartftRcvlllc, who died at St Francis Hospital i n Cape Girar- flcuu Tuesday. Burial wns In Mount Cemetery. The family formerly lived at Den con. Mo., and moved to Por- Mrs. Rose Hopkins Is Buried At Gibson, Mo. STEELE, -Mo., April 12^-Puneral services were held at Gibson Mo yesterday for Mrs, Rose Etta Hop- •rfns,.G-l, wife of E. ;T. Hopkins prominent farmer-landowner of the Gibson community .for many years';- : who:dled-Thursday following a-long Cemetery near Gibson. ,' the time the new naval! Ion Green of Steele. is dedicated here this summer, cn- dneers will have dredged about 12,000.000 yards of sand" and mud out of Narra&ansfttt Bay to make the channel suitable for warships. Stock Prices Mar. May July Oct. 1127 1124 1121 1131 1134 1131 Prev. Open High Low Close 1121 1128 1134 1128 1128 1130 1127 1129 1125 H22 1124 1120 1123 1119 1123 1123 1121 1122 1118 1123 1122 1122 1122 1121 ,. • -v»«_«»»j —f *.i»*u Q*-'»tw*Ali.i.I.t.i|.l, "^ tne Sunday school at 9:45 a. m. s °on as legislation which has the ,. - — -* • »v **•. in. • i_*-—-••— »-•*-** "••Lvy4t L*CXO itJ.ii; at Pilgrim Tabernacle. Communion effect of compulsion, is adopted service will be observed at 11 o'clock and at 7:45 p. m. the Young Peoples Society will present a playlet, "The Golden Gates." The Rev. Mrs. O. W Doss is pastor of the church Kites Are Flyin' Crow Fails as Tutor FORT WORTH. Tex. (UP)-Jim. the learned crow at the Fort Worth zoo, is a failure as a tutor. The bird was put into a cage with .seven other crows to teach them now to talk. They didn't respond. Whiskerino Contest Starts WALSENBERG, Colo (UP) — Electric razors and shaving mugs will be valueless because the men of Walsenburg have pledged not to cut , the . ir beards until after the Whiskerino contest on June 12 at the town's Black Diamond Jubilee. «n. BUENOS AIRES (UP) - Hercules Pinchi, an inventor, claims thao he can make trees grow faster. Pinchi is guarding an electromagnetic device, which, he says, - t0 trees - shrubs and over a P eri °d ^ accelerates New Orleans Cotton Prev. Open High Low Close Close Mar. . H28 1128 1126 1128 1124 May . 1136 1140 1136 1140 1135 July Oct. Dec. Jan. 1134 1137 1133 1135 1131 A. T. & T. 156 3-4 Anaconda Copper 22 3-4 Am. Tobacco Bethlehem Si.eel Chrysler Cities Service Coca-Cola . Gen'l. Elec '.'. Gen']. Motors lnt'1. Harvester Mont. Ward N. Y. Central North Am. Aviation Packard . Phillips . .."!.'.'.''' Radio . Republic Steel Socony Vacuum Studebaker 1128 1133 1129 1130 1128 jst'd Of N J 1128 1130 1127 1129 1126 Texas Corp H25 1127 1124 1127 1123 U. S. Steel 63 72 7-8 60 4 5-8 93 30 3-4 40 5-8 43 34 3-4 12 1-4 13 1-4 2 3-1 37 3-4 4 17 1-2 8 3-4 5 3-4 34 7-8 35 1-4 52 only recently. Mrs. McCord was well known here Survivors _ include the husband and Ver- In . German Undertaking Co. was charge. IJomc of 7 R«om.s Round MIuLINOCKET, Me. (UP)—John Porter, Milllnockct engineer, building a round seven-room house The builder says it will have no corners mid be easy to heat and Hint 23 windows will give adequate light. U. 8. WEATHER FORECAST l.*LYTI!KVrLLE^Mostly cloudy with lowest temperature 62. Sunday cloudy and continued mild, followed by showers. Highest 84 MEMPHIS—Mostly cloudy tonight Lowest temperature 06. Sunday, cloudy and continued mild followed by scattered showers Hi"host 84. ARKANSAS—Partly cloudy lo! cloudy tonight and Sunday. Show-' crs in the west portion by Sunday night. Slighly warmer southwest tonight. Victim Of Measles Is Buried At Steele STEELE. Mo.. April 12.—Funeral services were held this week for Luchcn Bob Swims, 17, first victim of an epidemic of German measles in this vicinity. Burial was in Mount Zion Cemetery. He was the son of the late Mr* and Mrs. Arthur Swims. Survivors' include five brothers and four sisters. • German Undertaking Co was in charge. Steele Infant Buried STEELE. Mo., April 12.—Funeral services were held here Thursday ' for James Wayne Gipson, 11-' months-old son of Mr. and Mrs Henry Gipson of Steele, who died at WnHs Hospital in Blytheulle Wednesday of influenza. Burial was in Mount Zion Cemetery. German Undertaking Co. was in charge... Hih'man Hears— in New Agency Will Seek To Control Runaway Pri rices Sure spring sign is this . . . Allan Smith of Kansas City makes last-minute checkup be<ort lending new kiU WASHINGTON. April 12. (UP)Defense officials predicted today that the new agency established by President Roosevelt to combat runaway prices and profiteering soon will move to check rising costs of numerous commodities now •showing inflationary trends. Some materials under study, they said, are hides, lumber, nickel scrap, cotton textiles, cadmium and secondary brass and copper. Although no direct price-fixing is contemplated for meats, vegetables and fruits, it was said, steps may be taken to raise quotas on coffee and sugar to stabilize prices in those commodities. The new agency, known as the Office of Price Administration and Civilian Supply, is headed by Leon .-the officG of Emergency Manage- arc as high per cent above that are 12 to 15 per cent above last £5£ ngs on basic raw materials. Under plus commodities hem bv the Com his ™ this procedure, Henderson has set maximums for zinc and aluminum modity Credit Corporation change for strategic and critical scrap, .scrap iron and steel, second- materials from otoer countrleV hand machine tools and soft coal, j With his power, the govemS Less than an hour after the Pre.s- j could, for example, trade stocks o dent created the now agency yes- American wheat and co C to terday. Henderson cracked down on i Latin America for copper or rub dealers of carmlum, a by-product ber, and to the EaSt todies for" of zinc and lead, warning that rubber and other material? ta order •drastic action" will be taken un- j to stabilize prices less prices are returned to a "rea- j if violators of price schedules re sonable level." Charging that some ! fuse to accept c^uSrfgowm- dealers have take nadvantage of . ment orders" Henderson has he a temnnrflHlTr fin-Kf t-,«^j*; __ — < ' "cuucisuii uas uie tton chief or the V Steer f °r E?° ^ rt « „ « "'T *"'

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