Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 4, 1965 · Page 6
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 6

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 4, 1965
Page 6
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M.reh 4, IMS GI«b«-G«z«H«, M«$on City, U. Histoplasmosis, anybody? New ailment ADVERTISEMENT The Wearin' O' the Green . . . beige . . . grey . . , Paris endorsed navy and all the colors that make Spring a happy season. We so much want to tell you all about the new things you'll be wearing this Spring but as a very wise man once said, "One piclure is worth a thousand words;" and we are taking it even farther and putting the pictures in molion. • The occasion: Damon's Spring Showing of fashions, at the Hanford Hotel al one o'clock, Wednesday, March 17th. Your dollar and a half ticket is your pass port to a delicious luncheon ant two hours viewing exciting fash ions worn by len of our loca lovelies. Mr. Carroll Swift will he there also with magnificent jackets > stoics and small fur pieces from 1 Marshall & Swift Furs. 'The models will circulate among the tables and if you wan a closer look or any information about the garment she is wearing it is yours for the asking. Last August 14th we held our Fall showing and due to a lillle mix-up in dales we had only the Wedgewood Room and there just wasn't space for everyone who had purchased a ticket. We did take care of (hem in the Belt and Buckle but we want 1 you lo know that for this showing we will have both Ihe Wedgewood and Georgian Rooms and will be able lo accommodate four hundred. The intermission will be fully as entertaining for you as it was in our Fall Style Show. Tickets may be purchased a I either Damon's or Marshall & Swift Furs, but we would prefer all reservations for special parties be made at Damon's. It would be a nice way to cancel a social obligation, wouldn't it! I'll be seeing you March 17th. MARJORIE EMERSON P. S.—Just had a Garden Club make reservations for thirty. By EUGENIA SHEPPARO New York Herald Tribune News Service One of the chic new ailments is jet lag. To suffer from jet lag it's necessary lo have traveled at least six or seven hours on a jet — long enough to have dislocated Ihe lime perspective slightly. The symptoms of the disease arc vagueness and dizziness, zmd the duration may be as long as a week. Jet lag strikes suddenly. The victim disembarks from the jet plane feeling gay as a sprite, dashes through customs, checks into home or a hotel as the case may be, finds there's just time to make the next party, greets friends and in the course of the next few hours falls inlo a light coma. From then on (here's no quick cure for jet lag, described by various sufferers as "like a long hangover," "like dancing out of step," and "like feeling as if there were a huge sheet of plate glass between yourself and the rest of (he world," Remedies for jet l«g are is individual as the symptoms of the disease. Try a long brisk walk. Try another hot meal, even if you've just finished one on the plane. Try going to bed immediately. Try not going to bed immediately. Try sliding gently from the last time schedule into the new one. Try everything and it won't do any good. Jet lag will still be there. Try A Want Ad — 423-4270 featured jl Pllnl Cluh Fashion Show atene r^s» >A v \"7/^ mi jfcf fgff THE FINEST SHEER KNIT Galerie imported lightweight Italian knits of fine quality sheer texture, 2-ply Australian yarn. Perfect fit, shape retaining, the most functional knit import available, can be worn with comfort ien months of (he year. Sizes 8 lo 18. 80.00 The House of Fashion ON SHOPPERS LANE LET MOREL JEWELERS HELP YOU HAVE A "PERFECT WEDDING" Ask Aboijf Your Free Ticket at . JEWELERS A Large and Wonderful Selection of Wedding Gifts * Sterling * China * Glassware JEWELERS 12 EAST STATE "The Diamond House" REGISTEREU JKWELEKS-Mcmber American Gem exciting spring fashion A black patent pump turns into exciting spring fashion. The young look to set off brilliant prints, colorful wools, pastel silks. $ 12 99 Patent rvferf ta upper* New go-around for Stripers Officers installed by Candy Stripers at Mercy Hospital Wednesday were Sharon Kassar, president; Peggy Trezona, vice president; Kathy Manuel, secretary; Diane Anderson, treasurer; and April Harden, publicity chairman. Helping with young patients is part of Ihe duties they perform at the hospital. Sister William Joseph who installed the new of- ficers summarized what the girls do. Mrs Paul Fleckenstein, adviser, presented the new officers. After the ceremony, girls introduced their mothers who were guests. Committee members were introduced and 25-hour pins and one 100-hour certificate were awarded. Refreshments were served. McKinley patrol is readied McKinley School's Safely Parol will soon be going into ac- ion. John Simpson, principal, reported patrol progress al a •necting of the McKinley PTA joarcl. Slides purchased for the Research Center were presented Dear Abby What do ydu mean- that's another story o Mr. Simpson. Mrs. Gerald Peterson an- By ABIGAIL VAN BUREN ounced the kindergarten round- is for April 14. Block workers vill be out soon. Persons with jndergarten age children who re missed are asked to call Irs. Peterson, 423-3904 or the chool, 423-2601. The next board meeting will e April 7 and the PTA meeting, pril 13 at 7:30. The program vill be presented by the Junior College. Coffee was served by Mrs. Douglas Lee, Mrs. Russell Piippo and Mrs. William Lynch. Jewelry fashions, facts, fictions DEAR ABBY: I am 26, divorced, and have three beautiful children. I still date my ex-husband because I love him very much. He says he still cares for me, but he refuses to discuss or even consider marrying me again because he can't trust me. I don't blame him because I can't even trusl myself. (Thai is why we were divorced, but that's another story.) Should I stop dating him and quit wasting my time? Or do you think there is some way I can get him to change his mind? DEAD END IN CONN. DEAR END: You can't get him to change his mind until you change your ways. If you can't trust yourself, you can't expect him to trust you. Three children and a good husband are worth straightening yourself out for. You need professional help. If your "ex" knows you art trying to over- com* your weaknesses, your chances may be enhanced immeasurably. DEAR ABBY: I wish I knew how lo answer people who ask me questions lhat embarrass me. Such as, "Is it true lhat your boss is cheating on his wife with some girl in the office?" And, "How come your brother's wife got the children when they were divorced when everyone knows she is the biggest tramp in town?" Also, "How much money did your husband get when his old lady passed away?" These questions are nobody's business and, besides, I don't know the answers anyway, but 1 never know what to say. TONGUE-TIED ' DEAR TONGUE -TIED: Combine the two facts and reply, "I really don't know. But then, it's not my business." DEAR ABBY: best DICKMOREL BIRTHSTONE LEGENDS By R. J. "Dick" Morel Since Biblical times, men and women have been fascinated with the associa- t i o n of a special gem and their month of birth. All manner of good fortune is said to come to those who wear their appropriate lucky talisman. Over the years, much research has gone into delermining what is the correct stone for each month. Much of this derives from Hebrew writings in the Old Testament which show a correlation between the gems set in the Breastplate of the High Priest; and the Twelve Foundation Stones used in building Jerusalem. According to the American Gem Society, the up-to-date list is as follows: January—Garnet February—Amethyst March—Aquamarine or Bloodstone April—Diamond May—Emerald June—Pearl, Moonstone Alexandrite July—Ruby August—Peridot or Sardonyx September—Sapphire October—Tourmaline or Opal November—Topa/. or Citrine December—Turquoise or Zircon This is a colorful list of stones that is sure to please the most discriminating. However,* there is also an astral list of birlhstoncs based on individual astrological cycles, which allows even greater color variety. Besides the genuine gems, Iherc are some atlrac- livc synthetics for ruby, sapphire and emerald, These sloncs, in iheir nalural slate, arc most precious and expensive. The synlhctic gems which have been created by man have proven lo be a worthy substitute. The others on the list occur in a wide variety of prices, many quite inexpensive. MOREL JEWELERS U East St»tt YARN SHOP CLEARANCE SALE On Hue French Imported Yarns Les Bouquet and Versailles At This Price You Can Afford To Knit HIM a Sweater or Vest of the Finest Good Color Selection. YARN SHOP 407 North Federal or Read Want Ads for Prof it 1-423-4270 i you and me... -/ be played. I don't believe there are any finer cards in tow than the cards at... friend is a living doll, which is a lot more than you can say for me. We are both 16. My friend, whom I shall call Mary, is not only the most beautiful girl you've ever laid eyes on, but she has a terrific personality. As far as brains go I am happy to say thai we are bolh at the head of outclass. My problem: Mary can have any boy she wants— SO why does she always go after the one I want? She really doesn't care for the boy, but if she knows I want him, she goes after him. I pretend I don't care. But I care a lot. Should 1 tell her how I feel and ask her not to do it? Dick was the last straw. SECOND PLACE DEAR SECOND: Don't ask your girl friend to step aside jo you'll have a clear field to zero in on a certain boy. Do the best you can with what you have. Who wants a boy friend through the generosity of a girl friend? * * * CONFIDENTIAL TO "INFORMATION PLEASE": Yes, a girl who has no high school diploma may join the armed forces. She must be IB, and must take an examination to determine whether or not she qualifies for a high school diploma. This test is given to her at her local high school. She can, if she wishes, complete her high school education while in the armed forces. Additional information regarding enlisting in the armed forces is available at all recruiting stations. Troubled? Write lo ABBY, care of Globe-Gazette. For a personal reply, enclose a- self- addressed, stamped envelope. MILWAUKEE WOMEN TO HAVE POTLUCK Punishment fits crime Office furnishings are way o flife These cover-up tops arc meant to prevent futile shuffling of papers to create neatness at 5 p. NEW YORK (HTNS)—George m>> arui (he equally frustrating Nelson has just .turned current shuffling of papers to begin tha ideas' of office furniture design work day at 9 a.m. , -tu i .„ Findings indicated the need upside down . . . without re- J 1 ™/^ furniu , rc thal woultl grcts. uc a people tool instead of a 9 For one Ihing he's eliminated to 5 obstacle course. Shocker the usual four legs al desk cor- j n tnc collection of new furni- ners. "Women can't snag slock- t urc , s a stand-up desk based By HARRIET MORRISON KUrald Tribune Newt Servic* ings on Action Office furniture," he announced with great glee at the unveiling of the furniture he and his associales have designed for Herman Miller, Inc. He also made it plain thai neither men nor women can bruise shins or elbows on desks. "It won't clobber you," he said while twirling in a swivel chair. Work surfaces rest on twin aluminum pedestal supports with smooth rounded edges. As a mailer of fact all edges are rounded, because office workers have a way of leaning on surfaces, flexing knees, resting arms and elbows on the edge of the desk. These are not desks and file cabinets," said George Nelson. "This is a way of life." The new furniture is based on studies of how people behave in offices. Leaders in the design world are talking about the trend lo design in terms of behavioral research, physiology, biology, anthropology, social need and creative economics. But Herman Miller is among the firsl to make a full-scale frontal attack on the concept by setting up a research center in Ann Arbor, Mich. Headed by Roberl Propsl, the center began four years ago. Results are mirrored in "Action office." "The purpose," says designer Nelson, "is to create a world conducive to creative activity take longer coffee breaks. They from 9 to 5 and hopefully in- may confuse bosses by suddenly crease productivity of people generaling amazing producliv- and organizations." Allhough ity. At any rate a new np- rescarch indicated that a great proach to furniture design is many important decisions are under way. The idea may scop actually made around the water on the idea thai many people prefer to stand and work at least part of the day rather than sil down all clay. The furniture in the new group includes a stand-up and a sit-down desk with roll top in a choice of lengths. There are also plain desks without roll tops. All rcsl on pedestals instead of the usual four legs. All have shallow pencil and paper clip drawers across Ihe fronl instead of up and down sides. All have bins of file folders across Ihe back instead of at the sides. The same bins come in lengths meant to fasten to existing walls or to frec-standiiiK pedestals lo form privacy partitions. Bins have lids that lift to provide a pin-up board. Ono version has a slanting shelf to hold current work projects or reading matter. Behind this shelf is hiding space for odds and ends office people now slash at Ihe rear of standard file drawers. Good idea: Ono of the small, cst conference tables in captivity. It's a round, soft-edged mobile unit under 40 inches in diameter. To confer, the desk jockey rolls Ihe lable in place and seats his visitor in « mobile chair. Whal office workers will rlo wilh freedom which the furniture wilh buill-in organization provides is something no onn can answer. They may merely into the house. Researchers will cooler, designers refrained from then observe how we spend putting water coolers in the mid- lime away from the office. Who die of desks. They did provide knows whal that research will roll lops lo produce a neat look, uncover? Anita Van Horn becomes bride of Jerry Robotka Announcement is made of the| marriage of Miss Anita Van rlorn, daughter of Mr. and Mrs "larley Van Horn, 707 15th SE and Jerry Robolka, son of Mr and Mrs. Joseph Calernbcr Jr. 06 N. Harrison, which look place in the Trinily Lulhcran Church. The Rev. Lavcrn Hanson per ormed Ihe ceremony. Miss Marilyn Auslin, Clear Lake vas maid of honor and John ?hornbury, Minneapolis, was >eslman. A reception at Ihe lome of the bride's parents for he families followed the cere mony. The bride attended the Mason ity High School. The bride groom is a graduate of Mason :ity High School and attendee rtason City Junior College. He s serving in Ihe U.S. Army. Clark-Hinders vows said at Clarksville GREENE — Roger Clark, son f Mrs. Fern Clark and Wilson Hark of Greene, and Connie linders, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Pete Hinders of Clarks ,... . *"*.*. t «_i.t; iiJiiuvta ix LaHIKS Milwaukee Women's Club will villc, were married at Clarks meet at the YWCA Saturday for villc. Attending the couple were a 6 o clock potluck dinner. On Mr. and Mrs. Ed Kramer hrolh the committee are M r s. Dick cr-in-law and sisler of the bride Poslma, chairman, Pearl Kerlin Mr. Clark is employed at the and Pearl Huffman. Cards will Greene Rendering Plant. The\ r\o nfatrrt/l . -11 »- • ,-.. . • vill live in Clarksville. OSCO DRUG Reserve Thursday Friday March 18-19 for the All New MODERN LIVING Festival Susan Lowe COOKING SCHOOL The Newest In Fashions, Home Furnishings and Cooking Ideas ROOSEVELT FIELDHOUSE Sponsored by the GLOBE- GAZETT^ and Leading Mason City Firm* MRS. JERRY ROBOTKA Social calendar Write it out — send it n Only written items will 'ha accepted for the social calendar. Calendar items will not b« accepted by phon«. Items for the daily calendar must b» in by 9:30 a.m. Items for Sal- urday calendar must be in by 4 p.m. Friday. * Thursday Alpha Delta Kappa— 6, Green Mill. River City TOPS— 7:30, Library. Balance and Swing Sriuara Dance Club— 8, YMCA. Women of Ihe Moose— 8, Moose Home. NW. Friday- Congregational Women's Fellowship— J2:30, church dining room -_ board at in. World Day of Prayer— 2, First Baptist Church. Pleasant Ridge Club— 8:30, Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Bailey. TWENTIETH CENTURY MEETING SCHEDULED Twentieth Century Cluh met at the Green Mill with Mrs Carl A Parker as hostess. It was voted lo donate $5 to the Red Cross. Miss Ruth Slcvcni presented the lesson on "Amuse- mcnt Paradise (Disneyland)." Ihe next meeting will be at the Green Mill March is wilh Mrs. W.G.C.Baglcy as hostess! ROLLING PIE CRUST When you are roiling out m* bottam of •

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