The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 19, 1936 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 19, 1936
Page 8
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A ,' -,/ ,lo? :'' ' -/PAGE EIGHT , fg ^ Claud McGee, Condemned "'"Murderer/, Makes His .Ti Second Escape LJ... BEN TON, Mo— Claud McGee, 23, Vconvkted last December on a » charge of complicity In the nutrdei of,w Tom Carltoo, Cotton Dell .jlillro'ig pumping st.iilon operator at* Grays point; and sentenced to ••"death, broVe out of the rickets ^£cott county jail here Wednesday *^aiid escaped. Four other prisoners ; "escapcd with him. Z^'.O^ors escaping were Wayn; .Fqriong, 23, formerly of Cape G!- "rardcau, facing a check forgery ^jliarge; Paul Moore, serving a, jail v,lSfm; Tom Allen, 30, sentenced on « charge of burglari?tn» tl>2 Schnc- *"fcr<:store fit Fornfelt; ond Calvin ,,*$tpi)roe, a negro, charged with car- <-iylng a concealed weapon " N Furlong and Moore «ere recap, tyred at noon yesterday on a road "between Oran and Chaflee The) * Wfe iccoinl&cd when they stopped fal a farm house to get a drink of 5paUr. i.wlt was the second escape for Mc>Qs;> from tha little Jail, which is ),1JJbs replaced by a new one now i.urfder construction £f Steiff JOB Andeison. who is dl- jXecJing the hunt for the prisoners, .said ths prisoners hammciad a *hcte In a second story wall of the ^MU scni2 time after !:30 n in feet 10 Inches tall ond about H5 or 150 pounds BLYTHEVfLLR (AM.) COURIER NEWS The'"Inside Story" of the White House in Pictures Retired Miner at? 5 "Keeps Young"' Hiking PITTSBURGH (UP) — Joseph Ketlering, 75, a retired coal mills-.-, believes he has found thi> secret of good health nnd longevity. It's a lung walk every day. In he days when he dug coal. Kettorlng and hi", brother, Martin, who Is 77, walked Jive miles each oay to and from work. U became such a habit, with the younger brother that he never gave up his daily walks even after he grew too old to work. "Old Joe," as he Is kno'vn to his friends, never misses a day's walk to Braddoek, five miles distant. Aboiit oiict a week, UK old coal Winer walks from his home to the downtown section of Pittsburgh, n THURSDAY, NOV10MBKR 19, 1936 of 28 males' round trip.'. , Aead Courier Nuws •s. Olassineci Adf Ijf A continuous stream of visitors knocks nt Ihe White House doo \vlion President Roosevelt Is in residence. The lucky few adnilttct leave hats and coats nt the door and c» to 'he executive oJflccs. Familiar to the rcgnlnr callers at, the White are the dusting and straightening activities of the house stair, who arc kept busy to maintain the spick and span appearance of the executive mansion. ;*" Officers at nnny points were adilsetl early today of Ihe break -iy., Sheriff Anderson, who discovered tbc five were gone when Breakfast was taken to the Jill Olher prisoners could have left, but they cho^e to stay, An cctd thin? about McGee's escape is that It was expected that l.^would get a now tilal Wanted To Sell 1100,000 Fiiniiiiu-e Half Down - Balance Nexl Fall - Buy Hubbard Furniture Co. A cough, chest cold or bronchial Irritation today may lead to serious trouble tomorrow. You can relieve them now with Creomulslon, an emulsified Creosote that Is pleasant to take. Creomulslon is a mcdlcul discovery that aids nature to soothe and heal the Infected membranes and to relieve the irritation and inta'.nination ns the germ-laden phlegm Is loosened and cxpc'-jd. Medical authorities have for many yeara recognized the v/ondcr- ful effects of Becchwcod Creosote for treating- coughs, cht-st colds and bronchial Irritations. A chemist, worked out a special process of blending Creosote with other Ingredients so that now in Creomiil- slon you get a real dose of Beechwood Creosote which is palatable and eao even be taken frequently Signal o O end continuously by adults and children. Thousands of doctors use Crcomulsion in their own' families nnd practice, nnd druggists rank Creomulslon top because hi this genuine, original product you can get a real dose of Creosote so emulsified that It goes to the very coat of the trouble to help loosen t.nd expel semi-laden phlegm. -: Creomulslon. is guaranteed, satisfactory in the treatment of coughsj' chest colds and bronchial troubles, especially those Uiat start'with a common cold and hang on and on. Get a. bottle of Creonmlslon right now from your druggist, uso it all up as directed er"< if you fail to get satisfactory relief, he is authorized to refund every cent of your money. Oel Crcomulsion right HOT;. (rtdv:J • Behind the scenes, Head 'rjslici Rnymoml T Mulr, seen busy at his rpsk, keeps the dailj tontine of the establishment moving smoothly To keep the President up with new.s development!!, latest editions arc rushed to his desk. Whilo',In his office, the Prcsld day's work with Stephen Early, . and one of his trusted ent talks over the assistant secretary lieutenants. "\^ Holland Nnrs "i^ Mis. Walter Woodard tinrt son, Willie , Glenn, of Cape Glnudpiiu have letmifed home aftei n \h!t heib with their mother nnd grand- mothei, Mrs Maggie nicaidson. , H. Edualirds of Kansas City, who is'employed nt Senath, Mo, was the guest of Mi. ami Mis M. n Bailey Wednesday and Thursday. Mrs. Harlcy Holdman, daughter of Mr and Mis. Sum Woikman, who recently imdeinent an operation .at the St. Joseph's hospital Memphis, has relumed to hci home at Monroe, Ark. Miss Helen Patterson, who Is ill at the home of her aunt, Mrs Middle Stliers, Is better. Her mother, Mrs. Ruby Porter of Aln- mo. Tenn, armed last week to be with her. i Finis Holmes sr, and son Finis 'r were heie a few days ] 2 st week from Marlon, III, to attend to -business matters •Misses Nina Biooks and Mar- jorla Paul nnd Archie Richard and Poss Taylor were In Bald Knob, / Mi-s. Francis Murphy «as the Buest of Mr. and Mrs C. P. Jenkins of New Survey Monday -William Wilson lias returned from a tew days In Cape Girnr- deau where he arranged to attend the slate teachers college. TIRE IN'FIRE TRUCK HARTFORD, Conn (UP)—Fln- nien fought a blaze in a flre truck here recently The blaze broke out as tha fire truck was returning (o its quarters, but was put out when chemicals were doused on the ^flames by other companies answering the box alarm The blnz^ was attributed to a broken gasoline line B Read Courier News Want After gaining admittance to the White House \hitors must piss in spcction of the President's human "watch dogs' 1 in-the olTlce of Mav- un Mclnljie his sccielaiy, whci6 successful calleis aie seen waltinc;. When the tnble In the Wlijln House lobby, outside the Executive Oillces, is piled high with hats, those in the know realize they may he In for a wait; for the hats belong lo' reporters ; in press conference;. Canitliei'sville Society — Pctsonal Hilllulay Dinner for Confederate Veteran. Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Hay enter, tained a Icw^ relatives and friends with a/dinner in honor of the ninetieth birthday of Mrs Hay s grandfather, li'Di' Halclior: Mr. Hatcher, native of Tippah county, Miss., Sened in the Confederate army ttith the T\ventj third Mississippi Volunteers. Guests included Mrs. G. W. Ross and Mrs, Florence Havnle, 'dangli? ters of Mr. Hatcher, T.. O. Haynie, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Ross and three sons, Mr. and Mrs. Bsrt Ross and two children, Mr. and Mrs. John .Hatcher and three daughters, , Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Pierce nnd two sons ami Mrs. Tucker. Uanclii* Parly, Barbara Wilks, daughter of Mr. and Mrs Ernsst Wilks, was given a dancing party Monday evening In honor of her thirteenth birthday. Thirty-six 1 of h;r boy and girl | friends were present -and enjoyed nil .evening of dnnclng, games arid oids. Mrs. Hawkins 'Entertains OIuli. Mrs. N. C.\ Hawkins was hostess to her bridge club and an extra table of guests Tuesday afternoon »l her home'on West Eighth street. Mrs. pant King of Kennett liekl high score among the club mcm-- bcrs nnd Mrs. Tom Word held second-high score. Miss • Eutcene Wil- llnghnm of Padncah, Ky., received the ,gu;st .prize. Amoma Class Meeting. The • Anioiim class of the First Baptist -'Sunday school held its monthly meeting Monday evening at the home of Miss Lillian Nickens, \vltii.ten members present. The entertainment for, the evening was under the supervision of Miss Imogone Lutcii. The next monthly meeting will he held -oh Dacembcr 21 at the liorue of Miss Frances Robertson. Miss Euloene wlillnghnm of Pa- ducnh, Ky., Is the house-guest of Mrs. J.'S'. Wnhl this week. Mr. and Mrs. John Sawyer jr. and small daughter spent Wednesday in Memphis, where the young laily received treatment for a frac r tilled'collar bone,'sustained Saturday when "she fell out of her chair. Uev. Wayne W. Gray is In Jackson. Mo,, this week '. conducting a scries of services at. the I'resby- (crlan church In that .city.,' ; Mr..and Mrs. A. T.\Benton, who have been living in the Collins' bungalow on West . Sixth street, have moved into an apartment In the horns ot Mrs. Lula Watson on East Third street.- . - ; \Venncil Mayes., who has been I'.kying on tile stage -hv New York City for'tlic past several months, arrived home Frldsty of,, last week lo'spend-about two weeks'with his parents, Atty. nnd Mrs. Von Mayes;: Mrs. Meyer Grabsr of Blythevillo spent Sunday, in this city visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ell Shnmskl. , 1'laiilcrs Give bonuses , HONOLULU (UP)—While ,Ha wali for It. 1 ! fnir share of wrir bonuses, more bonuses of another kind were awarded during the year. They were from Amer lean sugar planters in the terrl tory! and, given to employes fo useful suggestions. Until recent times, it was a common belief that lightning hurled clowi'. thunderbolts. Open All Night HOADiAND WKECKER SRUVICE Phone 633 Tom Little Chevrolet Co A C lean-Up of Broken Sizes and Odd Lots to Make Room for Christmas Merchandise With the Imncncloiis business we have had this Fall there lias liccn (|uilc ,n mimlitr of odd lots, •mil Int of hruhcn shes ncc-timtilate wliifli we must move quickly lo make i-ooni for new liollilay Kocds. The qu:tnlilic.s arf limilcd l>"t the prices 1M . e . i ulv cnoujli lo puy j-nii (o fct here early' rm- (liesD aiitstnniling- values. ISclow «e i|in>le jus! a. few of the many bargains throu-liout A Hargain for lioyrs Uliic Corduroy Jackets Extra quality, full cut. well made, all sizes, heavy weight. Come early! Clean-Up of Hoys' lilue Cordurov M« *^ 5147 To-"match the'.above ja'c-. kets. riargaln priced. While they last. All sizes. Cican-Un liiirgitins! Kiddies' Legging Sets $187 Three-piece pastel Chinchilla, legging sets. Sixes 1 to 5. Bargain priced! Buw now! A Grand Kurgmii! I'la'id, Dmilile ifankefs 97c V, 1 - Ihs. of .warmth ;_and comfort. Large size, 70x80' inches. Limited quantity! Sensationally Priced! Women's Gowns 44c Of fine outing flannel. Nicely (rimmed, fancy stripes. All sizes. Come earlyi Extra Special! Single Cotton Blankets 44c Size TO.xBO, fleeced for extra comfort. Neatly stHp- cd ends. Limited quantity! A Limited Quantity! Men's Sheepskin Leatherette Coats S2J7 Leatherette' fabric with heavy • sheep lining. Not I all sizes. First come, first served! Special Purchase! Ladies! Neckwear Scarfs Special Offer! Indian Design Blankets Plain and printed assortment, sill:s and wool. Al! the new shapes. Whll? they last! Extra heavy. Largo size. Limited quantity! Buy now, pay one-half down, the balance October 1, 1937. This gives you a chance to buy better furniture and divide the payments. Blytheville, Ark. Wouldn't you spend $ l co a week to help him in school? Sure you would—and that's all you need to give him a brand new Corona Portable Typewriter. Then watch his marks go up as he turns in neatly typed, correctly spelled, >vell expressed work. Corona has helped thousands of students in school and all through life. Why not your boy? : These new Corona! of aim are the fin'. al, fastest portables tve'i't ever bandied. Come in nnd gel the details. ACTON PRINTING CO. Blythevillc, Arlc. Repricetl To Cleiir! Boys Knickers 39cPr, C<Hls and ends. Not all r>izcs. Liinified quantity! We advise early shopping 1 . Another Scoop! Special Purchase of Ladies 1 lt Shoes Odd lot-s of high price slices. All colors, all styles, all widths. A Value Hit! Unbleached Sheets 37c 81x90 unhemmed. A lint itctl quantity! Special Offer! Hoys' Heavy Weight''' 47c Suit Long sleeves, long legs, full out, sizes 6 to 16. Limited quantity! Kxlra Special! . Men's .Large. Assortment of Ladies' Fall Shoes $1.47 Straps, Ties and Pumps. CMd lots and broken sl?.es of high price shoes. O'rld Lois. Drokcn Sizes in Ladies' While 200 Yds. F.asl! Marquisette Special nt this- clean-up price. A good firm quality. A low price. 36 inches wide! Part Wool Sox 11 Oress Shoes lOc Pr. Repriccd To Clear! One Assortment of Kiddies' Part wool, brown, heather >°x. White heels and toes. • M Bargain priced, While- they Kprclni purchase! Shoes 47c Straps nnd Oxfords. Odd lots. .Not all sizes. Yes There Are Lots of Vnadvertised Bargains Too You Are Safe From Seconds at Peuneys

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