The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 11, 1941 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 11, 1941
Page 9
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Page 9 article text (OCR)

1941 BUSINESS coimran NEWS Auto Plants In Detroit Are Unable To Convert Their Ovvn Manpower DETROIT ..OP) - One of the most .serious problems facing the automotive indusiry in its program LO build parts for 12.000 bombers is finding 50,000 .skilled workers for the job. Auto plants cannot ciruw upon their own employe .sources 1.0 fill the needs because aircraft parts manufacture embodies an entirely different i ype of v;orki accordin j. to \V. p. De-Groat, technical adviser of the Automotive Commiuee lor Aii- De-feme. Riveting, .sheet metal woil- and special kinds or weldina . which co:npilse the bulk of man-hours in bomber .sub-assembly are strange tasks to the assembly line auto maker who performs only one duty over and over Groat .said. De- Worked To Be Farmed Out DeGroat estimated thai 50000 specially-trained men would be needed in nuto plants to compete their unusual assignment for national defense. The F'ord Motor Company, the Chrysler Corpora- lion and General Motors Corporation will be primary sub-contractors in the program and let out smaller pieces of work to other concerns. Ford LS to make parts lor Consolidated'* B-24 i'our-en- ainecl bombers; CM will handle North American's B-25 twin-en- gined bombers, and Chrysler will • build for Martin's B-26 twin- engined bombers. "This Ls one of the most serious problems in the entire program," DeGroat said, "it has to be solved before we can start to help the aircraft industry. Plants and machinery sec up for bomber parts production will be useless without trained personnel, and it doesn't look like the aircraft industry can spare us any of their men." Workers' Training Costly DeGroat pointed out that a large aircraft company is spendin«* approximately $1,000.000 to train 8,000 employes in a Long Island N. Y. technical school. The auto companies will have to train men for the bomber assignment at their own cost. If the trainees are taken from auto- assembly -lines the companies will incur the additional cost, of replacing .iherh, It. was'said.-,--.-. ._ One source for skilled, aircraft workers is the national defense training commission which in cooperation with the WPA and state unemployment 'services offer special courses on the subject in public schools and technical college. The Briggs Manufacturing company, which makes automobile bodies, is taking workers for its aircraft sub assembly division from a Detroit high school where the special courses were inaugurated last September. ^ttV^Xfi-' >?»**y ••;•«*•»->. I/l >«i. inn, mt JY NIA stuvict, >NC. T. M:"KC; J. iKrm&^'''^n<''" '--.','- : "And don'l drop liim—his pockets arc full of Land "rc- SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON Mope and Faith in the Living Christ May Drive 'Violence From Our WorL Mobile Air Base On Site Of De Bienville Mansion MOBILE. A hi. i[Ji»j _ Mottle historians have discovered that the Brent French eolom/.er, the Sieijr do BU-jivillr-. once lived on lne (S uj c o!' the army's new $8.000,000 air depoi here. experts on | 0 -,1 history assert de BienviUe. one of the founders of Mobile, had u Jnr&o brick house with >p;u:iou.s grounds hneu \viili cedar trees on Uie spot in the early 1700s. _"Porte belle maison uvec un jar- din," was it.s name, ihey .say ~"the preiu and beautiful house wilh a garden." U i>: said thai, de nienvillc was so land of the mansion thai he kep; i- as n residence even after the i-apiiul of the French province o! Loni.sJana \va:; moved from Mobile (.0 Ne w Orleans, .Mayor. Hf», to Hetln- VOOHHEESV1LLK, Is), Y. (UP) — Monroe 'rerwilliijer. New York Stale's oldest mayor, will retire from ullice at the «nil of his prea- . The lif)-year-old Ter- has hemled the local stall' .slac stance. e Court, considers (ho fu of fulling i n all out eounty warnuUs lo ascer- th(1 iwjtiml linancia! condition Mississippi County. After careful ,, » i- expedient, in order lo dctor- "V ni * !h " rtotunl fmniu'ial condition "l ^aid Coiiniy. ihsit :i)| outstand- »»; *-oii!».y warrants, drawn on llu- <.o!i:n\ Treasurer of Mississippi <•"';"! y should be called i n and ivniMi-ivii a .s provi<U«<l by Section A _ ll! '" 1 Total philatelic value of all stamps in possession of dealers and collectors of the world is estimated at S90C.OOO.OCO London has 5000 public houses j or taverns. Text: Luke 2-1:13-17, 25-3. r > Ey WILLIAM E. GlLKOY. D.D. Editor of Advance. The story of the two disciples going to. Emma us. a village about seven miles northwest of Jerusalem, and being joined by a stranger who turned out to be their risen Lord, whose death had filled them with great sadness, is one of the strangest in all literature. As a miracle it has all the elements that make it hard to believe, for the Presence was not some phantom or image, but a living companion who walked and talked with them, who later sat at meat with them, and who, as He was made known to them in the breaking of bread, vanishr-i frcrn their sight. Could any story be more amazing? Yet it Ys told' in a matter-of-fact way. with the directness, simplicity, emphasis on its spiritual content, and freedom from any suggestion of magic, that make it one of the most impressive stories in the New Testament, Of course, it cannot be "explained." One takes the record as it- stands. Perhaps the highlight of the whole story is. what the disci- jjles sjid. v one ^another as'Jesus vanished out, of their-sight: "Did not our hearts burn wfthin us while He talked with us by the v:ay, and while He opened to us the Scriptures?' 1 What a wonderful experience that had been! Here were two disciples in the depth of sadness. AS the Companion drew near and asked them why they walked with such i sadness, they expressed amazement | that a stranger did not know of i the dire events which had been j happening in Jerusalem. They began to tell of their! groat hope that Jesus of Nazareth ; whom they had followed should : have redeemed Israel, and of how their trust, had been disappointed : as He had been arrested and led awuy to crucifixion. It was then that this new Companion began to open to them the Scriptures., and io tell them how the prophets had foretold these events. Would not the heart of every disciple burn if hu had had such a privilege of having the Christ Himself expo end the "lories of the Old Testament, from Moses all through the prophets, interpreting the meaning of the Scriptures and the hope of Israel, and presenting these things in relation to events in Jerusalem so that the tragedy became somehow overcast with glory and triumph and the hope of a new life for man and for the j world? i * Our lesson is but one chapter in the resurrection story, but UH? whole story is full of the note of triumph of life over death, right over wrong, truth over error, love over violence; and it is the story that the world in its very dark night of violence and hate needs above all things today. Perhaps in imagination we too can take that walk from Jerusalem to .Emmaus and gain faith to meet a world from which in our rao- ments 'of deepest depression': 1 liope •seems to have died. The past tense will change to the present. We trust it is He who will redeem Israel. Neatly braided onions arc sold m long ytrin? carried by <;trse: vendors in Bucharest, Rumania. To provide a pound of silk, approximately nine pounds of cocoons arc needed. Wert Optometrist "HE MAKES 'EM SKE Ovrr .In*- Isaacs' Stor*Phone 540 In Die County Court lor the Qsce- ola Uistriet of Mississippi County, Arkansas IN THE MATTim OF CALLING 3N FOR REGISTRATION THE OUTSTANDING COUNTY WARRANTS OF M T S S I S S I P P T COUNTY: ' ' OKUKlt On (his 7th day O f April 1941 i|he first day of the regular April" j term ol the County Court for ihe Osceolu District of Mississippi County. Arkansas, at' its ou'n ln- Dr. W. F. Brewer Dentist Blytheville, Arkansas SPECIALS! Extractions . Sl.OO Full Up'r & Lower Plates < Extractions Included) WADE'S GARAGE Body & Paint Shop Wrecks Repaired Wrecker Service Phone 1209 5Q6 W. Asli CHAMPION >« WEEK ; A RECORD MAKING TIKE AT RECORD MAKING TERMS. PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. 5th & Walnut Phone 8If frighted I93> l v Sinclair R f fining Company ffnc.; Agent Sinclair Refim'ng Company (inc.) . J. ALLEN Phone 200 AGENT Blythevffle, Ark. :!uisa.s; and, at the smne ih»- Court should examine ., Hants and ela.SMfy tlH'Dl for -n!. The Coun, fnrtlu'r finds t is not necessary to call in Vi:inty road warrant The also fiiuls that no other has been issued within the 'far and that this order is 'unirnry lo .Section 2M;t of '-• tlierefore considered, ordered "djudi'ed by the Court thai all >•'>:. owning or holding \var- i)l Mississippi county. Arkitn- JNMjrd between April :). 1939, April 7, JU41. including stdd ; - ;md all ouisUtodlng county ;. reglsiered and numbered ihe order of ihlj; Court, '•<•<{ to present the smne lo County Court ut its rcyulnr >i'-il it-mi at, Osceola. Arkan- ••u.s. on i,r beiure Twelve O'clock Noon, o! the 7|h day of July. U)41, lor ire purpose of h«vln« the same inhered and numbered. It Is lurlher ordered and adjudged bv lh«' Cuun that H),. clerk of the i.oamy Courl shnll keep a record ol .-til |(. ua | xvnn-nnlf, so presented, iiiiu shall endorse upon the back "I e|u-h of them iheir re^Lst ration number, ihe date of re R i.stration, and hi.s .signature. ^ i.s further ordered «-he J'lly judged by the Court thai- a!) county warrants or orders on Ihe County Treasurer of Mississippi County. J.ssued prior to April 7., not presented and rcjjisic'red on or be- ore Twelve O'clock Noon. July 10-11. n.s required in tins order forever b:\nod as pro- Section an 42 o! - pope's the Laws of Arkansas- however, ihar l!u.-i order jij>p|y lo county road PAGE SEVEN '/. .".hall vided be by Digest of Pi'ovided, shall noi warrants. The Clerk of th is hereby directed to Sheriff of Mississippi cerlilied copy of thi.-. the eounty warrant^ time proscribed by law; of Miiwlssippi County to give due and ]p Kn i County Court urnish the County a willing within the the Sheriff is directed notice as prescribed by law and fo make a lull and complete report of his proceedings tu the Cotni. on or before the first day of the 19-11 July un-m of the County Court of Mississippi County, Arkansas, whiejj will be held a lOseeola. Arkansas H01.A NO ClIllilKN. Comity No .Job Too Small or Too Large! FREE ESTIMATE "No Argument—Our Service Is the Best' WALPOLE'S ELECTRIC SHOP Wiring—Fixtures—Appliances 110 So. ?.i\i\ IMionii 314 Fresh Meats and Vegetables Fancy Groceries FIIKK DELIVERY Eari Snider W. Asii 1'hone 777 STATIC OP ARKANSAS COUNTY OP MISSISSIPPI ss 1, T. W. f'ouer. Clerk of the County Court of Mississippi Coun- i.v. Arkansas, duly elected, <|ua|jfle t | tl acting, do hereby cerlify thiif the above and foregoing is a (rue accurate und correct copy of an' order entered by the County Court ol Mississippi County, Arkansas on April 7. 1941. al, bsceola Ar- kansii.s, which ord«'r recorded In County 15, at pn^e 8(J. Witness my hand as Clerk of saltl Court this April >(. )«).ji T. W. POTTER, »Sh ( AL) County Court Clerk. 4/11-18 is now duly Record Hook Get the Facts and You'll Buy An ANN "The Baler for Business "IS" JUNIOR PICK-UP BALER 14x18-16x18 " f «'« A ^n Arbor "18" Junior lcl for m , ii ,' upprovci1 ttnd ««»' tested features 5 ,x i X ', , l " half a CeutUr ' V hivc rfvcn Ann Arbor '" 11 )Ic r:vti " n < Paul Byrum ounce MOTIO offers the most improved ride in the low-price field!... 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