The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 7, 1952 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 7, 1952
Page 5
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T1RJRSDAT, AUGUST 7, 1952 RIA'THEVILLK (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE FIVE Demos Seem to Be Solidly with Stevens By The Associated Press tug list of Southern states hacking 1 Commodity Markets- There were new sicns toiiiiy the Stevenson yiuterciiiy. ICiu-Her in the Democratic party is uuitini; far | v-ei'k Georgia's UciiKicratie Fxmi- ; more solidly behind Gov, Adhii E. ! live Committee plntteort it:; electors Oct. Stevenson than it did behind Presi-ito the uovonmr, uml Mivi-sim)i de York Cotton Opi'ir II kih Low Close (Continued (rom Page 1) * • • by you." JiU:Mat!i: "I haven't put anyone 3839 33'221 under pressure. I hope they are son yesterday, predicted the ^ovcr- \ day v .viih l\\o more pro-convent ion nor will carry the entire South. He TnU indication of i\ New York Stocks B.iUI he saw Dixie revolt liV.o the one that split the party in 1948. S. Carolina Joins South Carolina joined the grow- Obituaries Former Pastor At OsceoSa Dies; Rites Tomorrow A 'I 1 and T 1 Amur Toluicro "Hrttchet .Men 1 ' Hit ! Anrccnda Copper .. SPRFNCiFlIiLD. 111. <.-V> — R<M1. \ BcHh S!c<?[ Blair MoucJy of Miehi.v.ii \n->:cd C'hi-ys't-r Gov. A<Vf»,li Sle.viMii-ovi t«>d;\y vo m;vl'.c Ciu-ft-Coln. mr.jnr campahn issue of what Oc-n KbcEt-k; he called the "ha: 'hi", men" nvciiml : Gen Motors .. . GDI' president! nl nominee Dwigtit Mon!:.',jjii'»rv Wind .. OSCEOLA — Funeral services for the Rev. J. Murray Taylor, 80, of Memphis, who formerly was pastor of the Christian Church D. Eisenhower. Moody declined to identify "hatchet men" to nev:srm:n but | then he went on tn mention the ' names of Republican ^-mitors M.o j Carthy of Wisconsin. Keni of Missouri and Jenner of invited Stsvenson—the Deniour:itic presidential nominee -- to kickolf his campaign with a Lr-.bor Day speech in Detroit, — as President Truman did in 10^8. And he proposed that Stevenson challenge Eisenhower to a seric.s of N Y the Int H-o ro.slrr ... J C Penney Radio '.'_ Fotrv.'v V;ici:\i!ii . Kr/ind:-rcl of N'j TCXJJS Corp Sears U s Steel So Pac I cmbunips him if he's not willin I^ r > 1-8J Mt-MjLth: "I want, to answer the 57 1-B : questions you ask me and yoi 4ii 7-8 !•<"•> answer mine." 51 l-l MeMnth ilicn agreed to answer T9 :j-4 I (]ur^,t!nns propounded by Ihe aud- il'J 1-1' iertet? in the showroom. Ho said he (tt ]-a j would not anther questions tele- 00 5-ii' phoned inio the talkathon "because C5 1-4: they \vontd b e screened" by 20 \ Cherry's men. McMATH CHERRY 3-! 3-4 i An unidentified man ill the 6 '' | audience; uskert "Gov. McMath do 41 7-8 yon believe hi the federal income 2fi 5-8 tax 1 .' If so, why did they have ?Z ?"? \ t(J iuwv you to pay youn;? McMnth: "Sure, I believe In the lii'.com? IHX. I've always paid my an y -» j jacoip.e tux. I have a controversy 40 14 V ' ith |lae fcdc -' ral government on ^_ i~* legitimate points of O i D-O Livestock NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, controversy, lo-ss I took on the I dedncUd sale of my I also deducted expenses I (Continned from Page I) might ruin Blossom's complexion." McMalh Heckled As might have been expected Ir. this stronghold, McMath was heckled frequently din-Ing his speech last night. lie also was cheered by one ol the largest crowds he has atli-acled in this campaign. During a question and answer period, an unidentified man nskeil the governor: "What is so horrible in your per sonal life thnt your opponent, Francis Cherry, wouldn't discuss? In « faltering "lit determined voice, the governor replied: "In many fnmtlics, whether thej are In public life or not, there are great sorrows. The only way they can overcome these sorrows Is by coming closer together. And that's what my wife, my mother and I luive done, and I think we have rendered n service to the people of Arkansas." Reference to Shooting It was an nppnrem reference to the fatal shooting ol McMath's fp.ther by the governor's wife in 1047. McMalh was prosecuting nt- lorney at Hoi Springs then nnd disqualified himself in the case. Mrs. McMath was exonerated on the ground of self defense. "I've been in some rough campaigns," the governor told his i ience. "But in all the campaigns and political fights I've bee (Continued from I'agc 1> ;he state" that they have nothing lo'fear fronx Ms selceUon ivs governor. Adkins is it MrMath associate, who resigned recently us slale Employment Security director. At the 0-hour lalkatlion. Cherry denied there had been any deals— financial otherwise— (or the Pacific Defense Meet Brings First Arms Co-op of Peace HONOLULU W — Foreign ministers of the U. S., Australia nnd New Zealand today launched the first formal pence-lime system of military co-operation among the three nations, However, they adopted a "go slow" policy on I other non- farm al Flot Springs, i he's the first man to refer by inn- out of tny own pocket travel- 15 to _'5 cent discount under more endo or otherwise to my personal life." Later, McMath told newsmen the lor, will officiate, assisted by the Rev. Dr. Marshall Wingliold, pastor of the First Congregational Chinch of Memphis, and the Rev. Dr. T. K. Young", pastor of the Idlewflft Presbyterian Church of Memphis. , Burial will be in Memphis' Memorial Park Cemetery. The Rev, Mr. Taylor, who \v n s pastor emeritus of the church which bears his name, died of a heart attack while fishing near' Tunica, Miss., yesterday. Born in Warsaw, Ky., the Rev, Mr. Baylor had Hved in Memphis for a number of years. He had been-In the ministry for 5G years. He was pastor of the Osceola Christian Church about 40 years ago and since leaving here had inade-.ieveral trips back home to conduct special services. He is survived by a sister, Miss Jessie L. Taylor of Memphis, with whom he made his home; two daughters, Mrs. Paul Williamson and Mrs. Seth Place, nnd one son, David Gray Taylor, all of Memphis, heavier sows 13.00-15.00, Cattle 1,800; ately active < 17.?5-l8 r i:i; boars calves 000; mo derail elates with C/?erry 'Men uesfion Was 'Faked'. JONESBORO, Ark. (/T')~-Gov. McMath's accusation that his opponent for governor. Chancellor Frauds Cherry, is making insinuations •\bout McMath's private Jite wa.s based on n "faked question." Cherry j Ine rci«T sieers'"ancf "heifer7 supporters charged here today. , ^ G . 50; uU!Uv and coninievcia , cmv <{ The question was asked by L,. E. Tsom, a .staunch McMath supporter Chewy: "Let's yet Uus slirnight, 21.50-22.50; 170-180 Ibs 21.75-22.50; Sid: Wo finished Jaw school to- 150-170 N]s 2Q,Of}-21. J jr>: 120-140 Ibs | Aether. Sid you entered Ihe Majiiie 17.75-19.50; sows 400 lUs down j Corps. You came back, practiced 19.23-10.T5 with one loan 20.00; Haw for a few years and then went steers, heifers and cows .showing in price mainly irregular on good anct choice steers and heifers; few good end choice steers 31.00-31.50; choice 233 ib replacement steers 23.8f>; utility nnd com- and was a fHkcd question," Crnis- bead County Chevy for Governor chairman Jim Sloan said. "I have affidavits from witnesses who saw and heard him ash it." The question \vas a.sVed of Mc- ath by an unidentified member of the audience that heard the third term candidate's speech here Wednesday night. n.GG-20Jjfl; canner and cutter cows 12.CO-16.50. (Continued from Pai;e- Taylor's defeat did not affect his own standing in Missouri. The hist re mark was made di- b:ick into the Marines. The thing that puzzles me is where did yon nake enough money to buy a farm and travel all over the coun- Ijacking three already-eliminated candidates for governor have given him. A listener nskcd nboirl n report that 530,000 had been paid for the open support of Ucp. Boyd Tackctt find Jack HoH,-who with Ally. Get). Ike Murry, were eliminated in the preferential primary, July 20. Cherry replied Hint "not $30,000. nor 30 cents, nor any other amount" had been paid for nny- body's support. And he added that no other deals had been involved; everybody who supports him does 1 so voluntarily, ho suitt. lU'jiorl Krandcd "I-'abrlnntlim" Like many others which he denied, Cherry branded the report "a malicious fabrication by ttie - McMftth-Adklns machine." Cherry predicted thai Mr-Math; a favorite of President Truman, would suffer a similar fate to that of J, E. (Duck) Taylor in Missouri Tuesday. Taylor, whom Truman backed, was defeated for the Missouri Democratic senatorial nomination by stunrl Symington. McMath was openly endorsed for n third term by the President last month. Cherry, who ran less than 9,000 votes behind McMnth in the pief- mim he had referred to in that jercntial, was asked if McMath had statement as "he" was Judge offered, him anything — :md if so Cherry. ' ' ' The governor tore Into Cherry : again with the charge that a "divorce jrnckel" had been going on n the chancellor's court. "Francis Cherry denied tbul he handled these case.s, but I have here in my hand about 750 divorce decrees rendered In Crfttcnden County by Francis Cherry," Communist Pacific nations into the security orgnni/ation. That would be prcniaturo, said a communique issued niter they ndjourned their three-clay conference hist night But they promised that other countries would be consulted closely through regular diplomatic channels. The foreign minister of one Interested nation not present, Joaquin Elizalde of The Philippines, said in Manila hts country and Japan may join the ANZUS powers soon in a five-power conference to co-ordinate Pacific defense against communism. He did not say who would take the initiative. Aging Syngman Rhee Is Swept Back to Helm of South Korea PUSAN, Korea 1.11—Aging Pros!- the garden of his palatial presl served in the lieuteant Colonel. McMa'h: "I Marines us a I had some law practice. I saved my money and put it into bonds. Cherry: "I know R lot of men who .served in the Marine Corps who didn't make enough money to have to pay brick income taxes. McMath: "Francis, I had the la* practice while I was out of service. Cherry: "Sid, you have been running for office ever since you got mil of Ihe marines." At this point a man who identified himself as Short Moore stepped onto the platform. Holding one hand above his head tlie, man pranced around and asked McMntli thnn to say "Francis, I sec you have a lot of supporters here." Another man from the audience asked the governor why it was that "the Arkansas Highway Department today Is building n road by Charlie Adams' farm in Desha County? what or how much — to get out ol the race. Syngtnnti Hhcc was s\vc()t >;\ek into office liy tin ovovwhclm- iny majority in nearly complete .inofficial returns from (he Republic of Korea's first direct election of chief executives. Rime's choice for vice president —Ham Tni Yung, ft little known Presbyterian minl.stcr—piled up a commanding tend over eight opponents in late returns from Tues- (iny's election. The Tl-jftav-oM Uhee puUercd in dentinl residence in Seoul as the vote count, gathered over police communications channels, assured his return to office for four years. He declined to make a statement or pose for photographs. His secretary beamed, "Mr. Khee is very happy over the outcome." The inauguration is set for Aug. 15—fourth anniversary of the republic—and probably will be held. in Seoul's war-damaged capitol. Kiwanis Cluh Sees Farm Safety filtrt Members of the Kttvrmls Club .. ,-.-„, . were shown a film on farm snfcty nttornp y 5 ' S3 '» tu cntltlcd "The Miracle" nt the club's weekly meeting In Hotel Noble ycs- tentny noon. The film was sho\vn by Fred Sandcfur, program chairman for August. Kelly Welch was Inducted as a new member nt yesterday's meeting. Bailey Fleming of Little Rock was a guest ul the meeting. (ConLtnucd from Page 1) strUe-v.'lde lcnd over two opponent!). In other Uunklin County races, Dr. QMIH ton Trover C2,93B) \vas elected county coroner over Walter A. Hawkins of Kennelt (1,533) and Hubert B. Rnrld of C:ird\vcll (2,lOf>). Treasurer Torn Baldwin of Kennett, was defeated :t,:iflG to 3,801 by Wayne Ch:intand of lloniersvllle and Leon McAnnliy of Keiinclt defeated L. E. Scrua'gs for prosecuting In Pemlscot County, Cup Foley of Haytt defeated George ITorton Eor state reprp^eillative to fill the un- explretl lerrn of the late John Buckley. Ma rate Arthur Goodman Kennett upset Judge Jnmcs V. Billings for circuit judge of the 22nd Judicial District, comprising Dunk- 11 n and Stoddard counties, by 1,700 majoriety. LAST TII\!ES TQNITE The Big Trees' Starring r Mrs. Yes-die Trice Dies of Illness Mrs. Verdie. Trice died at her residence in Chickasaw Courts here last night following an illnes soJ about two years. She was 42. Funeral arrangements were complete at noon today. Cobb Funeral Home will be in charge. Survivors include, four sons, Thomas Trice, CarHort Trice. Ke Trice and Gerald Trice, all of Chicago; three daughters. Patsy Trice, James Trice and Everlene Trice, all of Blythcvillc; five brothers. Gordon May field of Blytheville, Naldo Mayfield and Arnold May field, both of Camden, and Ray Mayfield and. Henry Mayfield. both of Louisiana; and three sisters. * * • Rites Today for Infant Services for the infant daughter ot Mr. and Mrs. John Clark, who died shortly after birth at Walls Hospital today, were to be conducted today at 3 p.m. in Sandy Ridge Cemetery. Survivors include the child's parents and four sisters, Dorris, Lyvct- ta. Dixie and Johnnie Clark. Burial was to be in Sanely Ridge Cemetery. Cobb Fun era! Home was in charge, Rites Held for Infant Services for James Duey Stone, Infant son of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Stone who died shortly after birth at Wnll.s Hospital today, were conducted at 2 p.m. today at Sandy Rid^e Cemetery. The infant v:as an only" child Cobb Funeral Home was in charge The question was "what ts so hor- j rectly to Duke / Shoop, Kansas why he had "turned your back rible in your personal life that your j City Star reporter, who had re- j and left before the people finished opponent won't discuss?" Terrcd to the defeat of Taylor as i^klnr,' tjuesUons at the governor's a "beating" for Truman. ' The president said no, -he had not taken a benUng, 2. Said he was glad his frequent critic;, Gov. James F. Byrnes of Smith Carolina, hud been converted. This was a reference to the fact Reds Say AEltes SheM Truce Site MUNSAM. Korea f/P) - Communist staff officers today accused the United Nations Command of shelling; the truce talks site Any. 2. But a U.N. staff officer said there was no evidence to prove it. Korean truce negotiations arc in recess until Mondav. Wit-h the Courts Circuit Court: ''truth forum'' nnd speech here in Helena Tuesday night. M cM ath K a. ve no a us wer oth e r Phone 4591 406 W. Main • o a ••<>•«••• ••*•••••••••• that Byrnes yesterday urged the : South Carolina Democratic convention to back the Steve ns on -Spark man ticket. In 1943, South Carolina gave its vote to n staten rijhts ticket running in opposition to Truman. 3, Said that he had not talked with Avercl! Hnniman nrjoiil liar- City of Blytheville. vs. Hone Leei rimnn'd entering the rtico lor j; Cook, reckless driving, appealed > tor from New, York n;;iunst Re- from Municipal Court. publican Senator Ives. r j: "^-/ y -• •'•••••(*!&:$&•?:, i> £%£ y^K-K^tss^ is ;,JW J 'fS^ KIT THEATRE Manila, Ark. LAST TIMES TONITR 'ON THE LOOSE' Joan Kvans & Mclvin Douglas AIR CONDITIONKD I3Y R53FR1GKRATION TIIUUS.-FRI. 2 HITS! FRIDAY 'IT HAPPENED ON 5th AVENUE' Gai! Storm Don Deforc SATURDAY "SUNSET PASS" James Warren Jane Grcer '3 SloojiC Comedy &• Cartoon Hurry, Hurry, Hurry to your Scars Catalog Edcs Office. Gi;t in on Ihe big Solo Bcrcoins in Soars Midsummer Scile Book before li,e Safe end; August 15lh. Page through this remarkable Sole Book cir.d see the bargains. Men's cool mesh shirts only $1.00 . . . the lowest price in I 2 years. Women's summer tondols only $1 89. Fluffy thonillo bedspreads reduced to S2.98. These ore just a few of the summer bargains for your cr.lirc family and for t!ie hcme. Don't miss this bar; • ' •:: ' ,'og. Remember, Sule LV.ds' August ISthl 217 W. Main Pho. 613*1 Air Conditioned By Refrigeration "Your Community Center" MANILA, ARK. Matinees Sal. & Sun. I'linne 58 LAST TIMIOS TONITE "LOVE JS BETTER THAN EVER" Klirabelh Taylor Larry 1'arks Prices Cut Sharply For WARDS AUGUST WHITE SALE LONGWEAR SHEETS flea. 1.99 I./O W*99; n . Save ]]%. Kxlni low price on slurcly muslins. 132 lliicads per s<tu;ire inch. Keg. 2.1!) Sheets, 81x!>!l" l.fiS Keg. 2.3!) Sheets, SlxlOS" ].<)<) Hej;. ISc Cases, -42x30" 4:5c "PRELUDE" TOWEL Reg. 79c O/ C 23 x 44 in. SUVG 15% on ttils outitandir.g Canncn Bolh Towel. Fluffy ccUcn terry in solid colors— while and lovely brilliants. Rsg. 49c Face Towel, 16 x 26". , , A4c Reg. 25c V/oibcJoJh, 12 x U" Q2c MATTRESS PADS Special Z.,7 Q Full size Buy now — V/ards Good Quality Mal- trcsl Pods at an unusually .ov/ price. Bleached white colton muslin cover with fluMy, absorbent,new cotton filler. 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