The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 6, 1936 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 6, 1936
Page 5
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.WEDNESDAY, MAY G, 1936 IMA'THEVILLE, (AtiK.) COU1UUU NKWS -CUTS \W WE Council Adopted Ordinance Reducing Levy from $1.30 to $1.15 CAIIUTHEUSVILLE, Mo. — The city council Monday' night adopted an ordinance llxlnc Llic 1930 tax- levy at- $1.15 on the $100 assessed valuation, a reduction from , Ilic 1B:I5 levy, which was $1.30. Most of (he appointive offices were filled, the majority hcing renamed /or another term. These Include: Victor Mnllourc, lire chief; Howard Sparks, lire truck driver; Mrs. Thelilm Harper, col- loci or of waterworks of/ice; L. E. Thrum), city engineer; Dr. O. Phlpps, city physician; Hugh England, siiperlnlcndent of waterworks mid street commissioner, with .salary increase from $100 to Sl'25 per month. Vernlc Nichols was appointed rpcclal policeman until June 1. No anpolntmcnts were made of city police, nor were the offices of city counselor and waterworks engineer filled. These, and Hie city clerk's office, are to be passed on at the June council meeting. The council approved a measure to transfer $0,500 fr;m the waterworks fund to the general fund. Of the sum transferred. $1,500 will so to the current debt, and expense account, which is primarily for the retirement, of shoe factory bonds, sold when Die Brown shoe factory opened here. The remaining $5,COO was transferred, councllmen said, to defray expense of widening Ward Avenue. Tills street, the main thoroughfare of the city, is being widened ten feet Cor about, 15 blocks. German .Army Parades Its Might for Hitler Library Receives New Books lor International Mind Alcove 'ilio Hljthevllle public llbinry itloh 'governs Hint Island? And has received a number of new "In- thoso of you who him- read "UH> ''nmlloiml Mind Alcove" books lluyro's Moneybag" will like this »>m the Unriwglc Endowment for new slory l>« the «miu< PAGE FIVB (ur e in the remote desert connVry °' Vfnien, In southern Arabia. • DKSO1.ATE MARCHES, by I,, 1 Ncsbllt. the personal story of an engineer who went to Vcno- n'ln to do pioneer work tor an iiK'ilcan oil company. l-.'Xl'LOKINCl TODAY, by IJll- >ln Ellsworth, ' dealing chluflyi 1th the rtlftlcuUIes of Arctic CXJ 1'ioratlon. IN'I'EUNATlONAtj DELUSIONS, In the biggest military parade held nt Berlin since the World War, the army Chancellor Hitler brought into beir.j In defiance cf treaties paid a ylgamic tribute to him on his -nth hlrlliday. Plctnre,rt: pnxslng in Hitler (pointed out by arrow) salutes arc a few of the vast array of tanks that Inspired c:rc'.vds alcng the line of parade to their loudest cheers. •Reviewing Fast Motor Units Facts About Arkansas i:iy(licvillc hieli school students arc centering their attention on Arkansas history in preparation for the Ccnlciinhil pageant to he presented by Hie pulilic ri'hoois May 21. Rcttc 1'rnclor lias collecfcil facts of inftrcsl to residents uf the slate, and presents tlicin in brief form. Robert R. Rice of Varncr, Arkansas, owned nationally known race horses in the 90's. "Wax Taper" \vas considered the great- .cst horse',on the tiirt in his jiay. '-'FrancS; Pope," owned by Mr. Rice won the 1 Mexican derby. Another of his horses, W. B. Gales, boasted a string of 105 victories. * * * ' The Chi Omega national sorority was rounded in 1895. at, the University or Arkansas by rour young women, assisted by Dr. Charles B. Richardson. The latter wrote the ritual and constitution and was made an honorable member or (lie sorority. Chi Omega now has 87 chapters, more than any other women's Greek letter organization. As a memorial of its founding at Fayctte- villc. the national sorority in 1930 constructed the Chi Omega Greek theater on thd university campus. * + * In 1883 the supreme court compelled Pulaski county to vacate liie cast wing or the state house, which the county had used as a court house for 43 years. * * "* Mrs. W. P. Kelley, a native of Arkansas and now residing in Texas, and her husband are believed the oldest married couple in Texas, and posstoly in the United States. Mrs. Kelly is 105 and her husband Is 107. They have been married 73 years. * * * George,Cole of the University or Arkansas football team led the United States in field goals in 1&25 with seven. * • * Arkansas ranks twenty-sixth in size and twelfth in order or admission to statehood. It was included in the Louisiana Purchase of 1803. Armorcl Science Class Spends Day in Blylheville The General Science class of Armorcl junior high school spent Tuesday In where the pupils visited the Ritz theater, telephone exchange.- Western Union office, water company plant, the Arkansas Missouri Power Company, plant, the Coca Cola Bottling Comnany and the Ely tlicviile Laundry. Members of the Parcnt-Teache Association, there . provided the transportation with 'Mrs. J. Ellis as chairman. Christian Brothers Colieg. Will Hold Festival Sunday MEMPHIS, Tcnn. — Christian Rosa Methodist Church to Observe Mother's Day A special Mother's Day program will be carried out nt the Uosa Methodist church Sunday: It has been iiimounced by thc'pasloi\ the llcv. J. c. ABIIOK , The Rev. Harmon . Holt ' will preach at the 11 ocloO. sculcc when Mr. and Mis A Q Haulm will furnish the music.. Mr. Ilur- din Is director of the choir of the New Lllierty .napllu chinch At the conclusion thcic will be a brief memorial seivlci. foi the lull Mrs. R. D. Rcedci ' For the sermon Sunday night, 7:15 o'clock the Rev Mr A(,«c« will preach on Gods Kingdom i national 1'eaee. Five of the-1 called UAKMKI.ITA SINOS whlcl new books arc for udulls nnd Hi about ft girl In Ilollvln" ! <ven are for children. The new volumes lor adults tiro; LAND WITHOUT. SI1AUK. b>< Haas Helfillz, a story ot advcn- Hill Farm News Realty Transfer* Warranty Amerlcnn Central 'Life Insurance company t» Clarence K. Hcoiiiftn.1. nisi half of'. south half of southwest quarter.' of, section W, township 11) north, , mn » 9 u east.. ..'••. Ulylhcvllln Litmuciv company to Aildlo White, pni-t of southwest. rttmrter of southeast quarter of MCtlOM 0, ; : lOWllislllp range 1 11 cast. Courier Newa Clusllied ~ Adi! NOTICK Tlic following dental 'offices will be closed every -. Tlmrsdny nflcriioon during ; the summer. Dis. llrcHtr, (Jhlld, Moore and Taylor Misses acrtrude VnliuiilliiKhnin and Olllo May Wrluht, nt N,. W Liberty »]ient last week with tlit'lr urandmoUier, Mrs. M. A. ciuy, Mubet anil Utviutn RH'haid'siin Imvo returni'd (mm a vhli wllh their nnele, Tlldon Ulchaidson, and fninlly of Sandy l(Uli;i>. •Mr. and Mrs, lleiwhel lluti' spent the week-end wilh ilm formor'n ulatcr and fiintny, ' and Mrs. Jake OlUson, Mr, , »)' C| . M. Slratlon, an analyst of 'he problem of wnr from Ihc Nl nnd spcclnltal ix)lnt of . . ylrw of a distinguished psydtolo- &>>'• «n<l Mrs, AN ATLAS OP CUHUENT AF- l-Ains, by J. P. Homiblii. t;row Katitiff Incrciuu> TOLEDO. (UP)-Ohio: : crow-eiil- ers have become so fond of their newly discovered deltcicj that., nl a recent American Legion ban- mict. was |)<-cl«lly valuable for the clear Pi'lure It iiresents of the new na- oiis and government creiiied at lie end of Ihe World War. It con- sifts of 14 maps, each accompanied by a brief explanation. '" a letter to the boys mid S rh who are patrons of the library the seven new volumes for children are briefly described by Amy llcmlnway Jones ot the Unr- iH'Ble GiKlowmcnl staff. Her Idler follows: "We me scndiHK seven new International Mind Alcove books and know you will enjoy very much learning more about children in foreign countries. First, llicrc are two nioro lovely picture hooks by the Petershams called THE STORY HOOK OK SHIPS and TUB STOIcY HOOK OP WHEELS. Then there arc two liooks nboul the neighboring countries of Auslrin and Hungary so you will waiil to read the adventures of HANSI mid of Kate and Jincsl InvTHE GOOD MASTER CHILDREN OJ' TUB NORTH- LIOHTB live very differently from ino.'il of, us. How many of you Kntiw where to nnd tlielr home, Lapland, on the map? JAMAICA JOHNNY Is a little negro who In HID West more of you lives In Jamaica Indies. How many no meal othel th-Ui crow, learned your Kcocranhv lfTnl-r.,1 1... +!,„ . .. . . . > *V"b'" r"J rcd by the menu land. Mr. ami 'Mr*. Ivini iiiilln- nt Dyens spent, the week-end with Medley. Mrs. John Ithodi's. who has teen III, Is Improvlii);. Mrs. Fnlo Walker Ims rrliirnetl . rrom St. Joseph's hospllnl. - phis. Her condition is much tin•proved. '. Homer Mosley Is spendlni! ihlt week wltl) his matlier, Mrs, W q. Mosley, of Driver drove, »lio Is ill. .. ' ; Mr. and Mrs. Harold Splcer have 'moved licro from Uyess. ', Mm. J. J. Dohiinnon .spent UK wcek-ciul wlllt her BOH. odls Uo- linnnon, and family at Osccolii, enoueh to know what urcat nn-j Let Craig's Pure Wholesome MILK Hound u simple meal out Ilia llciillh Wny cadi (lay. iniM vi:ii ni) IN TIIK CIlliAHI SK1 1 - AHATOIl HOTl'I.ii. Phone 74 For Dully Deliveries CRAIG DAIRY 90 PROOF A! you pi«f«c tn BOUHOM Of , , Coi.yHiilit IKkl, JIW.K. FINCH &<:<)., INC. Here are 3 rare, delicious whiskies blended for Better Tastel Three whiskies arc in Golden Wedding. They arc blended (is nnc.coflccs, rich tobaccos urc blended, for Bellir Taste. SCHEME Y'S Germany's new military might is graphically revealed in this impressive ' view of the Liutgartcn in Berlin, made as Chancellor Hitler tin car) passed between massed troops and equipment to review the biggest, army demonstration since the World War. In the foreground are motorized artillery units; in center, loot soldiers; in the background a fleet of swift armored cars. Brothers college at Memphis has completed plans for a mammoth Mother's Day, Carnival at the school campus all clay Sunday, May 10. This carnival is sponsored hy Louis Montesi in memory of Brother Lcanrtcr who died re- , cently after 50 years service to the | institution. • The whole campus will he lurncd into a carnival playground overflowing attractive merchandise, games of skill, cards, bunco, eats and a variety of liquid rcrreshmcnts. Assisting young Mr. Monies! arc C. M. Miller, Waller Hudson, Vince Hctfcrnan and Mac Lanari. Burning pine wood gives oil more heat t'nan hickory, llie. U. 3. For .... uvu ».«»u 11 vi*j in .in i'i>ij t 1 umiu ' : in,jit lililll iJlUKQrj, vliR U wilh 23 mammoth booths rilled to ! cstry Service has found. RADIO REPAIRING A Complete Line of Tubes »nd r»rti HUBRARD TIKE &. KATTEHT CO, PHONE ri America's Grealcsi Rci'rigcraloi: VALUE! STEWART- WAlUNliR A few-of Hie features which irnke Iliis Ilio prcalcsl box for the money: Hav-a-slcp. Hlid-a-trny, lilt-a-shelt, llluminal- cri Cold Conlinl. Snfe- ty Zone Temperature • Control. Exit a«^ 1 c c Capacity. Bnkc:l DuLux Exterior, rnr- cclain Interior, n u o Sealed Insulntion.Twin Cl'ljurlrff S'.'i- Cycle Compressor. "COSTS LESS - - RUNS FOR BROADAVAY SALES CO. -lll-S.-Broadwav 111 going on here ... what's happening in these 40 houses — the airing and ageing of leaf tobacco, that's what's going on. Thousands of hogsheads of mild ripe tobacco arc under these roofs... just lying here ageing and sweetening and mellowing for Chesterfield cigarettes. Like Ri/i Van Winkle, they sleep—the tobaccos getting mellower and milder for the cigarette that Satisfies. XOSTEUNETZ4SPIECE'DA«E<1»«HtSTJM O I9J*. lIKITT A M«« -TOIKCO C

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