The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 8, 1939 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 8, 1939
Page 5
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FRIDAY, DECEMBER'S, 1939 LLE, (ARK.) cotfiftER- NEWS Choose Electrical Gifts From the Newest 1940 Models ELECTRIC MIXERS Magic gift . . . beats or mixes on AC, DC currents. B o w I s, rotary bealers, included. $13.50 UNIVKRSAL ELECTRIC IRONS Practical girls she'll appreciate. . . smooth electric irons. With thumb rests, heal controls. Complete with cord. $4.95 UNIVERSALOItSILKX COFFEE MAKERS Smart gift . . . new. gltiss rolTco maker! Brews rtclicloua I'olTee quickly, easily. Complete with filters. $4.95 WAFFLE IRONS, TOASTERS AND ELECTRIC IRONS $U5 UP The Famous MANTOLA Radios--Popu!ar Prices—Convenient terms SHOUSE-HENRY HARDWARE CO. .]. W. Shouse 'THE PROGRESSIVE STORE" Phone 35 Wilsun Henry COMPLETELY;, EQUfRPED THESE SPECIAL FEATURES r»Wj4rot« dhhei wllh cavwi. 6»MMr«1. Mni far liR-tytrt. S* miKhilllon li dt no extra i wlH y>»r own (IHttMCff vegetable bin tor iJry ilor- of polalo«i r ontoril, olnrori 1 buih«ll. H ERE'S <hc Christmas gift of a lifeiime-built for a [ifc- lime. A big 6 cu. It. Kclvin.itor refrigerator at a special price for this Christmas only that represents the greatest dollar value in Kelvinator's long history. This brand-new Christmas mode] is genuine Kelvinator quality throughout. It's mna"smi>)ic<l"niodel but is full of feauiresusually foundonly in refrigerators selling at a much higher price. Just check over this long list of feature-values and prove to yourself that here is a complete refrigerator that will mean convenience and minutes saved in the kitchen — and many dollars saved in food and refrigeration bills. Slj « to, ff. famlly-si'ie 84 falg lie eubei at pne freezing Vegetable Crlspor with ilidlng glosi covor • Vegotufala Bin for Dry Storage 5 spcttol refrlgcraror dishes ftulumolk Interior lighl • Heavy Glan M 9a | Chilling Troy • Acld-reildtngi Porcelain Interior • five Year Protertion Won • Famaui Palartphcre— use! current only JO* of n, e |j mj but ha» onou 9 h power to keep 3 refrlgeratort cold • Spoiled Cbriitntcu Gift Medallion DorA miss this unusual ref f igor«or Iwgain. ttrac in toJay and get this ideal gift for the entire family. 109 So. 2nd Kt. ALES CO. Only o Smon Down Poym*M nscflitary --Tcrmi'lo Mttl Vtiu 6V A Beautiful Electric Appliance WiU Please^'Her' This Christmas! Modern Kitchen Fosters Family Health $5 Quality Automatic TRADE IN YOUR OLD SET. turn toa«t when low- eredl Toasts 2 slices at onccl Current shuts ofi when done) FOR CHRISTMAS $5 Quality Electilc it on Fully automatic I Just dial the Fabric you're '.Ironing . ". no guess \vorkl Chrome 'finlihl 9-C</p Electric Psrcolator She'll Ilium it cost double Wards low price I Graceful shape in polished ilumlhuml ; John, how veil <nd happy IU cMJion TK« «lacMc lltchen did ill" Heat Indicator sh6ws when to Jte«r the batter; prevcntB yiraf- lies trom burning or sticking! $5 Quality 4-in-l Cooker "It's DO (rouble at all lo keep llic children oil a healthful did, now thai I'm using electric refrigeration ami doing all my cooking electrically," says Mary. "1 couldn't gel such perfect results if I didn'l have tliat electric range, although it really looks loo bamlsomc lo he so useful. 1 find that when 1 cook electrically, llic : vegetables are never sogKV, ."md, most important of nil, the precious vitamins and nourishment arc cooked into Ihe food and not lost in the walcr and strain. All the baking comes out lijjht and wholcioine— so digestible that the children arc hap|>y \villi all the cookies, muffins ami simple rakes they want. Kcally, 1 never have a failure, And did 1 tell you? Peggy's gained Iwo pounds, in the last six weeks I" "II ccrlainly makes a difference," replies John, "lint 1 want joti Ib know that the children aren't setting all lire benefit. The incali you've been giving us ialcly arc a treat — green vegetables all winter — and now, in this warm weather, 1 knoSv Ihal this jellied consomme and your grand salads and iced desserts are responsible for my perfect digestion and that extra pep I've been brag never havi: Ui throw miylliiii}; away. Do you know ihn a yreal many of tliosc chilled and iced (reals I fix for you are wholesome rccij.cs that use up odds and ends? To me, thongli, the most imiiorianl ftiin^ is thai I know everything I take onl of liie refrigerator lo serve lo you and the children is jusl as |iinc a-.I wholesome as when I put it in. Of conrsc we never leave anyihinjj iln-.e for as long as a forlinijht, hcivtme ycu won't let me!" _ '"''hey are apiiclilc-liuil'IiT.:, all rishl," says John, "and isn't il as- lom'shinu Hint while we're BCUini; so much more out of Ihis new Mli-hcn equipment, il lakes n]i only half Ihe spec of llic old arransi'incnl? We have room for Ilie dinette — anil look al llial jjrnnd space for Ilif cliil- dren lo [day in ri^hl where ytin ITU! l;cc|i your eye on them while yon arc busy licrc. I certainly was lick'lci) when Junior discovered he could use that extra outlet for his electric train. Anyone can tell, (list lo look al you, that you're liiinpirr ami healthier and net more than you used lo. There is nothinn like rccrealionl If you'll jiul excuse me. I'd like to gel down there and sec ging about. And, Boy, " Iticy "Vcs." agrees Mary. "The dcclric : range is a wonder, and certainly ' atolis'lh'Jnjiji-in a- jit't'y- wilhbilt Iwifr ing up ihc kitchen — and the electric bills are only half what yvc thought they'd fce — bui die new refrigerator really docs -jn*l as much. It certainly saves money hy 1 myself 1" do with Uiat Irain Do yon think- this little slory improbable? Not at all — i|,i s only one case in thousands of similar eases •••retorded -byi'iltf.'. Modwii Kitchen Ilnreau. h'ainihVs in 'all part; of the country have named these very same advantages simply by remodelling obsolete Mlclicns ami them with modern, labor- . * —,- ...«,.^,. i.j ^,,Li,|rj,i,i^ mum wnii nioucrn, laiio the lood so perfectly, so thai saving, efficient electric servants. Only 13 More Shopping Days Until Christmas! Fifty Years Of Electric Lighting s a iHtioratory acliicvciucnl, llic ctectrir. light Is over a century nml a quarter old. lint. a .s a fiicl'.;r h\ everyday life it, dates back barely filly years. The arc light Itmt been developed in the early ISOO'.'j, bill II was Impractical for anything except. IHe most, limited use. There Imd tjecn an incandescenl lump ns cnrly as 1841. bill, thif, loo, liad been un- satlsfnclory us lo UglH. \vearhi!; ciualitlcs and cost. Finally, in 1879, afler long and patfcnt experiment. Thomas A. Edison )ipc<luccd carbon-tllnniciit, bulb. Tlierc is more, to modem light-' mg, however, than improvement In Ihe bulbs. Early installations wei'c merely a .substitution of electricity tor nas mid kCKSDHc; Ihr-y ron- slslcd merely o[ a bright liglil in the cenlcr of the celling or :il one r-idr of (he room. Today the modern home can have the amount vf light that Is wanted exactly where 11 Is needed, and each light call be controlled from any desired point in the room or outside it. The single glaring center liahl has gone. Ceiling lights are soft and pleasant, and the,, ar^ .sup,...- mcnlccl by special ilhts properly Kcnlcd Jov reading, study or olher activities. A switch at the door controls them—there Is no stnnibl- Iny across dark rooms. Even Ihc long extra extension cord lor p-rl- ahlc lamps i.s gone. The modern home has outlets wherever Uicy are convenient. Throughout the house, dark carriers can be made bright. Lights are installed in cellar and attic, in closets Jinrt cupboards. These lights can be controlled by automatic door switches.: or pilot lights will remind yu» whether they, arc on or off. In stairways and halls, or anywhere in the lighls may be controlled from more than one point, upstairs or down. In .short—in 11 nudern home Ihc old wft.vv> nrc reversed. You DO longer take your work lo Ihe light —you bring Ilif light lo yow work. The light is'adapted lo yullr way of doing things, to your convenience. You, not. HID light, control. Television sound one/ phono plug in .-TUBE AC RADIO Just think ... it toasts sandwiches grills meat, and (with grids, 51 extra) bakes waffles 1 J8.95 Quality " Electric lion. For'Your Old Radio $1.25 Weekly, $5 Down, Carrying Charge Great gift value! Has 3 tuning bands . . gets Europe! Hi Fidelity . . . 15" Projectotone bpealtci ••-.';. , super-heterodyne' circuit ,, . tuning eye tube v;'. full-vision cdg'c-Ugtitcd itthl . .'". tone ctnlroll Get n Free Home Demonstration! Trade-in your old sef on ANY Ward console! Aulonntlc conlrol maintains correct heal for fabric^you're ironing I Weighs only 31/,-lbs.l ^"^^J98c Electric, Whipper 89* A handy gadget I Whips cream, *.m5(in£s t nests CKKB rnixcs drinks Graduated 1-pt, bowll •10C"108 W. Phone u7fa Ct/KtSTMAS fr&M AT ALL-TIME LOW PRICE BIG BCU.FT. siz ft 175 Amazing Low PricT Includes All These Famous Fri^daira Featufesl Meter-Miser Mechanism - * • Doublc-Hasy Quickubc Tray .' Stainless Porcelain Hydraior Autonuiic Interior Ligbt Opcn-SInu Freezer Door I -Piece All-Steel Cabinet . Acid-Resisting Porcelain in Food Comparimcnt ^ "X Tfu's model Jus % f four ice tra)-},' in-' eluding a ftinous' ' FrigidaircQuick- ubcTray.thatYcct! ice cubes at the lift of a lever.'All irays liivc Auto- • Biggest'Christmas gift value in town! A; gcniiincFfi^idsire-big.6 en. ft. sire. Finest, '. qiulity. consttucu'oa... feature after fcaturc,- ilic sime'as in most expensive Frigidairi. models. Famotis Meter-Miser mechanism that: cuts current.cost to' the bone. \ Ariodijed Aluminum Ice Ttays witli Automatic Tray Release, including a famous "Double-Ejsy" OiMckubcTray...SMiiiless Porceiain Hydrator .r. many more Frigtdairc advantages. Cprac in-sec this Cliristmas special. Ask about out special (Jhristmis terms. FREE! s , K ii ngsil . vith any itiessigc you desire, will be affixed tojour Chrisimjs ..Frigidaite, ftcc of clw'ge,' if requested. laway J. W. ADAMS,

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