The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 19, 1936 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 19, 1936
Page 11
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THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 10, 1936 Farm News • Edited by J. O. FULLERTON County Agricultural Agent BLYriTEVILLB (ARK.) ' COUftIRn NRWH J. L. DAMBROM Ass'i. County Agent VETCH HELD OF tlon Administration will lend mon- I cy to tlie cooperative to : nuance t the wirljig of all homes and to pur- . chase any needed electrical equipment, I No member or officer of tlie co- 1 operative is personally liable for tlie return of a dollar of the loan John Edringon, Osceola, ! p icks Bi Pulting Winter Crop on Following 'Soy Beans All Cotton Land | — SIr - •)• L. nallard of Manila, Ark.. : - i — "• "- »••"»>«.*M vt iUiiuiiu, /iis.. Vetch hfis scored another hit in : „ J 118 , 1 harvested 9,898 pounds O f Mississippi county on the' farm of, ' wttort-from IT,!, aere.s of me a- John *Mrl»glon of Osceola, accord-, F" r?(1 lal11 According to Mr. Baling to John L. Daine'ron, assistant /.'. lllls J 1 ^ 1 ' 1 was secured on 0113 county agent. Eight acres of vetch following cotton In' the fall and winter of 1935-30 produced the best cotton on Mr. Edrington's farm In 1936. One hundred and sixty pounds of land of the oldest pieces of farm in that community. Due to crojj rotation with soybeans intcrplanled with corn. Mr. Ballard was able to secure an. nvcr- „.,.„, „„ „„ "p'yield of 505 pounds per acre. vetch was sown In the fall on eight , Ballllr< l states. "It pays tb ro- acres and after making the proper i-,*', Thls cr °P ' " growth was plowed under on the 1 s ''" wel1 wlu day of May . . two rains on this crop. The first clinic in the first week of July and the second on the first day of September. • Due to good spring cultivation the tolal cost cf producing this crop—not including the seed or harvesting— was $15. The total production was 12 bales of lint cotton. Mr. Edrington this fall has planted vetch In his entire 1936 cotton fields and assumes that he will increase the yield for 1937 ! Basis Being Laid for Cooperative Rural Power Lines with the soil conservation program which'was enacted by congress and put into effect for the crop time Mr. Edrifigton planted this eight acres In cotton on May 27. After securing a gpod stand the cotton died because of heat coming from ., .; ——— the rotting of the vetch crop. He Melbourne to Plant failed to let the vetch rot enough before planting. .On June 15 this field was replanted and another good stand came up and produced the best cotton on his farm. Mr. Edrington secured = \VEEiaY Slm'DAY SCHOOL LESSON— An Ambassador lii China Will Be Held Thanksgiving bom «Y WAI. K. (JIMtOV, 1). I). Editor of Advance I'niil'a pride In uehiK ft free- Eve •.»! Church irst Christianas u Ult justico was shaken found \liat Justice ho had assumed he was not forthcoming, or to allow hU vvl .,i .no Kast long delayed. ' j than | S allowed mast prl In <t«y. •enniZi °,,? (1 , hlslol ' > ' IU ' C '«"•'•«• Is n tmdltlon (lint Micro Inn "onml," i • "!?!>' ot P"" 1 ' 5 was a body .of Ronmn soldiers iZS tiint tl'e C 'lTOi SC |n'r '"" k ' m -' '" l "" ''''""• ult ' l ' i "» I ' B « l011 Hone. I'linracleitort often by so: conInetMvMh J'aVl'while- UiejMuul PAGE NINE Gospel Homo, Clnlst Oio strength Iho linperlallsin ngatiist (lie Jesus itnd controlled tho world. Om' cannot get tho full j,woc|> of 1'nul's faith, couingo, nnd out- looli, without wising ihls mng- nlflrence of his woi!d vision, nml Hit' fncl Hint the jjreal.ncs.s of hl.i llonmn fltl/iiiislilp was caught up Icsson, the BCIU>O of his d'j>»jul- cnce ii|wn God'? POV.I and Mi of « splrUiial i, ' ' , !' V • ltm ' 1 °»«l " >"«<> sl«»»< «' .wlons-i"»<l «< llw Methodist church, will preach ---. ,—^,. ...ej .,— ""> t > tli \ ••• jwiuv,' service on next Wednesday night disappointed thai his ease did lived in M ts November 25, at the First clirls- '.'n' ™ llle "'' V llckl >' '01- trial. Ull who came tlan church. 'llC i ?. '""' !lie ''l jrlvllt! 8« of i' lra « who Had Plans arc afoot to have the , g '" llls °wii house, lit- was minister and members of the ,n ' lCtl ci:llfl «»Uy m«: was llter- nlon choir to wear costumes slml-1 ,-. "" "'"Candor in chains. !ar to the clothes worn by our 1 'J]f__ 6 "''iiige contrasts Hint play Pilgrjin forefathers on the first Thanksgiving. The state Centennial: Commission has -nsk«l tlmt the 'Centennial idea be carried out In the sen-Ice and It is probable that women in tlie local -WPA years, liowcvei', Pun) own liousc,|_;r«£liiiuB. sewing room make the' -'cos Coronation Trees MELBOURNE (UP) -To commemorate the coronation of Kin" Edward year, the city Is the 193C '"mes. How oiir country has nro- i greased during the pnst 100 : years I and .the contrast with the 'nrst ' riianksglvhig will be brought out In the service. -.. ..-.~..i. j^n., ili[; city |^ Planning a tree plantins cnmpatRii for next spring. If present plans are carried ont i too of the principal streets of the a " city will be lined on both sides with trees. . . ' ' THE COMPLETE ELECTRICAL STORE Between the South Pole and latitude 60 there are no land animals larger than Insects, and no industries other than whaling. : Featuring tleclrical fixtures from up, Wcstitif-hoilse ajiiillances, kinds of lamps, Inexpensive bridge prizes and a line of bctte grade toys. Walpole Electric Shop 208 W. Main Phone 314 EASY TERMS AND Ooimty-wid«-aiir\eys ure bslnp completed in 21 Arkansas counties •for rural electrification pfojecis, according to Elbert E. Karns, agricultural engineer. University of Arkansas College of Agriculture. • The.surveys show -that "2.61S mile? of power lines will bo required'to serve 9,210 farm and-urban homes and business enterprises. Potential customers, in .addition to farm and urban homes, include filling stations, community stores, community recreational centers, schools, churches, cotton gins, large irriga- | lion pumps, coal mines, and sawmills. • • ' The 21 counties will be grouped as, follows for the projects, including the number of miles of line for each project, and the number of users: Lonoke, Prairie anil Pulaski coun- Ues—360- miles; 1.340 customers. Howard, Hempstead, Nevada, and Columbia counties—410 -miles; 1,750 customers. North "'Sebastian, South Sebastian, Crawford and Johnson counties—550 miles; 2075 customers. Woodruff county—120 miles; 355 customers. Jackson county—300 miles; 950 customers. Cleburnc county—60 miles; 225 customers. Craighead county—250 miles; 825 customers. North Mississippi and South Mississippi counties—275 miles; 715 customers. . Miller county—110 miles; 350 customers. Logan county—180 miles; 6251 customers. The prevailing idea that exhor- bltant rates must be charged for i elettrfcity to serve the farmers,' even in thickly settled areas, has at last been broken by the Rural Electrification Administration thru the national program of farm electrification, Mr. Karns said. This federal agency is a result of years of effort on the part of leading American farmers, through Farm Bureau Federations', Farmers' .Union, oranges, and other farm organizations, who insisted that the United States government help its farm nnd urban people se- stire the benefits of electricity that, prior to this time, have been withheld from them. Pointing to the surveys, Mr. Karns said that the organized farmers and farm women of Arkansas are wide awake to the Importance of united effort in securing electricity on a community, county, and state wide basis The Rural Electrification Administration does not consider building short power line extensions In thickly settled communities, but rather to build a network of lines] over a large "area, averaging up the j thickly populated ureas with tlie' sparsely settled areas, so the Hv-1 l ,1ng standards of Hie entire com- nt,"lunity or county might be raised. ' Tlie money for power line construction purposes, . including all materials and labor, Is loaned to this cooperative gioup on a 20-year basis at 3 "per cent Interest, and Is repaid on the amortization plan. In addition, the Rural Electrlflca- EVERY PURSE! 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